1. Molly Burke

    Molly Burke3 months ago

    What's your favourite colour? :)

  2. Xx_ Glitterunicorn17 _xX

    Xx_ Glitterunicorn17 _xXMonth ago


  3. Wolfie Ally

    Wolfie Ally2 months ago

    Blue and purple

  4. Faith Barnez

    Faith Barnez2 months ago

    Molly Burke light purple and mint green

  5. Arwa Javaid

    Arwa Javaid2 months ago

    Molly Burke mine is lavender

  6. Michelle Palazzolo

    Michelle Palazzolo3 months ago

    Bright Green 💚💚

  7. Dana Wister

    Dana Wister4 hours ago

    nah man blue is the warmest color

  8. Aaliyah Marie

    Aaliyah Marie4 hours ago

    Trippy. I’ve always associated colors with smells. Red - the smell of expensive perfumes, but also the smell of Christmas Orange - the smell of fall, of dead leaves, pumpkins, and cheap Halloween costumes Yellow - the smell of lemons and sunscreen Green - the smell of pine forests and flowers Blue - the smell of the ocean and rock candy Indigo - the smell of clean sweaters Purple/Violet - The smell of wildflowers and fresh fruit Brown - the smell of dirt Beige - the smell of offices White - the smell of books or sheets Black - the smell of a cat. He’s dumb and fat and I love him.

  9. Liyyah G.

    Liyyah G.9 hours ago

    She didn’t do a good job of describing colors.

  10. Alex Hough

    Alex Hough10 hours ago

    Mollie where is your top from it is so pretty I love it so much

  11. Nyak Studios

    Nyak Studios17 hours ago

    Gabbie is so good at this

  12. Randi Cronk

    Randi Cronk19 hours ago

    I totally want gabbies sweater

  13. Ravine

    RavineDay ago

    Molly I think the color that matches you is like a bubblegum

  14. D&A dogson

    D&A dogsonDay ago

    the rainbow is red orang yellow green blue purpel

  15. Aleksia Aktipis

    Aleksia AktipisDay ago, can u come decorate my room pls...I need the help! (sarcastically) and can you decorate my house to the way..Its alec-sia, thats how you pronounce you and your bot that reads these.... Love, The most recent fan, Aleksia

  16. Casey Sams

    Casey Sams2 days ago

    I'm an adult boss people! Haha molly you give me so much joy i'm so glad i found you

  17. Chase Hopkins

    Chase Hopkins2 days ago

    Hell yeah Chipotle! I love it! But I'm married to Taco Bell!

  18. caroline woram

    caroline woram2 days ago


  19. Maïna Bélanger

    Maïna Bélanger2 days ago

    Molly got ''Mauve'' right

  20. Pug lover girl 321

    Pug lover girl 3213 days ago

    My favorite color is yellow

  21. Paris Kittle

    Paris Kittle3 days ago

    Rainbow= Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple

  22. Arely Onate

    Arely Onate3 days ago

    i really dont mean to be rude but i don’t think she’s as blind as she makes herself seem. i also dont like how in every video she talks about how she’s blind like seriously?

  23. David  Catt

    David Catt4 days ago

    Kung fu

  24. Ritika Dureja

    Ritika Dureja4 days ago

    Can blind people differentiate between different coloured lights?

  25. Magpie Randoms

    Magpie Randoms4 days ago

    Yellow ochre and teal are my favourite colours

  26. shelbie bernard

    shelbie bernard4 days ago

    I know that blind people dream, what is the dream like? Do you just see faded colours? Black and gray? Images from when you can see before you became blind? Just curious.

  27. Tiya T

    Tiya T5 days ago

    "a pumpkin is orange. you know that right?"

