Top 5 Secret Hidden Locations in Fortnite YOU NEVER KNEW!


  1. zach starr

    zach starr30 minutes ago

    these are supposed to be secrets?

  2. mg Mg Ko

    mg Mg Ko2 hours ago

    I went to the mansion and found 2 gold scars and gold RPG

  3. Caden DeSandro

    Caden DeSandro2 hours ago

    I got it right.

  4. kurt lucas

    kurt lucas3 hours ago

    Shifty shaff

  5. John Cena

    John Cena3 hours ago

    Now people already know

  6. Justin Lee

    Justin Lee10 hours ago

    I know one of the secrets things in FortNite


    MIRNA SANDOVAL11 hours ago


  8. Spider King

    Spider King12 hours ago

    I found the second one (:

  9. BREM0130

    BREM013012 hours ago


  10. Fernando Soto

    Fernando Soto13 hours ago


  11. Karen Cissna

    Karen Cissna13 hours ago


  12. Ezz Eldin Ezzat

    Ezz Eldin Ezzat17 hours ago

    I got it right

  13. Roosevelt Faircloth

    Roosevelt Faircloth19 hours ago

    I be playing season1 to now

  14. Aidens crazy world

    Aidens crazy worldDay ago

    i did flush factory

  15. Giselle Gonzalez

    Giselle GonzalezDay ago

    Dude i was getting trolled by a defualt he was going thru the tunnnel of tomato town and going up the stairs then he suprized me at the top of the stairs

  16. Timberwolf 707

    Timberwolf 707Day ago

    Also Clicc bait

  17. Timberwolf 707

    Timberwolf 707Day ago

    0:29 thats me

  18. Jessica Little

    Jessica LittleDay ago

    One more at tilted like if you agree

  19. Jessica Little

    Jessica LittleDay ago

    There's one more at tilted

  20. Jessica Little

    Jessica LittleDay ago

    There's on at tilted Like if you agree

  21. Jessica Little

    Jessica LittleDay ago


  22. David MacArthur

    David MacArthurDay ago

    lets go got right

  23. Miguel Ruiz

    Miguel RuizDay ago

    I got around 10

  24. Owen Grant

    Owen GrantDay ago

    Shifty shafts

  25. christian Gonzalez

    christian GonzalezDay ago

    You forgot the villain bace by snobby

  26. Nikkie Gomez

    Nikkie GomezDay ago

    I seen the flush factory

  27. Gavin's Epic Videos

    Gavin's Epic VideosDay ago

    I know about the tilted Towers ARE U MAD BRO

  28. Natalie Dodd

    Natalie DoddDay ago

    I'm right

  29. XXspeedyjump862XX N.C

    XXspeedyjump862XX N.CDay ago


  30. JC Fuda

    JC FudaDay ago

    got it right :)

  31. Gillian Smith

    Gillian SmithDay ago

    I got right

  32. M R

    M RDay ago

    HAHA U DIDNT TEACH ME NOTHING I KNEW IT ALL!!! Jk most of these I didn't know so thank you.

  33. compugeeksnet

    compugeeksnetDay ago

    I got it right

  34. Sal Ahmed

    Sal Ahmed2 days ago

    I didn't watch all your videos so I don't know if you missed the basement at tilted if you did then this basement is behind the clocktower in the pawnshop break the to box's stacked on top of each other and you can find up to 2 chests,2 ammo crates and I think maybe 1 peace of ground loot

  35. Sal Ahmed

    Sal Ahmed2 days ago

    I love that desert area I never knew about it

  36. Nojus Aleksandravicius

    Nojus Aleksandravicius2 days ago

    Shifty shafts

  37. Sue Kitta

    Sue Kitta2 days ago

    Got it right shifty shafts

  38. TicTimeless

    TicTimeless2 days ago

    8:04 - I didn't even know, that mansion existed, well good to know for now

  39. The StuffedUpDragon

    The StuffedUpDragon2 days ago

    The answer I always get it right coz I’m smart🤓

  40. Aaron Veale

    Aaron Veale2 days ago

    Y didn’t U do the other secret place in tilted towers

  41. juan perez

    juan perez2 days ago

    I got it right for the first time


    XXXTANTICON ni2 days ago


  43. Lord Vader0000

    Lord Vader00002 days ago

    Because of the secret place in Tomato Town/Temple I’ve landed their over 30 times, making it one of my favorites.

  44. shayray kay

    shayray kay2 days ago

    Switch ps4 or xbox

  45. -confusing life-

    -confusing life-2 days ago

    :Squad game: "Genius" 1: *Picks tilted towers* :Players 2-3: *Also go to tilted towers* Me: *Lands anywhere B u t Tilted* :All teammates die in 5 seconds: Me: *I T O L D YOU*

  46. natsu dragnel

    natsu dragnel2 days ago

    This will be helpfull (well i play the rip off of fortnite but i dont care im ganna get Nintendo this Christmas )

  47. Raquel Alvarez

    Raquel Alvarez2 days ago

    I got it right

  48. karin cione

    karin cione3 days ago

    4:29 great! You just told millions of people!

