Top 5 Times ReviewBrah Truly Got Angry


  1. Tabitha Hernandez (Joey's Car)

    Tabitha Hernandez (Joey's Car)3 months ago

    Thanks so much for a thousand subscribers and over a million views! You all are the best!

  2. XILB

    XILB2 days ago

    Ur MReporter name is stupid stop...

  3. Goblin

    Goblin12 days ago

    1. do not fucking use someone elses content as yours. -you legit took clips from this kids videos and mashed it together as yours. isnt this plagiarism to you? 2. the music was ten thousand times louder than anything else. 3. come up with better ideas for youtube videos that YOU YOURSELF CREATE!

  4. DriveOnParkway ParkOnDriveway

    DriveOnParkway ParkOnDriveway27 days ago


  5. Max Stats

    Max StatsMonth ago

    Benny bey I've seen a lot of Reportoftheweek videos and never seen him even slightly upset. I found this video interesting.

  6. ronnie head

    ronnie headMonth ago

    Loved this video and new sub!!!!!

  7. Wiggy  ジ

    Wiggy ジ2 hours ago

    Penis dick

  8. bayoo3

    bayoo315 hours ago

    We have angered god

  9. KaOs

    KaOs23 hours ago

    2:07 I fucking flinched

  10. The Steadfast Duelist

    The Steadfast DuelistDay ago

    I got a better title: *"Top 5 Times The Great Depression Almost Gotten A Sequel"*

  11. The Jas Factor

    The Jas FactorDay ago

    He’s like one of those fathers that just found out that his child was smoking,drinking and sniffing crack and heroine..... Being recorded

  12. MonkeyJazz75

    MonkeyJazz75Day ago

    Gotta say though... I can either not hear him and save my ear drums, or hear him and have them bleed with how the music is edited.

  13. Vincent Venturella

    Vincent VenturellaDay ago

    My Comment was Highlighted, and i do Appreciate Good Candor, But i was Kidding. ReviewBrah is sort of a Self-Serving Idiot and, a Tool. I Know That bothers Many Fans, but as Per Normal, the TRUTH always HURTS ! LOL VJVMD

  14. Vincent Venturella

    Vincent VenturellaDay ago

    He doesn't Even Know the History of Carl's Jr and Hardy's, Nor the Moniker of Wendy's and Who Dave is ! The Founder ! This Takes Little Dabble on the Internet, so Therefore, i Give Him a Thumbs DOWN ! Sorry Putz.

  15. Milo-ballz101

    Milo-ballz1012 days ago

    *Top 5 times God was pissed*

  16. Vex

    Vex2 days ago

    i love how despite his *undying* anger, he still will continue to make it a content filled review

  17. lvBoogey manvl

    lvBoogey manvl2 days ago

    ReviewBrah for president 2020

  18. Angel Yuki-shama

    Angel Yuki-shama2 days ago

    Oh god he's scary when he's angry like oof

  19. Balta Bueno

    Balta Bueno3 days ago


  20. Niall Rossiter

    Niall Rossiter4 days ago

    He’s so ugly

  21. random_viewer670

    random_viewer6704 days ago


  22. Vins Web

    Vins Web4 days ago

    he looks like a rat

  23. Vins Web

    Vins Web4 days ago

    that dirty bastard look at his fingernails disgusting.

  24. lnfreeman

    lnfreeman5 days ago

    Shit, I didn't know that Burger King bought Popeye's 😟 *my* day is ruined

  25. Rosemarie Rubio

    Rosemarie Rubio5 days ago

    Man is a goddamn genius 😂

  26. Mordred 『???』

    Mordred 『???』5 days ago

    Even when he’s angry, he still sounds calm Only ReviewBrah

  27. Pure Randomness

    Pure Randomness5 days ago

    At least he’s calm about it

  28. Miss Tiki

    Miss Tiki5 days ago

    No sauce is going to fix this atrocity

  29. Ice Topman

    Ice Topman6 days ago

    Some say he's still looking through that pulled pork cheeseburger from Wendy's...

