Top 5 Fortnite Myths THAT NEED TO BE BUSTED!


  1. Alicia Luna

    Alicia Luna34 minutes ago

    I found a scar at shifty shafts and then found a loot lama next to house in arena solos and i said im ready for life

  2. Gavin’s Theater

    Gavin’s Theater3 hours ago

    Copyright u stole from game theory

  3. WEB Fox EmpurR

    WEB Fox EmpurRDay ago

    5:05 69 Pump bullets ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  4. Jay Wilson

    Jay Wilson2 days ago


  5. Gerbil Life

    Gerbil Life2 days ago

    Maybe the bunker will be used for the polar peak monster 🤔

  6. Thunder

    ThunderDay ago

    Yeah haven’t thought of that. Or bunkers for cover whilst the war happening for the heroes

  7. Michelle Cohen Friedlander

    Michelle Cohen Friedlander3 days ago

    yes last year in season 6 there was a buen lol

  8. Legolookout Exodus

    Legolookout Exodus4 days ago

    Actually the lamas can spawn in tilted towers (rip) I found one on a building

  9. Francesco Venturini

    Francesco Venturini4 days ago

    Season 9 and nothin happen to da bunker

  10. GGames

    GGames4 days ago

    😑😑😑You said game teory.. Its taken dough from game teorist.

  11. doulingo loves spanish

    doulingo loves spanish4 days ago

    0:57 *matpat wants to talk to you*

  12. Shane &Ash Cute Vloggers

    Shane &Ash Cute Vloggers4 days ago

    Nice copy intro of gt

  13. Legit Stormz

    Legit Stormz4 days ago

    When you get a console win you don't get a skin you just get the umbrella

  14. Noßu Lingbao

    Noßu Lingbao4 days ago

    i just subbed because he said get rekt u whippersnappers

  15. Hayden Havoc

    Hayden Havoc5 days ago

    Ok i know this video is a year old but i gotta say this that when he started to talk about the lama spawn myth i had to say that nearly EVERY SINGLE ROUND .ill find a lama just sitting on a tree in a river or just anywhere and a few of my friend call me the lama magnet.

  16. Jackson 5

    Jackson 55 days ago

    Ceeday found a loot llama in titled

  17. Steven Banta jr

    Steven Banta jr5 days ago


  18. Garrett Fn

    Garrett Fn5 days ago

    I have a skin similar to whippersnapper boy

  19. Ryan Deza

    Ryan Deza6 days ago


  20. Dylan Phillips

    Dylan Phillips11 days ago

    That shot though

  21. FTG Lachy

    FTG Lachy11 days ago

    Watching a year later!

  22. Puppy Cupcakes

    Puppy Cupcakes15 days ago

    I glitched myself on to spawn island somehow... I was playing the John Wick duo game and when I died I was glitched in the floor of spawn island. So, I jumped and set a marker in the ice place ( I don't remember what it's called) and my teammate went to my marker and started jumping, I did too. It was five minutes for me being and spawn island, my teammate has left. Finally, the storm comes in and finishes me off. If you want proof, (this is on a xbox) Go to profile: Puppy Cupcakes6 and you should see me in a suit in fortnite. Watch it. There's your proof. I just wanted to say this out. Have a wonderful day to who ever reads this! ( 7:26)

  23. Benjamin Dobnikar Klepec

    Benjamin Dobnikar Klepec17 days ago

    u wach film theory


    TEEGAN LEKACH18 days ago

    Copyright! That is game the theory sigh-off

  25. Dezmond Davenport

    Dezmond Davenport18 days ago

    2019 ANYONE

  26. xFadeaway_

    xFadeaway_22 days ago

    9:16 What about Peely?

  27. Dat Bogie

    Dat Bogie23 days ago


  28. red rocks

    red rocks25 days ago

    R. I. P tilted

  29. Bradley Irzyk

    Bradley Irzyk26 days ago

    2019 any one???

  30. Rhys McAuley

    Rhys McAuleyMonth ago

    0:30 myth busted he holds a hunting rifle with the vault backbling.... season 9: VAULT THE HUNTING RIFLE!!!

  31. Straw

    StrawMonth ago


  32. ZoomAnd boom Boom and zoom

    ZoomAnd boom Boom and zoomMonth ago


  33. don’t make meh spamz

    don’t make meh spamzMonth ago

    The room made of dirt in wailing woods was moved to a small island. It’s there right now when you land there, it’s pretty easy to find. Not that hard.

  34. Use Code Ceedayy In The Item Shop

    Use Code Ceedayy In The Item ShopMonth ago

    I found a loot llama on a street light in tilted back in season 4

  35. Kaylee Velasco

    Kaylee VelascoMonth ago

    I like the old grampa skin

  36. Edward Halsall

    Edward HalsallMonth ago


  37. Dank Memes

    Dank MemesMonth ago

    Lol I remover this game isn’t like season 9 now this game was actually really good but then they ruined it

  38. Leanne Allen

    Leanne AllenMonth ago

    He did not go to iland when you look at is map it says flush factiry

  39. Emmajames Contreras

    Emmajames ContrerasMonth ago

    Yay!! You know who Matpat is aka GameTheory

  40. Kale Scope

    Kale ScopeMonth ago

    I did sub a like and notifications

  41. 。 .•F U N C H A N N E L• .。

    。 .•F U N C H A N N E L• .。Month ago

    *Do you guys know that the tower is at junk conjunction*

  42. SquirrelMAN 9

    SquirrelMAN 9Month ago

    Hahahahahha it's Junk Junction. If it was Junk Conjunction, it could be Junk and.

  43. Dylan Rivera

    Dylan RiveraMonth ago

    Nice I like game and film theary

  44. Sarwa Man Nakarmi

    Sarwa Man NakarmiMonth ago

    Its season 9 D

  45. Kiddos Erwin

    Kiddos Erwin2 months ago

    0:57 matpat reference

  46. unknown anomus

    unknown anomus2 months ago

    Season 9 anyone

  47. Those_KindsofGaMES

    Those_KindsofGaMES2 months ago

    I’ve found a llama in the center of tilted towers before

  48. Juan Garcia

    Juan Garcia2 months ago

    I'm watching from the future Which is season 9

  49. Marcelo Ceballos

    Marcelo Ceballos2 months ago

    your awesome

  50. graffiti grafitti

    graffiti grafitti2 months ago

    I rift and it killed me on fortnite

  51. Josh Hered

    Josh Hered2 months ago

    You don't have to use a shopping cart to get to the spawn island in play ground you fly to the spawn island and die from a invincible wall and you will die again and you'll spawn there

  52. Baconbros 12

    Baconbros 122 months ago

    Now its season 9 and the bunker still hasnt opened... GET IT TOGETHER EPIC!!