Top 5 Times ReviewBrah Truly Got Angry


  1. Media Guy

    Media Guy14 hours ago

    should I shut the camera off? I I can't review it...

  2. Virulent Stalker

    Virulent Stalker21 hour ago

    He keeps himself together so well, I'd be seething, and I'd probably say something offensive.

  3. urban l

    urban l22 hours ago


  4. Ben Sherbundy

    Ben SherbundyDay ago

    Not the buffalo sauce

  5. dave gilbert

    dave gilbertDay ago

    Turn down your music



    Don’t worry one time I went to Taco Bell and I ordered 3 bean and cheese burritos but they gave me only 2😤

  7. liamthekillrr2

    liamthekillrr22 days ago

    I laughed so hard "I think I just wasted 20 minutes of my life, in traffic, to get the wrong sandwich."

  8. Isaiah Calderon

    Isaiah Calderon2 days ago

    Fuck this pussy

  9. Animated Tigress

    Animated Tigress2 days ago

    Omg it looks like he lives in Florida in that last video lol

  10. Animated Tigress

    Animated Tigress2 days ago

    Does he not know how to wear a tie?it's not tied right and the collar isn't right either. Im *Shook* !

  11. soy boy with a big bag of chips and a big heart

    soy boy with a big bag of chips and a big heart2 days ago

    He's like the posher and imbred version of ben shapiro

  12. Isaiaheltrapo

    Isaiaheltrapo3 days ago

    4:05 watch the ice cube

  13. Georg Zerle

    Georg Zerle3 days ago

    Watching this video was truly a waste of precious lifetime, for the most important point, promised by the title, it was supposed to fulfill was failed to be fulfilled, not because of poorly chosen content, but because of poorly chosen music and poorly chosen soundvolume and the resulting impossibility to clearly understand him. A disaster, would difinitively not watch it again

  14. Arya Faeqy

    Arya Faeqy3 days ago

    Don't be so soft dude. It's just food. Some people are starving, and you're sitting here reviewing food like you hate it.

  15. K G

    K G4 days ago

    Damn those Wendy’s bastards.

  16. Skoodle

    Skoodle4 days ago

    I love him he's so innocent. but he looks like lorde...

  17. Antonio Villarreal

    Antonio Villarreal4 days ago

    Judgement day has come ppl...he who is most high shall unleash his wrath upon all fast food chains. Employees please! Repent before its too late. XD

  18. Bob Lob

    Bob Lob4 days ago

    his wrath makes me quiver

  19. Hikigaya Hachiman

    Hikigaya Hachiman4 days ago

    May dissapointmint iz immeasurable .and may day iz ruened . subarashi

  20. Omar Chillstep

    Omar Chillstep4 days ago

    - Harder papi

  21. mad mofo

    mad mofo4 days ago

    THIS was inTENSE! On some of these reviews, he really blew his load! Surely there must be ANOTHER five times reviewbrahs got a bit rowdy

  22. Chrls Stotz

    Chrls Stotz5 days ago

    Why doesn't he just check the food before he leaves the restaurant

  23. SheWentToJareds

    SheWentToJareds5 days ago

    Are we not going to question how he knew what he was wearing a week ago on 3:24

  24. Nova Dome

    Nova Dome5 days ago

    The music was too loud and the report of the week was too quiet

  25. Callum

    Callum5 days ago

    4.04 the ice cube in your drink moved in a strange way

  26. Harald Heijmans

    Harald Heijmans5 days ago

    You sir have my respect. You are so well spoken and polite. Very nice.

  27. obnoxious g

    obnoxious g5 days ago

    i’m as some say “shook”

  28. Kathy McCrory

    Kathy McCrory6 days ago

    He should do angry reviews more often

  29. Stox

    Stox6 days ago

    he is 13 and 60 at the same time because he eats shit food

  30. Daniel Burnd

    Daniel Burnd7 days ago

    Just your standard buffalo chicken sandwich...

  31. arbington

    arbington7 days ago

    As a lover of Edvard Grieg and a frequent reluctant consumer of fast food I love this video.

