Top 5 Fortnite Myths THAT NEED TO BE BUSTED!


  1. Andrew Nicholson

    Andrew Nicholson23 hours ago

    Season 8 anyone (setting this up with 10 days until season 8 lol)

  2. Marcos Yahir Echevarria Burgos

    Marcos Yahir Echevarria BurgosDay ago

    I found one in tilted towers in the one shot gamemode in front of the red house

  3. Gregory manofpower2007

    Gregory manofpower2007Day ago

    My friend shut me right over the hair and killed me

  4. MaronRamos •

    MaronRamos •2 days ago


  5. Exzozombiez

    Exzozombiez5 days ago

    Who's hyped for season 8

  6. Three Dudes And Some science

    Three Dudes And Some science5 days ago

    I’m watching this in season 7 and they are something

  7. Noah Dube

    Noah Dube6 days ago

    Wow a game theory channel line "that's just a theory,a game theory"

  8. vbarcodev

    vbarcodev6 days ago

    I think he shot to straight at him and the bullet droppes.hey there was a splash in the waster what could that have been a shark?No. I think he just shot straight at him maybe shoot alittle bit more up like an 1ich higher

  9. ssartin 23

    ssartin 237 days ago

    I seen wildcat

  10. The Sarah show

    The Sarah show7 days ago

    Grampa: little Jimmy I GOT A FRIKIN KILL Little Jimmy:good For you Grampa:GET RECKED WHIPPER SNAPER

  11. PlantllL108

    PlantllL1089 days ago

    Without shopping carts

  12. PlantllL108

    PlantllL1089 days ago

    I’m posting a video on how to get to the spawn island

  13. H Pupo

    H Pupo9 days ago

    I found a llama in tited

  14. Shadow PlayZ

    Shadow PlayZ10 days ago

    I got to Spawn island, they patched it tho... btw, Tfue shot bullets through those woods things

  15. epicgamemasters 1

    epicgamemasters 111 days ago

    I got to spawn island but i don't know how

  16. Fionn Connolly stout and jasper

    Fionn Connolly stout and jasper13 days ago

    Ther is a Bunker in walingwoods

  17. Noahrex27 vlogs

    Noahrex27 vlogs14 days ago


  18. Noahrex27 vlogs

    Noahrex27 vlogs14 days ago

    0:25 got me hard gg 😂😂😂

  19. Anthony Carson

    Anthony Carson15 days ago

    I got 2 loot lamas in one game once😃😎😎😎

  20. Gabe Wilson

    Gabe Wilson16 days ago

    Get rekt you wippersnappers

  21. Diamond Head and gold head

    Diamond Head and gold head16 days ago

    So that's how we get to spawn Island

  22. Rectsquad

    Rectsquad17 days ago


  23. BENEDICT Free

    BENEDICT Free17 days ago

    Damn fortnite also has a cult. I mean look at brendon urie .whats going_on

  24. Fred Demon

    Fred Demon18 days ago

    lol Thegamethery

  25. TBNRwars Champ

    TBNRwars Champ19 days ago

    I am from the future nothing happens to the bunker.

  26. Kingdom_Of_Cool

    Kingdom_Of_Cool21 day ago

    You copied myth busters from yo boy pizza

  27. Tbuddy36 Gamer

    Tbuddy36 Gamer22 days ago

    How to get the grandpa skin in fortnite

  28. christian

    christian23 days ago

    is he white or black

  29. mystery guy 12

    mystery guy 1224 days ago


  30. cale Davis

    cale Davis25 days ago

    i found a llama in tilted towers i promise to you

  31. FOXTROT _SR1

    FOXTROT _SR129 days ago

    The bunker hatch did get updated now in season 7 there is another hatch

  32. Chris Kenny

    Chris KennyMonth ago

    You just took games theory cath frase

  33. Soren Austenberg

    Soren AustenbergMonth ago

    2019, anyone?

  34. ic lancer

    ic lancerMonth ago

    Dude copyright claim don't quote game theory!

  35. Luckcity23

    Luckcity2319 days ago

    ic lancer I 100% agree with you

  36. Hamster Boss

    Hamster BossMonth ago

    GeT rEkTeD yOu WhIpPeRsNaPeRs!

  37. Spongebob Show

    Spongebob ShowMonth ago


  38. James Marzoughi

    James MarzoughiMonth ago

    Every time I look at skins I think of v bucks and fortrash

  39. The Purple Husky gamer

    The Purple Husky gamerMonth ago

    Really game theory really

  40. nick world15 en

    nick world15 enMonth ago

    I left it like in the strain

  41. Xaden Dace247 Dacey

    Xaden Dace247 DaceyMonth ago

    2019 anyone

  42. Emily_Likes_Random_Stuff

    Emily_Likes_Random_StuffMonth ago

    Whoa! Clickbait!

  43. Timothy Wirth

    Timothy WirthMonth ago


  44. Timothy Wirth

    Timothy WirthMonth ago

    And a pot

  45. Timothy Wirth

    Timothy WirthMonth ago

    I’ve gotten garbage out of a llama once it was literally a uncommon smg

  46. YaBoi Bithch

    YaBoi BithchMonth ago

    I’ve found a llama on clock tower

  47. WhiteShadow 364

    WhiteShadow 364Month ago


  48. Adan Tello

    Adan TelloMonth ago

    3:41 What’s inside holding the C4 grenade

  49. Dean Mwadiwa

    Dean MwadiwaMonth ago

    I always find llamas in tilted

  50. NitroBuilderGTR

    NitroBuilderGTRMonth ago

    I subscribed and used the bell notification and liked

  51. Tim Supik

    Tim SupikMonth ago

    I think this video had more advertising than content

  52. Ellen Taaffe

    Ellen TaaffeMonth ago


  53. Ahmed Ahmed

    Ahmed AhmedMonth ago

    I I'm from sezon 7

  54. pubg lovers

    pubg loversMonth ago

    I got a llama in middle of paradise resort

  55. Carson Alban

    Carson AlbanMonth ago

    *get rekted you whippersnappers*

  56. BRread614

    BRread614Month ago

    Wait I got one loot lamma in Tilted..

