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Uruguay Vs Ghana And The Second Hand Of God (EXCLUSIVE)


  1. Ser Festio

    Ser Festio13 hours ago

    Жалко Гану, жалко того, кто не забил. Только представьте себя на его месте, сколько же боли и обиды он перетерпел, а ему ещё жить с этим(( Люблю африканские команды, у них всегда боевая игра с настроем на победу.

  2. anto biju

    anto biju17 hours ago


  3. Sid

    Sid2 days ago

    I hate suarez rip ghana

  4. Night Eye

    Night Eye2 days ago

    Ghana would've won. Cut Suarez' s hands off

  5. Night Eye

    Night Eye2 days ago

    Ghana won

  6. Night Eye

    Night Eye2 days ago


  7. Cristian Leonardi

    Cristian Leonardi2 days ago


  8. Mauro Todographics

    Mauro Todographics3 days ago

    we uruguayans, we grow up with a football ball, we learn to play on the street, on abandoned fields in any corner, we learnn not to give up, and to do whatever it´s take to win...that´s why our team is the most legendary of all nationals teams (yo can search in google about our history) we fight until the last second and beyond, we are the few, the proudest, we are Uruguay

  9. Quechua Nation

    Quechua Nation3 days ago

    cuando no, estos uruguayos sucios.

  10. Kar 789

    Kar 7895 days ago

    I don't think Suarez is a cheater for doing that. Any person would do that for the sake of giving their team a chance to progress. It also made sense to do that bc being red carded for a penalty shoot out doesn't really matter.

  11. Luis Rojas

    Luis Rojas6 days ago

    i believe this was called The Hand Of The Devil

  12. Federico Matzner

    Federico Matzner8 days ago

    fuck luis suarez

  13. Sherif Sedhom

    Sherif Sedhom10 days ago

    2:00 Suarez looks at the ref and says me? OF COURSE IT WAS U LOLLLOLOLOLOLOOLO

  14. Agnieszka Kortyczko

    Agnieszka Kortyczko11 days ago

    More like hand of s**t

  15. DangAG

    DangAG11 days ago

    I actually wanted Uruguay to win but watching this video i feel really bad for ghana

  16. Shut the fuck up Hater

    Shut the fuck up Hater12 days ago

    Poor Ghana could of had a chance to win the World Cup fuck Suarez

  17. Oliver WARD

    Oliver WARD14 days ago

    I Felt Bad For Ghana

  18. wk 2

    wk 215 days ago

    Sulley montari goal was wow my favourite goal from ghana but diego forlan freekick um. Best goals in history of 2010

  19. Rayhan Balaram

    Rayhan Balaram17 days ago

    That dick

  20. Daniel xiong

    Daniel xiong19 days ago

    He’s not cheating, he’s just a dickhead.

  21. bojken

    bojken20 days ago

    tbh if you do that to save the ball from going the rules should be that the goal counts and the player gets a yellow card like in basketball with goalkeeping

  22. Mati Gaming TV

    Mati Gaming TV20 days ago

    The sacrifice

  23. Adek Solhorixon

    Adek Solhorixon21 day ago

    That moment Luis Suarez made me cry like a kitten... # I CRIED # I CURSED # I QUESTIONED GOD # I WAS DEVASTATED That was our chance, the chance for Africa as a whole... I will always loath Suarez n wish him a horrific career!!!

  24. Strong Man

    Strong Man21 day ago

    I was crying when Ghana lost .I'm not from Ghana but i wanted it to win

  25. Karlyktey lykteygaming

    Karlyktey lykteygaming21 day ago

    Know I know why he kisses his hand in fifa

  26. ItsElectroSniper

    ItsElectroSniper21 day ago

    To people saying Suarez is a cheater, there isn't only one side in the game...

  27. SeanyBoy

    SeanyBoy22 days ago

    OMG Suarez was not the reason they lost! He did what he had to do for his country and The Ghana player missed it and it was not suarez

  28. Legend27 Koké

    Legend27 Koké22 days ago

    the day that an african team wins the world cup is not too far... not too far... producing the best talents in football, just needs more stabilities in FAs.

  29. Micheal Achilanga

    Micheal Achilanga23 days ago

    May be it wasn’t time for Africa yet

  30. Ya Boi is snoop dogg

    Ya Boi is snoop dogg24 days ago

    Luis Suarez bit 3 people and this he should be banned from football

  31. Ya Boi is snoop dogg

    Ya Boi is snoop dogg24 days ago

    ghana were the real winners

  32. Super Manyitaa :)

    Super Manyitaa :)22 days ago


  33. cribbling cribbling

    cribbling cribbling24 days ago

    1:10 Here comes Forlan mothafucka

  34. Josip Strgar

    Josip Strgar27 days ago

    At least Africa won the world cup 2018.

