1. Molly Burke

    Molly Burke8 months ago

    What's your favourite colour? :)

  2. ᗴᗰᏆᏞᏆ Ꮐᗩᑕᕼᗩ

    ᗴᗰᏆᏞᏆ Ꮐᗩᑕᕼᗩ11 days ago

    Yellow and purple

  3. Xx_ Glitterunicorn17 _xX

    Xx_ Glitterunicorn17 _xX6 months ago


  4. Wolfie Ally

    Wolfie Ally7 months ago

    Blue and purple

  5. Faith Barnes

    Faith Barnes7 months ago

    Molly Burke light purple and mint green

  6. Arwa Javaid

    Arwa Javaid8 months ago

    Molly Burke mine is lavender

  7. Lauryn Ameri

    Lauryn AmeriDay ago

    Molly predicted Gabbie's yellow hair

  8. Emmygirl1 Phluffey

    Emmygirl1 PhluffeyDay ago

    My fave color is lavender

  9. Emmygirl1 Phluffey

    Emmygirl1 PhluffeyDay ago

    The sun is not actually yellow

  10. aaa

    aaaDay ago

    That was very entertaining to watch.

  11. Lilly unicorn lover

    Lilly unicorn lover3 days ago

    Does anyone else know that the sun is actually white I learned it in 5th grade, but I don't remember why we see it as yellow

  12. Vicky Lin

    Vicky Lin3 days ago

    spilling facts :3 : the sun is white made of all the colors of the rainbow

  13. Olivia St. John

    Olivia St. John3 days ago

    I have a question for you. So when you dream, you only see the faces that you have actually have seen before because your brain can't make them up by itself, and I know you weren't always blind, but I was just curious if when you dream you see other people, considering your blind and our brains can't make them up alone.

  14. kommi ques

    kommi ques5 days ago

    Blue brown?

  15. Aly Cour

    Aly Cour7 days ago

    Hahaha when they say "mauve" in french (I'm french)😂

  16. ProdbyMZ

    ProdbyMZ8 days ago

    What if im the monstaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  17. Shannon Fine

    Shannon Fine8 days ago

    It’s not “Red Orange Yellow Blue Indigo Green Purple” it’s “Red Orange Yellow Green Indigo Blue Purple

  18. Tara Vlogs

    Tara Vlogs9 days ago

    Good job Molly!❤️

  19. olive-os

    olive-os10 days ago

    *points to blue* “Let’s start with purple.” There are 2 shades of blue on her jumper, at the bottom of both sleeves.

  20. Millie Eilish

    Millie Eilish10 days ago

    I wonder when you never saw a color why could you in the drawing video with the police guy explain how her hair looks? (I don’t know how your names are) but can you explain this to me it makes no sense.. I don’t wanna say it’s fake but it also feels not that you would be blind idk.. (I‘m sorry for the bad English)

  21. Toby

    Toby11 days ago

    4:54 how tf she knows she looks 14

  22. mlstone2007

    mlstone200712 days ago

    Light to medium purple

  23. mlstone2007

    mlstone200712 days ago

    Gabbie said red orange yellow blue green indigo violet when it’s red orange yellow green blue purple

  24. mlstone2007

    mlstone200711 days ago

    Still she flipped blue and green

  25. Simply Joy

    Simply Joy11 days ago

    its actually ROYGBIV- red orange yellow green blue indigo violet

  26. Jayzues Kid

    Jayzues Kid13 days ago

    How can you see what your typing hoe do you know it’s purple

  27. N G

    N G13 days ago

    purple and yellow are my faves

  28. Sophie Ireland

    Sophie Ireland14 days ago

    I once heard someone describe grey as the smell before a storm. Does that make sense?

  29. Cookie Crumbs 4223

    Cookie Crumbs 422314 days ago

    I say mauve like Molly (at the beginning)

  30. Clarissa Guerra

    Clarissa Guerra14 days ago

    i think i feel the most confident in red. For my xv party we decorated with red and dark purple. they give a spanish vibe that i really dig

  31. GachaverseGirl 12307

    GachaverseGirl 1230714 days ago

    It's not mov it's not moove it's morvr

  32. Livia Maggi

    Livia Maggi15 days ago

    I'm in love with that sweater

  33. []That One Gacha Girl[]

    []That One Gacha Girl[]15 days ago

    sometimes it takes me a hot minute to realize she can’t see what gabby looks like

  34. Karleigh Lohrfink

    Karleigh Lohrfink16 days ago

    It has a bi flag on it

  35. Mary Ellen Flannery

    Mary Ellen Flannery16 days ago

    Wow she actually did very well

  36. Lexi Clark

    Lexi Clark19 days ago

    Gabbie said red orange yellow BLUE GREEN indigo violet?.... 4:30.. edit : 4:29

  37. Aliyah.isyou Ok

    Aliyah.isyou Ok20 days ago

    She said that the rainbow is red,orange,yellow, BLUE,green. But I thought that green was after yellow

