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Troye Sivan - Dance To This (Official Audio) ft. Ariana Grande


  1. Angel Villadarez

    Angel Villadarez27 minutes ago

    IS THE INTRO A SAMPLE? it sounds so familiar

  2. Arubiix

    ArubiixHour ago


  3. Marie Wittich

    Marie WittichHour ago

    It’s such a chill song i love it it’s one of my faves

  4. Olivia Griffin

    Olivia Griffin2 hours ago

    I got goosebumps when Ariana started singing 😩

  5. Lainey B

    Lainey B2 hours ago


  6. Kayla Williams

    Kayla Williams2 hours ago


  7. Vanessa Leal

    Vanessa Leal2 hours ago

    2:30 💙💙

  8. Jar ofdirt

    Jar ofdirt2 hours ago

    UGGGGHHHH😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤MY UWU

  9. Luiza Hilario

    Luiza Hilario4 hours ago

    Ain q dlç de musicaaaa ❤

  10. nil.

    nil.5 hours ago

    When I first listened I did not really enjoyed it, but the second time I am like what did I deserve to be blessed with this songs?

  11. nil.

    nil.5 hours ago

    In a positive way.

  12. Luisagamer br

    Luisagamer br6 hours ago

    Omg is good

  13. pika txu

    pika txu6 hours ago

    ce garçon a un melon démesuré : mettre son featuring en minuscule alors qu'il n'arrive pas à la cheville d'ariana grande... il n'a pas son talent et ne l'aura jamais mais il peut toujours rêver

  14. Khurram Aziz

    Khurram Aziz6 hours ago

    Nice...👌love 💜 *Queen Shiva* 😈

  15. Margot Pearson

    Margot Pearson6 hours ago

    I honestly don’t like Ariana in this

  16. Dol

    Dol8 hours ago


  17. Dol

    Dol8 hours ago

    waiting for July 19 ✨

  18. Dol

    Dol8 hours ago

    we need more songs by Ari & troye

  19. Molly Carles

    Molly Carles8 hours ago

    When is the music video coming out?

  20. NoTears `

    NoTears `7 hours ago

    Molly Carles 19th

  21. Kath_ Dontstop

    Kath_ Dontstop9 hours ago

    Like si viniste por la Historia de Ariana en.Insta

  22. DJYZ channel

    DJYZ channel9 hours ago

    Yayyy its vid is coming on 19th july

  23. Joshua Visser

    Joshua Visser10 hours ago

    I've just been dancing to this all day long

  24. Rani Mohan

    Rani Mohan10 hours ago

    Waiting for the official video coming out on Thursday

  25. Portia Schiferli

    Portia Schiferli11 hours ago

    *Doctor* : you have 3 minutes and 53 seconds left to live. *Me* : *clicks on video*

  26. Shainny Yurong

    Shainny Yurong11 hours ago

    Why is Arianna grande is there are they dating or something?

  27. Shainny Yurong

    Shainny Yurong7 hours ago

    I only though

  28. NoTears `

    NoTears `7 hours ago

    Also shes engaged

  29. NoTears `

    NoTears `7 hours ago

    How can they be dating then?

  30. Shainny Yurong

    Shainny Yurong7 hours ago

    I already know he's gay lol

  31. NoTears `

    NoTears `7 hours ago

    Shainny Yurong XD hahaha No its just a every other one..also hes gay

  32. Bako Andras

    Bako Andras11 hours ago

    finally a good song that doesn't sound boring like everything everybody is trying to produce.

  33. Soy Yoyo

    Soy Yoyo12 hours ago


  34. punita Khandagale

    punita Khandagale12 hours ago

    I feel like a proud mom. I have known Troye since a long period of time

  35. Nicol Nicolaou

    Nicol Nicolaou12 hours ago

    That instrumental is AMAZING GOSH!

