Trump: US, France and UK launch strikes on Syria


  1. callum

    callum10 days ago

    now is the time when Britain France and USA are the closest

  2. cat camel

    cat camel27 days ago


  3. wanxii69

    wanxii692 months ago

    animal from hell talking about his shit

  4. Vir Quisque Vir

    Vir Quisque Vir2 months ago

    The UN sent an international team of chemical weapons experts to investigate this case and after a two week investigation, reported that "there was no chemical attack" and that the film of the kids being watered down was staged. Of course CNN was screaming for weeks that "Assad gassed his own people with chemicals" and that the UN was sending an investigation team and when the team reported their findings... nothing... nada... silence... crickets... change the subject... How could anybody believe this cheap, poorly-made propaganda? They are desperate. They will try anything to continue the war, continue the slaughter, as if 600,000 dead innocent Syrians isn't enough... It's all about Israel... Or, rather, Greater Israel "from the Nile to the Euphrates"...

  5. Kenneth Warner

    Kenneth Warner2 months ago

    its pretty odd that he was gonna bring our troops home then a week later they say Assad bomb his people with chemical weapons i dont know who did it but it would be pretty foolish of Assad to do that bottom line though is we should bring our troops home dammit i think someone fooled trump

  6. Sam Mcknight

    Sam Mcknight2 months ago

    Tf he talking so calmy like bitch u just strike fuckin syria killing childern,people periot are u fuckin crazy donald trump bruh u hurt babies .. U hurted babies who were harmless you could have handeld this another way dumbass

  7. Thea King

    Thea King3 months ago

    Wait is Trump starting WWlll??

  8. Hans Jürnberg

    Hans Jürnberg4 months ago

    Karma fucking syria i hate war 820

  9. edward assaf

    edward assaf4 months ago

    Haha you idiot dumpass trump, all your missiles went fucked up by manual rocket launchers of syrian military

  10. Albert Chang

    Albert Chang4 months ago

    England you have be driving on the wrong side of ur road for to many centuries mother fucking transexuals and transgender and homosexual you all gonna die it is all in are federal government s records

  11. Albert Chang

    Albert Chang4 months ago


  12. Albert Chang

    Albert Chang4 months ago

    Wright Paterson Air Force base

  13. Albert Chang

    Albert Chang4 months ago


  14. Albert Chang

    Albert Chang4 months ago

    Right ?!!-911!!

  15. Albert Chang

    Albert Chang4 months ago

    United States of america urs ☀️

  16. Albert Chang

    Albert Chang4 months ago

    Us York right freemason suns theirs

  17. Atharva Nalawade

    Atharva Nalawade4 months ago

    Why so many dislikes...I think it's hard to digest the truth

  18. إفـــكآر ẞyr -

    إفـــكآر ẞyr -4 months ago

    The curse on America wants Syria 's oil. It is our property. We do not give you, you are racist. You hate the Syrians, do not receive them, and you call them terrorists. You are the terrorists. I hope to explode in the nuclear. The North Korean president without mercy. Even دمرتو Syria and Iraq, my متخلفين you are without the conscience

  19. إفـــكآر ẞyr -

    إفـــكآر ẞyr -4 months ago

    O fucking son of a bitch, your mother's lover

  20. Gamer Zzzz

    Gamer Zzzz4 months ago

    Stop lying man Even if Syria did who the hell is America to interfere

  21. DN742 Abad

    DN742 Abad5 months ago

    World war 3?

  22. sham gosh

    sham gosh5 months ago

    I am from Syria and am muslim and i wish i didn't exist in this world. We had to leave our country because of war. Why are people fighting in the end were all going to die. And peaple that say Syria people are just makings jokes well there wrong if you were in Syria and lived the same life like other poor people you would know how we feel. We didn't ask for this to happen no body did. I just want to know why do people fight why do we fight each other we are all going ti die so why can't we just live our like in peace and happiness?? And if peaple were offended to what i said just don't mind me.

