Top 5 Fortnite Mysteries THAT MAY NEVER BE SOLVED!


  1. Top5Gaming

    Top5Gaming11 months ago

    THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO GOT US TO 1 MILLION! Here's to a million more. Much love, T5G. ❤

  2. Jack Elwood

    Jack Elwood3 months ago


  3. Alex Boughey

    Alex Boughey5 months ago


  4. Karl Van Aardt

    Karl Van Aardt5 months ago

    0511 I know intermashen

  5. Karl Van Aardt

    Karl Van Aardt5 months ago

    0911 I know in formashen

  6. Silvia Dragomir

    Silvia Dragomir5 months ago


  7. John Wallace

    John Wallace6 days ago

    At 5:09 He said "The footprint could have only came from a dinasaur the size of godzilla." Have you seen the season 9 pressure plant robot, doggus?!

  8. D Pavek

    D Pavek14 days ago

    1 like for season 10

  9. Ethan Saavedra

    Ethan Saavedra19 days ago

    Well..... number 1 was solved in season 10 tilted towers was destroyed by a volcanoe but was rebuilt into neo towers

  10. Maria

    Maria23 days ago

    What's under the basement? *nothing, plus wealing woods is removed* Sorry idk how to spell

  11. Shannon Long

    Shannon Long28 days ago


  12. Thomas Matthews

    Thomas MatthewsMonth ago

    The storm was supposed to be a shrinking storm but then they got hacked

  13. Jonathan Kingery

    Jonathan KingeryMonth ago

    Who else is playing in season 10

  14. Ari Larae

    Ari LaraeMonth ago

    0:45 thanks for the head phone waring

  15. Nate Archambault

    Nate Archambault2 months ago

    I've gotten into the secret underground vaults. All you have to do is go into the main island on creative (with the phone) and phase through the vault door by pressing the N key. Spoiler, it's empty.

  16. gamer army

    gamer army2 months ago

    They did in sesen 8 a volcano erupts and destroys half oh retel row an ice burg and tilted towers

  17. Patrick McGonigle

    Patrick McGonigle2 months ago

    I opend the bucer

  18. noeljo101 1

    noeljo101 13 months ago

    this is how many kills you will get in your next game here

  19. mason Ivey

    mason Ivey3 months ago

    Best Chanel ever!

  20. Leo's LEGO Lab!

    Leo's LEGO Lab!3 months ago

    I got some information WHAT ARE THOSE

  21. Clawburger Games

    Clawburger Games3 months ago

    The island is in the center of the Bermuda triangle. That explains the storm

  22. Seth Vazquez

    Seth Vazquez3 months ago


  23. piggy bank

    piggy bank3 months ago

    the bunker might be for endgame the new marvel movie

  24. Ahmed Haqi

    Ahmed Haqi3 months ago

    I know who launched the Rocket Omaga and Oman

  25. Gamer kitten 123

    Gamer kitten 1233 months ago

    RIP wailing woods we salut you

  26. JJ AD

    JJ AD3 months ago

    There was no question of the day

  27. Johnny Boy brady

    Johnny Boy brady3 months ago

    I think the bunker was supposed to be a way to escape thanos.

  28. Ashley Maclean

    Ashley Maclean3 months ago

    I was in the place by wailing Woods the thing and there's nothing in it

  29. holden ingersoll

    holden ingersoll4 months ago

    It was REX DUH DUH DUH

  30. Cicily James

    Cicily James4 months ago

    Lol 😂 drum gun is in the bunker I got OMG of life time blackoutpizza

  31. Bethany Howard

    Bethany Howard4 months ago

    Season 8 anyone

  32. debz 86

    debz 864 months ago

    2019 anyone????

  33. golden leaf

    golden leaf4 months ago

    The secret under ground bunker was destroyed by the volcano in season 8. Maybe...

  34. golden leaf

    golden leaf4 months ago

    Yes... maybe

  35. Manuel cisneros

    Manuel cisneros4 months ago

    Your gay

  36. Trace Corcoran

    Trace Corcoran4 months ago

    Sorry it was me

  37. Lawson Johnson

    Lawson Johnson4 months ago

    That is a slurp

  38. Galaxy Gamer

    Galaxy Gamer4 months ago

    What's your favorite skin let me know I want to know honestly

  39. the neon hedgehog named power the hedgehog

    the neon hedgehog named power the hedgehog4 months ago


  40. Challenger

    Challenger4 months ago

    I think the visitor skin is good because he crashed into the fortnite map and used the rocket to get back to his home

  41. Becca Kennedy

    Becca Kennedy4 months ago

    5:42 brachiosaurus like hat not like hay it is not pronounced like braychiousaurus it is like brahkiosaurus

  42. Mr no-scope 74

    Mr no-scope 744 months ago

    The bunker is called a mysterious hatch and it is for a challenge in the season 7 free pass

  43. Tx_LuckZ _.

    Tx_LuckZ _.4 months ago

    It could be a elephant🐘 on the footprint

  44. Dude Person

    Dude Person4 months ago

    Did anyone notice that the chug jug was actually a slurp juice?

  45. Party Puggo

    Party Puggo4 months ago

    Two bunkers?

  46. jasmine santos

    jasmine santos4 months ago


  47. Christina Cummo

    Christina Cummo4 months ago

    it was the cube

  48. Shadow PlayZ

    Shadow PlayZ5 months ago

    Naw a Dino, a dragon.. hmmm, =T-Rex with Wings

  49. amakelove11

    amakelove115 months ago

    It wasn't a chug-chug ,it was a slurp juice.

  50. z blader

    z blader5 months ago

    It’s my birthday


    ITSDATAZER5 months ago

    If the underground bunker was added at the same time as the Thanos ltm, maybe Thanos could have broken in the underground bunker.

  52. Aiden sm

    Aiden sm5 months ago

    0:38 origanal?

  53. alinor sumaguina

    alinor sumaguina5 months ago

    i think thers a secret wall in the bungkir and i dont know how to spill

  54. jaqui hernan

    jaqui hernan5 months ago


  55. TTGx CheeWeez

    TTGx CheeWeez5 months ago

    4:26 smiley face

  56. Samurai Shafi

    Samurai Shafi5 months ago

    That looks more like slurp than chug jug

  57. Rail

    Rail6 months ago

    A fortnite thing to stop ppl from camping