Trying Khloé Kardashian's Ab Workout 💪


  1. Michelle Khare

    Michelle Khare9 months ago

    Where’s the notification squad at :) what other celeb routines do you want to see me review??? Leave links below!!!

  2. S2asiantwix7

    S2asiantwix74 days ago

    do the cardio ab workout!!!! and reviewww

  3. nikki flood

    nikki flood4 months ago

    Dwayne Johnson!

  4. Jamie Granados

    Jamie Granados4 months ago

    Demi Lavato? :)

  5. Madison Felmeten

    Madison Felmeten4 months ago

    Training like a pro volleyball player?

  6. Nataliexspidey7

    Nataliexspidey76 months ago

    Did you drink any water during these reps darling?

  7. Sarah Austin

    Sarah Austin10 days ago

    Selena gomez

  8. Nayshaness Toro

    Nayshaness Toro12 days ago

    Would love to see the cardio workout

  9. Kamila Wright

    Kamila Wright13 days ago

    Hi! What I can use in replace of the stability ball? And where did you get it from?

  10. Madison Grams

    Madison Grams14 days ago

    You should do tomb raiders workout

  11. Kaileigh Friel

    Kaileigh Friel15 days ago

    Do alexa ren ab workout for a week!!!!!!

  12. Elona-Crystal Kadukov

    Elona-Crystal Kadukov16 days ago

    Can you do Alexis RENs workout for a week??

  13. ashutoshtandan

    ashutoshtandan27 days ago

    Katrina kaif..

  14. Shriya Nirale

    Shriya NiraleMonth ago

    Heyy..can u plss share your personal gym workout routine....the one tht u do regularly...and also your nutrition if youu❤😘

  15. Leonie Doege

    Leonie DoegeMonth ago

    Can you do BBG by Kayla Itsines next please?

  16. JR

    JRMonth ago

    Why idolize these degenerative piece of shit Kardashian's who rose to fame by doing Ecstasy and releasing a sex tape. Gross.

  17. Kimi Chong

    Kimi Chong2 months ago

    Loren gray's workout

  18. Radhika Dogra

    Radhika Dogra2 months ago

    Erika Costell

  19. Isabel Beccera

    Isabel Beccera2 months ago


  20. Sammie Walton

    Sammie Walton2 months ago

    zac Efron workout hahahahah

  21. The Fidgety Passport

    The Fidgety Passport2 months ago

    I kind of already don't like myself for deciding this but i'm going to give that workout a try at my gym workout tomorrow! :p I know I might not be quite so enthusiastic when I get to round 3

  22. Kristen DeMarco

    Kristen DeMarco3 months ago

    I’m out of breath just watching this

  23. Snakehawk81

    Snakehawk813 months ago

    Will you be my wife ?

  24. Creatures of the night Forever

    Creatures of the night Forever4 months ago

    What is the ball called

  25. Samantha Wolcott

    Samantha Wolcott4 months ago

    Carrie Underwood's leg workout

  26. Kendra Jackson

    Kendra Jackson4 months ago

    You should do a Fitness Competition video!

  27. Chocolate 210

    Chocolate 2104 months ago

    Already from the intro your body looked great !



    Khloe did liposuction first then she started with ab workout

  29. Madison Snyder

    Madison Snyder4 months ago

    You should try a Kardashian diet

  30. babyhols666

    babyhols6664 months ago

    she actually did it THREE times

  31. Iris

    Iris4 months ago

    Alexis Ren has an awesome workout too

  32. Saleha Khalood - Heart Lake SS (2462)

    Saleha Khalood - Heart Lake SS (2462)4 months ago


  33. LlamaLookinggoood MSP

    LlamaLookinggoood MSP4 months ago


  34. the gay tree

    the gay tree5 months ago

    Wow michelle, you look stunning

  35. Efi Efi

    Efi Efi5 months ago

    Your posture is kinda bad in most of them. You are gonna hurt yourself.

  36. Yaeji Han

    Yaeji Han5 months ago

    I love the sports bra/top! where is it from???

  37. Michael Burns

    Michael Burns5 months ago

    Get your red tea here….. Thank you in advance. Cheers

  38. Anirudh Hari

    Anirudh Hari5 months ago

    Since you asked us to throw suggestions here, why not to a day/round of Arnold's or Sylvester's workouts generally, or when they're on set for a film!

