Tour of the Moon in 4K


  1. Ramun McCallum

    Ramun McCallum14 hours ago

    Wow, really incredible footage and rendering of data from multiple missions. So much more to learn about our nearest neighbor. Thank you NASA for all you do!

  2. iki kuzenler

    iki kuzenlerDay ago


  3. gogo gogo

    gogo gogo5 days ago

    Cheating People is NASA's major purpose ~~~


    ANGELO CESAR6 days ago

    Tem alguma versão em Português?

  5. From the Stars above

    From the Stars above7 days ago

    Why doesn't the Moon rotate? 🤔

  6. kuku swuro

    kuku swuro7 days ago

    Nasa rocking with the dramatic BG-music.

  7. Indu Devi

    Indu Devi8 days ago

    Can you all tell the real shape of earth?

  8. o0RAGA0o

    o0RAGA0o9 days ago

    So Nasa shows you zooming into a creater with 4k then a blurry shot of moon landing

  9. Michael A

    Michael A9 days ago

    3:05 I see an eye.

  10. Jeff Lucas Astrophotographer

    Jeff Lucas Astrophotographer9 days ago

    So cool to see the Apollo 17 lander!

  11. Niko Bellic

    Niko Bellic10 days ago

    Imagine one of this craters here on earth, it would be mind-blowing to see one of those huge craters with own eyes.

  12. Gram Pt

    Gram Pt10 days ago

    Ssssssssoooooooohhhhhhhh! who says we did not go to the MOON? Is this a fake too? Gpx

  13. Amir Abedin

    Amir Abedin11 days ago

    anyone knows the name of the amazing track on this video?

  14. lmwrt

    lmwrt11 days ago

    Great video, but, what if they are not all impact craters? They are so round that if they are impact sites, ALL the objects that impacted had to be on a 90º impact angle.......what a huge coincidence.

  15. don christie

    don christie11 days ago

    I've been MOONED !!

  16. carlos gonzalez

    carlos gonzalez13 days ago

    NASA 😀 More cgi

  17. Marty Mcfly

    Marty Mcfly14 days ago

    Free air gravity. Interesting. Can you tell me what free mason invented it

  18. Marty Mcfly

    Marty Mcfly14 days ago

    First scene. “Collected” from “data”. Like everything else this is cgi.

  19. Harsdeep Zala

    Harsdeep Zala16 days ago

    Whay areu mot going nasa in moon

  20. JoeDoe_ Outdoors

    JoeDoe_ Outdoors16 days ago

    Hii sweet channel ☺ Keep it up!

  21. Tls papa

    Tls papa16 days ago

    Better a lover of NASA than one who thinks from under a Tinfoil hat....

  22. its For u

    its For u16 days ago

    Earth is not flat..!!

  23. lastic amura

    lastic amura17 days ago

    hahahahahahaha ........... MOON ITS SHIP.

  24. Adrina The Great

    Adrina The Great17 days ago

    Laugh all you like at the Flat Earthers, but don't forget we've got 1000s of believers all over the globe🙄

  25. Gus Ibrahim

    Gus Ibrahim18 days ago

    Why can't we see the flag? Did it fly away?

  26. WAR world army ranking

    WAR world army ranking18 days ago


  27. Elrobertosuperio

    Elrobertosuperio18 days ago

    is life even real because those graphics


    RAKESH KUMAR19 days ago

    l have intrested in ,but i don't no about it


    RAKESH KUMAR19 days ago

    is alian live any where

  30. Erno Hajdu

    Erno Hajdu20 days ago

    Mind blown .. Awesome! Right on NASA!

  31. Cleiton Willan

    Cleiton Willan21 day ago

    beautiful moon

  32. Justin Time

    Justin Time21 day ago

    Amazing what they can do with CGI nowadays

  33. Q • Riosity

    Q • Riosity22 days ago

    Can I use it in my MReporter videos

  34. Labian Geroy

    Labian Geroy22 days ago

    it's fine. there somewhere God looks at us =)

  35. Pan Jezus

    Pan Jezus23 days ago

    Fajnie by było jakby ten chuj nie gadał i żeby było prawdziwe a nie komputerowe bo widać jak chuj

  36. Suomi Northman

    Suomi Northman23 days ago

    NASA is getting good at cgi - Apollo 17 landing site almost looks real

  37. Rene Bistak

    Rene Bistak23 days ago

    Great deception video, computer made. Why would anyone believe this..

  38. Crazy Dude

    Crazy Dude24 days ago

    How far can we send light into space? Like a Laserpointer light for example? And is it possible to scan outer space like scanning the ocean floor?

  39. Zom Bee Nature

    Zom Bee Nature25 days ago

    The Moon is a LGBT cupcake! Who knew that before?

  40. JoeDoe_ Outdoors

    JoeDoe_ Outdoors25 days ago

    Hey I really enjoy your channel ☺ Keep it up!

  41. Dan Davenport

    Dan Davenport25 days ago

    Amazing pictures but please slow down the animation so we get to look properly at each feature and lower the volume of the bed music so I can hear what is being said (or lose it altogether).

