Top 5 Fortnite Season 5 Secrets YOU DIDN'T KNOW!


  1. Top5Gaming

    Top5Gaming7 months ago

    Notification squad? 👀

  2. FR4LESSS-X كل ما تحتاجه عن العاب

    FR4LESSS-X كل ما تحتاجه عن العاب24 days ago


  3. Morgan Thompson

    Morgan Thompson4 months ago


  4. Cedar Klugherz

    Cedar Klugherz5 months ago

    I'm 100% on the notification squad

  5. Leo Scott 0

    Leo Scott 05 months ago

    No I Did Not Even Sub Because You Swear

  6. Tamzin Bowden

    Tamzin Bowden6 months ago

    Top5Gaming me

  7. Chommakorn Mckay

    Chommakorn Mckay23 hours ago

    Wtf the red night did come back like a moth a go

  8. Tyler Gottfredsen

    Tyler Gottfredsen10 days ago

    Red night came back

  9. Sweet.honey Grace

    Sweet.honey Grace20 days ago

    The glider pack came out but it isn’t a back pack just a piece of string and u get like 10 and u can just redeploy your glider whenever

  10. Phil Iz

    Phil IzMonth ago


  11. GasMaskYTXxX

    GasMaskYTXxX2 months ago


  12. Fortnite Videos

    Fortnite Videos3 months ago

    Season 6 anyone?

  13. Daniel Lenner

    Daniel Lenner3 months ago


  14. Hi Bye

    Hi Bye3 months ago

    Click bait

  15. Juancarlos Max Guerra

    Juancarlos Max Guerra3 months ago

    It returned 5 weeks ago

  16. T Gay

    T Gay4 months ago

    Red knight came back lol

  17. Weaving Yak9270

    Weaving Yak92704 months ago

    Who else watched this 2 days before season 6

  18. Meme Lol

    Meme Lol4 months ago

    It actually worked

  19. TheSuperSaiyanPikachu

    TheSuperSaiyanPikachu5 months ago

    Funny that Red Knight actually returned to the item shop.

  20. MessYourself biggest fan BehNeg

    MessYourself biggest fan BehNeg5 months ago

    1'000000000000000000000000 subscribe Birds.

  21. JT yo boy

    JT yo boy5 months ago

    Tell us Moore

  22. The Chugglest Gluggle

    The Chugglest Gluggle5 months ago


  23. Hunter Blane Boozer

    Hunter Blane Boozer5 months ago

    did you guess Red Knight re-release

  24. Hunter Blane Boozer

    Hunter Blane Boozer5 months ago

    wait wut

  25. Shadow Lord890

    Shadow Lord8905 months ago

    The thing i want in fortnite are The return of the tactical SMG The return of the jetpack the return of skins that were in the shop for a limited time And most important a SEASONAL SHOP. In the seasonal shop you can buy everything you missed in seasons that you wanted. Also maybe selling things for vbucks and a ton more things but then the list would be EXTREMELY FUCKIN long. Edit: forgot to mention that in the seasonal shop you would be able to buy the parts of evolving skins that you didn’t het

  26. Fireblaster 89

    Fireblaster 895 months ago

    I’m new to Fortnite but I’m still pretty good not enough to kill a pro you tuber like ninja but still good I have no v bucks don’t have any contrails no skins I. Tier 14

  27. Adil Naeem

    Adil Naeem5 months ago

    Subscribed and notification

  28. Carmelo RockcnRoll

    Carmelo RockcnRoll5 months ago

    thats nocie

  29. Gian Escalante

    Gian Escalante5 months ago

    Ummm am i late

  30. Alfie Holland Harrington

    Alfie Holland Harrington5 months ago

    I hate black and red night

  31. Roland Weatherford

    Roland Weatherford5 months ago


  32. A/J vlogs

    A/J vlogs5 months ago

    Tea they shut give you too vbucks

  33. karsen _yt

    karsen _yt5 months ago

    It worked

  34. Alex Cruz

    Alex Cruz5 months ago

    2:01 and it actually came true 😁😁👌

  35. the fnaf boss

    the fnaf boss5 months ago

    Your coming me up and having hopes thank you

  36. the fnaf boss

    the fnaf boss5 months ago

    My uncle just got in a reck

  37. Chez-It Gamer

    Chez-It Gamer5 months ago

    It's right

  38. HiRo San

    HiRo San5 months ago

    Hmmm all the thubs are clickbaits but The videos are soo cool

  39. TheG Games and Music

    TheG Games and Music6 months ago

    Lets just hope that fortnite's gifting system isn't like that of pubg mobile

  40. John Machalek

    John Machalek6 months ago

    I already won a victory royale on solo! I was playing on mobile btw!

  41. Zhang Shun Sun

    Zhang Shun Sun6 months ago

    Tp is toilet paper

  42. classic caleb

    classic caleb6 months ago

    Too many ads

  43. Peggs GT

    Peggs GT6 months ago

    4:23 Someone was standing there

  44. I’m A Random Person Ok?

    I’m A Random Person Ok?6 months ago

    It’s not cuntrail lol it’s contrail

  45. Hazking95

    Hazking956 months ago

    Red knight did come back lolz

  46. Laís Ribeiro

    Laís Ribeiro6 months ago


  47. Dillon Davis

    Dillon Davis6 months ago

    As for the trail labeled : TP....toilet paper...i mean thats kinda somthing i can see the makers of fortnite doing.