  30. DENI

    DENI6 days ago

    School shooter

  31. Christopher Cho

    Christopher Cho7 days ago

    I felt unsafe watching this video knowing such anger exists in this world

  32. euqirnE niuqaoJ

    euqirnE niuqaoJ7 days ago

    What a baby

  33. seaofmemes

    seaofmemes7 days ago

    i'm *S H O O K*

  34. EJS

    EJS7 days ago

    as they sometimes say, im *_SHOOK_*

  35. clueless

    clueless7 days ago

    1:11 sh00k

  36. pizza pizza bitch

    pizza pizza bitch7 days ago

    Why does Gordon Ramsay have multiple shows when this motherfucker exists?

  37. BBagent 6

    BBagent 67 days ago

    Dude calm down on the music

  38. LukeIAmYourMother

    LukeIAmYourMother7 days ago


  39. LukeIAmYourMother

    LukeIAmYourMother7 days ago

    No no no that top button stays buttoned, this aint right

  40. Jesse Jesse

    Jesse Jesse8 days ago

    With Burger King, everything they touch turns to absolute garbage... *especially their foot lettuce*

  41. eat some lettuce

    eat some lettuce8 days ago


  42. Glue eater 500

    Glue eater 5008 days ago

    Best part 2:00

  43. Maki Monkey

    Maki Monkey9 days ago

    He is ragin', im shakin'

  44. Zuras Hakai

    Zuras Hakai9 days ago

    Salt of the Week

  45. A stranger named Aymara

    A stranger named Aymara9 days ago

    This video was a harrowing experience

  46. Javier Garcia

    Javier Garcia9 days ago

    Why the fuck do u have to have loud music

  47. Seb Melt

    Seb Melt9 days ago

    The third place sandwich mabob I tried it once it was garbage

  48. place name here

    place name here9 days ago

    you know its not a good idea to piss off god.

  49. Tanner OVO

    Tanner OVO10 days ago

    He makes me wish i wasn't white

  50. TheOddBanna

    TheOddBanna10 days ago

    The music goes so well with this as well

  51. Brooky Balore

    Brooky Balore10 days ago

    Here's a tip. Please don't make the music louder than ReviewBrah himself, I love him but not this video. Disliked.

  52. emilymsymons

    emilymsymons10 days ago

    Completely irrelevant: My kitten is called Tabitha! 😁

  53. ghastlyT_T

    ghastlyT_T10 days ago

    Those cookies are acually disgusting hes right

  54. Mike King

    Mike King10 days ago

    Poor choice for background music. Great video of a very popular MReporterr!! Withholding a thumbs up out of loyalty.

  55. James M1079

    James M107910 days ago

    3:33 " i cant do it. We'll do it live... we'll do it LiVE fuck it"

  56. Yoshi234

    Yoshi23410 days ago

    Even gods have emotions

  57. Clint Bragg

    Clint Bragg10 days ago

    the backround music is annoying

  58. Charlie 94

    Charlie 9410 days ago


  59. Gabriel Andersson

    Gabriel Andersson11 days ago

    this music is actually so damn unfitting

  60. Skadewdle

    Skadewdle11 days ago

    "I'm shook" Lmfao

  61. suburbanwinemoms

    suburbanwinemoms11 days ago

    this is what the wrath of god looks like

  62. stargirl

    stargirl11 days ago

    1:12 haha my favorite part

  63. PixelFoundry Gaming

    PixelFoundry Gaming11 days ago

    He's an eloquent man. His words are very impactful.

  64. sgt Hale107

    sgt Hale10711 days ago

    Next time I go to Chick-Fil-A, I'LL dress up like an FBI agent, too Also, why does this guy remind me of Sheldon, from the Big Bang Theory?

  65. Preston Davison

    Preston Davison12 days ago

    s h o o k

  66. Henrik Persson

    Henrik Persson12 days ago

    He is the Gordon Ramsay of fast food!


    GEORGE RANGO12 days ago

    All hail review brah

  68. Robby 48

    Robby 4812 days ago

    Oh yes ... you really could saw his raging anger

  69. catharsis

    catharsis12 days ago

    He's real life sheldon

  70. xZyvon GD

    xZyvon GD12 days ago

    i once asked for a waffle in burger king drive through and got a whopper. *seems legit*

  71. Nooby Tubey

    Nooby Tubey12 days ago

    Wendy's need to step it up

  72. Homeless slowbro

    Homeless slowbro12 days ago


  73. RPD dude

    RPD dude13 days ago

    "I feel very defeated..even moreso than usual.." That genuinly made me sad

  74. Justincook1998

    Justincook199813 days ago

    This guys such a goof Tf .

