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Uruguay Vs Ghana And The Second Hand Of God (EXCLUSIVE)


  1. Rohan Das

    Rohan DasDay ago

    @3:41 yes it has been a terrible moment to have wasted all that money on bribes

  2. Rohan Das

    Rohan DasDay ago

    What earned the free kick in the 120' was a complete dive

  3. Dominic Leonardo Zavala

    Dominic Leonardo ZavalaDay ago

    No matter what happened Ghana would be in the history books

  4. ashante

    ashante2 days ago

    I'm still triggered.

  5. adam zhx78

    adam zhx783 days ago

    fuck suarez and fuck uruguay

  6. Abhiyan Upreti

    Abhiyan Upreti3 days ago

    Suarez was the life saver wow😍

  7. Patriks Leonards Lovnieks

    Patriks Leonards Lovnieks3 days ago

    thats sad

  8. Sayad Mansurzada

    Sayad Mansurzada4 days ago

    fkn suarez

  9. Grand master sexay 792008

    Grand master sexay 7920085 days ago

    Ghana should have won!

  10. Nicolas Perez

    Nicolas Perez6 days ago

    This is stupid stop saying that Suarez cheated because if the shot would have went in then I bet everyone would say that he did not cheat but since the shot was missed everyone got salty

  11. Shalom Teofiluz

    Shalom Teofiluz8 days ago

    Uruguay Never deserve a win on any cup

  12. Leonard

    Leonard9 days ago

    Stop blaming Suarez. He did what he had to do to win which is kinda respectable. He still got a chance with the penalty which he failed. Yes,Suarez did something wrong but it isnt his fault they missed the penlaty

  13. Aden Quadros

    Aden Quadros10 days ago

    Uruguay cheated and they won , a stain on the beautiful game

  14. Eli Hanford

    Eli Hanford11 days ago

    Saurez should have gotten a black card instead of a red. He should have been stopped from playing football forever.

  15. Kevin Chen

    Kevin Chen11 days ago

    the free kick was from a dive and the play initiated by the ill gotten free kick (that resulted in suarez's handball) was offside i mean it would have been cool to see an african team make it to the semi finals but instead of blaming suarez, i imagine what if ghana had played against an easier team like paraguay in the quarter finals

  16. Kim Jin un

    Kim Jin un11 days ago

    Suarez cheated playback at 0.25

  17. Wert Gamer

    Wert Gamer11 days ago

    I can't believe it

  18. Reese Fahrenholz

    Reese Fahrenholz12 days ago

    The Uruguay fan was so, calm. He was really cool about it, he pointed out that Ghana was good and if he wasn't with Uruguay he would've been standing behind Ghana.

  19. Shalom Teofiluz

    Shalom Teofiluz13 days ago

    I was crying asking the world why? Why? And why?

  20. G3ninjaBOY2.o

    G3ninjaBOY2.o13 days ago

    uruguay ha more like trash

  21. UsefulGazelle78 !

    UsefulGazelle78 !15 days ago

    Imagine a team of Maradona Henry And suarez Not cause there great forwards but because...

  22. Martin Fernando

    Martin Fernando16 days ago

    Ghana deserved that win

  23. Cuauhtemoc

    Cuauhtemoc17 days ago

    Nigeria vs Argentina... Nigeria called for a handball but the ref didn't count it as a handball.

  24. claudiu vladcoschi

    claudiu vladcoschi18 days ago

    I don't think Suarez will ever go to Africa for holiday :))))

  25. jalal uddin

    jalal uddin18 days ago

    ghana world cup 2022 this will be ur best chance because all good players are not playing for the world cup

  26. MRCraft مستر كرافت

    MRCraft مستر كرافت19 days ago

    I love footballà

  27. Akinator zikaGon

    Akinator zikaGon19 days ago

    Suarez is a trash

  28. Tars

    Tars19 days ago

    I remember then the first and of god happened where it was Argentina VS England to go to the final, and one of the argentinians scored with his HAND, ans the refiree didn't see it so the English people were really mad, and frustrated...

  29. GTK

    GTK19 days ago

    Honestly fuck Suarez, Thats what I think.

  30. Lawand Kurd

    Lawand Kurd19 days ago

    They but ramos is the dirtiest player but Suarez is the dirtiest player...

  31. Steelers Highlights

    Steelers Highlights19 days ago

    any player would have handball it out. messi would have. ronaldo would have. pele would have done it. it was pure bad luck for ghana to miss that penalty

  32. Χρήστος Λιακόπουλος

    Χρήστος Λιακόπουλος20 days ago

    The music?

  33. Omar YT

    Omar YT20 days ago

    Ghana was better than uruguay in 2010 it was just luck

  34. Bobcat 1612

    Bobcat 161220 days ago

    No one likes uraugay oi oi oi

  35. Skiro

    Skiro20 days ago

    the second hand of a shit

  36. Lucas The boss

    Lucas The boss21 day ago

    I'm a Uruguay fan but I feel bad for the team Ghana sorry




  38. Julian Martinez

    Julian Martinez21 day ago

    Vamos la Celeste

  39. Federico Ligresti

    Federico Ligresti21 day ago

    Uruguay antisport team. They've broken the beauty of a sport. This is not Sport.

