Tour of the Moon in 4K


  1. reot1369

    reot13693 days ago

    Why can't you just give us actual photos, or video?

  2. Peter Walton

    Peter Walton3 days ago

    Amazing how you zoomed in 3D to show that crater with a mountain inside with a boulder resting on top as clear as day then it went to the Apollo 17 site just giving a birds eye view and not very clear??? Hmmmmm strange, or???

  3. Marivic Papio

    Marivic Papio5 days ago

    Marivic papio

  4. Manuel Mendoza

    Manuel Mendoza6 days ago

    Formidable, mil veces formidable. Nunca conseguiré, captar vídeos como este de la NASA, con mis aparatos electrónicos.

  5. Ralph Samson Lal

    Ralph Samson Lal9 days ago

    YES, YES, YESSSSS. We need to be back on the moon.

  6. Aiden Chiam

    Aiden Chiam9 days ago

    the moon is a sacred place i belive

  7. Aiden Chiam

    Aiden Chiam9 days ago


  8. S. Evans

    S. Evans10 days ago

    To coin a phrase Fascinating.........

  9. António Sousa

    António Sousa10 days ago

    Since we have new technology, why can't we see the dark side, since it is illuminated by the sun despite we, from earth can not view? Interesting is also the ability to view the surface in more detail than as if we have no zoom lenses capable to show. Why? Why continuing view by tecnical, and mathematical models and not by the reality?

  10. Gabriel Jose

    Gabriel Jose10 days ago

    More photos of the Apollo landing sites please!

  11. CHAT ROOM CHUCK The Chuckster

    CHAT ROOM CHUCK The Chuckster10 days ago

    Why are they not zooming in to show us that Lander? They’re just telling us! Let us see it liars

  12. Leroy Hudson

    Leroy Hudson13 days ago

    Flat Earthers in 5, 4, 3, ....

  13. Wade Lee

    Wade Lee20 days ago


  14. baran balığı

    baran balığı20 days ago


  15. Kronos

    Kronos29 days ago

    wow incredible you can still make out all the structures from a hundred km hidden in plane sight, great stuff, I wonder if you could zoom in on Copernicus creator and get a visual off the (Castle) in detail or is it never a strait answer bless bro keep up the great vail of truth ! p.s behold a pale horse

  16. anna luchia

    anna luchiaMonth ago

    i think that everything is fake, we have never been on the moon,

  17. jason wenn

    jason wennMonth ago

    Amazing cgi created at nasa studios

  18. Austin Prudhomme

    Austin PrudhommeMonth ago

    Not buying this cgi, hollywood, science insulting ,wand waving, fake space! We the people want our money back!

  19. lowerastral

    lowerastralMonth ago

    With that kind of detail, I am more interested in all the structures that exist on the moon. THOSE are far more interesting to me than just a high resolution (and EDITED) 3-D model of the Earth's moon. This video is just a fun little Public Relations blurb that is well made for the purpose that it is intended to fulfill. Now NASA, let's get to the marrow beneath the bone.

  20. Auricfield

    AuricfieldMonth ago

    Impact craters. Mmm... all projectiles must have came in at 90 degrees. Interesting... very interesting...!!!

  21. Sr Calça Cagada

    Sr Calça CagadaMonth ago

    4k is my egg

  22. dave Jones

    dave JonesMonth ago

    why did they leave the Luna rover so far from the Landing Module,me think they ran out of petrol or had a flat and had to thumb it back to base??????????

  23. Hlo Hlo

    Hlo HloMonth ago

    مرحبا انا عراقي لديه معلومه حوله مشكلة حل التخلص من فضلات الرواد لدي حل

  24. Infinity Star

    Infinity StarMonth ago


  25. robbiedef

    robbiedefMonth ago

    the whole video is animation and CGI and people this is real. what a joke

  26. Danny vill

    Danny villMonth ago

    Lo unico claro es que saben usar muy bien las computadoras :v

  27. PEPA

    PEPAMonth ago

    thank you nasa, I hope more people get in tho this videos.

  28. Indy Jones

    Indy JonesMonth ago

    WOW!! NASA has come a long way since Kubrick

  29. Varnium

    VarniumMonth ago

    Human never landed on the moon. Great video editing for the fake landing site!

  30. Mike Mower

    Mike MowerMonth ago

    I especially liked the part where they photoshopped on top of the other photoshop and cgi.

  31. Voidy

    VoidyMonth ago

    2:21 Thor's hammer, anyone?

