Top 5 Times ReviewBrah Truly Got Angry


  1. Clara Estefanie ‘

    Clara Estefanie ‘3 hours ago

    4:25 lol same buddy same 💛

  2. Deanna Merasty

    Deanna Merasty23 hours ago

    Dude chill with the music its intense!

  3. Felipe Freitas

    Felipe FreitasDay ago


  4. harleybynature

    harleybynatureDay ago

    Wtf is up with the background music!?!?

  5. JustAnother Niger

    JustAnother Niger2 days ago

    I wud *LOVE* to get in a fight with this piece of shit😂😂

  6. SnowballWar

    SnowballWar3 days ago

    My disappointment in the audio quality is immeasurable.

  7. Upsetlamaz 1

    Upsetlamaz 13 days ago

    The music is a little obnoxious and annoying

  8. Tyler Boyko

    Tyler Boyko3 days ago

    Feel his wrath

  9. modern studies

    modern studies3 days ago


  10. modern studies

    modern studies3 days ago

    The cold hard truth and nothing but the cold hard truth so help me god

  11. dillon bush

    dillon bush4 days ago

    Is he human? I feel like he is an immortal or some shit

  12. Moustapha Loum

    Moustapha Loum4 days ago

    The sound is so quiet that my disappointment is immesurable...more ear rape

  13. FBI

    FBI4 days ago

    this guy would rekt Gordon Ramsy

  14. Robert Channels

    Robert Channels4 days ago


  15. Ross Atkinson

    Ross Atkinson5 days ago

    In the title you misspelled “5 times god contemplated destroying the earth”

  16. DReaper47

    DReaper475 days ago

    You bought the cookies from the store what do you expect

  17. The Animal Liberation Ninjas

    The Animal Liberation Ninjas5 days ago

    Go vegan :)

  18. Yi kes

    Yi kes3 days ago

    The Animal Liberation Ninjas the inability to have basic emotions

  19. The Animal Liberation Ninjas

    The Animal Liberation Ninjas5 days ago

    +Yi kes Do you even know what psychopathy is?

  20. Yi kes

    Yi kes5 days ago

    The Animal Liberation Ninjas that’s not what that means you hippie. Now be quiet. Please and thank you. Also I was just checking if u were trolling by saying that I’ll get a ‘Big Mac’ from ‘Burger King’. Apparently you aren’t. I will pray for your family and wish you Godspeed in your mental illness.

  21. The Animal Liberation Ninjas

    The Animal Liberation Ninjas5 days ago

    +Yi kes I think you might be a psychopath. 😐

  22. Yi kes

    Yi kes5 days ago

    The Animal Liberation Ninjas just because of this conversation I will gladly buy a Big Mac from the nearest Burger King. Also they are not brutally murdered, all slaughter houses do is slit their throats and drain the blood. Brutal would be like beating them in the back until they died.

  23. Aquarius Cali Girl

    Aquarius Cali Girl5 days ago

    Lol...This kid is too cute...😁

  24. Planet Saturn

    Planet Saturn6 days ago

    Idk why but he kinda looks like a psychopath 😂

  25. wolf xex

    wolf xex6 days ago

    Sass with class.

  26. Mr.60s

    Mr.60s7 days ago


  27. Toast Roast

    Toast Roast7 days ago

    wait whats happening with the comments. I don't get the meme or context around this guy. Somebody r/woosh me already, I don't even know.

  28. Peanut Butter no Jelly

    Peanut Butter no Jelly7 days ago

    "As they sometimes say, i'm S H O O K"

  29. Irie Vibes

    Irie Vibes7 days ago

    Nice music

  30. Gianluca Guillermo

    Gianluca Guillermo7 days ago

    This is why aliens don’t invade us They are scared of this man right in front of us

  31. Drayton Magill

    Drayton Magill7 days ago

    A-fucking-men to the cookie thing. Like eating calcified shit covered in sweetened half-dry concrete.

  32. 100k Subs Without Any Videos?

    100k Subs Without Any Videos?7 days ago

    He isn’t even mad?

  33. Yi kes

    Yi kes5 days ago

    100k Subs Without Any Videos? This man is fueled with rage and anger and aggression. His compassion for fast food prevents him from truly showing it.

  34. 100k Subs Without Any Videos?

    100k Subs Without Any Videos?5 days ago

    Yi kes what

  35. Yi kes

    Yi kes5 days ago

    100k Subs Without Any Videos? Oh yeah he is, he’s very mad.

