True Facts : Ant Mutualism


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    Im gonna throw up


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    "What the farmer's mother..."

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    Uhm I think I just stepped on David 😧 What have I done!?

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    David is a rebel

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    David is that odd kid who tries deseperately but fails to fit in.

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    David why won't you listen.;-;

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    lots of yummy poo

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    3:58 Ant version of 2 girls 1 cup.

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    This is so fucking funny, I love it

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    Perhaps a *SNIPPET OF NIPPLE*

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    cordyceps create the protein that keep muscles tight

  14. Twix Roberts

    Twix Roberts4 days ago

    all worker ants are female

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    Ok, this guy is fucking funny as hell.

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    *no David that's poop*

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    Honey dewrrrr

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    David ant is off his face on caterpillar shit🤪

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    While watching this clip, I thought the narrator was for once being serious, after the 20 seconds mark, Nvm, back to the humorous

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    David is my new spirit animal

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    How the hell do you do these videos with out dying from laughter.

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    Fungus Chamber

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    ants would be good drummers

  26. Chrstphre Campbell

    Chrstphre Campbell7 days ago

    50 million years is very disingenuous; as evolution only takes place during species shifts after mutations, which take place ( in larger animals ) about every million years, or only 50 jumps from these ants forebears, to these crazy beetches ! It might be a few more, but how many would be a reasonable number of jumps from one to the other ( ? )

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    Favorite part:tappy tappy back to sleep

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    Kinda creepy

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    2 ants 1 aphid

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    I just had an ad for Lynx from Woolworths... I can tell it was hopping on the RDR2 bandwagon because it was cowboy themed. Why does the mainstream do this? It just comes off as stupid...

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    Wait wait..I didn't know this guy back at doing videos..l love watching this guy 4 years ago..watching the same video over and over again. I thought I already subscribed to this dude..Turns out that was my old MReporter channel. Now I found this after watching Pewdiepie!! Thank goodness!!!

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    It's the ant version of two girls one cup

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    Hahahahahhahahahahahahahaha 💩

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    Fucking David

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    "I feel a bit insecure about the value of my own secretions" Rofl XD

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    I laughed so hard in 1:05

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    1:44 /r gifsthatendtoosoon

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    You're cute, Ze. I'd eat a burger out of your belly button. Extra pickles, please.

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    I honestly love this channel.its funny yet actually informative

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    What about people eating bee puke? (honey)


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    Eating ZFrannk burgers whilst trying new hat's on my imaginary anus is just what I do...

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    David comeback David thats poop 😆

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    So happy you're back! We love you!

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    2 ants 1 aphid

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    l love this guy he's funny XD

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    I missed this episode of planet earth

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    Omg i just cant im sitting here just cracking the fuck up you funny bro

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    "Pull it together, man"

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    Ants are Amazingk!!

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    these are so smart

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    the first advanced robot should have this voice.

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    Imagine eating someone else puke who has eaten someone else poop, thats how ant cows do.

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    David noooooooo.....

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    I just watched a David Attenborough vid that was basically an expanded version of this. Note, I saw urs first. Praise be to your humor and supreme talents of monetization. However, I think you should pay homage to David Attenborough in a very "Morgan Freeman, Morgan Freeman, Morgan Freeman" sort of way. Oh, and post moar. Kthx. Edit, I did watch these while eating cheeseburgers accompanied by a small sack of napkins. Unfortunately, no half shirt. I'm far too old.

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    A snippet of nipple. I will remember that always.

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    David is trying his best

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    You do know that worker ants are all female, right? So what's with Milo, Terrance, and David?

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    Soooo 2 ants and 1 ant cow? For those who don't get it, it's a joke reffering "2 girls and 1 cup" lol

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    Two ants, one aphid.

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    Honeydewr I love it

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    Huh, didn't know that there were species of ants that herded other animals. Interesting.

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    I wasn't prepared for 4:27. o.O I started itching immediately

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    I think this is your best work so far (ok I haven't seen every vid yet). I had to pause at "Leafy Leafy, who's an ahole?" to get control of myself. thanks for doing these.

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    David *p l e a s e*

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    "Perhaps a snippet of nipple."

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    All facts are true, by definition. Alternative facts are lies, that stupid people think are true.

  77. Gerard Mourits

    Gerard Mourits14 days ago

    Just a small nitpick but all worker ants and majors are female. There are males but they die after mating with the queens.

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    *tappty tappy back to sleep*

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    Leafy leafy who’s an asshole 😂

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    Legend says that David is still carrying the poop😂

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    “I could wear a half shirt, and wear a fanny pack filled with napkins” hilarious XD

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    I love that someone has combined actual facts and information and adult humor! This guy needs to work for the Discovery Channel! It would make their shows so much better!

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    Man, I love your videos, I have seen only a few, specifically on the carnivorous plants, which was more serious but I laughed out loud at the last comment. Great, great and interesting videos.

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    TIL ants eat booty like groceries. Ants baby bird each other

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    Yet people say humans are the only animal that farms.

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    David actually scored the greatest on the poop as it is better fertilizer than leaves

  92. queenith2

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    *she. They put some research into this but don't know that probably all the ants they showed are female. I hate this trope when ants and bees are portrayed in media.

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    the special thanks includes david the ant

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