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Troye Sivan - Bloom


  1. fita yuniar

    fita yuniar4 hours ago

    i think the video is a mix between rem - losing my religion & the cure - friday im in love

  2. fita yuniar

    fita yuniar4 hours ago

    where's my glossy lipcream???? where's my wig??

  3. Suciwati Nuraini

    Suciwati Nuraini6 hours ago

    Still love u troye 💙

  4. thathooligangirl77

    thathooligangirl7714 hours ago

    Why do I have a feeling this isn't about flowers...

  5. JK JM

    JK JM14 hours ago

    Deberiamos hacer STREAM A ESTA JOYITA DE TROYE plss !!!

  6. Adara Huq

    Adara Huq17 hours ago


  7. Raymond Oakford

    Raymond Oakford20 hours ago

    Christ, record companies sign anyone just to make a quick buck.

  8. Amelia Jones

    Amelia Jones19 hours ago

    Bitch Troye Sivan got talent fuck you mean just cause he ain't your cup of tea don't mean he dont deserve a deal.

  9. Rex Negron

    Rex Negron20 hours ago

    trying to hard to be weird and different...yuk!!

  10. Rex Negron

    Rex Negron19 hours ago

    +Amelia Jones Shpuldn't talk to your mother like that.

  11. Amelia Jones

    Amelia Jones19 hours ago

    Shut up bot

  12. mihadanegra

    mihadanegra23 hours ago

    *iconic for life*

  13. Pippa Owen

    Pippa OwenDay ago


  14. mansi tendulkar

    mansi tendulkarDay ago

    Any straight person would become gay after watching this video

  15. Rick Lopez

    Rick LopezDay ago

    No one wants to fuck guys who act like this, yet they go ahead and act / dress like this- then they cry and write articles in THE ADVOCATE and other gay rags about 'toxic masculinity' and 'why won't gay men date femme boys' -- BECAUSE WE GAY MEN ARE ATTRACTED TO MEN, NOT WOMEN. Take a fucking hint. This doesn't sell to anyone but drag queens and girls who don't know any better or have a fantasy of turning a gay boy straight for a night.

  16. Marie !!

    Marie !!18 hours ago

    Rick Lopez obviously guys are attracted to him, he has a boyfriend. If you don’t like this don’t date people like this, some people like this and some don’t which is fine!!!

  17. Joana Bio

    Joana BioDay ago

    In my music classes we need to present and sing a song. Im really considering to sing this song. :'-)

  18. Jayvon B

    Jayvon BDay ago

    Well I officially feel ugly. I wish I could represent myself in this way but I could never. Two different worlds

  19. Shurid Haque

    Shurid HaqueDay ago

    Remember kids, this song is about getting fucked in the asshole😉

  20. Amelia Jones

    Amelia Jones19 hours ago


  21. Tina Martinez

    Tina MartinezDay ago

    Troye Deserves everything in the world ! I love this! :') :3

  22. Trisha Mia

    Trisha MiaDay ago

    he looks better in lipstick than i do :")

  23. Caio Araujo

    Caio AraujoDay ago

    Troye Sivan You is beautiful and your vice too! Totally Wonderful your musics! Greentings of Brazil! I'm sorry! My inglish is bad, but speak portuguese, love congratulations for your musics

  24. Dusty Jack

    Dusty JackDay ago

    My ears have been purified

  25. D N

    D NDay ago

    Imagine just imagine if harry sang this song

  26. Archer Läughlin

    Archer LäughlinDay ago

    This song could be the prequel to Froot by Marina and the Diamonds

  27. Skyler Rayed

    Skyler Rayed2 days ago

    Hey guys, Check out my single and leave a comment if ya dig

  28. Pokidokie Moon

    Pokidokie Moon2 days ago

    Yep All about flowers

  29. Marissa Sandoval

    Marissa Sandoval2 days ago

    Damn he really showing his gay in this video 😑🤣

  30. Paddy Rose

    Paddy Rose2 days ago


  31. Erin Boorstein

    Erin Boorstein2 days ago

    2:58 Draco is that you

  32. Ave Guevara

    Ave Guevara2 days ago

    What an exquisite work of art in all aspects.

  33. n a T T h a T A O

    n a T T h a T A O2 days ago

    From Thailand ‘you’re so cool’ and ‘I love your voice so much’ 💋

  34. Wolfeye

    Wolfeye2 days ago

    what a good song

  35. Dusty Red

    Dusty Red2 days ago

    he went too far...ridiculous....