  32. 우주스틱 YT

    우주스틱 YTMonth ago

    The moon is our most intimate being, but we don't know much about the moon. I know what the moon looks like, but I don't know what it looks like, but I think it was born like this. It's a combination of debris from a collision between a primitive Earth and a Mars-sized planet, because there's hard sand on the moon. Hardened sand rises above 1500°C. Maybe it's because of the heat stroke. But the moon is so incredibly spherical that it's really a mystery.

  33. C.S. Lewis

    C.S. LewisMonth ago

    Destroy the moon of lies . Destroy the moon before the moon destroys earth .

  34. Ian B

    Ian BMonth ago

    Just another composite

  35. Vasanth Juley

    Vasanth JuleyMonth ago

    Moon is no light source or turn off and captured

  36. Nico Torino

    Nico TorinoMonth ago

    Why you need to tell so much lies ??

  37. Bad Dinosaur

    Bad DinosaurMonth ago

    Where are all the alien bases all these you-tube nuts keep talking about?????

  38. Sen Khoo

    Sen KhooMonth ago


  39. Sen Khoo

    Sen KhooMonth ago


  40. JM Playz

    JM PlayzMonth ago

    You killed alot of animals just because of your mission going to space :(

  41. Jalinco TV

    Jalinco TVMonth ago

    Add "CGI" to your titles next time so i know not to waste my time.

  42. Dan Brown

    Dan BrownMonth ago

    If the resolution is so high why do we not see the supposed Apollo 11 Landing (When we didn't have the technology) but the last Apollo 17 (When we barely had the technology to get to the moon) I still don't believe we ever went. We might have dumped some Stanley Kubrick Props on the moon made of Cardboard. FAKE!!!

  43. Broccoli_32

    Broccoli_32Month ago

    Dan Brown we do,

  44. Gian Inorgen

    Gian InorgenMonth ago

    But the ‘60 tapes were lost!

  45. Pedro Picapiedra

    Pedro PicapiedraMonth ago

    Fake... Is computer... Simulation is jajajaja NASA is fake

  46. James McCarthy

    James McCarthy2 months ago

    Why are there 758 down votes? Are there people who don't like the moon?

  47. James McCarthy

    James McCarthyMonth ago

    So the moon up in the sky is just cgi?

  48. NixQuOG

    NixQuOGMonth ago

    cgi, not real

  49. Ricardo Ramirez

    Ricardo Ramirez2 months ago


  50. Arthur Thorne

    Arthur Thorne2 months ago

    Thank goodness there was no cloud cover when they took all those pictures!

  51. Jhankar Sharma

    Jhankar Sharma2 months ago

    Woah! Amazing

  52. Ginsuma

    Ginsuma2 months ago

    Tour of the moon in CGI

  53. JustPotato

    JustPotato2 months ago

    Flat earthers

  54. Djemi Mimi

    Djemi Mimi2 months ago


  55. Dag Kvello

    Dag Kvello2 months ago

    Any chance of posting a version of this without the annoying "dramatic" music ? The moon doesn't need it. Commentary alone is better.

  56. FBI

    FBI2 months ago

    The moon is flat and the earth is a square

  57. CJ L

    CJ L2 months ago

    Talk about the structures on the moon, the ET vehicles, and bases...

  58. My logic is a force to be reckoned with.

    My logic is a force to be reckoned with.2 months ago

    I can't ignore the fact that the craters don't look like craters, the maths doesn't add up, the shallow depths compared to the radius of each of them are literally IMPOSSIBLE. so what is the moon? It could be solid titanium, the crust at least.

  59. Cilacap Boys

    Cilacap Boys2 months ago

    kinerja NASA memang baik, kalian adalah pejuang dunia, kalian adalah pahlawan dunia. kami sangat berterimakasih pada kalian. berkat kalian kami sekarang bisa menikmati segala teknologi canggih seperti di jaman sekarang ini dan tidak ketinggalan informasi yg diluar nalar. NASA TERBAIK 😊

  60. manu enkiduv

    manu enkiduv2 months ago

    animation is the only thing you know to do.......liers

  61. Marty Warner

    Marty Warner2 months ago

    mundo erroneo ... back in your hole little man.

  62. Kieffer Louie Platon Alas

    Kieffer Louie Platon Alas2 months ago


  63. Grovers Mill

    Grovers Mill2 months ago

    Apollo 17 part was great. Whole video is great

  64. NASA Goddard

    NASA Goddard2 months ago


  65. Ramon Vargas

    Ramon Vargas2 months ago

    If you're a moon landing denier, this is not a good video to see.

