Top 5 Fortnite Season 5 Secrets YOU DIDN'T KNOW!


  1. Top5Gaming

    Top5GamingYear ago

    Notification squad? 👀

  2. Wesley Williams

    Wesley WilliamsMonth ago


  3. Zaids World

    Zaids WorldMonth ago

    Top5Gaming me


    FR4LESSS-X5 months ago


  5. Morgan Thompson

    Morgan Thompson9 months ago


  6. Cedar Klugherz

    Cedar Klugherz10 months ago

    I'm 100% on the notification squad

  7. I luv FORTNUT

    I luv FORTNUTMonth ago


  8. I luv FORTNUT

    I luv FORTNUTMonth ago

    Congrilation we are on season9 man that hurts because ı saw it 1 minute ago

  9. Cynthia Romero

    Cynthia Romero2 months ago


  10. LaKiya Battles

    LaKiya Battles2 months ago

    Safa Gaw shut show you play Fortnite

  11. Fortnite galaxy Op

    Fortnite galaxy Op2 months ago


  12. Tulena Bishop

    Tulena Bishop3 months ago

    Red knight Here

  13. Noah Hamilton

    Noah Hamilton3 months ago

    tp= toilet paper

  14. James Carpenter

    James Carpenter3 months ago


  15. Saauna Sampson

    Saauna Sampson4 months ago

    Who's watching in 2019?

  16. Lol gvborges1974

    Lol gvborges19744 months ago

    I’m in season 8

  17. Chommakorn Mckay

    Chommakorn Mckay5 months ago

    Wtf the red night did come back like a moth a go

  18. Tyler Gottfredsen

    Tyler Gottfredsen5 months ago

    Red night came back

  19. Sweet.honey Grace

    Sweet.honey Grace5 months ago

    The glider pack came out but it isn’t a back pack just a piece of string and u get like 10 and u can just redeploy your glider whenever

  20. Phil Iz

    Phil Iz6 months ago


  21. GasMaskYTXxX

    GasMaskYTXxX7 months ago


  22. Dynasty 187k

    Dynasty 187k8 months ago

    Season 6 anyone?

  23. Daniel Lenner

    Daniel Lenner8 months ago


  24. u trash

    u trash8 months ago

    Click bait

  25. car los

    car los8 months ago

    It returned 5 weeks ago

  26. Deus Vult

    Deus Vult9 months ago

    Red knight came back lol

  27. Weaving Yak9270

    Weaving Yak92709 months ago

    Who else watched this 2 days before season 6

  28. Meme Lol

    Meme Lol10 months ago

    It actually worked

  29. TheSuperSaiyanPikachu

    TheSuperSaiyanPikachu10 months ago

    Funny that Red Knight actually returned to the item shop.

  30. MessYourself biggest fan BehNeg

    MessYourself biggest fan BehNeg10 months ago

    1'000000000000000000000000 subscribe Birds.

  31. JT yo boy

    JT yo boy10 months ago

    Tell us Moore

  32. 8ighty 7even

    8ighty 7even10 months ago


  33. Hunter Blane Boozer

    Hunter Blane Boozer10 months ago

    did you guess Red Knight re-release

  34. Hunter Blane Boozer

    Hunter Blane Boozer10 months ago

    wait wut

  35. Shadow Lord890

    Shadow Lord89010 months ago

    The thing i want in fortnite are The return of the tactical SMG The return of the jetpack the return of skins that were in the shop for a limited time And most important a SEASONAL SHOP. In the seasonal shop you can buy everything you missed in seasons that you wanted. Also maybe selling things for vbucks and a ton more things but then the list would be EXTREMELY FUCKIN long. Edit: forgot to mention that in the seasonal shop you would be able to buy the parts of evolving skins that you didn’t het

  36. Fireblaster 89

    Fireblaster 8910 months ago

    I’m new to Fortnite but I’m still pretty good not enough to kill a pro you tuber like ninja but still good I have no v bucks don’t have any contrails no skins I. Tier 14

  37. Adil Naeem

    Adil Naeem10 months ago

    Subscribed and notification

  38. Cärmelo Mt

    Cärmelo Mt10 months ago

    thats nocie

  39. Gian Escalante

    Gian Escalante10 months ago

    Ummm am i late

  40. Alfie Holland Harrington

    Alfie Holland Harrington10 months ago

    I hate black and red night

  41. Roland Redhand

    Roland Redhand10 months ago


  42. Lazar beam us the best

    Lazar beam us the best10 months ago

    Tea they shut give you too vbucks

  43. karsen

    karsen10 months ago

    It worked

  44. Alex Cruz

    Alex Cruz10 months ago

    2:01 and it actually came true 😁😁👌

  45. the fnaf boss

    the fnaf boss11 months ago

    Your coming me up and having hopes thank you

  46. the fnaf boss

    the fnaf boss11 months ago

    My uncle just got in a reck

  47. ChezZy With that Itz

    ChezZy With that Itz11 months ago

    It's right

  48. HiRo San

    HiRo San11 months ago

    Hmmm all the thubs are clickbaits but The videos are soo cool

  49. TheG Games and Music

    TheG Games and Music11 months ago

    Lets just hope that fortnite's gifting system isn't like that of pubg mobile

  50. John Machalek

    John Machalek11 months ago

    I already won a victory royale on solo! I was playing on mobile btw!

  51. Zhang Shun Sun

    Zhang Shun Sun11 months ago

    Tp is toilet paper

  52. classic caleb

    classic caleb11 months ago

    Too many ads

  53. Peggs GT

    Peggs GT11 months ago

    4:23 Someone was standing there

  54. I’m A Random Person Ok?

    I’m A Random Person Ok?11 months ago

    It’s not cuntrail lol it’s contrail

  55. Hazking95

    Hazking9511 months ago

    Red knight did come back lolz