Top 5 Reasons Why FORTNITE IS DYING!


  1. Top5Gaming

    Top5Gaming3 months ago

    *OFFICIAL TOP5GAMING SURVEY, ANSWER HONESTLY* 1. What is your least favorite thing in Fortnite right now? 2. Do you still play as much as you did in the beginning of summer? 3. What is one thing you wish Epic would change about Fortnite? 4. If you could custom create 1 LTM game mode, what would it be? 5. If you could only use 1 gun for a whole game, what would it be? will read all ur answers and tell my uncle (he works at epic his name is fred & may or may not be a loot llama plz dont fire him epic)

  2. Mauno Family

    Mauno Family4 days ago

    Mine is easily the shotgun debuff.

  3. Arctic Wolf

    Arctic Wolf20 days ago

    1. SMG’s 2. No because i have school but if i didnt then yes 3. make shotguns better 4. Assault rifles only mode 5. Suppressed assault rifle

  4. Pokemonfan 218

    Pokemonfan 21820 days ago

    i would wanna make a 50 v 50 tournament to earn double the XP

  5. Tommy Vu

    Tommy Vu27 days ago

    Btw there’s already a stat thing it’s on the bottom right corner lol

  6. game fox

    game fox28 days ago

    How they removed the drum gun

  7. Galactic— Shuttlez

    Galactic— Shuttlez2 hours ago

    I would make an LTM that allows you to use every single vaulted weapon and every single skin released in the game.

  8. Denis Myself

    Denis Myself3 hours ago

    I can think of a game mode called in jail (only vaulted weapons)

  9. Sondra K

    Sondra K4 hours ago

    In 1 game

  10. Sondra K

    Sondra K4 hours ago

    As soon as I subscribe d I found 4 llamas no joke

  11. Aryan Thapa

    Aryan Thapa4 hours ago

    after winning a match,getting v buck

  12. Van Lorents Ignacio

    Van Lorents Ignacio6 hours ago

    For HM number 2 i think the reward for winning is to get V-Bucks becouse without it It wont be fair enough

  13. Seun Yussuff

    Seun Yussuff9 hours ago

    You can get 1 to 5 v bucks

  14. Spectre playz Luminous unicorn

    Spectre playz Luminous unicorn9 hours ago

    #1 way to fix fortnite: skill based matchmaking; i dont want to get better at fortnite, i want to go brag to my friends that i got a win + ITS JUST UNFAIR. i dont wanna watch myth or ninja kill a bunch of noobs playing for their first time, i wanna watch NINJA fight PROS

  15. George Spain

    George Spain11 hours ago

    They should do something like heavy weapons only”heavy shootout “,I know that’s a terrible name😢

  16. Ida Cardozo

    Ida Cardozo16 hours ago

    Fornite is bad like you and stop doing clikbait in your future

  17. CloO_Ouds Games

    CloO_Ouds Games16 hours ago

    My least favorite meta is the fricking SMG spray meta. Literally a guy name "Smg spray meta" killed me. You can literally hold your left click down and shoot at your eliminate your opponent

  18. Cooldude999e999

    Cooldude999e99920 hours ago

    Fortnite should also add in more gamemodes, and a "tutorial mode", for people that are nubs, so they can be better at the game, and bring back the drum gun, and keep the map how it is, just add more land around the edges, and make weapons more accurate, I get the crossare carefully aimed on, but it never works, it takes away almost all the fun, and make the map more active.

  19. 902oow 38

    902oow 3820 hours ago

    I don't have fortnite

  20. Cooldude999e999

    Cooldude999e99920 hours ago

    Fortnite, make it so that you get v-bucks when you win, 100 is a good number.

  21. Oof Uhh

    Oof UhhDay ago

    i just found a llama...

  22. David Ubieta

    David UbietaDay ago

    OMG I subscribed and I totally got a LLAMA!!!! IT WORKS!!!

  23. maxtron -fortnite

    maxtron -fortniteDay ago

    it doesn't work top5

  24. jonybuck33

    jonybuck332 days ago


  25. Elijah Kimani

    Elijah Kimani2 days ago

    Steady storm and blitz were lit

  26. jose quintero

    jose quintero2 days ago

    Let fortnite die

  27. Gamer Jack

    Gamer Jack2 days ago


  28. Mr Memes

    Mr Memes3 days ago

    Wow you use fortnite to click bait smh

  29. Nerf

    Nerf4 days ago

    How did epic make such a good game so trash...

