Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets on Amazon Put to the Test ▶6


  1. Nida Kazi

    Nida Kazi2 days ago

    I want them all

  2. Hanane Soha

    Hanane Soha2 days ago


  3. Wilhelm Taylor

    Wilhelm Taylor3 days ago

    If you ever see me buy any of these gadgets, just shoot me in the head.

  4. N gaming

    N gaming6 days ago

    Het #techvolt dating your momo

  5. Chem Tex Laboratory

    Chem Tex Laboratory16 days ago


  6. Hana Khaled

    Hana Khaled21 day ago

    التفاحه غريبه حلوه اوي على فكره،⭐⭐⭐

  7. Stu Morris

    Stu Morris22 days ago

    Just replaying the adverts doesn't mean putting to the test, clickbait

  8. ضخبمبمضبمبمض بتبتزيزينيتي

    ضخبمبمضبمبمض بتبتزيزينيتي24 days ago


  9. Alana Melos

    Alana Melos24 days ago

    Who the heck peels a tomato 🍅 lol 🤓🧐🤨

  10. Palak Jain's Crafteria

    Palak Jain's Crafteria26 days ago

    really cool

  11. Omnia Mohamed

    Omnia Mohamed29 days ago

    اجيب الحاجه دي منين

  12. ZIGER_play_show

    ZIGER_play_showMonth ago

    2:44 разницы нет бактерии и так и так будут

  13. Humaira Bna

    Humaira BnaMonth ago

    Sudah modrn

  14. Snowden Drifts

    Snowden DriftsMonth ago

    All these non-Asian people thinking they being smart by using some sort of witchcraft to make sushi.... ALL THE FUN IS BY MAKING WITH YOUR HANDS

  15. pier peeair

    pier peeairMonth ago

    The fact that there's no adds makes me horny

  16. Gege Khaled

    Gege KhaledMonth ago


  17. Pinky Pinky

    Pinky PinkyMonth ago

    Did u guys noticed,he/she peels a tomatoes xD

  18. eylül yüksek

    eylül yüksekMonth ago


  19. Albert Halliväli

    Albert HalliväliMonth ago

    This is shiet

  20. Hasret B

    Hasret BMonth ago

    Hi kommt jemand aus Deutschland 🇩🇪 😂😂

  21. Asumira TFM

    Asumira TFMMonth ago

    I'm watching this bc i think i would be satisfying

  22. Sudha Epian

    Sudha EpianMonth ago

    Sushi maker look usable

  23. Clive lanz Caunceran

    Clive lanz CaunceranMonth ago

    who is dissapointed with peeling tomato press 👇

  24. Cecile LENNE

    Cecile LENNEMonth ago

    1👍like=1sushi 🍣 I like sushi 😘,you ?

  25. Sara Official

    Sara OfficialMonth ago

    +Cecile LENNE What?

  26. Cecile LENNE

    Cecile LENNEMonth ago

    +Sara Official ???

  27. Sara Official

    Sara OfficialMonth ago

    Sorry but I haaaate it🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️😣

  28. Cecile LENNE

    Cecile LENNEMonth ago

    L'ustensile de cuisine à 2:23 je l'ai acheté il est super en 2sec c'est fait

  29. lykamae marasigan

    lykamae marasiganMonth ago

    Wtf who the heck peels tomatoes And what is that rubber thing use for vegetable Its looks like used condom or something

  30. lilasadikkk

    lilasadikkkMonth ago

    for the soap dispenser it's completely useless, youre going to wash your hands anyways if youre worried about get your hands dirty after washing them create a sink that releases water by pressing a button down by your foot. and for the peeled tomatoe one when you make pasta sauce or tomato soup you're going to need to peel them.

  31. F Mohammed Ibrahim

    F Mohammed Ibrahim2 months ago

    I like all☺

  32. rameen alwaz

    rameen alwaz2 months ago

    I want sushi machine who known which shop that machine please tell

  33. I hate unicorns 123

    I hate unicorns 1233 months ago

    Wait but isn't the germs going to be on the bottom tho

  34. Van Pham

    Van Pham4 months ago


  35. Beatlefreak

    Beatlefreak4 months ago

    The Garlic Rocker I saw on Vat19

  36. Thanasis Panavelis

    Thanasis Panavelis4 months ago

    Πολλές μαλακίες κανε τε

  37. Kaan Buğra

    Kaan Buğra4 months ago

    Note clips are super ı use for this cupcake for kaan :D everyone eat my cupcake :(

  38. Aerl Vincent Molo

    Aerl Vincent Molo4 months ago

    Suguy diska

  39. Lia Brooks

    Lia Brooks4 months ago

    How many vegetable cutting gadgets does there have to be?

  40. Sivani Mangra

    Sivani Mangra5 months ago

    That is soooo kool

  41. sunny thakur

    sunny thakur5 months ago


  42. Internet Fangirl

    Internet Fangirl5 months ago

    I know this is not related to the video but My friend called me a lesbo

  43. A Jamir

    A Jamir5 months ago

    What kind of top 10 is it damm idiot people's who peels a tomato 😂😂👎👎👎👎

  44. Priya's Diary

    Priya's Diary5 months ago

    We Indians r enough experienced to take out heaped spoon anything.. 😉😉

  45. Junaid Ali

    Junaid Ali5 months ago


  46. two girL

    two girL5 months ago


  47. yo yo

    yo yo5 months ago

    No sé cómo pide vivir sin él pelador de manzana ...Todo un descubrimiento tecnológico .....

