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Top 10 Plays of 2017-2018 - The Starters


  1. sankar kkd

    sankar kkdMonth ago

    Where is lebrons no look pass Vs LA

  2. SuperRip7

    SuperRip7Month ago

    Yes that was good for the Starters. 07-27-18.

  3. jojaboi77

    jojaboi773 months ago

    6 plays huh? Y'all on Lebum's nuts hard

  4. Tony Luo

    Tony Luo3 months ago

    I have to ask is that top10 plays or it that your top10 favorite players?

  5. Hunting N Fishing

    Hunting N Fishing3 months ago


  6. nico swish

    nico swish3 months ago

    hardens 8? L

  7. Anirudh T

    Anirudh T3 months ago

    That was almost all of the "dunk of the year" nominations.

  8. Darrel Salvadora

    Darrel Salvadora4 months ago

    That lebron dunk on the two Brooklyn nets player reminds me of the dunk kobe did on the two Brooklyn players

  9. omhar super

    omhar super4 months ago

    It is a sport show that has no black people....

  10. Khristof Hienzmin

    Khristof Hienzmin4 months ago

    I can’t believe that Lebron pass is really number 1 over all the plays this year. Talk about a weak list made by more lebron fans. Best player in the league yes, but play of the YEAR? No

  11. Alex Benitez

    Alex Benitez4 months ago

    Harden for MVP

  12. Benjamin Heep

    Benjamin Heep4 months ago

    Shouldn’t lebrons one hand no look pass to zizic be on here

  13. dhanyris maravilla

    dhanyris maravilla4 months ago

    3:07 its called the nut megg

  14. Saami Jaffer

    Saami Jaffer4 months ago

    Not top 10 plays top 8 dunks plus harden and bron

  15. Maurice Johnson

    Maurice Johnson4 months ago

    And some kinda way I knew they’d make sum LeBron play number 1😂😂😂. That’s not even the best pass of the year 🤦🏿‍♂️ nba has really rode LeBrons* balls heavy this year


    SYED SHAZEB4 months ago



    SYED SHAZEB4 months ago

    holy shiit ledlow.. bruh

  18. Cmindless

    Cmindless4 months ago

    these plays are ass

  19. Damien Perez

    Damien Perez4 months ago

    But like, where is pg13s between the legs at the free throw and posterizer on Derrick favors?

  20. josiah virnig

    josiah virnig4 months ago

    No Wiggins deep 3 buzzer beater

  21. Jesse Sol

    Jesse Sol4 months ago


  22. Black Marley

    Black Marley4 months ago

    Lebron is more lucky than talented 😒

  23. Nti Nti23

    Nti Nti234 months ago

    Antetokoumpo second? Ok..

  24. Dimas Cruz

    Dimas Cruz4 months ago

    Really lebron first and with two lucky plays??? No way

  25. JL GK

    JL GK4 months ago

    ANtetokumnpo dunk was the best

  26. Kashiragii Arufjfbsjsb

    Kashiragii Arufjfbsjsb4 months ago

    Pfft NBA becoming so smooth. All of these are top plays? Its just a poster dunk nothing special

  27. Colton Schabel

    Colton Schabel4 months ago

    The Larry Nance cringy celebrations.

  28. Cresh

    Cresh4 months ago


  29. howard LaLaLa

    howard LaLaLa4 months ago

    dwight howard's dunk?

  30. Derek Youngman

    Derek Youngman4 months ago

    Why r they all dunks

  31. Yousfi Zinou

    Yousfi Zinou4 months ago

    king james mvp

  32. BabyJawz

    BabyJawz4 months ago

    LeGonna miss him when he retires :(

  33. Lorenzo Paciaroni

    Lorenzo Paciaroni4 months ago

    Top 10 dunk of the year

  34. Pen Wednesday

    Pen Wednesday4 months ago


  35. King Senu

    King Senu4 months ago


  36. King Senu

    King Senu4 months ago


  37. Papa Gerald

    Papa Gerald4 months ago

    This top ten is so wack, no Westbrook on giannis

  38. Kimo Luii

    Kimo Luii4 months ago

    James poster on Nurkic Dunk of the Year 💯💯

  39. AH Sniper

    AH Sniper4 months ago

    These are the biggest bandwagons how is LBJ gonna get 6 plays when everyone else got 1-2 and none of his were better than the others. James Harden and when Giannis jumped over Tim Hardaway both of those were better

  40. Jose Flores

    Jose Flores4 months ago

    Lebron on ilyasova too

  41. Kobe Bryant

    Kobe Bryant4 months ago

    That's top 17

  42. dickie07dm

    dickie07dm5 months ago

    Really? Again with Lebron James on your number one spot for top 10? Can really tell theres some favoritism here.

