Tyga Reacts To Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott GQ Cover Story | Hollywoodlife


  1. Summer Haith

    Summer HaithMonth ago

    Turned on notifications and subscribed I really enjoy your channel and its content so keep up the great work

  2. Kevin chavez

    Kevin chavez27 days ago

    this is fake news you guys should kill yourselves

  3. Gabe City

    Gabe City29 days ago

    Summer Haith mreporter.net/v/video-JlJwydaObKY.html KYLIE JENNER SEXTAPE GOT LEAKED 😍

  4. Ster Ling

    Ster LingMonth ago

    No more wars for Israel. Stop Palestinian genocide.

  5. whatahandful

    whatahandfulMonth ago

    SUPREME OG agree. This media crap doesn't know shit. How do they know how anyone feels about anything? They vomit shit out and people eat it up like candy with no facts.

  6. Erica Lopez

    Erica LopezMonth ago

    Thanks for saying that GQ directs the shoot, people are stupid enough to blame Kylie and Travis for that shit when they're just doing what GQ wants them to.

  7. rzeszno

    rzeszno6 days ago

    "sergeY" gainsbourg, what Llooollll......

  8. Rosa Opinya-Narcia

    Rosa Opinya-Narcia6 days ago

    She didn’t hide shit we all knew

  9. Mi_Dou

    Mi_Dou9 days ago

    i can tell u don't like tyga even tho he's make more than you and all your family combine . nice vid by the way

  10. MichaelMakeup

    MichaelMakeup10 days ago

    But is he really hurt tho...?

  11. MichaelMakeup

    MichaelMakeup10 days ago

    The other girl did it better because she had on A HEEL!

  12. May i have some tae, with 1 sugakookie pls.

    May i have some tae, with 1 sugakookie pls.11 days ago

    Travis and Kylie did it better XD

  13. S A N D Y C H E E K S

    S A N D Y C H E E K S13 days ago

    big L tyga. big L

  14. Gabrielle Quest

    Gabrielle Quest13 days ago

    this *gossip* channel b full of basic sh*t, T does not give a flying f*** about Kylie so i would advise u to stop making crap up n stay out of their lives.

  15. Casper Berner

    Casper Berner14 days ago

    Oh this voice


    ARIANA PERALTA 114 days ago

    I feel bad for Tyga ....😢 😔 😞

  17. Tokarra Mcfeer

    Tokarra Mcfeer15 days ago

    tyga and kylie is actually still together#Hello#

  18. Alex Garcia

    Alex Garcia15 days ago

    Damn that pussy must be really that good lol



    Tyga woke up from the dead

  20. Megan Calixte

    Megan Calixte15 days ago

    Why is this channel obsessed with the Karjenners personal life, leave the goddamn ppl alone!

  21. Yolanda yolly

    Yolanda yolly16 days ago

    Travis is ugly I like tyga

  22. Chris Matta

    Chris Matta17 days ago

    Fuck tyga

  23. diana loves koala

    diana loves koala20 days ago

    They just broke up

  24. Desmond Watts

    Desmond Watts21 day ago

    Tyga is so sexy

  25. Malik ANNABI

    Malik ANNABI22 days ago

    Sergei Gainsbourg..

  26. JusNiyah

    JusNiyah23 days ago

    “ damn when t gets a w it’s still an l “ 😭😭

  27. ChilledP

    ChilledP23 days ago

    LOOOOL Why you lying xD Tyga aint upset, he got so many other hoes without that Kardashian/Jenner drama

  28. Gennary Valencia

    Gennary Valencia24 days ago

    To Tyga.....move on

  29. Tyga VEVO

    Tyga VEVO24 days ago

    Fake news, T doesn't care about this bitch anymore, his back on them hits 🔥 after hits. Hollywoodlife this Kyga chapter is close, LET IT GO

  30. xxx nay

    xxx nay25 days ago

    They look so good together❤❤❤❤

  31. Harley Fluffy

    Harley Fluffy25 days ago

    Tyga and Kyle where cute together more than this dumb dude

  32. Sofia Sanchéz

    Sofia Sanchéz26 days ago

    Why Kylie said she removed all of her lip filler, but still has the same fake lips?

  33. It's DARK 23

    It's DARK 2313 days ago

    More likely *smelly dirty lips*, God knows where those things have been.

