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twenty one pilots: Jumpsuit [Official Video]


  1. Nick Miranda

    Nick Miranda3 hours ago

    So rn I’m drunk and high and I think Jump suit is about you getting addicted to something so much and you follow the road to the addiction/death and then ones you realize you have a problem then you start needing a jumpsuit to protect you so the you try to get away from all that but this is about a person who couldn’t escape so he got caught and died since he didn’t have the protection(jumpsuit) he needed and at the end in a alternate reality when he put on his jacket(showing that he’s grown past addiction) and showing that he’s better than all the bad that his addiction can cause

  2. Axel Chacon

    Axel Chacon4 hours ago

    1:27 dmaorg. info/found/15398642_14/clamcy. html

  3. Axel Chacon

    Axel Chacon4 hours ago

    And 2:34

  4. Razza Waheed

    Razza Waheed4 hours ago

    Trash song. I curse my friend that linked me to this absolute garbage.

  5. Automaton 1

    Automaton 16 hours ago

    Yellow. Love it.

  6. lorena Corsa

    lorena Corsa6 hours ago

    Virgil guiding Dante. That's what I see. Intense video.

  7. Kaylin Marcozzi

    Kaylin Marcozzi8 hours ago

    4:57 is my fav partt

  8. CastleRed Tutos

    CastleRed Tutos9 hours ago


  9. Stuff Gaming and Tons more

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  10. Stuff Gaming and Tons more

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  11. Stuff Gaming and Tons more

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  12. Awkward 05105

    Awkward 051059 hours ago


  13. Christian Peceros Becerra

    Christian Peceros Becerra9 hours ago

    Escucho esto y mi corazón se pone feliz ..!!!!!

  14. Haven Vlogs

    Haven Vlogs9 hours ago

    3:40 ... you know where this is starting to go

  15. FuegosTheKid

    FuegosTheKid11 hours ago

    Am I the only one that doesn't get any bit of this video?

  16. blubye cal•

    blubye cal•11 hours ago


  17. Lya :3

    Lya :311 hours ago

    3:45 -- 4:00

  18. Boedker89 71

    Boedker89 7112 hours ago

    So glad it's on the NHL 19 soundtrack!!

  19. krychowski

    krychowski12 hours ago

    Guys, video? 4 What is this dude on the hors. All those are awefull. One thingt. Guy on the fireing car! That enough. Its rulez! Rest to gtfu. But song? I listening it every day. 3 - 4 h. GL U do very good sounds!

  20. hunterofmya

    hunterofmya12 hours ago

    Guys I found Tyler Joseph on ps4 his user is BathTimeTyler

  21. Мария Филиппова

    Мария Филиппова12 hours ago


  22. Мария Филиппова

    Мария Филиппова12 hours ago

    Time to wake up

  23. Yeemo Faze

    Yeemo Faze13 hours ago

    Dude, have you seen my towel?

  24. Bethany

    Bethany13 hours ago


  25. Andie Ricciutti

    Andie Ricciutti14 hours ago


  26. Rebollarcitaa 😃

    Rebollarcitaa 😃15 hours ago


  27. Winny732

    Winny73215 hours ago

    What a great band!!

  28. Alisson Ramirez

    Alisson Ramirez15 hours ago

    Let's all agree on one thing they should take the dislike button away ❤❤❤❤

  29. Ultimateone28

    Ultimateone2817 hours ago

    Before: All my friends are heavens take it slow... Now: *JUMPSUIT, JUMPSUIT COVER MEEEEHHHHHHH*

  30. joshua quiroz

    joshua quiroz13 hours ago

    +Ultimateone28 True fans love all songs with all their heart with a tear

  31. Ultimateone28

    Ultimateone2813 hours ago

    joshua quiroz just because I like when he screams it doesn't mean I'm a fake fan?

  32. joshua quiroz

    joshua quiroz14 hours ago

    Fake fans

  33. К а р т о ш к а

    К а р т о ш к а17 hours ago

    Лол, где русские?

  34. Ekaterina Zikun

    Ekaterina Zikun18 hours ago

    Кто эти 26 К, кому не нравится эта песня???

  35. ¡Reiyel Dazt!!

    ¡Reiyel Dazt!!19 hours ago



    MACHO ESCROTO19 hours ago


  37. Josue Salas

    Josue Salas19 hours ago

    Someone is crying with this?

  38. ToStandAlone1

    ToStandAlone120 hours ago

    Am I the only one that wants to buy there trench coats

  39. Faith berger

    Faith berger20 hours ago

    my sister play this on her phone i'm so glad that she did she is not really a fan but when she played it I was so happy I instantly felt all my anxiety gone.

