TWICE "What is Love?" M/V


  1. As 90

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    191M 🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉 Keep streaming ONCEs WIL? 200M fighting!!!💪💪🔥🔥

  2. Momon-san a.k.a. Ainz Ooal Gown

    Momon-san a.k.a. Ainz Ooal Gown3 hours ago

    191m. Sorry can't stream like i stream on TT 😢

  3. Ms Mia

    Ms Mia4 hours ago

    Happy 191M! ♥

  4. Twice 123

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  5. سارة الرفيفى

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  6. In GOD JIHYO name We pray

    In GOD JIHYO name We pray4 hours ago


  7. In GOD JIHYO name We pray

    In GOD JIHYO name We pray4 hours ago

    We should now start focusing to WIL and DTNA fighting!

  8. anne nemenzo

    anne nemenzo4 hours ago

    Can we also focus on their recent mv like this and DTNA

  9. Zynderox

    Zynderox4 hours ago

    Baby dont hurt me

  10. Sara Telecom

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  11. Wilson Rojas

    Wilson Rojas5 hours ago

    #200m 20/09/2018 .190.979.101

  12. Wilson Rojas

    Wilson Rojas5 hours ago

    Go 200 millones 💪

  13. mosca en el ordenador

    mosca en el ordenador5 hours ago

    arriba españa

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  16. 詹友欽 詹友欽

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    現在跟少女時代 不差上下

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  20. 누바Nova

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  21. anju rana

    anju rana6 hours ago

    Once help to got7 song lullaby for win stream

  22. 尚宮清

    尚宮清6 hours ago

    I really love this song.

  23. Sabrina TW.

    Sabrina TW.6 hours ago

    Jeongyeon part makes me lesbian

  24. poppy makridi

    poppy makridi6 hours ago

    I wanna know know know can we reach 200m before Twice's 3rd anniversary?! Please and also 410m on TT?!🙏❤🙏❤

  25. Raymondkm Wong

    Raymondkm Wong6 hours ago

    Dear Once, please keep going to support our girls .... fighting !!!

  26. TheresTwoOsInGoose

    TheresTwoOsInGoose7 hours ago

    Awesome music video, love all the movie references!

  27. Twicedie StanRedVelvet

    Twicedie StanRedVelvet7 hours ago

    What Is love? I donesn't exist and sometimes fake like onces say they love this crappy song

  28. Once Forever

    Once Forever7 hours ago

    Fix your English before you comment retard, anyways thanks for the view 😉

  29. viii zu

    viii zu7 hours ago

    Once pls stream TT!

  30. Riscie

    Riscie7 hours ago

    Stream TT and Cheer up too

  31. the great pretender

    the great pretender7 hours ago

    Oh my G 1:44 Dahyun is a goddess. 😍😍😍

  32. Riscie

    Riscie7 hours ago

    200million views coming 🌸

  33. xiaa zhen

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  34. shruti bhanot

    shruti bhanot7 hours ago

    Indian once here💖

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  36. Do it for them

    Do it for them8 hours ago

    200M and 2m likes Fighting 💪❤

  37. Andrea cho

    Andrea cho8 hours ago

    ★Number of views for 24h★ Don't stop streaming.... for our Queens♥ 18~19/9 =2,868,278(-742,559) 19~20/9 =2,210,203(-721,925) 20~21/9 =2,662,448(+452,305) Kor.9mv 2,145,529(+359,986) Jap.7mv 516,919(+92,319) Come back plz.....

  38. Alicha Yaomaneerat

    Alicha Yaomaneerat8 hours ago

    Next comeback 1. 30M in 1day 2.1M likea in 1day 3.200M in 1month 4.400k comment in 1day

  39. Alicha Yaomaneerat

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  40. romi boy

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  41. romi boy

    romi boy8 hours ago

    soon 200.000.000

  42. romi boy

    romi boy8 hours ago

    upup up

  43. romi boy

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  44. Um Army locão

    Um Army locão8 hours ago

    I WANNA KNOW!! ❤❤❤❤

  45. 김재환

    김재환8 hours ago

    와진짜 사나 존나이쁘다 모모진짜 존나귀엽다 아

  46. Zac

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  47. debby oktavia

    debby oktavia8 hours ago

    Road to 200M

  48. Jihyo IsGod

    Jihyo IsGod8 hours ago

    10M and it's done

  49. Tony Chong

    Tony Chong9 hours ago

    9/20 0.00KST 190,526,838 views 9/21 0.00KST 190,907,625 views Today 380,787 views (+64,120 views) *Please maintain 400K and above!!*

  50. Once _ken

    Once _ken8 hours ago

    Twice Onces fighting 💪🏽💪🏽❤️🍭

  51. Twice Onces

    Twice Onces8 hours ago

    Let's get 200M !

  52. Mina Viterbo

    Mina Viterbo9 hours ago

    2M likes here we comee

  53. Brian Ou

    Brian Ou9 hours ago

    9/20 0.00KST 190,526,838 9/21 0.00KST 190,907,625 Today 380,787 views Stream CHEER UP 300M ASAP Stream WHAT IS LOVE 200M ASAP

  54. Twice Onces

    Twice Onces8 hours ago

    200M let's go yay !

