1. Molly Burke

    Molly Burke5 months ago

    What's your favourite colour? :)

  2. Xx_ Glitterunicorn17 _xX

    Xx_ Glitterunicorn17 _xX3 months ago


  3. Wolfie Ally

    Wolfie Ally4 months ago

    Blue and purple

  4. Faith Barnez

    Faith Barnez4 months ago

    Molly Burke light purple and mint green

  5. Arwa Javaid

    Arwa Javaid4 months ago

    Molly Burke mine is lavender

  6. Michelle Palazzolo

    Michelle Palazzolo5 months ago

    Bright Green 💚💚

  7. Mummy14 Heard

    Mummy14 Heard25 minutes ago

    Light red would be saturated somewhat I guess.

  8. Coolkat321 Aj

    Coolkat321 Aj12 hours ago

    Did she just say red orange yellow blue green indigo violet

  9. Celine Sarhan

    Celine Sarhan15 hours ago

    Gabbie: Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green Me: Wait...... What?

  10. Raina Cheney

    Raina Cheney16 hours ago

    She's amazing

  11. Ell Kaname

    Ell KanameDay ago

    Am I the only one who can see the blue?

  12. Julia Sovern

    Julia SovernDay ago

    The sun is actually white

  13. Kallie Johnstone

    Kallie JohnstoneDay ago

    Can I ask you something is it true that you can get eye surgery so you can see if you can I hope you get it ❤️

  14. YouTube Lover

    YouTube LoverDay ago

    It isn't purple!!! Do you know the R.O.Y.G.B.I.V RULE? E R E R L N I D A L E U DO N L E E I L G O N G E E W O T Red,Orange,Yellow,Green,Blue,Indigo,Violet

  15. L Tolbert

    L TolbertDay ago

    Omg, i pictured gabbie as yellow too. I also picture molly as dark blue and maybe green.

  16. Mama Maya

    Mama MayaDay ago

    Gabby is right it’s maive

  17. faacius -

    faacius -Day ago

    is she really blind ?

  18. Lina Weisenberger

    Lina Weisenberger2 days ago

    You kinda explained it wrong.. You can't mix a real pinky pink. Like the pink on her sweater. It's primary color. Like yellow and Cyan. You can mix a blue. But not a pink.

  19. Lina Weisenberger

    Lina Weisenberger2 days ago

    btw the strong pink is actually called magenta

  20. Lina Weisenberger

    Lina Weisenberger2 days ago

    and orange is the warmest color. And the sun's color is a warm white

  21. Cai Yam Kuang

    Cai Yam Kuang2 days ago

    I wonder can you see colors in your dreams?

  22. Cai Yam Kuang

    Cai Yam Kuang2 days ago

    Hi molly

  23. Catatruceion AG

    Catatruceion AG2 days ago

    Molly is right it's "mauve"

  24. Elissa O’Regan

    Elissa O’Regan2 days ago

    WIt Gabbie I thought the rainbow was red-orange-yellow-green-blue-indigo-violet?

  25. wut'sit2yuh huh?

    wut'sit2yuh huh?2 days ago

    Roy g biv

  26. Liam Joy

    Liam Joy2 days ago

    I would love to see a behind the scenes video of her editing her videos. i know she talks about her editor but like i'd love to see their interactions and what not

  27. Mia Anderson

    Mia Anderson3 days ago

    I’m sad she can’t read the chat

  28. Maddie Slocum

    Maddie Slocum3 days ago

    She should have described the yellow & orange as saturated colors, i feel like that would be effective. Other than that, Great 👍!

  29. Jessie_Queen 06

    Jessie_Queen 063 days ago

    My favorite color is TEAL!!!

  30. Jessie_Queen 06

    Jessie_Queen 063 days ago

    Molly is saying mauve right look it up! 👍 (No Hate!)❤

  31. Beginner Gymnastics

    Beginner Gymnastics4 days ago

    How I'll do it.... Me: so it's very.... Reddy??? Her: what does that look like? Me: it's kinda pink....??? Her: ????? Me: I GIVE UP!!!!

