Trying A Full Face Of Japanese Drugstore Makeup


  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard4 months ago

    HELLO FRIENDS!! i hope you enjoy part 3/3 of our japan series!! and thank u for understanding that i was totally out of it this past week, i'm trying to get back to more regular posting in July! love u guys

  2. Code Crafter

    Code Crafter9 days ago

    Love ur vids!!!

  3. Kavishka Amarasinghe

    Kavishka Amarasinghe16 days ago

    It's ok🤗😘😊

  4. Kaylin Schei

    Kaylin Schei29 days ago

    Why was RinRin wearing a mask on her face?

  5. Chopsy's Life

    Chopsy's LifeMonth ago

    Why is rin rin wearing a mask?

  6. mermaidthousands

    mermaidthousands4 hours ago

    From Japan🇯🇵 My favorite drugstore is アインズトルペ👍💖 LINE@ or registration coupon

  7. mermaidthousands

    mermaidthousands3 hours ago

    よく考えたら Makeup の色物はほとんど 韓国コスメかHUDA , Tarte や外資ブランドを使ってるからスキンケアやヘアケアを買うのが良いのかも😢💗 おすすめ / recommend Hair MILBON / elujuda emulsion (You can buy it in her buying shop.) Skin care brands ALBION / IGNIS / IPSA (in Department)

  8. mermaidthousands

    mermaidthousands3 hours ago

    recommend eyebrow: heavy rotation (ヘビーローテーション)mascara for eyebrows ... (I use your buying ettusais eyebrows chip powder too.) concealer: the seam (Korea brand) cheek: ❶this movie CANMAKE cream cheek ❷CEZANNE powder cheeks ❸SHISEIDO inner glow cheek powder(only department )

  9. Vida Green Consulting

    Vida Green ConsultingDay ago

    it would be cool if you did kind of a lolita girl look

  10. Kristinne Negron

    Kristinne NegronDay ago

    Wait... was Never Be the Same playing at the store or did she play it in the background??? Now I’m confused 😂

  11. Kyo Su

    Kyo SuDay ago

    Your background screen of tyler has me living

  12. Carly Bwago

    Carly BwagoDay ago

    We need that bb cushion in the US 😭

  13. Kpop_ weirdo

    Kpop_ weirdo2 days ago

    Hehe shiny hehe shinEE

  14. Gucci Squad

    Gucci Squad2 days ago


  15. sarah onanuga

    sarah onanuga2 days ago

    Do a video on YesStyle clothinggggg !!!

  16. tazzypaw

    tazzypaw2 days ago

    Those prices though?!?! 23$ for maybelline!!!

  17. Blaneʚ Steph

    Blaneʚ Steph2 days ago

    I love it

  18. Kathy Fan

    Kathy Fan2 days ago

    I think 💭 it looks great 👍 tbh 😊

  19. Jocelynn Bon

    Jocelynn Bon3 days ago

    Go to South Korea Seoul

  20. SakuraBlossom 753

    SakuraBlossom 7533 days ago

    0:49 correct me if I'm wrong but I think the girl on the right is Korean, like I said, CORRECT ME IF IM WRONG

  21. K Z

    K Z3 days ago

    and thank you for this review! I live in Asia and I use mostly asian cosmetics (I'm Caucasian) because they match my skin better, but I was always reluctant to try these blushes and foundation. I have similar eyeliner and concealer, it works magic on blemishes but shouldn't be used under the eye because it drags the skin too much. I might actually buy this puff foundation and the blushes now!

  22. K Z

    K Z3 days ago

    for the longest time I thought droopy eyeliner was the proper way to do eyeliner XD I'm learning the wing nowadays, but droopy is like wayyyyyyy easier

  23. Aidyn Mccuaig

    Aidyn Mccuaig3 days ago

    you should do the microscope with Japanese vs u.s.a makeup

  24. NappieHead Jadie

    NappieHead Jadie3 days ago

    8:44 Did anyone else hear Ella Mai Bood'up

  25. Erika Fiorini

    Erika Fiorini3 days ago

    love this eyeliner style on you. I prefer it to the cateye :)

  26. Hindi lubos Na pagsisisi

    Hindi lubos Na pagsisisi3 days ago

    That highlighter is brighter than my future...

  27. Gretchen Zita

    Gretchen Zita3 days ago

    Safiya, you are so pretty!!! 🥰

  28. Ezra Angela-Demon

    Ezra Angela-Demon3 days ago

    You look so cute ❤☺

  29. Kate Lala

    Kate Lala3 days ago

    whats the translation app called?