  55. Twice2 Once

    Twice2 Once9 hours ago

    TWICE(트와이스) "What is Love?" 9/20 0000 kst 190,526,838 9/21 0000 kst 190,907,625 *Total* : 380,787 Likes : 1977 Comments : 265

  56. Twice2 Once

    Twice2 Once8 hours ago

    +Twice Onces 🍭😀🍭

  57. Twice Onces

    Twice Onces8 hours ago

    Thankyou 😀

  58. BearKun แบร์กลิลส์

    BearKun แบร์กลิลส์9 hours ago

    ทำไมวงเล็บภาษาไทย ใตรรู้บอกหน่อย

  59. Twice X Once

    Twice X Once9 hours ago

    TWICE - What Is Love 9/20 0.00 KST 🌏 190,528,513 9/21 0.00 KST 🌏 190,908,607 Today *380,094 views* Love TWICE💓💓

  60. Jihyo IsGod

    Jihyo IsGod9 hours ago

    *20/9 0.00KST - 190,526,838* *21/9 0.00KST - 190,907,625* *Today's views - 380,787*

  61. 트와이스 X ONCE

    트와이스 X ONCE9 hours ago

    *TWICE(트와이스) 'What is Love'* 20/9 0.00AM KST 190,526,838 21/9 0.00AM KST 190,907,625 Today views : *380,787* ❤ keep going at 450k a day once's, fighting 💪

  62. Kim Jisoo

    Kim Jisoo9 hours ago

    Thank you for updating, i miss u after TT reach 400m you never appear again *my bad english*

  63. Thanh Nguyen

    Thanh Nguyen9 hours ago

    Việt Nam hãy cho tôi thấy cánh tay của bạn 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

  64. Nayeon Twice

    Nayeon Twice9 hours ago

    Why viewers so slower_-

  65. Kuein

    Kuein4 hours ago

    Nayeon Twice people stopped streaming after TT reached 400m



    Attention Dear ONCE of TWICE Fandom!!! Once's! We have succeed on getting our Nation's Girl Group TWICE First GG 400M On TT!!! We done it with Flying color and Our TWICE will forever mark K-pop first GG to get 400M!!! The real Fight begin after that,Now it's not the time to just celebrate but to keep advancing!!! The world of K-pop doesn't wait and it will left us behind if we stop,So no stopping Once's!!! Our TWICE are counting on our Powerful support and we will not let them down even once!!! So keep on streaming and keep supporting our most beautiful and most talented TWICE!!! TWICE will come back soon and we will Ultra Focus on their next come back! STREAM NOW!!! ONCE! We will always be here for our TWICE and we will forever be Indestructible for TWICE!!!

  67. Arissa Midadina

    Arissa Midadina9 hours ago

    200 Million otw💜

  68. Arissa Midadina

    Arissa Midadina9 hours ago

    My friend don't like kpop but today he was dancing to Sana part with pulp fiction dance😂😂😂 it's make me want to laugh out loud😂😂😂 i think he likes TWICE😄 Power of TWICE so strong💪💜

  69. Fanboy BTS

    Fanboy BTS9 hours ago

    - t 3D ư, ghiền vc 😌

  70. 하늘위하얀거품

    하늘위하얀거품9 hours ago

    서열1위임나연 💞



    190,890,914 views and 1,903,491 Likes! Stream and more streaming Once's!!! We have ton's of great achievement to complete for our beloved TWICE!!!

  72. 댕댕이

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  73. nicoloboo02

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  74. nayeon twice

    nayeon twice10 hours ago

    Twice is my hope

  75. Once _ken

    Once _ken8 hours ago

    nayeon twice metoo❤️❤️🍭

  76. Jester Gan

    Jester Gan10 hours ago

    Stream more on CHEER UP & WHAT IS LOVE this time and dtna ...keep remind other onces to stream these mv more..keep on sharing, keep on promoting & keep on streaming properly

  77. viii zu

    viii zu10 hours ago


  78. twice. onces

    twice. onces10 hours ago

    200M and 2M like soon😍😭

  79. Twice Twice

    Twice Twice11 hours ago

    200M view Fighting

  80. اميرة الاوتاكو الغامديه

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  81. Once Indonesia 3

    Once Indonesia 311 hours ago

    *ATTENTION, FOR ALL ONCE, PLEASE VOTE TWICE IN ASIA ARTIST AWARDS* how to vote: 1. On twitter, search @JYPETWICE 2. Find article about vote twice in AAA or this link: 3. Click links, and you will redirect to asiaartistawards website 4. Change languge (for international once) 5. Login use your SNS (email, kakaotalk, line, naver, twitter and facebook) 6. Accept all rules by checking all box 7. Then you will redirect to main page, click vote/prevote 8. Scroll down, search twice DTNA poster, under poster, clik vote, and you will get pop up voting complete. Every account have 4 chance to vote, but if you find error after 1 vote, please login with different SNS account. fighting!!! *Feel free to ask, and please share about vote twice for AAA award. Use other SNS if you find error login* *please vote, atleast 1 vote. It doesn't matter twice will attend to this award or not, but vote is represent the fandom*