  34. xmahoofinnx

    xmahoofinnx26 days ago


  35. ramosdot

    ramosdot26 days ago


  36. IRuinEverything

    IRuinEverything26 days ago

    Blah blah blah, they fucked and had an accident called Stormi. Relationship is gonna be gone next year. The Kardashians and Jenners cannot find love. Just a lot of men using their dicks and pussies to get some fame and then dump their asses.

  37. hkatrina

    hkatrina26 days ago

    Kylie... you can do better ...

  38. Romelo's Life

    Romelo's Life26 days ago

    Checkout my latest MReporter videos guys

  39. Valentine Bawole

    Valentine Bawole27 days ago

    I love Jenners girls ... 📿💟💝💖💚💎💍

  40. Könsciöus Gotti

    Könsciöus Gotti27 days ago

    Tyga wants a Taste 😫😫

  41. Ariana Grande

    Ariana Grande27 days ago


  42. Ariana Grande

    Ariana Grande27 days ago

    Iggy azalea. The last time I ever heard of her was 2014 lmao

  43. 7th Levy

    7th Levy27 days ago

    I'm not a fan of travis Scott's profile his lower third from the side 🙄

  44. laylani

    laylani27 days ago

    Why is tyga even reacting to Kylie Jenner anymore

  45. Sharese Riddles

    Sharese Riddles25 days ago

    y'all believe what the media tells you too much you probably one of the people who sits at home and thanks about ways to bash people or things ways to talk about celebrities get a life he's not worried about her just stop and why would you miss something like that you can go out and find another person bigger and better than her because like to be honest she's not that good of a person

  46. Teazz

    Teazz27 days ago

    kylie way thiccer in the cover tho

  47. Kevin chavez

    Kevin chavez27 days ago

    FAKE NEWS!!!

  48. em1ownerify

    em1ownerify27 days ago

    Tyga got all these songs talking shit but didn’t he get fucked by that big dick tranny?

  49. Sita sii

    Sita sii27 days ago

    kylie daughter looks like travis

  50. Sita sii

    Sita sii25 days ago

    +Sharese Riddles the baby doesn't look like the mother

  51. Sharese Riddles

    Sharese Riddles25 days ago

    Sita sii that baby looks nothing like him so idk what baby you be looking at

  52. Cassandra Gheorghica

    Cassandra Gheorghica28 days ago

    The reporter bitch life is so fucked up ! To report what kylie Jenner does ?get a life sad stupid bitch

  53. Dev

    Dev28 days ago

    She knows she still love Tyga

  54. TheMichaelCW

    TheMichaelCW28 days ago

    Has Iggy lost her Aussie accent?

  55. Daniel Wallace

    Daniel Wallace28 days ago

    Tyga who?

  56. Sabian Velazquez

    Sabian Velazquez28 days ago

    Tyga didnt even react to nun ?

  57. Jozie Travis

    Jozie Travis28 days ago

    Maybe they did try and make it look like the other pics duhhh

  58. UhDany

    UhDany28 days ago

    *Tyga needs to let go now* .

  59. Sharese Riddles

    Sharese Riddles25 days ago

    UhDany no one said he was holding on they trying to make it seem like he's worried about them when in reality he's really not like Let Him Live and he's too good for her anyway lmao

  60. GlokkBoy 2Two3

    GlokkBoy 2Two328 days ago

    F**k Hollywood life with fake reactions

  61. Alondra Gonzalez

    Alondra Gonzalez28 days ago

    it's TYGA not TIGER 😂🐍

  62. •dia•

    •dia•29 days ago

    Someone tell me y Tyga thinks he is still relevant ☠️

  63. •dia•

    •dia•25 days ago

    Sharese Riddles Bish tf I do have a life, tf u don’t even know me so stop assuming that I don’t have a life 🙄

  64. Sharese Riddles

    Sharese Riddles25 days ago

    Dia Pia someone tell me why y'all believe in all this stuff the media saying when he's not worried about her in and if you feel the need to comment on this video which is not true cuz this video was all over the place so get a life and stop trying to bash other people for what the media is telling you he's living his life just like she's living her life