  40. Uchawi Beatz Official

    Uchawi Beatz Official22 days ago

    Suarez is a piece of shit

  41. The Kobster 05

    The Kobster 0522 days ago

    Uruguay. Team of cheaters.

  42. Ranty YT

    Ranty YT22 days ago

    Ghana ❤

  43. L irv pana

    L irv pana22 days ago

    I am truly grateful i watched this game as it went on. It was truly awesome

  44. Anthony Y

    Anthony Y22 days ago

    But when a position player stops the ball with his hand from its natural path to goal, why isn’t the goal awarded? Lol Ghana won...Suarez acted illegally to prevent the inevitable, a goal. This rule should be revisited because that’s piss poor

  45. Aarush Jacob

    Aarush Jacob22 days ago

    Feel super bad for Ghana but Suarez did it for his country I'd prolly have done the same

  46. Just a random guy

    Just a random guy22 days ago

    Instead of giving a penalty, the red should just give a goal for Ghana, cuz that would have been a goal if suarez didnt stop the ball

  47. Legions Typhoon

    Legions Typhoon22 days ago

    And then Uruguay loses to the dutch and germany 3-2 and then proceeds to do “meh” the next 2 world cups.

  48. Ramiro Camps

    Ramiro Camps22 days ago

    Oh I am from Argentina I remember that hand and I respect Ghana since that and Suarez too

  49. Big Ranch

    Big Ranch23 days ago

    This was not the same as the Hand of God. Suarez knew he would get in trouble and didn't try to hide it-- his back was against the wall and he had to do whatever he could within the rules. I disagree with people who say this was a dirty play. He did what he had to do and faced the appropriate consequences.

  50. Esquinita de Lupe

    Esquinita de Lupe23 days ago

    Just like Russia vs Croacia when Fernandes who had scored a goal missed the penalty kick. Sad, but glad Croacia made it to final.

  51. videogriffe

    videogriffe23 days ago

    C'est dégueulasse

  52. lesley bos

    lesley bos23 days ago

    Di Maria?

  53. Dj Geil46

    Dj Geil4623 days ago

    Fuck suarez

  54. Lill Gee

    Lill Gee23 days ago

    "low and behold".. smh

  55. Rodrigo Llanos Morales

    Rodrigo Llanos Morales23 days ago

    Gigante la garra charrua loco, como fanatico del futbol este partido quedará siempre en mi memoria, saludos desde Chile!

  56. PREIAS

    PREIAS23 days ago


  57. The Goahead Mpire

    The Goahead Mpire23 days ago

    Uruguay deserved that loss in the semi finals

  58. LaKsHya 7

    LaKsHya 723 days ago

    Correction it's 3.0

  59. MaGic Aye

    MaGic Aye24 days ago

    Krc Genk jajaja

  60. The Maestro

    The Maestro24 days ago

    And thats why Suarez is a disgrace to football

  61. Nub!

    Nub!24 days ago

    it went in... it should have counted anyways.

  62. axe the cruel

    axe the cruel24 days ago

    if only uruguay had a better keeper. muslera is decent but always gives up a cheap goal.

  63. Abir Ahmed Tanvir

    Abir Ahmed Tanvir24 days ago

    Awesome match😍

  64. i hate myself

    i hate myself24 days ago

    Ghana should've won this

  65. Tobias Crane

    Tobias Crane24 days ago


  66. mpprc 7

    mpprc 724 days ago

    Disgusting, uruguai should be banned from the WC forever!!! Suárez is the dirtiest thing in football... I still feel bad for Ghana

  67. Titiwonka #ElPetardo

    Titiwonka #ElPetardo23 days ago

    mpprc 7 You are crazy bro

  68. mpho tp

    mpho tp24 days ago

    this game was too emotional...when he missed that last penalty its like someone scammed me mxm!

  69. Alex Parent

    Alex Parent24 days ago

    So many people hating on Suarez. He is a fighter and would do anything to keep his country in the tournament. He got a red card and his foul was penalized. Gyan had to score the penalty and make Ghana go to the last 4, but he missed. And Ghana still had a chance in penalty shoutout, but they lost. If Gyan didn’t miss nobody would care about that handball. Calling Suarez a cheater is over exaggerating, he got a red card. And a ‘penalty goal’ doesn’t exist.

  70. Darko Milardovic

    Darko Milardovic25 days ago

    That guys last name is my First name

  71. Nova

    Nova25 days ago

    Africa will never forget you Suárez. The biggest cheater in football history. Shitty player

  72. riyaz agha

    riyaz agha26 days ago


  73. Aleksa Kovacevic

    Aleksa Kovacevic26 days ago

    auu brate asamoa..jebem ja onom suarezu kevu u picku

  74. TempusTV

    TempusTV27 days ago

    Suaréz could be Africa's hate. But he will be the hero of South America.

