Trying Khloé Kardashian's Ab Workout 💪


  1. Michelle Khare

    Michelle Khare2 months ago

    Where’s the notification squad at :) what other celeb routines do you want to see me review??? Leave links below!!!

  2. Lorely Lopez

    Lorely LopezDay ago

    Michelle Khare have you tried Tracey Anderson's method workout?

  3. Joy Armstrong

    Joy Armstrong3 days ago

    Michelle Khare can you show us what you do normally? Like when you’re not testing out a new fitness challenge?

  4. Gi Yah

    Gi Yah15 days ago

    Sandra Bullock's workout for the movie Gravity. Please!!!!

  5. sofia vinitskaia

    sofia vinitskaiaMonth ago

    Michelle Khare you should review alexis ren’s ab workout!

  6. Emily Munro

    Emily MunroMonth ago

    Michelle Khare yasss

  7. Kayleen Ramos

    Kayleen Ramos2 days ago

    please review some type of butt workout for 30 days or more

  8. Zoe Pena

    Zoe Pena3 days ago

    I’m only watching the video and I already feel the pain

  9. Katie Hernandez

    Katie Hernandez3 days ago

    watching this as i eat pizza lol

  10. Tove Flermoen

    Tove Flermoen7 days ago

    you should try tom daley’s workouts

  11. Nadia May Betina

    Nadia May Betina8 days ago

    ouch dude xx

  12. Hadia husain

    Hadia husain9 days ago

    hi Michelle, I recently started following your youtube channel and I love what you do. I wanted to ask if you work at buzzfeed? or if this is just what you do on your own :)

  13. Chelsy c

    Chelsy c14 days ago

    Please try Rebecca Louis workouts

  14. DreamOn Channel

    DreamOn Channel14 days ago

    Hey Michelle! So this isn't really a celebrity workout, but just a request of achieving a Thigh gap? Ppl say it's all in the bone structure. It be cool b if you did a video to confirm that. Thanks! Love you 😘

  15. Greenlighter sn

    Greenlighter sn15 days ago

    Jennifer Aniston’s work outs, any will do.

  16. Bookish Girl

    Bookish Girl15 days ago

    Gigi hadid 's

  17. Sapphire Virgo

    Sapphire Virgo22 days ago

    do more ab workout vidss

  18. Mónica Valois

    Mónica Valois23 days ago

    The point of this is not to do it constantly? And That’s how you get results?

  19. Hannah Saxton

    Hannah Saxton25 days ago

    Try Kayla’s fitness plan!!

  20. Annabelle W

    Annabelle W25 days ago

    Hey! Do you think you could try a workout plan that's for "normal" people? Most of us don't have a ton of time and/or money to spend on working out! Thanks:)

  21. Katelyn Nakamura

    Katelyn Nakamura25 days ago

    The Alexis Ren workout!

  22. Gina Nguyen

    Gina Nguyen26 days ago

    Her: ITS SO HARD *does everything* Me: *attempts one sit up unsuccessfully* Im so hungry now.

  23. Sehaj Arora

    Sehaj Arora26 days ago

    Wow u really work hard. That’s amazing

  24. Andrea Retzloff

    Andrea Retzloff29 days ago

    I died doing this

  25. Alexandra Petrella

    Alexandra PetrellaMonth ago

    Whitney Simmons workout!!

  26. Melissa changelryen

    Melissa changelryenMonth ago

    Dude you're so cool😄

  27. Liza Ibeth

    Liza IbethMonth ago

    I want one of those half balls you have, but then it will probs just be left in the corner of my room lol

  28. lazylama 24

    lazylama 24Month ago


  29. Katie Stamey

    Katie StameyMonth ago

    I would love to see you workout with the trainers from Revenge Body! :D

  30. Adriana Portir

    Adriana PortirMonth ago

    ❤️❤️ can you please try the alexis ren workout?❤️

  31. Marissa Casiano

    Marissa CasianoMonth ago

    you should do the workouts for like a week and then film results

  32. Max Power

    Max PowerMonth ago

    Working out with the best trainers in the world.... I’m dead lmao. That’s right folks buy an workouts lmao

  33. Kaleb Forysiak

    Kaleb ForysiakMonth ago

    The rock

  34. Angie Ruiz

    Angie RuizMonth ago

    What is the blue thing called (half ball lol)

  35. The G Sister’s Show

    The G Sister’s ShowMonth ago

    You did really well

  36. Karina and joselyn montes

    Karina and joselyn montesMonth ago

    love love this kind of videos

  37. Yousef Alrashdan

    Yousef AlrashdanMonth ago

    Lovely girl

  38. Lauren Swaine

    Lauren SwaineMonth ago

    try alexis rens ab workout!