  30. Maria Tellez

    Maria Tellez7 days ago

    Yay :p

  31. Omege 500

    Omege 5008 days ago


  32. Baby_ PlayZ

    Baby_ PlayZ9 days ago

    It wock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

  33. mc star

    mc star10 days ago

    I hope it dies they are coping every choreography and every skin some of them are from league of legends and some are redicoulous

  34. dolphingamer 101

    dolphingamer 10110 days ago

    Fortnite wont die\ epic games is trying everyday to make it better and they are sooo

  35. Rax's Animation Lab

    Rax's Animation Lab10 days ago

    3:09 *when you try your beest but chu doont succeeed*

  36. Vettie Mullins

    Vettie Mullins10 days ago

    A reason Fortnite is dying is cuz it is 😂

  37. Mr. Marpy

    Mr. Marpy11 days ago

    I got two in a row

  38. James O'Neill

    James O'Neill11 days ago

    Llama my ass tho I got three! Lol:p

  39. King’s King

    King’s King11 days ago

    They are doing what they are done to paragon..changed the meta changed the music when they start losing more players they will change it again..but it’s already made a tonne of money so it was already a success

  40. Muffin Army

    Muffin Army13 days ago

    it's completely dead, stop playing this trash

  41. Dovydas Levanavicius

    Dovydas Levanavicius13 days ago

    For me why fortnite is dead bc new players cant fight the who been 2-3-4 season welp *i been from 2 season still like noob xd*

  42. Rowan Bir

    Rowan Bir13 days ago

    What sucks is Fortnite needs more improvement. It needs to have a better play style and people are already switching to blackout

  43. Jack Roberson2

    Jack Roberson213 days ago

    I have played nonstop for a month and I don't have a solo or duo win. Guess I am that bad huh

  44. KingofMystery

    KingofMystery14 days ago

    Epic games: keep Fortnite on life support. Me: PULL THE PLUG!

  45. tsm Slaytr

    tsm Slaytr15 days ago

    "1 like = 1like and me stealing comments for likes" quote by Hella RETARDS

  46. I Haz Fun

    I Haz Fun16 days ago

    Why can't we get somewhere around 50 v-bucks when we win?

  47. Erry Kurniasih

    Erry Kurniasih16 days ago

    2=if you got vr you get free skin so

  48. William Green

    William Green17 days ago

    omg it worked 3 lmaas every game?!?!??!

  49. Colby774

    Colby77417 days ago

    Here is a good idea for epic: SHOVE THE SKULLTROOPER IP YOUR ASS!!!

  50. Rayan Dey

    Rayan Dey20 days ago

    I didn't waste my mom's credit card for those stupid v bucks I mean you just buy some skins and axe and show someone that your a pro that doesn't make sense I mean there cool but it doesn't mean about it

  51. op baby

    op baby21 day ago

    How about infection

  52. captainnathan081 Videos

    captainnathan081 Videos21 day ago

    They nerfed the shotgun so it would be more fair if a pc player played a match with console players

  53. Croon the Raccoon

    Croon the Raccoon21 day ago

    Fortnite is dieting that means this Chanel will die

  54. Trinton Pitre

    Trinton Pitre23 days ago

    Blitz and High Explosives plus I never got to play sneaky silences

  55. Clovis Zhe Kang Ho

    Clovis Zhe Kang Ho23 days ago

    Yay fortnite is dying so is more easier to socialise

  56. phanthom ignite 248

    phanthom ignite 24824 days ago

    Me: I found a llama Opponent: yeeeeeeet Me: I'm gonna kill ya Opponent: I just stole your llama Me:🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 I hate you, Later in the game Opponent: who snipped me Me: you deserve it and it was me 😂😂 Opponent: noooooooooo🤬🤬🤬 F*ck youuuuuuuuuuuu

  57. Sunita Thakur

    Sunita Thakur24 days ago

    Dance domination

  58. Persist

    Persist25 days ago

    I don’t like when I pump a kid for 8 and then he one pumps me....... (not making damage for any weapons.)

  59. Minecart12345678910

    Minecart1234567891025 days ago

    When you die you need to see the guys guns

  60. Miles Tails Prower

    Miles Tails Prower26 days ago

    The way to fix is to kill it already

  61. Pixelated Candy

    Pixelated Candy26 days ago

    it frickin sucks sticking to roblox

  62. Swag King

    Swag King26 days ago

    It got old

  63. Cyprian Czarnojan

    Cyprian Czarnojan27 days ago

    My least favorite thing is the hackers becaue its not fair

  64. Stuff

    Stuff27 days ago

    “Fun” is an opinion based measurement.

