TRY NOT TO Slip 'N Slide Through the Wrong MYSTERY BOX!!


  1. Lorenzo Alfeo

    Lorenzo AlfeoHour ago

    Hey, instead of “Papa Rug” why can’t it be “Papa Thug”🤣

  2. tay hall

    tay hall6 hours ago

    His dad went crazy with that glue😂☠️

  3. Mrs. Squish

    Mrs. Squish9 hours ago

    I love cam and Jeff they r my fav. youtubers

  4. Vikki Hoist

    Vikki Hoist9 hours ago


  5. Medina Girls

    Medina Girls10 hours ago

    your dad is so adorable !

  6. Latara block Block

    Latara block Block10 hours ago

    Omg theirs a bee😱🐝

  7. robot Daugherty

    robot Daugherty11 hours ago

    I know I haven't subscribed yet should I subscribe reply yes or no

  8. jaziel Gutierrez

    jaziel Gutierrez12 hours ago


  9. jaziel Gutierrez

    jaziel Gutierrez12 hours ago


  10. jaziel Gutierrez

    jaziel Gutierrez12 hours ago

    I love pickles

  11. #Little Lit Dancer#

    #Little Lit Dancer#13 hours ago

    Give a like to me if i looked like he jizzed his pants

  12. Terry Abner

    Terry Abner14 hours ago

    Who's holding the camera

  13. ICY J's

    ICY J's14 hours ago

    when u a millionare and u cant afford bigger slip n slides

  14. Matthew Brant

    Matthew Brant16 hours ago


  15. Ashley miranda Ace family

    Ashley miranda Ace family18 hours ago

    Prank your mom by eating a lot of candy in front of her

  16. AiringBaby

    AiringBaby23 hours ago

    elmers milk

  17. Jake The Snake 100

    Jake The Snake 10023 hours ago

    Con grats on 9 mill

  18. Pink Blood

    Pink BloodDay ago

    Where is his dad from?? He doesn’t sound American

  19. sifigob

    sifigobDay ago

    how is this foo like 20 and he still live with his parents 😭


    U TUBE TIME XDDay ago


  21. Remy's world

    Remy's worldDay ago


  22. K.Akiller K.A

    K.Akiller K.ADay ago

    Ha Ha🤣😂😂🤣

  23. what up vlogger

    what up vloggerDay ago

    love the vid you should try to join team 10 you r good enough

  24. mohammad al maruf

    mohammad al marufDay ago

    we got a awesome dad

  25. Horizon Boy

    Horizon BoyDay ago

    you should do a sliding into pool with mikr

  26. Brenlouis98

    Brenlouis98Day ago

    Ur dads likes ketchup😂

  27. Will Booth

    Will BoothDay ago

    Make ur mum start a channel

  28. 3 Girls 1 Channel

    3 Girls 1 ChannelDay ago

    Everyone stop! Hes not coping cam and jeff he said in the beginning that he got INSPIRATION FROM THEM Jesus Christ

  29. AspieNinja

    AspieNinjaDay ago

    Chi hate my life. And you brighten up my life thank you so much

  30. Daniela Villagomez

    Daniela VillagomezDay ago

    who's filming?

  31. Maira Gutierrez

    Maira GutierrezDay ago


  32. Wild Spirit

    Wild SpiritDay ago

    If a rug Rat was in my house I would get my cat to handle that...WAIT NOT ME!

  33. Amber Gordon

    Amber Gordon2 days ago

    faze rug you can make a music video

  34. Aesthetic Wolfy

    Aesthetic Wolfy2 days ago

    Hope you get 9m because you are close

  35. CAPPAJ2

    CAPPAJ22 days ago

    He called mega blocks Legos😂😭😂😭😂😭 I love you man but fuck

  36. How To Do It

    How To Do It2 days ago

    Fucking copycat

  37. Leland Bug

    Leland Bug2 days ago


  38. Reilly Alexander

    Reilly Alexander2 days ago

    9.21 im in the clear 😂

  39. AllyMJ

    AllyMJ2 days ago

    Papa rug though 😸🤗🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  40. Juliana Guerrero

    Juliana Guerrero2 days ago

    um rug is that a thong?

  41. FlamerGaming J

    FlamerGaming J2 days ago

    is this what people send their time watching? good for you making money on retards.

  42. norma valencia

    norma valencia2 days ago

    He hit his head on the Camera

  43. Eddie Rivera

    Eddie Rivera2 days ago

    Hi I'm Eddie

  44. Caylee Wyn

    Caylee Wyn2 days ago

    Lol I love his family

  45. Yucci Hashem

    Yucci Hashem2 days ago

    Rug do fortnite

  46. paypay and aa

    paypay and aa3 days ago

    I knew you was inspired by cam and jeff when i saw this video

  47. Nia Taufaao

    Nia Taufaao3 days ago

    Your grass!!!!!!!! OMG

  48. aBitSlimey

    aBitSlimey3 days ago

    When you said 'now theres an aeroplane flying over our house' and aeroplane flew over mine😂