  36. Todd Mitchell

    Todd Mitchell7 days ago

    This is fast food for ya. They don't care about service. Rather a paycheck and going home. It's ready to get angry like this because of that.

  37. a youtube account

    a youtube account8 days ago

    If they give you the wrong item and the right item is on the receipt then they HAVE TO replace it

  38. Techno Thomas

    Techno Thomas8 days ago

    This guy could interrogate someone just by staring at them.

  39. ItsjayceO_o_ YT

    ItsjayceO_o_ YT8 days ago

    Is he a dad cuz I don’t wanna be his kid because if I had to go to bed at 6:00 I’d run away

  40. TragicFire YT

    TragicFire YT8 days ago

    I'm shook

  41. J69 VIDZ

    J69 VIDZ8 days ago

    Top 5 anime betrayals

  42. my_ dixy_rekt

    my_ dixy_rekt9 days ago

    At least he's in shape unlike the autistic pig Joey.

  43. Aksel Hørnes

    Aksel Hørnes9 days ago

    The music in the background was very unnecessary

  44. Littenz RL

    Littenz RL9 days ago

    Why is he called reviewbrah?

  45. *Meme Lord*

    *Meme Lord*9 days ago

    hes shook

  46. F-R-E-E That Spells Free

    F-R-E-E That Spells Free9 days ago

    how dare him disrespect my fucking lofthouse cookies

  47. Joshua Martin

    Joshua Martin9 days ago

    This guy has the palate of a 7 year old

  48. LispyJared

    LispyJared9 days ago

    None of this is angry retard. This is what people call DISAPPOINTED.

  49. Eli’s Dun

    Eli’s Dun9 days ago

    LispyJared please use some punctuation, it sounds like you’re saying ‘He’s an angry retard’. Also, really, Retard? What are you, six?

  50. Leonell Zykowich

    Leonell Zykowich10 days ago


  51. Centralist Australia

    Centralist Australia10 days ago

    angry ReviewBrah is scary ReviewBrah.

  52. Can I Get A Gun Please

    Can I Get A Gun Please10 days ago

    Why the loud ass transitioning

  53. BrandonTG

    BrandonTG10 days ago

    His the type of guy that can make a devastating insult to ur life

  54. Jake Taylor

    Jake Taylor10 days ago

    He’s fucking raging

  55. The Bread Bank

    The Bread Bank10 days ago

    0:47 reviewbrah lookin like a mob boss that’s boutta deliver a bad message

  56. Conor Whitty

    Conor Whitty10 days ago

    I am absolutely certain he was the inspiration for captain holt from B99

  57. Podemos llegar a 200 subs sin videos?

    Podemos llegar a 200 subs sin videos?11 days ago

    How many noise complains must this guy have

  58. Adli Mukhriz Mohammad Firuz

    Adli Mukhriz Mohammad Firuz11 days ago

    This video got that r/okaybuddyretard tone

  59. Cardboard Box

    Cardboard Box11 days ago

    He made shaggy use 100% of his power

  60. Punk 100101

    Punk 10010111 days ago

    Why did I watch the full video?

  61. djklepto1996

    djklepto199612 days ago

    Like how people ride others coat tails instead of uploading original content themselves.

  62. Negative Positive

    Negative Positive12 days ago

    _breaking news!_ *CALM BOI ANGERY AT EAT OBJECT*

  63. Rippin Reaper

    Rippin Reaper13 days ago

    Cool vid

  64. Give into temptation

    Give into temptation13 days ago

    2:28 the way he fingers that sandwich makes me think of a germaphobe attempting to finger an unwashed snatch.

  65. Kevin Keener

    Kevin Keener13 days ago

    On the segment where the sandwich was wrong. He should have checked his order like every person in this world.

  66. Ludwig II

    Ludwig II14 days ago

    The music isn’t even that loud wtf guys

  67. Jeremy Backman

    Jeremy Backman14 days ago

    I love that kid , so weird.

  68. Samsyo

    Samsyo14 days ago

    Turn down the background sound, It just kills the Whole video 💀

  69. Starving Wolf

    Starving Wolf14 days ago

    I know people make fun of him but little dude is based as fuck and does what he wants.

  70. Alexis

    Alexis15 days ago

    His pussy got to wet

  71. the last penguin

    the last penguin15 days ago

    scam. i thought this is lorde.

