Top 10 Plays of the Night | May 05, 2018


  1. SuperRip7

    SuperRip711 months ago

    The game winner at 2:53. 07-31-18.

  2. jonnel policarpio

    jonnel policarpioYear ago


  3. Doge 'Em

    Doge 'EmYear ago

    Why does the commentator sounded like drunk? EDIT: Just add a little burp at some spaces...

  4. FL Lorenzo

    FL LorenzoYear ago

    lo mejor de la nba

  5. Richy Rich

    Richy RichYear ago

    Ben Simmons travels his ass off. Not like a James harden Euro travel... Or a LeBron crab dribble travel... It's just a sloppy travel.. NBA get ur shit together

  6. basilis_tsourapis

    basilis_tsourapisYear ago help me with a view and like

  7. SiLenT366

    SiLenT366Year ago

    This guy is getting annoying.

  8. Metin Kardeşler

    Metin KardeşlerYear ago


  9. Metin Kardeşler

    Metin KardeşlerYear ago


  10. Hector Rayray

    Hector RayrayYear ago

    no 1 LECLUTCH

  11. Mike Pereiira

    Mike PereiiraYear ago

    Warriors will still win this finals .... fuck

  12. Laryos .R

    Laryos .RYear ago

    Lebron > Jordan? Jordan > Lebron?

  13. Charles

    CharlesYear ago


  14. Just Know

    Just KnowYear ago

    So you put a real game winner at number 6 and a fake one at 4 ? @nba y’all on some bullshit

  15. Maartje Tipoe

    Maartje TipoeYear ago

    This commentator is annoying!! I hate his voice and the way he speaks. Everytime I watch top 10, I turn it to mute because of This Guy..!

  16. Austin Burgess

    Austin BurgessYear ago

    Goatmentator back with the baaaahhhhhhrs..NBA much be looking at the comments. Way to take action. 🐐

  17. NBA Reel

    NBA ReelYear ago

    jaylen brown from terry rozier clutch 0:04 jeff green 0:28 ben simmons 0:43 jordan clarkson 1:00 al horford 1:19 kevin love and lebron james nice sequence 1:35 marco bellini clutch 2:04 joel embiid 2:14 and 2:34 nasty from ben simmons lebron james clutch 2:50

  18. Holy_ShushCabin

    Holy_ShushCabinYear ago

    GOATmentator > Logic

  19. Holy_ShushCabin

    Holy_ShushCabinYear ago

    Ben Simmons is choking!

  20. Colten Brown

    Colten BrownYear ago

    Just me or was Jordan Clarkson’s a travel?

  21. Rondo Ringo

    Rondo RingoYear ago


  22. Henry Mark Binahon

    Henry Mark BinahonYear ago

    the GOATmentator

  23. Keegan Anderson

    Keegan AndersonYear ago

    Bro your voice is trash.

  24. Michał Hołub

    Michał HołubYear ago

    Toronto i komplks Lebrona .. Żal

  25. All Team San Diego

    All Team San DiegoYear ago

    Why isn’t anybody talking about those 9 seasons Jordan didn’t make the finals?

  26. Mr Undertaker

    Mr UndertakerYear ago

    Horford's clutch steal in OT not in there? Wow...

  27. khpitbos17

    khpitbos17Year ago

    You’re telling me that Jeff Green dunk was better than OG Anunoby’s tying 3? How sway?




  29. Highflyer21

    Highflyer21Year ago

    DeMar I hear it the less I like it

  30. Jacob Moore

    Jacob MooreYear ago


  31. Nick Pokrajac

    Nick PokrajacYear ago

    hotter than a jacuzzi on mercury!!

  32. Allan Bayasbas

    Allan BayasbasYear ago

    👑 clutch

  33. Allan Bayasbas

    Allan BayasbasYear ago

    Mr. Buzzer Beater 👑 james

  34. bazza crimbo

    bazza crimboYear ago

    Joell embiid rekt Aron baynes

  35. Huj Hygf

    Huj HygfYear ago

    The referees should have called a foul on Horford.

  36. Peter Rabbit

    Peter RabbitYear ago

    this commentator is so bad, hurts my ears. get someone who can talk clearly pls

  37. Daniel Berri

    Daniel BerriYear ago


  38. Ethan Norris-Weber

    Ethan Norris-WeberYear ago

    I would be more inclined to watch these if they changed the commentator


    YUNG ECCHI GODYear ago

    This commentary is CRINGE

  40. theprogamer 413

    theprogamer 413Year ago

    Kevin Love fouled him

  41. Otho Williams Jr.

    Otho Williams Jr.Year ago

    "More seal here, then Sea World did"🙌😄

  42. Homeless to Greatness

    Homeless to GreatnessYear ago

    Turn an 0-2 into an 0-3.. . Bron's plan.

  43. Bryan Dumat

    Bryan DumatYear ago

    Sixers lost by one point?. If only ben simmons points the other night could fill that up, the game would have gone in overtime.

  44. vr-blonde vr-blonde

    vr-blonde vr-blondeYear ago

    Wow this was really good

  45. Adson

    AdsonYear ago


  46. Mike Lee

    Mike LeeYear ago

    #5 is a Kevin Love FOUL

  47. Sara Gergini

    Sara GerginiYear ago

    Belinelli 5?????🤔🤔

  48. Cheung Man Chun

    Cheung Man ChunYear ago

    LeBron God 💪👑😎 no one can stop me🔝

  49. Rap’Bunny

    Rap’BunnyYear ago

    Aaron Baynes... again!

  50. c137

    c137Year ago

    i wanna know how many buckets of spit are collected when the goatmentator goatmentates