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Troye Sivan - Dance To This (Official Audio) ft. Ariana Grande


  1. Mlungisi Mogale

    Mlungisi MogaleDay ago

    This song is underrated

  2. nemophilist

    nemophilistDay ago

    I feel those vibes

  3. Raudino Viola

    Raudino Viola2 days ago

    i’m obsessed

  4. Joehara Rodriguez

    Joehara Rodriguez3 days ago

    love their voice, match so well ^^

  5. julyweek

    julyweek5 days ago

    hey i edited a movie with freedom hangs like hraven by iron and wine.check it out here

  6. TwentyOneMyChemicalRomanceFallOutBoysPanic

    TwentyOneMyChemicalRomanceFallOutBoysPanic5 days ago

    This is too beautiful my heart cant take it

  7. Star Torus

    Star Torus5 days ago

    This song makes me grab a table and dance to this song love it!

  8. Slee L

    Slee L5 days ago

    I'm literally addicted

  9. Boris Ercegović

    Boris Ercegović5 days ago

    beautiful song

  10. FungusFriend

    FungusFriend6 days ago

    My cat loves it when I sing this to her.

  11. Pooja Nagamohan

    Pooja Nagamohan6 days ago

    this is such a beautiful and powerful song. i love this song so much.

  12. Kelly Flores

    Kelly Flores6 days ago


  13. Maria Barrantes

    Maria Barrantes6 days ago

  14. Roy Sta. Ana

    Roy Sta. Ana6 days ago


  15. Roy Sta. Ana

    Roy Sta. Ana6 days ago


  16. Mia May

    Mia May6 days ago

    This song is the bomb!

  17. Hilda Tacuri

    Hilda Tacuri7 days ago

    Que hermosa canción. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  18. Jan Kwong

    Jan Kwong7 days ago

    This is so relaxing.....

  19. Emily Salvatori

    Emily Salvatori7 days ago

    This song is very beautiful, I love it.

  20. Paxton Pill

    Paxton Pill8 days ago

    Anybody going to see Troye in CHARLOTTE, NC at the Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre?

  21. Arianator 4ever

    Arianator 4ever8 days ago

    I feel like this song doesn't get the attention it diserves

  22. Bloomfell Rareuiox

    Bloomfell Rareuiox8 days ago

    Yup. #$adness ]°^

  23. Zelda Mac

    Zelda Mac8 days ago

    It such sad song the vibe makes me want cry

  24. Dabadi dabadie

    Dabadi dabadie8 days ago

    Sounds kinda years and years's songs....

  25. 신문철

    신문철8 days ago

    We can just dance to this

  26. just- lesbian

    just- lesbian8 days ago


  27. java juice

    java juice9 days ago


  28. namjuni

    namjuni9 days ago

    .75 speed aaaaaaaAAAAA

  29. Regis RC

    Regis RC10 days ago

    favorite song right now. love everything about it. the lyrics, the artists, the voice, the mUsic

  30. Yan Yan

    Yan Yan10 days ago

    This collaboration is *Magical* Can't get it out of my head😍

  31. Ewa Ewa

    Ewa Ewa10 days ago

  32. Ania Eleonora

    Ania Eleonora10 days ago

    Definitely one of the best collabs right now.

  33. ass hole.

    ass hole.10 days ago

    The aesthetics

  34. Bimala Devi

    Bimala Devi10 days ago

    Keep on making us amazed😊😊😊

  35. 10k subscribe without videos

    10k subscribe without videos11 days ago

    who else listening to it while reading comments xD

  36. Hoor i

    Hoor i12 days ago


  37. Hoor i

    Hoor i12 days ago


  38. Nadia Molina

    Nadia Molina12 days ago


  39. Noble Beast

    Noble Beast12 days ago

    Daily kickstart song 🖤

  40. Oncue Productions

    Oncue Productions13 days ago

    U both look cute

  41. Oncue Productions

    Oncue Productions13 days ago

    Cool music. U rock 👏👌

  42. Thalia Martinez

    Thalia Martinez14 days ago

    I feel gay, wby?

  43. roland melles

    roland melles9 days ago


  44. Nina Kujawska

    Nina Kujawska14 days ago

    I love this sing😍😍😍😍

  45. Jez Michler

    Jez Michler14 days ago

    i love his face

  46. Raissa Silva

    Raissa Silva14 days ago


  47. Unicorniana baby

    Unicorniana baby15 days ago

    Babys ❤

  48. MoonLightAriana

    MoonLightAriana15 days ago

    August 2018?!

  49. Phuong Mai Nguyen

    Phuong Mai Nguyen15 days ago


  50. Liebe

    Liebe15 days ago

    Try not to dance to this! I bet you can't!

  51. ilost MyJams

    ilost MyJams16 days ago

    I can't dance but i want to *dance to this*

  52. Christopher Lewis

    Christopher Lewis17 days ago

    I love this song. You can listen and dance to this in a nightclub. And Ariana just sounds like heaven like always.

  53. Tommhut

    Tommhut17 days ago

    I love this song ,please check on my channel i did a acoustic cover of this song,it could mean a lot for me, thank you hope you guys like it :D

  54. ALE C

    ALE C17 days ago

    listen while you're driving at the night...

