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Top 5 Plays of the Night | May 19, 2018


  1. SuperRip7

    SuperRip73 months ago

    Great quote at 0:58. 08-03-18.

  2. De CapitanFluffy

    De CapitanFluffy6 months ago

    NBA is rigged. Controlled by referees and the higher officials of the NBA. Search up the 2007 whistleblower Referee. Spread the word.

  3. YT Dude

    YT Dude6 months ago


  4. jennifer rodriguez

    jennifer rodriguez6 months ago

    CLeBron Cavaliers....😎🏀😎🏀😎🏀

  5. Saint Cross

    Saint Cross6 months ago

    Top 5 is a foul

  6. Rance Hamilton

    Rance Hamilton6 months ago

    Did LeBron play in this game?

  7. DrP1po

    DrP1po6 months ago

    Number 5 foul...numbers 4-1 average plays... weak vid, good commentator

  8. NBA Reel

    NBA Reel6 months ago

    lebron james 0:04 and 0:21 and 0:39 and 0:51 and 1:11 flashy dunk

  9. undisputed

    undisputed6 months ago

    Top 5 plays of lebron james LMAO

  10. Lewis Pyro

    Lewis Pyro6 months ago

    Yo check out my Chanel. Brand new with fresh NBA content

  11. DC stands for DOUBLE CHAMP

    DC stands for DOUBLE CHAMP6 months ago

    the king. i hope he wins the finals

  12. Kuenzang Lhendup

    Kuenzang Lhendup6 months ago


  13. Nikhil Yadav

    Nikhil Yadav6 months ago

    It's all LeBron.

  14. Von Wagner

    Von Wagner6 months ago

    More fresh dishes than G ma 😂😂😂

  15. Michael Benzyl Jurada

    Michael Benzyl Jurada6 months ago

    Did anyone notice lebron in the top 5 plays?😂😂

  16. Albert Y

    Albert Y6 months ago

    Top 5 is a foul

  17. Marco Medina

    Marco Medina6 months ago

    all about the king man..

  18. About LEBRON JAMES maceda

    About LEBRON JAMES maceda6 months ago


  19. Mahesh Singh

    Mahesh Singh6 months ago

    I knew this day would come.

  20. AdzelGaming TV 2

    AdzelGaming TV 26 months ago

    haha no celtic best play

  21. Ivry Levy

    Ivry Levy6 months ago

    U should have named this video top five lebron plays of the night

  22. Semi'

    Semi'6 months ago

    You were LeBronned 😂


    G0TSWAGGER6 months ago

    am i the only one that doesn't like the "GOATmentator"?

  24. Tiagomrs Lopes

    Tiagomrs Lopes6 months ago

    more like lebron top 5 plays of the night am i right XD

  25. NOTtrumpsupporter Mhm

    NOTtrumpsupporter Mhm6 months ago

    Lebron = greatest all around player ever

  26. burus veyn

    burus veyn6 months ago


  27. Jeckboy Dela cruz

    Jeckboy Dela cruz6 months ago


  28. K10N

    K10N6 months ago

    Ummm any plays from the Celtics? Or Any Other Player At Least?


    QUENTIN30 CDUB6 months ago

    Got more fresh dishes than grandma. The 🐐 is at it again

  30. Benji

    Benji6 months ago

    1:10 5-out cheese

  31. ScarHead777

    ScarHead7776 months ago

    DAMN, Bron taking care of the WHOLE Top 5. Can't remember such a thing!

  32. NewWorldOrderFAIL

    NewWorldOrderFAIL6 months ago

    LeBron is a one man team. It's so great to see greatness like him putting it on. It's stuff like this that makes legends. If he were to somehow win the ring this season, can anyone seriously say he's less than MJ? He'd be atleast on par with him if he isn't already

  33. Электрик Киев

    Электрик Киев6 months ago


  34. The Boss

    The Boss6 months ago

    The cringementator

  35. Lylia Edyne

    Lylia Edyne6 months ago

    Top king james ! The best in the world!

  36. Chris Monaco

    Chris Monaco6 months ago

    This might be the first time that every top play was from one player lol

  37. JustinR20

    JustinR206 months ago

    Nice foul at 5

  38. ear rapè

    ear rapè6 months ago

    lebron fauled baynes

  39. Alan KS

    Alan KS6 months ago

    LeThanos highlight. Keep it going!

  40. Marco Antônio Bertollo

    Marco Antônio Bertollo6 months ago

    Top 5 só do papai lebrao

  41. christopher rafael nadal valerio

    christopher rafael nadal valerio6 months ago

    Las top 5 de Lebron James 😍😍😍😍

  42. tanaka Rento

    tanaka Rento6 months ago

    all bron👍👍👍

  43. Leandro Ignacio

    Leandro Ignacio6 months ago


  44. THA REAL K.I.D

    THA REAL K.I.D6 months ago

    Lol lebron every one😂😂🤷🏽‍♂️

  45. Wake Up!

    Wake Up!6 months ago

    A Ghost passes while LeBron is dribbling at 44

  46. Confuseshows

    Confuseshows6 months ago

    ghost of the goat at 0:43

  47. XXTheHipHopNinjaXX

    XXTheHipHopNinjaXX6 months ago

    Bars!!!! Lmaooooo the mufuckn GOAT himself, make this his permanent job, nobody else is good enough!!

