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UNREAL! 32 Year Old Andre Ingram SHINES In NBA Debut!


  1. Lit XBL Parties

    Lit XBL Parties6 days ago

    0:48 pure stenches in takeover be like

  2. MythicalShots

    MythicalShots22 days ago

    ik im late but why did he start so late?

  3. Kobe Kardashian

    Kobe Kardashian26 days ago

    Harden like "Who tf was that nigga??" LMAO 2:15

  4. ki yuen

    ki yuen26 days ago

    Where is he now

  5. Kha'len McCoy

    Kha'len McCoy27 days ago

    No other commentator couldve made this broadcast more special than Kevin Harlan

  6. Keith Hancock

    Keith HancockMonth ago

    Andrew Toney, for the old heads who remember.

  7. Joseph Colacino

    Joseph ColacinoMonth ago

    the John Scott of basketball

  8. michael cruz

    michael cruzMonth ago

    Came here for the 2k19 comments.

  9. Rage

    Rage2 months ago

    He shot better than Lonzo every will

  10. ACE

    ACE2 months ago

    Low-Key Andre Ingram is the 'fans' legend now, forever immortalized!

  11. Blackbean Burger

    Blackbean Burger2 months ago

    inspiration to everyone... doesn't matter if its pro sports, never give up on your dreams

  12. life form

    life form3 months ago

    Where is he now?


    THE ELECTROLAZER3 months ago

    32 yo and first game?!? wtf is him??

  14. bakugancm7

    bakugancm73 months ago

    He the real MVP. He the real GOAT. No question about it!

  15. postman aka bluestrip

    postman aka bluestrip4 months ago

    Kings need to sighn him man lakers dropped him we want him

  16. Asia Asia

    Asia Asia4 months ago

    Older brother of brandon 😆

  17. Bernie Mora

    Bernie Mora4 months ago

    Sign him in Magic👍👊

  18. HD 2Face

    HD 2Face4 months ago

    Congrats to Andre Ingram! That was an AMAZING NBA debut!

  19. Sherman Ng

    Sherman Ng4 months ago

    LeBron should persuade AI to stay since this AI is the much smarter version of JR!!!

  20. Joshua Hines

    Joshua Hines5 months ago

    They Will Know Your Name!

  21. Orenthung Lapon

    Orenthung Lapon5 months ago

    He deserves to be in the NBA.... Common Lakers WTF are y'all doing... Sign him.. ASAP

  22. Sherman Ng

    Sherman Ng5 months ago

    Hope this AI can stay on the Lakers and become 6th man of the year in a year or 2!!!!

  23. chicken nugget

    chicken nugget5 months ago

    Kobe wearing a mask

  24. Entertainment Lust TV

    Entertainment Lust TV5 months ago

    So I guess LeBron didn't want Ingram as a Laker this year again.......smh

  25. Nawfsyde Narley 13:12 TV

    Nawfsyde Narley 13:12 TV6 months ago

    Dat boy Kobe

  26. Ladesch10

    Ladesch106 months ago

    The real MVP

  27. Parka Monkey

    Parka Monkey6 months ago

    Oldest looking 32 year old I ever did see!

  28. k i e n

    k i e n6 months ago

    future hof

  29. Mikey Levy

    Mikey Levy6 months ago

    But that form doe

  30. FearIt

    FearIt6 months ago

    It's still unreal watching Andre in this video. Definitely a future GOAT

  31. Jeremiah Ortiz

    Jeremiah Ortiz6 months ago

    Golden State can't stop this man

  32. Dee killa

    Dee killa6 months ago


  33. SuperRip7

    SuperRip76 months ago

    That is kinda' late. 07-25-18.

  34. Cee Tee

    Cee Tee6 months ago

    Kobe at home like: Where the fuck was he at idk like 5 years ago shit the rings.

  35. Carson Wentz

    Carson Wentz7 months ago

    He's nice. Where he been ..God is good

  36. Downloading

    Downloading7 months ago

    lebron of the g league?

