Trump: US, France and UK launch strikes on Syria


  1. NuttyFlyingSquirrel

    NuttyFlyingSquirrel46 minutes ago

    These are some threating words that starts wars not too mention the attacks he has approved is scary enough ! Dark times now with millions of narrow minded people that have lost the ability to love and want peace its either be the best or shut up ! so much hatred in the world and more ahead esp with this man in office he is pure evil himself..

  2. Russian Communist

    Russian Communist47 minutes ago

    This is it,enough of this Pentagon bullshit...

  3. Richard sydnor

    Richard sydnorHour ago

    CNN sucks ass

  4. Sandi Paul

    Sandi Paul3 hours ago

    Stupid president

  5. Rusty Wallace

    Rusty Wallace3 hours ago

    We need to eliminate UK and Israel too. Washington DC and Israel are responsible for 9/11

  6. Rusty Wallace

    Rusty Wallace3 hours ago

    I've been waiting all my life for this. It's time to Finnish ww2 this Cold War has been nothing but a tease.

  7. wei emma

    wei emma5 hours ago

    You guys just believe what you want to believe, even though there is no proof for those video clips

  8. Ricky Spanish

    Ricky Spanish14 hours ago

    Today I noticed a really nice new vehicle outside a shopping establishment. I keyed it. You're welcome.

  9. Orca james

    Orca james15 hours ago

    Who care

  10. locoman-G.O.

    locoman-G.O.16 hours ago

    why is it that stupid things such as new songs and how cardiB was twerking while pregnant are on trending but news headlines like these arent

  11. laura morales

    laura morales17 hours ago

    They should send prisoner all the rapist child molesters killers murderers. Thats the men they should send not innocent men

  12. Rashad K

    Rashad K18 hours ago


  13. Kamsic Man

    Kamsic Man19 hours ago

    Trump is god.

  14. MR BELAR-X

    MR BELAR-X20 hours ago

    Artful dodger his mother sucks my Russian cock lol that inbred troll eats Russian shit for a living .

  15. Mohammed M S Q

    Mohammed M S Q20 hours ago

    Make the sky hi and the onion is deep

  16. Bryan Maspono

    Bryan Maspono21 hour ago

    So if Assad didn’t use chemical weapons, the US wouldn’t be involved? Why use chemical weapons to attack your own people, if it won’t bring up foreign attention? US won’t police Africa as it has Syria... something doesn’t add up.

  17. Dave O.

    Dave O.23 hours ago

    When you have all the money in the world... what else is there than to play god, or close to it. This guy knows he is well on his way, and don't give a shit about the world. Hell I would too.

  18. Xopoший Человек

    Xopoший ЧеловекDay ago

    Соси хуй

  19. Lyndell O

    Lyndell ODay ago

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  21. Liam Donnelly

    Liam DonnellyDay ago

    Trump is a Dump

  22. Liam Donnelly

    Liam DonnellyDay ago

    Trump sucks

  23. Liam Donnelly

    Liam DonnellyDay ago

    Trump is a shitty president

  24. Squeeze me, please. (RM)

    Squeeze me, please. (RM)Day ago

    Empty buildings! No way. This guy lie, those bombs kills tousends of civilians. Donald Tromp lie. Can you understand this. All the buildings around of the place where is the president of Siria were destroyed and you think that there are not civilians over there. No. I don't think so.

  25. Waylon Jones

    Waylon JonesDay ago

    Big mistake

  26. Mr Robot

    Mr RobotDay ago

    Logic, Syrian They bomb themselves, USA bomb them saying why did you bomb yourself, Syria says " Why you wont let us solve our problem" USA bombs again " Why wont you let us solve your problem" Other countries Bomb Syria why wont you let us all help you. Syria " OMG why? "

  27. Paul Groce

    Paul GroceDay ago


  28. Matthew Playz

    Matthew PlayzDay ago


  29. funk yuns

    funk yunsDay ago


  30. Sunday Plaster

    Sunday PlasterDay ago

    Bush also said Sadam Hussain "gassed his own people". how many times do we get that as a reason to bomb the fuck out of more innocent people for empire building? The Greater Israel Project is the modern day Manifest Destiny in the middle east.