  28. XxKawaiiHugs21 xX

    XxKawaiiHugs21 xX5 days ago

    You call her gabbie, yet I call her Queen 👸

  29. MrunaalJ

    MrunaalJ5 days ago

    Yay for this duo ❤

  30. Lindsay Endicott

    Lindsay Endicott5 days ago

    Molly is right. It's "mow-v" not "maw-v"

  31. Rainbow Creaters

    Rainbow Creaters5 days ago

    You are so strong.if I was blind I would start crying because I am curious about everything and I will definitely be jealous

  32. Alexandria Shafer

    Alexandria Shafer6 days ago

    When Im on the bus in the morning the sun usually is red. RIP I don't see it anymore cause Florence on her way.

  33. Thats Just me

    Thats Just me6 days ago

    Ok so i was on the video the other girl did on her channel, and a lot of person in the comments were complaining that the title was saying "A blind girl whatever" instead of her name. So you can understand why i laughed when i saw the title of this video😂

  34. itz me

    itz me6 days ago

    4:29 i think gabby is confused😂

  35. Daisy Connock

    Daisy Connock6 days ago

    Its actually quite strange hearing her description of colours as i associate completely different things with certain colours & i'm sure everyone elses interpretations of colours are different too!!!! 💕💕

  36. ChristinaVapes

    ChristinaVapes7 days ago

    Omfg I’m so glad y’all collaborated!

  37. TheRainbowDragoness

    TheRainbowDragoness7 days ago

    The Sun is white, not yellow.

  38. Breanna Ashcraft

    Breanna Ashcraft6 days ago

    Lol its red acutely - As of what I've heard in science.

  39. PHTM Dragon

    PHTM Dragon8 days ago

    So molly can only see light just like darkness and see lights? Or fully blind and sees nothing. Ignore the oxymorons

  40. Sophie Kakihara

    Sophie Kakihara8 days ago


  41. Mia Vowles

    Mia Vowles8 days ago

    If u could be able to see would you???

  42. G- GANG

    G- GANG8 days ago

    My names Gabbie, but it’s spelled Gabby

  43. Karlie Delmenico

    Karlie Delmenico9 days ago

    I love pink lol baby pink and blue mostly aqua

  44. TheEmsterRocks

    TheEmsterRocks9 days ago

    can you picture stuff in your mind? like can you think of shapes?

  45. kristybear Stories

    kristybear Stories9 days ago

    That’s a game

  46. Cordula The Platypus

    Cordula The Platypus10 days ago

    aww you didn't do blue

  47. Delanee Mayor

    Delanee Mayor11 days ago

    Where did Molly buy her sweater ??? I reaaaallyy want to get it can anybody link it?

  48. MamaPiggy TPPCM

    MamaPiggy TPPCM11 days ago

    If you squint at the red and yellow checkered it’s orange.

  49. Ivette Clemente

    Ivette Clemente11 days ago

    My question does she see black or just blur

  50. Breanna Ashcraft

    Breanna Ashcraft6 days ago

    Both - if the room is really dark and has no lighting, then she wouod see nothing but black. If it has light, she couod see that and tell if it is warm, cold ext. She would also see the outline of a peraons shape if that person was standing in front of a sunny place. Though this does not mean she can see.

  51. Fatima Nasre-eddin

    Fatima Nasre-eddin11 days ago

    How you edit your videos😄😄😀😀

  52. Ella Rose

    Ella Rose12 days ago

    Could you please do a video about what you do to speak “see” as a blind person. If you have already talked about this could you link me the video? Much love 💕

  53. mona sameh

    mona sameh12 days ago

    The sun isn't yellow , the sun is actually white!

