Top 5 Reasons Why FORTNITE IS DYING!


  1. Top5Gaming

    Top5Gaming6 months ago

    *OFFICIAL TOP5GAMING SURVEY, ANSWER HONESTLY* 1. What is your least favorite thing in Fortnite right now? 2. Do you still play as much as you did in the beginning of summer? 3. What is one thing you wish Epic would change about Fortnite? 4. If you could custom create 1 LTM game mode, what would it be? 5. If you could only use 1 gun for a whole game, what would it be? will read all ur answers and tell my uncle (he works at epic his name is fred & may or may not be a loot llama plz dont fire him epic)

  2. Newindiana

    Newindiana17 days ago


  3. Sylvanus Onipede

    Sylvanus Onipede19 days ago

    For No.5 I would choose the RPG

  4. A Person

    A Person28 days ago

    The game is just overhyped at this point, can't it go back to being a average PvP game? EVERYONE at my school talks about it, and I want it to end. Like everyone I know has a Fortnite profile pic, and only likes Fortnite and considers every other game trash. End it. That is all I wish for this game.

  5. A Random Fortnite Half Lama Half Defualt REE

    A Random Fortnite Half Lama Half Defualt REEMonth ago

    I wish that we could have a trading system and trade skins and more, i would trade my ice king for a zoey

  6. BADWOLF1874

    BADWOLF1874Month ago

    Stop crying about the skins.they ain't your personal skin(ginge for example).😭😭😭😭😭

  7. Jayden Gibson

    Jayden Gibson10 hours ago

    I’m in season 14566 the good days lol

  8. FB 997

    FB 99716 hours ago

    Genius idea for an LTM! Part of this I found from internet btw. Storm Chasers. Basically you have 5 minutes to find an “atlas” to put on your back, could come from chests. After that, the storm will close in at frightening speeds, like one square of map every 5 seconds. If you have an atlas, you will have a personal storm eye surrounding you, slowly shrinking as the atlas loses power. To restore the power, find another atlas. They could also appear in supply drops.

  9. Ajus Pete

    Ajus PeteDay ago

    Who waching in 2019 And epic games remove 50v50

  10. Compilation Channel

    Compilation ChannelDay ago

    We want tac smg We want double pump We don't want rifts or any vehichle We want the old lama We want the old rpg

  11. Debbie McCue

    Debbie McCue2 days ago

    Top5Gaming You can't go a single game without running into a gamer No Make it more skill based, not just building Dogfight. Planes and heals only. Semi auto snipe. Lemme explain. It's somewhat good at long and medium range and it's hard at close, but it's do-able

  12. The Homeslice

    The Homeslice2 days ago

    get rid of builder pro on console so everyone won’t be sweats

  13. King Lt

    King LtDay ago

    Hell no just because your dog shit building go play pubg or something

  14. Kidrocker Videos

    Kidrocker Videos2 days ago

    90 reasons Ali-A and T-Fue play

  15. Triston R

    Triston R3 days ago

    It does work

  16. Termonator fg

    Termonator fg3 days ago

    If you win you get a couple v-bucks mabye?

  17. HishamZ Jr

    HishamZ Jr4 days ago

    Fortnite will die on season 9 or 10 anyways

  18. Venom Simoxy

    Venom Simoxy4 days ago

    You predicted the Future. !!

  19. Xd Leana

    Xd Leana4 days ago

    My bloom stops me from winning sad face lol

  20. Rouge Austin

    Rouge Austin4 days ago

    Because of you

  21. Stream Sniper

    Stream Sniper4 days ago

    Holy shi it worked

  22. Timothy Zhang

    Timothy Zhang4 days ago

    hhell no i want my thots to myself

  23. Default Hunter

    Default Hunter5 days ago

    I think fortnite should bring back the drum gun

  24. King Lt

    King LtDay ago

    Yeah so noobs can spam the gun and not use any other gun good idea SMH

  25. oFanCy

    oFanCy5 days ago

    Tf man why should we sub if u have 2 mil subs ?

  26. LATERALeaF

    LATERALeaF5 days ago

    Lol now it’s really boutta die

  27. Syt 04

    Syt 046 days ago

    Little did we know... it would only get worse from here

  28. Jacob Maddux

    Jacob Maddux6 days ago

    they should award 1,000 v-bucks for your first win or something like that

  29. King Lt

    King LtDay ago

    But then it's a free battle pass

  30. The krazy Cake98

    The krazy Cake986 days ago

    Plz someone what’s the background music 🎵

  31. Platform Gamer

    Platform Gamer6 days ago

    And it died....

  32. imadeyew

    imadeyew7 days ago

    Ps3 days was the best days

  33. Gamer SMG

    Gamer SMG8 days ago

    I went to play fortnite after I watched the vid and I subbed but I found one

  34. Platform Gamer

    Platform Gamer9 days ago

    Everyone now comment on every single video: apex takes the lead,hytale gets the lead

  35. Cydrum boy

    Cydrum boy9 days ago

    I didnt

  36. Yuvraj Y9X

    Yuvraj Y9X9 days ago

    Yes let it die

  37. Slayer17 _

    Slayer17 _13 days ago

    Team Rumble!!!!

