Top 12 iOS 12 Features! What's New Review


  1. Omer Abdul Azeez

    Omer Abdul Azeez4 hours ago

    I’m still using Iphone 5s😀✌🏻

  2. Lisa

    Lisa5 hours ago

    I didn’t upgrade yet and I’m glad I didn’t, looks like iOS 12 is having serious issues. Oh well......Too bad for all U iPhone X whores. I am so glad I did not get the X. Hubby has it and it’s way too wide to hold with one hand and it’s incredibly annoying to use. I can’t stand it. Love my iPhone 8 tho. Sooo glad I did not jump on the iOS 12 craziness. Hope y’all happy with the mess it’s causing on your phones. Hahaha y’all shoulda waited.

  3. Sir Benjamin Prevosa

    Sir Benjamin Prevosa7 hours ago

    Battery become weaker plus signal is so hard for me

  4. ItsWet IEat

    ItsWet IEat10 hours ago

    Stay on topic 😐

  5. Viozo Gaming

    Viozo Gaming11 hours ago

    What i want : HEADPHONE JACK

  6. Kevin Macarubbo

    Kevin Macarubbo17 hours ago

    Of all the updates has been featured my question is? Is the battery easily drained out?

  7. SaVage Giodude

    SaVage Giodude18 hours ago

    Where do you get the Animoji ??

  8. Evie Yo

    Evie YoDay ago

    What about the emoji things on a normal phone someone told me on a normal iPhone u can get anmoji

  9. Bossa N

    Bossa NDay ago

    0:09 lmaoooo

  10. Jeurdane Katrysse

    Jeurdane KatrysseDay ago

    God, his voice is so addicting!

  11. Luis Gabriel

    Luis GabrielDay ago

    We need new ringtones and notification tones

  12. Keep ya hair on Aaron

    Keep ya hair on AaronDay ago

    What was that wallpaper

  13. TheNailJunkie

    TheNailJunkie2 days ago

    I don’t have that Memoji on mine. I’m on 6splus

  14. zaria gulley

    zaria gulley2 days ago

    I’m not able to use the effects. I have the 6s

  15. Harlot Quinn

    Harlot Quinn2 days ago

    I have the iPad 6th generation, sure wish it had memoji ...

  16. jihad terrorist

    jihad terrorist3 days ago

    0:09 RIP IPHONE

  17. Kassie Gilbert

    Kassie Gilbert3 days ago

    Great video! However iOS 12 doesn’t offer Group FaceTime just yet! It’s in the beta versions of 12.1 but it’s not included in the update that was just released! Looking forward to it though!

  18. Kassie Gilbert

    Kassie Gilbert3 days ago

    That or I just can’t figure out how to use it lol

  19. Peshin Sakuragi

    Peshin Sakuragi3 days ago

    Please someone tell me, does the update need backup?

  20. Shahid Hossain

    Shahid Hossain3 days ago

    My iPhone X Not working my FaceTime Waiting for activation I want open FaceTime phone number What I do?

  21. Vicente Hernandez

    Vicente Hernandez3 days ago

    I want that wallpaper

  22. Anthony -

    Anthony -3 days ago

    Does iPhone 6s have animoji/memoji ? I can’t find it.

  23. chevyhighrider

    chevyhighrider3 days ago

    Is the Siri screen now white? Yuck Very interested in Siri shortcuts though.

  24. Bessie Hillum

    Bessie Hillum3 days ago

    6:40 A Ha : Take On Me

  25. Alexander Marley

    Alexander Marley3 days ago

    Like you cant swipe away cards right now?

  26. Cas van Spronsen

    Cas van Spronsen3 days ago

    Hahaha siri activated and opend photos when you said “hey siri view photos”

  27. Alejandro Villarreal

    Alejandro Villarreal3 days ago

    Are All of these features available in iPhone 8plus? I would like you to compare with all the phones. Plzzzzz

  28. Çøšmîç_Šmøøthîë_PlaysHH

    Çøšmîç_Šmøøthîë_PlaysHH3 days ago

    0:10 no I can't do this

  29. Sayori IsNotOkieDokie

    Sayori IsNotOkieDokie3 days ago

    0:10 R.I.P PHONE

  30. Apple Pan

    Apple Pan4 days ago

    How to screen record on iOS 12 -

  31. xapitx x

    xapitx x4 days ago

    i already updated to ios 12 but rn my 6s dont have animoji. wtf is happening?

  32. moviemagic

    moviemagic4 days ago

    There’s still no support to multiple windows as seen in Android phones

  33. Imani Thomas

    Imani Thomas4 days ago

    0:10 poor phone

  34. Ryan O'Loughlin

    Ryan O'Loughlin4 days ago

    How do you get the iOS 12 photo?