  35. hanzou

    hanzou29 days ago

    Hand of God 2.0 and Caszely's penalty 2.0

  36. Emerald [Made for Blue Diamond, Male]

    Emerald [Made for Blue Diamond, Male]Month ago

    This is why I will forever hate Luis suarez.

  37. Super Manyitaa :)

    Super Manyitaa :)22 days ago

    When do you started to watch football?

  38. Thuy Ha

    Thuy HaMonth ago

    Oh come on that penalty for Ghana was unlucky.....

  39. Hareb Alkaabi

    Hareb AlkaabiMonth ago


  40. HeadShot

    HeadShotMonth ago

    At least he managed to save his country plus Ghana did get a chance to win 😕

  41. Istanbul Wingman

    Istanbul WingmanMonth ago

    I boycotted the next two World Cups after that farce.

  42. Jakobson

    JakobsonMonth ago

    calling this the hand of god is like spitting in gods face himself

  43. Rox Bimbim

    Rox BimbimMonth ago

    😔 Who else feeling how I'm feeling even to this day.

  44. Karlyktey lykteygaming

    Karlyktey lykteygamingMonth ago

    WHy is saurez playing striker and not goalie

  45. Seleções da Copa

    Seleções da CopaMonth ago

    Esse jogo foi inacreditável!!!

  46. Cristiano Euronaldo

    Cristiano EuronaldoMonth ago

    Well atleast The Netherlands bote them

  47. Anvit

    AnvitMonth ago

    I knew something like this was ghana happen.

  48. Partha Deka

    Partha DekaMonth ago

    Saurez is not a cheater think yourself wouldn't you have done the same if you were in his place to save your country

  49. PuddiePenkin

    PuddiePenkinMonth ago

    dang, Suarez, he cheats all the time but the only reason I like him a bit is because he played for Liverpool

  50. Tom Dearden

    Tom DeardenMonth ago

    hows my man saying 'it was a miracle'

  51. Bradley Owusu

    Bradley OwusuMonth ago

    Ghana will have their chance again. I believe in god

  52. Thi mki

    Thi mkiMonth ago

    I cried when gyan missed the penalty in the 120th min.

  53. Hector Castellanos

    Hector CastellanosMonth ago

    Fouls every way Fuck you it's ashamed what he did . Not every player does that cheeters and fuck you this video is fuck up . So istick it up your ass . Chetters . How dare you post a video . When suares did that. Wow .

  54. Jayden Umana

    Jayden UmanaMonth ago

    I Wished Ghana Won

  55. Olstickage

    OlstickageMonth ago

    If you wouldn’t do that for your country then you don’t deserve to talk about players representing their country

  56. Rupee 77

    Rupee 77Month ago

    So now I think if Suarez travel to Ghana, the Ghanaians might murder him😄😄😄😄

  57. Ebenezer Osei Yeboah

    Ebenezer Osei Yeboah20 days ago


  58. Gaming Is The Best

    Gaming Is The BestMonth ago

    fuck u little prick by that I mean Suarez

  59. Subscribe to this Chanel

    Subscribe to this ChanelMonth ago

    suarez,even though im a barca fan he should have bin banned forever because ghana should have won

  60. Airzae 3RD

    Airzae 3RDMonth ago

    just amagine... just imagine if ghana won

  61. Rohan Das

    Rohan DasMonth ago

    @3:41 yes it has been a terrible moment to have wasted all that money on bribes

  62. Rohan Das

    Rohan DasMonth ago

    What earned the free kick in the 120' was a complete dive

  63. Dominic Leonardo Zavala

    Dominic Leonardo ZavalaMonth ago

    No matter what happened Ghana would be in the history books

  64. ashante

    ashante2 months ago

    I'm still triggered.

  65. adam zhx78

    adam zhx782 months ago

    fuck suarez and fuck uruguay

  66. Abhiyan Upreti

    Abhiyan Upreti2 months ago

    Suarez was the life saver wow😍

  67. Patriks Leonards Lovnieks

    Patriks Leonards Lovnieks2 months ago

    thats sad

  68. Sayad Mansurzada

    Sayad Mansurzada2 months ago

    fkn suarez

  69. Salah Liverpool 792008

    Salah Liverpool 7920082 months ago

    Ghana should have won!

