Totally Clear Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Mod!


  1. kapildev pahari

    kapildev pahari8 days ago

    Thank you for the wallpaper

  2. Always Laughing

    Always Laughing14 days ago

    I cleared my s8 and put a rhinoshield bumper case. Looks DAMN sexy

  3. Topsingh Lilhare

    Topsingh Lilhare25 days ago

    Good job but Jerry done better

  4. 돼루룽

    돼루룽Month ago

    is this like kind of fetish?

  5. 정말 구구절절맞는말만하네

    정말 구구절절맞는말만하네Month ago


  6. Gustavo Muratalla

    Gustavo MuratallaMonth ago

    1:10 "In any case...." no pun intended huh.

  7. BlackDark

    BlackDarkMonth ago

    Do you have Samsung S8Plus inside wallpaper?

  8. buddy hooliagans

    buddy hooliagansMonth ago

    it is good as it is it looks like a vooooomit

  9. sharjatul shadhin

    sharjatul shadhinMonth ago

    Looking not good

  10. Nowshad Kazi

    Nowshad KaziMonth ago


  11. Tp07 tah07

    Tp07 tah07Month ago


  12. ꧁CymonPH꧂

    ꧁CymonPH꧂Month ago


  13. Man Hent

    Man HentMonth ago

    its look like crap

  14. BASS TESTER 2004

    BASS TESTER 2004Month ago


  15. Umesh Raj

    Umesh RajMonth ago

    disgusting look

  16. MR. T

    MR. TMonth ago

    Cool mod,, now everyone that sees it will just think your back cover fell off...

  17. 우쭈쭈

    우쭈쭈Month ago


  18. fuck king shit .

    fuck king shit .Month ago


  19. Manh Tran

    Manh TranMonth ago

    Làm xong mất chống nước

  20. Finners

    Finners2 months ago

    Jerryrigeverything does it a bit better

  21. Khalil hamkar HCC/خَلِیْلُ هَمّڪَاَرٌ

    Khalil hamkar HCC/خَلِیْلُ هَمّڪَاَرٌ2 months ago

    So nice phone

  22. hercilio francelino

    hercilio francelino2 months ago

    You is crazy You has been removed the ip68 of the s9+

  23. Alejandro Guillen

    Alejandro Guillen2 months ago

    @EverythingApplePro, it would be cool if you can do a video on changing the color for the s9 or iphone 8plus to gold platinum since they no longer make them

  24. Cristiano Sabian

    Cristiano Sabian2 months ago

    Oh c'mon I came here to say EverythingSamsungPro Then i see the first 10 comments that say the same thing :

  25. Miroslav Polívka

    Miroslav Polívka2 months ago

    Honor 10 clear?

  26. Arruda Silva

    Arruda Silva2 months ago

    Link wallpapers s9?

  27. ㅅ ㅅ

    ㅅ ㅅ2 months ago

    ㅈㄴ ㄲㅆㅎㄷ ㄷㅈㄷ ㅈㅉ

  28. 킹톰토

    킹톰토2 months ago

    IPhone X One, please

  29. Raylson Alves Dos Santos

    Raylson Alves Dos Santos2 months ago

    You have destroyed your cell phone !!!

  30. MagicalWingLT

    MagicalWingLT2 months ago

    Does anyone have something for the Galaxy Note 8? Seems iFixit doesn't have anything

  31. md s shafin

    md s shafin2 months ago

    Why you did this??

  32. Helal Mh

    Helal Mh3 months ago

    You give wallpaper

  33. Rahul Badyal

    Rahul Badyal3 months ago


  34. MA AS

    MA AS3 months ago

    use a heatgun retard

  35. Matador De simpsons

    Matador De simpsons3 months ago

    Que triste , nenhum comentário brazuka ridicularizando essa porcaria 😂😂😂😅

  36. Talking About Facts

    Talking About Facts3 months ago

    thats how you call cool when you see all that dirty adhesive and lose all the design of the phone . looks ugly asf . i guess it's some nerd shit thinking its cool but it looks like ebay phone. and it won't be water tight unless you use the same tape as samsung use . stupid people

  37. Gianfranco Medina

    Gianfranco Medina3 months ago

    Thank you for the wallpapers

  38. 470 ak

    470 ak3 months ago

    개 쩐다

  39. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach3 months ago

    Jerry ki copy

  40. Dharma Son

    Dharma Son3 months ago

    You crazy bro...

  41. Kh Sokna

    Kh Sokna3 months ago


  42. Moiz zarar

    Moiz zarar3 months ago


  43. bak j

    bak j3 months ago

    Wtf is this?

  44. Stance vaz 2113

    Stance vaz 21133 months ago

    Honor 8 lite go

  45. Anime Indo Channel

    Anime Indo Channel3 months ago


  46. Yogi Juliyanto

    Yogi Juliyanto3 months ago

    please edit name channel EverythingSamsungPro 😂

  47. Sarfaraz Main

    Sarfaraz Main3 months ago

    Are u mad🤮

  48. Vanlalhriata Khiangte

    Vanlalhriata Khiangte3 months ago

    iphone is not quality

  49. Vanlalhriata Khiangte

    Vanlalhriata Khiangte3 months ago

    Samsung is good quality and good product .....and beautifull design

  50. Klinton

    Klinton3 months ago

    Hi i am Clinton from Albania and i a have a samsung sm-g350, i really likes samsung phone more than any other phones. I have this phone for 5 years and this year i have broke the screen :(. can anyone help me? :(( samsung you are the best company i ever see..:) please i need another samsung

  51. CrazyCoolGuy10 Gamez

    CrazyCoolGuy10 Gamez3 months ago

    * does this * * gets a solid black d brand skin * * cant remove it * * thinks: "damn i messed up... no warranty or waterproof..." *

  52. Asef Jamil Ajwad

    Asef Jamil Ajwad3 months ago

    Idea stolen from JerryRigEverything. Be original.