  75. Ninica1 Nina

    Ninica1 Nina13 days ago

    2:07 begone THOT

  76. Caoimhe Smith

    Caoimhe Smith13 days ago

    He remind me of Sheldon cooper

  77. Efjay 3

    Efjay 313 days ago

    Sleeves Status = Rolled Up Disappointment = Immeasurable Day = Ruined Looks like we’ve got ourselves a class three review crisis!!!

  78. Barry Hazlehurst

    Barry Hazlehurst13 days ago

    Wow he's fuming! The world will collapse!

  79. Killa Cam

    Killa Cam13 days ago

    I feel very defeated.

  80. Gilgamesh

    Gilgamesh14 days ago

    I wish I had his shallow problems.

  81. NeonGamerHAH 7

    NeonGamerHAH 714 days ago

    Now im not a big fan of cheese but will still eat it I remember McDonalds screwed up my order 5 times in a row,putting that cheese on my burger.. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  82. Michael&Jello

    Michael&Jello14 days ago

    The music is too loud

  83. jhanks2012

    jhanks201214 days ago

    You guys know it's all an act, right? 😂

  84. Ocean dude

    Ocean dude14 days ago

    O-o saw him twitching

  85. CoolRanchDoritos

    CoolRanchDoritos14 days ago

    this was so sad stay strong review bruh!

  86. Dr Know

    Dr Know14 days ago


  87. Mark Yates

    Mark Yates14 days ago

    These are just his gimmick. He could strike you easy if he wanted. This is not fair use in anyway shape or form.

  88. β๏ǥl๏l

    β๏ǥl๏l14 days ago

    Joey better

  89. XG_Mythical

    XG_Mythical14 days ago

    We have upset the god.


    RIGHTEOUS MIKE15 days ago

    2:05 i was traumatized when he threw the bag.

  91. Bo Huggabee

    Bo Huggabee15 days ago

    reviewing the reviewer. who will review the reviewing of the reviewer?

  92. Crushing Laser

    Crushing Laser16 days ago


  93. Daniel Crisostomo

    Daniel Crisostomo16 days ago


  94. meme enthusiast

    meme enthusiast16 days ago

    I like how even at his most furious moment he's just calmly explaining everything.

  95. Pedro Henrique

    Pedro Henrique16 days ago

    next time don't put the music

  96. Mediocre Millennial

    Mediocre Millennial16 days ago

    I dont get everyones hype on this kid, he's just a meme to me, typical yankee with his whiny voice boasting his vocabulary while eating fast food, and he makes money off this shit?

  97. Cameron Baird

    Cameron Baird16 days ago

    I would suggest using better audio. Music is a thousand times louder than his voice.

  98. Viral Bheda

    Viral Bheda16 days ago

    You couldn't have edited this in a worse manner if you tried. The music was loud and terrible, and you made quick cuts in places where you really shouldn't have. his videos have an honest and organic charm and are best left unaltered. In my opinion, you missed the entire point of his videos with your editing.

  99. Phoenix

    Phoenix16 days ago

    This. This is content? Seriously?

  100. Phoenix

    Phoenix6 days ago


  101. CapriSunInMyPants S

    CapriSunInMyPants S6 days ago

    Phoenix yep

  102. Texas Panhandle

    Texas Panhandle16 days ago

    How is this getting angry.

  103. Grim Thy Great

    Grim Thy Great16 days ago

    You don't know fear until you've made the god of Gluttonous Wraith angry. Have mercy on us all.

  104. D.MYST

    D.MYST17 days ago

    My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

  105. нуєσи

    нуєσи17 days ago


  106. Nebulae

    Nebulae17 days ago

    Such anger cannot be endured

  107. skull fucker

    skull fucker17 days ago

    if this guy ends becoming a mass shooter well done chat.

  108. Mitchell Patterson

    Mitchell Patterson17 days ago

    top 5 most saddest anime moments