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  1. evan stockdale

    evan stockdale5 minutes ago

    id rather listen to stitches again than this crap

  2. evan stockdale

    evan stockdale7 minutes ago

    that shit is straight trash BORING AS FUK

  3. papifabes

    papifabes9 minutes ago

    This is soo demonic may god be with you

  4. RexkThor

    RexkThor14 minutes ago

    You are not Kany West, Stop copying that G.

  5. Richard Nelson

    Richard Nelson26 minutes ago

    Sick video. Ok song

  6. Nauttiee

    Nauttiee29 minutes ago

    Kid cudi need to make a song just humming ...I'd have it on repeat!!

  7. ImMrMath Red

    ImMrMath Red34 minutes ago

    Anyone know what those sunglasses are when he’s in the pool baptising people? Thanks in advance

  8. Shana S

    Shana S34 minutes ago


  9. Manzy

    Manzy36 minutes ago

    4:15 "omg is that a chicken"

  10. Arctic Fox

    Arctic Fox40 minutes ago

    Stevie Wonder damn, he really went all out for this

  11. 🤘🤘🤘

    🤘🤘🤘Hour ago

    God told me he thinks your an asshole and you won’t be famous for too long 🤘🤘🤘✌️🙏

  12. 🤘🤘🤘

    🤘🤘🤘Hour ago

    at least that what it’s hoping

  13. Nini Marie

    Nini MarieHour ago

    Stevie on the harmonica tho!!

  14. Ali yazachi

    Ali yazachiHour ago

    Someone tell that bitch nicki to listen to this no cap

  15. Can0fpepsi

    Can0fpepsiHour ago

    JFC man speak ANGLISH! jfc man what happened to real hip hop

  16. Daddyo _w

    Daddyo _wHour ago

    I dont know if its just me but I miss the old Travis. I think he is starting to rap like some of these other rappers but hey its just my opinion

  17. Dghoste Vercetti

    Dghoste VercettiHour ago

    Listen to stay 100 by Jaire Spencer #np on #SoundCloud

  18. Kyle Cronin

    Kyle CroninHour ago

    Ksi god😇😇😇

  19. jamie N

    jamie NHour ago

    I’m glad he didn’t change his vision or opinions after he got stuck that genetic soup of a person they call Kylie they already ruined kanye

  20. James Santos

    James SantosHour ago

    Just for y’alls information, Jesus Christ is God in the flesh and he said that whoever believes in him will have eternal life, Amen.

  21. NinocNinoc Corsois

    NinocNinoc Corsois2 hours ago

    Maël est déjà passé par la

  22. kawaii mia0607

    kawaii mia06072 hours ago

    better on 1.25 speed

  23. Gonzo

    Gonzo2 hours ago

    1:03 realist lyrics 🤕

  24. Alva Lecto

    Alva Lecto2 hours ago

    Stop trying to be GOAT

  25. X Slim

    X Slim2 hours ago

    Stevie Wonder sounds an awful lot like that one Drake song, “ Doing It Wrong”....wait

  26. Vlog/Gamer Fun Guy!

    Vlog/Gamer Fun Guy!2 hours ago


  27. mvj

    mvj2 hours ago

    travis talk english here hahahah

  28. Dangelo Flores

    Dangelo Flores2 hours ago


  29. Stoutly

    Stoutly2 hours ago

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  30. Zira

    Zira2 hours ago

    1:28 2:32 aye aye aye aye 😂

  31. Connor Amg

    Connor Amg3 hours ago

    Is anti-christ satanic ! Fuck Travis ! 🖕🏾

  32. Daedralusx

    Daedralusx51 minute ago

    Connor Amg you one blind bat I don’t know what makes u think this is satanic

  33. Mr.Smugglepuss

    Mr.Smugglepuss3 hours ago

    We thinking that's a wig but that's his actual hair

  34. Sushma salman

    Sushma salman3 hours ago

    Awesome ❤❤❤❤


    MRBIGNUT NUTTED3 hours ago

    It’s it just me or does god look like ASAP rocky?