  40. Desilynn McKosato

    Desilynn McKosato20 hours ago

    Every time I come to the comment section of this video, I see all of the comments that past me liked.

  41. kev yazzie

    kev yazzie21 hour ago

    FRC Jumpsuit?..

  42. Full Water Gaming

    Full Water Gaming21 hour ago

    Just realized that jumpsuit is 1st and Levitate was 2nd instead of Nico and the niners being second

  43. Citrine

    Citrine22 hours ago

    This song is great! I can’t wait for the concert on November, 6.

  44. Bubbleca

    Bubbleca22 hours ago

    Perfect. Who's agree ?

  45. iiMYS007

    iiMYS00723 hours ago

    1.25x :)

  46. #front line

    #front lineDay ago

    -welcome to trench-

  47. Emily Miles

    Emily MilesDay ago


  48. Triều Uyên Trương

    Triều Uyên TrươngDay ago

    3:50 : That's how you run sml from deadline

  49. You Too

    You TooDay ago

    Песня про Джамшута👤

  50. doriane delanghe

    doriane delangheDay ago

    Tanks you

  51. Dan

    DanDay ago

    Why does Nico look like Creed.

  52. Norma Tancošova NT

    Norma Tancošova NTDay ago

    Legend SONG 🌹🌹🌹🌹☀☀☀☀

  53. Norma Tancošova NT

    Norma Tancošova NTDay ago


  54. Karina Bruce

    Karina Bruce18 hours ago

    why? Why did this make me laugh? can an intellectual explain to me why?

  55. Mr. MixaSick

    Mr. MixaSickDay ago

    я тут один рус?

  56. Chez aj

    Chez ajDay ago

    Me: "I heard from a few people that these songs are different..." Tyler: *SCREAMS* Me: "Nope, same old Tyler."

  57. Давид Кварцхава

    Давид КварцхаваDay ago

    Джамшут каверни. АЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗАЗА

  58. Oliver Vesely

    Oliver VeselyDay ago

    Dont mind me im selling replays 0:23 0:23 0:23 Cost IS one like

  59. Andriy Sheva

    Andriy ShevaDay ago

    He reminds me of Chester Bennington

  60. Jigyasa Sharma

    Jigyasa SharmaDay ago

    I wonder what the is the significance of the black painted neck?

  61. Mauricio Pesch

    Mauricio PeschDay ago

    the best song of the world

  62. Agustin Bv

    Agustin BvDay ago

    Awefooo :v

  63. wyatt grisham

    wyatt grishamDay ago


  64. Strooburry

    StrooburryDay ago

    Tyler: We were here the whole time. Me: Ok home boi that's dope but- Tyler: You were asleep. Me: Yeah. I WAS asleep. Tyler: Time to wake up. Me: YOU'RE NOT MY MOM TYLER. *car sets on fire for no reason* Me: Ok I'm awake now thanks for the wake up call.

  65. vikaz rizuono

    vikaz rizuonoDay ago

    Best ever!!!

  66. ColdTea

    ColdTeaDay ago

    why this sounds like Invasor must die?

  67. logan land

    logan landDay ago

    I love your songs

  68. pànîc àt thè møøn

    pànîc àt thè møønDay ago

    Am I the only one who was speechless and sobbing after watching this

  69. pànîc àt thè møøn

    pànîc àt thè møønDay ago

    Already been 2 months? Crazy

  70. MotoCob

    MotoCobDay ago

    Soo powerful.. to watch and try to understand all the videos leading up to this.. and what comes next. Like his life story and we cant get enough..

  71. Nahiara Acuña

    Nahiara AcuñaDay ago


  72. Fernando Infantes

    Fernando InfantesDay ago


  73. Cherry Rose

    Cherry RoseDay ago

    3:17 why they did not use banana skin

  74. charity smith

    charity smithDay ago

    I too send positive energy to everyone, except the 22k people who disliked this song, yeah they can go jump off a microwave and suck a dirty paint brush

  75. Jessie Pittman

    Jessie PittmanDay ago

    Absolutely love Twenty One Pilots

  76. poo bum

    poo bumDay ago

    the boys have a busy schedule - be there !!

  77. Miguel Paloma

    Miguel PalomaDay ago

    in espanish plis

  78. Gamer Pug

    Gamer PugDay ago

    Another great song from twenty one pilots :3

  79. Phillippa Price

    Phillippa PriceDay ago

    i am good i dont need any one x

  80. Phillippa Price

    Phillippa PriceDay ago

    its got u bbe , jump xxxxxxx peace xxxxxxx

  81. Arianna Williams

    Arianna WilliamsDay ago

    Tyler screaming is my asmr

  82. martin cpillin

    martin cpillinDay ago

    puto el que lo lea jaja

  83. Adrian Pallamar

    Adrian PallamarDay ago

    who the fck is the red dress?

