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twenty one pilots: Levitate [Official Video]


  1. Caeley Thompson

    Caeley Thompson3 hours ago

    I’m sorry but we don’t deserve these boys

  2. Mewky

    Mewky3 hours ago

    omg it just gets better the more i listen to it

  3. Bries Harmonies

    Bries Harmonies4 hours ago

    I have seen this so many times but I screamed NO!! When they took Tyler and heart droped

  4. Paula J Boyd

    Paula J Boyd4 hours ago

    Who the fuck pulled tyler

  5. George lucas

    George lucas4 hours ago


  6. lidinets na palochike

    lidinets na palochike4 hours ago

    русская клика?

  7. Elias C

    Elias C4 hours ago

    Son i respect your opinions. Son, twenty one pilots cant rap

  8. I am poop

    I am poop4 hours ago

    Car Radio: I have these thoughts so often I ought to replace that slot with what I once bought. Levitate: I got back what I once bought back in that slot I won’t need to replace. He’s got his car radio back...

  9. 25000 Subscriber With No Videos

    25000 Subscriber With No Videos4 hours ago

    Learn to Levitate with just a little help.

  10. ROTE

    ROTE4 hours ago

    this deserves more views

  11. Ishi Meadows

    Ishi Meadows5 hours ago

    I wonder what there gonna do next?

  12. Mica Saldivar

    Mica Saldivar5 hours ago

    Banditos to bishops "excuse me, could you please leave?"

  13. 1K Subs - No Videos

    1K Subs - No Videos5 hours ago

    The cave they walk out of in this song is the tunnel they were walking throught

  14. hello worlddkdiehdunw

    hello worlddkdiehdunw6 hours ago

    why do i feel some kinda everydaybro vibe in this song

  15. Starless Nights Like This

    Starless Nights Like This6 hours ago

    2:02 Me @ blurryface: LEAVE TYLER ALONE PLEASEE

  16. I Am The Marble

    I Am The Marble6 hours ago

    Tyler’s got some moves

  17. TheVFWrestler

    TheVFWrestler6 hours ago

    I think he channeled Chester when he cut his hair, theory popped in my head once I realized these guys remind me of LP in this video.

  18. Yasmin Smiler

    Yasmin Smiler6 hours ago

    So good

  19. stayalivefrensforme

    stayalivefrensforme7 hours ago

    Blurryface tied a noose around his mind loose enough to breathe fine and tied it damn

  20. Jaiyla Owens

    Jaiyla Owens7 hours ago

    I plan to learn every word

  21. Kara Hill

    Kara Hill7 hours ago

    Why is this so good *panics in emo*

  22. sydni bueche

    sydni bueche7 hours ago

    I love yall so much yall are so amazing Tyler and Josh yall concert that I went to was amazing I will never forget it I love yall so much yall music us amazing and it keeps me going 😚😍😘😗

  23. Patrick Stump's Severed Hand

    Patrick Stump's Severed Hand7 hours ago


  24. Martin Anthonyo

    Martin Anthonyo8 hours ago

    The connection with Car Radio is blatantly obvious. Being the only 2 songs in their discography to only include rap verses

  25. Chris Petersen

    Chris Petersen8 hours ago

    You guys need to realize that most of you love the new sound because you love who they are- like a parent who loves their kid’s crayon drawing because it’s theirs. I love Tyler and Josh too, but let’s be real. Their sound change loses everything that their fans originally liked about their music- it’s not high energy. It’s not catchy. It doesn’t contain the same moments that grab your ears with vulnerable or interesting lyrics. It works as a background track, but absolutely has no power to hold your attention to lyrics like their old material. I understand bands change sound. Twenty One Pilots failed at it.

  26. Bethany Ramos

    Bethany Ramos8 hours ago

    Chris Petersen I disagree.

  27. MaskedEcho

    MaskedEcho8 hours ago

    *emos dance ferociously under bridge*

  28. Aryaman Singh

    Aryaman Singh8 hours ago

    Oh how hard I wish they just ONCE turn up in Delhi , India

  29. LPSBlueKnees

    LPSBlueKnees8 hours ago

    WHY did I not know about this till now???!!!!!!

  30. Isabelle Gonzales

    Isabelle Gonzales8 hours ago

    8yrs of playing the trumpet has really payed off... Tyler really doesn't take a breath during this rap... Now all I have to do is to quit getting tongue tied 😌

  31. A3sthetic

    A3sthetic8 hours ago

    I need help to levitate

  32. Megan Anderson

    Megan Anderson9 hours ago

    Hey I really REALLY REALLY hope you see this. You guys have me fucked up what the hell does this really mean Tyler? And why do I find strange writings of mine and then relate them to you’re band with an numbing quality? Moral of all I’m saying is God Bless this mess. You guys keep the faith strong okay praying about you guys even when I’m just sitting in silence.