  39. Trinity Aamber

    Trinity Aamber5 months ago

    I like to watch these vids while eating very unhealthy foods 😂


    CCP TUTORIALS5 months ago

    It’s not fair that she still looks good while working out like omg She’s so pretty

  41. SophPerfect __

    SophPerfect __6 months ago

    Uhg I hate V-UPS in general why would I do scissor in & out V-UPS too??!!😂😂😂

  42. 1hum13

    1hum136 months ago

    Jlos diet n training her abs are AMAZING

  43. D B

    D B6 months ago

    I think you need to hear this. I appreciate you! I appreciate your honesty and very real presence! Thank you for showing how difficult these are! Keeping it honest shows that we all grow. Nothimg worse than watching someone breeze through something new is very frustrating! Again, I APPRECIATE YOU!

  44. Anna Kincaid

    Anna Kincaid6 months ago

    I LOVE this video! seriously I was doing jack knife situps for the fist time today (30 reps 3 times!) I seriously sucked at them. it is so nice to see someone else that is into fitness struggling. Real life man! LOVE IT! :-)

  45. Amber Greenleaf

    Amber Greenleaf6 months ago

    Do the Vicky justus 5 min workout to a smaller waist.

  46. Louissze

    Louissze6 months ago

    I aint doin that sht. Its hardddddd and looks painful the other day. Loveyourvideos 💖

  47. Shirsa Ghosh

    Shirsa Ghosh6 months ago

    why dont the sisters follow the same abs routine!!

  48. Gabi Paul

    Gabi Paul6 months ago

    hi can you do Alexis Ren abs workout

  49. Tish Rourke

    Tish Rourke6 months ago

    Just watched your video you’re amazing! If you look close at her stomach it looks weird, thin skin, and lumpy looking, while her but is fat and plump, honey that’s from liposuction and the fat is injected into the butt along with God knows what else, butt that’s what they do. I’m from LA work in the business and my friend does their hair. Ya they work out but it’s much more easy to inject and suck out to get those results it’s not from working out. And girls with big butts, it’s all fat anyway, and they have dimples lumps and bumps, you can’t have an ass that big with working out, the shape the size, comes from implants and injections. Look at the pic of Kim on the beach in that vintage dior bikini you see the real thing! I think all of their stomachs and butts have been worked on by a plastic surgeon they just look weird and not good!

  50. Berenice Le Madec

    Berenice Le Madec6 months ago

    You’re so inspirational 😍

  51. Celina Anderson

    Celina Anderson6 months ago

    Ugh you make me want to get back in shape. I was a stay at home mom up until last week. Now I have a part time job and about to go to school... for a very long time. Would you be able to direct me or make a video on things to eat on the go, for mornings and afternoons. I LOVE your videos I’m really shocked you don’t have more subscribers. Your doing GREAT!

  52. Mia Kercado

    Mia Kercado6 months ago

    Where is that top from?

  53. Pooja Jena

    Pooja Jena6 months ago

    What's the equipment you're using?

  54. Emily Sinning

    Emily Sinning6 months ago

    Are the in and outs and leg ext. the same thing?

  55. Laura Hastings

    Laura Hastings6 months ago

    Love your videos

  56. Tanna G

    Tanna G6 months ago

    Now on sale 😍

  57. Claudia Contreras

    Claudia Contreras6 months ago


  58. Madison Byun

    Madison Byun6 months ago

    pls do alexis ren workouts!!

  59. Jazzy Tentacion.

    Jazzy Tentacion.6 months ago

    Kim k = Mk

  60. Valerie Ayala

    Valerie Ayala7 months ago

    I’m a new subscriber as of yesterday! Your content is great, and i love your enthusiasm and how much effort you put into whatever you do. And you have some of the best shoulders I have ever seen! ❤️

  61. Kayleen Ramos

    Kayleen Ramos7 months ago

    please review some type of butt workout for 30 days or more

  62. Zoe Aiesha

    Zoe Aiesha7 months ago

    I’m only watching the video and I already feel the pain

  63. Katie Hernandez

    Katie Hernandez7 months ago

    watching this as i eat pizza lol

  64. Tove Flermoen

    Tove Flermoen7 months ago

    you should try tom daley’s workouts

  65. Nadia May Betina

    Nadia May Betina7 months ago

    ouch dude xx

  66. Hadia husain

    Hadia husain7 months ago

    hi Michelle, I recently started following your youtube channel and I love what you do. I wanted to ask if you work at buzzfeed? or if this is just what you do on your own :)

  67. Chelsy c

    Chelsy c7 months ago

    Please try Rebecca Louis workouts

  68. Chandrima Dutta

    Chandrima Dutta7 months ago

    Hey Michelle! So this isn't really a celebrity workout, but just a request of achieving a Thigh gap? Ppl say it's all in the bone structure. It be cool b if you did a video to confirm that. Thanks! Love you 😘

  69. Greenlighter sn

    Greenlighter sn7 months ago

    Jennifer Aniston’s work outs, any will do.

