True Confessions with Chadwick Boseman and Marlon Wayans


  1. Zeime

    Zeime2 days ago

    The coffee isn't a prop now ?

  2. Unsub

    Unsub3 days ago

    why is black panther talking all funny

  3. Maze King

    Maze King3 days ago

    Someone needs to produce "BrokeAss MiB" ! Instead of that MiB remake! Smh

  4. Andres Olivares

    Andres Olivares4 days ago

    Did anyone else hear the alarm near the beginning?

  5. Chancellor Palpatine

    Chancellor Palpatine3 days ago

    I did

  6. Charlie Damcevski

    Charlie Damcevski4 days ago

    Marlon is my new hero

  7. iroNicK

    iroNicK4 days ago

    Fucken Marlon's a fool 🤣🤣🤣

  8. James Milhous

    James Milhous5 days ago

    This one's my favorite

  9. AlgotDif03

    AlgotDif039 days ago

    Feels like it's always the truth on those cards😂

  10. Christina Nguyen

    Christina Nguyen9 days ago

    This has me rolling rn 💀

  11. Arthur Biruru

    Arthur Biruru10 days ago

    Marlon was on fire. true stand up comedian. always bringing it.

  12. Nat

    Nat12 days ago

    Marlon is hilarious 😍😂

  13. Dajanna

    Dajanna13 days ago

    Broke ass Men In Black would be dope!

  14. Txbi

    Txbi14 days ago

    Tbh if I was in the situation marlon was in I’d do my best to avoid kissing that cougar.

  15. Andrei Bin Sulaiman

    Andrei Bin Sulaiman14 days ago

    Chadwick is a man of focus

  16. amedaius

    amedaius16 days ago

    I think we can all agree Chadwick won.

  17. Maddela Gangaram

    Maddela Gangaram17 days ago

    Y He dress so cool u and me dress like broke ass men in black

  18. Kareem C

    Kareem C19 days ago

    True story: I saw marlon wayans in Las Vegas. He was shopping at the MGM grand and we made eye contact me he stopped and stared at me from across a store. Lmao I didn’t know what to do so he laughed and left


    URBAN FASHION SENSE20 days ago

    Love Jimmy. I totally believed him. Once he said Hamburger! And Kid Capri! You had to be old enough know those names. I thought Marlon would get that 1.

  20. Josh Jiggles

    Josh Jiggles20 days ago

    0:18 song?

  21. Kebo Kev

    Kebo Kev21 day ago

    Marlon a genuinely funny guy...

  22. Still Alive Studio

    Still Alive Studio21 day ago

    Broke ass Men in Black LMFAO

  23. FYUTCH

    FYUTCH23 days ago

    Fallon really be pulling all the stops to entertain us. Respect hahahaha


    CJHOOP2TØPFAN23 days ago

    I ain’t gay but Chadwick is just wow

  25. Samantha Zarders

    Samantha Zarders23 days ago

    Did Jimmy say “Chadwich?” I mean... I wouldn’t mind me a slice of “Chadwich” 😂😂😂

  26. Radiophonic Oddity

    Radiophonic Oddity24 days ago

    6:18 Marlon shows that there are two types of black men in this world.😂😂

  27. Bob Jeff

    Bob Jeff25 days ago


  28. Crismar Medina

    Crismar Medina27 days ago

    "That's when you pick up the phone and you call MARC"

  29. Justin Bel

    Justin Bel28 days ago

    Madonna joins the chat and she’s pissed off

  30. Epiphany Johnican

    Epiphany Johnican29 days ago

    None of them look 40.

  31. SuperSaiyan3985

    SuperSaiyan398529 days ago

    Marlon Wayans is COMEDY!!!

  32. Pedro soliano

    Pedro solianoMonth ago

    Marlon is that one friend in high school who always like to find trouble for fun , when you spposed to be at home doing homework. lol

  33. LG PLAYS

    LG PLAYSMonth ago

    "Jimmy I wanna win this" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. Fyrecide

    FyrecideMonth ago

    P.S. Chadwick couldn't WAIT to verify THAT story, lmfao

  35. Fyrecide

    FyrecideMonth ago

    I love Marlon... he's still ridiculous as ever.

  36. Francis Turner

    Francis TurnerMonth ago


  37. pluggedtunezz

    pluggedtunezz28 days ago

    @Francis Turner ..........

  38. Francis Turner

    Francis TurnerMonth ago


  39. Frindly Giant

    Frindly GiantMonth ago

    Porn parody would be "broke ass men in back"

  40. 21 Savage

    21 SavageMonth ago

    He should of did this with usher so he could be like these are my confessions

  41. swimingbird88

    swimingbird88Month ago

    They really need to make that movie for real

  42. ImPerfectlyTwitta

    ImPerfectlyTwittaMonth ago

    Just waiting patiently for that “Broke-Ass Men in Black” release date 🤷🏾‍♀️

  43. Alessandra Leigh

    Alessandra LeighMonth ago

    Chadwick is beautiful



    Jimmy and marlon lowkey have to star in a mib movie

  45. Jon Confalone

    Jon ConfaloneMonth ago

    Are they serious? Lol How could they not tell him kissing Madonna was true. As soon as he read I made out with Madonna, I knew it was true cuz it's so crazy that it's expected to be BS. Not to mention the fact he was being extra trying to seem like he was lying and thinking of everything on the spot lol. It was obvious in my opinion

  46. StraightGreat

    StraightGreatMonth ago

    Why did I assume 2011 and Chadwick said 2011😳🤯

  47. K켈리

    K켈리Month ago

    'I'm sitting with black panther I got to have my black excellence on' 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  48. Kanika Garal

    Kanika GaralMonth ago

    Chad has got a real good poker face

  49. Michaela Lewin

    Michaela LewinMonth ago

    Did anyone hear the phone alarm going off @:54

  50. jolima07

    jolima07Month ago

    I love that Jimmy doesn’t even try to hide his dorky-ness.....”I went to college too!” 😂

  51. Niharika Newaskar

    Niharika NewaskarMonth ago

    Broke ass men in navy🤣

  52. Juan Narro Colombo

    Juan Narro ColomboMonth ago

    This was just hilarious 😂

  53. samone

    samoneMonth ago

    I cannot believe Chadwick is 41 . Fine ass nigga😭💞