TRY NOT TO Slip 'N Slide Through the Wrong MYSTERY BOX!!


  1. Xl Xl

    Xl Xl6 days ago

    It would have been better you had 3 slides

  2. Tc 408

    Tc 4088 days ago

    They should of did both sides at the end to his dad and still had him guess

  3. Tc 408

    Tc 4088 days ago

    You seriously put leggos. Uhhhh NO !?!?!

  4. Milana May

    Milana May9 days ago

    did his mom like lose her accent lol at 14:16 listen to her

  5. Dank bros _21

    Dank bros _2110 days ago

    2:33 you going inside your dad? Can I get a rip in the CHAT

  6. Cece Brooks

    Cece Brooks11 days ago

    *puts ketcup and pickles in it* it smells like a macdonalds cheese burger.

  7. Vania Rodriguez

    Vania Rodriguez17 days ago

    Omg that air plane was are air plane ✈️ we were in it that day we were going to Seattle 😛😛♥️😂✈️

  8. Melissa Perez

    Melissa Perez17 days ago

    Haters better back off.

  9. klaire garce

    klaire garce19 days ago

    2018 anyone 7:13 i was laughing so hard....

  10. Raion Sukae

    Raion Sukae21 day ago

    Wats with the glue Papa Rug?

  11. Roman Topper

    Roman Topper21 day ago

    I can do better than this

  12. Roman Topper

    Roman Topper21 day ago

    really? come on guys.

  13. Wezmo12

    Wezmo1222 days ago

    His dad is so chill.

  14. madison simon

    madison simon23 days ago

    I feel like if I was Faze Rug I would have heard if Papa Rug's voice was on the left side of me or if it was on the right side of me. Like if you agree

  15. Maylin Kuizon

    Maylin Kuizon23 days ago


  16. Maylin Kuizon

    Maylin Kuizon23 days ago

    I post then worst content on MReporter

  17. sarvesh kasture

    sarvesh kasture24 days ago

    I live near door. This is scripted

  18. Zara101

    Zara10125 days ago

    tell that lawn mower to shut the f#&k up

  19. Zero Two

    Zero Two25 days ago

    I feel bad for his dad

  20. Ethan Spiker

    Ethan Spiker25 days ago

    I am you're best fane because you have crate idis that are lit

  21. albita v

    albita v26 days ago


  22. Angel Scinta

    Angel Scinta26 days ago

    who's recording?

  23. Redzy Games

    Redzy GamesMonth ago

    Pls sub to me

  24. Redzy Games

    Redzy GamesMonth ago

    I a rug rat

  25. MellyVH07

    MellyVH07Month ago

    FaZe rug you're so funny you can't tell Britton to shut up you're right I love you

  26. Landon’s Channel Green13

    Landon’s Channel Green13Month ago


  27. Angelica Ocampo

    Angelica OcampoMonth ago

    Faze rug he is so cut and so handsome ism

  28. William Sossaman

    William SossamanMonth ago

    Great video, keep up the good work!!!

  29. Emm Pope

    Emm PopeMonth ago

    I am subscribed to you and Cam and Jeff

  30. flower love

    flower loveMonth ago

    I luv how ur dad says paparug

  31. Cindy Huang

    Cindy HuangMonth ago

    Rug, your parents are like da best, the kindest the sweetest and everything thats da best keep up the great awesome work guys! xox

  32. Matty McFat

    Matty McFatMonth ago

    At 9:05 it’s like a salad with mayo. Haha

  33. ninjashyper Drlupo

    ninjashyper DrlupoMonth ago

    Cam and jeff

  34. Bilal Razdhan

    Bilal RazdhanMonth ago

    I actually supported your dad 😁😁😁😁😁

  35. Saugat The Boss

    Saugat The Boss2 months ago

    I really liked papa rug

  36. Genesis G 90

    Genesis G 902 months ago

    who's behind the camera?

  37. Jacob Casillas

    Jacob Casillas2 months ago

    WHITE MILK? lmao

  38. OP.MOBAD40

    OP.MOBAD402 months ago

    Legos oh HELL NO 😂😂😂

  39. Young Savage

    Young Savage2 months ago

    summers over :-(

  40. Don S

    Don S2 months ago

    Papa rug is always working if you guys agree

  41. Jeffrey Lau

    Jeffrey Lau2 months ago

    I can't see the lizard

  42. Rubio's Men

    Rubio's Men2 months ago

    At 10:14 rug hits his head on the camera haha

  43. Rubio's Men

    Rubio's Men2 months ago

    10:12 I meant

  44. Alex Perez

    Alex Perez2 months ago

    Who watches cam & jeff?

  45. Marilyn j Hudnell

    Marilyn j Hudnell2 months ago

    Dang bro

  46. TB-CLUTCH //

    TB-CLUTCH //2 months ago

    ‘OMG THERES A BEE’.... come on rug

  47. dataustinguy

    dataustinguy2 months ago

    Diamond play button comming up

  48. ICY CAT

    ICY CAT2 months ago

    R.i.p xxtenchionxx sorry if I spelled it wrong

  49. Brandon C

    Brandon C2 months ago

    Your family is so fun and sweet!

