Totally Clear Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Mod!


  1. Vova Voloshuk

    Vova Voloshuk9 hours ago

    The very good idea

  2. حمودي حمودي

    حمودي حمودي10 hours ago

    No no 😭😭😭😭

  3. Alex_1945 YT

    Alex_1945 YT4 days ago

    Where the apps

  4. Salehin Ahmed

    Salehin Ahmed7 days ago

    Don't copy jerryrigeverything, use you own thoughts on the videos.

  5. Андрей Евсеев

    Андрей Евсеев7 days ago

    Совсем дурак так портить телефон

  6. Laýlonié Thé Creatør

    Laýlonié Thé Creatør8 days ago

    U should change your MReporter name, cuz I see a alot of Samsung

  7. matias quezada

    matias quezada9 days ago

    Fuking shiet destroy you original case you smartphone

  8. Aviv X3MS

    Aviv X3MS9 days ago

    Is this still ip68?

  9. Zero Hd

    Zero Hd10 days ago

    Looks cool but.....

  10. sabir manandhar

    sabir manandhar12 days ago

    Throw away you water resistance and warranty and look cool.

  11. Phùng Ngọc Anh

    Phùng Ngọc Anh13 days ago

    Dink kout?

  12. :3 Nepgear

    :3 Nepgear13 days ago


  13. Kuzam Lift

    Kuzam Lift13 days ago

    Lol 5.5 mill subs and can't afford a clear case?

  14. Shaik Nabi

    Shaik Nabi14 days ago

    Are you chutiya? Baingan me miladiya phn ko

  15. Farrel Gaming

    Farrel Gaming14 days ago

    Lu ngrusak hp aja tapi gw malah seneng lihat orang ngrusak hp kan pake uangnya sendiri :')

  16. mehakpreet gill

    mehakpreet gill14 days ago

    Hey know is it water proof???????

  17. Cássio Cavalcante Santana

    Cássio Cavalcante Santana14 days ago

    Copyright xiaomi mi 8

  18. timfromga

    timfromga15 days ago

    There goes the warranty.

  19. Larry Blaze

    Larry Blaze16 days ago


  20. Ильнур Султанов

    Ильнур Султанов16 days ago

    Смотритца достаточно уёбищно

  21. Nabeel Muhammad

    Nabeel Muhammad20 days ago

    Oh you have a lot of mobile phones, can you give me a S9 ??

  22. Nabeel Muhammad

    Nabeel Muhammad20 days ago

    My number is 9061608826

  23. Anonymos

    Anonymos21 day ago

    gila ni orang tapi keren hahahahahhaha

  24. Manuel Alejandro Vinardell Acosta

    Manuel Alejandro Vinardell Acosta22 days ago


  25. Жизнь Ди

    Жизнь Ди22 days ago

    It looks very weird but a little bit cool

  26. MIDLAJ N.P

    MIDLAJ N.P23 days ago

    Ivanu pranthada

  27. Gio Plazo

    Gio Plazo23 days ago

    Jerry Rig is a God hahahaha

  28. Дмитрий Голубев

    Дмитрий Голубев24 days ago


  29. Jadi

    Jadi25 days ago

    Thanks jerryrigseverything for starting this trend originally :D

  30. Souk Khanhsila

    Souk Khanhsila25 days ago

    Looks good, but I love having waterproof.

  31. Muhammad Saad

    Muhammad Saad27 days ago


  32. Lisa Self

    Lisa Self27 days ago

    This gives me anxiety lmaooo

  33. Crypto Goddess

    Crypto Goddess27 days ago

    Looks pretty cool but it's not for me.

  34. Joanna Rodhine Trivino

    Joanna Rodhine Trivino28 days ago

    Jerryrigeverything is better.

  35. Everything ChaVlogDuctions

    Everything ChaVlogDuctions29 days ago

    i want an s9 hahaha

  36. rhouma Helmi

    rhouma HelmiMonth ago

    The look very bad

  37. Mohamed El Arbi Naceur

    Mohamed El Arbi NaceurMonth ago

    Great job

  38. malyadri k

    malyadri kMonth ago

    sorry commented on the wrong channel

  39. malyadri k

    malyadri kMonth ago

    better than trying so hard to remove the paint coating u could have used some spray or some chemical like how Jerry rig everything did

  40. Jason Wong

    Jason WongMonth ago

    Why dbrand don't make sticker that made your phone look transparent? Seems like a better option though

  41. Sagata Sagata

    Sagata SagataMonth ago

    Riweh euy


    MARTEL WEBBERMonth ago


  43. Alexandre Dias

    Alexandre DiasMonth ago

    Where to get this wallpaper?

  44. kleangleo2018 2018

    kleangleo2018 2018Month ago

    Top gostei

  45. Md.aney.karim Karim

    Md.aney.karim KarimMonth ago

    fuck off

  46. erynaldo modesto

    erynaldo modestoMonth ago

    makes a video of the live x21 putting it inside the water, and showing his operating system and opening it and showing with it inside. give hi🇧🇷

  47. lukaj0e

    lukaj0eMonth ago

    Can you please share the lock screen and home screen wallpapers? Thanks

  48. Marques S

    Marques SMonth ago

    jerry rig every thing has the same video

  49. Mike Parker

    Mike ParkerMonth ago

    The fact any1 would fuckup the phone to make it transparent is stupid! Why so u can see exactly what u fuck up after doing it & dropping it in water! So many stupid people out there!

