UNREAL! 32 Year Old Andre Ingram SHINES In NBA Debut!


  1. Kes Crosse III

    Kes Crosse III2 days ago


  2. TheMustafaGoldenBoy

    TheMustafaGoldenBoy13 days ago

    Lakers are gonna sign him

  3. Ýôůňğ Łëę

    Ýôůňğ Łëę14 days ago

    He shoots like he got a sharp takeover lmao

  4. I awesome person I

    I awesome person I17 days ago


  5. Jose Florentino

    Jose FlorentinoMonth ago

    Please let aquille Carr play

  6. Andy Bailey

    Andy Bailey3 months ago

    If they gave him the ball more they might actually be in the playoffs.

  7. Crass Businessman

    Crass Businessman3 months ago

    @2:35 he says that's how it's done, son.

  8. jm Q.R

    jm Q.R4 months ago

    nice shot kobe

  9. Jungie Fabillar

    Jungie Fabillar4 months ago

    Thats my idol..

  10. Owen West

    Owen West4 months ago

    ESPN 30 for 30 material

  11. extra_flauschiges_purzel

    extra_flauschiges_purzel4 months ago

    "Where has this kid been?". This kid looks like 65 years old.

  12. lordpickel6

    lordpickel64 months ago

    “Who was 20?” As my son looks up at the rafters of the Staple Center, “son, have a seat, I wanna show you something”

  13. jared Gambeski

    jared Gambeski4 months ago

    My dude is 32 and theyre acting like he’s a geriatric patient in the make a wish program, he could hoop!

  14. Keli Junior

    Keli Junior4 months ago

    Just now seeing this, but I love stuff like this. People love looking down on you. He proved to the Lakers front office that they are crap. Going with an image instead of letting him develop and keeping him onboard. It's plenty trash players in the NBA that the NBDL has tones of better players in. Awesome to see this young man go off the way he did.

  15. Jack Collins Maghapon

    Jack Collins Maghapon4 months ago

    When you select the wrong jumpshot animation in 2k.

  16. Nor Priest

    Nor Priest4 months ago

    *Ingram better than Ingram.* *Change my mind.*

  17. Willie Thomas

    Willie Thomas4 months ago

    Broo shot is horrible

  18. Kai Long

    Kai Long4 months ago

    When did they get zubac

  19. pewdiepie is my dad pyro is gay

    pewdiepie is my dad pyro is gay4 months ago

    that vid was in 2018

  20. The Legend

    The Legend4 months ago

    Lakers sign this man for a full year at least. He deserves it!!!!

  21. Nkosi Rooms

    Nkosi Rooms4 months ago

    I thought he was 50.32 is still A young man no big deal.lm 47 and can still dunk.

  22. GamEPlayEr

    GamEPlayEr4 months ago

    Im 20.193

  23. Jay douglas

    Jay douglas4 months ago

    He’s 32 not 62. Nothing unreal about it

  24. Ja'Varis Lee

    Ja'Varis Lee4 months ago

    Andre Ingram > Brandon Ingram #HOFer

  25. Sacramento King

    Sacramento King4 months ago

    Kevin Harlan made this video so much better. Amazing

  26. BrOOklyn LOOking

    BrOOklyn LOOking4 months ago

    Talk about dramatics lol

  27. M K

    M K4 months ago

    Where’s Lebron?

  28. M K

    M K4 months ago

    DEMIGXD Prod. Oh haha. Didn’t notice that. What a random vid to be in my recommended.

  29. DEMIGXD Prod.

    DEMIGXD Prod.4 months ago

    This was last year

  30. Robert Vazquez

    Robert Vazquez4 months ago

    This shit makes me happy af, plain and simple

  31. Lance Gordon

    Lance Gordon4 months ago

    Why he gotta walk out by himself

  32. SuperAKA23

    SuperAKA234 months ago

    Who else here after he got signed back


    FREE WILL DEFENDER4 months ago


  34. Emanuel Joly

    Emanuel Joly4 months ago

    Anyone here because he got called back up 😂🙋‍♂️ ?


    COZY BLVD4 months ago

    lebron who ? this is who the lakers really need

  36. Michele Bogdan Craciun

    Michele Bogdan Craciun4 months ago

    Here we go again!

  37. Awesome Ali

    Awesome Ali4 months ago

    Whose here after 10 day Contract. 😎


    NJDDSNS4 months ago

    When Reggie calls him a "kid"...

  39. froilan anthony

    froilan anthony4 months ago

    why did they hold Andre? Andre is good for Lebron

  40. Allan Salvador Dapat

    Allan Salvador Dapat4 months ago

    Welcome to Lakers (again)


    RELLUM GREEN4 months ago

    He's back

  42. AsianG0D

    AsianG0D4 months ago

    The GOAT who will bring Lakers to Finals this season when Lebron on rest.

  43. Ed Fuller

    Ed Fuller4 months ago

    Man, what an opportunity. Good for him. And he seized it as well. Pff👏👏

  44. gioberna 7

    gioberna 74 months ago

    Ingram agaiiiinnn😍

  45. zKiid

    zKiid4 months ago

    Andre just signed a 10-day contract with the Lakers. *Playoff mode activated.*

  46. Isaiah Rodriguez

    Isaiah Rodriguez4 months ago

    Lmao funny that we won but he only played 2 min

  47. Kevin Barker

    Kevin Barker4 months ago

    U sure

  48. YahBoy FlyTy

    YahBoy FlyTy4 months ago


  49. Sherman Ng

    Sherman Ng4 months ago

    AI is back!!!! Let's hope Lakers will actually give this dude a $2 million deal for next year!!! Lakers need a shooter like him!!!

  50. Andre Iguodala ✔️

    Andre Iguodala ✔️4 months ago

    Welcome back

  51. Jeremy Booth

    Jeremy Booth4 months ago

    Whats sad is that hes making around 20k a year in the g league and in the 3 games he played for the Lakers he made around 14k. He has a wife and 2 kids, give this man a min contract. He surely deserves is. He tutors math on the side to supplement his g league career! Thats a true man right there.


    FREE WILL DEFENDER4 months ago

    Good news is he is a pharmacist already he making paper dont worry

  53. Nikolas Christopoulos

    Nikolas Christopoulos4 months ago

    Who's here after Lakers signed him again??

  54. Tukakuga

    Tukakuga4 months ago

    HE'S BACK!!

  55. Craig Crossland

    Craig Crossland4 months ago

    Happy for that guy. How come he hasnt played this year?

  56. Rayaan Ali

    Rayaan Ali4 months ago

    Here after he signed for 10 days?

  57. Progressive Viewer

    Progressive Viewer4 months ago


  58. Kyrin Thomas

    Kyrin Thomas4 months ago


  59. Vincent Cecchini

    Vincent Cecchini4 months ago

    He’s back on a ten day!

  60. JuiceBeLike

    JuiceBeLike4 months ago

    Heeeessss backkkkk baby!!!

  61. i bee tha thug

    i bee tha thug4 months ago

    I think its time...