  48. Georginaliza Catapang

    Georginaliza Catapang5 months ago

    its cool but i think that is expensive

  49. Yunita Nita

    Yunita Nita6 months ago

  50. Victor Voicu

    Victor Voicu6 months ago

    2:17 au pus sarmalele😂😂like daca esti roman

  51. Sa Cao

    Sa Cao6 months ago



    FUNNY VIDEOS6 months ago

    It is 'put to test ' or commercial ads

  53. Unicornik

    Unicornik6 months ago

    Poco obierają pimidory

  54. Ifra Madyam

    Ifra Madyam4 months ago


  55. khalil falanah

    khalil falanah6 months ago


  56. Polk Polk

    Polk Polk7 months ago

    2:42 for????!!!!!!


    KEN GAMER7 months ago


  58. lin ming

    lin ming7 months ago

    Who would buy something that only cuts garlic

  59. Viennetha Harbin

    Viennetha Harbin7 months ago

    i pove sushi

  60. Trinity Johnson

    Trinity Johnson7 months ago


  61. Cecile LENNE

    Cecile LENNEMonth ago

    I have buy is good 🌟🌟🌟🌟/🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  62. Anil Kumar

    Anil Kumar8 months ago

    The vebo is not melt in heat

  63. Anitha D

    Anitha D8 months ago

    Packets clip. How much

  64. Anitha D

    Anitha D8 months ago

    Circle cutter .. How much?

  65. chathurika madumali

    chathurika madumali8 months ago


  66. Scoobydubby Noo

    Scoobydubby Noo8 months ago

    Basically 7 minutes of ads

  67. Koprnjaca Smeli

    Koprnjaca Smeli8 months ago

    2:34 this is barely most dumbest idea ever 😂😂😂

  68. Fatimah official

    Fatimah official8 months ago


  69. djuro20

    djuro208 months ago

    3:40 only a "noob" would messure measure ingredients by volume

  70. Thanh Nguyen

    Thanh Nguyen8 months ago

    Dope BTS

  71. Jodie Carlin

    Jodie Carlin9 months ago

    6:37 what song was that?

  72. Aufaçe

    Aufaçe9 months ago

    boring music

  73. Chris Craist

    Chris Craist9 months ago

    Good ideas here. Bad materials except for the garlic crusher because plastic is toxic and designed for schedule obsolescence.

  74. solo yo UwU

    solo yo UwU9 months ago

    R.I.P tomato :v

  75. Nelvina Agdelova

    Nelvina Agdelova9 months ago


  76. Be Nho Khonh

    Be Nho Khonh9 months ago

    Qua tuyet

  77. ghian sobremonte

    ghian sobremonte9 months ago

    Awesome gadgets

  78. White wolf Gamer

    White wolf Gamer9 months ago

    I like (Dreamfarm problem solved)

  79. Zakiyah Rose

    Zakiyah Rose10 months ago

    The title says put to the test but at 2:53 they didn't even use a stove. How can you tell someone how great this thing works to boil and steam when you don't even use hot water? You had one job! Smdh.

  80. ณัฐชยา กันโชติ

    ณัฐชยา กันโชติ10 months ago


  81. Vat Nayut

    Vat Nayut10 months ago


  82. สงกรานต์ สีหาปัญญา

    สงกรานต์ สีหาปัญญา10 months ago


  83. Duy Dương

    Duy Dương10 months ago


  84. Athabi Pratama

    Athabi Pratama10 months ago

    alat nya karen

  85. Sasi Kirana

    Sasi Kirana11 months ago

    Aku suka levoons

  86. Unikhim Bunny

    Unikhim Bunny11 months ago

    2:01 wow

  87. Sweety Dhanuk

    Sweety Dhanuk11 months ago


  88. Shadow_ Of_The_World

    Shadow_ Of_The_World11 months ago

    I can’t think of any comments so I’ll comment this instead of saying it outloud to myself because I’m home alone ;w;

  89. Sandz Gardner

    Sandz Gardner5 months ago

    These gadgets are an blessing to the poor ,Indians and to all the cooks that served your school lunches and to the chef or cooks that preparedbyour foods at your favorite restaurants Need I say more. Do your even cook?

  90. Ria Harina

    Ria Harina11 months ago

    These gadget r amazing . I have also a nicer dicer but I did not use I just want to do work with my own hand :)

  91. FinisherGaming144

    FinisherGaming14411 months ago

    That first one got me scared

  92. Sazae

    Sazae11 months ago

    No no no no . CRH Is the best kitchen gadget reviewer

  93. Najmin Vahora

    Najmin Vahora11 months ago


  94. teckhnical boy

    teckhnical boyYear ago

    not use indians

  95. shoza channel

    shoza channelYear ago

    beli dimana

  96. P.Rishii Ragavendar Deva Deva

    P.Rishii Ragavendar Deva DevaYear ago

    why r u peeling tomato

  97. ItzMehWafflez With some Tae, Suga, and KookiesYT

    ItzMehWafflez With some Tae, Suga, and KookiesYTYear ago


  98. Johan Ciam

    Johan CiamYear ago

    I wanna buy who sell

  99. Chuck Banks

    Chuck BanksYear ago

    Oh come off it! These weren't "put to the test", these were merely just commercials, and of course they advertise only perfect scenarios performed by actors that have rehersed using these perfectly!

  100. Cendy Dancing Cat Demon

    Cendy Dancing Cat DemonYear ago

    What's the name of the song at 2:21

  101. 徐子丰

    徐子丰Year ago

    i wang

  102. Hoang Tam

    Hoang TamYear ago

    I like

  103. Nathanael christian

    Nathanael christianYear ago


  104. flushie

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  105. owsomgamer 360

    owsomgamer 360Year ago

    Who need to shave tomato ??????

  106. owsomgamer 360

    owsomgamer 360Year ago

    I want to buy all this because am riche bitches