  32. Alison Waters

    Alison Waters4 days ago

    Molly is so pretty wth

  33. Mcr lover

    Mcr lover4 days ago

    Did anyone catch her say red Orange yellow BLUE GREEN inigo violet its green blue

  34. Breanna Ashcraft

    Breanna Ashcraft5 days ago

    Mine would be a definite purple and blue.♥

  35. Frida J0_

    Frida J0_6 days ago

    My favorite color is pastel pink and blue. I love these colors because they are peaceful. These colors aren't loud and crazy, they are more calm down and light and airy. That's why I like pastel pink and blue.

  36. here2watch08

    here2watch086 days ago

    I feel like if I could break down all the shades of colors, I would say imagine there is complete bright white absence of color at one end of a single color's spectrum, and complete dark black at the other. In between that is the color and every single amount lighter and closer to turning white, and every single amount darker and closer to turning to black. Then each color can combine with any other color as well as any shade of any other color. So you can make an infinite amount of colors by its shade, as well as its undertone ie color that is combined with it that you notice peeking through. So say for example you have a bright, fresh, grassy green that is more light than dark but isn't so bright that it's neon or hot; the exact one in the video. Then you take a mid-tone blue, not as deep, on the darker end or saturated as a royal blue that you would see in velvet, but a more cheerful slightly brighter blue. You add that green and that blue together and that's what creates a rich teal that is on the light end but not super light, pastely. It makes us think of the ocean, or seaweed, fish scales, or mermaid tails. I feel like that is the best way I could explain how shades work to a blind person.

  37. Phoebe Allbright

    Phoebe Allbright7 days ago


  38. ginger spark

    ginger spark7 days ago

    Gabbie said “ red, orange,yellow,blue,green,indigo and violet” But it’s actually “red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet” I’m not hating just saying

  39. HoustonAstros l 13

    HoustonAstros l 1310 days ago

    My name is Gabi

  40. Bffs Furst

    Bffs Furst10 days ago

    Do you just see black what do u see norhing

  41. horses and Conor Maynard are life

    horses and Conor Maynard are life10 days ago

    I didn't realize how hard this would be until I was like 'its like a banana' or things like that and I was like, wait....

  42. Isabella Mack

    Isabella Mack10 days ago

    “The rainbow goes Res orange yellow blue green purple” 😂 and “there’s no orange as she’s touching the orange” 😂 ily gab


    TËDDŸ BËÆR10 days ago

    *dont like this* . 👇

  44. Ryan The Mudkip Trainer

    Ryan The Mudkip Trainer11 days ago

    Watching this again and realizing Gabbie said the rainbow wrong mega Oof :’)

  45. Aliyah Gutierrez

    Aliyah Gutierrez11 days ago

    Does someone know where to get that sweater Molly has on

  46. Henna Munoz

    Henna Munoz11 days ago

    Wait so can you see just a bit?

  47. Emilia

    Emilia11 days ago

    If I met a blind person I'd still look into their eyes while talking because I'm so used to dojng that 😂😁

  48. Ajša Bezdrob

    Ajša Bezdrob11 days ago

    R u color blind or just blind

  49. Athenas Nova

    Athenas Nova11 days ago

    I’m confused. She can see but can’t ...... ugh

  50. Riley Bauman

    Riley Bauman11 days ago

    Gabbie sucks

  51. Mykaela Paradis

    Mykaela Paradis12 days ago

    I have a book called "hailstones and halibut bones" that's a poetry book about color. Each one is titled "what is...?" And the poem will be about the color but it's things like "pink is a newborn baby's laugh" "Brown is the warm earth" and stuff like that. I think you would like that book.

  52. Kynnison Ihw

    Kynnison Ihw12 days ago


  53. sh_e_r_yl wow

    sh_e_r_yl wow12 days ago

    okay. i‘m new here. i already love her. but i still don‘t get on what level of blindness she is. or how she got blind...... i love her attitude and her style❤️🤗

  54. carys jenkins

    carys jenkins12 days ago

    Molly says mauve right!!

  55. Isabel Craine

    Isabel Craine12 days ago

    4:29 she said red orange yellow BLUE GREEN indigo violet!!! 🙂

  56. mochiloki

    mochiloki14 days ago

    One of your arms does look like bi pride though! :D

  57. mochiloki

    mochiloki14 days ago

    When I started the video, I was reminded of the one time that my Science class spent the whole lesson debating how to pronounce ‘mauve’.

