Top 5 Secret Hidden Locations in Fortnite YOU NEVER KNEW!


  1. Justin Yeh

    Justin Yeh7 minutes ago

    Shifty shafts was in season 7 so shifty shafts is the answer

  2. Kaleb Faulkner

    Kaleb Faulkner20 minutes ago

    I knew it was shifty I have seen season 1 map before now

  3. Maribel Mejia

    Maribel Mejia3 hours ago

    shifty shafts

  4. Cassi Nadeau

    Cassi Nadeau8 hours ago

    just skip to 2:15 that's where he actually starts the list

  5. William Bensinger II

    William Bensinger II10 hours ago

    Kool video thanks, NITERYDER70

  6. Fortnite master

    Fortnite master20 hours ago

    I call the first place little junky

  7. Titus Wood

    Titus WoodDay ago

    #1 is junkier junction

  8. Nuradin Kilwa

    Nuradin KilwaDay ago

    I got the question of the day right!!!!!

  9. Roblox Jack

    Roblox JackDay ago

    I did the queston rightttttt

  10. Fortnite Kid234

    Fortnite Kid2343 days ago

    I got it right

  11. Catelynn's Gaming Channel And Vlogs

    Catelynn's Gaming Channel And Vlogs3 days ago

    Mini junk junction

  12. Ayesha Naveed

    Ayesha Naveed5 days ago

    Someone of neo tilted

  13. Steije van der Vorm

    Steije van der Vorm5 days ago


  14. Steije van der Vorm

    Steije van der Vorm5 days ago

    0.19 all kids

  15. Josh MacCallum

    Josh MacCallum6 days ago

    I don,t know the question of the dead

  16. amber cervantes

    amber cervantes6 days ago

    I did

  17. Zahaire Groomes

    Zahaire Groomes7 days ago

    How could you skip doing a video on my birthday?😥

  18. Bryce Schminky

    Bryce Schminky7 days ago

    I got it right I played fortnite at season one and still playing

  19. MADZZ

    MADZZ8 days ago

    RIP tilted

  20. RaveShaddowKitty 56

    RaveShaddowKitty 569 days ago

    I guessed it right sorry about spelling

  21. Parker Paw99

    Parker Paw999 days ago

    In pleasant there is a tall house with a bunker and a descent amount of loot

  22. BMS SuperTiger10

    BMS SuperTiger1011 days ago

    Who else is watching in season 9 where u know everything

  23. David McElwaney

    David McElwaney12 days ago

    I got the question right

  24. Margaret Hutton

    Margaret Hutton15 days ago


  25. Ana Trejo

    Ana Trejo15 days ago

    I got it correct

  26. Dedrick Dillard

    Dedrick Dillard15 days ago

    I was right for all of them

  27. Soulwatch _32

    Soulwatch _3215 days ago

    The photo is clickbait

  28. mjlopie fifi

    mjlopie fifi16 days ago

    Didn't found my secret area

  29. T.S.F.

    T.S.F.16 days ago

    there is another secret bunker in salty springs that is under the backyard of the brick house

  30. christian archer

    christian archer16 days ago


  31. Hunter Dominey

    Hunter Dominey17 days ago


  32. veroxky123

    veroxky12317 days ago

    I called it lil' junk

  33. Kaelan McArthur

    Kaelan McArthur18 days ago

    Every one is gonna say i got it right even when they didnt get it i myself have played then and i got it wrong

  34. Indabox YT

    Indabox YT18 days ago

    Hey me and my friends call it lil junk lol.

  35. manuel Flores

    manuel Flores18 days ago

    3 ez

  36. Britnay Lopez

    Britnay Lopez18 days ago

    I didn't 😿☹️

  37. LilBoat !

    LilBoat !18 days ago

    I got it right

  38. Madd CJ

    Madd CJ19 days ago

    i never knew about the tilted underground base!

  39. max and kai's channel of randomness

    max and kai's channel of randomness19 days ago

    I got the question correct

  40. Its k9nda

    Its k9nda20 days ago

    I did

  41. graham shaw

    graham shaw20 days ago

    Say pis off if you love mr top5gaming s videos

  42. Savage Cabage

    Savage Cabage21 day ago

    just came here to say this is some next level clickbait

  43. destiny game roblox

    destiny game roblox22 days ago

    2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣?! ⬇️

  44. muhannad savage

    muhannad savage22 days ago

    Got it right also I knew lots of the secrets not all

  45. Tiddel Plays

    Tiddel Plays22 days ago

    I think it should be call trashy deserted waste

  46. Tiddel Plays

    Tiddel Plays22 days ago

    I knew shifty shafts

  47. Ahmed Al-Ammadi

    Ahmed Al-Ammadi22 days ago

    القرية الفقيرة

  48. Ahmed Al-Ammadi

    Ahmed Al-Ammadi22 days ago

    Flush factory

  49. Rachel Rebuelta

    Rachel Rebuelta22 days ago

    i got it right

  50. Flash5445

    Flash544524 days ago

    Shifty shafts