  42. A K

    A K25 days ago

    fake CGI as usual, thumb down

  43. Warhorse26

    Warhorse2626 days ago

    Absolutely amazing!!! Such a great video!

  44. Marivone Cerqueira

    Marivone Cerqueira27 days ago

    porque não lançar 1 humanoide no espaço algum planeta

  45. Rajinder Kaushal

    Rajinder Kaushal27 days ago

    please look this

  46. Rajinder Kaushal

    Rajinder Kaushal27 days ago

    UFO in India 19 -4-2018 Punjab I have video

  47. Kaotang Channel

    Kaotang Channel27 days ago



    MKIVWWI27 days ago

    I find the Apennine Mountains the most fascinating region of the Moon. Wish they'd extended their terrific virtual tour along the entire line of the mountains on the Imbrium Basin side, from Eratosthenes to the unnamed "straight" between the Apennines & the Caucasus. Love to see Mounts Hadley, Hadley Delta, Ampere, Wolff, and Huygens (the tallest mountain on the Moon)!

  49. robotparadise

    robotparadise28 days ago

    A little known fact is the moons surface is what inspired the swiss to christen their cheese with a shotgun.

  50. Donald Sleightholme

    Donald Sleightholme28 days ago

    should we be worried about cold iron moon cores and strong magnetic fields? 🤔😧

  51. Julian Sanchez

    Julian Sanchez29 days ago

    This is real Hollywood it's not what you see in movies

  52. Vladislav Valentinov

    Vladislav Valentinov29 days ago

    I'm SURE all who disliked this video did so because of the music... so annoying, and so loud.

  53. Braňo Kameraman

    Braňo Kameraman29 days ago, thanx...

  54. T'Quana Jenkins

    T'Quana Jenkins29 days ago

    Guys nasa has been lying to us every video they make



    my video games look more fake than this, so you know they are real.

  56. JoeDoe_ Outdoors

    JoeDoe_ OutdoorsMonth ago

    Hei great channel ☺ Keep it up!

  57. World is Illusion Earth is Real

    World is Illusion Earth is RealMonth ago


  58. OverthereLook

    OverthereLookMonth ago

    So, we been to the moon 60 years ago but can't get good camera footage today? Okay then.

  59. mentilly all

    mentilly allMonth ago

    i hope that more people than i expect know how to recognize animation when they see it

  60. Meso Rite

    Meso RiteMonth ago

    More cartoons from NASA.

  61. unguidedone

    unguidedoneMonth ago

    i cant say it enough, thank you for taking the time to study the universe where we all live. The amazing insights you find keep me on the edge of my seat :)

  62. Alex Dudeson

    Alex DudesonMonth ago

    Yeah lets get a tour of the earth unedited. You wont because its flat.

  63. Koby Bischof

    Koby BischofMonth ago

    Just watch "eric dubay history of flat earth"

  64. Eugene B

    Eugene BMonth ago

    Nothing there for you and me

  65. ZushiCheF ĀlwaysLeveleD

    ZushiCheF ĀlwaysLeveleDMonth ago

    All cgi like i thought...

  66. 1inAtrillion

    1inAtrillionMonth ago

    How is it we can see a huge rock with clarity but can't make out a lunar lander and rover clearly ?

  67. Pygar2

    Pygar222 days ago

    The rock is huge; the LM is only about 15' across. Simple.

  68. fred houpt

    fred houptMonth ago


  69. Little Mice

    Little MiceMonth ago

    this is fake

  70. Searching for Truth

    Searching for TruthMonth ago

    Why is the moon gray on this video the moon is not gray but full of color my god anyone can buy a telescope how stupid do you think we are.

  71. curiousfever85

    curiousfever85Month ago

    Amazing not once did the dome get in the way long live flat earth

  72. MrFurling

    MrFurlingMonth ago

    So with 4K video, images like this, the corrupt U.S government, NASA should be able to prove we landed on the moon? Well as it's' NASA, I guess not, because, the moon landings are fake! NASA also changes and alters video, photos, to photo shop out anything it don't want you to see.

  73. Józef Stalin

    Józef StalinMonth ago

    is it flat?

  74. clay broadway

    clay broadwayMonth ago

    Could you guys zoom in on that flag and equipment left behind? That would be the poster i want. Would be so cool...please!!!

  75. Pygar2

    Pygar222 days ago

    Wiki "third party evidence for Apollo"- the pics are there.

  76. No Anime

    No AnimeMonth ago

    I love how a video like this has 1.7 million views, and it's not a Fortnite gameplay.

  77. حسين إبن علي

    حسين إبن عليMonth ago

    ( We will talk about the edge of the universe ،It is the great explosion that created the universe ،This astronomers have discovered cosmic background radiation ،The cosmic background radiation is the twilight of the great explosion at the edge of the universe .Space centers must send spacecraft To the Twilight sites of the Great Explosion To explore space far beyond the twilight of the Big Bang ،If we discover a space beyond the twilight ،This would be evidence of a space before the great explosion . We ask you to send reconnaissance devices to visit the Twilight sites of the Great Explosion On the edge of the universe In order to discover a space beyond the twilight ،If we discover a space beyond the twilight This is evidence of a space before the great explosion and the birth of the universe . This discovery will help us to know the origin of the universe Or the discovery of these multiple universes .