  30. minecraftergirl12

    minecraftergirl123 days ago

    Who's here after 6 mil?? XD

  31. Mc Son of a bitch

    Mc Son of a bitch4 days ago

    I actually like this sort of eyeliner on me because I have resting bitch face and it makes my eyes look nicer

  32. Toys Galore Toys Some More

    Toys Galore Toys Some More4 days ago

    You should mix all your concealers

  33. freddie mercury

    freddie mercury4 days ago

    i legit think about emma watson's eyebrows every day, you think i'm joking... but i'm not

  34. Mellanie Luyando

    Mellanie Luyando5 days ago

    4:57 her laugh🤣🤣🤣 No hate👌🏼❤

  35. Nurul Atiqah

    Nurul Atiqah5 days ago


  36. theblonderthanthou

    theblonderthanthou5 days ago

    "I'll take your word for granted" :D

  37. Catherine Le

    Catherine Le5 days ago

    Anyone notice that with the foundation it was a completely different shade form her actual skin tone?

  38. paritchamon

    paritchamon6 days ago

    what app is it

  39. Korben B

    Korben B6 days ago

    Contour is extremely eurocentric so I'm honestly glad that it's not a thing in Japan

  40. Mena Toda

    Mena Toda7 days ago

    At least you didn't laugh at a dead body 😰

  41. hyun gyung KIm

    hyun gyung KIm7 days ago

    how about K-beauty ? korean cosmetic brand no.1 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

  42. gradeone newton

    gradeone newton7 days ago

    “You can definitely tell the THICCNESS is gone” MAH THICC EYEBROWS!! AAaaAaaaAaaaaAaAaAAaHHhHhhHhhhHhhhH

  43. gradeone newton

    gradeone newton7 days ago

    Why does Safiya always make me feel poor

  44. Rajeshwari Thaker

    Rajeshwari Thaker7 days ago

    Please do a video where you wear kpop dupe outfits for a week

  45. Peppermint Candy

    Peppermint Candy7 days ago

    Videos like this one are wasting everyone's time .You don't look better with this makeup.Still have the big nose and witchypoo eyebrows.

  46. Amelia Zell

    Amelia Zell7 days ago

    Why is RinRin wearing a mask

  47. Marie Gremillion

    Marie Gremillion8 days ago

    I kind of panicked when you took out the contacts, the laws are certainly different over there but I know in America if they don’t ask for your prescription they’re illegal and probably unsafe, so idk how safe buying them from a normal drugstore would be

  48. Sujan Singh

    Sujan Singh8 days ago

    this look,looks good on you

  49. Lou Ngoko

    Lou Ngoko8 days ago

    I don't think you need nose contour lmao. You have a really defined nose, enough that even with your regular foundation, it stands out enough. My nose bridge is more flat so I don't use nose contour unless I'mlooking for that extra "Drag" look. Also, may I mention that i love that you're using your Cards Against Humanity box to prop your mirror ? Tyvm for existing

  50. Oh it’s Sam

    Oh it’s Sam8 days ago

    I can’t stress enough about how much I love it when Safiya says “alright” 😂😂😂

  51. Caitlin Seecharan

    Caitlin Seecharan8 days ago

    7:39 anyone else hearing rd sheeran???

  52. Bella Sukoco

    Bella Sukoco8 days ago

    Try Indonesia traditional makeup please 🙂

  53. Gabby Raymond 2.0000

    Gabby Raymond 2.00008 days ago

    Who else got a Snickers ad

  54. Cur Capsicum

    Cur Capsicum8 days ago

    I loooooooooove this look.

  55. Jane Evans

    Jane Evans8 days ago

    I feel like your hiding Rash under your eyes even though it’s .. blush.. the nose contour thing.. looked like you were sticking near the chimney ..seams like it works pretty well though.

  56. Rita Moreira

    Rita Moreira8 days ago

    Please check my full face of wet n wild and subscribe if you like! Thank you! I will sub back

  57. KK and Curvy Kaitlyn None yo beez wax

    KK and Curvy Kaitlyn None yo beez wax8 days ago

    the contacts really change your look

  58. samirah mccaulla

    samirah mccaulla8 days ago

    She Rey be bigger than buzzfeed cuz buzzfeed loosing while she gains

  59. Kairi Rodriguez

    Kairi Rodriguez8 days ago

    14:56 imagine waking up in the morning and the first thing you see is that face. XD

  60. Nobody important

    Nobody important8 days ago

    I love how Saf is so much taller than others people in the video

  61. GGpluspugs

    GGpluspugs8 days ago

    Im glad in japan they love puffy under eyes cuz i am very insecure about mine lol

  62. Nellie sjölander

    Nellie sjölander8 days ago

    Are you from sweden 🇸🇪? Your name are pretty swedish..

  63. avery eich

    avery eich9 days ago

    I love that I have the same purple brush that she uses for her eyes. #target

  64. Angelique Amp

    Angelique Amp9 days ago

    Why was run wereing a mask covering her mouth 👄? I’m just asking ☺️

  65. Horse Girl

    Horse Girl9 days ago

    Dude rin rin is gorgeoussss😍😍

  66. Calico Galaxy

    Calico Galaxy9 days ago

    I loved that u used Pokémon characters when Rin Rin talked about the anime eyes

  67. lisajynx

    lisajynx9 days ago

    I really love the look you got with the J-beauty products... It's a nice change from your normal look!