    CHUBBY TOMATO9 hours ago

    I know people would disagree but I don’t like this change of sound

  34. harry McAusland

    harry McAusland9 hours ago

    T.O.P is back!

  35. _addictwithaphone _

    _addictwithaphone _9 hours ago

    At 2:11 to 2:13 the guy says order trench or someting like that

  36. Bethany Ramos

    Bethany Ramos7 hours ago

    _addictwithaphone _ :)

  37. Bethany Ramos

    Bethany Ramos7 hours ago

    _addictwithaphone _ I think it's "welcome to Trench".

  38. Jaret Lopez

    Jaret Lopez9 hours ago

    The best rap of the story !!!!!!!!

  39. Pepe Studio

    Pepe Studio9 hours ago


  40. Bella13 16

    Bella13 169 hours ago

    This kinda scares me because they are bring back all of there past songs/memories so what if this is there last album and they are having a grand finale ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh it’s too perfect 👌🏻

  41. Izzie

    Izzie9 hours ago

    TØP releases a new song = me staying up all night learning every word

  42. Izzie

    Izzie9 hours ago

    Glad to see that Frank let them out of his closet

  43. jj jw

    jj jw9 hours ago

    I love the band but I can't understand a lot of their music I try but can't I do love it but can't understand it only a few speak to me and this song was one I can only understand a little bit.

  44. Spilt Soul

    Spilt Soul10 hours ago

    I believe i can flyyyyy I'll show myself out

  45. Eloin Concepcion

    Eloin Concepcion10 hours ago

    THEY CORRECTED THE LYRICS IN THE DESCRIPTION IT’S “SMIRKING AT FRESH BLOOD” not “FIRST” I’ve been rapping the wrong lyrics this whole time aaahhh

  46. Cathy Kohlhagen

    Cathy Kohlhagen10 hours ago

    I am a huge fan omg love new song my fav song by you is ride

  47. Mystic Nighthawk

    Mystic Nighthawk10 hours ago

    I'm addicted to the time changes

  48. Pupe Escobar

    Pupe Escobar10 hours ago

    is it weird that i can rap this easily but not the small part in nico and the niners?

  49. Lilahu

    Lilahu10 hours ago

    Moral of the MV: *tyler joins a cult*

  50. The Phoenix and Captain Clayton

    The Phoenix and Captain Clayton11 hours ago

    Good rap but I don't really like this song that much

  51. aestheticoo

    aestheticoo11 hours ago

    tired of people not knowing who clancy is and dmaorg/dema :(

  52. Shifa Raza

    Shifa Raza11 hours ago

    U HAVE ME HOOKED!!! I really wish u break free from what ever is trying to hold u down. The album songs are so good its blowing my mind. All of them. the music videos are next level. And i see ur despair in them..times like these wish i could do something.

  53. Francisco Mendoza

    Francisco Mendoza11 hours ago

    So if you have blurryface vinyl on "not today" if you read it it says drums and vocal by Josh dun. Some of you might already know I just wanted to share

  54. Mega Infernape Lord 2004

    Mega Infernape Lord 200412 hours ago


  55. Mega Infernape Lord 2004

    Mega Infernape Lord 200412 hours ago



    DESTINY SCROGGS12 hours ago

    Can anyone else rap the whole song

  57. Çayan Temel

    Çayan Temel12 hours ago

    İşte Klip amına koyim

  58. Ghazy Sp

    Ghazy Sp12 hours ago


  59. nathan cabano

    nathan cabano12 hours ago

    did anyone notice the 2 weird guys at 2:06- 2:12? "welcome to trench." ?????????????????????

  60. cake dose random stuff

    cake dose random stuff12 hours ago

    I'm kinda sad twenty one pilots changed their sound i like the songs but yeah still really good but i don't like rap to much but this rap is actually pretty good

  61. Nahuel Maldonado

    Nahuel Maldonado12 hours ago

    *W E L C O M E T O T R E N C H*

  62. Mathias Robinson

    Mathias Robinson13 hours ago

    Permitanme extrañar el amor en las instrumentales...