  38. Anonymous 1

    Anonymous 120 days ago

    “The rainbow is red orange yellow blue green indigo violet” is is Gabbie. It’s it really. Anyone else notice this lol

  39. I t s M o o n

    I t s M o o n21 day ago

    4:25 blue green..? You know I love you girl but um... *huh?!*

  40. a_closet_otaku · 69 years ago

    a_closet_otaku · 69 years ago21 day ago

    *what if they made a podcast???*

  41. Matt Buikema

    Matt Buikema21 day ago

    This is America color spelled with an o

  42. Hell Rain

    Hell Rain22 days ago


  43. Margo Thomas

    Margo Thomas23 days ago

    U said the rainbow wrong

  44. Ami Nutella

    Ami Nutella23 days ago


  45. ☆Galaxy.Lunar☆

    ☆Galaxy.Lunar☆23 days ago

    My name is Gaby same way you pronounce Gabbie

  46. lllEwoklll

    lllEwoklll23 days ago

    6:09 is where you lost me.

  47. Rhiannon Howard

    Rhiannon Howard23 days ago

    Yellow is neutral 🤔

  48. Azra Sheik

    Azra Sheik23 days ago

    So what if I'm the monsTAAAAAAA

  49. Abby Abraar

    Abby Abraar24 days ago

    I realized she said don’t compare the description of the color with a visual object, but that’s all Gabbie did.

  50. Katelyn Barks

    Katelyn Barks24 days ago

    I have a question how do blind people dream? do they dream in color or do they not see anything at all?

  51. Keep calm and smile On

    Keep calm and smile On24 days ago

    Wat about yellow

  52. Kim Taehyung

    Kim Taehyung25 days ago

    Mom, no, mom! No, mom no!

  53. Nyah Ryan

    Nyah Ryan25 days ago

    4:33 Did gabby just say the wrong order of the rainbow?? 🌈

  54. Kim Taehyung

    Kim Taehyung25 days ago

    And you spelled her name wrong

  55. Kim Taehyung

    Kim Taehyung25 days ago


  56. anne’s aesthetics

    anne’s aesthetics25 days ago

    omg i should’ve done this i have synesthesia😩😂

  57. Queen Caroline

    Queen Caroline25 days ago

    I have a video idea: blind person associates colors with people challenge

  58. wimpigirl pao

    wimpigirl pao26 days ago

    I would love to see molly meet Daniel (Dan) and Phil. They are so tall and molly is so short! Love to see it!

  59. Queen Wood

    Queen Wood26 days ago

    Blue 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  60. _tophatmadness_

    _tophatmadness_27 days ago

    Pink is actually in the rainbow, it’s in between orange and red

  61. Beth Shea

    Beth Shea27 days ago


  62. Shyloh Gomez

    Shyloh Gomez27 days ago

    My fave color is pink not hot oink but baby roses pink

  63. S F

    S F27 days ago

    They forgot blue

  64. DAYSTAR 330

    DAYSTAR 33027 days ago

    Oh btw, Gabbie, green comes before blue. It's okay tho lol

  65. laure auvray

    laure auvray27 days ago

    gabbie is amazing at describing colors!!!

  66. Diane Lait

    Diane Lait27 days ago

    Purple and orange are my two fave colours 🌈

  67. Weirdness With us

    Weirdness With us28 days ago

    So I love your vids and your one of my favorite youtubers 😁 and I have a question, if you are thinking in your head about colors, can u see them? Again , big fan and you are awesome😁❤️

  68. Dances With Kenz

    Dances With Kenz28 days ago

    Did anyone catch Gabbie said red orange yellow blue green indigo violet? Luv u both!

  69. Unikitty rainbows

    Unikitty rainbows28 days ago

    I'm dieing Gabriel, u said RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, BLUE, GREEN, INDIGO, VIOLET. but it's green and then blue. I LOVE U MUCH LOL

  70. Jessica Lara

    Jessica Lara28 days ago


  71. Emma Grace

    Emma Grace28 days ago

    I think you should get a colour changing light for your room off of amazon because it will probably help your blindness. Ps I hope you see this cause your an inspiration 💖

  72. Dom Arts and Crafts and DIYs and Tutorials

    Dom Arts and Crafts and DIYs and Tutorials29 days ago


  73. Gothenna The Psychic

    Gothenna The Psychic29 days ago

    Are you calling me edgy??? Well not blaming you. People think I’m nice and normal but I’m actually emo and not human. In 6th people asked me if I listen to classic music 😂🤣 nope. I listen panic at the disco , heavy metal, death metal, rock, IF YOU DONT LUSTEN TO PANIC AT THE DSCI YOUR DEAD TO ME, with some exceptions

  74. Charleigh Lyle

    Charleigh Lyle29 days ago

    Yayyy 740th dislike

  75. Hollicorn 101

    Hollicorn 101Month ago

    Hey molly I just had one question for you, what happens to your eyes when you look at the sun?