  54. johnny

    johnny13 days ago

    “ red orange yellow blue green indigo violet “ 4:28

  55. Olivia G.Hartwell

    Olivia G.Hartwell13 days ago

    It’s spelled colors not colours

  56. Ula G

    Ula G6 days ago

    +Olivia G.Hartwell well if you were smart you would know that it's not that easy to figure that out of nowhere😉 And btw I don't even understand why are you so mad for me doing absolutely nothing bad to you😉 So I would recommend to think before you say anything or be mad for nothing😉 And again #nohate so no need to be mad😉

  57. Olivia G.Hartwell

    Olivia G.Hartwell6 days ago

    Ula G then you should be old enough to figure out that I think your annoying and want to leave me alone

  58. Ula G

    Ula G7 days ago

    +Olivia G.Hartwell Definetly older that you ☺

  59. Olivia G.Hartwell

    Olivia G.Hartwell8 days ago

    Ula G excuse me how old are you?

  60. Ula G

    Ula G10 days ago

    +Olivia G.Hartwell I wasn't even trying to be mean or something I just nicely said that not in every country people say it the same way☺ So YOU should stop answering like this to people that are older than you or just people that are being nice😊 Btw #nohate ☺

  61. Olivia G.Hartwell

    Olivia G.Hartwell13 days ago

    Red orange yellow green blue purple indigo violet 👺🎃🤝🤢👤🧕🏻👩🏻‍🎤🧞‍♀️

  62. mollyann omalley

    mollyann omalley13 days ago

    There is a pastel red and it’s not pink it my favorite color

  63. Paula The Slime Master

    Paula The Slime Master13 days ago

    Why does every MReporterr day that in every caption of the video. Like just call her Molly not a blind person like that’s mean 😔😔💛💛😔😔

  64. Bts Army

    Bts Army13 days ago

    You're such a beautiful person! You look a lot to Demi Lovato

  65. Bts Army

    Bts Army13 days ago

    Thank you so much for your videos, this videos really help me a lot rise my mind and make me feel better so much a lot and make my bad days better! I think your all videos help people a lot ,thank you so much ,you are the best ! 😍❤😗

  66. Ashley Mufasa

    Ashley Mufasa14 days ago

    What about blue?

  67. 54321go

    54321go14 days ago

    You think yellow is the warmest colour? But... - Blue is the warmest colour.

  68. Caroline Brand

    Caroline Brand14 days ago

    RED ORANGE YELLOW BLUE GREEN PURPLE Gabbie that ain't a rainbow

  69. Philippe Gauvin-Vallée

    Philippe Gauvin-Vallée14 days ago

    7:36 Molly's way to pronounce "mauve" matches EXACTLY the way people from the province of Quebec would say it. This is a real Canadian hallmark.

  70. Dina Hernandez

    Dina Hernandez14 days ago

    I loved this!!!!!

  71. Daisy Girl

    Daisy Girl15 days ago

    Ok, Gabby, i want to hire you to be my eyes!!! You are amazing at this!!!! Colors are all i really see, but u have a feeling you would be great at describing things other than color to you guys are great together!!😊😊😊💕💕💕😊😊😊

  72. Chandler Pittman

    Chandler Pittman15 days ago

    Did anyone else catch that gabby got the rainbow wrong? Lmao

  73. Chandler Pittman

    Chandler Pittman15 days ago


  74. Sara Bush

    Sara Bush15 days ago


  75. Alice Suhina

    Alice Suhina15 days ago

    Here is how I would describe concept of color to a person who have never seen them: they are like textures, inherent to things around us that come from their physical properties. Different people would have different preferences of textures and colors, and they can evoke a range of emotions. Same things can have different textures/colors. Like a pillow can have a very soft texture or a more rough one based on fabric used for the cover. Same with colors. And then you can try connecting textures to colors, like what Gabbie and Molly did with orange and pumpkin.

  76. Breanna Ashcraft

    Breanna Ashcraft6 days ago

    Very good. 👏

  77. Sara Mclaughlin

    Sara Mclaughlin15 days ago

    The sun is actually red and orange but we see it as more of a whitish yellow from earth so in a litteral sense gabby no the sun is not yellow 😂♥️

  78. Jhoseline Lopez

    Jhoseline Lopez15 days ago

    Bind or color blind?

