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Top 10 Plays of the Night | May 05, 2018


  1. SuperRip7

    SuperRip76 months ago

    The game winner at 2:53. 07-31-18.

  2. gumm cottente

    gumm cottente8 months ago


  3. jonnel policarpio

    jonnel policarpio9 months ago


  4. Doge_Fever

    Doge_Fever9 months ago

    Why does the commentator sounded like drunk? EDIT: Just add a little burp at some spaces...

  5. FL Lorenzo

    FL Lorenzo9 months ago

    lo mejor de la nba

  6. Richy Rich

    Richy Rich9 months ago

    Ben Simmons travels his ass off. Not like a James harden Euro travel... Or a LeBron crab dribble travel... It's just a sloppy travel.. NBA get ur shit together

  7. basilis_tsourapis

    basilis_tsourapis9 months ago help me with a view and like

  8. SiLenT366

    SiLenT3669 months ago

    This guy is getting annoying.

  9. Metin Kardeşler

    Metin Kardeşler9 months ago


  10. Metin Kardeşler

    Metin Kardeşler9 months ago


  11. Hector Rayray

    Hector Rayray9 months ago

    no 1 LECLUTCH

  12. Mike Pereiira

    Mike Pereiira9 months ago

    Warriors will still win this finals .... fuck

  13. Laryos .R

    Laryos .R9 months ago

    Lebron > Jordan? Jordan > Lebron?

  14. Charles

    Charles9 months ago


  15. Just Know

    Just Know9 months ago

    So you put a real game winner at number 6 and a fake one at 4 ? @nba y’all on some bullshit

  16. DurtDiggler

    DurtDiggler9 months ago

    This commentator is annoying!! I hate his voice and the way he speaks. Everytime I watch top 10, I turn it to mute because of This Guy..!

  17. Austin Burgess

    Austin Burgess9 months ago

    Goatmentator back with the baaaahhhhhhrs..NBA much be looking at the comments. Way to take action. 🐐

  18. NBA Reel

    NBA Reel9 months ago

    jaylen brown from terry rozier clutch 0:04 jeff green 0:28 ben simmons 0:43 jordan clarkson 1:00 al horford 1:19 kevin love and lebron james nice sequence 1:35 marco bellini clutch 2:04 joel embiid 2:14 and 2:34 nasty from ben simmons lebron james clutch 2:50

  19. Holy_ShushCabin

    Holy_ShushCabin9 months ago

    GOATmentator > Logic

  20. Holy_ShushCabin

    Holy_ShushCabin9 months ago

    Ben Simmons is choking!

  21. Colten Brown

    Colten Brown9 months ago

    Just me or was Jordan Clarkson’s a travel?

  22. Rondo Ringo

    Rondo Ringo9 months ago


  23. Henry Mark Binahon

    Henry Mark Binahon9 months ago

    the GOATmentator

  24. Keegan Anderson

    Keegan Anderson9 months ago

    Bro your voice is trash.

  25. Michał Hołub

    Michał Hołub9 months ago

    Toronto i komplks Lebrona .. Żal

  26. All Team San Diego

    All Team San Diego9 months ago

    Why isn’t anybody talking about those 9 seasons Jordan didn’t make the finals?

  27. Mr Undertaker

    Mr Undertaker9 months ago

    Horford's clutch steal in OT not in there? Wow...

  28. khpitbos17

    khpitbos179 months ago

    You’re telling me that Jeff Green dunk was better than OG Anunoby’s tying 3? How sway?


    KENTOY KENTOY9 months ago


  30. Highflyer21

    Highflyer219 months ago

    DeMar I hear it the less I like it

  31. Jacob Moore

    Jacob Moore9 months ago


  32. Nick Pokrajac

    Nick Pokrajac9 months ago

    hotter than a jacuzzi on mercury!!