  31. Snide 2

    Snide 2Day ago

    I saw some birds fly by today and wondered why they are free to fly and live as they please and we, mankind, needs to be governed, ruled and controlled? If birds can be free then why can't we? And if our man-made rules are there as we are led to believe for our own protection, why is it that we continue to self-destruct? If the innumerable rules we already have can't keep us from destroying ourselves and this planet, are more rules the solution? How many more do we need to survive? Or rather, is it the rules themselves that are the cause of our own demise? If you believe in bible stories, hmmm, wasn't it a single rule, not to eat a certain fruit that lost paradise? Had there been no rules, might paradise still be here today? Today we have more rules than can be counted and the effect seems to be very much the same, Earth lost. If there were no rules would we live in harmony? Are rules the problem? Is freedom the ultimate solution we are searching for? It seems to be working for everything else but us. Wouldn't it be nice to try freedom and see. Imagine to be as free as a bird and live and fly as you please. Here's the solution; Voluntarism is derived from the Latin “voluntas,” meaning “will.” Voluntarism is the principle or policy that all human interaction should be based on voluntary participation and the rejection of all human interaction based on coercion. Voluntarism has an affirmative connotation and can stand alone, being that it is a positive act of will rather than an aversion to the state. The driving principle behind voluntarism is the non-aggression principle. The non-aggression principle is the concept that no person has the right to initiate force against another. No person, no group, no organization, no corporation and no state has the right to initiate aggression against anybody else. In practical terms, Voluntarism and Anarchy have the same general implication: the formulation of a society based on voluntary association rather than coercive means. However, there does seem to be a confusion in the anarchist community about this concept. It seems to be based in a distortion of language, stemming from a long-held cultural misconception in the meaning of anarchy being misrepresented as “chaos.” Anarchy is not the absence of rules; it is the absence of rulers. Chaos, at the present time, resides in the predication of the legalized monopoly on violence known as government. The only order we can establish in a free society is that which is had through voluntary interaction between willing and peaceable participants...

  32. The Bruce

    The BruceDay ago

    Where we droppin' boys?

  33. Jeff st-pierre

    Jeff st-pierreDay ago

    The Dawn of WWIII

  34. lee leod

    lee leodDay ago

    Fuck the US, UK, FRANCE dogs, Syria has nothing to do with you fucking guys, Fuck off back to your fucking dogs house, stop hurting innocent people!

  35. Brianshere -

    Brianshere -2 days ago

    If you could make three politicians disappear in any way who would they be?

  36. 东宫源子

    东宫源子2 days ago

    Bull shit.........perhaps the representative of the United States will take a tube of detergent to the United Nations, just like the Iraq war.

  37. Mikhail Kapralov

    Mikhail Kapralov2 days ago

    I heard there are cemical and nuclear weapon in USA...Maybe NATO should bomb USA instead??? (sarcasm)

  38. Mikhail Kapralov

    Mikhail Kapralov2 days ago

    U should start a dialog with Assad about cutting off his chemical wepons. You always use only force, army, pressure but not diplomacy. Shame on you USA! Treat people as you want them treat you.

  39. هوك إهسانول

    هوك إهسانول2 days ago

    I hope kim John un nukes Usa •_•

  40. 이송민

    이송민2 days ago

    why is the invention machine?. so cause usa people.

  41. 이송민

    이송민2 days ago

    usa,in china many smog and polution is happen, so because invention of the machin. usa,your cause usa.

  42. 이송민

    이송민2 days ago

    usa to russia impossibility is victor!

  43. 이송민

    이송민2 days ago

    usa,do'nt bother to russia

  44. 이송민

    이송민2 days ago

    american in a mind is greasy and neusea!

  45. 이송민

    이송민2 days ago

    but is in people america 1elite do is it light mind.

  46. 이송민

    이송민2 days ago

    america people in black-human and white-human alike skin cheese,so we yellow human is a alike skin is stone!