  70. Bookish Girl

    Bookish Girl7 months ago

    Gigi hadid 's

  71. Sapphire Virgo

    Sapphire Virgo7 months ago

    do more ab workout vidss

  72. Mónica Valois

    Mónica Valois7 months ago

    The point of this is not to do it constantly? And That’s how you get results?

  73. Hannah Saxton

    Hannah Saxton7 months ago

    Try Kayla’s fitness plan!!

  74. Annabelle W

    Annabelle W7 months ago

    Hey! Do you think you could try a workout plan that's for "normal" people? Most of us don't have a ton of time and/or money to spend on working out! Thanks:)

  75. Katelyn Nakamura

    Katelyn Nakamura7 months ago

    The Alexis Ren workout!

  76. Gina Nguyen

    Gina Nguyen7 months ago

    Her: ITS SO HARD *does everything* Me: *attempts one sit up unsuccessfully* Im so hungry now.

  77. Sehaj Arora

    Sehaj Arora7 months ago

    Wow u really work hard. That’s amazing

  78. Andrea Retzloff

    Andrea Retzloff8 months ago

    I died doing this

  79. Alexandra Petrella

    Alexandra Petrella8 months ago

    Whitney Simmons workout!!

  80. Melissa changelryen

    Melissa changelryen8 months ago

    Dude you're so cool😄

  81. Liza Ibeth

    Liza Ibeth8 months ago

    I want one of those half balls you have, but then it will probs just be left in the corner of my room lol

  82. lazylama 24

    lazylama 248 months ago


  83. Katie Stamey

    Katie Stamey8 months ago

    I would love to see you workout with the trainers from Revenge Body! :D

  84. Adriana Portir

    Adriana Portir8 months ago

    ❤️❤️ can you please try the alexis ren workout?❤️

  85. Marissa Casiano

    Marissa Casiano8 months ago

    you should do the workouts for like a week and then film results

  86. Kaleb Forysiak

    Kaleb Forysiak8 months ago

    The rock

  87. Angie Ruiz

    Angie Ruiz8 months ago

    What is the blue thing called (half ball lol)

  88. The G Sister’s Show

    The G Sister’s Show8 months ago

    You did really well

  89. Karina and joselyn montes

    Karina and joselyn montes8 months ago

    love love this kind of videos

  90. Yousef Alrashdan

    Yousef Alrashdan8 months ago

    Lovely girl

  91. Lauren Swaine

    Lauren Swaine8 months ago

    try alexis rens ab workout!

  92. Alyssa  Isbell

    Alyssa Isbell8 months ago

    Hey if your read this and really it'll make my day

  93. catas world

    catas world8 months ago

    Hi I’m a comment... LOVE ME!!!

  94. Bailey Knapp

    Bailey Knapp8 months ago

    You should do Carrie Underwood’s workout

  95. Mighty Whitey 25

    Mighty Whitey 258 months ago

    Whatever workout you want to review is ok with me.......I’ll watch!

  96. konstigo

    konstigo8 months ago

    Watched a couple of your vids recently, just subbed :)

  97. jellyfish cat

    jellyfish cat8 months ago

    shister gotta get her abs TONeD

  98. Meg Csoke

    Meg Csoke8 months ago

    You should try out Alexis Rens Ab workout for a week

  99. Kyley Inman

    Kyley Inman8 months ago

    I honestly love you

  100. Sneha  Jagadeesh

    Sneha Jagadeesh8 months ago

    You put so much effort into your videos! I absolutely love you. New sub!

  101. Jimentrix Alegre

    Jimentrix Alegre8 months ago


  102. Jazlyn Roy

    Jazlyn Roy8 months ago

    The way you balance is by keeping your core tight making it harder than doing it on the floor.

  103. Precious Moments

    Precious Moments8 months ago

    That girl is full of plastic and touch ups I wouldn't do any of her workouts hoping I'd look like that 💯 Keep it natural

  104. Richard Hoogstad

    Richard Hoogstad8 months ago

    Besides from really wanting to close the curtains when doing this workout it does look like it might work. I do think it's bit lazy of Khloe to put her brand on it so it can generate an income but have someone else do the workout. Love a lot of your videos btw learned quite a lot.

  105. kayla Francis

    kayla Francis8 months ago

    Idk if it exists but maybe Gal Gattod's workout. Gal Gadott ? Idk how to spell it