True Facts : Ant Mutualism


  1. Alex Boricua

    Alex Boricua6 hours ago

    Now I want to watch the movie a Bug’s life .😆

  2. Laura Locke

    Laura Locke6 hours ago

    Love the way you say ‘do’ and ‘baby’. Makes me smile

  3. monimoni0147

    monimoni014713 hours ago

    David needs to get his shit together ... Wait.

  4. Ravenna Black

    Ravenna BlackDay ago

    All ant workers are female....

  5. ZerOne Games

    ZerOne GamesDay ago

    Worker ants are all female so I think David doesn't realize you are calling to her.

  6. Caryl N

    Caryl NDay ago

    I'm so glad you're back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. BravoTwoZero Sadek

    BravoTwoZero Sadek2 days ago

    David. Go home. You're drunk.

  8. funkrok2010

    funkrok20102 days ago

    I loved playing leafy leafy who's an asshole as a kid

  9. Malachi Penalver

    Malachi Penalver2 days ago

    That's some good honey derw

  10. peleg itay

    peleg itay2 days ago


  11. Snax Pendragon

    Snax Pendragon3 days ago

    Ants eat aphid shit, well I learned something new today.

  12. Salty Cashew

    Salty Cashew4 days ago

    Leafy leafy whose an asshole

  13. Mr. Smile

    Mr. Smile4 days ago

    Perverted David Attenborough !

  14. Isaac Clarke

    Isaac Clarke4 days ago

    Good job David....while your friends spanking asses for small pieces a just dragged a piece a bear shit out the woods for dinner cause it’s bigger

  15. Ratjai bundidsilp

    Ratjai bundidsilp5 days ago

    4:10 ant makeout

  16. Drake Hutchinson

    Drake Hutchinson7 days ago

    Get to your hidey holes children!

  17. Drake Hutchinson

    Drake Hutchinson7 days ago

    Hidey hole!

  18. Mark Arnott

    Mark Arnott8 days ago


  19. Brandon Scott

    Brandon Scott9 days ago

    make more

  20. R E D

    R E D9 days ago

    0:40 sounds like harvest from JoJo

  21. XxxDragonGBAxxX gaming

    XxxDragonGBAxxX gaming9 days ago


  22. jax chan

    jax chan10 days ago

    Finally a group of ass eaters I can relate to

  23. Lese39

    Lese3911 days ago

    Antscanada has joined the chat*

  24. Ümera Ülo

    Ümera Ülo11 days ago

    Immediantly thought about David Dobrik

  25. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin11 days ago

    Next they'll tell us they found a species of ant that rides around on the backs of bumblebees.

  26. 张铁牛

    张铁牛12 days ago

    farmer in a nutshell.

  27. Steel Man

    Steel Man12 days ago

    @Zefrank Where's my Bellybutton hamburger? Still waiting

  28. Lucky Lubis

    Lucky Lubis12 days ago

    What the fffarmer do

  29. Andrew Humphrey

    Andrew Humphrey13 days ago

    Two Ants, One Aphid

  30. Mysterious Dragon :3

    Mysterious Dragon :314 days ago

    David come back that's poop LOL XD

  31. Beacon Man

    Beacon Man14 days ago

    “David comeback that’s poop” lol

  32. Strike_force _bw

    Strike_force _bw15 days ago

    I like how you say honey dew its funny!

  33. hayhay509

    hayhay50916 days ago

    David is trying O K A Y?

  34. Adam Martin

    Adam Martin18 days ago

    I liked your video so much that I watched a crappy ad for you. You're welcome.

  35. TheHoe InMe

    TheHoe InMe19 days ago

    _Oh kinky_

  36. Zacharry Lubang

    Zacharry Lubang21 day ago

    *come back david Its poop*

  37. F1 airsoft costom gunworks

    F1 airsoft costom gunworks22 days ago


  38. Lucien Cole

    Lucien Cole23 days ago

    I was hoping for ant mutilation though

  39. Sabrina Phynn

    Sabrina Phynn24 days ago

    🤣 David... 🤣

  40. FlexViper

    FlexViper25 days ago

    David is that one ant who got a plan that no one knows. The poop might be useful

  41. Elle p

    Elle p26 days ago

    Did you know ants are all sisters? they only breed a select few males for reproduction purposes.. so no David

  42. Topaz 13

    Topaz 1326 days ago

    Dammit david

  43. Savannah Nason

    Savannah Nason27 days ago

    A snippel of nipple.

  44. thằng nào thấy đươc cái của tao thì tao cho 1 lay

    thằng nào thấy đươc cái của tao thì tao cho 1 lay27 days ago

    Leafty leafty who's an a$$hole

  45. Vladimir Poutine

    Vladimir Poutine28 days ago

    Fungus Chambers is the next The Beatles confirmed.

  46. Bdash52

    Bdash5228 days ago

    fuckin brilliant m8!

  47. MCMLXIable

    MCMLXIable29 days ago

    Not secretions, but EX-creations (as in excrement i.e. shit). Sugar shit! mmmmmm

  48. Sara •

    Sara •Month ago

    you: ant farms me, an ant: fungus farm

  49. vanessa alvarez

    vanessa alvarezMonth ago

    David if really a retard

  50. BlueBlaBle

    BlueBlaBleMonth ago

    I just noticed you had more videos! Thank you for coming back!

