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Troye Sivan - Animal (Official Audio)


  1. Viki M

    Viki M10 hours ago

    And as the days fly by, We'll be more than getting through 💔💔

  2. Eunice EH

    Eunice EH3 days ago

    Where is the MV for this song? C'mon!

  3. Nikola Djukanovic

    Nikola Djukanovic3 days ago

    This song is beautiful

  4. planet drool

    planet drool5 days ago

    I love the old VHS sounds in this song❤️❤️❤️

  5. Hizkia Siappudan

    Hizkia Siappudan7 days ago

    prepare for the roller coaster 1:30

  6. Crapetunnel

    Crapetunnel8 days ago

    I love troye so much sometimes it hurts. He is such an amazing, talented, and creative person.

  7. Tyler  Proulx

    Tyler Proulx10 days ago

    This is so hott. Troye is an angel! Oh how I hope to find a man like him someday

  8. donnydanko

    donnydanko10 days ago

    a tune to cry in the club to

  9. void spirit

    void spirit12 days ago

    this song makes me so emotional i love my babies

  10. Ариана

    Ариана12 days ago


  11. Rani Mohan

    Rani Mohan13 days ago

    Today is their 3rd year anniversary So cute I luv em❤

  12. ya yeet baljeet

    ya yeet baljeet13 days ago

    Somebody give Jacob Bixenman a damn medal because he's doing something right.

  13. wannabe aesthetic

    wannabe aesthetic14 days ago

    there are times when i'm listening to his music, especially this song, when i realize that troye isn't just a kid messing around on youtube and goofing around. like, he's famous now. he's done so much with his life. ugh i'm just so proud of him.

  14. ya yeet baljeet

    ya yeet baljeet15 days ago

    Yes officer. This is the song that stole my fUCKING HEART

  15. XAVI

    XAVI17 days ago

    b bl blo bloo bloom bloom t bloom tr bloom tro bloom troy bloom troye bloom troye s bloom troye si bloom troye siv bloom troye siva bloom troye sivan bloom troye siva bloom troye siv bloom troye si bloom troye s bloom troye bloom troy bloom tro bloom tr bloom t bloom bloo blo bl b when your fall into a daydream on troye sivans song see someones comment thats lik this and do the same thing LMFAO 0:

  16. clouds r pretty

    clouds r pretty18 days ago

    this makes me nearly cry everytime i listen to it lmao

  17. Simo 2000

    Simo 200020 days ago

    Questa canzone è celestiale

  18. Nayla sabirah

    Nayla sabirah21 day ago

    Is it only me who heard Jacob laugh at 1:22 minutes?

  19. Graham h

    Graham h21 day ago

    Whens the music video coming out for this? It really needs one.

  20. Vaughn

    Vaughn22 days ago

    Once I get my ford gt mustang I’m blasting this

  21. Moonlight Bae

    Moonlight Bae24 days ago

    At what time is Jacob’s laugh?

  22. Nayla sabirah

    Nayla sabirah21 day ago


  23. Gökalp Murphy

    Gökalp Murphy24 days ago

    who else is still waiting for a music video?

  24. Byvan

    Byvan25 days ago

    Amo esta canción, no pensé que seria una de mis favoritas de Troye, me encanta. Psdt: pronto subiré el cover de esta canción, espérenlo.

  25. RavenclawBoi

    RavenclawBoi25 days ago


  26. mayssa klb

    mayssa klb26 days ago

    You want to fly? Just listen to troye sivan's songs.

  27. Egli Zotaj

    Egli Zotaj26 days ago

    He's music need to be changed just like his hairs.