  36. Mei Mumu

    Mei Mumu2 days ago

    Гоё ах шvv

  37. Jana Dieckmann

    Jana Dieckmann2 days ago

    Why does he remind me of Jeffree Star?

  38. fita yuniar

    fita yuniar4 hours ago


  39. Jada Carwell

    Jada Carwell2 days ago

    This Visual. 💜

  40. noelia .e

    noelia .e2 days ago

    this video has a lot of meanings to me . thank u

  41. Arlo Steiner

    Arlo Steiner2 days ago

    Mª man's a living Jojo's character

  42. Eleanora Jerome

    Eleanora Jerome2 days ago

    Me when I don't get my shots in fortnite

  43. cam tate

    cam tate2 days ago

    you’re such an *ICON*

  44. Julia Tarapata

    Julia Tarapata3 days ago

    Are you gay ?

  45. Julia Tarapata

    Julia TarapataDay ago


  46. Marie !!

    Marie !!Day ago

    Julia Tarapata yes he’s gay

  47. Anna_potter Harry potter

    Anna_potter Harry potter3 days ago

    He's the David Bowie of 2018

  48. Rotten Gurl

    Rotten Gurl3 days ago

    Troye is sooo gorgeouszssssssssss

  49. peter buckley

    peter buckley3 days ago

    Most romantic song about buttsex ever? I think yes.

  50. Ruku 123

    Ruku 1233 days ago

    I love this song so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  51. India

    India3 days ago

    What a beautiful video.

  52. Arleth ஜʙᴀɴɢᴛᴀɴ

    Arleth ஜʙᴀɴɢᴛᴀɴ3 days ago

    I love my baby Troye💖💖💖

  53. Jasmine Zhang

    Jasmine Zhang3 days ago

    i believed it was about flowers for like a week until i decided to read the comments... wow guys

  54. Tash

    TashDay ago

    Yeah you did bloom...smewer down there asf!!

  55. Tem Frank Andersen

    Tem Frank Andersen3 days ago

    He is so photogenic, so lovable, so vulnerable, so sensitive, something also straight people notice.

  56. blahmehpfft

    blahmehpfft4 days ago

    It’s like KdLang a Carter(nickor....) and a clown made love to make this video.... I guess a work bitch is in order

  57. Cold Faz3

    Cold Faz34 days ago

    You are my hero.You show how its ok to be gay or lesbian

  58. Nitin Kumar

    Nitin Kumar4 days ago

    3:00 he looks like Draco omg.... THEY HAVE THEIR BDAY ON THE SAME DATE OMFG

  59. bored to death

    bored to deathDay ago

    when the pieces all come together

  60. Erica F. Brun

    Erica F. Brun4 days ago

    His makeup is so good ;)

  61. Sofus Lindskou

    Sofus Lindskou4 days ago

    i love it :)

  62. Natalie’s dumb gacha stories

    Natalie’s dumb gacha stories4 days ago


  63. влад щермердзянов

    влад щермердзянов4 days ago

    👍👍👍👍 😄

  64. subina kuzur

    subina kuzur4 days ago

    It makes the flower bloom

  65. James Matts

    James Matts4 days ago


  66. Iean Ferdinand

    Iean Ferdinand4 days ago

    Draco Malfoy? Is that you?

  67. Brania Nabor

    Brania Nabor4 days ago


  68. Obnoxious Dudebro

    Obnoxious Dudebro4 days ago

    Haha everyone I know thinks this is just about flowers

  69. Alex Akito

    Alex Akito4 days ago


  70. 홍대마녀해마

    홍대마녀해마4 days ago

    How beautiful u r❣️

  71. Chartis S

    Chartis S4 days ago

    I appreciate his works, but this one is meh, it's too gay. Liked the song though

  72. Isabel Chavez

    Isabel Chavez4 days ago

    Ummm... That's basically the whole point of the album. Glad he got his message across: GAY AND PROUD.

  73. Awkward Weir0

    Awkward Weir05 days ago

    would anyone like to explain why people say dresses arent for boys when troye looks better in dresses than most girls?

  74. Awkward Weir0

    Awkward Weir05 days ago

    what a cute song about flowers

  75. wig ggg

    wig ggg5 days ago

    everytime i see a flower this song pops op on my mind

  76. ELIE H

    ELIE H5 days ago

    what is bardia?

