1. Aggers H

    Aggers H38 minutes ago

    Chests are like a box of chocolates you don’t know what your gonna get

  2. sonic playz

    sonic playz40 minutes ago


  3. Stacey Gantt

    Stacey Gantt2 hours ago

    Why did he say six when there was a seven there

  4. Miruto & knux

    Miruto & knux3 hours ago

    I hate lag

  5. Ingmar Seidl

    Ingmar Seidl4 hours ago

    WHERE ARE MY PANCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Evin Manco

    Evin Manco11 hours ago

    When you fall of lag

  7. What'syour Motif

    What'syour Motif16 hours ago

    Your my favorite MReporterr

  8. Aidan McCombs

    Aidan McCombsDay ago

    number 6 happened to me because i opened the chest and the person took the Heavy shotgun from the chest and killed me

  9. Daboss Gaming

    Daboss GamingDay ago

    LOL he said six for seven

  10. Vizi Drizzy

    Vizi DrizzyDay ago

    Lol XD RAWR

  11. mmalachi2231

    mmalachi2231Day ago

    The granade was to kill the player behind his 1x1

  12. Curtis Wheeler

    Curtis WheelerDay ago

    don't cuss

  13. Walmex Productions

    Walmex Productions2 days ago

    Says number 6 number 7 shows up

  14. Coda's tv

    Coda's tv2 days ago

    It's annoying when you're doing a one-v-one in playground and then somebody loses and says that game is trash

  15. Crystal Maull

    Crystal Maull2 days ago



    DIAM0ND SHAD0W2 days ago

    I should've had a solo dub, when I got 19 kill, and was killed by a bushcamping hacker. They had 700 health, and 900 shield. Would've been my best dub rip

  17. Frazaar

    Frazaar2 days ago


  18. lord creeper

    lord creeper3 days ago

    Getting killed by a trap

  19. Raining Gladiator

    Raining Gladiator3 days ago

    I hate it when I think a butterfly is a person like if you agree

  20. Tad Jones

    Tad Jones3 days ago


  21. Francisco Veras

    Francisco Veras3 days ago

    4:26 is weird

  22. Mike

    Mike3 days ago

    When your teammate waits for you to die to collect your loot

  23. Mike

    Mike3 days ago

    When you open a package drop and get a mini gun

  24. Mike

    Mike3 days ago

    When the storm damage changes to a 10 tick instead of a 2 tick after an update.

  25. Mike

    Mike3 days ago

    Someone who has their sound up so loud you hear all their movements through their mic

  26. Mike

    Mike3 days ago

    Someone blasting garbage music in the background the entire match

  27. Killer was Taken 21

    Killer was Taken 214 days ago

    Where’s my pancakes

  28. BlackReaper - Roblox and More

    BlackReaper - Roblox and More4 days ago

    4:10 i saw that gameplay..

  29. andreas brümmer

    andreas brümmer4 days ago


  30. Infinite Gameplay

    Infinite Gameplay5 days ago

    When someone calls you a default

  31. MAX Level

    MAX Level5 days ago

    It’s funny because I just got killed by someone camping in a Bush

  32. What Is Trend?

    What Is Trend?6 days ago

    9:09 kid: papa!

  33. Austyn fox

    Austyn fox6 days ago

    When you go to a lama and then a freakin squad anbushes you and you can’t get the lama😢

  34. RJ -RedBoii

    RJ -RedBoii6 days ago

    Ima be honest, bush camping actually got me through my first win.