  50. Heather Hodge

    Heather HodgeMonth ago

    You just fuck up that phone!!!!😡😡😡

  51. Random How to's

    Random How to'sMonth ago

    Wow ppl really like this? Lol who likes a phone that looks like you lost the back cover? Fuken geeks get a life

  52. Elliott-MTB

    Elliott-MTBMonth ago

    So for the sake of a 90s trend (see through electronics) sacrifice the water proof on my s8? I can't believe this , what dumb downgrade ....

  53. Victor G

    Victor GMonth ago

    Horrible how thats look all phones in transparent, puag. xDD Sorry, only is my opinion, nothing more. Nice video. Sorry for my blad english.

  54. Danny PS17

    Danny PS17Month ago

    JerryRigEverythingApplePro 🤣

  55. Adeboye Grillo

    Adeboye GrilloMonth ago

    Samsung had this mod in mind and you have just burst their bubble. Now they cannot release the *Galaxy Clear* series.

  56. Bryan Shackelford

    Bryan ShackelfordMonth ago

    That's cool. But I dont want to fuck my phone up so I'll pass

  57. GradeA GD

    GradeA GDMonth ago

    Click baiting scumbag

  58. Arif Hossain

    Arif HossainMonth ago

    I think he is regretting by naming this channel everythingapplepro.. ha ha ha

  59. Obama Bin Laden

    Obama Bin LadenMonth ago

    Please subcribe to Jerry Fucks Everything.

  60. UFO sighting

    UFO sightingMonth ago

    Galaxy s9+ looks very sexy design

  61. Sharoo Mohd

    Sharoo MohdMonth ago


  62. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce WayneMonth ago

    Where can I take my Galaxy S9+ to make glass clear. I want that on my S9+. I'm not homemade or break my phone nope.

  63. Ioannis Holden

    Ioannis HoldenMonth ago

    Stop copying Jerry rig Just because his video was popular

  64. Alfredo Iacolo

    Alfredo IacoloMonth ago

    6:24 wallpaper link?

  65. gonzalo.o

    gonzalo.oMonth ago

    wtf ?

  66. Balamuralikrishnaa Govindarajulu

    Balamuralikrishnaa GovindarajuluMonth ago

    why does he use the word "BASICLY" ???????

  67. SparkWave

    SparkWaveMonth ago

    Did u wrap your r8 gray?

  68. crow rblx

    crow rblxMonth ago

    Apple should make a iPhone that looks like the iMac g3 like if you agree

  69. Ariha Pacheco

    Ariha PachecoMonth ago

    You ruined the phone.

  70. Nadim kamal

    Nadim kamalMonth ago


  71. أعطال وحلول

    أعطال وحلولMonth ago

    How to replace broken glass for Galaxy S8 +, S8, S9 + and S9

  72. Brikky 07

    Brikky 07Month ago

    Apple become a samsung whaattt🤔🤔

  73. MattVlogs

    MattVlogsMonth ago

    How can i fix this issue... My parents wont believe that my phone (S9+) is waterproof -_- Comment your thoughts😁

  74. hardijames

    hardijamesMonth ago

    Well buy 2 s9 plus if you want do it

  75. Harlian Kustiwansa

    Harlian KustiwansaMonth ago

    I was think that i watched jerryrigeverything chanel... 😅😂😂

  76. CadillacCTS Man73

    CadillacCTS Man73Month ago

    Not sure why someone would want to do this, unless they have a mental problem. It really looks like shit.

  77. Liv Wavy

    Liv WavyMonth ago

    You sound Gay... so dang cool... so dang neat. You cornball

  78. SriJishnu .s pagadala

    SriJishnu .s pagadalaMonth ago

    Y r u copying Jerry

  79. Ryan12

    Ryan12Month ago

    Will it still be water proof

  80. ADDER

    ADDERMonth ago

    Just buy a case with photo of internal Samsung

  81. Beng BengBeng

    Beng BengBengMonth ago

    dope asf

  82. Josh Parker

    Josh ParkerMonth ago

    Now if u would just do a glowing samsung logo like u do with ur apple logo's the video would be awesome

  83. Jon R

    Jon RMonth ago

    Going with the opposite opinion here. Looks really cool, I get the novelty of it... but it ruins the beauty of a beautiful looking phone for the sake of uniqueness.

  84. jannik

    jannikMonth ago

    Name of Wallpaper

  85. Asami Ari

    Asami AriMonth ago

    Note 8 is still the best I recommend note 8 than the galaxy s9

  86. The Tiger

    The TigerMonth ago


  87. safenebula 11644

    safenebula 116442 months ago

    If you go to time marker 5:23, you will hear a beautiful noise emit from his voice.

  88. TikTok Funny

    TikTok Funny2 months ago

    Phone 2100

  89. Josh_Pro33

    Josh_Pro332 months ago

    Do it on vivo v7

  90. Avnesh Kumar

    Avnesh Kumar2 months ago

    Please give me a s9 phone

  91. Sh ivaa

    Sh ivaa2 months ago

    No not a good idea...

  92. freaks world

    freaks world2 months ago

    kiu maa chod ta hai phone ki muje de dena

  93. Konrad Kowalewski

    Konrad Kowalewski2 months ago

    Za je bi ste

  94. Boks Prof

    Boks Prof2 months ago


  95. ok bong sava

    ok bong sava2 months ago


  96. Rebel return

    Rebel return2 months ago

    why are you killing phones huh instead of doing this you gave the phones to a poor man by getting this the poor can eat foods ok you f****kr

  97. Ara J

    Ara J2 months ago

    I would pay 100$ more if they release it like that from factory

  98. AzizKing TV

    AzizKing TV2 months ago

    EveryingSamplePro Samsung + Apple = Sample

  99. Forida Khan

    Forida Khan2 months ago


  100. Mart1nYO

    Mart1nYO2 months ago

    You are coping