  43. Jaden

    Jaden5 months ago

    Wtf is this list? Top 10 dunks not plays. Fuck You

  44. Jason Gillum

    Jason Gillum5 months ago

    nba is bringing the star power to the end of the year awards

  45. Hai Nghiem

    Hai Nghiem5 months ago

    U have to admit that King James is always King, no matter how much u love or hate him. Big respect for King.

  46. bellybooma

    bellybooma5 months ago

    Lebron should be MVP.

  47. MSH

    MSH5 months ago

    1-giannis on hardaway 2-nance on kd 3-Lebrons dunk 4.teodosic pass no look pick n roll

  48. milbosclip

    milbosclip5 months ago

    That number 6 play probably shouldn't have made the top 50... no joke. Very bizarre seeing it place so high.

  49. Julius Wicked

    Julius Wicked5 months ago

    0:53 "the licking of the lips and the wink, that right there makes me..." ur so naughty kristen!

  50. Julius Wicked

    Julius Wicked5 months ago

    daaaaaamn kristen ledlow so fine!

  51. Jackwoll Raiken

    Jackwoll Raiken5 months ago

    Curry’s 3 pointer against Dallas should have been there

  52. R

    R5 months ago

    LeRoids just keeps getting stronger lol

  53. Nothing Special

    Nothing Special5 months ago

    "Top 10 plays of 2017-2018". Shows 17 plays!

  54. Roy Benedict

    Roy Benedict5 months ago

    This almost looks like a top 10 dunks video.

  55. Hawthorne Hunter

    Hawthorne Hunter5 months ago

    LeBron's no look pass to Zizic?


    VAGG CHAN5 months ago

    A man jumped over another and this was on n2?? Come on fellas

  57. taha Siddiqui

    taha Siddiqui5 months ago


  58. danny key

    danny key5 months ago

    lebron my man

  59. William Cole

    William Cole5 months ago

    and larry had the best dunk of the year

  60. William Cole

    William Cole5 months ago

    smart and al vs houston. jaylen over porzingus

  61. NoNameTheFirst

    NoNameTheFirst5 months ago

    Harden’s cross was better than 6 & 7. Giannis should’ve been #1. Don’t get me wrong some of LeBron’s plays in were insane (Behind the Back pass and dunk on Nurkic) but Giannis jumped over a 6’5 guy in transition... cleanly from the dotted line. That’s about 5 levels higher than any of LeBron’s plays. No play from this season even comes close.

  62. nefelovamon

    nefelovamon5 months ago

    When you can't put LBJ at the top spot using only 1 play, you add 5 more plays to make it more believable. Still biased.

  63. Brez Jordan

    Brez Jordan5 months ago

    sorry but westbrook over thon maker should be on this

  64. andy mina

    andy mina5 months ago

    No wayde block on LeBron?

  65. Lucas Rodriguez

    Lucas Rodriguez5 months ago

    No Jamal Murray?

  66. Victor Abia

    Victor Abia5 months ago

    Harden is no 1

  67. Bayu Aldrich

    Bayu Aldrich5 months ago

    All of this highlights was unreal, awesome plays

  68. Nikki Lacy

    Nikki Lacy5 months ago

    The worst top 10 in sports. Where are those awesome ftw buzzer beaters. Dislike for you enders

  69. HailMichigan

    HailMichigan5 months ago

    #1- Giannis jumping over Tim Hardaway Jr #2- Harden ending Wesley Johnson’s career End. Of. Story.

  70. Bojan Stajic

    Bojan Stajic5 months ago

    6 plays from Lebron? Where is assist 7 hundred times better than Lebrons? Jesus....

