Top 5 Fortnite Mysteries THAT MAY NEVER BE SOLVED!


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    I think that in that crate there is a chest

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    the storm was suppose to be a way to kill players. It was a failed weather control

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    4:26 do you see the face?

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    Venus storm it isn't Erth is Venus

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    I’m watching in season 6

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    Maybe the buncer summoned the infinite gaulet

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    Spoiler(Season6) Cube Will Gone Xd.. Im on season 6 now.. *:*

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    6:18that would be so cool and awesome!!!!

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    You know the floating loot lake island and the cube maybe a dinosaur will come out like a bay be T. rex just maybe

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    We got zombies in battle royale but then dinosaurs Much enemies for us

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    Son of jark how did you want the tilted tower destroy

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    Fortnite is at mars

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    Actually They told why there is a storm in save the world and it's called acid rain

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    wut if thanos is in the bunkr

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    I think it was from a Hurrican

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    So i called 0911 and the cops answered what do i do

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    It's not on earth it's on veanes

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    Also bunker open in middle of maze

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    if you really know so much, then where's the jet packs from season 4 I think

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    Tricraops stole the chug jug

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    i think the banker is to hide from zombies in seson 6 (not save the world but battle royale) maybe

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    4:26 happy face

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    ha ha cool

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    Its the pickaxe the storm will strike The pickaxe that you have

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    4 watch gAme theory

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    I think the cube and the storm are connected

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    6:38 did not age well we do not have dinosaurs nor impulses in season 6

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  54. Emu Gamer

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    what if you get the shadow stone and try to teleport in the bunker and wouldnt it be fun if you could keep the shadown stone in your inventory like if you agree

  55. Sawyer Trueman

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    0911 bro the Fortnite island is on venas because has acid rain

  56. Lisa Moores

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    Tricera ops stole the chug

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    Guys guess what Read more

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    Maybe the island in fornite will destroy tilled towers renaming it broken towers

  59. EG BatCcoom

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    That takes place in Greasy Grove dinosaur foot print near greasy grove

  60. EG BatCcoom

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    The T-rEx loading screen

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    The begginging WELL SHOW YOU OLD MAN! -earrape battle-

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    It's season 6 and it's still not open yet

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    You are welcome.

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    They DID add something to the bunker. Pretty interesting.

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    Warning! Dusty debit will be redone! Currently the island is moving the 7 *soon to be* island in dusty debits!

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    the Big footprint could Be Bigfoot

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    um T5G thats not a chug jug thats a slurp just saying (p.s i still love your videos)

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    Why he does this voice in these type of vids but in gameing he does different voice

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    im from the future the season 6 title is darkness rises

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  72. Imascorro The White Shadow

    Imascorro The White ShadowMonth ago

    Omen and omega accidentally created the storm

  73. Titanfail

    TitanfailMonth ago

    I feel like the footprint was added as a reference to the meteor that made the Dinosaurs go extinct.

  74. Angela Johnson

    Angela JohnsonMonth ago

    here's my theory pause at 2:26 I see a smile maybe this means something evil with a smile is coming like if you agree.

  75. redscooter100

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    Can I have the battle pas

  76. Blue Diamond plays

    Blue Diamond playsMonth ago

    Luckily that’s what we have game theory for

  77. Ellis Brear

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    It's not a brachiosaurus it's a diplodocus as a brachiosaurus has a slight crest on it's head

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  79. Michael Jones

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    welp there goes the soldiers

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    I’m from 2018. BBBBOOOOOOIIIIIII!!!

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    Well in season 6 the bunker expands to some of the other houses in the woods.

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    That's a slurp juice tho

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    it on venus!

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    Bunker is solved season 6

  85. King Phil

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    There is a sign that says today with a line through it and under it it says tomorrow

  86. Timothy Hom

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    Brachiosaurus is not one of the biggest dinosaurs

  87. GoldenTNT !

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    I think the storm made the rifts and cube and helps the husk thing you said in this video

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    Ooo yaaaa

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    chug jug? Its actually a slurp juice

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    Who watching in season6

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    Well now they added an open bunker in wailing

  92. TeMMiE ChAnNeL

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    where's fred

  93. Dominick Alvarez

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    its season 6 and it turns out that dragons are coming, not dinosaurs


    NIKBO55GAMINGMonth ago

    Meme overload

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    Its not a Chug gug its a slurp juice

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    0911 is my birthday

  97. Miguel Lopez

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    WELL WILL SHOW YOU OLD MAN👴👴👴👴👴👴🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟!

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    0:17 is the meme

  99. Justin James

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    The bunker is a Lost(TVShow) Easter egg

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    Meme *Splash* ! 😂

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    Love the channel

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    0:44 i dont know what to say just watch it

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    Season 6 coming!!!!!!!!!

  104. mason messer

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    i know a develepor at epic when season7 comes out the bunker will open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Jr Padron

    Jr PadronMonth ago

    I know why there's a foot in their Godzilla was hungry and then eat the house

  106. Jr Padron

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    I know I know who stilled the junk juice John Cena still in it