  39. Alyssa  Isbell

    Alyssa IsbellMonth ago

    Hey if your read this and really it'll make my day

  40. catas world

    catas worldMonth ago

    Hi I’m a comment... LOVE ME!!!

  41. Bailey Knapp

    Bailey KnappMonth ago

    You should do Carrie Underwood’s workout

  42. Mighty 25

    Mighty 25Month ago

    Whatever workout you want to review is ok with me.......I’ll watch!

  43. Konstigo

    KonstigoMonth ago

    Watched a couple of your vids recently, just subbed :)

  44. jellyfish cat

    jellyfish catMonth ago

    shister gotta get her abs TONeD

  45. Meg Csoke

    Meg CsokeMonth ago

    You should try out Alexis Rens Ab workout for a week

  46. Kyley Inman

    Kyley InmanMonth ago

    I honestly love you

  47. Sneha  Jagadeesh

    Sneha JagadeeshMonth ago

    You put so much effort into your videos! I absolutely love you. New sub!

  48. Jimentrix Alegre

    Jimentrix AlegreMonth ago


  49. Jazlyn Roy

    Jazlyn RoyMonth ago

    The way you balance is by keeping your core tight making it harder than doing it on the floor.

  50. Rachel Fernandez

    Rachel FernandezMonth ago

    That girl is full of plastic and touch ups I wouldn't do any of her workouts hoping I'd look like that 💯 Keep it natural

  51. Richard Hoogstad

    Richard HoogstadMonth ago

    Besides from really wanting to close the curtains when doing this workout it does look like it might work. I do think it's bit lazy of Khloe to put her brand on it so it can generate an income but have someone else do the workout. Love a lot of your videos btw learned quite a lot.

  52. kayla Francis

    kayla FrancisMonth ago

    Idk if it exists but maybe Gal Gattod's workout. Gal Gadott ? Idk how to spell it

  53. Kay Anna

    Kay AnnaMonth ago

    you make it look so easy !!!

  54. Annabelle

    AnnabelleMonth ago

    she could’ve just gotten the free trial lol

  55. Maria

    MariaMonth ago

    I thought it was weird that Khloe wasn't doing it herself on her app too.

  56. Carrie Eldridge

    Carrie EldridgeMonth ago

    Michelle, thank you for being so inspiring to get my butt in the gym!!!!!!!

  57. Maria Paredes

    Maria ParedesMonth ago

    yesss, please do her cardio!

  58. Chris polewarczyk

    Chris polewarczykMonth ago

    you dont need abs, your being sucked into a superficial world thats not realistic

  59. rEe

    rEeMonth ago

    Do Alexis ren's workout!!

  60. Hannah Scrum

    Hannah ScrumMonth ago

    Alexis Ren’s ab workout!

  61. Sussy Leon Kuffo

    Sussy Leon KuffoMonth ago

    Sports illustrated models PLEASEE. 🙌🏼

  62. Sally25200625

    Sally25200625Month ago

    You keep me inspired to keep fit and healthy! Love you!!

  63. Elsie Benko

    Elsie BenkoMonth ago

    you should do a bubbletea/boba diet

  64. Mama Ducks Meatballs

    Mama Ducks MeatballsMonth ago

    I am so happy you have your channel your own channel !! You don’t know it but we are bff and I want to join you in all these thing you try out We should be neighbors!

  65. Tatiana Reaves

    Tatiana ReavesMonth ago

    So proud of you, looking fit and also loving that top :*

  66. Skye Renee

    Skye ReneeMonth ago

    Can you do Ciara’s diet and workout she used to lose 60lbs post baby 1?

  67. Ellie Kyesi

    Ellie KyesiMonth ago

    Please do Alexis Ren's ab workout! >

  68. Brooklin Buggy

    Brooklin BuggyMonth ago


  69. Brooklin Buggy

    Brooklin BuggyMonth ago


  70. Brooklin Buggy

    Brooklin BuggyMonth ago

    Train like a boxer

  71. Its Just MB

    Its Just MBMonth ago

    I dunno about celebrity exercises but what about trying koboko fitness(an MReporter channel)?

