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Uruguay Vs Ghana And The Second Hand Of God (EXCLUSIVE)


  1. The Premier League King

    The Premier League King2 days ago

    God is from Uruguay

  2. Gizo02

    Gizo024 days ago

    Why does no one mention the fact that the Ghanaian player Dominic Adiyiah committed a huge dive to win the free-kick, that the handball incident stemmed from. Fucile was nowhere near him. Whose shot did Suarez block with his hands, Dominic Adiyiah’s. How unfair would it have been for Uruguay to exit the World Cup due to a huge dive, with the diver himself scoring the knockout goal? So two wrongs made a right and Ghana had no right to feel robbed. Also Uruguay had a blatant penalty not given earlier in extra time, when Abreu was fouled in the box.

  3. Gizo02

    Gizo024 days ago

    Also Stephen Appiah was offside when the ball was headed on after the free kick was taken, so had Adiyiah scored his goal shouldn’t have stood anyway.

  4. Lil hoodie ROBLOX

    Lil hoodie ROBLOX6 days ago

    Sorry sir that’s just sad

  5. SFS Radio

    SFS Radio6 days ago

    For Uruguay it was the hand of god For Ghana it was the hand of the devil

  6. Samurai Ramos

    Samurai Ramos7 days ago

    When they meant hand of god they meant the hand of the DEVIL

  7. DJmisterpeluca

    DJmisterpeluca10 days ago

    What a roller-coaster that match was

  8. [GD] Game Fusion

    [GD] Game Fusion10 days ago

    Why would Suarez do that he ruined Ghana’s World Cup

  9. FTS_bird FORTNITE

    FTS_bird FORTNITE13 days ago

    On of th best matchs in historia IF u ask m

  10. jose hurtado

    jose hurtado18 days ago

    In Football "Win or Win Not, There is no Deserve"

  11. Cristiano Ronaldo

    Cristiano Ronaldo20 days ago

    2:35 Penalty miss

  12. # savage

    # savage20 days ago

    The second hand of God.

  13. Linda Nguyen

    Linda Nguyen21 day ago

    I feel bad for Ghana.

  14. ian lourenco

    ian lourenco21 day ago

    this was an absolute robbery

  15. ftb story

    ftb story22 days ago

    Hand of devil

  16. DJ DYLZY

    DJ DYLZY23 days ago

    Every country has a fighting spirit there no excuse. Saurez is suppose to be a professional footballer, what I saw that day was unprofessional and unethical I don't care about how big the game is you do not cheat if you wouldn't like the same thing to happen to you. Suarez should've been sacked as a professional footballer from that day

  17. Abdullah Asad Official

    Abdullah Asad Official23 days ago

    I would like to win ghana

  18. coolstufftodo

    coolstufftodo24 days ago

    Made me want to cry

  19. The Random Guy Named Bob

    The Random Guy Named Bob26 days ago

    Is it scary that Maradona and Suarez were wearing the same colored jersey?

  20. H⃣ E ᑎ я Y͎

    H⃣ E ᑎ я Y͎27 days ago

    I new something like this was gahna happen

  21. Roonio Studios

    Roonio StudiosMonth ago

    Looking back on this suarez should hav eshielded his face, that way it would hand ball away and he wouldn’t get a card because he was just protecting his face

  22. Tiny Galaxy gamer

    Tiny Galaxy gamerMonth ago

    I love Uruguay but I don’t like how Uruguay played

  23. Bhavisha Raicha

    Bhavisha RaichaMonth ago

    I love ghana

  24. Ahemido HD

    Ahemido HDMonth ago

    Suarez didn't cheat because he took a red card to make his country win and well respected football team

  25. Francegod Mb10

    Francegod Mb10Month ago

    At least he didn’t bite any one

  26. Raji Anil

    Raji AnilMonth ago

    Hero of the match is Suarez because he not touch her hand it is goolllllll this comment like click on like

  27. teddybear

    teddybearMonth ago

    I remember feeling sick and sleeping through the whole match just to wake up and see the biggest OMG moment in football I think I’ve ever seen. I was glad though, I backed Uruguay for the whole tournament.

  28. WWE TheOlderDog Match Card

    WWE TheOlderDog Match CardMonth ago

    Uruguay asco lo q hiso

  29. A.S Nafis

    A.S NafisMonth ago

    i want Ghana to win 😣 but i am not from , feel bad for Ghana..

  30. De Teiche

    De TeicheMonth ago

    Who watching this after aff suzuki semi final? Malaysia vs Thailand

  31. Owl kingdom

    Owl kingdomMonth ago

    Who else thinks The second Uruguay fan doesn’t know anything about football

  32. Kristjan Adame

    Kristjan AdameMonth ago

    Suarez=not a cheater Gyan=penalty misser

  33. Kristopher Janes

    Kristopher JanesMonth ago

    lesotho. still korelius vann velde to nelson of zimbabwe. he is still shaka zulu.

