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Top 5 Plays of the Night | May 21, 2018


  1. SuperRip7

    SuperRip710 days ago

    Love the long throw at 1:25. 08-03-18.

  2. NBA Reel

    NBA Reel2 months ago

    lebron james 0:04 and 0:24 and 1:09 tristan thompson to nice sequence 0:43 kevin love outlet nice pass to lebron james sick sequence and catch 1:27

  3. Nicholas Winn

    Nicholas Winn2 months ago

    Whats it like having Lebron's cock stuffed that far down your throat?

  4. HC DaVe

    HC DaVe2 months ago

    I luv these highlights of Lebron but i always dislike the video when this cocksucker is commentating he's fucking cancer

  5. MaxPtaughtMe

    MaxPtaughtMe2 months ago

    bruh the Celtics didn't make it on the list 😂

  6. Crip Blood

    Crip Blood2 months ago

    Lebron's top 5 again

  7. RJY81

    RJY812 months ago

    LeGoat James is king of the basketball world!!!!! #striveforgreatness #KingJames23 #LeGoat #Cavs2018Champs #LebronMVP

  8. randtherussiantortoise _

    randtherussiantortoise _2 months ago

    What has the top 5 become?

  9. Karl Karl

    Karl Karl2 months ago

    another lebron top 5 plays

  10. JUST BTO

    JUST BTO2 months ago

    This guy: dislike

  11. ishdeep grewal

    ishdeep grewal2 months ago

    Top 5 LEBRON* plays

  12. Fredy Rodríguez

    Fredy Rodríguez2 months ago

    ...perfect?... XD

  13. Cedric Dagarat

    Cedric Dagarat2 months ago

    The title must be top 5 plays of lebron james 😂😂😂


    HUGO BOSS2 months ago

    More like top five Cleveland

  15. Gavin Dorfer

    Gavin Dorfer2 months ago

    The title is actually Top 5 plays Cleveland Cavaliers

  16. jimmyy13

    jimmyy132 months ago

    the Cavs were a better team on the night and we all agree but the best play of the game belongs to Tatum and he is not in top 5-typical NBA

  17. Christopher Blanco

    Christopher Blanco2 months ago

    top 5 lebron

  18. showdown master

    showdown master2 months ago

    lol just say 5 best cavs highlights

  19. jorge lopez

    jorge lopez2 months ago

    Really?? The Celtics also had more impressive plays than the first two of this top ten, nba always sucking lebron's dick smh

  20. Ian Bora

    Ian Bora2 months ago

    Lebron is actually the cavs and the best player on the court by far how do you have back to back top 5 about you 😂😂

  21. Harold Adams III

    Harold Adams III2 months ago

    Ohhhh lebron

  22. Cowen K. Gittens

    Cowen K. Gittens2 months ago

    This guy is so cringy! 😖 "Head fake...head fake"

  23. Alessandro Ciaccio

    Alessandro Ciaccio2 months ago

    Only LeBron

  24. Richard Pietrzyk

    Richard Pietrzyk2 months ago

    obvious travel on the 3rd play, this refs are killin the celtics

  25. Simon Zack

    Simon Zack2 months ago

    Dat lebron is fukin too owerrated,why always him,he starting to suck

  26. black heart

    black heart2 months ago

    all top is cavs

  27. Eric Aoki

    Eric Aoki2 months ago

    0:56 quality facial expressions you got there

  28. Vince Morales

    Vince Morales2 months ago

    all about BRON

  29. Libreria Lannister

    Libreria Lannister2 months ago

    top 5 leflop playchoke style

  30. Michael Scofield

    Michael Scofield2 months ago

    *cedi bu pası verince top 10 da yer almadı hem bundan daha uzundu aq türk düşmanları karınızı sikeyim oçları*

  31. Ednnis Ayukh

    Ednnis Ayukh2 months ago

    Pure LeBron's Top 5 Plays of d night

  32. wilson nash

    wilson nash2 months ago

    Last 2 top 5 of this east final is all lebron, common 10 plays of all lebron? Common nba, your too obvious