  49. Gang Gang

    Gang Gang3 days ago


  50. Ashton Limon

    Ashton Limon3 days ago

    Omg the pickles cummed in my mouth

  51. Mr. Thiccy

    Mr. Thiccy3 days ago

    His dad is a fat ass

  52. Misspineapple268

    Misspineapple2683 days ago

    hows mike

  53. Lastwrds

    Lastwrds3 days ago

    Shut tf up about the gardeners and airplanes..those people actually work real jobs everyday

  54. srupup srupup

    srupup srupup3 days ago

    You you should shootbthw birds

  55. Work Smart Not Hard

    Work Smart Not Hard3 days ago

    @ Cam and Jeff

  56. Tyler Reindel

    Tyler Reindel3 days ago


  57. Tyler Reindel

    Tyler Reindel3 days ago

    I’d kill to have the property they live on

  58. Just Parkour Squad

    Just Parkour Squad3 days ago

    I’m the 9,000,000 subscriber

  59. Sly Apple

    Sly Apple3 days ago

    Wait........Why 13k Dislikes........

  60. RS VLOGS

    RS VLOGS3 days ago



    AWESOMENESS3 days ago

    lol he scared of bee

  62. ange in savage mode Angel varelas

    ange in savage mode Angel varelas3 days ago

    One of you should have build a wall with the Legos😁😂

  63. Money Goku

    Money Goku3 days ago

    For your next video do not drink the wrong thing

  64. Lucille Lopez

    Lucille Lopez3 days ago

    I subscribed to them I love them so much 😍😍😍😍😇😇😇😇

  65. Adriana Matos

    Adriana Matos4 days ago

    U copied Cam and Jeff and marked it as your own idea

  66. Daniel Morfin

    Daniel Morfin4 days ago

    Are u Mexican

  67. Gibbs Gwin13

    Gibbs Gwin134 days ago

    Did he say pickle cum in my mouth

  68. Lego88fan

    Lego88fan4 days ago

    Go back to playing cod instead of this shit you fucking asshole

  69. Mikael Macazan

    Mikael Macazan4 days ago

    I am sub to them for 5 month to cam and jeff

  70. Anything Gaming69

    Anything Gaming694 days ago


  71. karizma cillo

    karizma cillo4 days ago

    Rug always says “this is the most craziest thing I have ever done “ in like every video lmao

  72. Michael Lonis

    Michael Lonis4 days ago

    You guys honestly know they purposely go in the ones where there’s stuff to make it more entertaining. But it’s smart cause I stayed to watch the whole video

  73. Justine Salas

    Justine Salas4 days ago

    Lol it was funny when the box fell on dad lol

  74. Andy Garcia

    Andy Garcia4 days ago

    I will never be a rug rat you fat kid

  75. Malani Walsh vlogs

    Malani Walsh vlogs4 days ago

    Lol his dad is everything 😂🙌🏼😺👌🏻

  76. Exceptional Content

    Exceptional Content4 days ago

    “ Dad,here... OMG THERES A BEE “ Mee!!

  77. Kimberly Is lit

    Kimberly Is lit4 days ago

    do a part 2 plz like if you agree

  78. devil dog8

    devil dog84 days ago

    Birds u cant shut them up but u could shoot them

  79. Brayden Basaldua

    Brayden Basaldua4 days ago

    Rug said Cam and Jeff

  80. Minecraft Lover123

    Minecraft Lover1235 days ago

    I just subscribed

  81. Amber Amelia Jones

    Amber Amelia Jones5 days ago

    Oh my god there’s a bee!!

  82. evilita liem

    evilita liem5 days ago

    Brian you are on 8.9M subs so fast you're already on 8.9M subs GO RUG RATS

  83. Emely Feria

    Emely Feria5 days ago

    “And I see a lizard” LOL

  84. Michael Soto

    Michael Soto5 days ago

    At least he knew who knew who camNjeff is

  85. FrostFevr

    FrostFevr5 days ago

    Its cam and jeff not cim

  86. AlpaTV

    AlpaTV5 days ago


  87. Debbie O

    Debbie O5 days ago

    Clean fun

  88. Bri VLOGS

    Bri VLOGS5 days ago

    Brooo I’m in tears 😭💀💀

  89. Amy Velasquez

    Amy Velasquez5 days ago

    I love you

  90. Kyleighweir Weir

    Kyleighweir Weir5 days ago

    I watch cam and jeff

  91. Jacob’s Art room

    Jacob’s Art room5 days ago

    Love this video

  92. Jacob’s Art room

    Jacob’s Art room5 days ago

    Yassssss love this game

  93. Amara Yetka

    Amara Yetka5 days ago

    I love cam and Jeff

  94. Amara Yetka

    Amara Yetka5 days ago

    I love cam and jeff

  95. Jasper Drewitt-Barlow

    Jasper Drewitt-Barlow5 days ago

    Your dad is so kind and cool

  96. Jasper Drewitt-Barlow

    Jasper Drewitt-Barlow5 days ago

    Now it is 8.9

  97. ashley devine

    ashley devine5 days ago


  98. ashley devine

    ashley devine5 days ago


  99. R3D PYTHON 45

    R3D PYTHON 455 days ago

    YOU talk TO MUCH

  100. Mohammed and Ali

    Mohammed and Ali5 days ago

    Holy shit nearly 9 mill