  55. elena achi

    elena achi17 days ago

    this song makes me so sad i love it

  56. Meow

    Meow15 days ago

    Ikr? It's kind of like bittersweet

  57. Rihanna Khadija

    Rihanna Khadija18 days ago


  58. Angela Alvarez

    Angela Alvarez18 days ago

    lol I thought there were saying... "we can just have sex"

  59. Ladycutiepiee MSP/ROBLOX/AVAKİN LİFE

    Ladycutiepiee MSP/ROBLOX/AVAKİN LİFE18 days ago

    My favv😍😍😍

  60. Lara :3

    Lara :318 days ago


  61. Worst Nightmare

    Worst Nightmare18 days ago

    Me siento tan gay :v

  62. 36x

    36x18 days ago

    ariana ruined the song i just dont like her voice , wish it was only troye or maybe with lana del rey (just my opinion)

  63. Tajea Campbell

    Tajea Campbell18 days ago

    Istg, this song is my everything

  64. Ryuji Omote

    Ryuji Omote19 days ago

    Troye Sivan - Dance To This (Official Audio) ft. Ariana Grande

  65. wiktor11cb

    wiktor11cb20 days ago

    Set speed to .75 thank me later

  66. Pedro Arcafra

    Pedro Arcafra20 days ago

    EU TE AMOOOOO! ❤❤❤ Fiz uma versão em português dessa música:

  67. Café a dois

    Café a dois20 days ago


  68. Te pego às 8

    Te pego às 820 days ago

    Muito boa!

  69. Jazzmine Kim

    Jazzmine Kim21 day ago

    is it just me or they just really look good together. oh god.

  70. unlymited •

    unlymited •21 day ago

    me hubiese gustado más la canción si Ariana Grande no estuviera en ella.

  71. Dana castaño

    Dana castaño21 day ago

    do you know da we :v

  72. BlueBird

    BlueBird21 day ago

    the last three letters of the url spell "Omg" lol

  73. Ashley Hope

    Ashley Hope21 day ago

    this song has been on repeat for the past two days ... send Help!

  74. Confesora Jorge

    Confesora Jorge22 days ago

    Loving this masterpiece

  75. Daniela de Gois

    Daniela de Gois22 days ago


  76. Veronica Lodge

    Veronica Lodge22 days ago

    I don’t want to sleep tonight

  77. Laura Lamb

    Laura Lamb22 days ago

    my summer song

  78. Han Gyo Jin

    Han Gyo Jin22 days ago

    you know what MReporter need? a loop button..

  79. Han Gyo Jin

    Han Gyo Jin21 day ago

    Ashley Hope really? But how you do it on phone?

  80. Ashley Hope

    Ashley Hope21 day ago

    they do, right click the pause button

  81. Camille

    Camille23 days ago

    im so obsessed with this song lately

  82. Magui Tookes

    Magui Tookes23 days ago

    I'm fuckin feeling this song

  83. pedro silva

    pedro silva23 days ago


  84. pedro silva

    pedro silva23 days ago


  85. Lisa Jenner

    Lisa Jenner23 days ago

    Hello is this 911 911 yes I have an emergency 911 what is it I just heard the new song from troye sivan dance to this and i Got a heart attack because it’s amazing

  86. Moisa J Wroy

    Moisa J Wroy24 days ago



    MBAGARO24 days ago

    I feel like the tune between 0:26 and 0:41 (chorus) is the exact same tune as Allie X's chorus in her 2017 song 'Downtown' :/ ......

  88. Mia Matraki

    Mia Matraki24 days ago

    I heard it by accident and fell in love with it..I wanna hear it all day long..

  89. Lucas POAC

    Lucas POAC24 days ago

    Just put on the radio

  90. Aditya Pratama

    Aditya Pratama24 days ago


  91. Haa Anna

    Haa Anna25 days ago

    We can just dance to this .. ❤️Love Love and respect from Greece !

  92. Inda wulan

    Inda wulan26 days ago

    Turn it up its favourite song dance dance *dance to this

  93. Константин Лазовский

    Константин Лазовский26 days ago


  94. Deema Al

    Deema Al27 days ago

    Addicted !!!

  95. TAE TRASH #1

    TAE TRASH #127 days ago

    •.Listening to this on repeat never getting sick of it, such a great song there voices go so well together.• ♪( ´θ`)ノ

  96. The C.G.O

    The C.G.O27 days ago


  97. Moonlight.forever_22 222

    Moonlight.forever_22 22227 days ago

    I wish they dated each other THERE SO CUTE😍😍😍

  98. Ta’Lisa Michelle

    Ta’Lisa Michelle28 days ago

    *breaks replay button*

  99. Juana  Hurtado

    Juana Hurtado28 days ago

    I'll be so cute if they EVER date. :)

  100. Carla Biggs

    Carla Biggs29 days ago

    I love this song

  101. katia oliveira

    katia oliveira29 days ago

    dance to This 💕🎶🎵

  102. Deniz Karadağ

    Deniz Karadağ29 days ago

    best song ever ❤️

  103. I am Shooketh

    I am Shooketh29 days ago

    Still coming back to the audio and my wig is snatched every single time

  104. Joaquin Ortiz

    Joaquin OrtizMonth ago

    se me paro la pija

  105. orionate

    orionateMonth ago

    this song sounds so much better high wow..... the producer is insanely good

  106. Nikola Londrovic

    Nikola LondrovicMonth ago

    loop: checked

  107. cami sad uwu

    cami sad uwuMonth ago

    I can’t stop hear this song, I love it 🤤💞