Top 5 Fortnite Myths THAT NEED TO BE BUSTED!


  1. Spaghetti779

    Spaghetti77910 hours ago

    RIP Steve Jobs :_(

  2. Vincent Richardson

    Vincent RichardsonDay ago

    No it missed

  3. xxxTae LøveSīn

    xxxTae LøveSīnDay ago

    You can actually shoot through your brick wall if you build a window

  4. Pepsipvp

    Pepsipvp2 days ago

    I did found A lama In middle of tilted tower New house

  5. Mirek Adamowski

    Mirek Adamowski2 days ago

    Send me the flippen mystery box Screw it old grandpa will take over fortnite

  6. postboxpat

    postboxpat2 days ago

    Shame I never Got my channel linked :( RIP

  7. BET Kindly

    BET Kindly2 days ago


  8. Angelica Basurto

    Angelica Basurto2 days ago

    XD I was thinking of game theory and u just said "that's just a theory a game theory!!!!!"

  9. Kerrie Second

    Kerrie Second2 days ago

    I once almost made it back to spawn once but i wentback cause the storm was there

  10. Eucevio Maldonado

    Eucevio Maldonado3 days ago

    Well not copyright

  11. Eucevio Maldonado

    Eucevio Maldonado3 days ago

    Hey don't copyright mat pat

  12. V P

    V P3 days ago

    No body cares I found 2 lamas at tilted my self

  13. Gianni Cruz

    Gianni Cruz3 days ago

    Omg omg i su bu and like u so i want v bucks

  14. Marissa Harrison

    Marissa Harrison4 days ago

    I found a llama in tilted to

  15. Joshua Putnam

    Joshua Putnam4 days ago

    How do u play on legacy southpaw

  16. william McGarey

    william McGarey4 days ago

    y is ur thing a bird

  17. Niko the Random dino

    Niko the Random dino4 days ago

    I’ve always tried to go back to the island the bus picks you up from and I ended up drowning

  18. Robyn Eyre

    Robyn Eyre5 days ago

    GG 😁👑👕👖

  19. s m

    s m5 days ago


  20. Roblox Vs Gt

    Roblox Vs Gt6 days ago

    On saturday i saw 3 lamas in titled towers close to each others :O!!

  21. BS Productions

    BS Productions6 days ago

    I saw a roblox ad in this video, and I actually thought it was part of the video!😄

  22. Scorpion Gaming

    Scorpion Gaming7 days ago

    I legit just found a llama in the middle of tilted today not even joking

  23. Maurisha Long

    Maurisha Long7 days ago

    You guys give the best facts

  24. Nikki Bella

    Nikki Bella7 days ago


  25. Duarte Carneiro

    Duarte Carneiro8 days ago


  26. ex herobrine 102

    ex herobrine 1028 days ago

    I liked and sub

  27. Tim Morgan

    Tim Morgan8 days ago

    fortnite doesnt have anything to do with forts a fortnite is a measurement of time

  28. Ryan the Rich Youtuber

    Ryan the Rich Youtuber8 days ago

    I am friend request u on ps4

  29. Shirkin

    Shirkin8 days ago

    Game theory :D

  30. Phantom

    Phantom9 days ago

    Maybe season 6 will have something too do with the bunker

  31. it's snuffels!

    it's snuffels!9 days ago

    i found a llama at tilted before it was on a building

  32. Lessley Perez

    Lessley Perez9 days ago

    My bad it wasn't theory film it was film theory YOU CPYRIGHTER

  33. Lessley Perez

    Lessley Perez9 days ago


  34. Kwebbel Kid

    Kwebbel Kid9 days ago

    On fortnite I landed on a llama on the cliff

  35. Zap Tap

    Zap Tap10 days ago


  36. Destroyer Rancher

    Destroyer Rancher10 days ago

    Do you actually get that skin?

  37. Kahleil forter/bruzual

    Kahleil forter/bruzual10 days ago

    So everybody is going to ignore "A game theory"?

  38. ShawnCainglet 290

    ShawnCainglet 29010 days ago

    Atleast this channel aint clickbait

  39. Tatiana Ancona de Paula

    Tatiana Ancona de Paula10 days ago

    And also u can break all the thing in the spawn island

  40. Tatiana Ancona de Paula

    Tatiana Ancona de Paula10 days ago

    U can get in the the spawn alind

  41. Golden Plush

    Golden Plush10 days ago

    Get rekt you *whispernappers*

  42. OkayAmelia

    OkayAmelia11 days ago

    lol myth should watch it You get it? :)

  43. Tyler Cooke

    Tyler Cooke12 days ago

    One time I found 2 loot lammers next to each over

  44. Alfie Morris

    Alfie Morris12 days ago


  45. 123 weird

    123 weird12 days ago

    Oldbag anyone? YOU WIPPERSNAPPERS

  46. Dynamic DuD

    Dynamic DuD12 days ago

    7:02 WHY IPHONE

  47. Dynamic DuD

    Dynamic DuD12 days ago

    $eason 5 @nyone

  48. Zachary Sng

    Zachary Sng12 days ago

    I have seen the bucket but it is unbreakable

  49. Kanagaraj Tharun

    Kanagaraj Tharun13 days ago

    1.00 haha

  50. Erich O Neill

    Erich O Neill13 days ago

    I subscribed and turnd on all notification

  51. Aiden Moon

    Aiden Moon13 days ago

    I found a loot lama on a tower on tilted

  52. Smiles

    Smiles13 days ago

    I’m playing in season 5 and there’s rifts

  53. tueybee7

    tueybee714 days ago

    Do some gameplay why don't you please tell me just tell me please

  54. beastmodexxx xxx

    beastmodexxx xxx14 days ago


  55. Wolfy4live

    Wolfy4live15 days ago

    Is it Wierd I got a fortnite add?