  28. twins preciado

    twins preciado27 days ago

    This is the song

  29. Fiona Jivsov

    Fiona Jivsov27 days ago

    My Tracob heart has been in pieces these past few days cuz of the rumors of Trauv, but now I finally feel at peace. I luv ya, troye

  30. Cecilia’s Tutorials

    Cecilia’s Tutorials27 days ago

    1:19 - 1:23 kinda reminds me of the piano part in “The end of all things” by p!atd

  31. SNDY

    SNDY29 days ago

    I want someone to feel that way about me someday

  32. Kuang Yueh Peng

    Kuang Yueh Peng29 days ago

    But chances ^^ kid

  33. Kuang Yueh Peng

    Kuang Yueh Peng29 days ago

    But//you’re not the animal I want; be a man; we two

  34. J Anikah

    J AnikahMonth ago

    Why there's no Video for this Amazing song..?

  35. Elise ghattas

    Elise ghattasMonth ago

    this is what im dancing to with my wife at our wedding

  36. ItzyagirlMya

    ItzyagirlMyaMonth ago

    I need this played at my wedding

  37. Ansova Num

    Ansova NumMonth ago

    O’key, that’s... that’s so hot

  38. lovely sasaki

    lovely sasakiMonth ago

    my heart

  39. Shana Cleaton

    Shana CleatonMonth ago

    Good troye your songs are cute I past out last night 😀

  40. Grace Gustafson

    Grace GustafsonMonth ago


  41. Angela Robinson

    Angela RobinsonMonth ago

    the most beautiful song off the album

  42. Eliézer Cunha

    Eliézer CunhaMonth ago

    i am an animal with you..............

  43. Eileen

    EileenMonth ago

    So soothing

  44. Don't Look At My Prof Pic

    Don't Look At My Prof PicMonth ago

    I love how every second the vid moves it's in sync with the beat of the song

  45. Maria

    MariaMonth ago


  46. XxXCrystalFireXxX

    XxXCrystalFireXxXMonth ago

    Troye Sivan all of your songs make me cry you are such an inspiration to me I love you so much!

  47. Gui Pistola

    Gui PistolaMonth ago


  48. leah king

    leah kingMonth ago

    e a r g a s m

  49. leah king

    leah kingMonth ago

    needs more recognition right now

  50. Misakii rara

    Misakii raraMonth ago

    He's an angel

  51. D-H

    D-HMonth ago

    2:41 is giving me some crazy Frank Ocean vibes - love what Troye's doing with his music

  52. Richard Čentéš

    Richard ČentéšMonth ago

    Can somebody please make an instrumental version of this?

  53. Mars Does Stuff

    Mars Does StuffMonth ago

    this is the definition of ''late night car rides looking out the window' vibes.

  54. chandler bing

    chandler bingMonth ago

    collab with years and years!!!!!

  55. Martin Martinez

    Martin MartinezMonth ago


  56. yanny chiou

    yanny chiouMonth ago

    Thought there's a bee in my room omg

  57. Jacqueline Serenity

    Jacqueline SerenityMonth ago

    troye is a piece of art

  58. What a heavenly way to die

    What a heavenly way to dieMonth ago

    Even the 20 seconds of silence at the beginning were beautiful🖤

  59. Angela Robinson

    Angela RobinsonMonth ago

    Troye is so whipped for Jacob and I am loving every minute of this song

  60. Sybil Publicover

    Sybil PublicoverMonth ago

    1:22 trust me, you wont regret it :))))

  61. Natalia Pamela Donlucas Quintana

    Natalia Pamela Donlucas QuintanaMonth ago

    is so beautiful

  62. Rani Mohan

    Rani Mohan2 months ago

    I don't know why but everytime I listen to this I Cry! I love this song

  63. stephen

    stephen2 months ago


  64. Lady Lamb

    Lady Lamb2 months ago

    The buzz in the beggin kinda makes me anxious lolol but ❤️❤️❤️

  65. Kim _

    Kim _2 months ago

    Go for a short roadtrip at 3am and listen to song. Thanks me later

  66. Maria Fierro

    Maria Fierro2 months ago

    I want to make a cool video edit with this but MReporter wont let unless the owner gives me permission. Anyone have any ideas?

  67. tanya haze

    tanya haze2 months ago

    this song is very emotional and sensual for me; it makes me cry

  68. junpa panda

    junpa panda2 months ago


  69. Aira

    Aira2 months ago

    I'm so happy 4 him

  70. isabella cuellar

    isabella cuellar2 months ago

    This song bring tears to my eyes!!