  36. songbirdcelebrity

    songbirdcelebrity13 hours ago

    ok this is my favorite song

  37. liqa nonot

    liqa nonot13 hours ago

    thats sound make me feel at beach

  38. MiloManOfficial - Public Transport Enthusiast

    MiloManOfficial - Public Transport Enthusiast15 hours ago

    I think my ass is gonna be on the couch for the next few hours after dancing wayyyy too hard to this.

  39. Leo

    Leo16 hours ago


  40. skandolust

    skandolust17 hours ago

    waiting for the video be like

  41. Jaydiebug Stock

    Jaydiebug Stock18 hours ago

    I love this song

  42. Joss Laurel

    Joss Laurel18 hours ago

    I love you Troye 😍😍😍😍😍

  43. Manuel Peralta

    Manuel Peralta19 hours ago


  44. Aaron Nickerson

    Aaron Nickerson19 hours ago

    I can't believe heaven sound so good

  45. Xi Zhang

    Xi Zhang19 hours ago


  46. valentino edmundo peña reynoso

    valentino edmundo peña reynoso20 hours ago

    I love music

  47. valentina urbieta

    valentina urbieta20 hours ago


  48. Fangirling Freak

    Fangirling Freak21 hour ago

    Troye reminds me of Alex Standall from 13RW tho for some reason 🤔

  49. Fangirling Freak

    Fangirling Freak21 hour ago

    I wasnt feeling it at first but now i'm obsESSED with this song. Troye and Ariana's voice suits each others' so well!! Oh who am i kidding, Ari's voice suits with anybody 🔥

  50. Taisa Soares

    Taisa Soares22 hours ago


  51. Nicole Love

    Nicole Love23 hours ago

    MusIc viDeO plEasE

  52. Nicole Love

    Nicole Love23 hours ago

    No one will probably see this buttttt this needs a MusiC viDeO no DouBT.

  53. Chun li

    Chun li14 hours ago

    Nicole Love it's coming out this Thursday. Check out Troye's insta, twitter or his app.

  54. Lucy Roberta

    Lucy RobertaDay ago

    ♡ my favorite song forever ♡

  55. Paula Fajardo

    Paula FajardoDay ago

    Ariana makes this sound good!!

  56. Trash

    TrashDay ago

    i don’t know which one i have a bigger crush on

  57. Trash

    TrashDay ago

    i don’t think either like girls though

  58. aleisha

    aleishaDay ago

    I did a cover of this song on my channel if you guys want to check it out. :)

  59. Vanessa Leal

    Vanessa LealDay ago

    this is perfect!!!😍😍

  60. Redtype

    RedtypeDay ago

    We need the music video! Please 🙏🏼

  61. Fabiola Ruiz

    Fabiola RuizDay ago

    Excelente tus letras me encantan, sigue adelante.

  62. isfor flower

    isfor flowerDay ago


  63. tacøs før hands

    tacøs før handsDay ago

    sao os amores da minha vida mesmo

  64. tacøs før hands

    tacøs før handsDay ago

    ainda nao superei

  65. Demirel Rustamov

    Demirel RustamovDay ago

    This song 😍

  66. Wendy B.

    Wendy B.Day ago

    This song makes me so soft and nostalgic

  67. MissTheresaDANCE

    MissTheresaDANCEDay ago

    Ahhh love this track

  68. Eduardo Jefferson

    Eduardo JeffersonDay ago

    all I can think about is a party house late at night in the valley, people drinking and dancing, pool partying, kissing in the kitchen and then the sun creeping up

  69. DDomino Geronimo

    DDomino GeronimoDay ago

    *Dance to this, literally*

  70. destiny petrel

    destiny petrelDay ago

    I love this song so much I can't even. I recorded it in the studio right after the release and threw it on my EP. :) Go watch now.,wn

  71. Kate Pothan

    Kate PothanDay ago

    i came for ari

  72. Nanohanaちゃんねる

    NanohanaちゃんねるDay ago

    Can’t wait this music video!