  33. Allan Bayasbas

    Allan Bayasbas9 months ago

    👑 clutch

  34. Allan Bayasbas

    Allan Bayasbas9 months ago

    Mr. Buzzer Beater 👑 james

  35. Bailey Young

    Bailey Young9 months ago

    Joell embiid rekt Aron baynes

  36. Huj Hygf

    Huj Hygf9 months ago

    The referees should have called a foul on Horford.

  37. Peter Rabbit

    Peter Rabbit9 months ago

    this commentator is so bad, hurts my ears. get someone who can talk clearly pls

  38. Daniel Berri

    Daniel Berri9 months ago


  39. Ethan Norris-Weber

    Ethan Norris-Weber9 months ago

    I would be more inclined to watch these if they changed the commentator


    YUNG ECCHI GOD9 months ago

    This commentary is CRINGE

  41. theprogamer 413

    theprogamer 4139 months ago

    Kevin Love fouled him

  42. Otho Williams Jr.

    Otho Williams Jr.9 months ago

    "More seal here, then Sea World did"🙌😄

  43. Homeless to Greatness

    Homeless to Greatness9 months ago

    Turn an 0-2 into an 0-3.. . Bron's plan.

  44. Bryan Dumat

    Bryan Dumat9 months ago

    Sixers lost by one point?. If only ben simmons points the other night could fill that up, the game would have gone in overtime.

  45. vr-blonde vr-blonde

    vr-blonde vr-blonde9 months ago

    Wow this was really good

  46. Adson

    Adson9 months ago


  47. Mike Lee

    Mike Lee9 months ago

    #5 is a Kevin Love FOUL

  48. Sara Gergini

    Sara Gergini9 months ago

    Belinelli 5?????🤔🤔

  49. Cheung Man Chun

    Cheung Man Chun9 months ago

    LeBron God 💪👑😎 no one can stop me🔝

  50. Rap’Bunny

    Rap’Bunny9 months ago

    Aaron Baynes... again!

  51. c137

    c1379 months ago

    i wanna know how many buckets of spit are collected when the goatmentator goatmentates

  52. Andres Cornieles Cespedes

    Andres Cornieles Cespedes9 months ago

    La jugada de Bellineli debió ser la número 2. El canasto de Horford 3 .

  53. Saadiq Moorman

    Saadiq Moorman9 months ago

    Whatever that nigga name when he do the highlights he be havin me litt 😂😂

  54. Nativo Por: Gilmar Pereira

    Nativo Por: Gilmar Pereira9 months ago

    Top 10 Gostei muito👏👏👏🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  55. Rohit Barua

    Rohit Barua9 months ago

    Isnt k love's block a foul, watch slowly he hits anunoby's wrist.

  56. Ibaadullah Baig

    Ibaadullah Baig9 months ago

    GOATmentator always makes watching these videos 10x more fun

  57. Celedonio Sandoval

    Celedonio Sandoval9 months ago

    Kawhi is better

  58. Yi Xian Lim

    Yi Xian Lim9 months ago

    Lmao Has more hand time than the shower curtain😂😂😂

  59. Shoobo Loco

    Shoobo Loco9 months ago

    The commentator is A+

  60. CelticsBoah

    CelticsBoah9 months ago

    Jordan clakson be warrin Kylie's bruh

  61. Bernardo Oseguera

    Bernardo Oseguera9 months ago

    NBA is rigggggeddd The highest ticket both sales go to the finals

  62. Guille

    Guille9 months ago

    At this point I just watch this to hear some bars from the goatmentator, don´t care about them plays

  63. Jojo Viray

    Jojo Viray9 months ago

    I smell the clutch burning.

  64. Smash Boogie The ILLADELIC

    Smash Boogie The ILLADELIC9 months ago

    LeBron is on Fire.

  65. K won

    K won9 months ago

    Nba must not be happy, both eastern series 3-0, that’s millions down the drain if both team are swept

  66. Jakob

    Jakob9 months ago

    I love how biased the league is toward the cavs in this series, not even one play for the raptors out of this game. Did he not see the game tying 3 from Og Anunoby to bring them back from a 17 point deficit? Ridiculous.