  77. Talita Torres

    Talita Torres5 days ago


  78. adam Kondracki

    adam Kondracki5 days ago


  79. 류MI04144DI

    류MI04144DI5 days ago

    트로이 진짜 넘 좋다

  80. Xinyi Zhu

    Xinyi Zhu5 days ago

    我 死 了

  81. _gareev 90

    _gareev 905 days ago


  82. Ophelie Thomas

    Ophelie Thomas5 days ago

    Crazy beautiful sexy art piece ! Bravo Troye !!! Love from France ❤️💚❤️

  83. Lui Vos

    Lui Vos6 days ago

    Does anyone else think he looked like a love child between Madonna and Draco Malfoy in this black suit?! Or is it just me?

  84. Ja Wi

    Ja Wi6 days ago

    This video is so Ruby Rhod

  85. Nub ParrotOptimus

    Nub ParrotOptimus6 days ago

    Practically, most of the people that disliked the vid are homophobic

  86. Ja Wi

    Ja Wi3 days ago

    I disliked the video just because of your retarded comment.

  87. Eds Sangga

    Eds Sangga6 days ago

    Nagladlad na si Seth Fedelin...

  88. PyEb0y

    PyEb0y6 days ago

    Major 80s vibes.

  89. Tom Tomo

    Tom Tomo6 days ago

    I’m bottoming today...

  90. Tessa Tessa

    Tessa Tessa6 days ago

    omg this sounds dumb but like litarly I love your lips their lifes a mystery

  91. wig ggg

    wig ggg6 days ago

    We love.

  92. hueta ddaenginuh

    hueta ddaenginuh6 days ago


  93. Bust_A_Spook

    Bust_A_Spook6 days ago

    I found the gay agenda And it’s beautiful

  94. Lucky Sniper

    Lucky Sniper6 days ago

    WTF why you were lip stick and trying to act sexy and dressed with girl clothes but your a boy are you gay just asking

  95. Isabel Chavez

    Isabel Chavez6 days ago

    I think the real question is why the fuck people are getting so worked up over lipstick, it's ridiculous. Also, he isn't trying to act sexy... HE IS SEXY.

  96. AnnaPaula3298

    AnnaPaula32986 days ago

    I've watched this video SO MANY TIMES since it came out, I love it. YEAH! CRUSH THOSE GENDER STEREOTYPES! DESTROY THEM!!

  97. Emma Barnett

    Emma Barnett7 days ago

    I'm confused... Is he Thing One or Thing Two?

  98. TheDarkElite Offical man child

    TheDarkElite Offical man child7 days ago

    Lyric video was trippier

  99. Day Zalez

    Day Zalez7 days ago

    I love this song. Definitely doesn’t get any radio time in NJ. What a shame that is.

  100. green shark

    green shark7 days ago

    this is a song about erection

  101. aslanhoang

    aslanhoang7 days ago

    OK. I don't know who Troye Sivan is until he promoted Boy Erased, so obv this is his first MV that I watched!! I knew he was gay right before I hit play (thanks comments section LOL), but this didn't make me feel that way. The whole video is about an artist portraying things that are alive, things that make you feel alive; an artist creating arts in all forms, dancing, singing, scriptures, flowers, etc. So I like him I guess! :D

  102. nicholas cicchillitti

    nicholas cicchillitti7 days ago

    Also trip into your garden???? CRINGE YOU BLOOM??? Ouf, might wanna rephrase that.

  103. Isabel Chavez

    Isabel Chavez6 days ago

    oof. You must've had a really bad day.

  104. Marie !!

    Marie !!7 days ago

    nicholas cicchillitti what do you mean???

  105. nicholas cicchillitti

    nicholas cicchillitti7 days ago

    Some talentless twink with coin tryna be Lana Del Rey

  106. Unicorn Dorkington

    Unicorn Dorkington7 days ago


  107. Leeamonaid

    Leeamonaid7 days ago

    Oh darling.. quite marvelous

  108. Ryoga Rin

    Ryoga Rin7 days ago

    "People can be flowers too."

  109. Leandro Lima

    Leandro Lima7 days ago

    A música das passivas ♥️

  110. Christian Gomez

    Christian Gomez8 days ago

    Yasss hon ... i love u .. omg im in love with this record

  111. brittney scott

    brittney scott8 days ago

    I watch this and I think, "the kids are gonna be alright."

  112. Jasmine Jones

    Jasmine Jones8 days ago

    How come gay people are always so fine.

  113. Queen Bitch

    Queen Bitch7 days ago


  114. Houlp29 Gaming

    Houlp29 Gaming8 days ago


  115. Haval Barzani

    Haval Barzani8 days ago

    Is he gay?!

  116. Marie !!

    Marie !!7 days ago

    Haval Barzani yep

  117. Ariel Escalante Hurtado

    Ariel Escalante Hurtado8 days ago

    pinches trapos XD