Top 5 Fortnite Myths THAT NEED TO BE BUSTED!


  1. The great 049

    The great 04912 hours ago

    Your not mat pat

  2. Joshua Anderson

    Joshua Anderson18 hours ago

    My chanel never got a sub ):

  3. Jye Jyek

    Jye Jyek18 hours ago

    Hiiiii hellos

  4. 1 1

    1 123 hours ago

    Hiiii love u so much yayyyyyyyyyyyy

  5. arlin cameron

    arlin cameron23 hours ago

    Dude I found 2 on my first time 2 lamas

  6. Iris Carrillo

    Iris CarrilloDay ago

    I found out its

  7. Iris Carrillo

    Iris CarrilloDay ago

    I did it at playground

  8. Adrienn Pinter

    Adrienn PinterDay ago

    I personally have found a loot llama in tilted towers, centre building roof

  9. Elijah Duran

    Elijah DuranDay ago

    Nope you did not say what matpat says

  10. AngelsStuffPost

    AngelsStuffPost2 days ago

    8:49 some of them are different SIZES *starts thinking about thicc skins*

  11. Subhan Butt

    Subhan Butt2 days ago

    Yea but I’m in season 6

  12. Jimmy Savile

    Jimmy Savile2 days ago

    Season 6 the bunker is enpty

  13. Annie. Craze

    Annie. Craze2 days ago

    I have made it to spawn inland

  14. Crazy Lynn

    Crazy Lynn2 days ago

    I love to kill people from away

  15. thomas Jauregui

    thomas Jauregui2 days ago

    I subscribed

  16. BZRK- vZxmbie-

    BZRK- vZxmbie-2 days ago

    Goes back and knows everything

  17. Justin Mitchell

    Justin Mitchell2 days ago

    I found a loot Lama by the clock in tilted

  18. Eduardo Gutierrez

    Eduardo Gutierrez2 days ago

    I think i know what the bunker is for it was a fallout bunker for people to hide from the roket

  19. allsorts 1

    allsorts 13 days ago

    watch my vidio newst way to get to spawn island in play ground but you carnt exit it it is the newest vidio

  20. Ulf Poikola

    Ulf Poikola3 days ago


  21. loodle

    loodle3 days ago

    get rekt you whippersnappers

  22. flmom1971

    flmom19713 days ago

    I found a lama in tilted thoe

  23. frostbite

    frostbite3 days ago

    I never got the gramps outfit



    I figured how to get to spawn island by myself lets get 5 likes to see it oh and you won't die from the storm

  25. Zaeem Syed

    Zaeem Syed4 days ago

    What's in side how more subs than you

  26. monika ignatowicz

    monika ignatowicz6 days ago


  27. Aidan :D

    Aidan :D6 days ago

    I found a llama in tilted towers. In playground

  28. 415Hankster

    415Hankster6 days ago


  29. Caleigh Scharf

    Caleigh Scharf7 days ago

    If you say a youtubers name 5 times they'll pin you Top5gaming Top5gaming Top5gaming Top5gaming Top5gaming.

  30. rocio mendoza

    rocio mendoza7 days ago

    No that’s osum😱

  31. Rocky Medina

    Rocky Medina7 days ago

    Your videos rock

  32. Emilio ovalle

    Emilio ovalle8 days ago

    There is a secret bunker in wailing woods now

  33. Clare Playz

    Clare Playz9 days ago

    TheGameTheorist and Top5Games CrossOver

  34. Me ole

    Me ole9 days ago

    Mystery box 📦 plz i subscribed

  35. ʟᴏɢɪɪ

    ʟᴏɢɪɪ9 days ago


  36. Yanma Sirius

    Yanma Sirius9 days ago

    Ceeday found a llamas in tilted

  37. Master Mini

    Master Mini9 days ago

    Fake clickbait don’t subscribe frick you

  38. JT 26

    JT 269 days ago

    My friends and i found a lama in tilted

  39. Braiden Ward

    Braiden Ward10 days ago

    Spoiler there is a island and a cube


    POKEBALLS10 days ago

    you can

  41. the judkins

    the judkins10 days ago

    I LIKED AND SUBED AND GOT A M BOX FOR MY B-DAY!!!!! It's not take !!!!!!!! DO IT

  42. Emmanuel Perez

    Emmanuel Perez10 days ago

    I found in 2 round and got 5

  43. Ava Lon

    Ava Lon10 days ago

    I love the game therio

  44. Allison Dooley

    Allison Dooley10 days ago

    Well are brother found a loot lama in the middle of tilted towers

  45. Lily Bristow

    Lily Bristow10 days ago

    I love game theory and u P.S ur better then him I subscribe and like

  46. Night wolf

    Night wolf11 days ago

    No one cares

  47. Nouman Tahir

    Nouman Tahir11 days ago

    Give us a face reveal

  48. Rylee Regan

    Rylee Regan11 days ago

    I like and subscribed and hit the bell

  49. Vinny never stop making Minecraft vedios Foutz

    Vinny never stop making Minecraft vedios Foutz11 days ago

    There is an underground secret base in wailing woods i went there once

  50. TheEmeraldMiecart07

    TheEmeraldMiecart0711 days ago

    I've tried to make it to spawn island and you can't

  51. Jason Sidlovsky

    Jason Sidlovsky12 days ago

    There’s underground places in S 6

  52. Jesse Stratton

    Jesse Stratton12 days ago

    I found a lama at tilted 2

  53. Kai Lay

    Kai Lay12 days ago

    Can I really have a mystery box please

  54. Dztproz- DooM Ghosty

    Dztproz- DooM Ghosty13 days ago

    I haven’t really heard myths

  55. Iron Herring

    Iron Herring13 days ago

    There was a glitch when you could shoot through the cracks in brick structures

  56. Ruby Stephens

    Ruby Stephens13 days ago

    You copied mat pat !!!!!!i hate you because you copied mat pat I love mat pat I love his videos that he makes and you copied mat pat

