Top 5 Reasons Why FORTNITE IS DYING!


  1. Top5Gaming

    Top5GamingMonth ago

    *OFFICIAL TOP5GAMING SURVEY, ANSWER HONESTLY* 1. What is your least favorite thing in Fortnite right now? 2. Do you still play as much as you did in the beginning of summer? 3. What is one thing you wish Epic would change about Fortnite? 4. If you could custom create 1 LTM game mode, what would it be? 5. If you could only use 1 gun for a whole game, what would it be? will read all ur answers and tell my uncle (he works at epic his name is fred & may or may not be a loot llama plz dont fire him epic)

  2. Serial killer

    Serial killer3 hours ago

    you are dying

  3. Johan Matthew Davis

    Johan Matthew Davis3 hours ago

    1: Bloom 2:Yes 3:Shotguns 4:Assault Shootout 5: Drum gun

  4. Nick D

    Nick DDay ago

    I think the biggest reason is that all of the other big games have learned from Fortnite and now they are capitalizing on all the great things that epic has done for their community.

  5. Naphat Lpp

    Naphat LppDay ago

    They should add knives

  6. Kraken Kraken

    Kraken KrakenDay ago


  7. JD McDonalds Salvaggi

    JD McDonalds SalvaggiHour ago

    Dslnsbslgjdssvbskb nsbbs💰💲an gabhahkjbakhabkjhuqb woman kwWnmwjonwn👑

  8. Padure

    Padure2 hours ago

    Optimize the game

  9. Yvng Clan

    Yvng Clan4 hours ago

    I want the ranking sss+ ranking that would be cool

  10. no name

    no name5 hours ago

    Build race mode

  11. Vanessa Hernandez

    Vanessa Hernandez12 hours ago

    its common to everyone in one time something becomes huge and then I dies down like fidget spinners and other stuff

  12. Jason Esau

    Jason Esau13 hours ago

    Take away the delay when you switch the Shotguns

  13. Ty TDM The Dolphin Minecart Tydaquil

    Ty TDM The Dolphin Minecart Tydaquil14 hours ago

    Fortnite is now just full of tryhards

  14. MegaRayquaza319

    MegaRayquaza31914 hours ago

    i miss moisty mire i actually took recordings of the green screens and added

  15. KpopNEVERlooses ARMY

    KpopNEVERlooses ARMY15 hours ago

    You can roast me for only playing 50v50 even though I don’t just say I do

  16. Backwoodz KustomZ

    Backwoodz KustomZ15 hours ago


  17. ThEaNkLeBrEaKeR 69

    ThEaNkLeBrEaKeR 6916 hours ago

    The beginning with the kid screaming had me laughing😂😂😂

  18. Click Bait

    Click Bait17 hours ago

    Last One Standing / LOS It's a squad game mode, but you need to kill your squadmates to win, it is to test trust and a psychological terror

  19. Mariah Charles

    Mariah Charles20 hours ago


  20. Keen2Game !

    Keen2Game !21 hour ago

    I loved high explosives

  21. Hanzo Shimada

    Hanzo Shimada22 hours ago

    Uhh pubg wont come to Playstation, its a deal between pubg and Microsoft

  22. AliceShadow Rose

    AliceShadow RoseDay ago

    Fortnite doesnt do what the people really want and taking game ideas from some people who never get rewarded that it is from them

  23. Miruto & knux

    Miruto & knuxDay ago

    One more that make Fortnite is dying They make a lot of poor player get bullyed by rich player because they default skin

  24. Kosta Brennan

    Kosta BrennanDay ago

    Omg I got a actual loot llama🤯

  25. Violet Lizard

    Violet LizardDay ago

    they should fix bloom!

  26. Sean Bryant

    Sean BryantDay ago

    It really is dying though, 125 million accounts made, not active players. Fortnite has peaked, it's on a slow downward crawl now until the new hot game takes over in a year or so

  27. Charlie Kadi

    Charlie KadiDay ago

    On gooogle trends fortnite is rising over any game so it's not dying but you are saying that so you can have a video idea

  28. Sargent1 donuts

    Sargent1 donutsDay ago

    100 v bucks for wins

  29. dolphin7

    dolphin7Day ago

    Fortnite sucks

  30. sports mind's

    sports mind'sDay ago

    I got a loot llama

  31. Rastro The Savage

    Rastro The SavageDay ago

    Found a lama no joke

  32. jt

    jtDay ago

    if only they took bloom away:(

  33. hunt gaming

    hunt gamingDay ago

    well, before I answerer that I want to say why I dont play too much. the reason I dont play is because my pc with gtx 1080, and a core i7 can barley run fortnite with little lag Evan on low graphics!! but when I play on my phone I can run on medium graphics with near no lag. this means they are pushing more lag on pc players to help balance the lag on phones. however I thing this is wrong! if you have a good device then you should get more power. it should not depend on your device. if they would stop this I would play all the time. but now I'm pushed into playing on my phone. now my least fav thing in fortnite has got to be the fact they are re selling the rare skins, now how are we suppose to know if they are good, and how long they play. we just cant. and before the summer I did not know about the whole more lag on pc, now that I do I play other games that are more challenging and fun. so I dont at all anymore.