  36. Tosha Lemons

    Tosha Lemons3 hours ago

    no wonder nicki minaj mad got #2behind this bill shit

  37. Romeo Jones

    Romeo Jones3 hours ago

    When You a artist and love game of throne

  38. Tsvetelin

    Tsvetelin3 hours ago

    I think the message is strictly positive! Big Up Travis for this huge project!

  39. uk

    uk3 hours ago

    humming hz are fire

  40. ちゃんみやび

    ちゃんみやび3 hours ago


  41. SuperDazzeler

    SuperDazzeler3 hours ago

    Realy huge video work 🔥🔥🔥🔥👌👌👌

  42. Ceecee Ciara

    Ceecee Ciara3 hours ago

    Nicki is the queen 👑

  43. Ceecee Ciara

    Ceecee Ciara3 hours ago

    WTFFFFF 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮


    γLLEK γDENNEK3 hours ago

    Why is it that whenever ppl don’t understand or agree with the message a video sends, it’s immediately categorized as “satanic, blasphemous or of the Illuminati” ? It’s very shallow minded. Not everything is black or white. Jeez 😒

  45. Daedralusx

    Daedralusx50 minutes ago

    γLLEK γDENNEK right people are so brainwashed these days the video is clearly trying to send a very positive deep message

  46. Jamie Rodriguez

    Jamie Rodriguez3 hours ago



    NAWEL HARI4 hours ago


  48. No Name

    No Name3 hours ago

    NAWEL HARI no but she did direct kim k's sex tape

  49. Aurora Lara

    Aurora Lara4 hours ago

    someone make a version with just the humming

  50. Mike Evans

    Mike Evans4 hours ago

    Funny....theres no god or satan...only the ones man has made up...we fighting over a video that is meaningless ...the real thing is who really is god ? Noone knows not even our creators !!! This is all a decoy reality planted by the powers that ppl !!! Wake up


    NAWEL HARI4 hours ago


  52. Trick shot kid T

    Trick shot kid T4 hours ago

    When you try to act all deep with your song with a music video when you talk about random crap

  53. Kid Stereo

    Kid Stereo4 hours ago

    That was FUCKING AMAZING!!! He is WAAAY More of a Underated Top Artist As far as how much Praise he gets. He's Big but should be Valued more.

  54. Ntombi Tromp

    Ntombi Tromp4 hours ago


  55. Matt rae

    Matt rae4 hours ago

    Gawd I cant this song makes em a Gawd.

  56. LaGirl Dingue

    LaGirl Dingue4 hours ago


  57. XXX

    XXX4 hours ago


  58. keydanms solis

    keydanms solis4 hours ago

    nice travis Scott crack

  59. Dennis Matthews

    Dennis Matthews4 hours ago

    he look like shabba ranks in the face......his music the shit tho......

  60. Bryan Lopez

    Bryan Lopez4 hours ago

    2:14 bautizame ami (8

  61. Bryan Lopez

    Bryan Lopez4 hours ago

    Ese travis y sus efectos especiales en sus videos.

  62. El hadji 27

    El hadji 274 hours ago


  63. J J

    J J5 hours ago

    this is poo.. how does this have 14M views?? I imagine kylie had something to do wit this..

  64. Andrew Starkman23

    Andrew Starkman235 hours ago

    4:20 is that a chicken?

  65. Javon Green

    Javon Green5 hours ago

    This beat go hard and the symbolism in this is deep

  66. D DLedge

    D DLedge5 hours ago


  67. Eric Boyd

    Eric Boyd5 hours ago

    imagine how good this song would be if it was just cudi and james blake

  68. Humberto Quintero

    Humberto Quintero5 hours ago

    Esto es una blasfemia camuflada ante Dios Jesucristo y su santo espíritu Dios tenga misericordia de este acto satánico imitando a Jesús asta en el bautismo ai poder en el nombre de Jesús

  69. Big Boi JOG

    Big Boi JOG5 hours ago

    this video was animated so damn well. job well done

  70. foxismrules

    foxismrules5 hours ago

    And God is like "I don't mind."

  71. Moski MadTv

    Moski MadTv5 hours ago

    This video is like A DMT trip..

