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Trust Fund Baby - Why Don't We [Official Music Video]


  1. Nix Bi

    Nix Bi3 hours ago

    Currently addicted to this song XD

  2. Jason Antonio

    Jason Antonio3 hours ago

    my sis is oder

  3. Thebestkiller 43929

    Thebestkiller 439295 hours ago

    Lol put it on X 0.25

  4. Black Paradise

    Black Paradise5 hours ago

    I’m about to Ruin you Ed Sherman wrote this song

  5. trini silva

    trini silva5 hours ago


  6. Black Paradise

    Black Paradise5 hours ago

    Pretty Much or Why don’t we Or panic at at the disco or little mix

  7. Jason Antonio

    Jason Antonio7 hours ago


  8. Lil Panda

    Lil Panda7 hours ago

    I love why don’t we sooooo much like ugh can they just be mine 💪🏽😌#Boxing 4 life

  9. Rorie Phillips

    Rorie Phillips45 minutes ago

    how old are you 12-13

  10. Brooke ROWLETT

    Brooke ROWLETT8 hours ago

    Love it

  11. ANA NA

    ANA NA9 hours ago

    Corbyn = ❤️ Jack = 💜 Daniel = 🧡 Zach = 💛 Jonah = 💙

  12. chloe platz

    chloe platz12 hours ago

    Get these boys more sub's if u guys can view it u can sub to them and also why are u even here if u want to thumbs it down they did nth if u don't like it stay off the account and also the "fans" Who are saying they are fans and saying jack is a liar and all that crap shut your trap I bet any of u arnt better than any of them so stop being jealous I love why don't we so much and been in the fandom since the beginning so cut these boys some slack they are awesome

  13. Wolfxtron Studios

    Wolfxtron Studios12 hours ago

    2:57 I love how Daniel's staring at the group 😂

  14. Nihat :D

    Nihat :D13 hours ago

    Why don't we Why don't w Why don't Why don' Why don Why do Why d Why Wh W Wh Why Why d Why do Why don' Why don't Why don't w Why don't we :D

  15. Emilia

    Emilia16 hours ago

    Okay, maybe Jack is a poodle. But a really, really *cute* poodle!*^*

  16. DaKiBa

    DaKiBa18 hours ago

    how daniel completely freaked out at 3:01😍😍❤️😍😍

  17. Willard Cruz

    Willard Cruz18 hours ago

    me:dad here this music dad:WTF what is that song,that song is weird me:dad it is not weird maybe you are weird

  18. Lana Chapman

    Lana Chapman18 hours ago

    I’m seeing these boys in 3 days❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. Es Bez

    Es Bez20 hours ago

    Fuck me sideways with a bat

  20. maysa elsaddik

    maysa elsaddik21 hour ago

    They all look so hot in this wtf can they stop attacking me for like 0.2 seconds thanks

  21. maysa elsaddik

    maysa elsaddik21 hour ago

    For those that broke the replay button 0:00

  22. Rhiannon Smith

    Rhiannon Smith22 hours ago

    This is a great song

  23. littlebitweird

    littlebitweird23 hours ago

    *Replay button is litteraly broken*

  24. MyMy

    MyMyDay ago

    the skateboarder gal is dope

  25. dian mirabile

    dian mirabileDay ago

    I love❤ this song. I can'tstop to listening it over and over again😅

  26. panagiotopoulou Anna

    panagiotopoulou AnnaDay ago

    Come to Greece 💗💗

  27. Pancake Gaming

    Pancake GamingDay ago

    Hey love this song, You are heading to the top

  28. Amari Frederick

    Amari FrederickDay ago


  29. soul seeker

    soul seekerDay ago

    daniel looks like the son of ross geller and rachel green :p

  30. Evelyn Shvartsman

    Evelyn ShvartsmanDay ago

    the 7.1k dislikes are the people who said "dis i like"

  31. Gabriella Barrera

    Gabriella BarreraDay ago

    My boys are growing up😢

  32. James Page

    James PageDay ago

    I'm so jealous of the girls in this vid xxx

  33. Lizzy Animations

    Lizzy AnimationsDay ago

    why dont we,make a song saying'why dont we '' ;D

  34. Rebecca 183

    Rebecca 183Day ago

    STORYTIME: I was at the rRainforest Cafe in Disney Springs and this song came on... I started yelling to it and mom was laughing so hard. I was like MoM dO yOu nOt uNdErStAnD tHaT tHiS iS a BoP? O hold up bean is coming on!!! The people at the table next to us were just like smh.