  56. Christopher Smiley

    Christopher Smiley15 days ago

    I subscribed

  57. Sandra Correa

    Sandra Correa15 days ago


  58. Amber Gonsalves

    Amber Gonsalves15 days ago

    I subscribe

  59. Crazy Cookies 190

    Crazy Cookies 19015 days ago

    my prediction where its going to destroy is dusty divot like the comment if you think the same

  60. みどりケン_

    みどりケン_16 days ago

    Wait wait wait WAIT... you are not matpat... no no no no no no no

  61. Little_ Connor

    Little_ Connor16 days ago

    Get wrecked out wippersnappers

  62. Maria A. Barajas

    Maria A. Barajas18 days ago

    1:22 doctor ??

  63. Gabriella Bernal

    Gabriella Bernal18 days ago


  64. Tater_Boi

    Tater_Boi18 days ago

    LazarBeam made it to spawn island

  65. William Smith

    William Smith19 days ago

    I know how to get in the bunker you have to throw a portafort at it then it will get rid of the back part of the bunker then you break the back wall of the portafort and then you a in the bunker

  66. Zayne Chinnick

    Zayne Chinnick19 days ago

    My friend found a llama in the middle of tilted in the middle of the game

  67. Chon Castro

    Chon Castro19 days ago

    I liked your other vids

  68. Fernando Zarate

    Fernando Zarate19 days ago

    i found 5 llamas in not even in a week like 3 days or 2 and i swear

  69. Angela Fry

    Angela Fry19 days ago

    You are not game there

  70. Cairorocks 2019

    Cairorocks 201919 days ago

    U Can go back to spawn island in playground mode😁

  71. k Wills

    k Wills20 days ago

    I know one myth the pink team leader it's turns into red team leader

  72. Vero 2004

    Vero 200420 days ago

    I subbed and turned on notifications

  73. Daisy Fitzgerald

    Daisy Fitzgerald21 day ago

    A lama

  74. Daisy Fitzgerald

    Daisy Fitzgerald21 day ago

    I found one there in a solo I did

  75. J Robertson

    J Robertson21 day ago

    pls pick me but areyou going to give it to every one that subcribe

  76. Wyatt Proctor

    Wyatt Proctor21 day ago

    I glitched and stayed on spawn

  77. SW vlogs And diys

    SW vlogs And diys21 day ago

    Fortnite should make a rogue mode

  78. Excitement Squad

    Excitement Squad21 day ago

    The skins that have long hats people will see the hat and go to kill them

  79. Ο Εκφωνητής

    Ο Εκφωνητής21 day ago

    I've find one in tilted

  80. Ο Εκφωνητής

    Ο Εκφωνητής21 day ago

    3:13 SXVXN!!!!!!

  81. Rodriques YT

    Rodriques YT22 days ago

    In season 5 , if you would play in the playground mode , you would find a lot of llamas around the Paradise Palms area , and alot of them in Tilted Towers

  82. The Bluswagon

    The Bluswagon22 days ago

    You do realize that one of these myths is from postboxpat and you didn’t give him credit. I’m a subscriber to him and to you and that’s just cold

  83. Gamer Tyler

    Gamer Tyler22 days ago

    You copy game theory’s outro

  84. Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah

    Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah22 days ago

    Y u steal postboxpats vid?? oh no no

  85. kieran Macgregor

    kieran Macgregor22 days ago

    I had a llama in tilted it was my first llama and u used to be able to but they patched it

  86. ernest guido

    ernest guido22 days ago


  87. Mirrored dream

    Mirrored dream23 days ago

    I've shot through the wall of my friends for one time so that's a lie can't trick me

  88. Nathan Huberty

    Nathan Huberty23 days ago

    Is legacy southpaw hard?

  89. Random Tiny Paws

    Random Tiny Paws23 days ago

    Big fan fellow youtuber

  90. Minecraftpro 6

    Minecraftpro 623 days ago


  91. Kill Me

    Kill Me23 days ago

    When I was playing with my sis I found like eight loot llamas in the lake

  92. Kill Me

    Kill Me23 days ago


  93. Kill Me

    Kill Me23 days ago

    One myth busted

  94. Kill Me

    Kill Me23 days ago

    And yes there is a loot llama in the middle of tilted towers

  95. Dane McNeill

    Dane McNeill24 days ago

    The mentor hit season 4 not 3

  96. LegendarySoul96

    LegendarySoul9624 days ago

    Just wanted you sleep

  97. Claudia Aliaga

    Claudia Aliaga24 days ago

    Fortbusters ?!

  98. ¿Nik Guy?

    ¿Nik Guy?24 days ago

    T H I S I S N I C E S T E R T V

  99. Tyler White

    Tyler White24 days ago

    *_gEt ReKt YoU wHiPpErSnApPeRs_*

  100. The flaming Skull

    The flaming Skull24 days ago

    Why is there a ice cream truck in the ground at dusty maybe someone was chasing a child?

  101. Muzaidah Ismail

    Muzaidah Ismail24 days ago

    Matpat gonna be mad

  102. JaySavage Noob

    JaySavage Noob24 days ago

    I subbed and liked

  103. Linda Russo

    Linda Russo25 days ago

    You are the best of m all