  47. Stephen McAllister

    Stephen McAllister2 days ago

    we did the right thing

  48. RickHard26 Myers

    RickHard26 Myers2 days ago

    Trump stop what u are doing please try to make peace not war don't let there more children die please children is all are future


    CHIRAQ VIETNAM2 days ago



    CHIRAQ VIETNAM2 days ago

    🇬🇧🇺🇸🎭God bless America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  52. Tramaine Terrance

    Tramaine Terrance2 days ago

    What's up, Humans? It might be bright to stare at the sun. The moonlight leaves us blind. The sunlight restores our focus. The trust of the moon provides the way into time and space. The reality of the stars can come so close, yet appear so far. The path of moonlight guides us, through the darkness of the stars. TERRANCE OUT

  53. Qwerty uiop

    Qwerty uiop2 days ago

    people are stupid

  54. Brandon Jon

    Brandon Jon2 days ago

    prepare the scars

  55. Brandon Jon

    Brandon Jon2 days ago

    this looks like the job for fortnite players to serve their country

  56. Bob Smithers

    Bob Smithers2 days ago

    Chemical attack just like the filthy depraved juuus said about Gaddafi... His people loved him too. Assad's people love him as well. Filthy Satan synagogue of Satan Revelations 2:9 3:9 wake up you morons wake up. Praise be to Jesus Christ almighty God as one.

  57. Bob Smithers

    Bob Smithers2 days ago

    Look at those Satan possessed eyes. Glory and praise be to Jesus Christ almighty God as one.