  35. A abóbora

    A abóbora6 days ago

    At least you can drink something inside a car while it is moving

  36. PotatoenIsBad

    PotatoenIsBad6 days ago

    No the most annoying is 195 damage with a sniper

  37. Buddy Carter

    Buddy Carter7 days ago

    One thing we hate When your in a build battle and run out of materials


    THE GOD OF HYPER DEATH7 days ago

    Where the hell are my pancakes

  39. Skyspy Stunter

    Skyspy Stunter7 days ago

    In fortnite

  40. Tiny Hamster

    Tiny Hamster7 days ago

    Default skins are like the bacon hairs of fortnite

  41. Yareth Gaming

    Yareth Gaming7 days ago

    Yeah i miss the windows with the grenades hehe probably not randomly throws a grenade then i have no idea where it is and i accidentaly run into my grenade while trying to get a kill

  42. Bradley Dexter

    Bradley Dexter7 days ago

    I hate when I die first

  43. Nlex Playz

    Nlex Playz7 days ago

    You forgot one When your friend says she’s one shot and he has 100 hp and your friend just only knocked his shield off

  44. Zane Baig

    Zane Baig7 days ago


  45. fire_gamer970 100

    fire_gamer970 1008 days ago

    Oh my gosh i hate cliping a tree then i fall

  46. Fuck Fuck

    Fuck Fuck8 days ago

    What about third partiers, fake defaults, and rust lords

  47. Everyone Ever

    Everyone Ever8 days ago

    bush camper? Bush Camper? Bush Camper. Bush Camper! BUSH CAMPER ! BUSH CAMPEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Markiplier 9632

    Markiplier 96328 days ago

    4:27 number SIX

  49. Caleb E.

    Caleb E.8 days ago

    tf my pancakes at?

  50. Recked awsome

    Recked awsome8 days ago


  51. Ezekiel O'Connell

    Ezekiel O'Connell8 days ago

    number 6--7

  52. Rain

    Rain8 days ago

    11. Drinking big shield then finding small portions

  53. Jordan Gillham

    Jordan Gillham9 days ago

    That one person who fucks off to a different location when everyone puts the same place in squads or when they jump off bus without putting a location

  54. שלו גולד

    שלו גולד9 days ago


  55. FireBrick/Pkmn legend23

    FireBrick/Pkmn legend239 days ago

    Thing I hate When my switch STOP when I'm in a middle of a match to tell me there's a damn peoblem...😂😂😂😒😒😒

  56. Jordan Alger

    Jordan Alger10 days ago

    When your in squads and you all mark the same location and then some guy either leaves the lobby or ends up a mile away from your squad

  57. James Bryan

    James Bryan10 days ago

    The skull trooper has a grave digger in the thumbnail

  58. Papyrus and Spaghetti

    Papyrus and Spaghetti11 days ago

    4:27 umm

  59. Mikey Sheep

    Mikey Sheep11 days ago

    camping cops in roblox jailbreak have been so annoying for prisoners trying to escape and the escaped are camped by cops at the bank and the jewelry store. Basimo, the creator, even made a cosmetic item of cops LITERALLY CAMPING AT A TENT!

  60. 10,000 subscribers with no video ?

    10,000 subscribers with no video ?11 days ago

    Most annoying thing is when your second place u get. In W fight u shoot him takes no life of him he teleports behind u and kills u before you can turn around R I P internet

  61. G04TCYA

    G04TCYA11 days ago

    Once three people including me waited for somebody to open the chest for like a minute and then one of the people opened it and i got the gun and wrecked them

  62. VA SA

    VA SA11 days ago

    Have you tried drinking while walking? You can hardly breathe

  63. Rocketsmustgoboom Wwhett

    Rocketsmustgoboom Wwhett11 days ago

    I found a bush camper that shot at me and tried to hide thinking I would not see him

  64. Egg Head

    Egg Head12 days ago

    The worst thing is is when you get a sniper in a chest but the other person takes the ammo so you have to bludgeon