  72. bruno henrique andrade moura

    bruno henrique andrade moura5 hours ago


  73. Play Boi

    Play Boi5 hours ago

    I fuck with this and I really get it Daddyoo...stop trying change theses clowns let them play in traffic at rush hour with blindfols lol..not gridlock but when the car going let them slow fucks kill themselves....LOL I GOT SAVE THE WORLD WELL TRY..LOL I FEEL YOU..BLOOD..

  74. Qpex Qpex

    Qpex Qpex6 hours ago

    Ну все понятно, скоро помрем

  75. Zen Fuse

    Zen Fuse6 hours ago

    This video is like a movie bro😯

  76. CrisTo

    CrisTo6 hours ago

    2:00 Blonde girl thicccccc

  77. Erik Nunez

    Erik Nunez6 hours ago

    Kid Cudi made this song .. hmmmmmm mmmmmm

  78. Saul Romo

    Saul Romo6 hours ago

    Did I just see travis disintegrate

  79. Leon Kaoma

    Leon Kaoma6 hours ago

    Yo im sure this is going to be one of the greatest music videos i will ever watch in the whole of my life span

  80. S. J.

    S. J.6 hours ago

    Is that Bon Iver?

  81. Pretty Sadiddy

    Pretty Sadiddy6 hours ago

    Beat sick af

  82. Dj M

    Dj M6 hours ago

    Yo solo vengo por kilye

  83. Q zzy bee Ericsson

    Q zzy bee Ericsson6 hours ago

    Great staff


    RANCES ANDRW6 hours ago

    Ugly black and ridiculous!! Mdfk

  85. B L A I K E G

    B L A I K E G6 hours ago

    Brasil ?? 🇧🇷

  86. Supreme

    Supreme6 hours ago

    stop being a rapper

  87. Daedralusx

    Daedralusx48 minutes ago

    Supreme stop being a hater

  88. Alex hihihi

    Alex hihihi5 hours ago

    Thats his job. U want him to quit the thing he loves just bc of u?

  89. An Fork

    An Fork6 hours ago

    * Cough * Logan Paul * Cough *

  90. Eigger amat

    Eigger amat6 hours ago

    Who else keeps on getting those shitty Wifisfuneral ads?

  91. Beaulo

    Beaulo6 hours ago

    1:20-1:28, B Young’s Jumani anyone???

  92. Larry Peters

    Larry Peters6 hours ago


  93. nasir moore

    nasir moore6 hours ago

    Yall so like lost in the world wake tf up... Yall so throwed off💯💯

  94. Maciek

    Maciek6 hours ago

    What kind of Anime character is God? Sounds cool

  95. Core Creations

    Core Creations6 hours ago

    Since I heard Quintana by him and those works until now. From the Cudis and Tylers of the world. We needed this and Travis. Whom is one of my favorite and never disspoints. He actually has a lot of occult knowledge and only he reveals it the way he does. Even Kendrick. I am seeing the signs of the times and know who and what side we on. #StopTrynnaBeGod #GOODMusic

  96. Player hater4 life

    Player hater4 life6 hours ago

    This is A.S.A.P rockies dopest shit yet

  97. King Didi

    King Didi7 hours ago

    This is blasphemy

  98. Miska Heikkuri

    Miska Heikkuri7 hours ago

    Crazy video

  99. Chucho Dabbin

    Chucho Dabbin7 hours ago

    Delta and i shipped it over night ..i felt that in my soul

  100. Naim drici

    Naim drici7 hours ago

    Travis goat

  101. friedzombie4

    friedzombie47 hours ago

    Music is passable with a decent message. I just want to know who the effects team are now THAT shit is fire.

  102. C M

    C M7 hours ago

    So this is today's generation testing the waters, SMH

  103. Kainat Zahra

    Kainat Zahra7 hours ago

    Away kylie ko zada shoot keta kro mnhoson .. e kiya hak jhalak ha ?🤔

  104. chibyke cc

    chibyke cc7 hours ago

    this song has stuck in my head.. Even in the toilet i'm singing......

  105. canadian fisherman

    canadian fisherman7 hours ago

    stop trying to be kanye bitch

  106. bean

    bean7 hours ago

    Travis is gonna be one of those consumed by the fire