  66. JustPotato

    JustPotato2 months ago

    Nice editing i love it

  67. welshpete12

    welshpete122 months ago

    If this was the Russians , we would not be able to see any of this .Thanks to NASA, we get to see all of it for free !

  68. NixQuOG

    NixQuOGMonth ago

    get to see all of it in cgi that is

  69. thedavecorp

    thedavecorp2 months ago

    2:20-2:30 The Monolith?

  70. Anthony Salerno

    Anthony Salerno2 months ago

    This video says ultra high definition camera but it’s CGI - what is that about

  71. spunkadellic

    spunkadellic2 months ago

    Marty Warner insults for no reason. Is that your best rebuttal to my claim? lol.

  72. Marty Warner

    Marty Warner2 months ago

    Anthony Salerno back in your hole little man

  73. Dale Carpenter

    Dale Carpenter2 months ago

    So is water on the moon a lie? just to say Velikovsky isnt right !

  74. Booba Fat

    Booba Fat2 months ago

    FAKE animation

  75. SonicRising

    SonicRising2 months ago

    This would be an awesome VR experience.

  76. floor 99* vitesd**

    floor 99* vitesd**2 months ago

    These places are located on the surface of the earth and not the surface of the moon and what NASA does to discover the celestial planets is a political projection and analogy of a military political event against countries hostile to America

  77. Lucas Gabriel

    Lucas Gabriel2 months ago

    Is this a video of the real moon

  78. John McCarthy

    John McCarthy2 months ago

    Parasites will turn it into Swiss cheese !

  79. jack meoff

    jack meoff2 months ago

    Great film who was the director.

  80. jose guillermo roman garcia

    jose guillermo roman garcia2 months ago


  81. Michael O Neill

    Michael O Neill2 months ago

    Where can I get one of those computers from

  82. nebulaoperator

    nebulaoperator2 months ago

    But NASA, why CGI? It should have been real photos.

  83. Bort Flong

    Bort Flong2 months ago

    Jimmy Neutron's dog has better things to do

  84. Alejo Yellowface Animations ツ

    Alejo Yellowface Animations ツ2 months ago

    THE EARTH IS FLAT 😡 Jk lol

  85. Half Peashooter

    Half Peashooter2 months ago

    AlejoYellowface Animations noh

  86. Fly Beep

    Fly Beep2 months ago

    The moon landings are a hoax.....just kidding. But the earth is definitely flat....I think.

  87. Michael 마익흘 Aronson

    Michael 마익흘 Aronson2 months ago

    "Definitely . . . I think" Wow, persuasive.

  88. Urocyon Cinereoargenteus

    Urocyon Cinereoargenteus2 months ago

    Why they didn't show up images from the "dark side"?, ship is able to see it when it's solar sided.

  89. Urocyon Cinereoargenteus

    Urocyon Cinereoargenteus2 months ago

    Michael 마익흘 Aaronson The LRO shall be able to see Moon's far side when it's lighted, search Moon's rotational movement here at MReporter.

  90. Michael 마익흘 Aronson

    Michael 마익흘 Aronson2 months ago

    "Moon's rotational motion is tidally locked with its translation around Earth" Okay. That has nothing to do with your first question or my response.

  91. Half Peashooter

    Half Peashooter2 months ago

    Darth vader will be there

  92. Urocyon Cinereoargenteus

    Urocyon Cinereoargenteus2 months ago

    Michael 마익흘 Aronson Moon's rotational motion is tidally locked with its translation around Earth. It means that when is New Moon the so called "dark side" is fully illuminated... almost 14 terrestrial days or half Moon's day.

  93. Michael 마익흘 Aronson

    Michael 마익흘 Aronson2 months ago

    Because humans see things that are lit. If they showed the dark side, we wouldn't be able to see any details.

  94. MusicBlastingPsycho

    MusicBlastingPsycho2 months ago


  95. eric stevens

    eric stevens2 months ago

    never too old for a good cartoon ;]

  96. Enter a name here

    Enter a name here2 months ago

    horrible music

  97. Tarquin Farquhar

    Tarquin Farquhar2 months ago

    That's a great video. Thanks for sharing.

  98. ayyappa swami

    ayyappa swami2 months ago

    Moon landing is real. Don't doubt on that.

