Top 5 Fortnite Mysteries THAT MAY NEVER BE SOLVED!


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    Top5Gaming omg I love your videos

  5. Liam Draughn

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    Actually it was sos d8 514 d8 representing the area where dusty depot used to be 514 meaning may 1 which was the first day of season 4

  6. Danny Playz

    Danny Playz6 days ago

    Just sayin it was a slurp juice not a chug she stole

  7. andrea Carrillo

    andrea Carrillo41 minute ago

    The thing that we seem to meet orI think you launch the missal and it also makes waste all you possibly get into the game

  8. Paulina Salazar

    Paulina SalazarHour ago

    He used this same gameplay on streamers run into hackers..

  9. Felix Da Savage

    Felix Da Savage3 hours ago

    Maybe Thanos could’ve broken the door on the bunker🤔🤷🏾‍♂️

  10. Jake Brader

    Jake Brader3 hours ago

    The bunker is peter quills cassette player

  11. Clay TCM

    Clay TCM3 hours ago

    Maybe the bunker was to hide from thanos,or some mystery creature was to destroy wailing wood so they hide in a bunker

  12. a 173523

    a 1735233 hours ago

    3:25 true I am a save the world player

  13. AkosiVG

    AkosiVG4 hours ago

    I have a theory about that bunker and that storm i think they use that bunker to hide in the storm if both battle ground island and save the world map is near each other and then i think this is the robots (from save the world) plan is that everyone is gonna go to that bunker and i also think that there's something lacking i don't know what

  14. tay dylss

    tay dylss5 hours ago

    Its vindertech making a experiment that went wrong making the storm then vindertech tried to make items and weapons to stop the storm

  15. נועם סוכר

    נועם סוכר7 hours ago

    In the 5th I think that only Thanos can open the bunker with his power

  16. Nixzion Playz

    Nixzion Playz13 hours ago

    I tried calling 0911 I uhh kinda called 911

  17. Reptilian Games

    Reptilian Games13 hours ago

    I have A theory about the dinosaurs. What if they add little dinosaur eggs that u can open and get a random dinosaur to ride or there will just be random dinosaur roaming the map and u can ride them

  18. Kathryn Terrill

    Kathryn Terrill14 hours ago

    it's a slurp

  19. Carlos Cortes

    Carlos Cortes15 hours ago

    09911 it's vino not earh

  20. Quinton Turdo

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    0:44 WTF 😂😂

  21. Quinton Turdo

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    0:17 love it 😂😂😂

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  23. ECK GANG

    ECK GANGDay ago

    The person who launched the rocket was the visitor/the blockbuster skin

  24. henry 12345

    henry 12345Day ago

    I hnow the true story about the storm meanwihle in save the world a virus has relesed that created the storm then the 5 day the virus made people husks and the storm contitiuoet to battel royal but only the storm the zombies drown in the water while 5 pepople try to save the world with xolecting blu glo . The End

  25. MegaBitas

    MegaBitasDay ago

    that's not a brachiosaurus that's a diplodoculus

  26. Sgt Rasher

    Sgt RasherDay ago

    it's a brontosaurus

  27. Bionic Master

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  28. Elijah Sheppard

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  29. Aedan Mcshane

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    No, the biggest mystery is what goes inside the wild default skin's head

  30. Bryce Frank

    Bryce FrankDay ago

    I think the Vault could add up to air vehicles being added to fortnite

  31. Send Nukes

    Send NukesDay ago

    You now how they said it came from the California desert? There are actual dinosaur statues near Palm Springs, California.

  32. FoxyPlayzRBLX - Roblox

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  33. Carter Clegg

    Carter CleggDay ago

    its brachiosauraus not breakiosauraus

  34. Martina Hutchinson

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    I never got a chug jug before

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    You are so funny

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    CALL 911 NOW

  39. Rylan Blattert

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    Vinderteck made the storm and then it got out of hand

  40. Darknessgem

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    Im waching this on my birthday

  41. Silk Playzzz

    Silk Playzzz2 days ago

    Its the thanos bunker to protect the hero’s form thanos that’s why you did not see carbide or omega of the heroes

  42. Ninjamen 46

    Ninjamen 462 days ago

    Bro I think the road trip is in there but when it is open epic will add thinks in the bunker in there

  43. Santiago J Olivares

    Santiago J Olivares2 days ago

    Your welcome

  44. Pusheen The cat

    Pusheen The cat2 days ago

    If number 4 was right then why is the heroes and villains have bases in the fortnite map but not in the PvZ map I think that everyone is fighting for something but epic games never show us that and I also think that the fortnite map is the only place to get rid of the storm just when the map is covered in storm the next time you play the whole storm is gone and for each time the storm stop is the map trying to stop the storm and the reason they’re no husk cuz husk can’t swim this is my opinion ok and bye

  45. Gum Ball

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    I’m a noob NOT

  46. LJ Leon

    LJ Leon2 days ago

    I think on the 28 of April titled towers ENDS Edit: the part of the rocket in the air when you look at the sky in the fortnite mobile

  47. Tiffany May

    Tiffany May2 days ago

    its a slurp juice

  48. RaG3_Rebel

    RaG3_Rebel2 days ago

    At the race track on top of the building there is the same kind of bunker with the signs on it

  49. Nitro spider

    Nitro spider3 days ago

    I lisend to the game cube default dance at 0.25 speed and it sounds like a Chinese type of song.