  72. tyson mckeown

    tyson mckeown15 days ago

    This video made me so angry i literally packed my bags and moved in with my aunty and uncle in bel Air

  73. Xcovd The best

    Xcovd The best15 days ago

    He probably got mustard in the shape of a cross.

  74. TheWishMaster

    TheWishMaster15 days ago

    2:28 when that music kicked in shit got real

  75. Turningbluesmurfstyle

    Turningbluesmurfstyle15 days ago

    I'm shook

  76. Mimi 83

    Mimi 8315 days ago

    He looks like he'd go Dexter on someone if they left a condiment off his sandwich. Kind of creepy in a Norman Bates way.

  77. Georgi Beasty96

    Georgi Beasty9616 days ago

    When he threw the bag our god destroyed the universe

  78. Eggs Benedict

    Eggs Benedict16 days ago

    God I want him to collab with Gordon Ramsay

  79. layla

    layla16 days ago

    “i’m shaken. as they sometimes say: i’m shook” absolutely profound.

  80. Elias Söremo

    Elias Söremo16 days ago


  81. agentgingerman

    agentgingerman17 days ago

    This guy doesn't get angry... He gets posh

  82. Lil Quackster._

    Lil Quackster._17 days ago

    the freakin loud as dramatic music was not needed no offense to you good vid but my ears r bleeding now

  83. Mayor Jano

    Mayor Jano17 days ago


  84. Dumbass motherfucker

    Dumbass motherfucker17 days ago

    Lmao its just food brah

  85. -O-DDY 0DDGH0ST

    -O-DDY 0DDGH0ST17 days ago

    Shaggy felt a disturbance in the universe...

  86. Zero zone

    Zero zone17 days ago

    ReviewBrah is now more terrifying than Gordon Ramsey.

  87. Thot spray

    Thot spray18 days ago

    The 5 times Dracula almost destroyed the world

  88. SleeperGuyXD

    SleeperGuyXD18 days ago

    im shook

  89. Neromax

    Neromax18 days ago

    My mans got SHOOK

  90. Jan Marqui Carlos

    Jan Marqui Carlos18 days ago

    How can he look 12 and sound 30 at the same time????

  91. Shiny Magikarp

    Shiny Magikarp18 days ago

    Why does he even get mad?

  92. 17ballislife

    17ballislife18 days ago

    F Burger King

  93. WolfA

    WolfA19 days ago

    He looks like a 11-13 year-old and a 20 year-old at the same time

  94. dónal Coulter

    dónal Coulter19 days ago

    review brah

  95. kurt engel

    kurt engel19 days ago

    How many must we sacrifice to appease you oh great one

  96. Tonuzzo Nicklefritz

    Tonuzzo Nicklefritz19 days ago

    The music is dumb and gay.

  97. Eli’s Dun

    Eli’s Dun9 days ago

    Like me.

  98. There's Really A Wolf?

    There's Really A Wolf?19 days ago

    He looks like the backpack kid 😂

  99. Eli’s Dun

    Eli’s Dun9 days ago

    There's Really A Wolf? That’s offensive to Reviewbrah

  100. Kibbit

    Kibbit19 days ago

    I love his character.

  101. Dalek Caan

    Dalek Caan19 days ago

    And I thought I was fussy

  102. Percy Jackson

    Percy Jackson19 days ago

    If I may be so bold as to make a suggestion, could you please turn the volume of that godawful music down so I don't blow my fucking eardrums out to New Zealand in between every clip? Thanks.

  103. EliteBoogie

    EliteBoogie20 days ago

    Turn down your music it’s bad and u can’t hear him

  104. azlanberesford

    azlanberesford20 days ago

    “I feel defeated. More so than usual” Who hurt you reviewbrah

  105. Henry Edora

    Henry Edora20 days ago

    Is it just me or he looks like Ned from the try guys?

  106. Luis D.

    Luis D.20 days ago

    Can you fuck off with the music? I had to replay certain parts multiple times because I couldn’t hear what he had to say. Dislike.

  107. Iago Light

    Iago Light20 days ago

    this man that hall of the giant or sum shit song in the back, proof this nigga is the most powerful man to ever live

  108. Dag Wood

    Dag Wood21 day ago

    I don’t like to see this side of him :(

  109. Pierre C

    Pierre C22 days ago

    Tell me it's not Lorde's hidden brother

  110. Jeffery Burgess

    Jeffery Burgess22 days ago

    I find him funny when he's angry

  111. Sebastián Mackay

    Sebastián Mackay22 days ago

    That's how you make quick money on MReporter. Nice bro