Top 5 Plays of the Night | May 24, 2018


  1. SuperRip7

    SuperRip711 months ago

    The one looks good at 0:58 because the hands was in the face. 08-04-18.

  2. Jake Whatley30

    Jake Whatley30Year ago

    First #pelicans

  3. BreadMy Circuses

    BreadMy CircusesYear ago

    MC Yammer cringeclown Ro-turd Parrish 250 dislikes on only 1,800 likes out of merely 118,681 views after 36hrs with this POS karaoke-d0key chokey. In the meantime, GOATmentator Beau Estes has already racked up 2,100 likes and 126,206 views vs a mere 46 dislikes in 15hrs with his latest lyrical listogrammy.......proof that barnyard Tourettes Carlton sucks so hard turned-off fans are turning down and turning off. ;} .

  4. Martin Leornas

    Martin LeornasYear ago

    No. 4 is actually a TRAVEL.


    JUST BTOYear ago

    Just came to dislike! Fired the cringe nowwww

  6. BillyC9Us

    BillyC9UsYear ago

    Lmaoooooooooooooo cp3 bullyed s.c lolllll

  7. Aurore Tonemassa

    Aurore TonemassaYear ago

    5 : 10 wath

  8. Joseph Mendes

    Joseph MendesYear ago

    That block by Clint on donkey was amazing

  9. NBA Reel

    NBA ReelYear ago

    clint capela 0:02 and 0:45 pj tucker 0:23 jordan bell 0:34 chris paul 0:58 james harden (nice dunk but they didn't show it)

  10. Yang Nick

    Yang NickYear ago

    Pls, l want to see more shoulder moves from CP3

  11. Anamasi Anamasi

    Anamasi AnamasiYear ago


  12. KanyeEast

    KanyeEastYear ago

    I honestly want to kill myself everytime i hear this guy speak

  13. Daniel Berri

    Daniel BerriYear ago


  14. MartialMan

    MartialManYear ago

    Capela sick blocks against the former MVP and former DPOY


    SPORTS KOPPYear ago

    Curry got his own medicine ...shimmy in your face 1:12

  16. doctor2011T

    doctor2011TYear ago

    Mute with this idiotmentator

  17. Tyler Norton

    Tyler NortonYear ago

    Cringementator is slowing becoming fun to watch

  18. falaflani

    falaflaniYear ago

    Harden D + Poster = Rockets win

  19. Alb San

    Alb SanYear ago

    savage with the shimmy

  20. Sarunas J

    Sarunas JYear ago

    Someone give cringementator the break he is looking for - he wants to sing. "Top teeeeeeeeen to wiiiiiin", sticking to those high notes, singing during the top 5... Ficker wants to be on broadway...

  21. Anthony Okeiyi

    Anthony OkeiyiYear ago

    Hit em with the shimmy... Sounds like something he'd do when he finally got laid.

  22. Mahmoud Elwelily

    Mahmoud ElwelilyYear ago

    Oh man i really enjoy listening to this commentator he is always full of energy :D :D

  23. Ahmet Yavuz Kocaman

    Ahmet Yavuz KocamanYear ago

    We want NBA Finals Warriors against Cavs. Harden is just good traveler but bad flopper. Celtics has no chance against Da King

  24. jerry james faunillan

    jerry james faunillanYear ago

    Ahmet Yavuz Kocaman lebron is the real flopper king..and traveller king too..😆

  25. DividedGamerzz

    DividedGamerzzYear ago

    Salty bandwagons are the only dislikes

  26. J Vega

    J VegaYear ago

    NBA, I'm serious now, stop it with the CRINGEmentator, give us the GOATmentator back please, in name of all your 9.1M subscribers... STOP IT, just stop trying

  27. Oldhead

    OldheadYear ago

    *hit em with the Simmie hit em with the simmie*

  28. Balázs Homoki

    Balázs HomokiYear ago


  29. Marlon Tadeo

    Marlon TadeoYear ago

    Celtics-Rockets Finals. Yawn. Prepare to get bored 😐

  30. VGN

    VGNYear ago


  31. Tinomuda Landilani

    Tinomuda LandilaniYear ago

    access denied.

  32. Jason Singh

    Jason SinghYear ago

    Was it just me that thought James Hardens dunk should have been number 1

  33. Vince Allen Meneses

    Vince Allen MenesesYear ago

    breaking news: durant will transfer to rockets next season.

  34. Mr Undertaker

    Mr UndertakerYear ago

    Lol that CP3 shimmy was gold

  35. Neo_Iashion

    Neo_IashionYear ago

    wtf CP3

  36. Biodiversité C’est la clef

    Biodiversité C’est la clefYear ago

    Big Capela but 0/11 3pts for Harden 😂

  37. Predator8

    Predator8Year ago

    Curry in the bLender by Harden where??😡 Stop protecting Stephanie yo! NBA puhleeze😡😡 Dammit!😤

  38. Ugur Celiktas

    Ugur CeliktasYear ago

    Is this guy doing this commentation shit for free ? Why the fuck is he doing all the playoff plays. Fuck this shit and fuck him gtfoh already u fucking stupidass skrr-fucked bitch.

  39. amit banai

    amit banaiYear ago

    warriors and cavs not in the finals and cringementator improving? This is scary s***

  40. amit banai

    amit banaiYear ago

    or skrrrrt skrrt

  41. Albert Einstein

    Albert EinsteinYear ago

    amit banai he's only improving because he didn't say "spinster" this time.

  42. Lucas Andrade

    Lucas AndradeYear ago

    I miss my "TOP 5 ALL THE WAY LIVE"

  43. Mahmoud Elwelily

    Mahmoud ElwelilyYear ago

    :D :D

  44. Louis Cuypers

    Louis CuypersYear ago

    Bro, watch number 5. Capella trynna keep te ball inbounds, Pachulia waiting him up to injure him...

  45. Jaypee Hagedorn

    Jaypee HagedornYear ago

    wheres Harden's Dunk on Dray?

  46. Basketball With Ido

    Basketball With IdoYear ago

    Hell man where is the stephs fadeaway?

  47. Albert Einstein

    Albert EinsteinYear ago

    Basketball With Ido Stephanie got owned tonight fool! Hu? Get educated!

  48. Ammar Ali

    Ammar AliYear ago

    Basketball With Ido That's probably worthy of number 31 , this is the TOP 5 bruh

  49. Mr. Putler Gollum

    Mr. Putler GollumYear ago

    Two Superstars and two All stars getting their asses whooped.

  50. harr nksss

    harr nksssYear ago

    Where is James harden's dunk?

  51. Jay Wacks

    Jay WacksYear ago

    last year finals match up cavs vs gsw.. this year finals match rockets vs celtics.. boooooom...

  52. Haris Panagopoulos

    Haris PanagopoulosYear ago

    Jay Wacks not gonna happen

  53. Yung Sinatra

    Yung SinatraYear ago

    KD sucks

  54. Just Dunk and Hoop

    Just Dunk and HoopYear ago

    No harden dunks on green?

  55. Pcnolasco

    PcnolascoYear ago

    LMFAO that shimmy

  56. serebreny

    serebrenyYear ago

    No skhrrrr shkrrr?

  57. wasmagpie

    wasmagpieYear ago

    Cp3 creating highways through curry's ass

  58. Max

    MaxYear ago

    Green's last seconds choke should be #1