  72. layla loosh

    layla looshMonth ago

    I seriously love watching your videos. They make me gain confidence and motivation to work out and improve my diet! You’re beautiful! And could you do some butt workouts for a bigger booty!❤️

  73. Ronisha Parker

    Ronisha ParkerMonth ago

    You should try Joseline Hernandez ri28 challenge.. It's AMAZING!

  74. Nadia Ferraris

    Nadia FerrarisMonth ago

    Omg thankyou soooo muchhhh

  75. Kimi Somelove

    Kimi SomeloveMonth ago

    Woah you look way slimmer since the last time i saw your video

  76. Caity Britt

    Caity BrittMonth ago

    Omg I love you I’m subbing

  77. fullmoonsinner

    fullmoonsinnerMonth ago

    She looks perfect when she's working out and I leave the gym looking like a crackhead 😂

  78. Sambiro Kitawi

    Sambiro KitawiMonth ago

    Do Beyoncé diet and workout plan for a month

  79. MissHoneybunny85

    MissHoneybunny85Month ago

    Thank you so much for making this video! :-) I'm gonna start with this training this weekend and also making changes in my foodintake, little less carbs and trying to stay the hell out from sugardrinks...gonna be a tough one :-S Hopefully I have a little smaller belly in 2 months :-)

  80. Desert Rivers

    Desert RiversMonth ago

    hahaha she works with some of the best *cough* surgeon's *cough* in the world. She is looking great tho.

  81. Monika Kiss

    Monika KissMonth ago

    HGH? Hormone? I don’t believe only gym helps for khloé

  82. Monika Kiss

    Monika KissMonth ago

    Hormone hgh you forget

  83. Robloxian Gamer

    Robloxian GamerMonth ago

    Am I the only one who doesn't have a BOSU ball?

  84. Caresse Naz

    Caresse NazMonth ago

    I really liked your healthy and unique videos, but I'm curious to see your daily "actual" workout routine :D

  85. Judy Rad

    Judy RadMonth ago

    keto babay!

  86. Sara-Louise Andersen

    Sara-Louise AndersenMonth ago

    Do Alexis Ren’s 10 MINUTE AB WORKOUT!

  87. Laffi R

    Laffi RMonth ago

    Hmm 🤔 i saw her doing her exercises on Ellen or something and it did not look like she exercised a day in her life! Tell me I’m wrong

  88. Kshirabdhi M

    Kshirabdhi M2 months ago

    What can we use in place of the ball?

  89. Kristen Moody

    Kristen Moody2 months ago

    Kayla Itsines BBG workouts would be a great video! This ab workout looks brutal 😬

  90. JustBeingEve

    JustBeingEve2 months ago

    I just tried it and I could not even extend my legs out and in but I was sweat tho

  91. morgan charlton

    morgan charlton2 months ago

    Where is your top from?

  92. J's Journey

    J's Journey2 months ago

    Look like you were struggling 😂 must be real good 🙌🏽

  93. Mira Downie

    Mira Downie2 months ago

    Could you please try Blogilates

  94. Laura Cuerden

    Laura Cuerden2 months ago

    Love it

  95. Camila Luis Gronau

    Camila Luis Gronau2 months ago

    Do a Gigi Hadid excercise vid!

  96. Rex67Diego9 fandub

    Rex67Diego9 fandub2 months ago

    workout of alicia vikander for tomb rider

  97. Power N

    Power N2 months ago

    Just came upon your MReporter channel love how you try out different workouts from different people! Deffo subscribing

  98. Mariam Portillo

    Mariam Portillo2 months ago

    Thank you im happy i found your channel you inspired me to exercise 😊

  99. Flo

    Flo2 months ago

    I love you & your vids!! :)

  100. LovelyLady Carter

    LovelyLady Carter2 months ago

    Ok so first off #NEWSUB🙌🏽👏🏽👌🏾second wth do you do for those great arms🤭😱also I’m gonna add this to my daily ab routine for the next 60days and track the results💯👌🏾thanks so much beautiful 💋

  101. Crystal M

    Crystal M2 months ago

    I would like to see the other Khloé ab workout with cardio.

  102. Lydia Solis

    Lydia Solis2 months ago

    What should u do if u don’t have a bosu ball?

  103. Daisy Jernigan

    Daisy Jernigan2 months ago

    Its great to see idiots following another idiot

  104. A F

    A F2 months ago

    You gotta try Alexis Ren’s 10 minute ab workout!

  105. Ms. Skyy Bethea

    Ms. Skyy Bethea2 months ago

    Hello Michelle I just came across your video today well I enjoyed the khloe k. workout thanx for sharing this video with us May God bless you.