Top 12 iOS 12 Features! What's New Review


  1. Dre-Guy

    Dre-GuyDay ago

    How do I get the weather and info for the day that comes up in the morning? Is that do not disturb?

  2. bguiby bhyui

    bguiby bhyuiDay ago

    Now I miss my 5s. I’m rocking the 8 now. 😪

  3. Jones 421

    Jones 421Day ago

    I wish it was a big upgrade like iOS11

  4. buganvilstudio

    buganvilstudio3 days ago

    I skipped over the emoji and siri part. But thrilled about performance and a better photos app!

  5. Listen Song

    Listen Song4 days ago

    No call recording

  6. Zorawar Khan

    Zorawar Khan4 days ago

    bro..when this update'll came in India..?

  7. Farra Elena

    Farra Elena5 days ago

    That T-Rex during Facetime is hilarious 😁

  8. Nathan Noworul

    Nathan Noworul6 days ago

    Me when I wake up 0:10

  9. Isabella Bass

    Isabella Bass12 days ago


  10. game hacker2.o

    game hacker2.o13 days ago

    Can you share me your iPhone x wallpaper 😊

  11. Cutestdolan

    Cutestdolan13 days ago

    Why don’t I have the iOS 12?

  12. RobloxIsJeremygamingyt1 Gaming

    RobloxIsJeremygamingyt1 Gaming13 days ago

    Oh and even I found good morning and the weather too

  13. David Holmes

    David Holmes14 days ago

    Apples very clever!! They are not joining the race like all the other competitors. Site back an watch how the competitors run out of ideas an apple will cruse by them. Ever heard about the tortoise an the rabbit race? Haha. Apples the tortoise, an the competitors are the rabbit. Not saying Apple are slow! I think they are miles ahead in the future.

  14. Abdullahill Azmi

    Abdullahill Azmi14 days ago

    Happy cuz i still use the iPhone 5s.

  15. Chris Chalton

    Chris Chalton14 days ago

    ANOTHER GREAT FEATURE. I’ve just found out that Siri works whilst the phone is on ‘low power mode’. This seems to be new to iOS 12 as Siri was NOT able to be voice activated whilst in low power mode in iOS 11.

  16. Renz Adolf Sabado Soriano

    Renz Adolf Sabado Soriano15 days ago

    I already installed iOs 12 on my iPhone 6, but why is it grouped notifications not available?

  17. Ahmed Nazmy

    Ahmed Nazmy15 days ago

    This will be Migos' favourite ios

  18. BossySmaxx Hex

    BossySmaxx Hex16 days ago

    How did you get the update I am using iPhone 6 still didn’t get update for ios12

  19. SHEA

    SHEA16 days ago

    So basically the only real change is group FaceTime and Group notifications since I don’t use those other apps. We need a new UI update. We have had the same one since iOS 7 basically.

  20. BackToU389

    BackToU38917 days ago


  21. Fou fou Bro

    Fou fou Bro18 days ago

    Lol the iPhone falls XD

  22. Defalt

    Defalt18 days ago

    Please give me a wallpaper on I phone x

  23. MR. MILKY

    MR. MILKY19 days ago

    How come I don’t have iOS 12 when I got the X

  24. Raghavendra Bharadwaj

    Raghavendra Bharadwaj20 days ago

    Just don’t hold the phone in hand or don’t keep moving the phone faster. The whole interest of watching the video falls down.

  25. Stephan Mollentze

    Stephan Mollentze20 days ago

    Cqn i get the iphone x please

  26. Technical Guruji Junior

    Technical Guruji Junior20 days ago

    hy pro😑 i dont have mobile and laptop😑 and cameras to make youtube videos😅 i want to be like you😑 would please provide me?

  27. cameron kyuubi

    cameron kyuubi21 day ago

    also btw please someone answer, do you think iphone 6 will be getting the “iphone x features” when the full version of ios 12 drops?

  28. cameron kyuubi

    cameron kyuubi21 day ago

    love your videos 😁!

  29. Jesse

    Jesse21 day ago

    Should better redesign for Music app or Turn it back to IOS9 version which much more convenient !

  30. Jessica Anderson

    Jessica Anderson21 day ago


  31. Versace Crocks

    Versace Crocks21 day ago

    I laughed pretty hard at the ghost emoji portion

  32. confused program

    confused program22 days ago

    Just downloaded literally seconds my phone is way faster and my phone is hot thru case tho

  33. Dangerson006

    Dangerson00622 days ago

    0:10 rip in pepperonis iPhone

  34. Kurdish A

    Kurdish A22 days ago

    زؤر شازه WOW

  35. Cam 9

    Cam 922 days ago

    can you measure things using an iphone 8 plus?