  50. Aiden Dishong

    Aiden Dishong3 days ago

    Fortnite is set on mars

  51. creepslayer pixel pal

    creepslayer pixel pal3 days ago

    On Venus there is acid rain.

  52. Life on the Edge

    Life on the Edge3 days ago

    Fortnite takes place on Venus And on Venus there’s acid rain so this is supposed to represent the fact that Fortnite takes place on Venus Because of the toxic storm that kills people

  53. random things

    random things3 days ago

    They based the visitor off the game the visitor who eats living things to survive. Also in the game the visitor the alien comes out of a capsule like the visitor in fortnite Is this supposed to based on aliens being real cus both if them comes from space in a capsule 🤔🤔🤔

  54. Crystalclaws

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    0:17 XD

  55. Gabe Money

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    100 vs dinosaur

  56. TechnoGamer Off

    TechnoGamer Off3 days ago

    It was a slurp juice NOT a Chug Jug

  57. Phyllis Lamme

    Phyllis Lamme3 days ago

    I think the meteorite is coming to destroy the entire Tire map and then we would have to fight on spawn Island

  58. Phyllis Lamme

    Phyllis Lamme3 days ago

    0911 I think the storm is spitting out zombies and the storm is that little purple Cloud filled with ever little purple clouds and then it spit out zombies and then it just exploded Into the Storm in fortnite Battle Royale and it also takes place in the second planet after the Sun

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    The storm could be because it is on venus

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    Congratulations on the 1 million subs

  63. Evt 2005

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    The bunker is the new map for season 6 or 7

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    0091 yeet

  65. Brittany Bush

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    Divisor gerl

  66. Server 101

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    What if Carlos is visitor

  67. William Morgan

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    Anybody watching this in season 5?

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    We'll Show Y0U OLD MAN!

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    This is the same Fortnite gameplay from a different video

  70. ABEL ALM

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    The so Now will be tameable

  71. Phil Browne

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    I see a smiley face at 4:27

  72. nobody mc. no one

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    The default story: The default does the first clap in the default dance, season 3 starts

  73. Ethan Siders

    Ethan Siders6 days ago

    It was dr vinderman

  74. Deep Explorer

    Deep Explorer6 days ago

    There is a series called rain 🌧 and there is a bunker just like that but the bunker is a laboratory 🔬

  75. Tammy Worley

    Tammy Worley6 days ago

    0911 is September 11

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    Where's the question?

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    0:21 best meme i seen


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    Durrr burger wants more....

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    Little Lizard

  80. Zoltan Sandor Kelemen

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    U dont know if its a brachiosaurus it is a sauropod

  81. Spoopy Poopy

    Spoopy Poopy6 days ago

    There’s a show I saw on Netflix were there go in A bunker and the bunker exaclty looks like the one in fortinite and guess what there hiding in the bunker to hide from a storm

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    Do u wanna solved this Theory? Ask the fornite community

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    i just figured out d5 means dusty depot because the words are 5 letters long!

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  86. David Voce

    David Voce7 days ago

    the storm is to make the game quicker

  87. Spinix GamingYT

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    It’s not a chug jug is a slurp

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    Top 5 gaming is the best MReporter channel ever ever!!!!! 😍 😂

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    Nentendo default dance 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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    Everyone right now try reading the title as Ali-a

  91. AgEnt noOget

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    Global warming is fake

  92. Radial Marrow

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    **watches video** FBI OPEN UP!!!!

  93. Keyan Stoney

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    I’m pretty sure the bunker is going to have the road trip skin

  94. YaBoi Nate

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    1:11 that's a slurp btw lol

  95. Jayden Holbert

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    Where the neck is the bunker in sailing woods

  96. Radial Marrow

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    Jayden Holbert Heck* Wailing*

  97. Samarion Hampton

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    Its a refrains of nine eleven

  98. Sonia Ponce

    Sonia Ponce7 days ago

    If only there is Thanos playground so you could break the bunker and stuff

  99. CJKing 02

    CJKing 027 days ago

    The bunker now has grass as apposed to the glitch footage seen

  100. PlaylistGuy 333

    PlaylistGuy 3337 days ago

    The bunker i think has people in there? I don't know

  101. Teresa Sanchez

    Teresa Sanchez7 days ago

    The bunker will be opened when u get the road trip

  102. White nixe

    White nixe7 days ago

    Underground bunker was protection from the rocket luanch

  103. Dab Man Toal

    Dab Man Toal7 days ago

    Rex skin T. rex dinosaur trisera ops tri trisera tops dinosaur broncosours banner broncos head dinosaur sorry for incorrectl spelling

  104. Spikester HD

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    yoo guys i have a story in the 1998 1999 2000 2001 some time oranud there mom worked at ford on day she got a call saying that some person's car flipped over and exopled and killed a kid and a man it was like a 1997 ford exopler or something like that

  105. LochTheWolf 72

    LochTheWolf 727 days ago

    Just to make thing clear, dinosaurs will never roam the island. It might be a limited time LTM, but dinosaurs will not regularly roam the land of Fortnite Battle Royals.

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    mAh ears😵☠️⚰️