  33. Вася Пупкин

    Вася Пупкин2 months ago

    Check out the top 5 plays featuring LeBron, LeBron more LeBron and once again LeBron

  34. Chris Washington

    Chris Washington2 months ago

    2 straight videos of just LeBron's highlights

  35. Z

    Z2 months ago

    I remember Jaylen Brown saying "LeBron is just another player. I got bigger threat in my neighborhood" LOL NIGGA

  36. Mr Jones

    Mr Jones2 months ago

    lebron the king

  37. Italo Rafael Barbosa

    Italo Rafael Barbosa2 months ago

    Top 5 LBJ 21 de maio!!!

  38. Dimitri Van Mol

    Dimitri Van Mol2 months ago

    Biased top 5 don’t you think? Baynes put back dunk should have at least been in it!

  39. Mohit Meena

    Mohit Meena2 months ago

    Imagine if that pass by kevin love was alley oop dunk by lebron james instead of a layup shot! 🤤

  40. wally1979

    wally19792 months ago

    Cringmentator improved? Of course.. he could just whistle and that would be better..

  41. Ako Si Jun Jun

    Ako Si Jun Jun2 months ago

    Why is it all cavs

  42. Ronalds Ceksters

    Ronalds Ceksters2 months ago

    thats what i call a one man show.

  43. AdvancedMotion Studios

    AdvancedMotion Studios2 months ago

    Lol at number 5 it seemed like LeBron felt bad cus he might've hit smart. Then he looked down and it seemed like he was like " oh nvm just another flop from smart)

  44. Bruno Vieira

    Bruno Vieira2 months ago

    top 5 cavs???????

  45. MAKEOUTHILL 1400/800

    MAKEOUTHILL 1400/8002 months ago

    C us Rise when we play home

  46. Milmer Banse

    Milmer Banse2 months ago

    Another top 5 for james😂😂

  47. Jomar Pascual

    Jomar Pascual2 months ago

    Nooo not again

  48. Jim Davis Pelegrina

    Jim Davis Pelegrina2 months ago

    Another Lebron Top 5 -_-

  49. frogbird 22

    frogbird 222 months ago

    LeBron's top 5 plays of the night

  50. Mic Jam

    Mic Jam2 months ago

    Wrong title... Should be Cavs top 5 plays of the night.

  51. Leonardo Suman

    Leonardo Suman2 months ago

    All cavs games: Top 5 Lebron

  52. ChillBro

    ChillBro2 months ago

    Didnt watch it but 72 ft pass by love and then catch and finish by lebron better be number 1

  53. AYsavage AY

    AYsavage AY2 months ago

    This should be called top 5 Lebron plays of the night

  54. no future

    no future2 months ago

    No highlights from Celtics

  55. marnol bermudez

    marnol bermudez2 months ago

    Flop King. Crying Monkey😭😭😭😭

  56. Antonio Virtudazo

    Antonio Virtudazo2 months ago

    Top 5 plays of the GOAT for tonight instead . lol 😆😂


    DANNY BECERRAZ2 months ago

    Lebron used to play football in high school and basketball but then quit football and only played basketball

  58. Cartoon Exclusive

    Cartoon Exclusive2 months ago

    Nice video Bro..

  59. Matteo Giust

    Matteo Giust2 months ago

    and the play at the and of the third?!

  60. Andrej Lapadat

    Andrej Lapadat2 months ago

    Where the fuck is Al Horfords spin on Korver and dunk? Alley op to Brown? What the fuck nba? Cringe again yeah.....

  61. furkan eviren

    furkan eviren2 months ago

    Boston 4 - 3 Cleveland

  62. Michael Wu

    Michael Wu2 months ago

    Where is Tatum's dunk? they lost but it doesn't really matter on top 5

  63. KenT Velasco

    KenT Velasco2 months ago

    Lebron is Undisputed

  64. Philip Christ Villacampa

    Philip Christ Villacampa2 months ago

    All lebron 😂

  65. MTP gaming

    MTP gaming2 months ago

    i know im for the cavs this series but wheres the horford alley oop or the brown dunk?