  84. II Solja II FTW

    II Solja II FTWDay ago

    Mad as song and i dont even like rock and roll

  85. Sarah Smart

    Sarah SmartDay ago

    Just watched a thing where people were slagging off trench and TØP in general. Fancied listening to them just to prove the stupid people wrong (and because I love them too)

  86. Alejandro Gilgado López

    Alejandro Gilgado LópezDay ago

    anyone recognice this sleep - dragonaut rift copy?

  87. ims

    imsDay ago

    what if trench was the prequel to blurryface?? just a hunch trench was the first time he experience that "Thing" that is why blurryface is coming right at him in the jumpsuit. That is why he is in a "TRENCH" literally and those people in the mountains are, let's say his friends or people that has been in the trench before. That is why there is flashes of heavydirtysoul clip in the video where in tyler/clancy is also singing the jumpsuit song and clancy is still there, blurryface didn't fully corrupt clancy yet maybe that's why he still has the jacket. idk everything has a symbol when it's a twenty one pilots MV. and also YELLOW means hope and happiness, positivity and optimism but on the other, it represents cowardice and deceit a dull or dingy yellow may represent caution, sickness.

  88. dunbelievewhatsonTV

    dunbelievewhatsonTVDay ago

    Awww 😢 I love you guys so much. Please come to Las Vegas 😂 thank you for always being with me, aw, I'll always be with you guys too 😭❤

  89. Fashizzlesticks

    FashizzlesticksDay ago

    I’m new to this band. What’s the other guy in the band do?

  90. annabelle is a bit strange

    annabelle is a bit strangeDay ago

    Fashizzlesticks drums

  91. BlackPink blink

    BlackPink blinkDay ago

    *M A N V S W I L D*

  92. Rachelle Barrett

    Rachelle BarrettDay ago


  93. TRAPPER Meat

    TRAPPER MeatDay ago

    Car in Heavydirtysoul

  94. 19 AVRIXX

    19 AVRIXX2 days ago

    Cover me I can't believe how much I hate Pressures of a new place roll my way Jumpsuit, jumpsuit, cover me Jumpsuit, jumpsuit, cover me I crumble underneath the weight Pressures of a new place roll my way Jumpsuit, jumpsuit, cover me Jumpsuit, jumpsuit, cover me Spirits in my room, friend or foe? Felt it in my youth, feel it when I'm old Jumpsuit, jumpsuit (cover me) Dusting off my jumpsuit, cover me I can't believe how much I hate Pressures of a new place roll my way Jumpsuit, jumpsuit, cover me Jumpsuit, jumpsuit, cover me I'll be right there But you'll have to grab my throat and lift me in the air If you need anyone, I'll stop my plans But you'll have to tie me down and then break both my hands If you need anyone I'll be right there But you'll have to grab my throat and lift me in the air (If you need anyone) If you need anyone (if you need anyone) If you need anyone (if you need anyone) If you need anyone (If you need anyone) I can't believe how much I hate Pressures of a new place roll my way Jumpsuit, jumpsuit, cover me Oh, jumpsuit, jumpsuit, cover me, oh Jumpsuit, jumpsuit, cover me Jumpsuit, jumpsuit, cover me

  95. BennyGGaming

    BennyGGaming2 days ago

    📂Documents └📁Music └📁 Twenty One Pilots └📁 Bad Songs └⚠️ This folder is empty

  96. Iwona Karmowska

    Iwona Karmowska2 days ago

    Time to wake up

  97. jb barcelon

    jb barcelon2 days ago

    I thought Josh and Tyler broke up their duo, oooooI was dead wrong

  98. Beth Devoy

    Beth Devoy2 days ago

    My heart is so happy

  99. Guadalupe Gonzalez

    Guadalupe Gonzalez2 days ago


  100. Steven Kings

    Steven Kings2 days ago


  101. Dead Betty

    Dead Betty2 days ago

    This nico dude is so aesthetically pleasing

  102. happybeejv

    happybeejv2 days ago

    this song sounds like a hybrid of every style of music people listen to stoned

  103. spittingnova 1569

    spittingnova 15692 days ago

    Tyler: Ive been here the whole time, you were asleep. It's time to wake up. Me: FIVE MORE MINUTESSS

  104. joseph derp

    joseph derp2 days ago

    Tyler should have been quite while running away

  105. joseph derp

    joseph derp2 days ago

    Don't little red Riding hoods shoes look like socks and sandals

  106. imbencowan

    imbencowan2 days ago

    it's that damn car again

  107. We arebears

    We arebears2 days ago

    jumpsuit lift me,levitate me,jumpsuit give me likes.