  70. Rare Lefty

    Rare Lefty2 months ago

    This is stupid stop saying that Suarez cheated because if the shot would have went in then I bet everyone would say that he did not cheat but since the shot was missed everyone got salty

  71. Shalom Teofiluz

    Shalom Teofiluz2 months ago

    Uruguay Never deserve a win on any cup

  72. Leonard

    Leonard2 months ago

    Stop blaming Suarez. He did what he had to do to win which is kinda respectable. He still got a chance with the penalty which he failed. Yes,Suarez did something wrong but it isnt his fault they missed the penlaty

  73. Aden Quadros

    Aden Quadros2 months ago

    Uruguay cheated and they won , a stain on the beautiful game

  74. Eli Hanford

    Eli Hanford2 months ago

    Saurez should have gotten a black card instead of a red. He should have been stopped from playing football forever.

  75. Kevin Chen

    Kevin Chen2 months ago

    the free kick was from a dive and the play initiated by the ill gotten free kick (that resulted in suarez's handball) was offside i mean it would have been cool to see an african team make it to the semi finals but instead of blaming suarez, i imagine what if ghana had played against an easier team like paraguay in the quarter finals

  76. Qwoiu

    Qwoiu2 months ago

    Suarez cheated playback at 0.25

  77. Wert Gamer

    Wert Gamer2 months ago

    I can't believe it

  78. Reese Fahrenholz

    Reese Fahrenholz2 months ago

    The Uruguay fan was so, calm. He was really cool about it, he pointed out that Ghana was good and if he wasn't with Uruguay he would've been standing behind Ghana.

  79. Shalom Teofiluz

    Shalom Teofiluz2 months ago

    I was crying asking the world why? Why? And why?

  80. G3ninjaBOY2.o

    G3ninjaBOY2.o2 months ago

    uruguay ha more like trash

  81. UsefulGazelle78 !

    UsefulGazelle78 !2 months ago

    Imagine a team of Maradona Henry And suarez Not cause there great forwards but because...

  82. Martin Fernando

    Martin Fernando2 months ago

    Ghana deserved that win

  83. Cuauhtemoc

    Cuauhtemoc2 months ago

    Nigeria vs Argentina... Nigeria called for a handball but the ref didn't count it as a handball.

  84. claudiu vladcoschi

    claudiu vladcoschi2 months ago

    I don't think Suarez will ever go to Africa for holiday :))))

  85. jalal uddin

    jalal uddin2 months ago

    ghana world cup 2022 this will be ur best chance because all good players are not playing for the world cup

  86. MRCraft مستر كرافت

    MRCraft مستر كرافت2 months ago

    I love footballà

  87. Discípulo Gon

    Discípulo Gon2 months ago

    Suarez is a trash

  88. Tars

    Tars2 months ago

    I remember then the first and of god happened where it was Argentina VS England to go to the final, and one of the argentinians scored with his HAND, ans the refiree didn't see it so the English people were really mad, and frustrated...

  89. GTK

    GTK2 months ago

    Honestly fuck Suarez, Thats what I think.

  90. Lawand Kurd

    Lawand Kurd2 months ago

    They but ramos is the dirtiest player but Suarez is the dirtiest player...

  91. Steelers Highlights

    Steelers Highlights2 months ago

    any player would have handball it out. messi would have. ronaldo would have. pele would have done it. it was pure bad luck for ghana to miss that penalty

  92. Χρήστος Λιακόπουλος

    Χρήστος Λιακόπουλος2 months ago

    The music?

  93. Omar YT

    Omar YT2 months ago

    Ghana was better than uruguay in 2010 it was just luck

  94. Bobcat 1612

    Bobcat 16122 months ago

    No one likes uraugay oi oi oi

  95. Skiro

    Skiro2 months ago

    the second hand of a shit

  96. Lucas The boss

    Lucas The boss2 months ago

    I'm a Uruguay fan but I feel bad for the team Ghana sorry




  98. Julian Martines

    Julian Martines2 months ago

    Vamos la Celeste

  99. Federico Ligresti

    Federico Ligresti2 months ago

    Uruguay antisport team. They've broken the beauty of a sport. This is not Sport.

  100. Uchawi Beatz Official

    Uchawi Beatz Official2 months ago

    Suarez is a piece of shit

  101. The Kobster 05

    The Kobster 052 months ago

    Uruguay. Team of cheaters.

  102. Ranty YT

    Ranty YT2 months ago

    Ghana ❤

  103. L irv pana

    L irv pana2 months ago

    I am truly grateful i watched this game as it went on. It was truly awesome

  104. Anthony Y

    Anthony Y2 months ago

    But when a position player stops the ball with his hand from its natural path to goal, why isn’t the goal awarded? Lol Ghana won...Suarez acted illegally to prevent the inevitable, a goal. This rule should be revisited because that’s piss poor