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Troye Sivan - Bloom


  1. Darlene 18

    Darlene 1825 minutes ago


  2. Van Thao Nguyen Huu

    Van Thao Nguyen HuuHour ago

    piece of art!

  3. Tala lzlz

    Tala lzlz2 hours ago

    Super Hot😍😂😂

  4. Kristina Orbović

    Kristina Orbović2 hours ago


  5. _ ShockJin

    _ ShockJin2 hours ago

    Love the song

  6. Dustyassed Bitch

    Dustyassed Bitch2 hours ago

    Bloom for whom draco? Severus, dumbledore, sam or lord voldermort?? Im proud of you troye.

  7. Chronic Fridge

    Chronic Fridge2 hours ago

    My wig is blooming with other flowers in Eden right now, cause this is actually heavenly

  8. Ana Kostic

    Ana Kostic2 hours ago

    His confidence ohhhhhh killingggggggg meeeeeeeeeeeeee \m/

  9. Baek yhn

    Baek yhn3 hours ago


  10. Secret Wishes

    Secret Wishes4 hours ago

    Hes gay!! 😆

  11. Fia Citra

    Fia Citra5 hours ago


  12. NightCore Sunflower

    NightCore Sunflower5 hours ago


  13. NightCore Sunflower

    NightCore Sunflower5 hours ago


  14. Xxx Xxx

    Xxx Xxx5 hours ago

    You slay queen💖💖

  15. D V

    D V5 hours ago

    Why are there 10 thousand dislikes

  16. Abbi Rose

    Abbi Rose7 hours ago

    I clicked on the video wanting to watch troys latest music video then I saw Taylor Swifts lips and was confused

  17. Sri Astuti

    Sri Astuti7 hours ago

    is he dye his hair armpits?

  18. Jun kim

    Jun kim8 hours ago

    I'm in love with this music video , it's amazing and the song ;-;

  19. Sanjana Thomas

    Sanjana Thomas9 hours ago

    is that fenty I see???

  20. thuy nguyen

    thuy nguyen9 hours ago


  21. Hierophant

    Hierophant12 hours ago

    The fantastic cinematography combined with avant-garde fashion aesthetics, classic vintage homoerotic imagery, and Troye's angelic voice? I'm beyond down for it. I LOVE this. What an icon. Twink of the century tbh

  22. Adrian Neil Ang

    Adrian Neil Ang12 hours ago


  23. David Hubbard

    David Hubbard13 hours ago

    I see a lot Annie Lennox, which is awesome!

  24. Tyler Joseph's iRenew Bracelet

    Tyler Joseph's iRenew Bracelet13 hours ago

    I had a really good dream about Troye... and then I woke up and felt all sad

  25. Marina Fernanda Estrada Zigler

    Marina Fernanda Estrada Zigler13 hours ago

    A R T E


    OPONG ABAD14 hours ago

    it's so retro Europe

  27. Vivian

    Vivian14 hours ago

    This is true art. It's incredible.

  28. Jade Loves u

    Jade Loves u14 hours ago

    3:10 baby needs to put a bit of weight on

  29. Jade Loves u

    Jade Loves u14 hours ago

    I've never been more happily gay in my life wow I've been saved

  30. Jade Loves u

    Jade Loves u14 hours ago

    *A R T

  31. Miguel Gómez

    Miguel Gómez15 hours ago

    Lady Gaga versión chico Arenas ven a mí :"v

  32. sweet kookie

    sweet kookie15 hours ago

    *An underrated bop.*

  33. alex combs

    alex combs15 hours ago



    QUERO SER MÉDICO15 hours ago

    Algum br?

  35. J P

    J P16 hours ago

    This is so beautifully gay. So empowering.

