1. Molly Burke

    Molly BurkeYear ago

    What's your favourite colour? :)

  2. Whipped cream Fu

    Whipped cream Fu8 days ago

    Mint green and teal

  3. AubreyJ R

    AubreyJ R8 days ago

    Molly Burke Royal Blue 💙

  4. Friends Forever

    Friends Forever16 days ago

    Hot pink!

  5. Angelina Sanchez

    Angelina Sanchez18 days ago


  6. Camryn Laurel

    Camryn LaurelMonth ago

    Molly Burke dark teal

  7. Brianna Pinkney

    Brianna Pinkney13 hours ago

    But....Molly said mauve CORRECTLY!!!!! Mauve rhymes with taupe. "AU" makes an "oh" sound....not "aw".

  8. Kate Dawnnight

    Kate DawnnightDay ago

    Gabbie did a really good job at describing them

  9. HalfBloodPrincess

    HalfBloodPrincessDay ago

    WAIT, HOLD UP! Gabbie said Red, Orange, Yellow, BLUE, GREEN! Wut?

  10. VanillaCupcake1029372 Yummy

    VanillaCupcake1029372 YummyDay ago

    But isnt there orange-

  11. Riley O'Shell

    Riley O'ShellDay ago

    Gabbies explanation of purple "It's like that" 😂 She did a good job explaining though honestly

  12. Susan Margaret Wills

    Susan Margaret Wills2 days ago

    You have a very nice interesting friend

  13. Teddy Gonzaga

    Teddy Gonzaga3 days ago

    I'm sorry but I'm new here. Is she really blind?

  14. Emma Misdale

    Emma Misdale3 days ago

    Molly Burke my favourite colours are pastel green and purple

  15. Sofia Villasenor

    Sofia Villasenor3 days ago

    Why do we comment of she can't even read it😂😂😂

  16. Therese Hall

    Therese Hall3 days ago

    her phone reads words out loud, go watch 'how i use technology* or something :)

  17. Trinity Kaitlyn

    Trinity Kaitlyn4 days ago

    Molly do you dream, like imagery dreaming

  18. Itz MyaGatcha

    Itz MyaGatcha4 days ago

    I thought molly knew the colors? Didn't she lose her vision at 14. I dont mean to offend anyone

  19. Therese Hall

    Therese Hall3 days ago

    Visual memory doesn't last very well. She doesn't remember how colors look, accept blue, purple and another color (can't remember which one). The only reason she knows those colors is because of the "fireworks" she sees infront of her eyes constantly (reminding the brain how those colors look). If I would tell you to think about a lion you would probably get a picture in your head of a lion. If I were to say the same to Molly she wouldn't get that picture of a lion in her head. Instead maybe she would invision the sound of the roar, or descriptions somebody has told her such as *males have fluffy manes around the head, they have round ears, a sleak catlike body* but never see a lion in her head, because her brain doesn't remember how a lion looks.

  20. Amelia Gran

    Amelia Gran4 days ago

    Giiiiiiiirl, you are amazing!😃

  21. Sydney Lamb

    Sydney Lamb5 days ago

    At 1:13 how did she not hit gabby

  22. Blinding 'Light

    Blinding 'Light5 days ago

    Gabby and molly arguing over how to say mauve is a mood

  23. Blinding 'Light

    Blinding 'Light5 days ago

    "Red is supposed to make you hungry" I'm hungry but I don't wanna get up

  24. Censtudios

    Censtudios6 days ago

    I don't think the sun is yellow. It has some yellow in it, but it's mostly white... We draw the sun yellow, because 1) it's a cartoon, so you exaggerate colors and 2) drawing a white sun on a white piece of paper is not really that special and 3) because the sun turns orange when it sets we associate it more with yellow. But technically, the sun is mostly white, but leaning slightly towards yellow (instead of blue).

  25. John Uferbach

    John Uferbach11 hours ago

    just post a link of the suns spectrum :D (though she couldn't see the graph, so it would probably not be very helpfull^^)

  26. AngelousSpike

    AngelousSpike6 days ago

    the sun is white actually but we see yellow because of the refraction of the light entering the atmosphere.