  50. Bryan Torres

    Bryan Torres2 months ago


  51. Maria Torres

    Maria Torres2 months ago

    You guys should have done it at the same time !!

  52. Aivery Hogan

    Aivery Hogan2 months ago

    In your next video you should do don’t drive over the expensive idem

  53. Cxa Diys

    Cxa Diys2 months ago

    Omg don’t Waste glue

  54. Caylee's World

    Caylee's World3 months ago

    I’m a FAN

  55. Caylee's World

    Caylee's World3 months ago


  56. Emily Ware

    Emily Ware3 months ago

    I love cam and jeff

  57. Kiran Shakya

    Kiran Shakya3 months ago

    I don't no why but i feel happy when i watch your videos

  58. Jesus Cervantes

    Jesus Cervantes3 months ago


  59. alex guardia

    alex guardia3 months ago

    You try ti can

  60. Electric Eli

    Electric Eli3 months ago

    HAHA 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣

  61. soy rex

    soy rex3 months ago

    And xam

  62. xIynee

    xIynee3 months ago

    i love you

  63. Avryon Lopez-Jackson

    Avryon Lopez-Jackson3 months ago

    Cam and Jeff are amazing!! Go check them out!

  64. Gloria Espinoza

    Gloria Espinoza3 months ago

    Lol when your dad destroid the wattre slide

  65. س ضان

    س ضان3 months ago

    Gloria Espinoza lol when you dont know how to spell

  66. Jacob Guo

    Jacob Guo3 months ago

    Did you copy cam and jeff they did this earlier than you

  67. Sonja Smiddy

    Sonja Smiddy3 months ago

    Next time close ur mouth

  68. Yosef Eletabi

    Yosef Eletabi3 months ago

    At 9:20 tho

  69. Jabe Tampe

    Jabe Tampe3 months ago

    Cam and Jeff started a trend

  70. Pulse

    Pulse3 months ago

    0:07 Mario

  71. am geo

    am geo3 months ago


  72. Kathy Scholer

    Kathy Scholer3 months ago


  73. Ekho 2

    Ekho 23 months ago

    This is so scripted lmao. Why does everyone think humans are stupid. You can notice and hear where he puts all the stuff. You can even hear them talking so...

  74. Jadyn Curry

    Jadyn Curry3 months ago

    He keeps recording he doesn't help his dad up

  75. Roelyn De Asis

    Roelyn De Asis3 months ago

    yea right

  76. Austin Pennington

    Austin Pennington3 months ago

    Demi fills pool with heroine

  77. Natasha Hardiman

    Natasha Hardiman3 months ago

    trick mum/dad

  78. Natasha Hardiman

    Natasha Hardiman3 months ago

    don't talk so much at the start so annoying

  79. JB

    JB3 months ago

    fill our pool with orbeez

  80. Patrick Lyons

    Patrick Lyons3 months ago

    I love seeing good father/son time together. We need more of it in our lives!!! 😀

  81. Harleen Kaur

    Harleen Kaur3 months ago

    Can I have a lot of vbucks

  82. Casey Webb

    Casey Webb3 months ago

    You should fill your pull up with jello in one of your videos

  83. Antwone Moore

    Antwone Moore3 months ago

    What u doing is his dad doing

  84. Aussie Toy Review

    Aussie Toy Review3 months ago

    Dad made cereal milk slime with loops and glue

  85. Meredith Gutierrez

    Meredith Gutierrez3 months ago

    This Was Amazing Lol

  86. Mikorin

    Mikorin3 months ago


  87. IronWookieMC

    IronWookieMC3 months ago

    Why the hell did papa rug just have mama rug put that mayo in his hand she had a fucking spoon to spread it with

  88. C A

    C A3 months ago

    Papa rug the best !!!

  89. Jack Crysell

    Jack Crysell3 months ago

    He could see what was in there

  90. Kim Ferguson

    Kim Ferguson3 months ago

    Papa rug lol😂

  91. jj p

    jj p3 months ago



    X GRAVEDIGGER3 months ago

    those are fun parents

  93. Nightmare_Mangle 220

    Nightmare_Mangle 2203 months ago

    Sees da bee me:-pat pat-

  94. Taylor Marie

    Taylor Marie3 months ago

    i love how papa run dresses lol

  95. Unicorn World

    Unicorn World3 months ago

    Papa and Mama Rug are legit the cutest people ever 😂

  96. Trinity Ennis

    Trinity Ennis3 months ago

    I love cam and Jeff

  97. London Frazier

    London Frazier3 months ago

    Legos are worst ten glue

  98. Ara Dominguez

    Ara Dominguez4 months ago

    I became a rugrat today!

  99. Lim Soap yee

    Lim Soap yee4 months ago

    My favourite type of videos

  100. Natalia Vitale

    Natalia Vitale4 months ago

    I’m not even joking I’m eating the same cereal as the one he put in the slipin slide

  101. Taylor Kinahan

    Taylor Kinahan4 months ago

    I hVs the same slip and slides

  102. Jose Barron

    Jose Barron4 months ago

    I love watching cam and jeff

  103. karam banzami

    karam banzami4 months ago

    no effence rug I love you