  23. Tristan Mahon

    Tristan Mahon5 months ago

    Trump is a bitch

  24. Bunny Sph

    Bunny Sph5 months ago

    Where is Obama now 🤔😍

  25. Samar's Gadgets World

    Samar's Gadgets World6 months ago

    Leave Syria alone is best option

  26. S P

    S P6 months ago

    People got rich this day. Tax day was the next day I believe lol unseen coincidence

  27. Md Mukhtar

    Md Mukhtar6 months ago Plz watch this for truth

  28. Hibo Muslima

    Hibo Muslima7 months ago

    May your head get maggots while you are still alive

  29. Crash course

    Crash course7 months ago

    They be piss and send more suicide bombers to US


    QWERT QWERT6 months ago

    Crash course Suicide bombers? Last time I checked Assad was one of the very people who are STOPPING the suicide bombers.

  31. Justin Friedeck

    Justin Friedeck7 months ago

    YOU FOOLS you strike the enemy then retreated you showed a huge weakness NOW PREPARE for alliances maybe and "strikes." if you striked your enemy they will strike back you better be prepared how who and win and what areas they are capable of striking. THEY FOR SURE are attacking using different methods such as #immigration. LISTEN dude if you're going to strike ur enemy NUKE THEM U FUCKING IDIOTS many times. don't FALSE Flag this moab 1 bomb to get the job done no you finish what you started or you shouldn't of done anything. IF THEY STRIKE Back nuke the living fucking piss out of these SYRIANS if russia wanna step up to the plate or NORTH KOREA U nuke these faggots to BUT IM SPECIFICALLY adressing the syrians. lol because you STRIKE 2000 year old enemy. and expect them not to retaliate? and immigration is 1 way. of many they aren't fucking idiots. Like trump thought God was santa clause look. IF THEY STRIKE US BE PREPARED you pissed them off thats for sure. THEN YOU just retreat that kinda funny AND COWARDIce if you think about it FUNNY none the less but no i would bomb them with nukes for sure. FUCK MOABS. THATS IF you want to finish the war you started intsead of retreat + surrender throw in the white flag dude. I'm being serious you earth mind fuck you either finish whta you started "Foabs Foabs Foabs." > moab. AS IN FATHER OF MOTHER SHIPS. AS IN NUKES all fucking bombs. Or get the fuck out of the war dude that ur decision dont half committ to this fucking problem called terrorists chopping off our heads called muslims. IF THATS THE CASE nuke the living piss out of them. WHY NOT? but will that solve immigration no so kick the illegals out or not ur decision. and then nuke the fucking Jesus out of them bro as in ALLU AKKKK BAR........

  32. Eledin

    Eledin7 months ago

    It was almost like he was not one of them with all the drain the swamp thing but either he was one of them from the beggining and fooled us like every other president did or he got grabbed by the balls, and judging the face he had after obama's meeting when he won, I think its the second one, dude left the room like if he had seen a ghost. Im sorry americans, your president is a fraud (again), I guess you will have to keep waiting for the next JFK. But this time do something if the CIA kills him please?

  33. Karim mohammad

    Karim mohammad7 months ago

    What happened to the captions?

  34. ricky yacine

    ricky yacine7 months ago

    i like spain & italy they don't give a damn about this lies they don't get involved in this mass they don't send thier troops to die

  35. Thevloggermp

    Thevloggermp7 months ago

    Before WW3 what's a reason to start a war and before the chemical attack on Syria make live peaceful not death

  36. rui xia

    rui xia7 months ago

    Almost every American President invade a country on this planet.And the democracy in America is a joke.

  37. Hjhjcf Kxdyaaa

    Hjhjcf Kxdyaaa7 months ago

    The war in Syria, President, you have no income, and the land you enter will be a graveyard for you, the raiders, the Andalusians. A foolish and worthless president. I have shown your arrogance and racism against the Arabs.

  38. Balerio Torres

    Balerio Torres7 months ago

    He is reading, but really don't understand half the words. His ignorance is world wide known.

