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Troye Sivan - Bloom


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    * quality content alert

  2. ANGELO54

    ANGELO544 hours ago


  3. Maia Miranda Perez Juarez

    Maia Miranda Perez Juarez4 hours ago

    mmmmm FREAK!

  4. Tomi Herl

    Tomi Herl6 hours ago


  5. Jaqueline Herrera

    Jaqueline Herrera7 hours ago

    Xq no hablas español

  6. Henrique Sonego

    Henrique Sonego14 hours ago

    viadinho escroto

  7. Flashback Mary

    Flashback Mary14 hours ago

    Troye needs to make merch that says “it’s about flowers”

  8. John April

    John April14 hours ago

    When your in the backyard with your moms makeup

  9. Camila :v

    Camila :v15 hours ago

    I am army , i support him

  10. Rhesa Refaldi

    Rhesa Refaldi17 hours ago

    Eeeewwwwwhhhhhhhh gaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy

  11. E M

    E M19 hours ago

    oh gay men 😂 love em but ill never really understand em

  12. James Scott

    James ScottDay ago

    What would happen if Robert Smith saw this video?

  13. Wayne Zhang

    Wayne ZhangDay ago

    so beautiful

  14. LeahDell _04

    LeahDell _04Day ago

    "I BLOOM JUST FOR YOU" We love a good Troye song, yet another masterpiece from the king of the queer music industry himself. Have a marvelous day, boo!!

  15. Ciel Phantomhive

    Ciel PhantomhiveDay ago

    idk y but i see troye with james charles

  16. BTS ARMY

    BTS ARMYDay ago


  17. LeahDell _04

    LeahDell _04Day ago

    You misspelled beautiful

  18. Goblin忍者

    Goblin忍者Day ago

    Play in 144p For better Experience yall

  19. pcr llx

    pcr llxDay ago


  20. Bibiana Calì

    Bibiana CalìDay ago

    Love him!!!

  21. ezra cruz

    ezra cruzDay ago

    Why is he so attractive? I am so in love

  22. Cake

    Cake2 days ago

    good song but thats kinda gay dawg.

  23. LeahDell _04

    LeahDell _04Day ago

    Good that you think that, he is gay and he's very proud, considering how often he posts pictures of himself with his bf on Instagram. He's also the king of the queer music industry, just so you know. Have a nice day love <3

  24. mangalam

    mangalam2 days ago

    2019 anyone? Am so obsessed with this😍, btw who else thinks that he looks like draco malfoy😂

  25. Blue Stars

    Blue Stars2 days ago

    Can I just say how proud I am for him? I've been watching and following Troyes work for about 6-7 years now. He got so far, I'm so happy for him.

  26. Myful Meha

    Myful Meha2 days ago

    Well I would say that Troy has got the most beautiful lips

  27. Luis soler

    Luis soler2 days ago

    Hes pretty

  28. 장언비

    장언비2 days ago

    I like this song so much that I keep listening to it. I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Jimin's Pinky

    Jimin's Pinky3 days ago

    His voice is so nice... If he was not gay I would have fell for him...

  30. _yvonne galvan_

    _yvonne galvan_3 days ago

    I love him

  31. Lesly Velica

    Lesly Velica3 days ago


  32. Amanda Morwick

    Amanda Morwick3 days ago


  33. Omar Morales

    Omar Morales3 days ago

    Beautiful, I love Troye, Because....? Applause Lady gaga? xd

  34. Diego Baleos

    Diego Baleos3 days ago

    yeah I BLOOM, I BLOOM, Just for you. I BLOOM Just for you

  35. Elizabeth Quigley

    Elizabeth Quigley3 days ago

    hell YES

  36. B Durain

    B Durain3 days ago

    Love the song. Thank YOU


    MIX BY CENDI3 days ago


  38. I'm not allowed to be on YouTube

    I'm not allowed to be on YouTube3 days ago

    I thought this was about blooming emotionally and letting someone who is special in your life and showing how much love you've saved for them . But it turns out about being a bottom, well I'm not even mad.... I'll 100% send this to a girl that will make me feel like I wanna be a bottom just for her 😋

  39. Amrutha Babu

    Amrutha Babu3 days ago


  40. Brianna Hess

    Brianna Hess4 days ago

    a true bottom anthem

  41. Alyssa H

    Alyssa H4 days ago

    This is the most sensual video i have ever seen. like hands down. no nudity , just sensual. wow.