  38. BigNate74

    BigNate7418 days ago

    The games not entirely bax BUT the hype with it needs to f$cking stop, the nonstop clickbait titles an all that is getting obnoxiously annoying It’s literally killed variety from dozens of MReporter channels

  39. Tarik Lyman

    Tarik Lyman20 days ago

    Well ok I play pubg

  40. AveragePUBG 101

    AveragePUBG 10122 days ago

    It's time for fortnite to die

  41. Ben Arthur

    Ben Arthur25 days ago

    Fred's for days

  42. Salma Al-Katami - Fairview PS (1360)

    Salma Al-Katami - Fairview PS (1360)25 days ago

    F O R T N U T

  43. Blast Er

    Blast Er25 days ago

    It was never fun

  44. Trynoc

    Trynoc27 days ago

    Fortnite is dying because it was popular on the summer when kids are on the summer break. Now is school time and no time for Fortnite

  45. A Person

    A Person28 days ago

    Why is it still popular? Like everyone in my school talks about it and I just want it to stop it.

  46. EFP NotGodzillaFan

    EFP NotGodzillaFan28 days ago

    I got 2/3 of the llamas in that game I didn’t even sub

  47. typhoon CD

    typhoon CD28 days ago

    fortnite is dying 8/ still get fortnite ad

  48. Baby Carl

    Baby Carl28 days ago

    When you say fortnite is dying but You still keep making videos about it



    The season 7 planes

  50. Jacob Harding

    Jacob Harding29 days ago

    Every time you get a win I think you should get 100-200 Vbucks

  51. The Group Gameplayers Gameplayer

    The Group Gameplayers GameplayerMonth ago

    Season 7 anyone?

  52. Mr. Dab master

    Mr. Dab masterMonth ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue I got clickbaited and so did you

  53. LilChained 21

    LilChained 21Month ago

    The shotgun update SUCKS

  54. xX_Dead_Meme_Xx

    xX_Dead_Meme_XxMonth ago

    You think Bloom is bad, look at TF2 random bullet spread

  55. Gage Krenzke

    Gage KrenzkeMonth ago

    I found a LLMAMA

  56. Teddy Sexton

    Teddy SextonMonth ago

    I think that a good victory royal reward would be an instant 10+ battle stars and a good LTM would be 50 V 50 with huge already built bases for each team

  57. TheKadinMerrin Show

    TheKadinMerrin ShowMonth ago

    What fortnite can do is give you 50 Vbucks each win

  58. Ender Fighter 515

    Ender Fighter 515Month ago

    Clickbait Too.much salty players MReporterrs making too much fortnite content Rage And last Ninja The new one

  59. Jared del rosario

    Jared del rosarioMonth ago


  60. Jared del rosario

    Jared del rosarioMonth ago

    yo top5qaming actually plugged it up. i got loot llamas for daysssssssssssss

  61. Jason Victor

    Jason VictorMonth ago

    If you hate or dont play fortnite anymore. Were already good friends lol

  62. Unknown Stupidness

    Unknown StupidnessMonth ago

    How to start having more fun in fortnite. Just play save the world it’s great it’s fun and it’s better than battle royal

  63. Achok Dut

    Achok DutMonth ago

    6. Because Fortnite is gay.

  64. Johntah Is NINJA XD

    Johntah Is NINJA XDMonth ago

    I likes how loot lake was in the beginning of s6 it should of stayed like that

  65. Johntah Is NINJA XD

    Johntah Is NINJA XDMonth ago

    Pubg is dying no one plays it

  66. Green Lightning Studios

    Green Lightning StudiosMonth ago

    I think there should be a game mode called swapped where you use save the world weapons

  67. Christopher Belk

    Christopher BelkMonth ago

    No llama

  68. Zayden Matias

    Zayden MatiasMonth ago

    Food fight keep it it’s the best ltm

  69. The gamer hd

    The gamer hdMonth ago

    I think epic games should bring back double pump and the valuted guns but nerfed

  70. Xervoid

    XervoidMonth ago

    I got a bit of lag but on my second game getting me 2 llamas 4.7 stars :p

  71. Dark Pit

    Dark PitMonth ago

    Hell,Even Metal Gear Solid 5,A Near 4-Year Old Game,Has Better Ways,Even If It’s Not as Popular Due To How it Changed The Metal Gear Games,You still Had Fun,Heck,you could take out your friend in a number of ways and it’d still be better than Fortnite.

  72. Reaper Plays

    Reaper PlaysMonth ago

    Slide will be a good game mode to keep everyone playing!