  66. Luka Dine

    Luka Dine2 months ago

    that commentator is so street...just terrible!

  67. okir rama

    okir rama2 months ago

    Not even one Celtics highlight???

  68. Alan KS

    Alan KS2 months ago

    I thought they'd put korver's blocks on either 4 or 5

  69. Bistouflex Bistouflex

    Bistouflex Bistouflex2 months ago

  70. Marco Raffaele

    Marco Raffaele2 months ago

    Larry Nance block on Tatum deserved...

  71. DOOM

    DOOM2 months ago

    IF anyone wants, i made a playlist of every top 5/10 that GOATamentor was on from 2017/2018 season Hope you enjoy

  72. Xavi Santos

    Xavi Santos2 months ago

    Wtf, Boston made really God plays and I don't say anyone

  73. James Shane

    James Shane2 months ago

    Cavs's top 5 plays.

  74. Kobe Bean

    Kobe Bean2 months ago

    Korver carried the cavs

  75. XxxKevinXDxxX

    XxxKevinXDxxX2 months ago

    Its All Top Plays Of Lebron Wheres The Celtics Top Plays

  76. Asim Ansari

    Asim Ansari2 months ago

    Looked like someone shot Marcus Smart in the face in the 5th play lol. Great flopping.

  77. L M

    L M2 months ago

    Less cringier than usual...

  78. Armel James Llaneta

    Armel James Llaneta2 months ago


  79. CHAMPbastien

    CHAMPbastien2 months ago

    i didnt think there was anyway possible the nba could jerk off lebron and the cavaliers more, and then i saw this...

  80. JJ Balmes

    JJ Balmes2 months ago

    The Cleveland again, outnumbered the top5 plays hahaha. #WhateverItTakes

  81. Stu

    Stu2 months ago


  82. Spread Positivity

    Spread Positivity2 months ago

    It almost a 360 no look pass😂😂


    OFOSUHENE DANNY2 months ago

    No love for Celtics

  84. Wazzup Bitch

    Wazzup Bitch2 months ago

    From cringy to depressing. You call this an improvement? #GOATGang

  85. Leo Bernabe

    Leo Bernabe2 months ago

    More like cavs top 5

  86. MrSportingSuperstar

    MrSportingSuperstar2 months ago

    That flop by Smart on play #5. The guy is an embarrassment.

  87. オワドラ

    オワドラ2 months ago


  88. Doggiee Dogstick

    Doggiee Dogstick2 months ago


  89. Pirate King Buggy D Clown

    Pirate King Buggy D Clown2 months ago

    Title should be top 5 plays of cavs game 4


    CHENYU ZHAO2 months ago

    that was some 2k moves daaaaamn!

  91. Pablo Martínez

    Pablo Martínez2 months ago

    Y el aley-oop de Smart y Tatum??

  92. youtube watcher

    youtube watcher2 months ago

    the weakest commentator in nba videos.

  93. WutTheDeuce

    WutTheDeuce2 months ago

    This series is just a technicality. West is winning the trophy. LOL

  94. Vadim Babych

    Vadim Babych2 months ago

    Lebron has 4 places in this top, good perfomance from King)

  95. - David Rodrigues -

    - David Rodrigues -2 months ago

    James / James / James / James / James Top 5 😂😂😂

  96. Xinese00

    Xinese002 months ago

    If LeBron wouldnt exist u couldnt have done this Top

  97. Truther11 Seeker

    Truther11 Seeker2 months ago

    K Love. Quarterback instincts.

  98. Crownslay

    Crownslay2 months ago

    Can’t even spell LeBron’s top 5 correctly

  99. Ahmad Dzaky

    Ahmad Dzaky2 months ago

    Well, simply it's another LeBron Top 5 again

  100. Matteo

    Matteo2 months ago

    Another top 5 james