  34. AlexAssassin 2004

    AlexAssassin 2004Day ago

    I think there should be a Ltm where you start with a silenced pistol with 1 bullet and 10 health for every kill you get you earn 2 bullets and 1 health, med kits can only be found in supply drops. Llamas would contain 1 chug jug and 15 bullets! Anyone else like my idea I got inspiration from bo2!

  35. Badi Mehdi

    Badi MehdiDay ago

    Plz die fortnite

  36. Rachel Matthews

    Rachel Matthews2 days ago

    Thay didnt steal is idea because i5s there game

  37. Ice Warrior

    Ice Warrior2 days ago

    “THE ORIGINAL GAME” GAMEMODE like if u want fortnite to be like the old fortnite

  38. Shark Astik

    Shark Astik2 days ago

    I think a new gane mode they need is called blast mode where there is only Explosive

  39. bluezombie bluezombie

    bluezombie bluezombie2 days ago

    I need fortnite to die

  40. Picasso Gaming

    Picasso Gaming2 days ago

    When a player wins I think the player should get 10,000 Xp or 100 vbucks

  41. The Rager

    The Rager2 days ago

    Fortnite is cancer, I hate battle royal in general, but fortnite is the worst.

  42. Chech Man

    Chech Man3 days ago

    Got 1600 mats!!!!

  43. Chech Man

    Chech Man3 days ago

    Thanks for llama

  44. Chech Man

    Chech Man3 days ago

    Omg real

  45. Jax 99Hax

    Jax 99Hax3 days ago

    Epic should bring infinity gauntlet back. It was my favorite gamemode

  46. Mike Star JR

    Mike Star JR3 days ago

    Yessss no more shitty battle royal videos popping up in my feed

  47. qwertydaboss 123

    qwertydaboss 1233 days ago

    Shotguns still op

  48. qwertydaboss 123

    qwertydaboss 1233 days ago

    Do not have earphones on 100 when watching its Ear R*pe

  49. Oliver Haslam

    Oliver Haslam3 days ago

    :-) :-)

  50. Papi _ Savage

    Papi _ Savage3 days ago

    Fly explosives

  51. Rndm Thngz31297

    Rndm Thngz312973 days ago

    Finally! Now I can get more wins! Streamers will stop playing, go to different games, and so their 5 year old fans will follow! Then only true fans or people like me will only play. So boom! Easier wins. My friends will stop teasing me! God bless!

  52. Madden Gaming

    Madden Gaming3 days ago

    Omg it work

  53. Jackson Penley

    Jackson Penley3 days ago

    I hope this game dies

  54. Skelimanter

    Skelimanter3 days ago

    I have a lot a videos to proof this

  55. Tfue

    Tfue3 days ago

    R.i.p Fortnite 2017-2018

  56. Jacob Starr

    Jacob Starr3 days ago

    I got bored of fortnite. I quit and then bought PUBG. I’ve been loving it ever since. Hear that 5-12 year olds, I’ve quit your favorite game for the OG version of Battle royals ( it is a joke k) (but seriously I bought PUBG)

  57. Shalfort

    Shalfort3 days ago

    the Old Battle Royale LTM

  58. Six Sided

    Six Sided3 days ago

    How about for every win you get 100 vbucks?

  59. Ghost

    Ghost3 days ago

    I think there should be far lobbys

  60. What Is Trend?

    What Is Trend?4 days ago

    I recommend that when someone gets his first win he gets a reward, not just xp cuz that sucks, epic should give the player like vBucks or a skin. Cuz you’ve spent a lot of time practicing so just that you get xp and stars for battle pass is really something that someone wants to get.

  61. Hanniffy Dinn

    Hanniffy Dinn4 days ago

    It's too hard. There needs to be an easier mode that matches beginners.

  62. Zyryx 4343

    Zyryx 43434 days ago

    I was really into fortnite until like august, i dont know what happened it just got boring

  63. Dharell Zazueta

    Dharell Zazueta4 days ago

    I got a lammaaaaa real !

  64. Mustafa

    Mustafa4 days ago

    Shotguns in the real world are the best guns. EPIC: NAH

  65. Tchellow 007

    Tchellow 0074 days ago

    i love your vids bro

  66. Eric Quirarte

    Eric Quirarte4 days ago

    They should add 100 people playground mode

  67. Andee1637 such wow im a sheep beep beep

    Andee1637 such wow im a sheep beep beep4 days ago

    Afther subbing to you I played playgrounds and I found a loot lama

  68. Little Lilly

    Little Lilly4 days ago

    I would get rid of the delay and also decrise the smgs damage a bit

  69. The Aryan Empire

    The Aryan Empire4 days ago

    holy crap the llama thing actually worked. I found 2 llamas in one match

  70. Leon Schewzow

    Leon Schewzow4 days ago

    A battle royal game like call of duty 4 black out with helicopters, check me in! (It isn't for casuals by the way if you forgot) but too the game has a lot of balanced weapon models and a carefully map design. The game itself makes it kinda too something special like for example get shot hide behind tree/stone/wall heal instead of that HEALING WHEN YOU ARE RUNNING. For the rest i am to lazy to write