  67. So Cool1

    So Cool19 months ago

    The person who was doing the countdown is very cringey

  68. Dan. P.

    Dan. P.9 months ago

    so obnoxious

  69. Tyler Shand

    Tyler Shand9 months ago

    When a game winner is 6 but a tying shot is 4

  70. Heavix Arifin

    Heavix Arifin9 months ago


  71. Chris Taggart

    Chris Taggart9 months ago

    He’s not busting out as many rhymes as he used to

  72. Luis Castellón

    Luis Castellón9 months ago


  73. Lenext Owens

    Lenext Owens9 months ago

    LeBron owns the raps drake is his mascot

  74. Money Team

    Money Team9 months ago

    Why the Fuck does he keep ryming

  75. Cristian Batista

    Cristian Batista9 months ago

    Lebrón es una henbra

  76. Brian Harteloo Updike

    Brian Harteloo Updike9 months ago

    Had to watch on mute. This dude is annoying AF

  77. Theofanis Dida

    Theofanis Dida9 months ago

    1:48 that block though

  78. BillyRose

    BillyRose9 months ago

    LeGOAT + GOATmentator = basketball bliss :)

  79. Nazia Abrahim

    Nazia Abrahim9 months ago

    of course there are no raptors highlights 😞

  80. Yeet Tv

    Yeet Tv9 months ago

    Who is DeRozan? I’ll do you one better where is DeRozan? I’ll do you one better why is DeRozan?

  81. Emmanuel T

    Emmanuel T9 months ago

    Yeet Tv I see what u did there lol 👀

  82. fightnight14

    fightnight149 months ago

    Games 1 to 4: LeThanos LeBronto LeClutch LeBroom

  83. Abel Piper

    Abel Piper9 months ago

    I hate that guy

  84. Evan Duffy

    Evan Duffy9 months ago

    How’s it feel to be watching the greatest player of all time?

  85. mongolianmilk

    mongolianmilk9 months ago

    Feel like #10 was under rated

  86. Ronnie Reyes

    Ronnie Reyes9 months ago

    Tatum's dunk?what the fuck isn't even in here

  87. Bubster 1969

    Bubster 19699 months ago

    The shitmentater. Immediate dislike.

  88. Headlines CowboysFan11

    Headlines CowboysFan119 months ago

    If I'm NOT Mistaken, Marco Belinelli played for The Toronto Raptors


    ZACHARY GEHMAN9 months ago

    Lebron is the best player in the league but that doesn't mean that the top play always has to be him either of Joel Embiid's dunks were better.

  90. van senn

    van senn9 months ago

    #7 travel

  91. LØRD MCD

    LØRD MCD9 months ago

    Still think The NBA want Bron in the Finals... See those calls & Non Calls?

  92. Arnold K

    Arnold K9 months ago

    Hotter than a Jacuzzi on does he think of this stuff?? Gosh

  93. LØRD MCD

    LØRD MCD9 months ago

    #10 should've been #5! Think it's time to call #45 from Big Green "Shawn Bradley 2.0"

  94. DreamsofSummer

    DreamsofSummer9 months ago

    The goatmentator lmao and it seems everybody is on board with the name

  95. Crezy Lifestyle

    Crezy Lifestyle9 months ago

    I Love Lebron..lebron is the god off nba

  96. DreamsofSummer

    DreamsofSummer9 months ago

    1:13 ty lue was shocked Clarkson made that layup lmao

  97. Joshua Akhigbe

    Joshua Akhigbe9 months ago

    How is OG Anunoby’s clutch three not here

  98. Mohammed Abdul shukkor

    Mohammed Abdul shukkor9 months ago

    Damn! Those bars

  99. Austin Feng

    Austin Feng9 months ago

    number 4 should be number 1, numbers 1-3 move down one rank each. That sideways moving fadeaway from nearly 3 point range is tough!

  100. Patrick star

    Patrick star9 months ago

    I rather the boring guy instead

  101. Riley Dotson

    Riley Dotson9 months ago

    They should rename the top 10 the Aron Baynes getting dunked on show