  58. chris branch

    chris branch2 days ago

    There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that Trump colluded with the Russians 🇷🇺 except the Manafort getting arrested thing.... and the Gates pleading guilty to get a plea deal thing and the Flynn pleading guilty to get a plea deal thing and the Papadopoulos pleading guilty to get a plea deal thing and the Alex van der Zwaan pleading guilty to get a plea deal thing and the Richard Pinedo pleading guilty to get a plea deal thing and the lethal defense aid for Ukraine being eliminated from the GOP platform during the primary thing and the Manafort running the Trump campaign for no payment, after being involved in installing the pro-Russia dictator in Ukraine thing and the NRA spending $30 million getting Trump elected so of course no calls for tougher gun laws thing and the Trump Jr/Manafort/Kushner meeting in Trump Tower with Natalia Veselnitskaya and several other Russians thing and the Steve Bannon calling the Trump Jr/Manafort/Kushner meeting in Trump Tower with Natalia Veselnitskaya and several other Russians "treasonous" thing and the Natalia Veselnitskaya providing testimony to Congress that the meeting was about campaign collusion thing and the Trump lying and saying the meeting was about adoption thing and the Hope Hicks refusing to provide testimony about how the "adoption meeting" excuse letter was drafted aboard Air Force One thing and the Roger Stone thing having communications with WiKiLeaks about Podesta's emails and lying about it thing and the Roger Stone meeting with Russians but denying it thing and the Don Jr. and Kellyanne Conway refusing Secret Service protection when Russian oligarchs were in town thing and the Michael Cohen doing business deals in Russia and the Ukraine thing and the UK and US recording Kushner in the Russian Embassy when he was discussing his ‘back channel’ to Russia thing and the Carter Page working with Russians since 2013 and bragging about it thing and the firing Sally Yates after she warned the Whitehouse that Flynn was dirty thing and the Jeff Sessions lying to Congress about meetings with Russian Ambassador Kislyak thing and the Trump pressuring Sessions to not recuse himself from the Russia investigation thing and the Trump wanting to fire Sessions after he recused himself on Russia related matters thing and the Trump saying if Sessions was going to recuse himself he would have selected a different Attorney General thing and the fact that Wilbur Ross has done business with Russian billionaire Kirill Shamanov who is married to Putin's daughter thing and the JD Gordon saying that at the Republican Convention in 2016, Trump directed him to support weakening Ukraines' support in the official platform thing and the Erik Prince things and the EIGHT meetings between the Trump administration and the Russians that we only found out about via Russian media thing and the firing James Comey thing and the Kushner secretly borrowing $500,000,000 from the Russian V.E.B. Bank run by an ex-KGB official thing and the telling Lester Holt he fired Comey over the Russia investigation thing and the interview right after on Lester Holt's show where Trump admitted directly that he fired Comey because the the Russia investigation thing and the Obama telling Trump not to hire Flynn in the White House because he was dirty thing and the Russian hacking/Wikileaks thing and the "Russia, if you can find those Hillary emails", thing and the bro-love between TrumPutin thing and the Trump lying about James Clapper clearing him of Russian connections thing and the Trump proposed joint US-Russia election cybersecurity group thing and the claiming now he and Putin have never met after he bragged about meeting and knowing him earlier thing and the Russian propaganda machine favoring overwhelmingly Trump thing and the returning of the spy compounds that were seized by Obama because of election tampering thing and the Trump repeating propaganda stories and figures out of the Kremlin publication "Sputnik" on the campaign trail thing and the Trump refusing to say anything bad about Putin while attacking his own administration relentlessly thing and the Mark Corallo quitting and telling 3 colleagues that he told Trump and Hicks that lying about the Russian Trump Tower meeting would backfire thing and the relentless online trolls with obvious Russian language language skills which are stronger than their English thing and the Dutch intelligence agency AIVD hacking the security cameras on the Red Square troll farm and warning America thing and all the Rudy Ghouliani ties to Russia thing and the Trump Tower project in Baku, Azerbaijan financed by Russian oligarch and Iranian Republican Guard money laundering thing and the GCHQ, Dutch, and Australian intelligence agencies alerting the CIA and FBI about Russian intelligence assets meeting with candidate Trumps people in European cities thing and the Trump categorically refusing to explicitly acknowledge the documented Russian interference thing and the Trump "I have zero ties to Russia!" claim thing and the Trump “I have no comment” when asked in early March '18 if he had ever previously met Putin thing and the Trump meeting with Russian operative Alexander Torshin at the NRA convention in 2015 thing and the Trump meeting with Russian operative Alexander Torshin at the GOP convention in 2016 thing and the Trump not instructing US Cyber Command to do anything to fight future Russian election hacking thing and the Trump not instructing the NSA to do anything to fight future Russian election hacking thing and the administration taking 3 weeks to warn the states about Russian election system tampering and hacking and then with a watered-down warning thing and the August 2016 "Gang of 8" briefing on Russian election interference that Trump didn't bother taking for a month after it was generated thing and the Trump going to the U.S.S.R. in 1987 to look at building a big hotel thing and the Trump saying in a deposition in 2007, "We will be in Moscow at some point." and acknowledging meeting with Russian investors at Trump Tower thing and the Trump Jr. at a “Real Estate in Russia” conference in 2008 saying the Trump Organization wants to build in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi thing and Trump saying in Moscow in 2013, "I have plans for the establishment of business in Russia. Now, I am in talks with several Russian companies to establish this skyscraper." thing and the signing the letter of intent to build Trump Tower Moscow financed by Felix Sater's company, Bayrock thing and the Eric Trump "we get most of our financing from Russian banks” thing and the 13 indictments of Russians generated by the Mueller investigation thing and the Donald Trump Jr. saying "Our portfolio is made up of a disproportionate amount of Russian money" thing and the Trump Tower Dubai being financed with Russian money thing and the Trump refusing to criticize Putin, even in private thing and the firing of Andrew McCabe, Deputy Director of the FBI and contemporaneous witness to Comey's attempted manipulation thing and the Trump "I sold a $41 million mansion to a Russian oligarch known for money laundering for $95 million that he never once lived in" thing and the Sheriff Clarke attacking Black Lives Matter on Putin’s orders via Oleg Deripaska according to Signals Intelligence held by a Five Eyes nation thing and the Trump business ties with Putin's favorite sports athlete Fedor Emelianenko thing and the passing Israeli top secret intelligence to Russians in the oval office with only Russian news media present thing and the Erik Prince secret communications with Russia and meeting with Kirill Dmitriev in the Seychelles thing and the telling two Russians that firing Comey took the pressure off the Russia investigation thing and the continuous attempts to discredit the Special Counsel thing and the Kazakhstan chromium plant shares being coerced away from the workers to be invested in Trump SoHo via Bayrock thing and the $3.2 million for 3 Trump SoHo condos bought using stolen money from Kazakhstan's BTA Bank thing and the Trump congratulated Putin on his Russian scam election win thing and the Trump getting a million dollars from BTA Bank to claim they were building a Trump Tower in Bitumi, Georgia thing and the Trump International Corporation's mysterious private server connection to Alfa Bank, Russia's largest commercial bank thing and let’s not forget the Special Counsel being named thing and of course the I won't release my tax returns thing and the subpoena of Deutchbank records by Mueller thing and the Manafort authoring pro-Russian propaganda while also under Federal Indictment for related crimes thing and the Ivanka Trump's vacationing with Putin's girlfriend Wendy Deng thing and the Felix Sater emailing Michael Cohn, "Our boy can become president of the USA and we can engineer it. I will get all of Putins team to buy in on this" thing and the Manafort offering Oleg Deripaska private briefings on Trump campaign thing and the Rob Goldstone emailing Don Jr. that Russian Solicitor General Yury Chaika has information "that would incriminate Hillary" thing and the Don Jr. "I love it!" response to Goldstone's offer of Russian state help with the election interference thing and the email chain released by Don Jr. about the Trump Tower meeting with the Russians thing and the Ted Malloch being subpoenaed by Mueller thing and the failed Trump Tower in Ukraine thing and the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant being held in Moscow thing and the claiming a personal relationship with Putin thing and the Russia threatening a nuclear strike on Florida and the Florida-based president doesn't breathe a word about it thing and the Trump companies business ties to Felix Sater, a criminal felon indicted for stock fraud scheme with the Russian mafia thing .......