  27. Itz.Mariah G

    Itz.Mariah G6 days ago

    The sun is actually white

  28. TM 1234

    TM 12346 days ago

    4:28 Did anyone else realize that gabby said the rainbow wrong!!!😂

  29. violet rose

    violet rose7 days ago

    my favorite color is orange and she doesn’t like it ( ̄^ ̄) 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

  30. zooboy73

    zooboy739 days ago

    Gabbie literally listed the rainbow wrong😂

  31. Mimi Jito

    Mimi Jito10 days ago

    "Red, orange, yellow, blue, green" -gabbie's new pride rainbow /2018

  32. Alaya Torres

    Alaya Torres11 days ago

    I have a 2 year old daughter who was born blind. When I describe colors to her, I describe it using the other senses. For example green is the was grass feels and smells. Or orange is the feel and taste of an orange. Omg I just finished this comment as Molly got to the part about using other sense to describe color to blind people. 😂 I'm a good mom.

  33. Emily Rossmeissl

    Emily Rossmeissl11 days ago

    At 4:30 isn’t the rainbow red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple? 😂

  34. cassie sosassy

    cassie sosassy12 days ago


  35. Yeetus Fetus

    Yeetus Fetus12 days ago

    Did Gabbie just say red, orange, yellow, BLUE, green, purple. She also said pink isn’t is in the rainbow 😪 WAT

  36. Kayla Remillard

    Kayla Remillard12 days ago

    I'm in LOVE with Molly's sweater!

  37. Leslie Marquez

    Leslie Marquez13 days ago

    The sun is actually red in the middle then orange and last a little yellow.

  38. Brittany 2H

    Brittany 2H14 days ago

    Gabby "Theres no such thing as pastel red" *wears a red pastel shirt* 🤔

  39. Nathan is a person

    Nathan is a person15 days ago

    I just found out that everyone remembers the color of the sun different, obviously the sun it yellow/orange but from Earth, mid-day it's completely white until sunset and also sunrise.

  40. John Uferbach

    John Uferbach11 hours ago

    well one can just google it's spectrum^^

  41. latifah ali

    latifah ali15 days ago

    You kinda speak like jojo siwa what

  42. I am genderfluid

    I am genderfluid17 days ago

    gabby sent me here

  43. Heidy-e CROW

    Heidy-e CROW17 days ago

    Try this! A sighted friend is needed, both to gather the things you'll need (actually, the blind person is not supposed to feel anything before this activity and explanation. Items Needed. Stones (similar in weight) 3-5 cotton balls Color Experiment/Activity: Freezer one stone for at least 2-3hrs (Dark/Black). Put a stone in the fridge (Blue). Put one in warm water (Orange). Put one in boiling water (Red). Please make sure your blind knows what to expect). Keep one stone at room temperature . Fluff cotton Ball. Let your blind friend touch each stone and tell them what colors the represent. Have fun!!

  44. AnimeTitanimum57

    AnimeTitanimum5717 days ago

    “It’s not in rainbow order. Red, orange, yellow, BLUE, green...” 😂

  45. Chiara Ambrosini

    Chiara Ambrosini17 days ago

    Wait, I don’t want to be rude or anything I’m just curious. So in a video you said that you could see like blue fireworks and green. But here you said you can’t see colours. I hope I don’t sound rude I love your channel and I’m just curious. Anyway hope you reply but yeah XX 😘

  46. John Uferbach

    John Uferbach11 hours ago

    i think the "fireworks" are stuff she doesn't actually see but are generated by her brain?

  47. Cassandra W

    Cassandra W18 days ago

    it's definitely pronounced like MO-ve

  48. Emma K. Harris

    Emma K. Harris19 days ago

    I low key really want to describe colors to a blind person. As an artist and writer it just seems fun, along with the fact that I would get to help someone.