  99. Kevin Dietz

    Kevin Dietz2 months ago

    "So maybe you'd be a good person to ask, who wrote, "The Moon Rulez #1" on my car, with a key."

  100. Dr. of Dubious Wisdom

    Dr. of Dubious Wisdom2 months ago

    Absolutely stunning....& creepy. Feel as if I'm somehow studying a ancient skeleton.

  101. Keimpe J. Visser

    Keimpe J. Visser2 months ago

    713 people, think it is made of flat cheese.

  102. gypsydave23

    gypsydave232 months ago

    ..volcanic activity on the moon.. ? iis that possible ..?

  103. Marlon Hernandez

    Marlon Hernandez2 months ago

    In Mars Put animals first there then let them Live

  104. John Connor

    John Connor2 months ago

    I think Nasa is kinda responding to the growing theory that they never been to moon. Either they feel guilty or they want to keep lying to us :D . I also notice the nice cool music implemented with their video like the flat earthers uploads :D. Fishy if you ask me. But you wont ask me , you will take this video as 100% fact valid.

  105. Michael 마익흘 Aronson

    Michael 마익흘 Aronson2 months ago

    "the growing theory" It's not. "they feel guilty or they want to keep lying to us" Or they took photos with a nice new camera and want to show us. "Fishy if you ask me. But you wont ask me" Correct. "you will take this video as 100% fact valid" Feel free to provide evidence that it's not real.

  106. tristan

    tristan3 months ago

    military base on the moon

  107. Studio Papa

    Studio Papa3 months ago

    [Insert conspiracy theorist comment here about the moon landing being filmed on a soundstage]

  108. Ed Ram

    Ed Ram3 months ago

    NASA bother to send an orbiter without a spy camera? Come on! They have spent millions but not a few more on a better camera?

  109. Michael 마익흘 Aronson

    Michael 마익흘 Aronson3 months ago

    This was taken with a satellite, not an "orbiter."

  110. Ed Ram

    Ed Ram3 months ago

    Beautiful CGI.

  111. Michael 마익흘 Aronson

    Michael 마익흘 Aronson3 months ago

    It's a composite of actual photos.

  112. blair daveries

    blair daveries3 months ago

    '';;almost 50 years later, wd all the technology available today, NASA now relases 'new' videos of the moon landings, images, etc...'' kinda wonder....,,,🤣😅'''''

  113. Wilson Trindade

    Wilson Trindade3 months ago


  114. shutupsucka

    shutupsucka3 months ago

    None of this is real footage just artist interpretation.

  115. Daclaem Toth

    Daclaem Toth2 months ago

    right , that s a bunch of satelite photos mapped on a 3d sphere.

  116. Michael 마익흘 Aronson

    Michael 마익흘 Aronson3 months ago

    It's a composite of real photos.

  117. Kedarnath Gantayat

    Kedarnath Gantayat3 months ago

    Thanks NASA....

  118. Raj Srivastav

    Raj Srivastav3 months ago

    NASA's CGI is improving well done......

  119. Michael 마익흘 Aronson

    Michael 마익흘 Aronson3 months ago

    It's a composite of photos.

  120. Ankit Agaskar

    Ankit Agaskar3 months ago


  121. Billybob

    Billybob3 months ago

    lol the lander?? It's a blur! Why they park the rover so far away and walk to lander?

  122. Rob Smith

    Rob Smith2 months ago

    haha, I'm no fan of trump but I must admit I'm quite excited that more money is going into space innovation/exploration due to his Space Force. Look at what was achieved when the US & Russia were racing against each other. I hope a new race takes place for the sake of exploration & advancement although there is the obvious worry that this could increase tension between nations & lead to war, fingers crossed that it doesn't!

  123. Billybob

    Billybob2 months ago

    Well, maybe Trumps Space Force will get up there and change the batteries...

  124. Rob Smith

    Rob Smith2 months ago

    I think China has an unmanned lander & rover up there now, not sure if they are still functioning. They were not designed to last a huge amount of time but NASA's Curiosity & Opportunity (on Mars) lasted a lot longer than their mission called for. China's lander & rover:

  125. Rob Smith

    Rob Smith2 months ago

    I don't know about that. It's been sat there for over forty years, exposed to massive temperature changes, a heck of a lot of radiation & to be honest I don't know what power source it had but I suspect it would be depleted by now unless they overspec'd it bigtime lol.

  126. Billybob

    Billybob2 months ago

    So there's a rover, with a camera, on the moon right now that NASA could turn on remotely?