  37. keith pender

    keith pender7 months ago

    2:38 #21 was hating lol

  38. Brician Mcwilliams

    Brician Mcwilliams7 months ago

    This is the best

  39. Ed Lambo

    Ed Lambo7 months ago

    I bet he could have been rookie if the year

  40. Jose Alonso

    Jose Alonso7 months ago


  41. Goldii Lockzz

    Goldii Lockzz7 months ago

    LeBron about to turn this man into a spot up shooter 🤣😂😅

  42. Ahmad A

    Ahmad A7 months ago

    Wow this dude shot so effortless and his own sucks he never got a chance to show his full potential in the NBA

  43. George George

    George George7 months ago

    I'm a Laker fan but fail to understand how Luol Deng makes 18 million a year without playing one single game, and a mega-talented Andre Ingram, one of the best 3-point shooters in the league, does not get at least a one-year contract, say for 2 or 3 M!!

  44. 4 Ktrey

    4 Ktrey7 months ago


  45. 4 Ktrey

    4 Ktrey7 months ago

    Should’ve brought him back

  46. Mazyedits🤧

    Mazyedits🤧7 months ago

    Better than curry 😂😂💀

  47. ColdBloodkilla

    ColdBloodkilla7 months ago

    This is beautiful

  48. Airbxrhm

    Airbxrhm7 months ago

    The lakers can still sign this dude, just keep that in mind, as of right now they are trying to recruit "better" players. There has been no news on him, but he is a beast

  49. COKI_24

    COKI_247 months ago

    He Playstyle Like Curry (IMAO)

  50. Dede Berry

    Dede Berry7 months ago

    How come hes 32yrs old but looks alot older than the guys thats actually 32yrs old in the nba?

  51. Yeetmymeant

    Yeetmymeant7 months ago

    His jumpee is ugly and lethal at the same time

  52. Vincent Pan

    Vincent Pan7 months ago

    Better than Lonzel ball.

  53. Andrew Travis

    Andrew Travis7 months ago

    Should be the rookie of the year

  54. Zeny nicolas

    Zeny nicolas7 months ago

    The real rookie of the year

  55. Jesus Duran

    Jesus Duran7 months ago

    Andre ingram for roty he is better than Simmons donavan and tatum

  56. clipside

    clipside8 months ago

    Lol kobe we all know its you...

  57. Anthony Williams

    Anthony Williams8 months ago

    He will play next year

  58. The Basketball God

    The Basketball God8 months ago

    he should win rookie of the year


    SLIM SHADY8 months ago

    True basketball player he played in the G league forever and he never gave up until he got to the NBA! Imagine him playing in the NBA when he was 19

  60. Taytay goat

    Taytay goat8 months ago


  61. Yama Ishin

    Yama Ishin8 months ago

    Is he going to play next season?

  62. Mcchicken Boi

    Mcchicken Boi6 months ago

    Robert Phillips he is getting old and 32 and it’s about to be his second year if the sign him it’s probably gonna be a veteran minimum

  63. poemkid1

    poemkid17 months ago

    Robert Phillips it only makes's not like he sucks or anything,the guy can genuinely play the game...and play it well

  64. Robert Phillips

    Robert Phillips7 months ago

    poemkid1 hopefully they resign him max contract for how many years he wants to play. Lebron will have a 3 pointer who’s always there and trusted to make his shots

  65. poemkid1

    poemkid17 months ago

    Yama Ishin I hope so...

  66. Phil Swift

    Phil Swift8 months ago


  67. Jalen

    Jalen8 months ago

    Never give up on your dreams. Just keep shooting into you get noticed.

  68. Ethan Webber

    Ethan Webber8 months ago

    When you realize Lonzo isn't even the 2nd best rookie on LA

  69. Anthony Lombardo

    Anthony Lombardo8 months ago

    Kobe take that disguise off you're not fooling anybody

  70. jakwes B

    jakwes B8 months ago

    He looks just like Kobe

  71. Jesse van Voorden

    Jesse van Voorden8 months ago

    Still gives me chills

  72. Young Sibo

    Young Sibo8 months ago

    Ft percentage: 100%, 3pt percentage: 55.6% on his career, Already better than Kobe Sorry Troydan

  73. smlbcity23

    smlbcity238 months ago

    This dude woulda been more clutch than Jordan Clarkson forsure if the cavs have em in the Finals.