  35. RandomGuy Skkeks

    RandomGuy Skkeks4 days ago

    My apple watch doesnt get the watch os 5 this year :(

  36. AV8R Tom

    AV8R Tom4 days ago

    Measuring objects with R, has been a feature in other apps for quite a while. I’m not sure it’s a function that needs its own specific app.

  37. chenel frederic

    chenel frederic4 days ago

    Question ? Where did you get the wallpaper on your lock screen ,I look everywhere I can’t find it 😁

  38. AV8R Tom

    AV8R Tom4 days ago

    Adding cool gestures, and me mojis, and moving around the control center and other stuff is cool and all, but why won’t apple fix the same stupid shit people have been complaining about for nearly a decade. Things like upside down photos when you import your selfies to your PC. Or the ever infuriating Bluetooth issue where your car stereo constantly starts playing your music automatically anytime you use Siri in your car.. you can’t even dictate a text message, without the stereo blaring in your ear afterwards. People have been complaining about this shit for years, and Apple refuses to fix it.

  39. Anago Hoshigaki

    Anago Hoshigaki4 days ago

    He really didn’t show off any he just kept doing the same thing over and over while talking

  40. Febrianto Daniel

    Febrianto Daniel4 days ago

    Group notification in 2018, its a joke, lol


    KAZU JEAN4 days ago

    I update my Iphone X and then i turn off my phone and now 7hours i can’t turn ON MY PHONE.and my phone still charge. Why not working? What wrong with this ios 12?! I’M SO STRESS RIGHT NOW.

  42. iPhone CliX

    iPhone CliX5 days ago

    i need iPhone X geasture on iPhone SE😕

  43. marcus pachuau

    marcus pachuau5 days ago

    lol when you asked siri to view phone thought it was me so it showed me haha

  44. Tom McCann

    Tom McCann5 days ago

    Everyone knows what they’re using the measurements app for.....don’t try to church it up 😐

  45. Travis Keller

    Travis Keller5 days ago

    Ios 12 won't work

  46. Queli Douglas

    Queli Douglas5 days ago

    Can we Use Animoji on iPhone 6

  47. Ismail

    Ismail5 days ago


  48. XxxXMaster GamerXxxX

    XxxXMaster GamerXxxX5 days ago

    My friend has an iPhone 7 and im factiming him. But he says theres a star there and when you tap it you can put down text and stickers. But I dont have that, I have a iPhone SE btw.

  49. Demmy Darkness

    Demmy Darkness5 days ago

    LOL Screentime isn't going to change MY addiction to social media.

  50. Ohyo's Corner

    Ohyo's Corner5 days ago

    I own an iPhone 6 with a 32gb of Storage and I just updated mine to the new iOS 12 and it made my phone really fast and it runs smooth af! 11/10 would recommend!

  51. Dominic Helmer

    Dominic Helmer5 days ago

    I just updated it’s amazing!!!

  52. Jiordi Aristy

    Jiordi Aristy5 days ago

    So many ads. Literally had to stop half way through because there was an ad every 1m

  53. Perkaholic Gobblegum

    Perkaholic Gobblegum5 days ago

    When does ios 12 release?

  54. phyared

    phyared5 days ago

    Why not a file system like in Android or the Mac?

  55. Tour Guide

    Tour Guide6 days ago

    how is the battery responding?

  56. Jhay Natustangmani

    Jhay Natustangmani6 days ago

    The ios 12 is so great and better Than ios 11.4.1 my battery is already improved and extended, then a lot of features,

  57. Paul KPor

    Paul KPor6 days ago

    I still on 10.3 lets see if iOS 12 has a better battery life.

  58. xlnt_17

    xlnt_176 days ago

    BOOOOOO!!!!! 👎 As an Apple products consumer, this stuff is getting super expensive and the new features are hot garbage!! I hear Samsung calling me. Bye 👋

  59. Tim Whitlock

    Tim Whitlock6 days ago

    OMG the adds!

  60. Kanisha Noel

    Kanisha Noel6 days ago

    The upgrade is really awesome. I like the idea of having the thread grouped notifications and screen time.

  61. DozerFitness

    DozerFitness6 days ago

    Who in the hell would ever want to hide their notifications?

  62. johnsaw1983

    johnsaw19836 days ago

    Take a speech class if you are going to continue to review products of any sort. You need to understand how to pause between sentences. Although your video overall was informative, it was annoying to listen to a 20 something year old do what sounded like a 10.5 minute legal disclaimer in f fwd mode.

  63. Ravi Mahecha

    Ravi Mahecha7 days ago

    That photos app is shameless rip of Google photos app. For you section is straight lifted as well as the new AI search. Swipe to remove apps too.