  32. *shoots* reck

    *shoots* reck7 days ago

    100% troll video

  33. Reversed

    Reversed7 days ago

    Please forgive us ReviewBrah. We know not what we do.

  34. Blaine Bling

    Blaine Bling7 days ago

    John, please... Cut your nails.

  35. Takco

    Takco7 days ago

    Why is the music so fucking loud?

  36. Alexis rincon gallardo

    Alexis rincon gallardo7 days ago

    Problemas de gente blanca :v White people problems xddd

  37. N Laya

    N Laya8 days ago

    Wait so this guy isnt Lorde?...

  38. lily turner

    lily turner8 days ago

    " they sometimes say, I'm shook."

  39. KALU

    KALU8 days ago

    Omg the music edit is annoying

  40. Syrup Snake

    Syrup Snake8 days ago

    Oh no they forgot to remove the pork. Couldn't this guy just CHECK if the thing had pork in it before leaving? Like, common sense my dude. Checking the damn burger or sandwich for anything you did not want in can waste 20 seconds of your life at max than 20 minutes all for not checking.

  41. spook show

    spook show9 days ago

    Lol this is the best!

  42. Mujtaba Ibrahim

    Mujtaba Ibrahim9 days ago

    when he starts nodding, you know shit's about to go down.

  43. No No

    No No9 days ago

    Everything they touch is just garbage.

  44. ExternermaRk

    ExternermaRk9 days ago

    One day I went to the closest Wendy’s near me and my dad ordered a certain salad that I forgot the name of. But when we were on our way home, my brother decided to check if he got his burger also and noticed that my dad didn’t get his salad. My dad was super pissed and started to talk shit about the employees working there😭

  45. phillip Bowls

    phillip Bowls9 days ago

    It horrifies me to think your getting views off the back of report of the week. Its sickens me...

  46. Talon Diwisch

    Talon Diwisch10 days ago

    Who is this guy?

  47. Boo Yah

    Boo Yah10 days ago

    The dudes best friend is his grandma

  48. Major Sackeiter

    Major Sackeiter10 days ago

    He is like a real life sheldon cooper

  49. Miku Hachune

    Miku Hachune10 days ago

    Is this Sheldon, the real life version from "Big Bang Theory"?



    There is no rage in this video

  51. squanch

    squanch10 days ago

    For his standards, this is rage

  52. F-R-E-E That Spells Free

    F-R-E-E That Spells Free11 days ago

    My anger is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.

  53. Nico Ramon

    Nico Ramon11 days ago

    If he was *TRULY* angry the human species as we know it would have been erased

  54. Adam Leon

    Adam Leon11 days ago

    this is so cute lmao

  55. standing bear

    standing bear11 days ago

    when the bag hit the floor, 7,000 wendy's employees died that day, at that moment. divine retribution.

  56. SAMurai2K18

    SAMurai2K1811 days ago

    I love the pulled pork conundrum

  57. Puneet Sharma

    Puneet Sharma11 days ago


  58. Ignacy Orłowski

    Ignacy Orłowski11 days ago

    music should be louder

  59. menachem rephun

    menachem rephun11 days ago

    5 times Mr. Rogers son got angry

  60. John Doe

    John Doe11 days ago

    I feel like this dude is a famous because he's a living meme, but he doesn't realise it

  61. yeye bbebe

    yeye bbebe11 days ago

    dude. do whatever the fuck your doing and I wish you good luck and a happy life. but it gets me kind of annoyed when I see dudes with finger nails longer than theyre own dicks got damn it. jk :) but cut your nails dawg its disgusting . peace

  62. Νικολας Κοτζακ

    Νικολας Κοτζακ11 days ago

    He is a nice guy even when he is angry

  63. WatchYouByrne

    WatchYouByrne11 days ago

    for the love of god tone the music down

  64. mark rigg

    mark rigg11 days ago

    Who the F is this guy?

  65. Ezra Strickland

    Ezra Strickland12 days ago

    chill with the back ground music brah

  66. Nico Ramon

    Nico Ramon12 days ago

    Don’t you mean *5 times God almost destroyed the Universe*

  67. Mia. W

    Mia. W12 days ago

    The music makes it even better 😂

  68. Markus Mitchell

    Markus Mitchell12 days ago

    That's him being mad wow amazing

  69. Stian

    Stian12 days ago

    Is this a real life sheldon cooper ?