  36. Raghav Jain

    Raghav Jain22 days ago

    Sir can you tell us from where you get the wallpaper

  37. Zosia W

    Zosia W22 days ago

    0:10 iPhone R.I.P

  38. joey cohensaban

    joey cohensaban23 days ago

    Maybe with the addition of the iPad iPhone X feature similarities, Apple is getting ready for the new iPad lineup with the iPhone X style display

  39. Dr Kinetics

    Dr Kinetics23 days ago

    I don’t like what they did with the iPads tbh

  40. Jon Zheng Liu

    Jon Zheng Liu23 days ago

    Apple is falling.

  41. Choperholic

    Choperholic23 days ago

    Hey please help. I have a iPhone 7, 32GB. Running iOS 11.4, the battery drains very fast and SIM card stop reading. It just shows searching even after I pop out the sim slot. Please help! What can I do??

  42. LongNeck Gaming

    LongNeck Gaming23 days ago

    I’m really looking forward to iOS 12, a lot of people say Apple is getting worse but I personally think they are innovating towards the future. Can’t wait to see iOS 12

  43. Isaac Kambayi

    Isaac Kambayi24 days ago

    Does 12 come for iPhone 6S+?

  44. Elona Piggy

    Elona Piggy24 days ago

    Hopefully Siri is smarter

  45. Levan

    Levan24 days ago


  46. W J

    W J24 days ago

    Once again iOS is shit. Nothing like sending your personal pics to another person that you don't know randomly. Real fucking secure ecosystem there. Don't even need the feds to try anything.

  47. Disobedient Tongy

    Disobedient Tongy24 days ago

    Whose gonna be the first person to measure their dick with the AR measure? xd

  48. javier dove

    javier dove24 days ago

    Nice vid

  49. TheVerraton

    TheVerraton24 days ago

    F*cking android copy....

  50. Gavin Mathews

    Gavin Mathews24 days ago

    But how did u get iOS 12? It says my Tablet is up to date at iOS 11.4

  51. Muhammad umar farooq

    Muhammad umar farooq24 days ago

    you gift me iphone 6

  52. Apple Employee

    Apple Employee24 days ago

    Poor iPhone it just fell

  53. Aviyon Fletcher

    Aviyon Fletcher25 days ago

    I got iOS 12 on my iPhone 8 Plus (product)red and my iPhone won’t let me play videos without it buffering !! Please make a video to help me fix that

  54. Nick A

    Nick A25 days ago

    i am looking forward the iphone 11

  55. Wasbeer EMD

    Wasbeer EMD25 days ago

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  56. Bashira B.A.Y.

    Bashira B.A.Y.26 days ago

    I swear I thought I heard him call the Photos app a “she” 😂

  57. Antonio Betts

    Antonio Betts26 days ago

    Group ft came to late 😂 I already graduated highschool 😂😂

  58. John Sanchez

    John Sanchez26 days ago

    I know imma be measuring my dick with that.

  59. Dominic Helmer

    Dominic Helmer26 days ago

    I have an iPhone 6s and my phone still should be able to handle this update in Fall.

  60. Jeff Johnson

    Jeff Johnson27 days ago

    So your telling me... Siri is still horrible.

  61. Amori Yelton

    Amori Yelton27 days ago

    I have the IPhone 5s!! It’s old. I’m getting the 7 plus soon

  62. Ajay Kushwaha

    Ajay Kushwaha27 days ago

    I m using ios12 beta but still didn’t receive iOS 12 beta 2.. help me out

  63. GalXy

    GalXy28 days ago

    0:10 R.I.P iPhone

  64. MUFC TV

    MUFC TV28 days ago

    When you can use google maps and waze in Apple Carplay. Halleluia!!!

  65. Sam Ashworth

    Sam Ashworth28 days ago

    MReporter in 2008: top 2 iOS 2 features!

  66. Abd Al-Hafeez Darweesh

    Abd Al-Hafeez Darweesh28 days ago

    Brown eyes are not boring!!

  67. Chocolate Princess

    Chocolate Princess28 days ago


  68. Chocolate Princess

    Chocolate Princess28 days ago

    I hope they take away the bubble notifications and go back to the original notifications

  69. Yash Patel

    Yash Patel29 days ago

    How to download ios 12 developer beta

  70. EverythingReview

    EverythingReview29 days ago

    How did you get a red iPhone X. Please respond.

