Top 15 Most Viewed Fortnite Twitch Clips OF ALL TIME! (Ninja, Myth, Daequan, Meteor)


  1. Best Trends

    Best TrendsYear ago

    Thanks for watching! You guys are amazing! :D #NotificationSquad Be Sure to enter into the massive giveaway if you have not already! comment that you Left a Like & Turned Notifications on!

  2. Braiden lindsey

    Braiden lindseyYear ago

    I turned notifications on and liked

  3. XxMr SMWT142 Xx

    XxMr SMWT142 XxYear ago

    0 views 4 like is YT drunk again

  4. Cory Giles

    Cory GilesYear ago

    I turned on notifications and like the video

  5. L3PRIM3Z

    L3PRIM3ZYear ago


  6. COBRA 88

    COBRA 88Year ago

    I did it! I subed bro!

  7. Best Trends

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  8. Spud LOVE

    Spud LOVEYear ago

    I subscribed and turned on all notifications love your videos

  9. draven seppala

    draven seppalaYear ago

    I commpleted it

  10. Toxic Vloger

    Toxic VlogerYear ago

    Bruh wut up 1st

  11. O'Daylah Zellous

    O'Daylah ZellousYear ago

    Can I give the box to get the bright guner

  12. Manuel Escalante

    Manuel EscalanteYear ago

    Do a vid of tilted towers destroyed by meteor

  13. Vince Vieira

    Vince VieiraYear ago

    and liked and subed and bell

  14. InSync_ Qaws

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  15. That one Normie

    That one NormieYear ago

    FIRST!!! I subbed, liked and turned notifications on

  16. Subx3r0

    Subx3r0Year ago

    I turned on notafications&subsribed

  17. Navi

    NaviYear ago

    I liked and notifications on!

  18. Doughnuttaker JR

    Doughnuttaker JRYear ago

    I turned on notifications and and liked

  19. Emerald peppers

    Emerald peppersYear ago

    Turned on notifications and liked video

  20. Huski Snipez

    Huski SnipezYear ago

    I mean I have as Nots on by I liked it

  21. StuffWithShayC

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  22. Toughnut 21

    Toughnut 21Year ago

    I completed the quest

  23. Splxctz

    SplxctzYear ago


  24. TacTic King

    TacTic KingYear ago

    I subbed and I want vbucks



    I turned on notifications and liked and love the videos you make they are amazing

  26. LiwikiwiYT

    LiwikiwiYTYear ago

    I sub,turned notications on and liked the vid.

  27. NLE Stylez

    NLE StylezYear ago

    Free vbucks

  28. Xtreme Trix

    Xtreme TrixYear ago

    Anyone else here before 500 views?

  29. Eazye Espinoza

    Eazye EspinozaYear ago

    I liked and turned on notifications

  30. Aiden Bennett

    Aiden BennettYear ago

    finished i did notifications and like also been subbed since 100k

  31. DomTheBomb777

    DomTheBomb777Year ago

    I did it

  32. Oi paulo

    Oi pauloYear ago

    I turned on notifications and videos

  33. L3PRIM3Z

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  34. Sheri Takacs

    Sheri TakacsYear ago

    Free vbucks

  35. It’s your boi Boi

    It’s your boi BoiYear ago

    Did all the steps

  36. Ashton Wheeler

    Ashton WheelerYear ago

    I did everything

  37. Endylongwings

    EndylongwingsYear ago

    No views, 5 likes, 3 comments...

  38. Yeze_ snowmanTTV

    Yeze_ snowmanTTVYear ago

    I subscribed and turn on notifications ps4

  39. WispyWizard101

    WispyWizard101Year ago

    I want v bucks and I like your videos

  40. Aaron Yates

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  41. pishbeen04 yt

    pishbeen04 ytYear ago

    I subbed and hit the bell before you started the giveaways because I’ve always been watching ur vids!!

  42. RC3OP Games

    RC3OP GamesYear ago

    I turned on notifications and subbed and liked

  43. StuffWithShayC

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  44. Lavishjays

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    I liked and turned on notifications

  45. SLAMER

    SLAMERYear ago

    I turned on notifications and like the video!

  46. Fortnite King

    Fortnite KingYear ago

    I completed the task

  47. Felaipa Soares

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  48. ARgamer 124

    ARgamer 124Year ago

    I did everything. I want a Xbox gift card plz

  49. Melanie Barr

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  50. toxic murders

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  51. Rylan Curry

    Rylan CurryYear ago

    I did it