  79. Sister Megan

    Sister Megan15 days ago

    either they’re yelling really loud or my volume is too loud but not gonna lie i’m not even mad

  80. Rose Lalonde

    Rose Lalonde16 days ago

    Guys, you can have a pastel red. It's just a very pale red. It isn't pink. You don't have to add white to a color to make it pastel, pastel red could be made for example with really watery watercolor.

  81. Grace Williamson

    Grace Williamson16 days ago

    Does anybody know where she got that sweater?!?!

  82. mason buckwalter

    mason buckwalter16 days ago

    Gabby didn't describe blue

  83. Breanna Ashcraft

    Breanna Ashcraft6 days ago

    She explained in the video that it was a cold color.

  84. Crazy Maisy

    Crazy Maisy16 days ago


  85. Crazy Maisy

    Crazy Maisy16 days ago

    my favorite color is definatly orange. Orange always gets a bad rap and I don't know why. Its so vibrant and sunny and warm I just love orange

  86. Ryan Cadena

    Ryan Cadena16 days ago

    I ship it

  87. Callum Cole

    Callum Cole16 days ago

    I think everyone learns a different rainbow pattern depending on what nursery or daycare they go to cause a lot of people think it goes in different ways mine went like : red and yellow and pink and green,purple and orange and blue I can see a rainbow see a rainbow see a rainbow too listen with you ears hear with your mouth and see everything u see I can see a rainbow see a rainbow see a rainbow too x

  88. Teddie Liederman

    Teddie Liederman16 days ago


  89. mackenzie a

    mackenzie a16 days ago

    “red orange yellow blue green indigo violet”... ok sis

  90. Grace

    Grace16 days ago

    Gabbie did so well describing the colors. Although I feel like every person has a bit different perspective on certain colors

  91. Nomi St

    Nomi St16 days ago

    Loved this! There's so much meaning and emotion behind colors and most of us don't even think about it in our day to day life. I generally find that associating things (especially abstract things or ideas) with emotions and experiences, helps explaining things in a much clearer and relatable way. This was really great, thank you. ❤

  92. Nicole

    Nicole16 days ago

    Gabbie got the rainbow wrong 🤦🏼‍♀️ ROYGBIV not ROYBGIV

  93. Alex Q

    Alex Q16 days ago

    You guys are so cute! I love cake frosting pink. Very pastel.

  94. Chloe Morrison

    Chloe Morrison16 days ago

    Where can I buy that rainbow sweater??🌈🌈🌈

  95. L Bo

    L Bo16 days ago

    I'm confused here.. Didn't she just make a video about how all of her friends only put "blind" in the titles instead of "Molly" yet she puts it in her own title? 🤔

  96. Lovely Kara

    Lovely Kara16 days ago

    Its Mollys channel?

  97. einfach ich

    einfach ich16 days ago

    Molly you are soooo cute 😂😍😍

  98. Mystery girl

    Mystery girl17 days ago

    Butter is not yellow. It is ivory, cream, or off white. Or a combination of these.

  99. Chan Bee Lee

    Chan Bee Lee17 days ago

    How do you read our comments??

  100. Lovely Kara

    Lovely Kara16 days ago

    The computer reads it for her

  101. brindel owlet

    brindel owlet17 days ago

    This is so cool first video of yours I've watched after listening to the Matthew santoro podcast

  102. Marie Joann

    Marie Joann17 days ago

    I set my phone to the greyscale setting today and it is really interesting watching this video in black and white!

  103. Bookhardtsbooks

    Bookhardtsbooks17 days ago

    This is stupid cus she’s already seen color before she went blind?

  104. Lovely Kara

    Lovely Kara16 days ago

    It was faded and hard to remember

  105. yoyooyasmin

    yoyooyasmin17 days ago

    molly's personality reminds me so much of Zooey Deschanel (jess) in New girl.