  42. Gabro Official

    Gabro Official4 days ago

    Yes baby 😘❤️

  43. Leo C.

    Leo C.4 days ago

    draco malfoy vibes at 3:00

  44. 전정국님존경해요아미입니다

    전정국님존경해요아미입니다4 days ago

    트로이 노래 너무 좋다ㅠㅠ

  45. Pumpkin Kitty

    Pumpkin Kitty4 days ago

    does anybody else think he looks like Judge Rinder

  46. Cesar Cubas

    Cesar Cubas5 days ago

    Next Madonna! so exited to see what he does next. lots of talent

  47. megan d

    megan d5 days ago

    look at this live king!!!!

  48. 廷源 王

    廷源 王5 days ago

    非常喜欢 💕💕

  49. Beth Rey

    Beth Rey5 days ago

    OMG! I forgot about this song 😂😭. And this red dress hahah 😂😍

  50. di Angela

    di Angela5 days ago

    i like flowers too, troye.

  51. stormtrooper253

    stormtrooper2535 days ago

    For some reason I am also reminded of Perfume Genius.

  52. Fernanda Dianno

    Fernanda Dianno5 days ago

    God, he makes me remember of the ''The Danish Girl'' movie. *That's crazy!!!!*

  53. Yiğit şanal

    Yiğit şanal5 days ago

    İbne ya😂😂

  54. Yiğit şanal

    Yiğit şanal5 days ago


  55. Nishant Koyande

    Nishant Koyande5 days ago

    He is gay i think

  56. Jakyoya BRO

    Jakyoya BRO4 days ago

    He is gay

  57. Zsolt Varga

    Zsolt Varga5 days ago

    Ez mlg??

  58. Good Dog

    Good Dog6 days ago

    I swear I'm playing this song in 2017 wth it was released in 2018 hshshaja

  59. Applepie25

    Applepie256 days ago

    Lips even more beautiful than women!

  60. Ítalo Fernandes

    Ítalo Fernandes6 days ago

    Amoooooo essa música ❤❤❤

  61. louis sisneros

    louis sisneros6 days ago

    I Bloomed and meet husband

  62. Jakyoya BRO

    Jakyoya BRO4 days ago




    Am I the only one watching this music video and thinking that it could be The Picture of Dorian Gray?

  64. suneerat thamipuck

    suneerat thamipuck6 days ago

    Amazing music video & song ... Love it!!


    ABO YASER6 days ago

    انت خرج ناخدك عادلب 🙂

  66. Sherihan Ali

    Sherihan Ali4 days ago

    +ABO YASER عفوا بس انا فهمت انك عم تحكي عن مثليته ؟


    ABO YASER4 days ago

    Sherihan Ali عشان ندوقو شعبيات 😉

  68. Sherihan Ali

    Sherihan Ali4 days ago

    ليش ؟

  69. chima chibi

    chima chibi6 days ago

    A twinky bottom dreaming of a straight-passing gay’s like the most basic human condition in the gay community. Femmes yearning for mascs who never look their way.

  70. Alberto Lezcano

    Alberto Lezcano7 days ago

    He is the new boy George! His music inlove

  71. jiao jiao

    jiao jiao7 days ago

    i sure love being a twink bottom

  72. Alexey Ostudin

    Alexey Ostudin7 days ago

    Looks like Madonna in very early 80's)))

  73. Jessica Olsen

    Jessica Olsen7 days ago

    As a Human being I have to say, this is gorgeouss

  74. Alexys0706

    Alexys07068 days ago

    He looks like a wahmen

  75. Frank mitchell

    Frank mitchell8 days ago

    A really nice song.