  71. Leserolith

    Leserolith29 days ago

    Congratulations your phone is now slower! And expect it to get slower and slower until it’s unusable! Would you like to upgrade????

  72. rehan razzaq

    rehan razzaq29 days ago

    Will it work for iPad Air ?? Not air 2

  73. 匹升三內戶月臼心

    匹升三內戶月臼心Month ago

    Today is my birthday. Can I have an iPhone X? Thank you.

  74. ROBLOX Games

    ROBLOX GamesMonth ago

    I don’t have the iPhone 5 I have iPhone SE

  75. Noah Williams

    Noah WilliamsMonth ago

    Anybody got any iPhones they want to sell it just get rid of I have a 5s and dropped it in water still works but home button doesn’t function and need a new phone but can’t afford a new phone preferably a 6s

  76. Just Random

    Just RandomMonth ago

    0:10 the phone is like that waffle vine

  77. T' Challa

    T' ChallaMonth ago

    Apple just needs to copy and paste android functionality and redundancies at the point & actually develop a new UX/UI

  78. FlamesKing

    FlamesKingMonth ago

    Like if you hate exams.

  79. Parth Kanakia

    Parth KanakiaMonth ago

    Should I buy a Oneplus 6 right now or wait for the 6.1” LCD Iphone? I don’t want to spend more than 700$ on a new phone. Please suggest.

  80. OfficialJay Jay

    OfficialJay JayMonth ago

    Is ios 12 available on iPhone 8 and up

  81. Moises Ayala

    Moises AyalaMonth ago

    Is there gon b a ios 12 for the se

  82. Jeanne Villanueva

    Jeanne VillanuevaMonth ago

    iPod Touch 6th Generation supports iOS 12. *Mind Blowing* Edit: iPod Touch is older than iPhone 5s.

  83. a hecking walnut

    a hecking walnutMonth ago

    FINALLY GROUP FACETIME my friends and I have wanted it for YEARS

  84. yuda lapidus

    yuda lapidusMonth ago

    loughed so hard at 0:09 phone falls down

  85. Butterflyz26 _

    Butterflyz26 _Month ago

    Same ol boring interface. No new innovation interface redesign. I like apple better than Android but at least Android allows texts customizations colors fonts themes. Home screen customization et. I'm sick of apples same boring app lineup and same boring text design and I wish they would add a feature to remove yourself from group text regardless of user phone type and to add someone to group text after one already initiated. Apple boring user experience

  86. Amrith Perera

    Amrith PereraMonth ago

    I can’t play Fortnite on iOS 12 beta on my iPhone 7

  87. Saria Mace

    Saria MaceMonth ago

    Does anyone know when iOS 12 will officially be available?

  88. Dylan Chavez

    Dylan ChavezMonth ago


  89. 4leafclover

    4leafcloverMonth ago

    So 12 copies features from Android lol

  90. MineatomTR GÖNÜLLÜLER

    MineatomTR GÖNÜLLÜLERMonth ago

    Rip iPhone 0:10

  91. Darryl Louis

    Darryl LouisMonth ago

    When is the next time you will be doing a giveaway?

  92. a random commenter

    a random commenterMonth ago

    7:43 photos is a person

  93. iceman21 Fireman21

    iceman21 Fireman21Month ago

    Can I get a iPhone

  94. Lanor04

    Lanor04Month ago


  95. Joe Hill

    Joe HillMonth ago

    you can use a memoji

  96. Carlos Satsatin

    Carlos SatsatinMonth ago

    iPhone 5s:i need to sleep stop filming me (0:10)

  97. Mujju Mujahid

    Mujju MujahidMonth ago

    Love that wallpaper

  98. NTF Productions

    NTF ProductionsMonth ago

    Will it include split screen?

  99. jellybuty

    jellybutyMonth ago

    apple: "*FAQ Section* *Is the public beta software confidential?* Yes, the public beta software is Apple confidential information. Don’t install the public beta software on any systems you don't directly control or that you share with others. Don’t blog, post screen shots, tweet, or publicly post information about the public beta software, and don't discuss the public beta software with or demonstrate it to others who are not in the Apple Beta Software Program. If Apple has publicly disclosed technical information about the public beta software, it is no longer considered confidential." EverythingApplePro:"I don't give a f*ck"

  100. Rohit Khadgi RK

    Rohit Khadgi RKMonth ago

    M not being able to update 12 beta on 5s It shows unable install update How to fix it can help me