  57. Kieth Vang

    Kieth VangMonth ago

    I subscribed I hate the small bell



    Me and me friend actually used a glitch in Playgrounds to get the spawn island

  59. Cervando Hernandez

    Cervando HernandezMonth ago

    Its seamen seven bru

  60. Jacachu

    JacachuMonth ago

    I got




  62. Milan Demers

    Milan DemersMonth ago

    Why did'nt bust TSM_Myth???

  63. __Totally__Redundant__

    __Totally__Redundant__Month ago

    There’s also another way to get to spawn island I’ve done it with my friends

  64. Jellyfox 10

    Jellyfox 10Month ago

    I have found a loot Lamma in tilited tower

  65. Edward lindsay

    Edward lindsayMonth ago

    Good old Trevor (tmarn2)

  66. Lifefox 13

    Lifefox 13Month ago


  67. Daniel Norris 08 (STUDENT)

    Daniel Norris 08 (STUDENT)Month ago


  68. EFP NotGodzillaFan

    EFP NotGodzillaFanMonth ago


  69. GoldenT Daimind

    GoldenT DaimindMonth ago

    Same with the dusty depot thing in the unvalted game mode picture that’s not in dusty depot it’s in a similar building im not saying dusty won’t come back I’m say that’s not dusty depot in the screen shot

  70. shannon hamilton

    shannon hamiltonMonth ago

    Good video 🙂

  71. papa john05

    papa john05Month ago

    Lol I watching at season 7 and still nothing in the hatch

  72. mask plays

    mask playsMonth ago

    It's fine I wish I could get more veiws but nope

  73. Cairo Allen

    Cairo AllenMonth ago

    Lincoln and Dan

  74. Cairo Allen

    Cairo AllenMonth ago

    What's Inside!

  75. Elio Harb

    Elio HarbMonth ago

    2019 anyone?

  76. Rip XXX

    Rip XXXMonth ago


  77. YouTube Comment

    YouTube CommentMonth ago

    That's just a THEORY a GAY theory

  78. DJCriper Play

    DJCriper PlayMonth ago

    The only thing size of skin’s head affects is that it can partially lag through the bush ;-;

  79. rudi style

    rudi styleMonth ago

    You kan go to span island

  80. Matthew Reyff

    Matthew ReyffMonth ago

    One time I was able to search a bush in battle Royale but nothing happened when I did. But you can search Bush’s in save the world

  81. Aidenz Gamez

    Aidenz GamezMonth ago

    Is there a secret under ground bunker in wailing woods?right now is season 7.And yes there is.(it’s not much of a secret anymore tho lol)

  82. Barbara Wong

    Barbara WongMonth ago

    Mistery box please!! I subed

  83. Andrei Dmitriev

    Andrei DmitrievMonth ago

    u used matpats catchphrase at 00:55

  84. Andrei Dmitriev

    Andrei DmitrievMonth ago

    u used matpats catchphrase at 0:55

  85. Jimmy & Eduardo

    Jimmy & EduardoMonth ago

    Top 5 you made me be careful with my homework

  86. Jessica Calomee

    Jessica CalomeeMonth ago

    I subscribe

  87. Engine Steams

    Engine SteamsMonth ago

    You stole the game theorist intro

  88. Super God _YT

    Super God _YTMonth ago

    We got another god here

  89. Braydan Maestro

    Braydan MaestroMonth ago

    I've found a Lama in tilted and I have a screen

  90. GamingSmartVideos

    GamingSmartVideosMonth ago

    Make it to spawn island? Already done that in playground, by gliding off the map and continuously respawning to prevent yourself from being killed my the water until the game kills you for being to far and there you have it you should have reached spawn island (playground only - works in season 7)

  91. David Zhen

    David ZhenMonth ago

    Loot lamas are at lazy links

  92. David Zhen

    David ZhenMonth ago

    It season 7 nothing yet

  93. Emma Rankin

    Emma RankinMonth ago

    Loop look

  94. Emma Rankin

    Emma RankinMonth ago


  95. Treyvon Davis

    Treyvon DavisMonth ago

    RIP Double Pump 😩😥

  96. Diego C

    Diego CMonth ago

    If you have John wick, look at his hands, they are ginormous. Like if you agree

  97. II Mr Mojo II

    II Mr Mojo IIMonth ago

    I think I get a lot of loot llamas

  98. Lucky Thao

    Lucky ThaoMonth ago

    I found all 3 lama

  99. Major Penguin

    Major PenguinMonth ago

    At 5:47 there was one time when I found 2 loot llamas in a single game

  100. JakeMoPlays

    JakeMoPlays10 days ago


  101. DatPandaDude

    DatPandaDude13 days ago

    I’m did too

  102. Chris Hamburg Jr

    Chris Hamburg JrMonth ago


  103. Burgerlover 123

    Burgerlover 123Month ago

    Major Penguin a

  104. Austin Tyler

    Austin TylerMonth ago

    I’m just poor

  105. wi gill

    wi gillMonth ago

    Screw you copy right mat pat/game theory says it's just a game theory