  48. Master gamer707

    Master gamer7076 months ago

    It did

  49. mfkafibjoitj

    mfkafibjoitj6 months ago

    well it worked red knight is back

  50. MiniGhostNinja

    MiniGhostNinja6 months ago

    Free vbucks

  51. those edits

    those edits6 months ago

    It worked it's out

  52. Luis Rivera

    Luis Rivera6 months ago


  53. lpg mew playz games

    lpg mew playz games6 months ago


  54. lpg mew playz games

    lpg mew playz games6 months ago

    It wworked

  55. I Hate My Life III

    I Hate My Life III6 months ago

    The redknight thing worked!

  56. Kishawn Thomas

    Kishawn Thomas6 months ago

    Red knight return yesterday

  57. Jada Robinson

    Jada Robinson6 months ago

    It worked

  58. Almost Dead.

    Almost Dead.6 months ago

    Holy Moly it worked..

  59. Isaias Espinoza Hernandez

    Isaias Espinoza Hernandez6 months ago


  60. Gerhard Hanekom

    Gerhard Hanekom6 months ago


  61. Elijah Tyson

    Elijah Tyson6 months ago

    I saw a red portal at the end of paradise It takes with the end of the spawn Island

  62. Yuri :3

    Yuri :36 months ago

    Paradise palms???

  63. Jakub Mušić

    Jakub Mušić6 months ago


  64. i love typical gamer

    i love typical gamer6 months ago

    Who is hyped for season. 6 and 7

  65. Flixxy

    Flixxy6 months ago

    Guess what, The Red Knight Skin returned to the Item shop at the end of season 4

  66. Mujtaba arif

    Mujtaba arif6 months ago

    Some stuff is true right now

  67. River Quest

    River Quest6 months ago

    TP - toilet paper

  68. Captain Cold

    Captain Cold6 months ago

    Well tp is toiletpaper

  69. Tracie Miller

    Tracie Miller6 months ago

    it showed it in a trailer

  70. Tracie Miller

    Tracie Miller6 months ago

    the cracks are taking the items to drift

  71. Mabel Sorto

    Mabel Sorto6 months ago

    XD the red knight actually came back

  72. Nett Ford V

    Nett Ford V6 months ago

    Oh yeah I hate fortnite sometimes because of V bucks and I don't have Heaven I don't have vbox

  73. Nett Ford V

    Nett Ford V6 months ago

    It came out 3 times more

  74. Super Doggo official

    Super Doggo official6 months ago

    Tp means toilet paper

  75. therealfazbear27

    therealfazbear276 months ago

    funny thing the red knight did come back in an update called the return of the fort knights a couple weeks ago

  76. JaydenloveBonnie

    JaydenloveBonnie6 months ago

    Oof Money

  77. Godzilla Boy

    Godzilla Boy6 months ago

    None of these things happened

  78. Gabriel Rolon

    Gabriel Rolon6 months ago

    Paridise palms

  79. SMJ Super Mario JJ

    SMJ Super Mario JJ6 months ago

    It did

  80. Jasmina Namajuskaite

    Jasmina Namajuskaite6 months ago

    Go to loot lake if you go to the camping spot and head towards the lake you can spot a apple chopper and you can activate. Please add it in your vids!!

  81. rest in pieces

    rest in pieces6 months ago

    tp = toilet paper

  82. Untold

    Untold7 months ago

    Brah TP = Toilet paper

  83. Pepa Achkova

    Pepa Achkova7 months ago

    The dur burger is by pleasant park and look lake if u wanna know

  84. Crach_Genger TV

    Crach_Genger TV7 months ago


  85. The Dab King YT

    The Dab King YT7 months ago

    You can't retweet on this platform

  86. Jose Renderos

    Jose Renderos7 months ago

    congrats to that one guy who guessed TP would be toilet paper

  87. Golden Gunner

    Golden Gunner7 months ago

    I come from the future only some of the leaks are true

  88. Melo

    Melo7 months ago

    It is Toilet paper ;-; Thats a new Toilet Paper effect

  89. Pilot Pirate

    Pilot Pirate7 months ago

    It’s TP so it means toilet paper

  90. The Fried Egg AM

    The Fried Egg AM7 months ago


  91. Mike G

    Mike G7 months ago

    I already have like 50 skins including the skull trooper from Halloween😲

  92. The seeing eye

    The seeing eye7 months ago

    Season 5 is already out

  93. troll boy

    troll boy7 months ago


  94. Niilo Korhonen

    Niilo Korhonen7 months ago

    portrait anything jazz either tomato expense character man publisher.

  95. LegoTM Chicken Leg

    LegoTM Chicken Leg7 months ago

    Lol tp is ACTUALLY toilet paper

  96. Adir Perets

    Adir Perets7 months ago

    Give me vbucks

  97. D.J. D.

    D.J. D.7 months ago

    where is the rocket in real life?!

  98. TeagL

    TeagL7 months ago

    A victory royale is not the hardest thing, GETTING 99 KILLS IS

  99. Avery Green

    Avery Green7 months ago

    The way you say contrails is absolutely horrible, and is worse than nails on a chalkboard lol

  100. the crazy duck boy

    the crazy duck boy7 months ago

    Its already season 5

  101. Beast YT-Orignal

    Beast YT-Orignal7 months ago

    TP is toilet paper if u know what glitch is than u should know what TP is .-.

  102. ADRIAN Juega

    ADRIAN Juega7 months ago

    Actually happened i have the red nkigt skin

  103. TypicalWolf

    TypicalWolf7 months ago

    I watched this vid during season 5 and it is kinda funny how video got some things right and other completely missed the dart board. Btw when you get a win now it goes Slow-mo with a new banner (got a solo win yesterday) btw new skins are lit af

  104. KidWiskerz

    KidWiskerz7 months ago


  105. Silly Kiwi

    Silly Kiwi7 months ago

    I am watching this then a fortnite ad appeared