  48. Connor McElroy

    Connor McElroy6 months ago

    The Cavs destroyed my Celtics I’ll give them that but number 5 was a foul you can’t dispute that

  49. 다솔장

    다솔장6 months ago


  50. Jose Tito Zevallos

    Jose Tito Zevallos6 months ago

    Might as well call this LBJ top 5 plays lol

  51. Raphael Meier

    Raphael Meier6 months ago

    top five lebron

  52. jeremy chang

    jeremy chang6 months ago

    LeBron highlight

  53. Lisa and Tom

    Lisa and Tom6 months ago

    King’s plays

  54. Luis Arvelo

    Luis Arvelo6 months ago


  55. Jake Lewis

    Jake Lewis6 months ago

    why is this not just called LeBron top 5 smh😂

  56. Squishy

    Squishy6 months ago

    *”Mama, there’s goes that man*”

  57. AP Andrew

    AP Andrew6 months ago

    Number 3 play was trash but everything else was fire, the nba just steady dicksucking LeBron

  58. resumen nba

    resumen nba6 months ago

    King james

  59. nikeairjordanfly

    nikeairjordanfly6 months ago

    how can some people still think that LeBron isn't the goat? he can literally do it all. MJ or Kobe would have taken the bad shot instead of passing the ball

  60. tjgulley

    tjgulley6 months ago

    Literally all LeBron lol

  61. Alex Wong

    Alex Wong6 months ago

    Does it ever happen before? One player having all the top play of that night.

  62. Shocktraderz

    Shocktraderz6 months ago

    Unbelievable what he‘s able to do at this age! No one comes ever close to him. Don’t even try to compare him to others. His enthusiasm. His ability to create emotion. Truly the best! Goatmentator

  63. IL WASGA

    IL WASGA6 months ago

    Lebron 5

  64. Seven Eleven

    Seven Eleven6 months ago

    LeBron haters : *Triggered*

  65. D'mario Person

    D'mario Person6 months ago

    The cavs are taking over

  66. Mesfin Adera

    Mesfin Adera6 months ago

    LeBron James beset !!!!!!!!

  67. nicxx

    nicxx6 months ago

    It more likely TOP 5 LEgoat plays

  68. jorkataa brat

    jorkataa brat6 months ago

    down wit the king

  69. Mac Perez

    Mac Perez6 months ago

    You mean lebron top 5 plays. 😂

  70. Raj Tan nery

    Raj Tan nery6 months ago

    Damn Lebron

  71. Maarij Assessor

    Maarij Assessor6 months ago

    It should be top 5 plays of lebron james | May 19, 2018

  72. arb malimbag

    arb malimbag6 months ago


  73. Michael Renan Gonzales

    Michael Renan Gonzales6 months ago

    top 5 plays of lebron LOL

  74. Gabriel Jacome

    Gabriel Jacome6 months ago

    top 5 lebron

  75. FirstInFlight# 23

    FirstInFlight# 236 months ago

    Wow, he took all plays by himself to own this video nice LeGoat

  76. Jonathon Torres

    Jonathon Torres6 months ago

    Yeah all of these were good but my favorite was the one with Lebron

  77. Bart Lonc

    Bart Lonc6 months ago


  78. Bottle Knife

    Bottle Knife6 months ago

    Damn I’m good...

  79. Solomon Mitchell

    Solomon Mitchell6 months ago

  80. Rachel Verena

    Rachel Verena6 months ago

    Hail the KING. GOAT

  81. ikerri98

    ikerri986 months ago

    this top 5 is an eye-opener of how trash are the cleveland. They can't do anything without lebron

  82. Vlone thug

    Vlone thug6 months ago


  83. Created Nova

    Created Nova6 months ago

    #5 was 100% a foul wtf....

  84. Prex Alis

    Prex Alis6 months ago


  85. Leonardo Suman

    Leonardo Suman6 months ago

    All lebron

  86. Koba no Vlog

    Koba no Vlog6 months ago

    Top 5 plays of Lebron | May 19, 2018

  87. さやまん

    さやまん6 months ago


  88. Daniel Amaro

    Daniel Amaro6 months ago

    not accurate. bias

  89. Kanaphot Thongdee

    Kanaphot Thongdee6 months ago

    Lebron highlights??

  90. JP - ROBLOX

    JP - ROBLOX6 months ago

    what the heck it's all LEBRON??

  91. Forever Alone 2009

    Forever Alone 20096 months ago

    LeBron is the fusion of Magic J. with Michael J.

  92. UncleSa

    UncleSa6 months ago

    Damn ! The King own this episode 3:

  93. choi euihyeon

    choi euihyeon6 months ago

    Is this a lebron special?

  94. Adam Moore

    Adam Moore6 months ago

    These are all good plays but terry roziers dunk shoulda been on here instead of the layup

  95. 구준영

    구준영6 months ago

    Its like leberon mixtape

  96. Originally Tari

    Originally Tari6 months ago

    Baynes was crying 'FOUL' after Lebron's clean block

  97. Durvyn Sony Ramírez ii98ik l 0 ag ,

    Durvyn Sony Ramírez ii98ik l 0 ag ,6 months ago

    Boston parece que no iso jugadas buenas. Las 5 son de Cleveland no es justo.

  98. Michael Jordan

    Michael Jordan6 months ago

    top 3 plays should be the refs 1 Lebron shoving brown to the ground (some how a foul on brown) 2 lebron misses layup no one even touches lebron (some how hes fouled..) 3 lebron clearly fouls yabusele (no call of course)

  99. travoy hanson

    travoy hanson6 months ago

    Legoat top 5

  100. daiviann

    daiviann6 months ago

    LeBron James Top 5