  34. Adial Julio

    Adial JulioMonth ago

    Suarez got red card and uruguay punished a penalty. The whole africa should blame asamoah gyan for missed that penalty, not suarez.



    Every single African in the world hates Suarez since this moment

  36. Mustafa المحارب النوبي

    Mustafa المحارب النوبيMonth ago

    CHILDISH PEPINO Biting 3 other players also made regular football fans hate him

  37. Assassin Gamersz

    Assassin Gamersz2 months ago

    This happens 9 years ago anyone would do it if it meant passing to the next lvl Suarez did just that

  38. crisgaming 123

    crisgaming 1232 months ago

    rip Ghana

  39. Tymmothy Bernabe

    Tymmothy Bernabe2 months ago

    WTF Suarez

  40. All Out

    All Out2 months ago

    That day that year GHANA VS URUGUAY I was like that’s Penaltie is GHANAS ticket to the semifinal

  41. All Out

    All Out2 months ago


  42. Prashant Gayki

    Prashant Gayki2 months ago

    Ghana is one of the best African soccer team

  43. TOXIC

    TOXIC2 months ago

    I really feel sorry for Ghana.... I really want to cry..... I really wanted Ghana to be in the Russia World Cup 2018.... So the can regain their victory..... P.S FUCK LUIS SUAREZ!!!! I even put my country in Player Career Mode in Fifa19 Ghana....

  44. Angela Gay

    Angela Gay2 months ago

    Ghana should have won I cried I'm from Africa I was in tears

  45. shahthe3rd

    shahthe3rd2 months ago

    Greatest match of all time


    DARREN VLOG GAMING AND OTHER other2 months ago

    f*ck is to hight

  47. inactive

    inactive2 months ago

    According to the goal decision on the line . Actually it's a goal

  48. sultanarsakor

    sultanarsakor2 months ago

    2 man are trying to touch the ball. so it should be 2 red card

  49. Zagorje Mapping

    Zagorje Mapping2 months ago

    Most Emotional game i ever saw

  50. Sean Chirumiko

    Sean Chirumiko2 months ago

    That handball made me hate Barca and hate Suarez the cheater 😡😡😡😡😡 bye bye Barca hello Real Madrid

  51. Edvard Isayan

    Edvard Isayan3 months ago

    Dive at 1:23

  52. Trompette

    Trompette3 months ago

    I remember doing exactly the same thing in my football club except I was 11. I was send out of the game and the opponent missed the penalty, what an idiot

  53. Sam DSilva

    Sam DSilva3 months ago

    I love Ghana....

  54. joshua ahn

    joshua ahn3 months ago

    Its the 120th minute of the WORLD CUP quarter finals and if u concede ur going home. Suarez did the handball and got a redcard for it and Ghana got the biggest chance to go to the semis but blew it away. People whos mocking Suarez would u let it go in and go home? Or would u believe in the 1% of chance of going through?

  55. Brodie 09

    Brodie 093 months ago

    Ghana should have won the World Cup

  56. Colin McDermott

    Colin McDermott3 months ago

    The hand of chewy

  57. Daniel Alejandro Lucarelli

    Daniel Alejandro Lucarelli3 months ago

    Kempes con Polonia 1978

  58. CRTF Brebu

    CRTF Brebu3 months ago

    i will never go with Uruguay ever again

  59. Restore channel

    Restore channel3 months ago

    Malaysia vs Thailand Semi-final AFF Suzuki cup..hand ball..penalty ..the Coach same Ghana. No goal For Penalti

  60. Hariz Syahmi

    Hariz Syahmi3 months ago

    And this time it happened on Malaysia vs Thailand on aff suzuki 2018... i came here coz thailand coach is currently manage the thailand team...

  61. Foxster

    Foxster3 months ago

    1 goal for Ghana so sad😕😕☹️☹️☹️ as me i come from egypt and i just like cry ven they lose

  62. Timothy Koch Teron

    Timothy Koch Teron3 months ago

    Unforgettable match in the FIFA history

  63. Jeff Han

    Jeff Han3 months ago

    What's the song at beginning

  64. ROBLOXGamer YT

    ROBLOXGamer YT3 months ago

    One of the best games in 2010

  65. marcjon000

    marcjon0003 months ago

    That Ghanaian player on the ground bawling his eyes out always breaks my heart. Damn...

  66. GabrielFS

    GabrielFS3 months ago

    Why,why Gyan you miss THAT penalty....WHY

  67. Adolfo Vasquez

    Adolfo Vasquez3 months ago

    Much more like Uruguay vs FIFA!!!