  36. Mai_mercado mercado

    Mai_mercado mercado16 hours ago

    Su voz,sus movimientos,sus expresiones ¡¡¡O Dios!!! esto es arte,tan espontáneo,tan perfecto,simplemente hermoso

  37. softjin

    softjin16 hours ago

    this is art

  38. Needeth Holy Water

    Needeth Holy Water16 hours ago

    Pure fucking art I’m kinda getting emotional

  39. Katherine Ratcliffe

    Katherine Ratcliffe16 hours ago

    Troy possesses the ability to make people see pure beauty without it being masculine or feminine.

  40. Anastasia Ulyanitzkiy

    Anastasia Ulyanitzkiy17 hours ago

    This video is so creatively inspiring.

  41. Natalie Allen

    Natalie Allen18 hours ago

    Can’t stop listening to Troye ❤️

  42. Nabol ._88

    Nabol ._8818 hours ago

    بوخ يه اوووم 👐🏻

  43. X-Spanded

    X-Spanded19 hours ago

    My favorite part is at 2:54

  44. gemspml

    gemspml19 hours ago

    he looks better in lipstick than anyone i know

  45. Hugo Echard

    Hugo Echard19 hours ago

    That's fucking insane 😭😵🤣🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ I LOVE THAT 🤣🤣🤣🤣💞💞💞

  46. akaiminiak

    akaiminiak19 hours ago

    I've just withered after watching this.

  47. Youth 1992

    Youth 199219 hours ago

    I've got so much to show ya 🌺

  48. lee chan bestest

    lee chan bestest19 hours ago

    :( :(

  49. Anime Neon

    Anime Neon20 hours ago

    i love it !

  50. Nasty Boy

    Nasty Boy20 hours ago

    Tilda Swinton looks so good in this video

  51. Yoandri Dominguez Garcia

    Yoandri Dominguez Garcia21 hour ago

    PERFECT ART clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap. I will forgive the lack of thickness for some time.

  52. Yoandri Dominguez Garcia

    Yoandri Dominguez Garcia21 hour ago

    i do understand he has some disease from birth

  53. Milagros Benegas

    Milagros Benegas22 hours ago


  54. Ameen Moolla

    Ameen Moolla22 hours ago

    This guy must stop being gay 👆👆👆👆

  55. Paper Chasze

    Paper Chasze22 hours ago

    who else is really satisfied by the fact its exactly 4mins long...?

  56. sound bagel

    sound bagel22 hours ago

    new people are probably really confused

  57. Bradley Birkholz

    Bradley Birkholz22 hours ago

    This was a spiritual experience... that flower dress at the end... Wow!

  58. Tyler Yamaguchi

    Tyler Yamaguchi22 hours ago

    Too femme for me but I will make exceptions for him...

  59. Ítalo Alves

    Ítalo Alves22 hours ago

    Uma obra de arte!

  60. Isak Grey

    Isak Grey22 hours ago

    i wish i had enough self confidence to do this in front of people

  61. Fahad AlFahad

    Fahad AlFahad23 hours ago

    Make me feel good 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  62. 박지혜

    박지혜23 hours ago

    진짜 말랐다

  63. Jack Stare

    Jack Stare23 hours ago

    OMG So hot..

  64. snowball

    snowballDay ago

    _Me encanta lpm_

  65. snowball

    snowballDay ago

    _A R T_



    The chorus kinda reminds me of ‘the sound’ by the 1975

  67. Ameen Moolla

    Ameen MoollaDay ago

    god created man for women its says so in the bible if you are gay , there's something wrong with you ( you suck other men's dick)

  68. Daniel Shin

    Daniel Shin22 hours ago

    Ameen Moolla Lame. Your mom also told me that your dad has a tiny penis and he is gay. Thats why she comes to me. Now go read the holy bible and be a good little bitch ameen POOlla

  69. Ameen Moolla

    Ameen Moolla22 hours ago

    +Daniel Shin You should change your name to Daniel shit , instead of shin wanna talk about my mom your moms vagina is so hairy , when she gave birth to you , you got carpet burn . By the way (your new name is Daniel Shit) 👆👆😲😲

  70. Daniel Shin

    Daniel Shin22 hours ago

    Ameen Moolla No but your mom likes to suck my dick every night.