  82. Venice Khyce

    Venice Khyce11 hours ago

    200M IS COMING

  83. Zen Wesker

    Zen Wesker11 hours ago

    Mina looks beautiful as usual

  84. Bang Twice

    Bang Twice11 hours ago

    Wtf The views are so Low in all Twice Mvs wtf Is happening

  85. Prinsess Athar

    Prinsess Athar11 hours ago

    2m like soon🤩🍭

  86. Schattenfell Yuri

    Schattenfell Yuri11 hours ago

    Cheer up to 300M is our next big goal! We have already proven how strong we are with TT, let's make our girls proud again next week!

  87. Schattenfell Yuri

    Schattenfell Yuri11 hours ago

    +BLACKPINK BTS Yeah, they were both doing amazing. So proud of Twice and BLACKPINK!


    BLACKPINK BTS11 hours ago

    Schattenfell Yuri TT had an enormous advance with AIIYL, even though with a 30M gap, blinks achieved to make it only 3M😱 No hate just saying😘

  89. chou tzuyu

    chou tzuyu11 hours ago

    Bt we still should st**m TT otherwise bp surpuss our vi**s

  90. com 333

    com 33311 hours ago

    200M coming soon

  91. Aira Sia

    Aira Sia11 hours ago

    go sana

  92. Aira Sia

    Aira Sia11 hours ago


  93. Caesar corlius

    Caesar corlius12 hours ago





  95. AmyBlake0

    AmyBlake012 hours ago

    i loved all the movies references

  96. Bang Twice

    Bang Twice12 hours ago

    🐰We can have "what is love?" 500m! *{Go once's}* *نقدر نوصل "what is love? " الى 500 مليون مشاهده «يلا ونسز»* 👑

  97. Allixar

    Allixar12 hours ago

    I still wonder WHAT IS LOVE?

  98. Chaennie Jenlisa

    Chaennie Jenlisa12 hours ago

    and like ooh ahh

  99. That Girl

    That Girl12 hours ago


  100. CHOH EN QI

    CHOH EN QI8 hours ago

    TT era

  101. Do it for them

    Do it for them9 hours ago

    Signal era

  102. Once Indonesia 3

    Once Indonesia 311 hours ago

    Cheer up era..

  103. Chaennie Jenlisa

    Chaennie Jenlisa12 hours ago

    don't forget to str3am DTNA and heart shaker too onces

  104. Sekar Utami

    Sekar Utami12 hours ago

    Road to 191M!!!

  105. Zahirah Fitri

    Zahirah Fitri12 hours ago

    ONCE please don't stop str*aming TT. NEXT GOAL IS 500M str*am DTNA WIL CU AND LIKEY TOO

  106. 제영 이

    제영 이12 hours ago

    이 ㅓㅓ33ㅏ

  107. kawaii squishy forever 25

    kawaii squishy forever 2512 hours ago

    Even though we had already reached 400M on tt please include it to your streaming list! We can get that title *THE FIRST GIRLGROUP TO EVER GET 500M!* lets go onnceee!!

  108. Tofu Dubu

    Tofu Dubu12 hours ago


  109. Rogue11

    Rogue1113 hours ago

    1.9M likes! Let's make it 2M! Ask your friends and families!

  110. Endang Mulyono

    Endang Mulyono13 hours ago

    Twice TT 400M✔ Twice Cheer Up 300M❌ Twice Likey 300M✔ Twice What Is Love 200M❌

  111. myrianne valdez

    myrianne valdez13 hours ago

    Guys let's make this MV have 2M likesssss

  112. Zaza Ariani

    Zaza Ariani13 hours ago

    Ayo 2oo view

  113. Kore fighting!!!

    Kore fighting!!!13 hours ago

    TT-400 Million 🔓 ➡️ 450 Million Likey-300 Million 🔓 ➡️ 350 Million Cheer up-300 Million 🔒 Like ohh aah-250 Million 🔓➡️ 300 Million Heart shaker-250 Million 🔒 Knock knock- 200 Million 🔓 ➡️ 250 Million What is love- 200 Million 🔒 Signal-200 Million 🔒 DTNA-150 Million 🔒 FİGHTİNG 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  114. 트와이스 X ONCE

    트와이스 X ONCE13 hours ago

    Hey Once's *_i wanna know_* where are you come from ? 🍭 Me: indonesia

  115. Once Indonesia 3

    Once Indonesia 311 hours ago

    Jawa Timur

  116. Sekar Utami

    Sekar Utami12 hours ago

    Indonesia juga 😃

  117. Zoe Low

    Zoe Low13 hours ago

    ONCE can we try to reach : TT - 401M (0.47M) WIL - 191M (1.67M) I WANT YOU BACK - 21M (0.54M) BE as ONE - 1.5M (0.03M) By TODAY? YES WE CAN FIGHTING ONCE 💪💪