Top 10 Plays of the 2018 NBA Season | SportsCenter | ESPN


  1. Kyle Penistone

    Kyle Penistone2 months ago

    Did giannis jump over that dudes head 😱

  2. Aštrusis_dantis

    Aštrusis_dantis2 months ago

    Seriously ESPN? You have no problem that Harden clearly traveled?

  3. 像ロキ

    像ロキ3 months ago

    Russ dunk on maker should have been here

  4. Vincent Ayer

    Vincent Ayer4 months ago

    You guys should do top ten of retired players

  5. Kae Torralba

    Kae Torralba6 months ago

    Giannis, baby

  6. Rommen TV

    Rommen TV6 months ago

    1 was the worst

  7. *_-Brannon Ecker-_*

    *_-Brannon Ecker-_*7 months ago

    Tatum dunk on lebron or kyrie vs bucks

  8. Γιάννης Μιχαηλίδης

    Γιάννης Μιχαηλίδης8 months ago

    i laughed my ASS off at the "disrespect timer"

  9. Dunno Dunno

    Dunno Dunno8 months ago

    Giannas went no. 1 thanks to their reactions ladies and gentlemen. (6:01)

  10. Sniperflashgaming

    SniperflashgamingMonth ago

    Actually..the reactions were worth it.

  11. Teddy Wells Films

    Teddy Wells Films8 months ago


  12. dragonage200

    dragonage2009 months ago

    So the #2 play of the year is an offensive push off plus a travel?

  13. mauszx

    mauszx9 months ago

    #2 is traveling.

  14. tatonkaa

    tatonkaa9 months ago

    The NBA and ESPN sucks Lebrons dick so hard, I bet there's no black left on it.

  15. panetero

    panetero9 months ago

    I fucking hate Harden and everything he represents...

  16. M Long

    M Long10 months ago

    is #9 not goaltending?

  17. Justin W

    Justin W10 months ago

    No kyrie?

  18. Dennis Whalberg

    Dennis Whalberg10 months ago

    isn't that a travel james.harden on jhonson he shuffle his feet twice before taking the shot

  19. Zazz Zanklebruff

    Zazz Zanklebruff10 months ago

    Where are the clutch plays? The buzzer beaters?

  20. Stealth Vertex

    Stealth Vertex10 months ago

    Dame’s game winner?

  21. Alex Inglis

    Alex Inglis10 months ago

    ESPN is fucking shit

  22. Lorenzo Manfredi

    Lorenzo Manfredi10 months ago

    The game winner of Lebron vs Minnesota and the game winner of wiggina vs okc??

  23. okcthedream

    okcthedream10 months ago

    Donovan Mitchell actually got number 4 for doing a layup I can do in a game

  24. shoenengz

    shoenengz10 months ago

    Where's lebron no look pass vs lakers

  25. Le Matgast

    Le Matgast10 months ago

    Mitchell 4 ???????? WTF kyrie do that 10 times by season .....

  26. Antoni Nicolas

    Antoni Nicolas10 months ago

    Donovan Mitchell paying tribute to NBA Street's "Dunk to Layup"

  27. Alen Hadzic

    Alen Hadzic11 months ago

    "You need the whole bosnian army to stop james" No. You only need Mujo and Suljo.

  28. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover11 months ago

    Number #8 s/o to that inbounder

  29. star fire

    star fire11 months ago

    Sure is alot of lebron stuff on here

  30. Mikel Smith

    Mikel Smith11 months ago

    How was Bron not MVP. I mean my GOODNESS

  31. TW Productions

    TW Productions11 months ago

    Expect these all to be lebron 😂😂

  32. Michael Brown

    Michael Brown11 months ago

    Let's be honest....lebron could have 7 of the 10

  33. Salvador lopez chavez

    Salvador lopez chavez11 months ago

    Ja ja ja that "disrespecti timer" jejejeje i laugh my ass off

  34. Jamaris McConnell

    Jamaris McConnell11 months ago

    No warriors highlights cmon espn don’t disrespect

  35. M W

    M W11 months ago

    So they have some regular ass layups but don’t include deaaron fox’s game winning putback. Wtf??!!!

  36. Randysilent

    Randysilent11 months ago

    Harden travels XD

  37. Tanner Murphy

    Tanner Murphy11 months ago

    #9 was goaltending and #8 should’ve been an offensive foul

  38. Aaron Bickerton

    Aaron Bickerton11 months ago

    So wrong, where is Jason tatums slam on Lebrun, that should be top 3 these are wrong

  39. J Lee

    J Lee11 months ago

    Porzingis monster block followed by a mega dunk with the foul???

  40. Jacob Robinson

    Jacob Robinson11 months ago

    Where is Derozan's game winning dunk against Detroit?

  41. Timothy Warren

    Timothy Warren11 months ago

    ESPN is terrible. Someone needs to put them out of their misery. Why do we keep watching when they fuck up EVERYTHING?!

  42. Chat Patwah

    Chat Patwah11 months ago

    who comes up with these top 10s? wrong order!

  43. Glenn Angala

    Glenn Angala11 months ago

    It should lebron james top 10 plays of the year #1 buzzer beater against the wolves #2 Dunk against Nurkic #3 Dunk Against Illasova #4 No look pass to Zizic #5 No look pass to Wade And the numerous buzzer beater in the playoff

  44. Jed Scratchard

    Jed Scratchard11 months ago

    this is the worst top 10 list I think I've ever seen

  45. Daniel

    Daniel11 months ago

    That was a nice travel by harden look at him shuffling his feet

  46. Jack t

    Jack t11 months ago

    Ummm harden pushed off

  47. BEAST_MODE85617

    BEAST_MODE8561711 months ago

    Tatum dunking on lebron

  48. Sam bitious

    Sam bitious11 months ago

    Good call on that Giannis-Middleton play being number 1!

  49. Daniel Wong

    Daniel Wong11 months ago

    Where’s tatums dunk on Lebron

  50. Pace Maxwell

    Pace Maxwell11 months ago

    They totally favored all the big name players, stuff like Harrison Barnes’ crazy buzzer beater shoulda been on here

  51. Respector of Women

    Respector of Women11 months ago

    Bro #8 and #9 are goaltends lol....