  49. It’s Annie

    It’s Annie19 days ago

    My favourite colour is black 🖤☠️

  50. IamCancer meanTheZODIACsign

    IamCancer meanTheZODIACsign20 days ago

    My fav color is purple💜👾👙🌌🎵♋☮ green💚👽🍀🐍🧶 black🌑☻🖤🕷🗝 turquoise🛸🇧🇸🇰🇿 and gray🐺🦳💿🗑👩🏻‍🦳🌚 😂😂😂✌

  51. Nicholas Johnson

    Nicholas Johnson20 days ago

    The Rainbow colors actually are in order but there is no blue and it's only on one half, the other half is the bi flag colors pink purple blue

  52. GachaSasha XD

    GachaSasha XD21 day ago

    Did she say the rainbow is "red orange yellow blue green indigo violet" I thought it was "red or yellow GREEN BLUE indigo violet🤔🤔

  53. Claire Benedict

    Claire Benedict22 days ago

    Did anyone else realize that Gabbie messed up the rainbow. She said "the rainbow goes red, orange, yellow, blue, green, indigo, and violet." But the rainbow is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

  54. Ashra Khan

    Ashra Khan22 days ago

    gosh so love Molly :-)

  55. Sushi Cat

    Sushi Cat23 days ago

    I want someone to count exactly how many different MReporter channels molly has been on oml

  56. Baylee Palmer

    Baylee Palmer23 days ago

    I agree with Molly on the word Mauve But maybe it’s a Canadian thing because I’m also from Canada like Molly

  57. Little Miss Wolfee

    Little Miss Wolfee23 days ago

    Purple is that time of night when the sun is starting to rise but its still very dark, the smell in the air has changed and the birds are waking it tastes like cabbage or eggplant and grapes Pink is the feeling of having a crush and the taste of cotton candy and bubble gum associated with girls Red is love, sultry, sensual, powerful and angry... think anything passionate and strong, also the warmth a fire gives off when you stand a little too close its the taste of cherries or strawberries, or a juicy tomato Orange is the sweet citrus of a fresh slice of orange or the smell of pumpkin pie, its the color of caution and attention/safety Yellow is the feel of the sun on your face, its bright and warm and happy Its the taste of a sour lemon or a some buttery corn on the cob Blue is the feeling of loss and sadness, its the smell and feel of rain its also associated alot with hospitals and clean/pureness also boys/males... it tastes like water and blueberries (there arent actually any blue foods naturally most of the "blue foods" are actually a shade of purple) Green is like when you walk barefoot on the grass and the smell of mint. its the sound of the trees rustling in the breeze. Its associated with healthy and earthy things its the taste of a fresh salad, spinach or a tart lime Brown is the smell of fresh soil or dirt. its the feel of sand beneath your feet..the roughness of tree bark. Its a natural color and also very earthy its the taste of Almonds and cinnamon Black is nothingness (not really but people describe it as such) its the smell of charcoal or tar and feels like the dead of night when everything is still and quiet.. tastes like strong coffee with nothing in it or Licorice Babies (anise/black licorice) White is pure, its new, fresh, untouched...its the feel of snowflakes on your face and the crispness of the winter air.. its the crunch under your feet when you walk in the snow.....the taste of marshmallows or milk....its associated with innocence and angels Grey is indecisive, its the middle ground, it feels like cement/pavement, or a smooth stone in your hand, its heavy and is the sound of a rock being dropped or a pack of howling wolves...its seen as boring by some and cold, like steel.. its the taste of oysters or mushrooms (not all oysters or mushrooms are grey but not too many foods are lol ) each variation of the colors or shades can be associated with different things so really its an endless description

  58. Peyton Lee

    Peyton Lee24 days ago

    Love you Molly I’m rewatching your vids don’t know if you can see this comment but if you can just know I love YOUUU

  59. John Uferbach

    John Uferbach11 hours ago

    she can't see it, but her phone / pc can read it out for her :)

  60. loverrlee

    loverrlee24 days ago

    Awwwww what cute friends. Gabby did an awesome job describing the different colors!

  61. Little CryTox Also known as Lea!

    Little CryTox Also known as Lea!25 days ago

    Pink in Danish is literally called light red ^_^