  68. keira smith

    keira smith9 days ago

    Did you have bad breath is that why she was wearing that mask 😂?

  69. Christine Salas

    Christine Salas9 days ago

    the wallpaper has my dieing

  70. SnowWolfy Gaming

    SnowWolfy Gaming9 days ago

    the eye lensis is just circle lensis but also loght colored

  71. Thmua

    Thmua9 days ago

    You look like an anime character!!! 💙

  72. Charlotte Farley

    Charlotte Farley9 days ago

    They sell them in Australia for the foundation Safiya

  73. Siobhán Kirby

    Siobhán Kirby9 days ago

    Love the contacts!!! Colour really suits you. 😉👍🏻🇯🇵

  74. Winona

    Winona9 days ago


  75. Enji Dolans

    Enji Dolans9 days ago

    why do they want puffy eyes when I look like that every morning lmao, Id be attractive in Japan but its hard to please the U.S

  76. Meh

    Meh9 days ago

    U have a lot of text lol

  77. xusi lee

    xusi lee10 days ago

    0:48 the girl on the right is jung.y00n on instagram

  78. AnimAnimations

    AnimAnimations10 days ago

    LOL I love how you are holding your mirror with Cards Against Humanity XD ☻♥

  79. Robin L.

    Robin L.10 days ago

    you look so pretty!!

  80. Teddy Fan101

    Teddy Fan10110 days ago

    The makeup made you look soooo pretty

  81. The Moon

    The Moon10 days ago

    You look good with or without make up

  82. ncc_ itz_brylie

    ncc_ itz_brylie10 days ago

    So are u like really close to Japan? Cuz it seems like u like always go there

  83. Venessa McWhirter

    Venessa McWhirter10 days ago

    Safiya looks GREAT in this makeup and My favorite part was the Colored Contacts, They look great!

  84. confused

    confused10 days ago

    When the mirror is on top of cards against humanity 😂😂

  85. Cosmic Cosplay Cat

    Cosmic Cosplay Cat10 days ago

    Why do I see many Japanese people wearing hospital like masks? I’m just very curious if anyone had the answer

  86. Aramara Tenshi

    Aramara Tenshi9 days ago

    Cosmic Cosplay Cat they wear them if they are sick, so they don’t get anyone else sick or get sicker.

  87. Anna Jones

    Anna Jones10 days ago

    Did anyone else JUST realize she puts music in her videos

  88. Katy Chilvers

    Katy Chilvers10 days ago

    I love that you used a Cards Against Humanity box to lift up your mirror!!

  89. Lake Wager Lalason

    Lake Wager Lalason10 days ago

    Why did rinrin have the mask

  90. Al Yugen

    Al Yugen10 days ago

    Anyone else annoyed by her nose contour?

  91. Eshazul

    Eshazul10 days ago

    I do really like Japanese makeup, because contouring isn't that bold like what we can see in France 🙂

  92. SuperTroller

    SuperTroller10 days ago

    Safiya should totally try PH makeup trends

  93. zhannell feve

    zhannell feve10 days ago

    *cush is actually comb

  94. zhannell feve

    zhannell feve10 days ago

    I live in japan and I use all of this and they’re honestly really good

  95. Grace Tuckey

    Grace Tuckey10 days ago

    “Your asking me?” “ *im asking THE UNIVERSE* “

  96. Anny Sas

    Anny Sas11 days ago

    the under eye hilight the eyeiner and the contacts makee your eyes look bigger and it looks overall good

  97. Ona Alert

    Ona Alert11 days ago

    Maybe it would have been more accurate if your brows were softer and less black

  98. Uli Chapa

    Uli Chapa11 days ago

    I must say I like the look. It looks fresh and innocent. I don't know if I can wear it but you look great in it.

  99. Lauren Rufolo

    Lauren Rufolo11 days ago

    *sees and hear a ton of English* are you sure you are in Japan?

  100. Aliciaアリシア

    Aliciaアリシア11 days ago

    Omg I used to buy make up at that same Ainz Tulpe store in Harajuku when I studied in Tokyo... So many good memories

  101. Anjola Adewunmi

    Anjola Adewunmi12 days ago

    Fun fact: In Japan we not allowed to talk on phones on our trains(Sorry for my english)

  102. Phoebe Reynolds

    Phoebe Reynolds12 days ago

    2:59 479 texts! I wish I had that many friends 😂

  103. Rochelle Patten

    Rochelle Patten12 days ago

  104. Marijana Rupčić

    Marijana Rupčić12 days ago

    Damn Lucky star is the best

  105. xllsool

    xllsool12 days ago

    You look cute

  106. Kura Domowa

    Kura Domowa12 days ago

    Just FYI physicians formula have that foundation and it’s fabulous! Also smells pretty good too which is a plus :)

  107. 민수미

    민수미12 days ago

    Imma just say this but I think saf is beautiful and looks grate in everything 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ I don’t make the rules