  59. Ali Dadpour

    Ali Dadpour2 days ago

    Is Trump on a ZIONIST regime?

  60. chief pharaoh

    chief pharaoh2 days ago

    NEW *hit Song Hot DANCEHALL Chief Pharaoh - do whats right

  61. Da Squirrel

    Da Squirrel3 days ago

    GTFO of Syria. Trump is lying! The UK did an investigation of the first chemical attack and found out it was the rebels!

  62. Iris Santos

    Iris Santos3 days ago

    fucking deep state forcing Trump to do this shit

  63. Daniel Lopez

    Daniel Lopez3 days ago

    US doing the bidding of israel yet again and will fail yet again as they murder the head of a secular regime and then let the religious radicals run roughshod all over the country like in iraq

  64. markus huber

    markus huber3 days ago

    LOL! Pls try harder next time. Maybe you should use 10000 cruise missiles to hit something 😂

  65. Treven Butler

    Treven Butler3 days ago

    that is BALOGNA

  66. shittyG1

    shittyG13 days ago

    If Obama was doing this exact same thing you guys would be praising him so much

  67. MrBoomTastic

    MrBoomTastic3 days ago

    WW III is on it’s way

  68. Дамир Камильянов

    Дамир Камильянов3 days ago

    Bombing for peace - it's like fucking for virginity!

  69. DinkyDanProductions

    DinkyDanProductions3 days ago

    Why so many dislikes

  70. cstuff

    cstuff3 days ago

    dotard is not american, he was born in russia

  71. FakeUser NameTwo

    FakeUser NameTwo3 days ago

    I came here expecting political comments from amatuers but instead i see meme comments.

  72. Fortnite Battle Royale GIRLS ONLY Moments

    Fortnite Battle Royale GIRLS ONLY Moments3 days ago

    Does Trump play Fortnite? 💋

  73. Daniyar

    Daniyar3 days ago

    Dear Trump judge for yourself, with Assad of the city of Syria were Peaceful. As anti-government rebels appeared in Syria House reigns and these rebels are Igil, who secretly armed the US Europe underground or not, but it is a fact. Russia is at war with Terror along with Assad, you bomb the fighters against terror and themselves claim you need to destroy Iguil. Look under Bashar Assad what Syria was peaceful. It turns out that together with the terror you are destroying the peaceful inhabitants of children, women of the defenseless.

  74. Theo Bills

    Theo Bills3 days ago

    He reading the shit out of that prompt

  75. Patriot Albanian

    Patriot Albanian3 days ago

    NICE job viva america Im again shia muslim orthodox serbs

  76. nerdy pineapple

    nerdy pineapple3 days ago

    Is a chemtrails a chemical weapons? Are you project Mr President?

  77. ipissed

    ipissed3 days ago

    You idiotic snowflakes need to realize that when you make rules you have to enforce them. When you don't maniacs like Kim Jung get nuclear weapons. I hope Kim Jung nukes all you snowflakes in California, it would serve you right for being crybaby bitches about work that has to be done.

  78. Hector Rodriguez

    Hector Rodriguez3 days ago

    If ww3 starts don't worry, Russia will lose like the Nazis because it's difficult to fight a two front war.

  79. yo lo

    yo lo3 days ago

    Sometimes I wonder if we're acting like Nazis spreading propaganda, torturing and killing innocent people? O wait we are!

  80. Fyüpè Elísē

    Fyüpè Elísē3 days ago

    Oh great. I moved in uk for better opportunities and now they're helping US and France with this b. s. ?