  63. pamela Fitz

    pamela Fitz13 hours ago

    I’m going to the tour

  64. pamela Fitz

    pamela Fitz13 hours ago

    I love you guys

  65. kieratea

    kieratea13 hours ago

    this is literally the only song i am not going to be able to sing at the show because I CAN'T KEEP UP it's so GOOD

  66. Aryam M

    Aryam M13 hours ago

    Well the hair was good while it lasted

  67. FueledWithMemez

    FueledWithMemez13 hours ago

    we need tyler to wear a yellow beanie now

  68. 사랑너의 마지막

    사랑너의 마지막13 hours ago

    I think I'm in love .. omg

  69. PanaSaurusCa.m

    PanaSaurusCa.m13 hours ago

    Starts crying because you learn the lyrics

  70. TwentyOneFunkoPops YT

    TwentyOneFunkoPops YT13 hours ago

    If you are practicing the song this is where he starts singing 0:19

  71. PanaSaurusCa.m

    PanaSaurusCa.m13 hours ago

    I love thiss soonnngvg

  72. sargento emma

    sargento emma13 hours ago

    El regreso de un dios

  73. Queen Aysha

    Queen Aysha13 hours ago

    soooooo gooood

  74. Pineapple Pizza

    Pineapple Pizza13 hours ago

    P!ATD: Yeah we got a story across three songs what you gonna do now Top: *finishing putting together a story that is across two albums* What did you say?

  75. Cry Baby

    Cry Baby14 hours ago


  76. Ruby Keeling

    Ruby Keeling14 hours ago

    Has anyone noticed the 3 songs they've released have been linked. Am I the only who has noticed. If you think about it, maybe they coppied P! ATD

  77. Space Bound

    Space Bound14 hours ago

    jewcantfoolme this ain't tyler in this or Jumpsuit, head is too big dudes and nose is too broad.

  78. Skeletøn Army

    Skeletøn Army14 hours ago

    0:20 PELÓN PELÓN PELÓN :v xdxd

  79. Jenaro Soto Martinez

    Jenaro Soto Martinez14 hours ago


  80. Jenaro Soto Martinez

    Jenaro Soto Martinez14 hours ago


  81. Frank Lero

    Frank Lero14 hours ago

    l e g e n d s

  82. Gabriel Lemos

    Gabriel Lemos15 hours ago

    I love it

  83. Hatsune Miku Fan

    Hatsune Miku Fan15 hours ago

    I didn't like jumpsuit but this is really good

  84. Super Deized

    Super Deized15 hours ago

    Siento que algo le falta.

  85. Story Time Covers

    Story Time Covers15 hours ago

    I know the whole song ha

  86. ChArLiE tHe KiLlEr

    ChArLiE tHe KiLlEr15 hours ago

    *hOlD mY sHiT iMmA gO bUy SoMe yElLoW dUcT tApE*

  87. Cat Crazy:P

    Cat Crazy:P15 hours ago


  88. Fadwa Tawfik

    Fadwa Tawfik15 hours ago

    Tyler is such a good rapper! He taught me how to freestyle rap, and rap fast. Hopefully Josh will rap soon too!

  89. Jayden Paul

    Jayden Paul15 hours ago

    Help me bowl of rice

  90. Jojo Fulton

    Jojo Fulton15 hours ago

    RIP Twenty One Pilots l-/

  91. XxItsTheCocoShowxX

    XxItsTheCocoShowxX15 hours ago

    I just wanted to tell you last night i had a drem where i went to one of concerts and meet you guys... i cried when i woke up....

  92. Kest Kostya

    Kest Kostya15 hours ago


  93. David Cuervø

    David Cuervø16 hours ago

    I love it *-*

  94. Toasty Fire

    Toasty Fire16 hours ago


  95. Toasty Fire

    Toasty Fire16 hours ago


  96. Windows 10

    Windows 1016 hours ago

    how tf was it gonna take me a whole month to find out they came back? this shouldve been talked about about should it not? well now we know the hiatus was to grow back the hair, but what about the yellow aesthetic change? the red dudes? and the old stuff brought back like the handshake and shaving the hair? fucking hell i need help

  97. Windows 10

    Windows 1016 hours ago

    am i edgy enough

  98. Aesthetic s

    Aesthetic s16 hours ago

    2:01 Yeet

  99. BuckyBarnes WinterSoldier

    BuckyBarnes WinterSoldier16 hours ago

    Oh man here I am just listening to this for the 100th time

  100. Pines 1

    Pines 116 hours ago

    w o w

  101. RobloxGamer Kurz

    RobloxGamer Kurz16 hours ago

    I've learnt how to levitate above my feet wdym that's no physics,anyways, keep it up this is lit!! Hope you see this, you are a good person. You may sometimes look like your a scary person but reality you are generous and loyal.

  102. Tomato Towers

    Tomato Towers16 hours ago


  103. Jordan Reynolds

    Jordan Reynolds17 hours ago

    Josh’s drumming in this is fantastic

  104. NatesShyVids 47

    NatesShyVids 4717 hours ago

    Why do they look like the rooks from assassins creed syndicate tho