  76. Cecilie Breum-Jensen

    Cecilie Breum-Jensen8 days ago

    I love him so much

  77. What Am I doing

    What Am I doing8 days ago

    (About flowers)1% (Gay) 20.0000.000.00%

  78. Education as a Basis

    Education as a Basis8 days ago

    You are so beautiful Troye, you are a truly a blossomed flower.

  79. NoToCrabMentatility 'WagMagingKanser

    NoToCrabMentatility 'WagMagingKanser8 days ago

    3:04 Draco Malfoy is dat u?

  80. NoToCrabMentatility 'WagMagingKanser

    NoToCrabMentatility 'WagMagingKanser8 days ago

    His outfit in 0:38 reminds me of Jennie in Solo.... 😅

  81. Inge Ratih

    Inge Ratih9 days ago


  82. LoveYourself LoveMyself_BTS

    LoveYourself LoveMyself_BTS9 days ago

    My friend took out my earbud and I was listening to this song and not to be rude I just let her listen. At the end of the song she was like "that's a nice song about flowers. Is it talking about spring?" Me:".....(wHo'S gOiNg To tElL hEr?!)......sure...."

  83. paola choque

    paola choque9 days ago


  84. Antonio Rangel

    Antonio Rangel9 days ago

    Me representa.

  85. tamarix

    tamarix9 days ago

    So beautiful

  86. Abhinav rana

    Abhinav rana9 days ago

    male wid female hormones

  87. Auliya Muhammad Fadlah

    Auliya Muhammad Fadlah9 days ago

    come to brazil

  88. Sarah Nicholson

    Sarah Nicholson9 days ago

    Okay why does he look fucking amazing in that lipstick. I love him so much 😩❤️❤️

  89. Carina Senunta

    Carina Senunta9 days ago


  90. Жасмин Есенжарова

    Жасмин Есенжарова9 days ago

    He is gay?

  91. Жасмин Есенжарова

    Жасмин Есенжарова6 days ago

    Sorry i am no Russian, but understand you превет

  92. FirstTime moo

    FirstTime moo6 days ago


  93. ilike laughingxD

    ilike laughingxD9 days ago

    James Charles masturbates to Troye Sivans make-up XD

  94. Em Lightwood

    Em Lightwood10 days ago

    ART 😍

  95. Yayoi Bowery

    Yayoi Bowery10 days ago

    This is so club kids inspired that I'm living for it!

  96. Nicole

    Nicole10 days ago

    bottom king!

  97. WIN NA착한 소년

    WIN NA착한 소년10 days ago

    Who is Jerking for him????? -Lmfao

  98. sehun is so fab

    sehun is so fab10 days ago

    It's SOOOOO gay and I'm in love with it. Why have I been sleeping on this song?

  99. Shresth Mishra

    Shresth Mishra10 days ago

    Hello there :) I've made a cover of this beautiful song. please do check it out, if you feel like. :D Have a nice day!

  100. aesthetical mes.

    aesthetical mes.10 days ago

    Aesthetically pleasing



    Troyella Devl has entered the chat.

  102. Viviane ZM5

    Viviane ZM511 days ago


  103. George YT

    George YT11 days ago

    I remember in an interview he said he didn’t want to come across as too gay. Ahem, might be a bit too late for that.

  104. Matt Thompson

    Matt Thompson10 days ago


  105. Deborah du Parc

    Deborah du Parc11 days ago

    I get an 80s vibe from this, love it

  106. Matt Thompson

    Matt Thompson10 days ago


  107. army _bts

    army _bts11 days ago

    is sivan gay ? 💔

  108. Luigi Arriaga

    Luigi Arriaga11 days ago

    I thought he was talking about flowers but he talks about his anus dilating :o


    LOMAS MOTILAL11 days ago

    I'm here after he sang "I'm tired of..." with Lauv and I did not know that he's gay

  110. Noshin Nawal

    Noshin Nawal11 days ago

    I can never think of flowers normally now....

  111. Flashback Mary

    Flashback Mary11 days ago

    Now millions of people know that’s he’s a bottom.

  112. Flashback Mary

    Flashback Mary14 hours ago

    c a r m e n o true

  113. c a r m e n o

    c a r m e n o22 hours ago

    could be verse