  39. Ebony Boop

    Ebony Boop7 months ago

    Unveil the horns and let the orange bird free!!!!

  40. aaron81er

    aaron81er7 months ago

    Glad I voted for Trump. If Obama were in his shoes now he would do like he always did and sit there with a thumb in his ass.

  41. Rich Boss

    Rich Boss7 months ago

    Lies lies all lies except for the part when he says "We all are gonna die!"😷🤕🙈🙉🙊

  42. richard burns

    richard burns7 months ago

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  43. Andres Figari

    Andres Figari7 months ago

    Cheerleader for the war machine, how do you guys sleep at night?

  44. Alexyk Philip

    Alexyk Philip7 months ago

    Wondered where all "smart & new" fall down ?!!!

  45. Tusk

    Tusk7 months ago

    105 so called precision missiles and only 22 hit this just shows how crap the US military actually is also there was no chemical attack the people that are shown in the videos of the so called chemical admited that they only did it for money and food


    TREMILBERG7 months ago

    Censored News Network this is propaganda

  47. Chandumal Jangid

    Chandumal Jangid7 months ago

    Trump is good president world history america

  48. youns khan

    youns khan7 months ago

    Both us n Russia r brothal us in afg n iraq Russia in syria

  49. Anas Wajeehuddin Khan

    Anas Wajeehuddin Khan7 months ago

    I'm Proud of you Trump .... Please fuck Assad and destroy his country once and for all😠😠😠This Saturday Several Gas Attacks in Syria Killed too many civilians alot of lifes were lost they suffered before they were dead my brothers and sisters please pray 😢 for the innocents who've been killed for no reasons LONG LIVE AMERICA🗽🗽🗽


    QWERT QWERT6 months ago

    Anas Khan HAHAHAHAHA don't make me laugh. Could you please give me a SINGLE SHREAD of evidence that Assad uses chemical weapons on civilians? That's right you couldn't.

  51. i dont know

    i dont know7 months ago

    Weird that USA knows about everything in syria before everyone else.

  52. Rob Roland

    Rob Roland7 months ago

    Throw him over the wall. Money well spent.

  53. Rob Roland

    Rob Roland7 months ago

    Trump's wife is a vampire.

  54. Rob Roland

    Rob Roland7 months ago

    Send his kids in the front line.

  55. Rob Roland

    Rob Roland7 months ago

    biggest head since star trek, deep space 9. Trump is an alien, like worf.

  56. Rob Roland

    Rob Roland7 months ago

    Trump reminds me of a fish trying to talk.

  57. Rob Roland

    Rob Roland7 months ago

    Flog the bank leaders first. Then take back the 700billion + 125billion, or give out coupons.

  58. Rob Roland

    Rob Roland7 months ago

    That is how rebels are born. Arm em with weapons, and just stand back. Watch the carnage. Classic warfare.

  59. vick anderson

    vick anderson7 months ago

    for soon the US government will get the Nobel Prize of lies

  60. Faze Minecraft trick shots

    Faze Minecraft trick shots7 months ago

    Go France 🇫🇷

  61. orochimarux 3sannin

    orochimarux 3sannin7 months ago

    Damn he can't read for shit!!

  62. fEARLESS S-B

    fEARLESS S-B7 months ago

    so uhmm, who's the rocket man now Trump?

  63. Telethea Murray

    Telethea Murray7 months ago

    Fuck him

  64. Dee Bennett

    Dee Bennett7 months ago

    Why won't CNN cover the pizza gate, and the world wide hurting and killing our kill children. Do you guys have no hearts. Or are u also pedofiles.

  65. Guillermo Gaite

    Guillermo Gaite7 months ago

  66. 김철웅

    김철웅7 months ago

    See you soon.

  67. 김철웅

    김철웅7 months ago

    We have terrible people in korea.

  68. 김철웅

    김철웅7 months ago

    Please help me. Father

  69. 김철웅

    김철웅7 months ago

    I want meet you.

  70. 김철웅

    김철웅7 months ago

    Father. We have still same problem.