  35. Gabie Mashooo

    Gabie MashoooDay ago

    This should be on the trending bracket

  36. Cotton Candy Queen

    Cotton Candy QueenDay ago

    I wanna go to that school

  37. Coolmiafaith

    CoolmiafaithDay ago

    this is my favourite song

  38. julia visser

    julia visserDay ago

    omg zack is so cute Corbyn is so lovely😍😍

  39. David Blouin

    David Blouin2 days ago


  40. Aimannur Syahirah

    Aimannur Syahirah2 days ago

    the song's a little bit discriminatory towards more feminine girls lmao but i get that it targets younger girls in their teens (who easily gets insecure when they dont fit in the 'beauty queen' mould) to girls out there, any kind of girl you are, all of yall rock 💫 p/s, corbyn is the closest to my type of guy but im not his type rjsjshdwhwjs i dont listen to missy elliot and 50 cent soz

  41. Omaro Pancake

    Omaro Pancake2 days ago

    work of art no even Justin Bieber can accomplish

  42. Lali Barajas

    Lali Barajas2 days ago

    I love it already I think I’m a limelight

  43. Lilly O'Neil

    Lilly O'Neil2 days ago

    I love WDW they are amazing , just wish i could meet them.

  44. Alexis Erkkila

    Alexis Erkkila2 days ago

    I love tust fun baby

  45. Martin Christensen

    Martin Christensen2 days ago

    Yeah who is the girl with zach cute💕??

  46. gymnast erika

    gymnast erika2 days ago

    Who is the girl with zach ?

  47. 津波xtcchan

    津波xtcchan2 days ago

    "Save your money don't spend it" Me: buys $100 dollars worth of Why Don't We Merch

  48. Angel Contreras

    Angel Contreras2 days ago

    Okay but does no one else think Jonah looks like Justin from season one of 13 Reasons Why?

  49. Sonia

    Sonia2 days ago

    you guys actually never seem to disappoint me with all of your AMAZING videos :) thanks for your amazing songs! like you guys are all so good at singing... how? you guys make me so happy when i'm down, thank you!

  50. Poision SnaKe

    Poision SnaKe3 days ago


  51. Cakelover 123

    Cakelover 1233 days ago

    I love this song

  52. Giselle Abrego

    Giselle Abrego3 days ago

    The song is sooooooo nice and leave a comment if u like the song 😊

  53. Erin :3

    Erin :33 days ago


  54. Shai Kaufman

    Shai Kaufman3 days ago

    Z Za Zac Zach Zach H Zach He Zach Her Zach Herr Zach Herro Zach Herron Zach Herro Zach Herr Zach Her Zach He Zach H Zach Zac Za Z Dont judge me, he's my fav :c

  55. elsa Mae Espina

    elsa Mae Espina3 days ago

    This so mehhh

  56. venom Just venom

    venom Just venom3 days ago

    Your talking about me if you love them like this

  57. The Rose Carolino

    The Rose Carolino3 days ago

    I wish I was I all the girls

  58. Zaliaaa

    Zaliaaa3 days ago

    jonah the third wheeler 0.47 also popular kids of the school? 2.57 also if i was dancing in front of them,i wouldn't have the confidence too i would just faint. 3.05 i mean i think guys might like girls with a lot of confidence or nah?does it matter?jack casually skates away with the rest of wdw 3.25

  59. LizzieHowlerPlays X3

    LizzieHowlerPlays X33 days ago


  60. Aundia Bastanipour

    Aundia Bastanipour3 days ago

    everyone subscribe wdw deserves more then 2.2 subscribers

  61. Holly James

    Holly James3 days ago

    2:51 wtf ,'story of my life'