  65. //,Αλεξαρας lsk

    //,Αλεξαρας lsk12 days ago

    My self

  66. Josh Mayro

    Josh Mayro12 days ago


  67. Jonkoerber Koerber

    Jonkoerber Koerber12 days ago

    So number 7 is now 6

  68. Diego Suarez

    Diego Suarez12 days ago

    Top 5 gaming N U M B E R 10

  69. Jason Dayberry

    Jason Dayberry12 days ago

    Speaking of rockets maby they can add something like exploding 50s

  70. suriya vlachos

    suriya vlachos12 days ago

    Who wanna play fortnite with me my username is c_wo

  71. Monkeygamer909 2

    Monkeygamer909 212 days ago

    We all hate when u get double teamed

  72. HarveyT 1

    HarveyT 112 days ago

    Number “6” oh sorry 7

  73. Matthew and dogs

    Matthew and dogs12 days ago

    I subbed, now where is my stack of pancakes

  74. Kian Nye-Felt

    Kian Nye-Felt12 days ago

    What about shooting a scarecrow?

  75. Alex the King

    Alex the King13 days ago

    Ded by faldamadge

  76. The Rawest

    The Rawest13 days ago

    I hate 3rd parties

  77. Dayne Rogers

    Dayne Rogers13 days ago

    Why does he say 6 on number 7

  78. WadeTooAwesomE 1

    WadeTooAwesomE 113 days ago

    9:08 What did the kid do to you!!!

  79. Homie Bloody moon

    Homie Bloody moon13 days ago

    Real list: 10: bush 9: bush 8: bush 7: bush 6: bush 5: bush 4: bush 3: bush 2: bush 1: bush

  80. Killstreaker NL

    Killstreaker NL13 days ago

    4.29 he says number 6 but it is 7 LOL

  81. gamer donut 36 Abu Yousef

    gamer donut 36 Abu Yousef13 days ago

    on number 7he said 6 :-)

  82. Supersky Games

    Supersky Games14 days ago

    On number 7 he said 6 😂

  83. Ivan Rodriguez

    Ivan Rodriguez14 days ago

    Hey said #6 when it was #7

  84. Little Ocean

    Little Ocean14 days ago

    I am probably the calmest for nite player

  85. Brandon Weitzel

    Brandon Weitzel14 days ago

    Ones I got a chest with shot gun shells and mini ammo

  86. Yazeed Ibrahim

    Yazeed Ibrahim14 days ago

    I hate when i find a 50 shield and drink then go to the next room to find mines

  87. down b is key

    down b is key15 days ago

    I guess 6=7

  88. dimitar kostadinov

    dimitar kostadinov15 days ago


  89. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach16 days ago

    one thing everyone hate is being danced by a default after u die because u were afk

  90. Frozen Yoget123

    Frozen Yoget12316 days ago

    I hate when I get killed and he has 2 hp 😤

  91. Frozen Yoget123

    Frozen Yoget12316 days ago

    One time I did 12 damage with a epic duble barl shot gun

  92. Billybobjoe1365

    Billybobjoe136516 days ago

    If there was a game mode were you couldn't build and stop bullets rockets or anything really. It would make the game more challenging. And fun.

  93. gaming and vlogs with Johnathan

    gaming and vlogs with Johnathan16 days ago

    Yo dude um in number 7 u said number 6

  94. Stefan Ostojic

    Stefan Ostojic16 days ago

    My list: 1.Getting killed 2.Getting killed 3.Getting killed 4.Getting killed 5.Getting killed 6.Getting killed 7.Getting killed 8.Getting killed 9.Getting killed 10.Getting killed

  95. Stefan Ostojic

    Stefan Ostojic16 days ago

    4:25 This is 7 not 6

  96. TheSpatialPalkia

    TheSpatialPalkia16 days ago

    I’ve never won and got second.. I was raging

  97. TalynatorTator

    TalynatorTator17 days ago


  98. Kevire - Fortnite

    Kevire - Fortnite17 days ago

    Who ever replies 1st mom is gay

  99. Kevire - Fortnite

    Kevire - Fortnite17 days ago


  100. Kevire - Fortnite

    Kevire - Fortnite17 days ago

    Good luck

  101. Gretchen Marie

    Gretchen Marie17 days ago

    We all hate when he says 6 and its 7

  102. roha hub

    roha hub17 days ago