  65. Juliana .m

    Juliana .m29 days ago

    Kylie and tyga r made for each other

  66. Eonjay Glasgow

    Eonjay Glasgow29 days ago

    All this is fake asf

  67. Ivory Hull

    Ivory Hull29 days ago

    Tyga you irrelevant. Let her be happy

  68. Sharese Riddles

    Sharese Riddles25 days ago

    Ivory Hull I see so many of these comments know whenever y'all believe in what they say he's not worried about her let him live just like he's letting her live

  69. Eonjay Glasgow

    Eonjay Glasgow29 days ago

    How the fuck they kno all them things

  70. Karla Herrera

    Karla Herrera29 days ago

    This shit is so dumb I don’t even know why I watched it ... everything is allegedly probably not true at alll

  71. Kokeletso Katse

    Kokeletso Katse29 days ago

    Omfg your voice is too loud 😂😂😂😂

  72. Dani Clavel

    Dani Clavel29 days ago

    Idk if its me but she starting to look alot like Caitlyn Jenner.

  73. DodiReacts tv

    DodiReacts tv29 days ago

    Maybe after 18years tyga be dating stormi🤣

  74. FreeLaoLanXang

    FreeLaoLanXang29 days ago

    Travis Scott is 26 not 27 years old he born in 1992 its a typo lol

  75. Thelionking 07

    Thelionking 0729 days ago

    Iggy is so fake I can’t stand her

  76. Sharese Riddles

    Sharese Riddles25 days ago

    What is Kylie last time I checked she wasn't all natural either so next time you want to shame someone remember who you look up to cuz you look up to a girl like Kylie Jenner who lied about getting surgery so please stop

  77. XBOX 360

    XBOX 36029 days ago

    where's the reaction at?????????

  78. Candice  Griego

    Candice Griego29 days ago

    I like how so many people keep giving her shit! Let her be!!

  79. chiqichiqi

    chiqichiqi29 days ago

    33 lbs = liposuction

  80. Bluevy Samantha

    Bluevy Samantha29 days ago

    Serguei Gainsbourg ? Really ? 😂😂😂

  81. Lizlove

    Lizlove29 days ago

    Eww Tyga 🤣🤣 he needs to move on lol

  82. Angelica Chavez

    Angelica Chavez29 days ago

    Ok bitches they look good be a hater they copied nobody gives a single fuck they rich and happy and yall poor or just close minded dumb hoes where is cardi at u need to shit them tramps

  83. Alicia Garcia

    Alicia Garcia29 days ago

    I like the modernising of the photo shoots

  84. TheZackman3

    TheZackman329 days ago

    both tyga and travis are street thugs

  85. TheZackman3

    TheZackman329 days ago

    travis scott only want kylie money

  86. Kay's Nation

    Kay's Nation12 days ago

    Travis Scott has money he’s a rapper🤦🏽‍♀️

  87. Sharese Riddles

    Sharese Riddles25 days ago

    TheZackman3 you're acting like he don't have a career he is a good artist and quite frankly he makes more money than her on the contrary so the fact that he needs her money is irrelevant

  88. Randy Barrientes

    Randy Barrientes29 days ago

    Thanks for the scoop on these talented group of people...

  89. Mariana Rodolfo

    Mariana Rodolfo29 days ago

    Who cares about other people’s life? Live yours instead of being annoying paparazzi

  90. Lar Family

    Lar Family29 days ago

    Any one want to show my channel some love? 🤗 id appreciate it so much ❤️❤️

  91. max christie

    max christie29 days ago

    Tyga one salty nigga

  92. MO SAUCY

    MO SAUCY29 days ago

    I forgot who’s Tyga?

  93. Jay David

    Jay David29 days ago

    This MReporter page is full of bullshit

  94. queen of pain

    queen of painMonth ago

    Leave tyga alone please.

  95. Hallo Unicorn

    Hallo UnicornMonth ago

    Who said that Tyga is missing Kylie?! He never said or showed something that shows that he is missing her and that he should be the one in the shoot! You are just big stalkers and lie all the time!!! Leave those celebrities alone for goodness sake🙄

  96. Sharese Riddles

    Sharese Riddles25 days ago

    Hallo Unicorn like thank you



    Tyga face u old news to Kylie stop trying to get her back or whatever she happy where she at just move on already Man u a straight dude you just gotta start dating and find someone else

  98. Sharese Riddles

    Sharese Riddles25 days ago

    ASSASSINALEX GAMING like Let Him Live his life stop bringing him up in stuff because like he had his life he can care less about what she is doing no one ever said he was missing her he never came out and said it

