Top 5 Secret Hidden Locations in Fortnite YOU NEVER KNEW!


  1. Step Sanc

    Step Sanc3 hours ago

    I already knew all of those places

  2. Kalen S

    Kalen S6 hours ago

    I got it right

  3. fortnite Friday fever

    fortnite Friday fever8 hours ago

    I knew about the salty springs one

  4. Patrick Scully

    Patrick Scully15 hours ago

    I knew of the tomato town

  5. Adam Levine

    Adam LevineDay ago

    I got it right

  6. Daniel Calciano

    Daniel CalcianoDay ago

    We knew all of these

  7. the odd 3 out

    the odd 3 outDay ago

    I did

  8. Carol Koithan

    Carol Koithan2 days ago

    Great just great now 6 million people know about them

  9. Michael Witowski

    Michael Witowski2 days ago

    Number 3

  10. Konster321

    Konster3212 days ago

    I got it right

  11. Ben R

    Ben R2 days ago

    I got it right

  12. Roxanne Webster

    Roxanne Webster2 days ago

    Why do I feel like in either, season 8 season 9 or season 10 the bunkers are gonna all be like a underground system, with tunnels and rooms with stuff in them

  13. rory Watts

    rory Watts3 days ago


  14. rory Watts

    rory Watts3 days ago


  15. rory Watts

    rory Watts3 days ago


  16. rory Watts

    rory Watts3 days ago


  17. jane woodard

    jane woodard4 days ago


  18. FB 05

    FB 054 days ago

    Well now 6 million people know about this

  19. Eve the daredevi

    Eve the daredevi4 days ago

    Got da question right= SHIFTY SHAFTES! IDK HOW TO SPELL!?! :D

  20. Charlie Wasnik

    Charlie Wasnik5 days ago

    i do

  21. Wagner

    Wagner6 days ago


  22. Bennett Carzy world

    Bennett Carzy world6 days ago

    Shifty shafts

  23. Yotorri Wright

    Yotorri Wright6 days ago

    I got it right because I pause

  24. Paul Brown

    Paul Brown6 days ago

    I got it right

  25. Jodi Miller

    Jodi Miller6 days ago

    Number five mini junk junction

  26. Arush_hypergamer Reddy

    Arush_hypergamer Reddy7 days ago

    Why u lie bro i know all

  27. Kade M

    Kade M7 days ago

    I did

  28. Blaze

    Blaze7 days ago

    Got it right...gotty

  29. Tanya Rawcliffe

    Tanya Rawcliffe7 days ago

    I git it right even though it is season 7 and I started in this season

  30. Hawk Rider

    Hawk Rider8 days ago

    Gotta get that 10 minute add revenue

  31. Jose Castro

    Jose Castro8 days ago

    I got it right because I have been playing sense season 1

  32. Brody Paul

    Brody Paul8 days ago

    Junkyard jamboree

  33. josua tuisawau

    josua tuisawau8 days ago

    Dah we all know

  34. Kirby Perez

    Kirby Perez9 days ago

    I now more bal bal bal lamas

  35. McAllister .907

    McAllister .9079 days ago

    Desert junction

  36. Diamond Playz

    Diamond Playz9 days ago

    I got the question of the day

  37. Kal-El Korte

    Kal-El Korte9 days ago

    i got it right

  38. Klemen Šešok

    Klemen Šešok9 days ago

    season 7 anyone!!!!!

  39. Kelly Davis

    Kelly Davis2 days ago

    Yep season 7 bois

  40. Hillary Millerd

    Hillary Millerd9 days ago

    the question of the day is easy

  41. Harvey` Farrow

    Harvey` Farrow9 days ago

    I got it right!

  42. Ramu Maddeb

    Ramu Maddeb10 days ago

    I always get it right

  43. rigoderto 12345667890

    rigoderto 1234566789010 days ago




    i got it right

  45. ULTIMATE !

    ULTIMATE !10 days ago

    Knew all

  46. Fredy Real-Calderon

    Fredy Real-Calderon10 days ago

    Season 7

  47. Gricelda Hernandez

    Gricelda Hernandez11 days ago

    I go it right

  48. Cubic Cubes

    Cubic Cubes11 days ago


  49. BRO bro

    BRO bro12 days ago

    Got it

  50. E Games

    E Games12 days ago

    You missed one up my ass

  51. Poljames sherwood

    Poljames sherwood12 days ago

    I already knew the secret locations

  52. ShiftIt McCarthy

    ShiftIt McCarthy12 days ago


  53. Myles Murphy 53 (STUDENT)

    Myles Murphy 53 (STUDENT)13 days ago


  54. James Althoff

    James Althoff13 days ago

    Everyone knows the salty bunker.