  58. William St. Claire

    William St. Claire14 days ago

    Black 0;

  59. llamagamer 321

    llamagamer 32114 days ago

    Did anyone catch that Gabbie said the order of the rainbow wrong. She said... RED. ORANGE. YELLOW. BLUE. GREEN. INDIGO. VIOLIT. It's RED. ORANGE. YELLOW. GREEN. BLUE .PURPLE.

  60. Lps sugar daimonds fan 18

    Lps sugar daimonds fan 1814 days ago

    Someday I pray you do a video first blind go to a doctor and film when you open your eyes you see as clear as a window (a clean water window) I really wish you will be able to see one day

  61. kayleethecatlover kittylol

    kayleethecatlover kittylol14 days ago


  62. Robin

    Robin15 days ago

    Hey Molly! I have something called Synesthesia (overlapping of the senses) which indicates that I for example see numbers or letters in colors. I think it’d be awesome if you have a Synesthetic describe color to you, since most of them can describe it in the other senses. Much love, Robin :)

  63. Robin

    Robin15 days ago

    There are also people that for example see sounds in colors or even hear smells. It’s endless!

  64. Thinac Shanks

    Thinac Shanks16 days ago

    Ok but theres two pinks a red pink which is more “soft” and the pink on your shirt is more hot which is more purple toned

  65. Abbie Clark

    Abbie Clark16 days ago

    The sun is not yellow it is white but appears yellow and orange

  66. slimeyroses

    slimeyroses17 days ago

    I loved this aha you did a great job describing

  67. K&F Kenn

    K&F Kenn17 days ago

    "i look fourteen, but i'm an adult boss, people!" that is the story of my life.

  68. Alia Fan Club ‘

    Alia Fan Club ‘17 days ago

    R u blind

  69. Silver • Calix

    Silver • Calix17 days ago

    is Molly really blind???

  70. Harriet Törnqvist

    Harriet Törnqvist17 days ago

    I absolutely love Molly’s jumper and would love a single item of clothing displaying that many colours! Where is it from?!

  71. susturs for life

    susturs for life18 days ago

    Rainbow does have pink in it

  72. elmaS

    elmaS18 days ago

    Is she really blind?

  73. Marcel Halat

    Marcel Halat19 days ago

    how does she look into the lens ?

  74. Breanna Ashcraft

    Breanna Ashcraft5 days ago

    The light.

  75. Aleah Little

    Aleah Little20 days ago


  76. Caroline. Ditty

    Caroline. Ditty20 days ago


  77. Alexis Potter

    Alexis Potter21 day ago

    red orange yellow blue green indigo violet!😂

  78. Ella Cortese

    Ella Cortese22 days ago

    Red orange yellow blue indigo violet. Green?

  79. Carley Morse

    Carley Morse22 days ago

    How do u drive when you’re blind

  80. Atne

    Atne22 days ago

    The sun is white

  81. Sophie Tremblay

    Sophie Tremblay23 days ago

    The way you say mauve in the beginning of the video sounds exactly like we say it in french in Quebec!

  82. Ciara Scott

    Ciara Scott24 days ago

    lmao anyone else notice this Gabbie: "cause rainbow is red orange yellow blue green indigo violet." Ummmmm I think you mean red orange yellow GREEN BLUE indigo violet

  83. Olivia Chapman

    Olivia Chapman24 days ago

    isnt in red orange yellow green blue purple not red orange yellow blue green purple?

  84. x Little cuties life x

    x Little cuties life x24 days ago

    Not hate at all just wondering how do u read and type comments I find it interesting and i just wanna know

  85. Sans Overlord

    Sans Overlord24 days ago

    Hay Molly I think you are so cool and I love your videos and gallop is very good at what he does 🐕 U

  86. Amp

    Amp25 days ago

    Wait if she wasn’t always blind hasn’t she already seen things? Like color?

  87. Amp

    Amp25 days ago

    But I thought she already loves colors and patterns and decorating. Even though she’s blind and I don’t understand it lol

  88. PIXEL__

    PIXEL__25 days ago

    Video starts at 12:22

  89. lil DIYgamer

    lil DIYgamer26 days ago

    this was so interesting to watch!! Plus I have a few thing to say even though this us months later. So first of all she said the rainbow in the wrong order lol, it's red, orange, yellow, grenn, bluw, purple. Then green is a cool tone, I learned that in art class so nobody come at me please....Then again she said red has the most shades but green actually does. Green has the most variations in shades, which is why the use it for night vision goggles. (in night vision goggles all you see are different shades of green.) I know you won't see this but thought in would say it anyways!!!