  73. FlamedFameFox 87

    FlamedFameFox 87Month ago

    I wish they would make it to where you could get scopes suppressors and bursts

  74. General_von_grenades 1300

    General_von_grenades 1300Month ago

    Unvaulted game mode is my faverite

  75. BurntWaffle84

    BurntWaffle84Month ago

    2019 there are hundreds of of new game modes

  76. FireMage Gamer

    FireMage GamerMonth ago

    1 like = 1%+ chance of finding loot lama

  77. saul memoon

    saul memoonMonth ago

    Weird enough i always find a loot llama in Fortnite

  78. mr dingo

    mr dingoMonth ago


  79. My name Pe de

    My name Pe deMonth ago

    What about in the item shop you can search the skin you want when you want ?

  80. Madmurderer

    MadmurdererMonth ago

    I'll fix it by... adding double pumps so daequan would follow me.

  81. MrWorld Zillazombie

    MrWorld ZillazombieMonth ago

    a total reset of the island

  82. Joel LEAU

    Joel LEAUMonth ago

    um minecraft boring

  83. Latvian Gamer

    Latvian GamerMonth ago

    For those ho don’t have victory rojal give bigger hits

  84. Iz Cat

    Iz CatMonth ago

    There should be more lamas

  85. Rea Perčić

    Rea PerčićMonth ago

    I hate fortnite

  86. Rogue Status

    Rogue StatusMonth ago

    Well, this is what happens when you game is being overrun by children. This game IS DYING, and fast. The cat's out of the bag with the BR scene, so , unless Epic games creates a completely new map and mechanics, then it will continue to fail. They make all their money on microtransactions, which to me is a fucking SCAM. They know that little kids are begging their parents for V bucks, and parents will give in, because parents nowadays are complete PUSHOVERS and will give their children WHATEVER they want to just shut their little mouth's up. The audio quality has NO depth; the aiming and hit markers are pathetic.

  87. Dexter John

    Dexter JohnMonth ago

    My suggestion for the victory royale one is - ur *1 victory royale* should get u a *2000 v bucks* (u may think 2000 is a lot but truely speaking 1000/1500 v bucks cant really get u anything awesome) Fr ur *10th* one *4000 v bucks* And fr ur *100th* one *10000* v bucks and finally fr ur *1000th* win *100000 V BUCKS* And so on and so forth.... It dosnt matter if u Have already gotten 1000 wins or something u will start from the first one. Guys pls tell me ur opinion on this. I hope epic sees and uses this rewarding system.

  88. Tristan Neely

    Tristan NeelyDay ago

    Epic wouldn't make money. People would become tryhards and rage whenever they die. I think it should just give you skins at those milestones. Then they make money keep the fans and get more players hopefully.

  89. Terrific Tyler Playz

    Terrific Tyler PlayzMonth ago

    No double-pump

  90. Doug Archibald

    Doug ArchibaldMonth ago

    LOL : p


    IMATREE YTMonth ago

    Add a gamemode with og fortnite map and weapons Edit:holy shit they added unvaulted?

  92. aries _71

    aries _71Month ago

    Forkknife 🍴

  93. Emeraldminer

    EmeraldminerMonth ago

    This is my thought when u win u get 100 V-buck

  94. gunner12 gamer12

    gunner12 gamer12Month ago

    in PUBG I've been seeing a lot of noobs and new people so that says people are switching from fortnite to PUBG very quickly

  95. guy s

    guy sMonth ago

    Fornite is dieing because

  96. Ozren Radojcic

    Ozren RadojcicMonth ago

    But there needs to be a reason.

  97. Super Cena

    Super CenaMonth ago

    You are my favorite MReporterr

  98. Michael De Santa

    Michael De SantaMonth ago

    I’m already done with fortnite I’m now playing gta 5

  99. Phantom Bloodz

    Phantom BloodzMonth ago

    They need to bring back where when you crouch and aim all you can’t see on the screen is your characters head and the tip of the gun because there has been so many times where the enemy was in the perfect position where I could’nt see them and they just Lazard me because to much of the body is on the screen

  100. Nailed IT! Productions

    Nailed IT! ProductionsMonth ago

    Dying yay

  101. RandyawesomeL0L F

    RandyawesomeL0L FMonth ago

    I think for solos it should be 100 vbucks if you already got the umbrella and for ever thing else 50 vbucks including LTMS

  102. CrispyBlazin

    CrispyBlazinMonth ago

    It woorrrrked... not

  103. nuka emil lange

    nuka emil langeMonth ago

    They should just buff the shotties back to their glory days and fix hit reg

  104. lavafox of elite

    lavafox of eliteMonth ago

    I'm for the future and new game modes come every day

  105. Jimmy Chau

    Jimmy ChauMonth ago

    Add the last players veiw

  106. Edwin Guzman

    Edwin GuzmanMonth ago

    Sayss fortnite is dying still does videos on it 😂



    Fuck fortnite

  108. Nathan Chamot

    Nathan ChamotMonth ago


  109. champ fortnite

    champ fortniteMonth ago

    Heavy power game mode

  110. Ty DeGeorge

    Ty DeGeorgeMonth ago

    While un vaulted is basically og mode