  78. s s

    s sMonth ago

    this is just a diagram using CGI....BUT I will be amazed with real photos of what they showing forget a video FAKE!!!

  79. Pygar2

    Pygar222 days ago

    Stitching real images together on a computer does not make it fake. Any computer-generated image is cgi; cgi does not mean "fake artwork".


    LMNRS GANGMonth ago

    Is it true that niribue or Planet X will hit us on 2018

  81. Pygar2

    Pygar222 days ago

    No; it doesn't exist. If it were that close, neither its gravity nor the light from it could be hidden.

  82. Alex Sanfira

    Alex SanfiraMonth ago

    So everything is high detail except the part we already visited? That one is mid of blurry. But hey, maybe is a coincidence (no is not).

  83. Pygar2

    Pygar222 days ago

    Those parts, they did an extreme zoom in on. The sharp stuff is hundreds and thousands of feet across. LM is only 15'.

  84. Gebruenn

    GebruennMonth ago

    Far Q

  85. JimMcTavish

    JimMcTavishMonth ago

    Awesome tour. Thanks!

  86. Eduardo Pedro

    Eduardo PedroMonth ago

    Good video. Does anyone know the soundtrack of the video?

  87. John Burr

    John BurrMonth ago

    Um, wow. Absolutely wow. Yeah, good stuff. Gonna have to watch it a few more times. Wow.

  88. Jb

    JbMonth ago

    amazing! let's build a moon base!!

  89. l l

    l lMonth ago

    Fake. I feel bad for anyone that believes this

  90. European Robin

    European RobinMonth ago

    At 0:42 can somebody expain this to me? If Earth's gravity is between -50 and 50 mgals then the red spots on the moon has the same gravity as Earth?

  91. panda44r

    panda44rMonth ago

    We left cars on the moon. he he he I wonder what Chip Foose could do with one of those jalopies,..LMBO! Gonna be one heck of a salvage operation just to get one of the cars.

  92. เอกภพ จักรราศี

    เอกภพ จักรราศีMonth ago

    With 4k camera technology, moon scanning is limitless.

  93. Ajay legend

    Ajay legendMonth ago

    Moon is a spacecraft disguised as our satellite!

  94. Paul Williams

    Paul WilliamsMonth ago

    Why is the Apollo 17 landing site not the same quality as the rest of the video?

  95. Pygar2

    Pygar222 days ago

    It's *much* smaller.

  96. bushpilot223

    bushpilot223Month ago

    Fake newssssss

  97. Dawid Michalski

    Dawid MichalskiMonth ago


  98. stimpy izi

    stimpy iziMonth ago


  99. Jim Pikoulis

    Jim PikoulisMonth ago

    Well all the artificial structures are visually hidden

  100. Astrostevo

    AstrostevoMonth ago

    Superb work. Thankyou.

  101. Andy Cocking

    Andy CockingMonth ago

    So, where are the pictures of the far side of the moon when it's lit by the sun? Did I miss them? Seems the so-called 'dark side' of the moon is in reference to our perception here on earth, from which one side of the moon constantly faces earth. Therefore it stands to reason the side facing away from the earth will be lit by the sun. After a while, nearly the whole surface will be as bright shining as the full moon for the satellite taking the pictures.

  102. NASA Goddard

    NASA GoddardMonth ago

    You can see them all here:

  103. The Cosmic Web

    The Cosmic WebMonth ago

    So real. And I mean it.

  104. Jim Shepard

    Jim ShepardMonth ago

    Dear NASA: You already know mankind has never set foot on the Moon before in the first place, and now you're continuing to perpetuate this bizarre political lie by making people think they can somday take a trip around the thing... So if you are not somehow already aware of the fact of the matter, then here's the bet: Humans, including any other animals and plant life, can't survive that far away from Earth. You blast some living thing - anything - off from here to the Moon and it will arrive there dead (DOA). Plain and simple. But maybe you really don't know that. Anyway, give it a try. And please BE HONEST with the public when you explain "why" people and other forms of life keep passing away on their way to the Moon. Don't lie and tell everyone it's due to mechanical failure. Anyway, I made this same bet offering to Mr. Elon Musk regarding his lofty ambitions to colonize Mars, telling him that only a spaceship full of corpses will ever successfully land on the red planet, but he hasn't responded back to me. So now the bet is being offered to you. Go ahead, have at it...

  105. Pygar2

    Pygar222 days ago

    Why "dead"? The trivial dose of mere proton radiation they took in the whopping two hours they spent passing through the weak fringe of the Van Allen Belt? That was, what, about 1/500th of a lethal dose...

  106. SixOThree

    SixOThreeMonth ago

    How high does the LRO orbit? Is it similar in altitude to Apollo?

  107. kaseoner 123

    kaseoner 123Month ago

    NASA is a big lie

  108. CybpnK

    CybpnKMonth ago

    now make virtual reality version