  62. Mariana Schiavo

    Mariana Schiavo3 days ago


  63. carlycos official

    carlycos official3 days ago

    I find I weird that Corbyn is dating a little perfect bitch who uses people

  64. great YouTuber

    great YouTuber3 days ago

    Nice song

  65. Lizzy Animations

    Lizzy Animations3 days ago

    ohhhh OHHH OHHH jackyyyyyy ;) likessss AHU GiRLLLLLL BuLpRuNTisSUMJDh ;D

  66. T!mka Channel

    T!mka ChannelDay ago

    +Lizzy Animations Pffttt😂😂😂 great😂😂😂

  67. Amy Szabo

    Amy Szabo3 days ago

    *One Direction has left the chat*

  68. Royana Hoque

    Royana Hoque4 days ago

    Magic ✨✨✨✨✨

  69. areeya arena

    areeya arena4 days ago

    My favourite band

  70. 乐榆Leyu

    乐榆Leyu4 days ago


  71. Mehul Jain

    Mehul Jain4 days ago

    You guys are like one direction


    JENNIFER YANES4 days ago

    I love this song I love why don’t we

  73. Alice Watson

    Alice Watson4 days ago

    They filmed this at my high school and so many girls were actually losing their shit, haha.

  74. CyberScore Gaming

    CyberScore Gaming4 days ago

    These types of girls don't exist though. Sadly.

  75. music World

    music World4 days ago

    Becky g quién más escucha eso

  76. Zainab Ibrahim

    Zainab Ibrahim4 days ago

    I rlly love how this music video is so diverse fr ugh it's just so good. Why don't we, just keep doing you.

  77. Eryn Gushue (STUDENT)

    Eryn Gushue (STUDENT)4 days ago

    I C O N I C

  78. Lizzy Animations

    Lizzy Animations4 days ago

    when i wa syounge ri thouth that daniel was lame was 3 but in 5 yeras.i learned taht daniel is cool like *all*of you!kisses :)btw i ahve watched u sence i was 3 im 8 now 5 years ;D

  79. silka tsabitah

    silka tsabitah4 days ago

    hey.. i think Jonah voice is really like Liam Payne.. what do you think guys??

  80. Typical Elite

    Typical Elite4 days ago

    5 likes and i will sing dis to my crush

  81. Pola Pajak

    Pola Pajak4 days ago

    0:28 WAT R THOSE? shit gotta search dat up 😕😑

  82. Aldís Una Birgisdóttir

    Aldís Una Birgisdóttir4 days ago

    I love this song

  83. reb SCAD

    reb SCAD4 days ago

    Why tf does this have 7.1k dislikes? tf people this is so great, you can't appreciate the efforts they made and how talented human beings are, I mean dislikes proof that there are imperfections, but 7k+ is too much :(((, just saying*

  84. Doom D13

    Doom D134 days ago

    I have the same birthday as the youngest in the group

  85. Nisha Nisha

    Nisha Nisha5 days ago



    WDW LIMELIGHT5 days ago


  87. Arya Narendra

    Arya Narendra5 days ago

    D Da Dan Dani Danie Daniel Daniel s Daniel se Daniel sea Daniel seav Daniel seave Daniel seavey

  88. Christian So

    Christian So5 days ago


  89. Larissa Andrade

    Larissa Andrade5 days ago

    these lyrics are stupid but.... ok they're young and I hope they use their potencial more as they grow. btw they are all so cute wtf

  90. Larissa Andrade

    Larissa Andrade4 days ago

    that's even worse

  91. Billie Avery

    Billie Avery4 days ago

    Ed sheeran wrote the lyrics

  92. Flower Chan

    Flower Chan5 days ago

    This boys got em! :3 also October 2018

  93. Lomeli Castillo Romo

    Lomeli Castillo Romo5 days ago

    yes!!! WHY DONT WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!

  94. Wayne Scouller

    Wayne Scouller5 days ago


  95. Wayne Scouller

    Wayne Scouller5 days ago


  96. rina

    rina5 days ago

    zach: lets go into my dark room and see what develops

  97. Ayana Cuevas

    Ayana Cuevas5 days ago


  98. danielamoreiraa

    danielamoreiraa5 days ago

    Can we take a moment to appreciate Corbyn's perfection

  99. BEZ OF AMY

    BEZ OF AMY5 days ago

    Jonah at 2:35.

  100. Mildred 2.0

    Mildred 2.05 days ago


  101. Abigail the slime girl

    Abigail the slime girl5 days ago

    I just love how this is them being bad at stuff lol

  102. Vân Phan

    Vân Phan5 days ago

    I’m in love with these guys 😍😍😍

  103. Haleema Amir

    Haleema Amir5 days ago

    Her face at 1:18😂😂😂😂

  104. aka 47 wolf man

    aka 47 wolf man5 days ago

    love this song

  105. Ashely Matthews

    Ashely Matthews5 days ago

    wow i love it so muck i wich i was you