1. Death The Kitsune

    Death The KitsuneDay ago

    7:16 *Still Walking* *Drink goes everywhere on face but fails to drink any drip*

  2. Real Raticle

    Real RaticleDay ago

    The best thing 199 headshot with pump to the last dude and die by him

  3. Ronal Villa

    Ronal VillaDay ago

    Number 7 is Number 6, I got to go back to school for this

  4. Damion Kirosingh

    Damion Kirosingh3 days ago

    I'm religious

  5. Damion Kirosingh

    Damion Kirosingh3 days ago


  6. Jade Armond

    Jade Armond5 days ago

    I someone beat me to the chest but I got the gun

  7. Bliz Geometry Dash

    Bliz Geometry Dash6 days ago

    One thing u missed is getting into a build battle and get third partied

  8. Proffeser Buck

    Proffeser Buck9 days ago

    My pump never shoots unless I'm not looking at anybody

  9. Yeetimis Maximis

    Yeetimis Maximis10 days ago

    Top 1 thing I used to hate about Fortnite: the semi auto doing *FRICKING 195 FOR A HEADSHOT A HEADSHOTTTTTTTTTT*


    JACKABOSS GAMER16 days ago


  11. TheEpicSamurai X

    TheEpicSamurai X16 days ago

    Bro i landed paradise palms and this hoe beats me to the chest and attacks me i ended up finding her and hitting her with a cinderblock

  12. Reid Laible

    Reid Laible24 days ago

    Like your videos best I want more

  13. Keyontay Latimore productions

    Keyontay Latimore productions25 days ago

    Campers snipe me when I'm taking shield >:(

  14. Hoang Nguyen

    Hoang Nguyen25 days ago

    4:27 he said number 6 not seven


    EIN KÜRBIS26 days ago

    Where are my Pancakes?!

  16. Noo Naa

    Noo Naa28 days ago

    Am i the only one who camps (on a bush sometimes) when i have to be on the top 25 (or 50) or survive 150 people solo and i dont feel like playing at all? I dont kill anyone (i dont have weapons) i just hide in a bush or somewhere else, then when i know the daily challenge is complete i just run like an idiot looking for people to kill me if cant throw myself to the water

  17. Alpacaplayz 645

    Alpacaplayz 64528 days ago

    Number 3 happend to me and I did kill the third person!

  18. Henry Smith

    Henry SmithMonth ago

    0:19 that’s the loading screen from season 9.but this video is about 1yrs oldπŸ˜•πŸ€¨πŸ§πŸ€ͺ

  19. weird money

    weird money28 days ago

    Omg ur so right

  20. i got no issue

    i got no issueMonth ago

    If i get a rpg in team rumble every one in my path dies

  21. swirly boot8465

    swirly boot8465Month ago

    4:28 he said 6 but it was seven?

  22. Jasmyne

    JasmyneMonth ago

    Is anyone gonna talk about how he said 6 and a 7 showed up

  23. ReactorK_ 13

    ReactorK_ 13Month ago

    What I hate in Fortnite is when I start building or I am in the middle of building, the build goes from one place in front of me to beside me and I either get killed from a player or by fall damage... God I hate that so much...

  24. lynn brill

    lynn brillMonth ago

    When i dont get what i want from a vending machine

  25. lynn brill

    lynn brillMonth ago


  26. Chaser OOF

    Chaser OOFMonth ago

    4:27 he said number 6 even though it was number 7, What?πŸ€”

  27. J J

    J JMonth ago

    At 8:00 that is so preventable like look at his mats

  28. TGF Grass

    TGF GrassMonth ago

    He said 6 on 7 lol I’m dead inside

  29. Gabe Murawski

    Gabe MurawskiMonth ago

    ROCKET LAUNCHER SPAMMERS. As I was watching this vid, I got killed by 2 rocket launcher spammers.

  30. Victor Medina

    Victor MedinaMonth ago

    Ninja is trash

  31. ツWaffle

    ツWaffleMonth ago

    This might sound a bit nooby I'm sorry but isn't 00:18 a loading screen in the s9 bp and this video was posted in 2018??

  32. duell collins

    duell collinsMonth ago

    Nope waiting to the last minute is called being patient. Anyone can run around like a chicken with it's head cut off. But, it takes patience and skill. Knowing the right time to make ones move to get the most exp out of it. Sure it doesn't always work. But, it's better to go for the gold instead of just a few small fry exp. That's why team rumble was added. Just for the brawlers.

  33. Jordan Hammontree

    Jordan HammontreeMonth ago

    Suppressed msg is op

  34. Jordan Hammontree

    Jordan HammontreeMonth ago

    I give up

  35. Jordan Hammontree

    Jordan HammontreeMonth ago

    I ment msg

  36. Aaron Tilley

    Aaron TilleyMonth ago

    When you get pickaxed

  37. Username Password

    Username PasswordMonth ago

    When some 3rd parties and kills you

  38. Freddy P

    Freddy PMonth ago

    My bout

  39. Keegan Brooks

    Keegan BrooksMonth ago

    WHERES MY PANKAKES ?!?!?!?!?!?!

  40. Keegan Brooks

    Keegan BrooksMonth ago


  41. Anna Barber

    Anna BarberMonth ago

    in a game i was being smart and shot all the bushes and onec i hit someone

  42. cleet clating fresh

    cleet clating freshMonth ago

    4:27 dat how you make a six

  43. cleet clating fresh

    cleet clating freshMonth ago


  44. im jason DUN DUN DUN!!!!

    im jason DUN DUN DUN!!!!2 months ago

    So I watched the video so were are the pancakes

  45. Bohan Feng

    Bohan Feng2 months ago

    someone finishes u after getting knocked/ getting killed by a bot

  46. Jessica Harper

    Jessica Harper2 months ago

    I don't be kill by a camper I am the camper

  47. Jessica Harper

    Jessica Harper2 months ago

    I be a victim of a camper I'm am the camper

  48. PewdieFist !

    PewdieFist !2 months ago

    Number six *shoes number 7 on screen* me wtf

  49. Toxic Potato

    Toxic Potato2 months ago

    I HATE when i come 2nd because i died because of LAG

  50. Titan titan

    Titan titan2 months ago

    I hate it when fortnite players curse/swear like the f word

  51. West ham Sam

    West ham Sam2 months ago

    When you shoot and miss then the person literally builds a skybase

  52. Justas Maselis

    Justas Maselis2 months ago

    4:27 nummber six?


    AIDAN CHANNEL2 months ago

    Go back to 4:26

  54. carol Esposito7

    carol Esposito72 months ago