  76. Tia Sowa

    Tia SowaMonth ago

    “You’re a bright blue “ My Friend always let people roll over her like she was a pancake so I told her to not be a pancake but to be a strong waffle

  77. Raven Bowers

    Raven BowersMonth ago

    You should have an artist describe colors to you. I’ve taken many college level courses over color theory. I think Gabby did a great job, but some of the things she said wasn’t technically right. For instance, every color has a warm and cool version. Even the primaries. :)

  78. Rodrigo de Cozumel Alonso Acevedo-del Real

    Rodrigo de Cozumel Alonso Acevedo-del RealMonth ago


  79. Brooke TILLEY

    Brooke TILLEYMonth ago

    does black count as my fave colour?? 😂 😂

  80. Talia Draws

    Talia Draws19 days ago

    Brooke TILLEY you can like it best, but it’s a shade

  81. Aoife Temple

    Aoife TempleMonth ago

    Gabbie is so smart

  82. Isabelle Kuyck

    Isabelle KuyckMonth ago

    Why is this the only video on MReporter which I can't play on my Chrome Cast?

  83. Niki Direction

    Niki DirectionMonth ago

    *I'm an adult boss...even if I look 14*

  84. Niki Direction

    Niki DirectionMonth ago

    *I'm an adult boss...even if I look 14*

  85. intheshitter

    intheshitterMonth ago

    You mentioned that you can see a little bit of light. I wonder if you could see all the colors from a really bright RGB lamp?

  86. SethBrown Official

    SethBrown OfficialMonth ago

    8:18. I’m dying because that’s me

  87. Azya Cerutti

    Azya CeruttiMonth ago

    anyone else gonna say how gabbie listed the rainbow colors in order wrong

  88. Hannah Dodd

    Hannah DoddMonth ago

    Molly:describe color Me:ok purple is ummmm purple..... Molly:😒😑 Also this song made to be offensive in anyway if that’s how it seems

  89. Gřýïfføndøř ğęęk

    Gřýïfføndøř ğęękMonth ago

    my favourite colours are crystal ocean blue and lavander lilac

  90. tove Larsson

    tove LarssonMonth ago

    I am blind

  91. arianaisabelle

    arianaisabelleMonth ago

    wheres that sweater from though

  92. FLighT _

    FLighT _Month ago

    I wonder if she’ll SEE this comment

  93. Soling106

    Soling106Month ago

    FLighT _ There is something called “Technology” that helps us blind people do a whole lotta shit like reading comments. Funny how so many people don’t seem to realize this!

  94. Carlos K. Morales

    Carlos K. MoralesMonth ago

    the sun is white

  95. Jasleen

    JasleenMonth ago

    I lovvvve you’re sweater & u

  96. Kimberly Ward

    Kimberly WardMonth ago

    Gabbie has the biggest nose in fucking eternity

  97. Ali Garcia

    Ali GarciaMonth ago

    as an artist. all colors can have both cool and warm tones. it depends on how much of one spectrum you mix in. so with purple the more blue in it, the cooler it is. and the warmer it is the more red it has. If that is helpful at all im glad. if not...sorry.

  98. Changkyuns Waifu

    Changkyuns WaifuMonth ago

    Am I the only one thinking Molly is doing a better job of describing colours? lol.

  99. Amberly Lucas

    Amberly LucasMonth ago

    Yellow... foreshadowing

  100. Anonymous 2.0

    Anonymous 2.0Month ago

    A rainbow is Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet Also you called indigo purple and purple was in between indigo and purple

  101. This Bitch

    This BitchMonth ago

    Isn’t maroon technically navy red ??

  102. Zarla 101

    Zarla 101Month ago

    Purple and yellow

  103. Queen riiyah

    Queen riiyahMonth ago

    Do u go to a blind people school molly

  104. Soling106

    Soling106Month ago

    Queen riiyah She is a grown-up woman with a career!

  105. Larissa Deines

    Larissa DeinesMonth ago

    She said blue green in the rainbow order but it’s ROYGBIV. Green comes before blue

  106. Tomas Lopez

    Tomas LopezMonth ago

    I wonder if she would notice the difference in tone of light with different colored lights? 🤔

  107. Abigail Eastland

    Abigail EastlandMonth ago

    Wow, so cool. Also just eat he'd the vids you did with shane dawson and it was so amazing and inspiring, I don't know how you do it, reading and drawing, and music and my dog and budgie are my life, your so amazing.

  108. Mr.Vertvino

    Mr.VertvinoMonth ago

    So your blind. THAT MAKES SENSE BECAUSE anytime you looked at the bitch next to ya. It was direct eye contact

  109. David Serrano

    David SerranoMonth ago

    Is she blind or color blind

  110. Precious Pecans

    Precious PecansMonth ago

    I would love to talk about colors with you! You seem more intine with the moods that they can emit which is allowing your idea of colors to be pretty accurate

  111. It's_just_ Hailey

    It's_just_ HaileyMonth ago

    My favorite color is Mustard yellow and dark green

  112. It's_just_ Hailey

    It's_just_ HaileyMonth ago

    I feel like a good connection for how blind people picture people around them is when you read a book you obviously don't know what they look like so you create a mental image for the characters based off the description they provide