  99. Tennillie Smith

    Tennillie SmithMonth ago

    Her cheeks use to be where her lips were I guess khloe and Kylie have esteem going on beauty is on the inside

  100. Ama Amoateng

    Ama AmoatengMonth ago

    I liked it when tyga and Kylie were together❤

  101. Tennillie Smith

    Tennillie SmithMonth ago

    He's forever sleep and high he's always covering his nose wtf IJS

  102. Samantha Eaton

    Samantha EatonMonth ago


  103. Maria Babeeyz

    Maria BabeeyzMonth ago

    Tyga be in his feelings right now. 😂😂

  104. ITZ classicME

    ITZ classicMEMonth ago

    Someone's jealous * Tyga

  105. Rojo Vlogs

    Rojo VlogsMonth ago

    Travis Scott is the goat simple

  106. Shahat Alam

    Shahat Alam26 days ago


  107. OfficialDjSyko

    OfficialDjSykoMonth ago

    Rojo Vlogs no

  108. Moana Tuitavuki

    Moana TuitavukiMonth ago

    Wonder if Kylie returned the car Tyga bought for her... lmao but who wants Kylie and Tyga back??

  109. Judy Berends

    Judy BerendsMonth ago

    That was an ugly picture .

  110. Juju 822

    Juju 822Month ago

    Can’t believe she left tyga to go with that ugly ass fool

  111. Davon Griffin

    Davon GriffinMonth ago

    Stop lies lggy we know you dating tyga

  112. Queen Marilyn

    Queen MarilynMonth ago

    Tyga Lowkey Wants Kylie Back 😂😂😂

  113. Queen Marilyn

    Queen Marilyn25 days ago

    Sharese Riddles Don't Make Assumptions About Me Liking Kylie or Anything Associated With The Kardashian And Jenner Family As I Don't Like Them At All As Am Theirs & Donald Trump Families #1 Hater.

  114. Sharese Riddles

    Sharese Riddles25 days ago

    Queen Marilyn low-key why do people think that let the man live his life she is not all that great the why y'all talk about her like she a god lmao when she is not tbh she would be ugly if she had not got all that shit done to her face

  115. jessica palma

    jessica palmaMonth ago

    Haters need to stop. It's GQs fault, they are the ones behind the controversy.

  116. Jessica Laffin

    Jessica LaffinMonth ago

    If Tyga had a baby with Kylie. Kylie would have been the aunt of Dream and Dream would be half sibling to King and Stormi. Tyga would have been the uncle of Dream which Stormi would have been cousin to Dream and sister of King. This would be one hot mess.

  117. Scattered Thoughts

    Scattered Thoughts17 days ago

    Jessica Laffin I get what you mean now. I said what you said. You meant Stormi as if she was Tyga's and Kylie's child. But using Stormi's name made it confusing. I broke it down and did not use Stormi's name so there wasn't any confusion.

  118. Jessica Laffin

    Jessica Laffin17 days ago

    Scattered Thoughts she still would be in away.

  119. Scattered Thoughts

    Scattered Thoughts17 days ago

    jenie0hh You are right about Dream and Stormi. Dream's father and Stormi's mother are brother and sister. They are (half) cousins if we're being technical. Because Rob and Kylie are (half) brother and sister and would be the aunt/uncle of each other's offspring. And just step siblings since they have no biological/blood relation.

  120. Scattered Thoughts

    Scattered Thoughts17 days ago

    Jessica Laffin Why is Stormi still involved? If Kylie had a baby with Tyga she would have stayed with him then and she would have never been with Travis so..... Stormi would not have existed.

  121. Jessica Laffin

    Jessica LaffinMonth ago

    They never have original ideas for photo shoots.

  122. Jessica Laffin

    Jessica LaffinMonth ago

    We already know Tyga is jealous.

  123. j Harris

    j HarrisMonth ago

    Hoes gon be hoes, no need to complain😅

  124. EMMAlovedab -roblox and more

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  125. Adrina Barzani

    Adrina BarzaniMonth ago

    I hate tyga

  126. LauanoFaapito SitaGasu

    LauanoFaapito SitaGasuMonth ago

    I often wonder when they say sources close to the celebrity spilled the beans on how the celebrity feels about certain things whether it's an actual source close to the celebrity or just made up gossip.