  71. matt bomer

    matt bomer5 months ago

    4:05 lol. double moaning

  72. Canecorso OA Kennel

    Canecorso OA Kennel5 months ago

    omg LBJ no1! You r tards

  73. Kyle Wit

    Kyle Wit5 months ago

    3:45 is almost definitely the best lebron dunk ive ever seen right next to the alley oop slam on jason terry while he was on the heat

  74. Eugeng Khoo

    Eugeng Khoo5 months ago

    Where is dennis Smith jr ?

  75. Robin James Clemente

    Robin James Clemente5 months ago

    real Goat yes he is..LBJ

  76. Lake Show

    Lake Show5 months ago

    Where's the no look pass of LBJ on Ante Zizic? That was the best pass of the fucking season. And where's his poster on Ilyasova?

  77. gap pang

    gap pang5 months ago

    C'mon. It can't be all dunks that'll make the top 5. Harden's play was worthy number one or two. Skills man. Skills.

  78. fidel moquete

    fidel moquete5 months ago

    And they are still missing the fake pass agains the Lakers and one more dunk #LebronMVP


    SADBOYLAO5 months ago

    #6 is nowhere near top 10.

  80. Power of the Second

    Power of the Second5 months ago

    Has everyone forgot about Kenneth faried's dunk against the magic this year?

  81. Theo Sama

    Theo Sama5 months ago

    What about LeBron's assist to Zizic?

  82. Pirate King Buggy D Clown

    Pirate King Buggy D Clown5 months ago

    Where is lebron dunk over Illasova

  83. Jake NBA

    Jake NBA5 months ago

    Lebron has had a hell of a performance but he has only gotten the Cavs to the fourth seed whereas Harden has gotten his team to the first. Harden is putting up impressive numbers across the board and he's been snubbed for MVP so many times it's about damn time. His only flaw is his defense which he has dramatically increased in the past two years.

  84. okan hınıslı

    okan hınıslı5 months ago


  85. Nazwabezcyfr

    Nazwabezcyfr5 months ago

    Fucking lebron dick suckers

  86. gustavo0528

    gustavo05285 months ago

    Harden cross over was better

  87. Chris Dingler

    Chris Dingler5 months ago

    Hater or Lover , you have to admit LeBron's an awesome player, one of the best players we've ever seen and it's definitely going to be remembered as a legend , such a complete athlete.

  88. Brian Ang

    Brian Ang5 months ago


  89. Ojoe Max

    Ojoe Max5 months ago

    Russ on thon maker

  90. Raymond vargas

    Raymond vargas5 months ago

    Top 5 NBA dunks and LBJ top 5 😂🤣

  91. Faça a Diferença

    Faça a Diferença5 months ago

    LeBron MVP!

  92. ThePatrickGalea

    ThePatrickGalea5 months ago

    Bron through TT's legs is #1 easily. No way anyone will ever do that again. Or Giannis' dunk over THJ could be 1st also.

  93. Zhang Allen

    Zhang Allen5 months ago

    u forgot the pass, how could u

  94. Sam Schweitzer

    Sam Schweitzer5 months ago

    Russell Westbrook on Thon Maker??

  95. Vvlym

    Vvlym5 months ago

    wiggins gamewinner should be on here

  96. federico zhu

    federico zhu5 months ago

    OMG!Who can image Lebron has alredy been 33!

  97. ImNiiL

    ImNiiL5 months ago

    The number one its kuroko in real life xD

  98. william hardenbergh

    william hardenbergh5 months ago

    1 giannis jumping over knicks defender 2 demar poster 3 lebron dunk nurkic 4 harden crossover 5 larry nance dunking on KD 6 andrew wiggins game winner 7 lebron game winner vs timberwovles 8 lebron vs 76ers between the legs and finished layup 9 lebron dunk on ersan in the last game vs 76ers 10 mitchell putback dunk

  99. David John Au

    David John Au5 months ago

    Weakest top 10 selection. Couldn’t be worse even if cringementator was cringementating.

  100. Joseph Sedora

    Joseph Sedora5 months ago

    Should be a 7 for 1 for Legoat. They forgot the no look pass to Ante Zizic