  81. Ivan Muller

    Ivan Muller3 days ago

  82. Rafa YouTube

    Rafa YouTube3 days ago


  83. Ivan Muller

    Ivan Muller3 days ago

  84. Ivan Muller

    Ivan Muller3 days ago

  85. Ivan Muller

    Ivan Muller3 days ago

    In the US FBI does not accept treaties with Narc traffickers, FBI officers are obliged to put the Anti-Drug Cartel inside the FBI, the anti-drug messages, understands the US The US will make the wall, because Mexico does not want to pay for it

  86. Jay Jay

    Jay Jay3 days ago

    All you liberals who kept on with Russia and the election made this shit happen. Hope you morons are happy.... just couldn’t let Russia go, now we are on the brink of war...

  87. Ivan Muller

    Ivan Muller3 days ago

    Destroy the drug trade with all the military power in the US, if there are military involved and they are Friends of the friends, Friend or Ick, Alperovish, Sobish etc.. arrest and trial in the US Do not let drugs enter the US and destroy and incinerate tons of drugs

  88. Ivan Muller

    Ivan Muller3 days ago

    It is one thing to kill unarmed innocents and another is to eliminate drug trafficking, the US destroys but Drug Trafficking must not even kill healthy Syrian soldiers.

  89. سي غديس اثح

    سي غديس اثح3 days ago

    Being under Shia dominated control of an otherwise Sunni country, Syria was an Iranian ally. Iran had an entire corridor from its own lands to Lebanon. That means if ever Israel and Iran fight, it’ll be four countries they’d have to deal with, and from a massive stretch of land. When the Arab spring happened, the dictator of Syria repressed the Democratic protests brutally and soon enough a civil war struck. The civil wars raging in Syria and Iraq gave rise to a new Sunni group pissed as hell in the Shia corridor from Iran to Syria. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, also known as Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL as Obama called it) or simply Daesh as some Arab opponents call them, decided the root of all evil was America and the Sykes Picot agreement and wanted to erase its borders. They took over a third of Iraq and Syria at the leak of their power and declared the rise of a new Caliphate, (unrecognized by every country, including every Muslim country) stretched from Iraq to Syria. ISIS is represented by the black areas of the map of these two countries. As you can see, they extended quite far and became quite big. When this happened, the US got involved once again. With the collapse of the Iraqi army, there was a severe fear rolling around the Middle east. The entire region, minus a few countries like Israel, Lebanon and Turkey, were unstable. The aftermath of this war is still roiling the Middle East. It really all started with the Sykes-Picot agreement which failed to take in the tribal or ethnic lines. Then again, you can quite understand that if we went by tribal lines, the territories would be so small, they wouldn’t legally be nations. The point of nations is ethnic unity, and in the Middle east, that unity did not come through Democracy due to the inability of the people to agree on a leader, and so a dictatorship was often the only way. The exception is Lebanon and Turkey, which manage to maintain Democratic power through the support of several different people. The current crises started with the Arab Spring/Winter but it still boils down to the Sykes-Picot agreement, and it’s worth mentioning American meddling as it can be argued quite extensively that had Saddam stayed in power in Iraq, ISIS would never have grown and Iran would be significantly weaker in influence, power and prestige. The war in Iraq was a HUGE mistake politically speaking and the Middle East is still feeling the aftermath fourteen years later.

  90. lil miguel

    lil miguel3 days ago

    Why he breathing so hard lol

  91. Alex Silverstein

    Alex Silverstein3 days ago

    The nations of the world can be judged by the friends they keep. Look who's fucking talking.

  92. Bingzhuo Liu

    Bingzhuo Liu3 days ago

    No other country can beat the US in making excuses for starting a war.

  93. Bayley Gaw

    Bayley Gaw3 days ago

    Come you masters of war......

  94. Genesis event10000

    Genesis event100003 days ago

    I'm sorry. I voted for Trump and I still love Trump but I don't believe this whole chemical weapons thing. I don't believe it was Assad and I think we need to show proof that it was him.

  95. Andy Presh

    Andy Presh3 days ago

    Evil america. What's the difference between what he did and what Isis does.

  96. Dante Solivan

    Dante Solivan3 days ago

    You can't

  97. hewwel

    hewwel3 days ago

    Where were your army when the jihadists cutting necks of innocent people . only Putin came and save the innocents.Every body knows who created and supported ISIS.

  98. Jaci Swindler

    Jaci Swindler3 days ago


  99. Diamandia

    Diamandia3 days ago

    I love these accurate captions