  74. Tank Busta

    Tank Busta8 months ago

    They should’ve won that game. If only bitch ass Caruso actually passed it to Andre on that last possession instead of turning it over, Dre could’ve hit that game winner and got 22 points and the game smh

  75. DeadShot 227

    DeadShot 2278 months ago

    Ingram be like Shammy Wells. Dude is on 🔥

  76. bench press360

    bench press3608 months ago

    Dude looks older but plays young props hope he gets a 5 year deal or sum

  77. when ya nut n shawty keep succin

    when ya nut n shawty keep succin8 months ago

    Ingram > Ingram

  78. stay gold

    stay gold8 months ago

    dude he look like 42 y.o

  79. Guisadong Mista

    Guisadong Mista8 months ago

    He maybe have the worst looking jumper but damn look how the ball turn into a fire when a 3pt shot made.

  80. Lakers Nation

    Lakers Nation8 months ago

    Ingram>>>>>>>>>Lonzo and Simmons

  81. FavoriteKicks

    FavoriteKicks8 months ago

    Can’t do nothing except respect the man ✊🏼✊🏼💰

  82. Yuanhong Xiao

    Yuanhong Xiao8 months ago

    Damn i cry even i am not a fan of lakers and i dont know much about this guy

  83. 123KOBEMVP

    123KOBEMVP8 months ago

    hes better than scrubby ass 3-6 super team building lebrick

  84. Deus Ex Machina

    Deus Ex Machina8 months ago

    Andre ingram>Lonzo ball

  85. Logic Lamar Cole

    Logic Lamar Cole8 months ago

    nigga we made it

  86. George Obusan

    George Obusan8 months ago

    Ronnie 2K should take notes for his next My Career script.

  87. 최재은

    최재은8 months ago

    9619로 가지아!!!

  88. Miguel Rico

    Miguel Rico8 months ago

    Andre ingram = brandon, ingram

  89. André Lima

    André Lima8 months ago


  90. Julian Mark Ecal

    Julian Mark Ecal8 months ago

    When you realized Andre Ingram scored more Points than Lonzo Ball in both of their debut

  91. TheKYRw

    TheKYRw8 months ago

    The lakers are so ass. It’s sad a 32 year old gleague player can join their team and instantly outplay everyone on the team

  92. Zell Games

    Zell Games8 months ago

    He played with heart and i respect that

  93. LeGOAT James

    LeGOAT James8 months ago

    Got that bdot form

  94. Bdog24

    Bdog248 months ago

    This man has worked hard his whole basketball career and he gets what he deserves!

  95. Arvin Pascual Genido

    Arvin Pascual Genido8 months ago

    I thought Lakers won this game

  96. V Rapture V

    V Rapture V8 months ago

    from the looks of it this dude should be on a nba team. If his stats would be anything near his g leauge stats he could start on alot of teams. Really hope he gets a contract next year!

  97. Jack M

    Jack M9 months ago

    This is one of my favorite moments not of this season, but in the history of the NBA. Seriously, just heartwarming and amazing.

  98. I'm Cute

    I'm Cute9 months ago

    Dam.. this gives me the chills..

  99. Gino

    Gino9 months ago

    Its crazy how in this game alone Ingram is the 3rd best player on the team. And to be totally honest, he still has time especially for a career 45% from 3. He could have at least a 5 year stint on the lakers.

  100. Gino

    Gino9 months ago

    Its a shame how coaches and GM's can make a man stagnant and sitting on the bench of his dreams for 10 years plus. But anyhow, the brother got his shine, if only for a game.

  101. VetPvtSmoke

    VetPvtSmoke9 months ago

    The rookie and the vet.

  102. jerson arzu

    jerson arzu9 months ago

    The D League camp

  103. Bumble Underwater

    Bumble Underwater9 months ago

    The Ingram Mentallity

  104. Brody HighRoller

    Brody HighRoller9 months ago

    Love This card in NBA live mobile, he was only 99 cents too, he's a 90 ovr and he starts over my 94 ovr Bradley Beal