  71. Ameen Moolla

    Ameen Moolla23 hours ago

    +Daniel Shin Do suck dick as swell 😰😰😰😰😰😰

  72. Charmaine Bacarra

    Charmaine BacarraDay ago

    This is killing me hahaha love troye so much

  73. Trần Hồng

    Trần HồngDay ago


  74. Mai Già

    Mai GiàDay ago

    xinh vãi!!!!!!!!

  75. 이환희

    이환희Day ago

    Troye pls kiss me

  76. uzma

    uzmaDay ago

    flower deadpool

  77. Hận Đời

    Hận ĐờiDay ago

    Friend: jump down and say something gay shit Troye Sivan: i bloom chust for you

  78. 밤봄

    밤봄Day ago

    he bloomed well

  79. Ms.Boston

    Ms.BostonDay ago

    This video gives me Madonna vibes!

  80. ArianatorMendesCamzMartinezSivan Blink

    ArianatorMendesCamzMartinezSivan BlinkDay ago

    stream troye sivan stans

  81. Derrick Gordon

    Derrick GordonDay ago

    I cant stop listening to this.

  82. Tiera Curry

    Tiera CurryDay ago

    Androgynous beauty.

  83. Chris BARLOW

    Chris BARLOWDay ago

    Far away from Troye i know

  84. Arya Malfoy

    Arya MalfoyDay ago

    i'm not even bullshitting this boy and this music video are some of the prettiest sights i've seen in my life

  85. kokonata01

    kokonata01Day ago

    How can a person be this perfect😭💜

  86. Got7 Jackson

    Got7 JacksonDay ago

    I'm living vicariously through Troye

  87. Got7 Jackson

    Got7 JacksonDay ago

    He's way more prettier then me 😂

  88. Zar

    ZarDay ago

    he gay

  89. boi u need hesus

    boi u need hesusDay ago

    Looking like a damn model. Work hunny 🌚

  90. vishal meharban

    vishal meharbanDay ago

    Is he gay ??

  91. nkata0

    nkata0Day ago

    your complexion is so on point. #sexy

  92. ᄋᄇ

    ᄋᄇDay ago

    와,,, 미모 성수기

  93. eepruls

    eeprulsDay ago

    Wow. So good. It's got a very 80's vibe to it. Even what he's wearing is very Culture Club/Madonna. I have to admit that until Love, Simon I hadn't really given him a chance musically but when I heard Strawberries & Cigarettes I totally fell in love. This is another fantastic song. I'm very impressed. So unique.

  94. Portia Schiferli

    Portia SchiferliDay ago

    Yo i love this song but its about losing your virginity and having an orgasm with someone *cough cough jacob*

  95. Portia Schiferli

    Portia SchiferliDay ago

    *This is so 80s looking but with a lady gaga twist 💕*

  96. Lappen halt

    Lappen haltDay ago

    I wan't to be a gay boy...

  97. bagas

    bagasDay ago

    *ilove this aesthetic*

  98. 1987vosje

    1987vosjeDay ago

    This is beautiful in so many ways!

  99. 芬芳 芬

    芬芳 芬Day ago

    So sexy!I just fall in love with him.😍😍😍

  100. evert poom

    evert poomDay ago

    OMG YESSS!!! give the gays what they want and deserve

  101. Aishwarya Kulkarni

    Aishwarya KulkarniDay ago

    I love you 💕

  102. little bit wiser

    little bit wiserDay ago

    Utter disgust. And I dispise it.

  103. ArC

    ArCDay ago

    0:55 I love this 💗

  104. Doctora Cordero

    Doctora CorderoDay ago


  105. terra j

    terra jDay ago

    But seriously fuck gender rolls and wear what you wanna wear!!