Top 5 Secret Hidden Locations in Fortnite YOU NEVER KNEW!


  1. Lelanthedestroyer Gamer

    Lelanthedestroyer Gamer33 minutes ago

    He said floor loot 29 rimes

  2. Big Snacc

    Big SnaccHour ago

    So uh... where’s the thumbnail?

  3. StaticHDGeorge

    StaticHDGeorgeHour ago

    Omg, I just realized that was me in the intro with the green skin lmfao!! I can prove it too!!!

  4. Cutino Boys

    Cutino Boys4 hours ago

    Salty springs

  5. mini man

    mini man5 hours ago

    Hold up I already know the secret in 3:35

  6. Cutino Boys

    Cutino Boys5 hours ago

    I got it wrong

  7. Cutino Boys

    Cutino Boys5 hours ago

    This is so useful

  8. Nikki Tanner

    Nikki Tanner5 hours ago

    I got it right

  9. Kim Townrow

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  10. Matthew Baumann

    Matthew Baumann7 hours ago

    I also found the thing in the back of the mansion with my other brother (it was hard to get out of there)

  11. Matthew Baumann

    Matthew Baumann7 hours ago

    and I found tilted towers underground thingy

  12. Matthew Baumann

    Matthew Baumann7 hours ago

    my brother found the salty springs bunker and told me about it

  13. Bisexual Waffle

    Bisexual Waffle7 hours ago

    I got it!

  14. Volant Rocket

    Volant Rocket9 hours ago

    I did

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    I knew that

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    I got it right

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    Well not any more

  21. Skull troper

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    Got quiz rifht

  22. Carter Womack

    Carter Womack18 hours ago

    I got it right shifty

  23. Wiremu Tutu

    Wiremu Tutu18 hours ago

    I got it right

  24. Zi'quarius Pierce

    Zi'quarius Pierce20 hours ago

    Anarchy acres. And like if ur 2018

  25. Tobey Knight

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  26. Justin.A

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  27. Stormed 4

    Stormed 4Day ago

    Better name the vid zones that every one knows

  28. Racoon YT5

    Racoon YT5Day ago

    Mini junk

  29. John Baker

    John BakerDay ago

    I got it right

  30. Shanna Yalamanchili

    Shanna YalamanchiliDay ago

    The pic for this video was not in it so sorta cLiCkBAit

  31. Shanna Yalamanchili

    Shanna YalamanchiliDay ago

    There was this one guy watching a utuber rely Loud in mic and I told him to stop and he said we NEED to build a wall tho! And next round I just kicked him. RIP

  32. Meggo Ryan

    Meggo RyanDay ago

    Someone please tell me what the question of the day song was from !

  33. casey abeyta

    casey abeytaDay ago

    Hows this secrecy? These are common places

  34. Dominic Cox

    Dominic CoxDay ago

    X I got the answer right

  35. SingSong

    SingSongDay ago

    You missed a spot. (Ha ha pun). In the maze, I don’t remember what it’s called... it’s a maze with tall trees around it? Anyways, there is an inaccessible bunker that is rumored to open in season 6.

  36. Peter Dunn

    Peter DunnDay ago

    I got the question of the day right

  37. Harvey Bros

    Harvey BrosDay ago

    You missed the pun at tomato temple if you go to a side tower and destroy some weeds you can find 2 CHESTS.

  38. superman 0808

    superman 0808Day ago

    He missed one on tomato temple

  39. Niki YT

    Niki YTDay ago

    how many times did you say floorloot?... cuz i dont know

  40. avonn tepatu

    avonn tepatuDay ago

    yes i got it right

  41. Caleb Huckstadt

    Caleb HuckstadtDay ago

    Junk junction jr

  42. Aria -chan

    Aria -chanDay ago

    Yesterday loot lake was purple and you bounce when you touch it

  43. Money Gamers

    Money GamersDay ago

    5 secret location you say? More like 5 unnamed locations that almost every one knows

  44. TrueGamer0411

    TrueGamer0411Day ago

    I got it right

  45. Pro Palz gaming Thomas

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    I got it right 🐱😁

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    Got it right

  48. Bloody Legendzz

    Bloody LegendzzDay ago

    It ain’t a secret no more with 5 million views

  49. Ethan Collar

    Ethan CollarDay ago

    OMG the description of random squads is spot on! All of that is so true

  50. Tyler Thurman

    Tyler ThurmanDay ago

    What shit click bate

  51. Meow Maximum

    Meow MaximumDay ago

    I actually hate this game it's so trash nothing but try hard pieces of shit play it

  52. Sierra Fun

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    I got da question right!

