Top 5 Reasons Why FORTNITE IS DYING!


  1. Top5Gaming

    Top5Gaming11 months ago

    *OFFICIAL TOP5GAMING SURVEY, ANSWER HONESTLY* 1. What is your least favorite thing in Fortnite right now? 2. Do you still play as much as you did in the beginning of summer? 3. What is one thing you wish Epic would change about Fortnite? 4. If you could custom create 1 LTM game mode, what would it be? 5. If you could only use 1 gun for a whole game, what would it be? will read all ur answers and tell my uncle (he works at epic his name is fred & may or may not be a loot llama plz dont fire him epic)

  2. bigalex100

    bigalex100Day ago

    1:Drum Gun 2:Yes 3:Scoped Shotgun 4:Laser Tag;Thermal,Hand Cannon,shockwaves. 1 shot kill. Be the last squad standing!! 5:Pump Shotgun

  3. Scary Logan

    Scary LoganMonth ago

    I don’t like FORTNITE

  4. jieqiang luo

    jieqiang luo2 months ago

    The game itself.

  5. Abdalrahman Megahed

    Abdalrahman Megahed3 months ago

    My least favorite thing in fortnite is being mean to defultes there lives matter I don't play as much fortnite anymore and I wish epic would change some useless rewards in the battle pass

  6. Aiden Blank

    Aiden Blank3 months ago

    Ltm would be the original season one map, only season one weapons, and double pump

  7. Squeguin Quack

    Squeguin QuackMonth ago


  8. Matthew Saucedo

    Matthew SaucedoMonth ago

    My least favorite thing in fortnite is that the replaced all pumps with a combat shotgun

  9. Nico Campagnano

    Nico CampagnanoMonth ago

    Who else thinks that fortnite is overpriced?

  10. Steven Burnel

    Steven Burnel2 months ago


  11. L!ast

    L!ast2 months ago

    Tbh I think getaway is really good because I always solo squad and I have so much fun the only reason because the loot it’s not like solid gold because everybody haves golden guns but getaway you have good loot and a lot of fun and you get more action when you have the llama

  12. Barf Bag

    Barf Bag2 months ago


  13. Kim King

    Kim King2 months ago

    Its s cuz you kill noob

  14. Otto Von Bismarck

    Otto Von Bismarck2 months ago

    Minecraft shall be king again.

  15. Gorillaz fan boy 1

    Gorillaz fan boy 13 months ago

    Apex is way better than this trash game

  16. nobznss

    nobznss3 months ago

    i never been to the og factorys, but they should bring it back

  17. yung. wavy

    yung. wavy3 months ago

    Disame day *WHEN OVERWATCH DIED*

  18. Hai Tran

    Hai Tran3 months ago

    it will be copystike

  19. Clip

    Clip3 months ago

    Add a mode where an item that can control the storm

  20. Kitsin

    Kitsin3 months ago

    Question 1: mobile players play with nentendo switch players you see people ramp wall flooring and the kill me when even the best mobile players can’t or just barely can do it. Question 2: I play less than then When I started because pixel gun was always better Question 3: making mobile player only play with other mobile players Question 4 I would make a pump shotgun, assault rifle and smg only game mode. There would be unlimited mats. Vaulted weapon will return Question 5 it would be a hunting rifle I love snipers

  21. ArabSkills

    ArabSkills3 months ago

    i wish epic games see your video and understand

  22. hoodie mchoodyboi

    hoodie mchoodyboi3 months ago

    yeah dude millions of players sure does sound like dying to me.

  23. Drago An Elemental Dragon

    Drago An Elemental Dragon3 months ago

    Fortnite deserves to finally die


    LANTIC MAN3 months ago

    I subscribe for the lame lol

  25. Dimirtij miloševski

    Dimirtij miloševski3 months ago

    Fortnite is dying jejjejejejeje😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😆😆😆😆😆😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😀😀😀😀😀

  26. Mike Conkey

    Mike Conkey3 months ago

    First several words of the video should have been more clear instead that read in between the line shit and just started with ‘we realize this title is clickbait af, so anyway keep watching to see how we justify the bait from which you’ve just clicked’

  27. Just_Me_Kayden :-0

    Just_Me_Kayden :-04 months ago

    So um... 6 months and it’s still very well alive. I thought it was dying huh!? Stop click bating little 8 year olds and get a job

  28. Master Inkling

    Master Inkling4 months ago

    There is new volcano and creative

  29. Cejay Davey

    Cejay Davey4 months ago


  30. Jose Garcia

    Jose Garcia4 months ago

    Why is the p90 golden

  31. Toasty Toaster

    Toasty Toaster4 months ago

    How repetitive it is they make updates but it just changes the things in the and not how the game feels.

  32. maryam waheed

    maryam waheed4 months ago

    Fortnite is the best game

  33. untrollable _

    untrollable _4 months ago

    No way i did

  34. tails doll Helms

    tails doll Helms4 months ago

    3? Maybe 3 shots

  35. David Armstrong

    David Armstrong4 months ago

    Epic Bring back solid gold solos

  36. odizzle gaming

    odizzle gaming4 months ago

    They should add gun game on fortnite

  37. Happy conqueror

    Happy conqueror4 months ago

    I had fun when double pump was here

  38. Thessa Kaunang

    Thessa Kaunang4 months ago

    Fortnite need a hacker lobby

  39. Slotheric

    Slotheric4 months ago


  40. AlBeRt EiNsTeIn

    AlBeRt EiNsTeIn4 months ago

    8:07 still happens in 2019 :(

  41. Game Playz

    Game Playz4 months ago

    Fortnite bad apex good

  42. Connor Murphy

    Connor Murphy4 months ago

    The game itself it needs to shutdown


    PANTHER XD4 months ago

    I love how he admits clickbait

  44. the odd 1ns outs bro

    the odd 1ns outs bro4 months ago

    Apex legends is the reason that fortnite is dieing

  45. Burrito Man

    Burrito Man4 months ago

    the odd 1ns outs bro this video was made 6 months ago, and dying*

  46. Lorenzo Hernandes

    Lorenzo Hernandes4 months ago

    I saw three lamas like the vídeo please

  47. dark super saiyan wrath

    dark super saiyan wrath4 months ago

    I got two llamas:)


    REPLAY TJ4 months ago

    OMG you do fined a loot lama 😮😮😮👍🏽

  49. Rince Saji

    Rince Saji4 months ago

    Fortnite zombie LTM is cool

  50. •Sums Guss•

    •Sums Guss•4 months ago

    *You can say this in the end of season 7*

  51. Umer ninja

    Umer ninja4 months ago

    Unvaulted is the best

  52. creeper 988

    creeper 9884 months ago

    6 mouth later fortnite is not dead


    ТАНЯ АНГЕЛОВА4 months ago

    Fortnite broke my fav game-Minecraft...We in class had a Minecraft group and when they heard about Fortnite they started calling me a "noob" for not playing Fortnite. I downloaded it but I didn't like it because I didn't understand it. It was season 5 when I downloaded it. Now I understand why I don't like it. Now I am gonna like my own comment and be alone...(TT)

  54. Theo Green

    Theo Green4 months ago

    Excuse me, where's my llama?

  55. Lachy Dachy

    Lachy Dachy4 months ago

    We need infinity gauntlet

  56. Hayden’s Mobile games gameplay

    Hayden’s Mobile games gameplay4 months ago

    Still hasn’t happened