  55. Balamala2

    Balamala213 days ago

    2:33. I hate u for showing that one

  56. Dragonman dta

    Dragonman dta13 days ago

    I now all of them

  57. Coolbro 6789888

    Coolbro 678988813 days ago

    The mansions bunker has changed now there’s a disco mini game

  58. Raziel Ordonez

    Raziel Ordonez14 days ago

    Got it roght

  59. RN2007 YT

    RN2007 YT14 days ago

    R u kidding u call these secret

  60. Jac Morgan

    Jac Morgan14 days ago

    I knew tilted towers underground and the junk junction v2 and salty one

  61. F0 XY

    F0 XY14 days ago

    I got right

  62. Jace Tiberio

    Jace Tiberio15 days ago

    I know all of these but thanks for reminding me thank you you are the top 10 now

  63. Ralph Fuentes

    Ralph Fuentes16 days ago

    0:22 u said the f word 😮

  64. Joseph Adler

    Joseph Adler16 days ago


  65. Leland Tapp

    Leland Tapp16 days ago

    top5gaming I am very not happy with this video you forgot the bunker hidden in a chunk of ice off to the side of polar peaks and the area with the dragon eggs inside polar peaks

  66. Psf_ 07

    Psf_ 0716 days ago

    I got it right

  67. Homerecker 360

    Homerecker 36017 days ago

    I used your code and bought glowsticks

  68. Team102IU

    Team102IU17 days ago

    i got the question right

  69. Adriana Cruz

    Adriana Cruz17 days ago


  70. Kayleigh Haycock

    Kayleigh Haycock17 days ago

    Do you know lazerbeam

  71. Leland Tapp

    Leland Tapp16 days ago


  72. Kayleigh Haycock

    Kayleigh Haycock17 days ago

    I think I know all all of them, anyway I love your vidos

  73. nick kennedy

    nick kennedy18 days ago

    We call it junk jr.

  74. Leland Tapp

    Leland Tapp16 days ago

    I call it car crush

  75. My Crazy Life

    My Crazy Life18 days ago

    The mansion is now all broken and has vines and everything and one of my friends said that the mansion was john wicks hows so yeah

  76. Pavan Madiraju

    Pavan Madiraju18 days ago

    i did

  77. Sean Lally

    Sean Lally18 days ago

    I got it right

  78. Gavin Harris

    Gavin Harris18 days ago

    I got it right

  79. Filip Sinti

    Filip Sinti18 days ago

    Evrione know 2 secret but good video

  80. Luke Killeen

    Luke Killeen20 days ago

    I got it right and i started in season six

  81. Emery Davenport

    Emery Davenport20 days ago

    Add me on fortnite guys emerybdavenport

  82. jnb140

    jnb14020 days ago


  83. Nemer elbatnigi

    Nemer elbatnigi20 days ago

    Got it right

  84. GG GrahAm Graham

    GG GrahAm Graham20 days ago

    Anarchy archers

  85. Iixak Vazquez

    Iixak Vazquez21 day ago

    I did

  86. Tim Scott

    Tim Scott21 day ago

    I got the question of the day

  87. Flip Check

    Flip Check21 day ago

    you forgot the one in motel, and the second hidden loc. in bridge

  88. Chase Barrington-Hughes

    Chase Barrington-Hughes21 day ago

    Tilted pawn shop

  89. Ahmed Liyaau

    Ahmed Liyaau21 day ago


  90. Stacie Govier

    Stacie Govier22 days ago

    dude in salty springs i always look at those under ground loot and there always gone what do you mean secret

  91. David LeSure

    David LeSure22 days ago

    I went to all of them

  92. David LeSure

    David LeSure22 days ago

    I also went to 3

  93. David LeSure

    David LeSure22 days ago

    I went to the number ten one before

  94. Adam Zahran

    Adam Zahran23 days ago

    Cooooooooooooool doodoo

  95. galaxy gamer

    galaxy gamer23 days ago


  96. XUP_Frost

    XUP_Frost23 days ago

    At 00:20 he cusses 😂

  97. Amanda Lascelle

    Amanda Lascelle23 days ago


  98. Liz Peralta

    Liz Peralta24 days ago

    I already new the one in tilted towers

  99. jack astrom

    jack astrom24 days ago


  100. Noah

    Noah24 days ago

    I knew all of them wtf

  101. Lil cubeX

    Lil cubeX25 days ago

    I'm gay

  102. Samaya Rose

    Samaya Rose25 days ago

    I find most success at junk junction!

  103. fortnite Chaos

    fortnite Chaos27 days ago

    i play from season 1 renegade raider to season 7 2019 and tilted were added with shifty