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    I did.

  55. JaylenPlayzMC

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    This is just someone who wants top 10 gaming's fans

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  57. Matthew Green

    Matthew GreenDay ago

    Look I appreciate what you do but your cover picture is massive clickbait. I wont subscribe to that type of dishonesty. Good day.

  58. Eriq Sujanto

    Eriq SujantoDay ago

    Got it

  59. Yoouu19

    Yoouu192 days ago

    i call the first location is "Paradise Junction" like if you its good :D

  60. Caleb David

    Caleb David2 days ago

    I’m sorry but I don’t understand why people look down on people with default skins like I just don’t need a skin it’s easier for people to see you if you have a flashy bright skin

  61. gavin gillette

    gavin gillette2 days ago

    Fantastic gamer

  62. Bloodrage Rolimester

    Bloodrage Rolimester2 days ago

    I Disliked the video. I unsubscribed. Thanks Mr. Assface.

  63. SlayeR GameR

    SlayeR GameR2 days ago

    Nobody is going to mention the missile launch area which nobody ever lands at?

  64. N1njab0t7

    N1njab0t72 days ago

    I will admit a few of these I never knew about, but what about the picture in the thumbnail? Its... well... kinda clickbait if you know what I mean

  65. Kelly Nonnemacher

    Kelly Nonnemacher2 days ago

    Tomato temple there's rocks that u can break.

  66. Diego Barrera

    Diego Barrera2 days ago

    great Photoshop 😂😂

  67. HarmlessWolfShark a

    HarmlessWolfShark a2 days ago

    Guys loot lake turned purple today the cube was on the dock and then moved in the lake

  68. chris Lemmon

    chris Lemmon2 days ago

    I got it right

  69. Nolan Jackson

    Nolan Jackson2 days ago

    I knew all them

  70. Lyndsey Shivers

    Lyndsey Shivers2 days ago

    Season5 barely pass Kwaynej10610

  71. night blade

    night blade2 days ago

    Correct shifty shafts

  72. Emmanuel Ortega

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    Like my comment if you think im right

  73. Emmanuel Ortega

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    Bro everyone knows about those

  74. XxLucas_21_ B3A5TxX

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  75. lol Kommrade

    lol Kommrade2 days ago

    I knew only 2 of these

  76. Mathew Gauthier

    Mathew Gauthier2 days ago

    I prefer the giant hollowed out mountain bunker

  77. Vinacius G

    Vinacius G2 days ago

    When you stretch the video to 10 minutes then put 4 mid roll ads on it.

  78. mebercedo

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    I got it right

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    Thanks we love click bait thumbnails

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    i got it right and watch my stream chanel it may not be out yet but:)

  81. GamerGuy 8796

    GamerGuy 87962 days ago

    Your obsessed with “floorloop”


    SUNEEL KOHLI2 days ago

    I got right

  83. Micheal Centeno

    Micheal Centeno2 days ago

    3:42 How can i make my game look like that? I have ps4

  84. naruto tv

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    Got it right

  85. sky diamond

    sky diamond2 days ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue I just got click-baited and so did you And this video is just as fake as you :edit I am kidding

  86. EJ LaBeast

    EJ LaBeast2 days ago

    i got it write

  87. Chloe Caldwell

    Chloe Caldwell2 days ago

    in tomato temple under the brown house out side there's rocks Barack them and you'll see a wooden plank Barack that then u see a tomato head with two chest

  88. NOD Samurai

    NOD Samurai2 days ago

    Can I get a like .Today is my birthday I am not one of the people who ask likes

  89. Zane Tinawi

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  90. I’m Elijah

    I’m Elijah3 days ago

    I knew about #1 for a while, and I always though of it as the avengers. Think of it. The logos are almost the same, there is an almost perfect Captain America mask, and plus, *cough* mansion *cough* Stark *cough*

  91. I’m Elijah

    I’m Elijah3 days ago

    I said flush factory :P

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    EPIC GAMER3 days ago

    I knew all of these

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    Now 5 million people know

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    I knew everything

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  97. Tiburcio Cendejas

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    I read all of them and i profer 3 im not lying i promise

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    Fortnite is dope and also this channel

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    Baby junk

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