  73. Queen Nae stans BTS

    Queen Nae stans BTSDay ago

    i didn't know that i needed this until i heard it... now im hooked... Bravo guys

  74. Kenin José Hernandez Reyes

    Kenin José Hernandez ReyesDay ago

    I need the music video Rigth now

  75. Miguel Mercier

    Miguel MercierDay ago

    Okay. I'll dance to this.

  76. Maxi poole

    Maxi pooleDay ago


  77. Chan Roge

    Chan RogeDay ago

    the only way i can listen to ariana without cringing to her high pitched vocals... love this colab!!

  78. LéoAlmeidaVEVO

    LéoAlmeidaVEVODay ago


  79. teegan matthews

    teegan matthewsDay ago

    just a dream collab

  80. Noah Oliveira

    Noah Oliveira2 days ago


  81. HydroFlame20

    HydroFlame202 days ago

    This Video will be amazing 😊😁👍

  82. Tsz Kit Wong

    Tsz Kit Wong2 days ago

    I love you

  83. Clemenza Schwarz

    Clemenza Schwarz2 days ago

    Ariana, any regrets because of London incident... you bitch.

  84. Clemenza Schwarz

    Clemenza Schwarz2 days ago

    What a poor little gay wanker...!

  85. Moonlight ave

    Moonlight ave2 days ago

    Dance to this > Bed

  86. Naiym Jainlett

    Naiym Jainlett2 days ago

    2:24 is my favorite part

  87. Anh Anh

    Anh Anh2 days ago

    Ôi quả nhạccc. Replay liên tục. Với cái đoạn night night night.

  88. Anh Anh

    Anh Anh2 days ago

    Nhạc hay dã man! !!

  89. Jeanne Marzado

    Jeanne Marzado2 days ago

    I swear to god this is so ugh 😍😍😍

  90. joshs life

    joshs life2 days ago

    go off ari!!!

  91. Sweetener

    Sweetener2 days ago


  92. ariana is my life

    ariana is my life2 days ago

    we want the video!😍

  93. Julia Guerra

    Julia Guerra2 days ago

    Whoever disliked is the devil

  94. yupmonk3yzrul3

    yupmonk3yzrul32 days ago

    Will there be a music video?

  95. guess what

    guess what2 days ago

    yupmonk3yzrul3 yes

  96. AngelLight.

    AngelLight.2 days ago

    The perfect summer song! I love it 💚

  97. King Ubiii

    King Ubiii2 days ago

    I want Troye to make another MReporter video. I know he's busy but I miss him lol.

  98. Joseph Velis

    Joseph Velis2 days ago

    My girlfriend and I dance this in my room whenever we can, and we sing the lyrics.

  99. Gustavo Van Domselaar

    Gustavo Van Domselaar2 days ago

    The Queen Elizabeth ll has been dethroned

  100. michael viers

    michael viers3 days ago

    Still waiting for video

  101. spidey chonce

    spidey chonce3 days ago


  102. Venus

    Venus3 days ago

    Ppl saying "this is better than tlic" or "this is better than bed" are getting on my nerves. Can't you just enjoy music and stop comparing songs. Everyone has there own opinions, I know. Just please be respectful.


    BRI-TRINITY STAR3 days ago

    i love the lil music after the chorus... its heaven

  104. Stranger Things love

    Stranger Things love3 days ago

    suïem 💕

  105. did not get the standard standard

    did not get the standard standard3 days ago

    Cadê o brasileiro

  106. Mica

    Mica3 days ago

    This deserves more recognition. I hope the MV will be out soooooon!

  107. Amarina E.

    Amarina E.3 days ago

    They're making a music video for this right?

  108. guess what

    guess what2 days ago

    Amarina E. yes download troye sivan's app because the videos are being uploaded there first before in youtube..... sorry for my bad english

  109. Lippeh Teixeira

    Lippeh Teixeira3 days ago


  110. hamster world

    hamster world3 days ago


  111. Dhiya Maisarah

    Dhiya Maisarah3 days ago

    im in love