  49. K H

    K H3 days ago

    I was write

  50. Kojo Jahn

    Kojo Jahn3 days ago

    nice video

  51. Llama crew

    Llama crew3 days ago

    I got it right!!!

  52. Roger C

    Roger C3 days ago

    I got it right

  53. Aiden Bello

    Aiden Bello3 days ago

    I got it right

  54. Cash Shkuratoff

    Cash Shkuratoff3 days ago

    I got it right

  55. Cowboys Jaguars franchise

    Cowboys Jaguars franchise3 days ago

    I did git it right

  56. V hutch

    V hutch3 days ago

    I got the question right

  57. Stevie Manaia

    Stevie Manaia3 days ago

    Anarchy arch

  58. Çesk Xhuti

    Çesk Xhuti3 days ago

    ypu are helpful

  59. Aoibhinn Creaven

    Aoibhinn Creaven3 days ago

    U don’t find piles of floor loot in salty’s bunker or up in the roof u just dropped it there lol

  60. the cat strikes back

    the cat strikes back4 days ago


  61. Christian Vazquez

    Christian Vazquez4 days ago

    Got it right!!

  62. Audel Metro

    Audel Metro4 days ago


  63. The A Kids

    The A Kids4 days ago

    I got the question right


    KINGHYDRA'S GAMES5 days ago

    Great secret places..Just one problem I don't have fortnite here. Don't have pc

  65. Mahima Soni

    Mahima Soni5 days ago

    And The tilted towers bunker too

  66. Mahima Soni

    Mahima Soni5 days ago

    I knew about salty springs bunker

  67. Cooper The Boss

    Cooper The Boss5 days ago

    I got it right

  68. Lorraine Sirianni

    Lorraine Sirianni5 days ago

    I got it rhite

  69. Kid Tutorials Easy

    Kid Tutorials Easy5 days ago

    Var Question = vector3 (“GUI”) question I just coded a question loser

  70. Kid Tutorials Easy

    Kid Tutorials Easy5 days ago


  71. Mario Mullini

    Mario Mullini5 days ago

    You say five well this is so f.k stupid and I know 45

  72. Griffin Felton

    Griffin Felton6 days ago

    Got it right

  73. Scott Murphy

    Scott Murphy6 days ago

    I got it right!

  74. Buzz James

    Buzz James6 days ago

    I call it the you-pick-it junkyard.

  75. Paula Ray

    Paula Ray6 days ago

    the video kept stopping and showing the intro :(

  76. - Th6g

    - Th6g6 days ago

    Knew all of them

  77. Danny Keane

    Danny Keane6 days ago

    Before I watched the vid

  78. Danny Keane

    Danny Keane6 days ago

    I know them all

  79. Yvng____yeezy

    Yvng____yeezy7 days ago

    Wow like if I didn't know that 👏👏 (Whole video)

  80. Satvik Gollapalli

    Satvik Gollapalli7 days ago

    Got it right

  81. TeamLavaFoxes leader

    TeamLavaFoxes leader7 days ago

    Is this cliccbait

  82. Wilby bros

    Wilby bros7 days ago


  83. Lauren Dattilo

    Lauren Dattilo7 days ago

    Got it

  84. horse

    horse8 days ago

    Take a shot every time he says “Floor Loot”😂

  85. Alex Ling

    Alex Ling8 days ago

    go Snobby

  86. MayhemPlayz minecraft critical ops and more

    MayhemPlayz minecraft critical ops and more8 days ago

    You missed something theres a secret room at tomato temple theres some broken house and theres a cave blocked off by boulders and you have a clickbait thumbnail

  87. Hot Pepper

    Hot Pepper8 days ago

    Well now more than 5 million people know about these secret spots

  88. Mickey Bones

    Mickey Bones8 days ago

    The mansion has been reached and now can be easily seen

  89. Tony Hill

    Tony Hill8 days ago


  90. Carly Minc

    Carly Minc8 days ago

    I got the question right

  91. Ima flipin PRO!

    Ima flipin PRO!8 days ago

    I knew about salty just not where the btw

  92. salty stuffs

    salty stuffs8 days ago

    I got the question of the day right and I’ve only been playing since season 3

  93. Mason Conrad

    Mason Conrad8 days ago

    I know he said not to say this but I would think he would talk about the bunker in the gas station at tilted but nope!!!

  94. Mason Conrad

    Mason Conrad8 days ago

    The question of the day was rigged you did not say the year so you have to guess

  95. Harry Eriksson

    Harry Eriksson8 days ago

    Shifty Shafts

  96. Lincoln Sheppard

    Lincoln Sheppard9 days ago

    What song does he use for the question of the day?????

  97. Tristina Cooper

    Tristina Cooper9 days ago

    The last one

  98. Kirk Schneider

    Kirk Schneider9 days ago

    I got it right

  99. craigchevrier

    craigchevrier9 days ago

    Anyone else notice how manny guns he was getting from those chests

  100. Simone Delaney

    Simone Delaney9 days ago

    Did anyone else notice their chests had AWSOME loot

  101. Pawel Haza

    Pawel Haza9 days ago

    Jup I gór it Light

  102. Legends Crafters

    Legends Crafters9 days ago

    what about one secret torture room in fortnite stw