  64. Tanner Douce

    Tanner Douce7 days ago

    Oof rip that phone at the start

  65. Coffeepup

    Coffeepup7 days ago

    i miss ios 10

  66. Will

    Will7 days ago

    What case is on your iPhone X , looks nice

  67. Charlie S

    Charlie S8 days ago

    Nah bitmoji still wins with the customization

  68. Max Hoenicke

    Max Hoenicke9 days ago

    0:10 bruh

  69. V T

    V T9 days ago

    This 10 minute video had like 5 adds. Most of them were 5 minutes or more. That’s absolutely ridiculous.

  70. Jack Falcon

    Jack Falcon9 days ago

    How do you get the gm with out paying

  71. Ayanna Brown

    Ayanna Brown9 days ago

    Your video quality is honestly one of the best on MReporter

  72. Danae Stradford

    Danae Stradford9 days ago

    Can you group FaceTime on other devices with iOS 12 or is it just for the newer devices?

  73. Global Strategy Corporation

    Global Strategy Corporation10 days ago

    That thumb is super nasty looking

  74. The new guy

    The new guy10 days ago

    What the fuck this I looks like shit on iPad, I have an iPad Po 12.9 inch I’m I’m supposed to drag from the corner to get to control centre?! I’m not updating until every single new app tat I would need for school requires iOS 12

  75. Mega Lucario EX

    Mega Lucario EX10 days ago

    I like the new gestures except for the control centre and swiping up to close apps. ...and I especially don’t like the screen recording not taking the whole status bar, idk why maybe I’m just used to iOS 11

  76. Hemanth pavan

    Hemanth pavan11 days ago

    whats that wallpaper???

  77. Dasnd Vid

    Dasnd Vid11 days ago

    The new iPad isn’t going to have an home button

  78. Constuctive Critisism

    Constuctive Critisism11 days ago

    iOS 12?

  79. Josh The dude

    Josh The dude11 days ago

    Making sure I dissable the “hey Siri open photos” feature before my girl friend finds out about it o_O

  80. Jeff Bommarito

    Jeff Bommarito12 days ago

    Spending that much time talking about emoji’s is pretty pathetic

  81. _bhadis_

    _bhadis_13 days ago

    When is ios 12 out

  82. sahan darshana

    sahan darshana13 days ago

    How's new update iOS comment guys

  83. Hadi Vlogs

    Hadi Vlogs13 days ago


  84. Creeper Animations

    Creeper Animations14 days ago

    I got IOS 12 today I’m soooooo happy

  85. Rephael Lee

    Rephael Lee14 days ago

    Apple better leave the clock in the Middle for the iPads

  86. Bailey Dwyer

    Bailey Dwyer14 days ago

    RIP iPhone 5

  87. LukeTheCanadian

    LukeTheCanadian15 days ago

    I hope they add split screen to old devices.

  88. Blindysheep

    Blindysheep16 days ago

    Full dark mode and custom keyboard

  89. The Big Shebang

    The Big Shebang16 days ago

    I love iOS 12 on the iPad with the iPhone X gestures but if you don’t have an iPhone X then your experience on the iPad are totally different then your phone. Need to think it through more guys.

  90. Nuj 21

    Nuj 2116 days ago

    More messages group chat space please?

  91. AMV7

    AMV717 days ago

    Installed iOS12 beta 10 onto my iPhone X and have noticed a HUGE improvement in smoothness and speed. In my experience, swiping, gestures and opening/closing apps is very smooth and the speed of many functions is better and noticeable but not earth shatteringly so. Still, a great improvement over 11.4.3 or whatever the last iOS 11 version was. Good bye and good riddance. In almost all ways iOS 12 (beta 10) is the experience all iPhone users should always have had and should have going forward. Very nice.

  92. Apple Pan

    Apple Pan17 days ago

    Not very good on older devices -

  93. Ricky

    Ricky17 days ago

    Still can't change resolution in Camera app & Volume UI sucks.

  94. Oscar Pawlak Vlogs

    Oscar Pawlak Vlogs18 days ago


  95. Johnny John

    Johnny John19 days ago

    How do you stop date and time and battery life show up on iPad when you play and video and on some app games it pops u how stop it please mKe a video and thanks

  96. Xman Cap

    Xman Cap20 days ago

    0:09 the se killed itself

  97. Joseph Brocato

    Joseph Brocato20 days ago

    I want that orange and purpleish wallpaper

  98. Nick Pommells

    Nick Pommells24 days ago

    Need the wallpaper on the iPhone X

  99. Jamaul Salley

    Jamaul Salley25 days ago

    Lol they literally copied everything Google already has

  100. Gerrit Van Nieuwenhuizen

    Gerrit Van Nieuwenhuizen25 days ago

    How to iOS 12 beta 11 I see only 6 on my device

  101. nayeem 2700

    nayeem 270025 days ago

    at 9:58 siri opened photos 😂💯👍🏻