    MICKIE GEE17 days ago

    @gabbie molly pronounced mauve right lol

  107. Alli Tobey

    Alli Tobey17 days ago

    My favorite color is blue because it’s soft and calm

  108. Bayleigh Rebecca

    Bayleigh Rebecca17 days ago

    I really love your two personalities together when you go onto tangents

  109. solveiga mara ziemele

    solveiga mara ziemele17 days ago

    Hi Molly! LOVE your videos, and your personality, have watched your educational videos for sighted people for some time now. You're such a beautiful soul and such an inspiration! While watching this video I had an idea, I think you might enjoy. Do you know anything about Colour Mirror work and Moira Bush? She moved to Canada from UK a few years ago, and she has several online shows discussing the colour and it's energy. Colour from a kind of spiritual perspective, that I thought might give you some deeper insight and understanding, or at least a different view of each colour. Moira recently have started to post her videos from her weekly shows on youtube as well. She's going strong on Facebook with her Magenta Show, a part of 5DTV network where she have a different guest every week, and her recent venture - 707 show. I have never met this beautiful women personally, but I admire her work and her mission in this world, and just thought, as you're so close, both living in Toronto, both interested in colours, something beautiful might come out of that kind of collaboration for both of you! P.S. I'm not sponsored by Moira Bush in any way, just sharing with you to make a world a better place. Sending much love from UK. Sol xx

  110. HUMRA 27

    HUMRA 2717 days ago

    I love purple

  111. Bagirova Fexriyye

    Bagirova Fexriyye17 days ago

    Is she blind really?

  112. Steph Draws

    Steph Draws18 days ago

    So Gabby incorrectly described Yellow. Colour has a warm or cool variation. Eg yellow: Neon yellow would be what gabby described at 10:00 a WARM yellow is more of an orange shaded yellow, sometimes called a light yellow. When successfully painting a canvas you need the primary colours and all of their variations. An example is when people make purple using red and blue. They usually sad “blue and red don’t make purple” but if you have the correct variation you can. In this case you would need a WARM blue and a COOL red, a warm red would be mixed with a warm yellow to create orange, which i described as a light orange. A cool BLUE would mix with a COOL yellow to create green. To guess which primary colour creates the perfect secondry colour is a simple thing for a sighted person. You just have to look at the colour and think, in this case i’ll describe a blue. if it reminds you more of green its cool, and more of a purple it’s warm. If i wanted to describe this fully to Molly it would be an information report, but i tried my best. But i don’t wan’t to give molly the wrong idea about one thing. You can’t physically see the colour inside the paint while trying to mix the correct colour. You can see when the warm and cool primary colour are next to each other the difference. Warm purple however does look like a purple dialooted with blue, it’s like an indigo. I hope this sort of helps Molly and it took me a while to type so if you did read to the end i would appreciate if you liked this comment so Molly can see it ❤️❤️

  113. Erika S

    Erika S18 days ago

    that was blue not purple

  114. Jimin has found his Jams they were in my closet

    Jimin has found his Jams they were in my closet18 days ago

    Ok but I need that rainbow sweater.

  115. Mood

    Mood19 days ago

    I don't wanna sound rude but her name is Molly Burke not "Blind Person" its mean and offensive.

  116. TheGlassWolf320

    TheGlassWolf32019 days ago

    My favourite colours are lime green, orange and yellow!

  117. Hiram Gonzalez

    Hiram Gonzalez19 days ago

    You ladies will find someone for sure.

  118. Crimson Cheetah

    Crimson Cheetah19 days ago

    This is kind of crazy to me, because I am completely blind, but I do remember what colours look like. I don’t think I ever thought about associating colours with tastes or smells. The closest thing I ever have to that was associating the colour green with the taste of celery. Or maybe I do make associations subconsciously, because now to think of it, I associate orange with the warmth and crackling of a fire, and blue with the gentle sounds of the ocean. I hope I never forget what colours look like, but I think I’m going to keep making associations in my head, even just for fun.