  75. Moon Shine

    Moon Shine27 days ago

    That's goal tending. It should be declared a goal in FIFA lingo. You award the goal but not the redcard. That way you save Suarez and allow him to bite off someone's ear in next game.

  76. Sai Reddy

    Sai Reddy27 days ago

    Respect Africa

  77. Hope

    Hope28 days ago

    That is not Breaking the Law ASS-HOLE that is a no no in soccer what RABBIT SUAREZ did same idiot went on to Bite someone the following WC glad France sent you Guys Packing with that easy second Goal, more misfortunes will happen to Uruguayan soccer in years to come as punishment for what Suarez did to Ghana in 2010. Glad the Coach is now walking with clutches he should have come out to say that is a no no and he didn't . They should not have been allowed to play in the semis even though they were trashed by Netherlands.

  78. kamsi mojekwu

    kamsi mojekwu28 days ago

    still lost the world cup

  79. TheDevilWearsPrada

    TheDevilWearsPrada29 days ago

    This absolutely disgusted me 😠 Suarez handball on the line should have been given as a goal imo the law needs to be changed were if a ball is clearly going in the goal and stopped by someones hand then surely the goal should stand rather than take a 50/50 penalty kick and the red card should also stand in this situation, just seeing suarez celebrating in the tunnel makes me sick 😬 he's a cheating little C*nt! Great player but has a very silly side to his game especially at liverfool. Such a shame for Ghana 😞 they did not deserve that,people will say the penalty should have been scored as most pens do but under that pressure when you should have had a goal must have been too much. ✌💙👍 from Scotland 🙋

  80. Ewen Vidal

    Ewen Vidal29 days ago

    La France a vengé Ghana cette année car on a gagné la coupe du monde

  81. Sven Jansen

    Sven Jansen29 days ago

    Very sad for Ghana but it takes a lot of balls (no pun intended) to take off a Panenka style penalty.

  82. Deskol tort

    Deskol tortMonth ago

    Un partido inolvidable

  83. nico aguirre777omg

    nico aguirre777omgMonth ago

    Los ghaneses soncacas

  84. Shaizy RMCF

    Shaizy RMCFMonth ago

    the evil hand not god hand ....

  85. ivan pc

    ivan pcMonth ago

    Suarez was the reason why i hate team uruguay but i love forlan!

  86. Jamie Harding

    Jamie HardingMonth ago

    Can't blame Suarez asamoah gyan had the chance to finish not suarezs fault he fluffed his lines.

  87. Ferid Lazarus

    Ferid LazarusMonth ago

    Suarez deserve lifetime sentence ban from play football in international tournament. He cheats then make the flow of tournament "change", Ghana the one who must get to semis, not Uruguay

  88. Ihzaz Rahman

    Ihzaz RahmanMonth ago

    suarez is shite

  89. Ihzaz Rahman

    Ihzaz RahmanMonth ago


  90. thom bell

    thom bellMonth ago

    Diego forlan, balon de oro.

  91. Steven Sinishtaj

    Steven SinishtajMonth ago

    Who's the Uruguayan guy talking?

  92. Daver

    DaverMonth ago

    Suarez ciuccia cazzi dio porco

  93. AelKurun

    AelKurunMonth ago

    I think the Uruguayans should just shut up and shut the fuck up. This dude on the video is shameful, fuck off with your cheater 'fighting attitude'. If you have honour, if you have honesty, if you have a once of integrity you would say this was what is was: a shame, an isult to Ghana, an insult to football. Don't let yourself bullshitted with these stupid comments of 'fighting attitude'. A player like Cavani would never have done that. Guess why. Because some player are a piece of shit, just as there fans. Some are not. If you just like football, even if your country is in that game, this si not acceptable. And the point is not that suarez got a red or not. Is that a 100% sure goal is traded of by a penalty which is not 100% sure. Injustice, this is what it was.

  94. Achraf fadili

    Achraf fadiliMonth ago

    Uruguay was Lucky

  95. tunisien

    tunisienMonth ago

    As an africain i miss this ghanean amazing team

  96. Frank Miranda

    Frank MirandaMonth ago

    The most dramatic match in World Cup history

  97. maggie Mak

    maggie MakMonth ago

    i hate it when the a player said they questioned god

  98. Populair Kanaal

    Populair KanaalMonth ago

    Just count the goal and Hove red that would be fair

  99. Dhuvi riski

    Dhuvi riskiMonth ago

    I still to this day feel so much pain watching this

  100. Chivas Madrid

    Chivas MadridMonth ago

    God Bless Ghana

  101. Chivas Madrid

    Chivas MadridMonth ago

    Who’s laughing now Urugray

  102. Chivas Madrid

    Chivas MadridMonth ago

    Who saving now Urugray