  71. Steven Hinh

    Steven Hinh7 months ago

    I told many people don't mess with Trump he don't follow or comply with rules and law or follow procedure but I thing he act on heartness this time I see he earn it to be our president but what if it wasn't them

  72. Benjamin Marks

    Benjamin Marks7 months ago

    Well Donald Trump you see what happens when you man up on situation other countries are stricken with fear. I give you two thumbs up and a new caddy named Obama .

  73. AdrielFox

    AdrielFox7 months ago

    I started sleeping on this news

  74. Am Pe

    Am Pe7 months ago

    Trump shut the fuck up you twat. I bricked on your face last night

  75. Jonathan Johnson

    Jonathan Johnson7 months ago

    Lying mouthpieces Where were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq???? All LIES which is why Assad for many years has walks & drives down streets in his country. Can our prez do that???

  76. EP Jenius

    EP Jenius7 months ago

    This man is brothel frequenter!

  77. EP Jenius

    EP Jenius7 months ago

    What you see is a rogue and swindler. There are a group of perverted people around them. This is the president and government of the United States. This is the United States now.

  78. Malibu CA

    Malibu CA7 months ago

    Lay it into them, F*ck Dictators 🇺🇸

  79. AdminGoogle UK

    AdminGoogle UK7 months ago


  80. NuttyFlyingSquirrel

    NuttyFlyingSquirrel7 months ago

    These are some threating words that starts wars not too mention the attacks he has approved is scary enough ! Dark times now with millions of narrow minded people that have lost the ability to love and want peace its either be the best or shut up ! so much hatred in the world and more ahead esp with this man in office he is pure evil himself..

  81. Serial Killer X

    Serial Killer X7 months ago

    This is it,enough of this Pentagon bullshit...

  82. Richard sydnor

    Richard sydnor7 months ago

    CNN sucks ass

  83. Sandi Paul

    Sandi Paul7 months ago

    Stupid president

  84. Rusty Wallace

    Rusty Wallace7 months ago

    We need to eliminate UK and Israel too. Washington DC and Israel are responsible for 9/11

  85. Rusty Wallace

    Rusty Wallace7 months ago

    I've been waiting all my life for this. It's time to Finnish ww2 this Cold War has been nothing but a tease.

  86. wei emma

    wei emma7 months ago

    You guys just believe what you want to believe, even though there is no proof for those video clips

  87. Orca james

    Orca james7 months ago

    Who care

  88. locoman-G.O.

    locoman-G.O.7 months ago

    why is it that stupid things such as new songs and how cardiB was twerking while pregnant are on trending but news headlines like these arent

  89. laura morales

    laura morales7 months ago

    They should send prisoner all the rapist child molesters killers murderers. Thats the men they should send not innocent men

  90. Rashad K

    Rashad K7 months ago


  91. Kamsic Man

    Kamsic Man7 months ago

    Trump is god.

  92. MaseratiLife 1

    MaseratiLife 17 months ago

    Artful dodger his mother sucks my Russian cock lol that inbred troll eats Russian shit for a living .

  93. Mohammed M S Q

    Mohammed M S Q7 months ago

    Make the sky hi and the onion is deep

  94. BP_11

    BP_117 months ago

    So if Assad didn’t use chemical weapons, the US wouldn’t be involved? Why use chemical weapons to attack your own people, if it won’t bring up foreign attention? US won’t police Africa as it has Syria... something doesn’t add up.

  95. Dave O.

    Dave O.7 months ago

    When you have all the money in the world... what else is there than to play god, or close to it. This guy knows he is well on his way, and don't give a shit about the world. Hell I would too.

  96. Хороший Человек

    Хороший Человек7 months ago

    Соси хуй

  97. Lyndell O

    Lyndell O7 months ago

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  99. Liam Donnelly

    Liam Donnelly7 months ago

    Trump is a Dump

  100. Liam Donnelly

    Liam Donnelly7 months ago

    Trump sucks

  101. Liam Donnelly

    Liam Donnelly7 months ago

    Trump is a shitty president