  71. MH Minecrafter

    MH Minecrafter4 days ago


  72. cool kid

    cool kid4 days ago

    Fortnite is dyeing

  73. Unstoppable animations and gaming

    Unstoppable animations and gaming5 days ago

    3 game modes blitz solo showdown and close couters

  74. Hadzovicm

    Hadzovicm5 days ago

    Fucking finally

  75. xHydas ro

    xHydas ro5 days ago

    A gamemode that isn't so boring :Infinity Gauntlet

  76. Karl Allen

    Karl Allen5 days ago

    Make shotguns great again

  77. Edgar Paez

    Edgar Paez5 days ago

    I think there should be rewards for winning games. If there was somehow a way to grade a win like mentioned in the video it would be a great addition. each grade of a win could be based on kills in that game and each grades reward could be like a skin token. Epic could release monthly exclusive skins that you buy with the skin tokens. They could be recycled maybe once or twice and then never have that skin appear again. I believe it would motivate people to play, get wins and get kills. I feel like too many people camp towards the end and try to get the one winning kill

  78. FROZZED Backup

    FROZZED Backup5 days ago


  79. micael lezama

    micael lezama5 days ago

    They should have an ltm that has you playing in the other seasons with all the weapons from that season and the same game play and map spots the what ever season you choose

  80. Ragad Lollipop

    Ragad Lollipop5 days ago

    Yep, it’s dying. People is talking less and less about it in school. My brothers even stopped playing...

  81. drew hunter

    drew hunter2 days ago

    Ragad Lollipop in my school more people are talking about and it’s getting so annoying like the reason it’s popular is cause of ninja and it’s free

  82. Nathan Montgomery

    Nathan Montgomery5 days ago

    They need to reduce mobility. The grapple gun is really destroying skill gaps.

  83. Victory 799

    Victory 7995 days ago

    I think you should get some V bucks for winning and CLOSE ENCOUNTERS SHOULD BE PERMANENT those times my friends and I could dance to enemy stairway to heavens without the fear of getting shot and when we impulsed enemies of of skybases were the funnest times in fortnite but of course, my fav gamemode was the shortest gamemode in the history of fortnite -_-

  84. Michelle Corcoran

    Michelle Corcoran5 days ago

    I didn’t even know

  85. Destiny Fanboi

    Destiny Fanboi6 days ago

    I say you should get 50 v bucks for every win

  86. Aris Toledo

    Aris Toledo6 days ago

    for me I think epic need like a build battle like first u need to build a base on 50v50 then u fight

  87. Sieger Van Nus

    Sieger Van Nus6 days ago

    1. The shotguns, consistency and the waiting time 2. No, but I can't 3. Close range battles 4. Flashback, old map, old weapons, old meta 5. Assault rifle or SMG, it's good for close and mid-range

  88. Beastlights

    Beastlights6 days ago

    This game is so dumb I hated it from the start

  89. Huy Ngô

    Huy Ngô6 days ago

    I found 2 loot lamas when do it :p

  90. flex cause I'm on forbes

    flex cause I'm on forbes6 days ago

    gun game would be lit

  91. XXThimothyXX X

    XXThimothyXX X6 days ago

    it happed lama

  92. Christian Kiddy

    Christian Kiddy6 days ago

    Oh c'mon isn't *THOTNITE* dead already??

  93. Unbreakable Gaming

    Unbreakable Gaming6 days ago

    overated game

  94. Sylvester Stillstoned

    Sylvester Stillstoned6 days ago

    Fortnite dying?????? You sleep.. PUBG went below 1M players for the first time since it came out.. nah fortnite turnt

  95. RageGaming 603

    RageGaming 6036 days ago

    I didn’t get a loot lama


    THE PIGGY WITH THE POP M86 days ago

    i hope it does dies what happened to the the good games like fnaf or undertale (that fandom though!)

  97. RP!Sans 1

    RP!Sans 16 days ago


  98. Son Goku

    Son Goku6 days ago

    Omegalul i deleted fortnite cuz its SOOOOOO BORING THIS smg meta is so boring back to cs and pubg

  99. J o n a t h a n

    J o n a t h a n7 days ago

    fortnite will become a game like chess it will have grand masters.

  100. Gameplay Gamer

    Gameplay Gamer7 days ago

    bring double pump back in season 6 its,not fair in save the world double pump is still there

  101. Harz

    Harz7 days ago

    Fortnite is dead they ruined it I would play more is the old map was there double pump and old makanics

  102. LoRdGaM3R33X Bro

    LoRdGaM3R33X Bro7 days ago


  103. Das Spiegelei

    Das Spiegelei7 days ago


  104. MonsterApple

    MonsterApple7 days ago


  105. Ryan LaMay

    Ryan LaMay7 days ago

    Get rid of smgs!!!!!

  106. eric hernandez

    eric hernandez7 days ago

    They can fix the hit box on the shotgun because I've gotten a 7 damage head shot with the golden heavy shotgun