  51. Battlesheep

    BattlesheepMonth ago

    2 ants 1 aphid

  52. Silveranaconda _

    Silveranaconda _Month ago

    Fucking David

  53. Cody Vanderzwaag

    Cody VanderzwaagMonth ago

    Dude, I love these videos, please make more when you can. Like cool whales or maybe rapey dolphins

  54. jacksrandomadventures

    jacksrandomadventuresMonth ago

    2 ants 1 aphid !!

  55. Charlie

    CharlieMonth ago

    The plot of "A Bug's Life" is now very ironic to me after watching this video.

  56. WiSMs

    WiSMsMonth ago

    your videos cheer me up. wow. thank you.

  57. Ant's Mieren Avonturen

    Ant's Mieren AvonturenMonth ago

    Haha love this video!:)

  58. R.A.K YT

    R.A.K YTMonth ago

    God dammit david

  59. Adam Defibaugh

    Adam DefibaughMonth ago

    This sounds like two girls one cup😂😂😂.

  60. Adam Defibaugh

    Adam DefibaughMonth ago

    "Long march"? I knew that ants were Communists.

  61. Maggie P

    Maggie P17 days ago

    Ultimate communists. Praise the dearest leader, giver of life.

  62. Ryoushi Anschauer

    Ryoushi AnschauerMonth ago

    David is the "special" ant.

  63. Gelynn

    GelynnMonth ago

    2 Ants 1 honey dewr.

  64. Marla Kinkz

    Marla KinkzMonth ago

    This video makes me itchy.

  65. vXanderz

    vXanderzMonth ago

    That’s how the Mafia works

  66. Bella Mejares

    Bella MejaresMonth ago

    the two ant are like kissing

  67. mata schmata

    mata schmataMonth ago


  68. PUBG Lovers

    PUBG LoversMonth ago

    Learn = 0% Enjoyed= 100%

  69. Ned Stokes Jr.

    Ned Stokes Jr.Month ago

    Dammit david

  70. Miriam Springett

    Miriam SpringettMonth ago

    What's wrong with David? :D I'm concerned for him.

  71. Anton Maher

    Anton MaherMonth ago

    Throwing poop at each other is still funny

  72. jujubigm1

    jujubigm1Month ago

    Copyrighting Fungus Chambers rn

  73. Xaracen

    XaracenMonth ago

    leafy leafy whos an asshole? leafy of course

  74. Stewart Gartland

    Stewart GartlandMonth ago

    I can't imagine what possessed me to think I could sit down to eat and watch this at the same time?!

  75. spring breeze

    spring breezeMonth ago

    They are too picky ants, if it were fire ants theyre just feed on everything that can be eaten

  76. Makarov Dreyar

    Makarov DreyarMonth ago

    How would one go about typing how he says honey dew

  77. Nelley Knight

    Nelley KnightMonth ago

    I'm back! What the Farmers Mother! 🤣🤣🤣

  78. Anna Ross

    Anna RossMonth ago

    Ants Canada needs too see this

  79. Mozarel

    MozarelMonth ago

    4:10 WTAFFFFF 😂

  80. batamarence

    batamarenceMonth ago


  81. Tyler Jøseph Jøsh Dun

    Tyler Jøseph Jøsh Dun2 months ago

    I read the title as ant mutilation

  82. Flirinel Td

    Flirinel Td2 months ago

    "Is this the shit we are meant to eat?" "No david!!"

  83. mary downs

    mary downs2 months ago

    I love your voice

  84. o my gwiod is that KIMAYA HOYTE

    o my gwiod is that KIMAYA HOYTE2 months ago

    In Trinidad they are called bachack

  85. Milo Estobar

    Milo Estobar2 months ago


  86. Jack Naoré

    Jack Naoré2 months ago

    Rumors say david is still carrying 💩

  87. Hulianne Monforte

    Hulianne Monforte2 months ago

    Eat poop and puke it to ur friends mouth👍🤘👌

  88. Hulianne Monforte

    Hulianne Monforte2 months ago

    Oh david🤣😂😂

  89. GerikDT

    GerikDT2 months ago

    Ants are the tiniest, yet biggest perverts and weirdos of the animal kingdom.

  90. Fat Flobbery

    Fat Flobbery2 months ago

    Hodey hile

  91. Reddytheteddy Reddytheteddy

    Reddytheteddy Reddytheteddy2 months ago

    What is this nonsensery? 🤣😂 its actually accurate tho...

  92. Nox-inese Nexitanese

    Nox-inese Nexitanese2 months ago

    3:46 And that's what you call an Aphid Concentration Camp

  93. IncogNito NitoIncog

    IncogNito NitoIncog2 months ago

    I have bad feeling about David :(

  94. Wafflelf Woof

    Wafflelf Woof2 months ago

    "In summary the ants eat aphid poop and puke it into their friends mouth." Sounds like my dogs

  95. Golden StringShot

    Golden StringShot2 months ago

    I actually want an ant brain. Ants are beyond intelligent. Your brain and body has to be powerful to eat a that kind of source.

  96. Naii E

    Naii E2 months ago

    In my country we call these mfs bachac and when they bite you all your here is "aw shit stueps"

  97. Jesus of nazerath

    Jesus of nazerath2 months ago

    Humpty dumpty carrying dump 😝 This channel is Awesome You are best.

  98. joeviking61

    joeviking612 months ago

    Come back David, that poop.... LMFAO !!!!!

  99. georgedog3

    georgedog32 months ago

    Honey derw

  100. Some Goose

    Some Goose2 months ago

    david thats fucking poop

  101. jamesthemaniac

    jamesthemaniac2 months ago

    Every video had “how they do”