  65. biohazard geek

    biohazard geek27 days ago

    Fornite is dying

  66. Corey Allen jr Allen

    Corey Allen jr Allen27 days ago

    It does work I found three lamas in 1 game not lying

  67. Blackey 14

    Blackey 1427 days ago

    1.Fortnite is not dying (I think) 2.idk

  68. melted cookie123

    melted cookie12327 days ago

    So is your channel

  69. Fake Skull Trooper

    Fake Skull Trooper27 days ago

    top 5 gaming is clickbait fortnite isn't banned in Australia if it was there would be no server DURRRRRRR

  70. Max Seidler

    Max Seidler27 days ago

    Democrats r better

  71. Child Man

    Child Man28 days ago

    Especially the shotgun metas the p-90 is so op I spend hours practicing building then I just get sprayed and I think that makes the game not fun at all

  72. Child Man

    Child Man28 days ago

    I agree

  73. Nicolas Tun

    Nicolas Tun28 days ago


  74. Juan Ayala Jr.

    Juan Ayala Jr.28 days ago


  75. dolphingamer 101

    dolphingamer 10128 days ago

    fortnite is not going to die its free and they update it every week and now its on mobile so no one wants to hear your evidence thats fake

  76. Austen B

    Austen B28 days ago

    I got Fred for dayssssssssss :p


    RISEGAMING GAMER29 days ago

    I love PUBG

  78. blake -o

    blake -o29 days ago

    IT WORKED!!!

  79. laser ames

    laser ames29 days ago



    CODENAME: HYDRA29 days ago

    They need to make ranking system

  81. Str0ng -_-

    Str0ng -_-29 days ago

    PUBG fans like me

  82. Jail Cortes

    Jail Cortes29 days ago

    A good idea for a ltm is a mode that i just came up with is all guided missiles and unlimited ammo and building materials and its solo I would LOVE that so much I would play it all the time or pistols only or no loot just pickaxes


    LANDMARK CREWMonth ago

    I think that you can double pump 3 times then you have to wait a bit like if you agree

  84. Dynamite PLAYZ

    Dynamite PLAYZMonth ago

    4. If you could custom create 1 LTM game mode, what would it be?....... Sneaky silencers or jetpacks and ars so if people build 3up u don't have to use the shot gun so that will probably work really will I don't think this will. come but shot in the dark bois

  85. Brian DeJonge

    Brian DeJongeMonth ago

    I got a lama yeah

  86. Alek Stuart

    Alek StuartMonth ago

    They need to make the thanos game mode come back

  87. strategymen gamer

    strategymen gamerMonth ago

    im not a fortnite gamer but i played few mach on fortnite and when EPIC NUTS (rage) change the season 3 to 4 all changetotaly so now is not funny for my is funny PUBG but is also copy

  88. Noodles 2335

    Noodles 2335Month ago

    The papy hit the 👍

  89. εry

    εryMonth ago

    Bring back vaulted gums

  90. Potato Chopsticks

    Potato ChopsticksMonth ago

    Bo4 is here so bye bye forknite

  91. Dakoem

    DakoemMonth ago

    maybe when u win you should get a different item every time like the unbrella like on your second win maybe a pickaxe or contrail or something

  92. xd Psychic

    xd PsychicMonth ago

    I found all 3 llamas in 1 game and 12 today overall xd! No joke

  93. Fadheela Saleh

    Fadheela SalehMonth ago

    The house my house I'm telling you why I want to go out and help hbv

  94. oddest out

    oddest outMonth ago


  95. Carlos Jimenez

    Carlos JimenezMonth ago


  96. Jaffa Dual

    Jaffa DualMonth ago

    You are talking about Dragon ball z ranking it goes from high to low Z S A B C D E F if I have missed a letter out I do apologise

  97. naruto uzamaki

    naruto uzamakiMonth ago

    im disappointed in epic games for re adding the skull trooper and i dont even have it it just made one of the rarest skins in the game totaly unrare

  98. shreyas raghu

    shreyas raghuMonth ago

    14:25 you boast to your friends

  99. shreyas raghu

    shreyas raghuMonth ago

    New ltms are coming out YAYYY

  100. LuisGaming 2314

    LuisGaming 2314Month ago

    When I sub u i find 2 llamas on a game

  101. Gamerfox159 159

    Gamerfox159 159Month ago

    Tf2: skill always beats luck Fortnite: no luck always beats skill Me: that’s why I hate you fortnite it is about that skill

  102. JoshGamer55612

    JoshGamer55612Month ago

    I love it but i don’t play much anymore i just get sprayed at By smgs

  103. Syianna erby erby

    Syianna erby erbyMonth ago

    Bro you was actually right what i found 3 loot lamas dude thanks and i liked

  104. HyperspeedXd

    HyperspeedXdMonth ago

    *Vaulted Weapons LTM*

  105. zombarian10

    zombarian10Month ago

    you could get 100 v bucks when u win