  90. Min S

    Min S26 days ago


  91. Reeyo M

    Reeyo M27 days ago

    Molly you're so cute omg💜💖

  92. Snake 27

    Snake 2729 days ago

    Okay I see that ´green´ on the shirt as kind of an off turquoise or "aqua" something..oh but it could also just be a really dark mint. Also, most of the time I see the sun as white, definitely bright and just a flashy intensity. When it´s setting or rising it can be orange or yellow-y but mostly it´s white during the day X) and the moon is grey-ish. Color is ..really hard to describe and anyone you ask has a different opinion and sees or associates it individually in so many ways. Most of the time I also find that other people can´t tell apart some nuances like I do. I try to explain to someone how a black shirt has a green undertone and they can´t tell. Or I tell them the warm yellow of a bee is different from the sharp yellow of a wasp and they can´t tell them apart. Even the sound they make, a bee´s hum is a pretty soothing sound and a wasp sounds more precise,aggressive and with a more decisive way of buzzing. The was sounds like it´s pierces it´s way through the air while the bee sounds like it´s skipping happily about. Mostly though, some people don´t pay much attention or mind to these things at all, they just walk through their life and disregard the importance of color, subtle nuances and different meanings and associations of things. It´s really interesting that you care so much for the color you are wearing to express yourself even if you can´t tell what it is. There are many studies saying that the color you wear does affect you, your mood and other people´s perception of you, overall just your impact and presence in the world. Would be so fun to try at describing colors to you too.

  93. _ _

    _ _29 days ago

    Can you do a video on favourite things about being blind? I think it would be really cool

  94. Hunter Kennedy

    Hunter KennedyMonth ago

    She mentioned perrywinkle. Bruh im sighted yet I can't picture perrywinkle 😂

  95. sister

    sisterMonth ago

    the sun is red it’s a star it’s literally fire

  96. Anisa Cowan

    Anisa CowanMonth ago

    umm... Molly pronounced mauve right by the way

  97. Nevaeh Longwith

    Nevaeh LongwithMonth ago

    Question is it that you can not see color or you can not see anything luv u molly❤️️❤️️

  98. Nevaeh Longwith

    Nevaeh LongwithMonth ago

    I love you molly and if I knew you and you needed something I would help you

  99. Tiara De Jesus

    Tiara De JesusMonth ago

    Orange is my favorite color

  100. Rebelle Mendez

    Rebelle MendezMonth ago

    Heyyyy I love blue

  101. musiclover me

    musiclover meMonth ago

    Actually there is pastel red, or sky favourite colour:)

  102. Ashleia

    AshleiaMonth ago

    Molly, I love you to death, but I’m so scared of going blind and you make me feel calm about it, but I’m still scared.

  103. Jasmine Womack

    Jasmine WomackMonth ago

    You should have a synestat describe colors because some can see/hear/smell/taste colors

  104. Kelly O'Keefe

    Kelly O'KeefeMonth ago

    Holy moly where can I get this sweater

  105. Alex Wohlgemuth

    Alex WohlgemuthMonth ago


  106. Kaycee W, R.I.P X

    Kaycee W, R.I.P XMonth ago

    So nobodys gonna talk about how Gabbi said "Red orange yellow BLUE GREEN" and then said there wasn't orange of the shirt even though there was?

  107. How to ?

    How to ?Month ago

    I think associating color with a mood or description actually helps the blind to understand the take of non blind people.

  108. How to ?

    How to ?Month ago

    It’s really cool how blind people can learn to associate color with a certain mood or description rather than just naming a color based on how it looks. I think it creates an image in one’s mind that one can create on their own.

  109. the tube

    the tubeMonth ago

    I do not agree with gabbie but maybe the sweater looks different irl

  110. acurldiem

    acurldiemMonth ago

    Colors actually do feel like something to me, even though I still see them. Purple feels fun but rebellious, and white feels pure and smooth, while blue feels cool and cautious, and warmer colors comforting. Strange I know. They all taste like chicken though.