  53. văn thanh

    văn thanh3 months ago

    Sao sài

  54. andrew Drummond

    andrew Drummond3 months ago


  55. Alex Lima da Silva

    Alex Lima da Silva3 months ago

    Mi 8 explorer

  56. Gusdavid 8

    Gusdavid 83 months ago

    It's crazy but this is amazing, I like your video.

  57. Tứ Đặng Xuân

    Tứ Đặng Xuân3 months ago

    Bad very bad...!

  58. KAK wanna play

    KAK wanna play3 months ago


  59. Maheswaran Jr

    Maheswaran Jr3 months ago

    Use of gloves...and paint stripper 😂😂😂...zack does them in bare hands...tht too so easily bro....take his lessons..

  60. Daigo e

    Daigo e3 months ago

    Como depreciar algo quete costo un huevo

  61. agustin rojas

    agustin rojas3 months ago

    Que clase de imbecil hace eso :v?

  62. Vova Voloshuk

    Vova Voloshuk3 months ago

    The very good idea

  63. حمودي حمودي

    حمودي حمودي3 months ago

    No no 😭😭😭😭

  64. Alex_1945 YT

    Alex_1945 YT4 months ago

    Where the apps

  65. Salehin Ahmed

    Salehin Ahmed4 months ago

    Don't copy jerryrigeverything, use you own thoughts on the videos.

  66. Андрей Евсеев

    Андрей Евсеев4 months ago

    Совсем дурак так портить телефон

  67. Lxylonie Kxmxire

    Lxylonie Kxmxire4 months ago

    U should change your MReporter name, cuz I see a alot of Samsung

  68. matias quezada

    matias quezada4 months ago

    Fuking shiet destroy you original case you smartphone

  69. Aviv X3MS

    Aviv X3MS4 months ago

    Is this still ip68?

  70. Zero Ø

    Zero Ø4 months ago

    Looks cool but.....

  71. sabir manandhar

    sabir manandhar4 months ago

    Throw away you water resistance and warranty and look cool.

  72. Phùng Ngọc Anh

    Phùng Ngọc Anh4 months ago

    Dink kout?

  73. :3 Nepgear

    :3 Nepgear4 months ago


  74. Kuzam Lift

    Kuzam Lift4 months ago

    Lol 5.5 mill subs and can't afford a clear case?

  75. Shaik Nabi

    Shaik Nabi4 months ago

    Are you chutiya? Baingan me miladiya phn ko

  76. Farrel Gaming

    Farrel Gaming4 months ago

    Lu ngrusak hp aja tapi gw malah seneng lihat orang ngrusak hp kan pake uangnya sendiri :')

  77. mehakpreet gill

    mehakpreet gill4 months ago

    Hey know is it water proof???????

  78. Cássio Cavalcante Santana

    Cássio Cavalcante Santana4 months ago

    Copyright xiaomi mi 8

  79. timfromga

    timfromga4 months ago

    There goes the warranty.

  80. Larry Blaze

    Larry Blaze4 months ago


  81. Jaguar

    Jaguar4 months ago

    Смотритца достаточно уёбищно

  82. Nabeel Muhammad

    Nabeel Muhammad4 months ago

    Oh you have a lot of mobile phones, can you give me a S9 ??

  83. Nabeel Muhammad

    Nabeel Muhammad4 months ago

    My number is 9061608826

  84. Anonymos

    Anonymos4 months ago

    gila ni orang tapi keren hahahahahhaha

  85. Manuel Alejandro Vinardell Acosta

    Manuel Alejandro Vinardell Acosta4 months ago


  86. Жизнь Ди

    Жизнь Ди4 months ago

    It looks very weird but a little bit cool

  87. Midhlaj NP

    Midhlaj NP4 months ago

    Ivanu pranthada

  88. Gio Plazo

    Gio Plazo4 months ago

    Jerry Rig is a God hahahaha

  89. Дмитрий Голубев

    Дмитрий Голубев4 months ago


  90. Jadi

    Jadi4 months ago

    Thanks jerryrigseverything for starting this trend originally :D

  91. Souk Khanhsila

    Souk Khanhsila4 months ago

    Looks good, but I love having waterproof.

  92. Muhammad Saad

    Muhammad Saad4 months ago


  93. Lisa Self

    Lisa Self4 months ago

    This gives me anxiety lmaooo

  94. Goddess

    Goddess4 months ago

    Looks pretty cool but it's not for me.

  95. Dindin Trivino

    Dindin Trivino4 months ago

    Jerryrigeverything is better.

  96. Eddie Lopez

    Eddie Lopez4 months ago

    i want an s9 hahaha

  97. apple pro

    apple pro4 months ago

    The look very bad

  98. Mohamed El Arbi Naceur

    Mohamed El Arbi Naceur4 months ago

    Great job

  99. malyadri k

    malyadri k4 months ago

    sorry commented on the wrong channel

  100. malyadri k

    malyadri k4 months ago

    better than trying so hard to remove the paint coating u could have used some spray or some chemical like how Jerry rig everything did

  101. Jason Wong

    Jason Wong4 months ago

    Why dbrand don't make sticker that made your phone look transparent? Seems like a better option though