  57. sandi welsh

    sandi welsh14 days ago

    At the end of session 6 or start of season 7

  58. Jair Lopez

    Jair Lopez14 days ago

    I found a llama on tilted but it was on a truck


    I HEART GAMES14 days ago


  60. dark wolf

    dark wolf15 days ago

    Season 6 anyone

  61. MustachePenguin 32

    MustachePenguin 3215 days ago


  62. Not Tfue

    Not Tfue15 days ago

    One myth. My life

  63. NoLsOnly Ws

    NoLsOnly Ws15 days ago

    I found a giant llama on the map, guess what it was? The cube

  64. ItsXethu

    ItsXethu16 days ago

    Ive seen a upside down supply drop going into the air instead of coming to the ground

  65. The Iman

    The Iman16 days ago

    There's a glitch without the shopping cart in fortnite to go back to spawn island

  66. Matthew The Savage

    Matthew The Savage16 days ago

    What about the thumbnail

  67. Super powered TACOCAT

    Super powered TACOCAT16 days ago

    I touched a butterfly today in Fortnite

  68. formula dragon

    formula dragon17 days ago

    I subbed my address is 36424malon rd

  69. Game Playz

    Game Playz17 days ago

    Oh so you will bust myth

  70. TL Bonnar

    TL Bonnar17 days ago

    I found one in the middle of tilted

  71. Knowles Dilley

    Knowles Dilley17 days ago

    Yo season 6 already nothing happened with the door AKA The Bunker

  72. Robloxmaster 84

    Robloxmaster 8417 days ago

    I found a lama 3 times in tilted no joke

  73. Rizwan Shah

    Rizwan Shah18 days ago

    i found a lama in warlpool

  74. cat man

    cat man18 days ago

    Is the bad grandpa a real skin???? I only stared playing in April so I don't know

  75. Zombie _99

    Zombie _9919 days ago

    Hi there

  76. Daniella Somo

    Daniella Somo20 days ago

    Wooow your, good

  77. Richard Hyske

    Richard Hyske20 days ago


  78. Wawa Nabila

    Wawa Nabila21 day ago

    Tbh i found 3 loot llamas 2 at the same area and 1 at the bridge place I forgot what it names is

  79. Super Cat

    Super Cat22 days ago

    I actually found a little mama next to tilted and I am a MReporter or and I don’t know how to edit a

  80. Super Cat

    Super Cat22 days ago

    I like into sky now give me the mystery box

  81. paola guzman

    paola guzman22 days ago

    I Subscribe

  82. samuel jers

    samuel jers23 days ago

    I found a loot lama in Tilted Towers and i got rly happy 😄

  83. donut girl donut

    donut girl donut24 days ago

    I found a llama at tilted one time! Someone else got it but some of the building materials fell off the side of the building that it was on so I stole the materials.

  84. JayplayzGames_YT

    JayplayzGames_YT25 days ago

    Get wrekt yu wipper snapers 0:26

  85. Thomas farquhar

    Thomas farquhar26 days ago

    A myth-strey box

  86. Offus Boofus

    Offus Boofus28 days ago

    What happens if you use a sticky on them then rift does it go away?

  87. Adrian Cervantes

    Adrian Cervantes29 days ago


  88. Sharky's Channel

    Sharky's Channel29 days ago

    This video was blocked due to copyright laws lol

  89. some ramdom doge

    some ramdom doge29 days ago

    I have a myth but season 6 1) get on the loot lake 2)get quad launcher 3)go near the cliff 4)jump off 5)walk into the walls than u see

  90. Abran Zúñiga

    Abran ZúñigaMonth ago


  91. Alonda Sims

    Alonda SimsMonth ago


  92. Knock Out

    Knock OutMonth ago

    Season 4 was the meteor and season 5 was the collide

  93. Dalton Hilbers

    Dalton HilbersMonth ago

    Fortnight is a meshermint of time

  94. Armands Upītis

    Armands UpītisMonth ago

    Hey that game theory idea seller lol serusly idea seller ):

  95. Alex Adventures

    Alex AdventuresMonth ago

    lol you watch too much What's Inside

  96. Kamsy Reyes

    Kamsy ReyesMonth ago

    yes there is a buker in wailijng i hav been there you dig down in a building

  97. Alisha

    AlishaMonth ago

    😒😠😡 you are not matpat /Mathew Patrick from game theroy & film theroy 👿

  98. Laksana Wati

    Laksana WatiMonth ago


  99. The weirdo Ronald turner O

    The weirdo Ronald turner OMonth ago


  100. The Manry's

    The Manry'sMonth ago

    Your awesome! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. Invincible Ash

    Invincible AshMonth ago

    I made it to the spawn with the glider

  102. Maria Pack

    Maria PackMonth ago

    this video is cool