  68. Animaster Art

    Animaster Art3 months ago

    At least the dutch punished uruguay after that

  69. Kevin Ambunya

    Kevin Ambunya4 months ago

    Suarez will be the best manager in football the end justifies the means

  70. Judy Chen

    Judy Chen4 months ago

    2:20 it was not cross the line

  71. Judy Chen

    Judy Chen4 months ago

    The thumbnail have a 🇧🇭 flag on the background

  72. sr barua

    sr barua4 months ago

    I think Suarez was cheating but he got his punishment.But I want to say Ghana had to kick the penalty but they missed that.That was the mistake of Ghana not Suarez but everybody is telling that Ghana missed the penalty because of Suarez.Why?

  73. NaNa One

    NaNa One4 months ago


  74. Fardan Ahmed

    Fardan Ahmed4 months ago

    Make top ten best champion s league goals plz

  75. Ray Junior

    Ray Junior4 months ago

    As a Ghanaian 🇬🇭 you just can’t watch the full video 😭😭 Asamoah Gyan paaa 😒😭💔

  76. Iceland

    Iceland4 months ago

    Bahrain flag in the thumbnail 🇧🇭

  77. Idk What

    Idk What4 months ago

    If Suarez tried to header the ball away instead of pushing it with his hands none of this would've happened.

  78. Souma Chah

    Souma Chah4 months ago

    Suarez not cheating,he save uruguay from élimination

  79. Souma Chah

    Souma Chah4 months ago

    The best african teams are: Morroco Algeria Nigeria Cameroun Senegal Ghana Egypt

  80. Blade Sqwash

    Blade Sqwash6 days ago

    Kenya: I'm I a joke to you Zimbabwe: me too Uganda: me too

  81. watermelon

    watermelon4 months ago

    3:32 so true. I was mad af when Germany defeated Argentina in Fifa World Cup 2014 but without a doubt they won.

  82. Q W E R T Y

    Q W E R T Y4 months ago


  83. Sam Sung

    Sam Sung4 months ago

    Freekick was wrongful, 3 or 4 players offside and the only thing seen by the referee was suarez handball. Fuck fifa

  84. Felipe Castro

    Felipe Castro4 months ago

    Thats not a god hands that was cheating here ,china ,everywhere else

  85. Dániel Udvardi

    Dániel Udvardi5 months ago

    Lol it was... 1. The last minute of a WC quarter final 2. The header which would have crushed your dreams and knocked your nation out. 3. A Goddam reflex 4. Cheating but punished fairly 5. Not the Biter's fault that Ghana missed 6. The right thing everyone would have done Oh and by the way I dont like Suarez

  86. Ben Kneller

    Ben Kneller5 months ago

    Suárez is the dirtiest player in the world

  87. Mima Simsim

    Mima Simsim5 months ago


  88. safa packaging

    safa packaging5 months ago

    Ghana is shit

  89. Hassan Kaleem

    Hassan Kaleem5 months ago

    I felt bad for Ghana

  90. Legendary Boy

    Legendary Boy5 months ago

    Suarez will now be cursed for that was Ghana’s chance to get to the semifinals- just think- Ghana in the semis?! It just made me heartbroken for I am Libyan and since Libya didn’t qualify I was supporting Ghana. Suarez is a CHEATER

  91. Takuya Tomioka

    Takuya Tomioka5 months ago

    This is the reason why I hate Suarez

  92. morena012

    morena0125 months ago

    " I cursed, I questioned Life, I questioned God" That's how big the World Cup Is.

  93. Масрур Атомамадов

    Масрур Атомамадов5 months ago

    I felt so bad for ghana😥😥

  94. Anthony Cedeno

    Anthony Cedeno5 months ago

    8 years later the black panther comes out in theaters

  95. K0pS vines

    K0pS vines5 months ago

    That was serious

  96. Ser Festio

    Ser Festio5 months ago

    Жалко Гану, жалко того, кто не забил. Только представьте себя на его месте, сколько же боли и обиды он перетерпел, а ему ещё жить с этим(( Люблю африканские команды, у них всегда боевая игра с настроем на победу.

  97. anto biju

    anto biju5 months ago


  98. FaZe Gamers

    FaZe Gamers5 months ago

    I hate suarez rip ghana

  99. Night Eye

    Night Eye5 months ago

    Ghana would've won. Cut Suarez' s hands off

  100. Night Eye

    Night Eye5 months ago

    Ghana won

  101. Night Eye

    Night Eye5 months ago


  102. Cristian Leonardi

    Cristian Leonardi5 months ago


  103. Mauro Todographics

    Mauro Todographics5 months ago

    we uruguayans, we grow up with a football ball, we learn to play on the street, on abandoned fields in any corner, we learnn not to give up, and to do whatever it´s take to win...that´s why our team is the most legendary of all nationals teams (yo can search in google about our history) we fight until the last second and beyond, we are the few, the proudest, we are Uruguay