  70. Matej Kráľ

    Matej Kráľ12 days ago

    So angry rat

  71. J Trujillo

    J Trujillo13 days ago

    He needs to learn how to control his rage, he's truly gonna end up hurting somebody.

  72. Alfio T.P.G.

    Alfio T.P.G.13 days ago

    What is he gorfon ramsey ?!

  73. K KiD

    K KiD13 days ago

    Does anyone know if this niggas a troll or nah

  74. A person

    A person13 days ago

    When he threw the bag at 2:07 I got genuinely scared

  75. Mark Wildt

    Mark Wildt13 days ago

    This made my day...

  76. Otter Empire

    Otter Empire13 days ago

    Oh no he threw the bag, everyone run

  77. Aquatic

    Aquatic13 days ago

    The music is so unnecessary. Also if ReviewBrah ever decided ti whip his kid he would whip his kid with an 1800s paddle and his kid would say "nooooo...prrrreeeaase"

  78. ilikebacon

    ilikebacon13 days ago

    So? He is just a human. Why do you need to make a whole video about somebody getting angry?

  79. Godsu Godsu

    Godsu Godsu14 days ago

    This guy orders from fast food and he expects the food to be a 5 star michelline food.

  80. Hannah a

    Hannah a14 days ago

    Him getting angry reminds me of how in spider man 3 Peter screamed at his landlord about it a door

  81. UltimateShockz

    UltimateShockz14 days ago

    When reviewbrah gets mad the UN calls an emergency meeting to discuss how to fix up

  82. Osiris God

    Osiris God14 days ago

    Dude where he live I’m gonna whoop his ass cuz he a little bih

  83. liljared711

    liljared71114 days ago

    He got angry when he took the tip of this dick

  84. Pyrotechnics 8

    Pyrotechnics 814 days ago

    Seeing him slam that paper bag was just truly terrifying.

  85. Mushy Log

    Mushy Log14 days ago

    Louder outro please, I can still feel the blood dripping out of my ears

  86. عمك سلام

    عمك سلام14 days ago

    I watch this american and he look weird

  87. anime is life

    anime is life14 days ago

    And lot of the stuff I agree with but number 2 is like it happens to everyone people are human they make mistakes so that should have just been kinda like OK they made a mistake Your backup their I'll tell my messed up on the most likely Will give it to you and take off the charge Most restaurants will do anything to fix the problem and fix their mistake they made with the customer make it right

  88. Conor Taylor

    Conor Taylor14 days ago


  89. Dani Leopardeye

    Dani Leopardeye14 days ago

    The music is too distracting xD

  90. Nick Fournier

    Nick Fournier15 days ago


  91. Robbie Rotten

    Robbie Rotten15 days ago

    His silent rage still reverberates throughout the world to this day.

  92. Darth Vato

    Darth Vato15 days ago

    0:07 to skip intro

  93. YaBoi Ethan

    YaBoi Ethan15 days ago

    5 Times God is Displeased with Mortals Offerings

  94. Lin Oflight

    Lin Oflight15 days ago

    2:30 picking at the sandwich with his albino rat claws

  95. George Bonis

    George Bonis15 days ago

    Yea bro, Popeyes is trash. I cant even stand to smell the air when I drive by. Something they use to cook just smells so fucking bad. Greasy, overpriced and not that good.

  96. Elenor Diamond

    Elenor Diamond15 days ago

    I like an angry Daddy. 💐🌹💎♥️

  97. Bryant Zh

    Bryant Zh15 days ago

    Guy reminds me of sheldon cooper

  98. Skeeter My peeter

    Skeeter My peeter16 days ago

    The stupid music ruins the video

  99. SJB

    SJB16 days ago

    Furious rage!!!!!!!

  100. TheGreenRocket

    TheGreenRocket16 days ago

    *gets the wrong burger from Wendy’s* “I feel defeated. What do I do now. What do I do. The whole review is ruined... what is the point of living anymore.”

  101. 100 Subs With No Videos?

    100 Subs With No Videos?16 days ago