  71. Clownedfacegamer 021

    Clownedfacegamer 0212 months ago

    this song is my alone song

  72. Jordan_1997

    Jordan_19972 months ago

    Made a cover of this beautiful song, feel free to watch it if you guys want. Thank you!

  73. Koya Ackerman

    Koya Ackerman2 months ago

    I love you song❤️❤️❤️

  74. Saúl Andrés Canche Nieto

    Saúl Andrés Canche Nieto2 months ago

    Yes bitch!!!! La das

  75. Jaemin Seo

    Jaemin Seo2 months ago

    2:40 ~

  76. Jaemin Seo

    Jaemin Seo2 months ago

    How can one make songs like this??

  77. Jaemin Seo

    Jaemin Seo2 months ago

    God i thought there were mosquitos in the start

  78. Cassidy Ormond

    Cassidy Ormond2 months ago

    THis sounds like it should be in stranger things

  79. Rini Aprilianti

    Rini Aprilianti2 months ago

    Love this

  80. interesting

    interesting2 months ago

    help i’ve had this on repeat for like two days now

  81. Rodrigo Torres Escobedo

    Rodrigo Torres Escobedo2 months ago

    oye culiao, vay a venir al lolla de chile y no puedo esperar pa verteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  82. OhmBhatt

    OhmBhatt2 months ago

    Who’s listening in 2019? This comment will be famous in a bit...

  83. Sarah Prates

    Sarah Prates2 months ago

    Como pode um hino desse ter sido conhecido por mim somente hoje?

  84. taehyung's taesook

    taehyung's taesook3 months ago


  85. e :P

    e :P3 months ago


  86. Dystopia JustAGhost

    Dystopia JustAGhost3 months ago

    Who else just went to 1:23 to hear Jacob’s laugh bc everyone’s talking about it? And of course, because it’s a 😪👊👏👏 song

  87. sandy lynn

    sandy lynn3 months ago

    3 months later and i’m still crying in the club

  88. blackjack 01

    blackjack 013 months ago

    am I the only one who like his other songs in the album more than the singles? my favourites from the album: 1. seventeen 2. what a heavenly way to die 3. lucky strike 4. animal 5. the good side

  89. Angela Robinson

    Angela Robinson3 months ago

    3 months and im still crying

  90. Pauline C

    Pauline C3 months ago

    this made me cry. what a beautiful song...

  91. Pianca Islam

    Pianca Islam3 months ago

    This song sounds like something Zayn would make

  92. IAN RON Bello

    IAN RON Bello3 months ago

    I hope you are here and know that i like you but

  93. Georell Bullock

    Georell Bullock3 months ago

    This song is literally perfect! gj troy.

  94. bethy uwu

    bethy uwu3 months ago


  95. Don’t Panic! No Not Yet It’s Longer Now

    Don’t Panic! No Not Yet It’s Longer Now3 months ago

    anyone notice that towards the beginning of the album he’s a bottom and then in the end he’s a top?

  96. Roox King

    Roox King3 months ago


  97. squid ink

    squid ink3 months ago


  98. Khushbu Luhar

    Khushbu Luhar3 months ago

    I love you:(

  99. Gabriel Monteiro

    Gabriel Monteiro3 months ago

    Omg, troye ♥

  100. nganthoi devi

    nganthoi devi3 months ago

    thought there was a mosquito humming 😂😂😂

  101. Anjanaa Rai

    Anjanaa Rai3 months ago

  102. squid ink

    squid ink3 months ago


  103. choix libre

    choix libre3 months ago

    This song is dreamlike 😌 ❤

  104. squid ink

    squid ink3 months ago

    agreed <3

  105. emilio alizadeh

    emilio alizadeh3 months ago

    Saw you last night in seattle and ive been so fucking sad all day today because i miss you so fucking much😭😤

  106. squid ink

    squid ink3 months ago

    this was literally me when i saw him in september. i still miss him 😭