Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets on Amazon Put to the Test ▶6


  1. pr va

    pr va13 days ago

    Thanks. The Tescoma multi-purpose slicer was totally new to me. I've ordered it and will be trying it out soon.

  2. malik ibraheem

    malik ibraheemMonth ago


  3. Paloma Cardoso Da Silva

    Paloma Cardoso Da SilvaMonth ago

    @coolmarina esses eu gostaria de ver vc testando

  4. ابكاني فراق زوجي

    ابكاني فراق زوجيMonth ago


  5. Gacha Laisa

    Gacha LaisaMonth ago

    Copyrighted I saw this

  6. Uncontrollable Fantasy

    Uncontrollable FantasyMonth ago

    these gadgets seem more like ways to make human become more lazier and less skilled, if we talk about the sushi roller.

  7. Kayra Acar

    Kayra AcarMonth ago

    Really do not buy the garlic Smasher because iT breaks when you Use it

  8. Luise Reuben

    Luise ReubenMonth ago

    This type of kitchen tool are very rare seen our market.very good

  9. Subhayan Dey

    Subhayan DeyMonth ago


  10. ぱんしろい

    ぱんしろいMonth ago

    Kto przyszedł tu zobaczyć to?

  11. Lûçÿ Hëært

    Lûçÿ HëærtMonth ago

    Use your intelligence to stop pollution, not to peel tomato or to roll sushi.

  12. Hòa tv

    Hòa tvMonth ago


  13. jafrin enterprise

    jafrin enterpriseMonth ago


  14. XxPumpkin Head

    XxPumpkin HeadMonth ago

    What background song did u use for the C-pump?

  15. XxPumpkin Head

    XxPumpkin HeadMonth ago

    People who peel tomatoes are aliens or robots or monsters

  16. Pikachi Midget

    Pikachi MidgetMonth ago

    Its called allergies smh

  17. Parveen Lollta

    Parveen LolltaMonth ago

    Who peels tomato, dude?

  18. park taera

    park taeraMonth ago

    The "perfect roll" is kinda can only make one kimpap in it .....use bamboo stick instead.



    Που μπορουμε να τα παρομε

  20. meysa __art

    meysa __artMonth ago

    This things make a life easier

  21. Trilby

    TrilbyMonth ago

    That garlick press is a joke.

  22. Katja Platano

    Katja PlatanoMonth ago

    I love this Videos. Im also in the vegan niche. A good Site for good products is also This tools save a lot VALUEABLE time and helps to cook faster. I would like to see more Videos like this. Have a nice day :)

  23. collette diva

    collette divaMonth ago

    1:56 i have this at home i bought it at supermarket but it works just need to figure out how to do that

  24. Sophia Yang

    Sophia YangMonth ago

    Is this a commercial?


    KAVITA SHAHMonth ago

    Waist of money.. waist of time...😏

  26. Blue Girl

    Blue Girl2 months ago

    Great ideas

  27. Arislovenka80 Slovenka

    Arislovenka80 Slovenka2 months ago

    Invasión ,estupendo @@ *.*

  28. nobody duday

    nobody duday2 months ago

    It wasnt put to a test its just a compiled video

  29. Indian women athome

    Indian women athome2 months ago

    You can see through the packet that it's chicken... Can't you?!

  30. Girl From the space

    Girl From the space2 months ago

    Looks like products for idiots.

  31. M

    M2 months ago

    The guy making the cookies has a dirty nail.

  32. aaa aa

    aaa aa2 months ago

    Timestamp pls

  33. Afham Shaikh

    Afham Shaikh2 months ago

    I want products plz contact me

  34. Kay Rod

    Kay Rod2 months ago

    Watching this makes me feel like I can go to the 99c store near my house and find all these gadgets

  35. Abaan Khan

    Abaan Khan2 months ago

    Iski price kya hai ko toh Dena Hai Ki Salgirah par aur kahan se milega

  36. Sabrina Alam

    Sabrina Alam2 months ago

    Many fruits are good with skin. Why apple should be peeled off?

  37. butter flollies

    butter flollies2 months ago


  38. Saja Abed All Raheem

    Saja Abed All Raheem2 months ago

    تاهتنهاغاىىتتاتانتومهنهعاggrfttgtgttuuh اااتن هننننهنههههنتنههعهعتنتننتنتنهعهتاغععفلعاغغعغعغاععتهههههههههه ؟تهتالة،ثث٤عتهتهختههاع

  39. Frederic Cho

    Frederic Cho2 months ago

    for the ones asking ... i peel tomato

  40. Smurfinz

    Smurfinz2 months ago

    Everything is so useful, they should all be bundled in one box.

  41. ualflygal

    ualflygal3 months ago

    BUT, WAIT!!! 🤡

  42. Rahul YouTube

    Rahul YouTube3 months ago

    Who the hell peels tomato 🍅

  43. ximesog

    ximesog3 months ago

    Algún día espero tenee6tooooodos estos artefactos en mi cocina

  44. منو عات

    منو عات3 months ago

    ديرو الاسعار ولا واش. هل اجد من عربي يوافقني الراي

  45. purple魅陽富

    purple魅陽富3 months ago


  46. Deanna Cauley

    Deanna Cauley3 months ago

    I want that garlic press

  47. Huerta Cero

    Huerta Cero3 months ago

    You have to do things with love, then I invite you to see the video: Chop Garlic with Love With Subtitles

  48. I love the Periodic table

    I love the Periodic table3 months ago

    The lady at 2:25 is honestly just plain weird and creepy

  49. aaa aa

    aaa aa2 months ago

    😂don't know if you can get the perfect roll anymore or maybe you can and they deloveloped it but it's still there maybe

  50. aaa aa

    aaa aa2 months ago

    Anything can seem creepy when it a different time or can be seen as creepy this was a diffeent time it was old I think edit I just looked it up its nearly 10 years ago vidoe

  51. win win

    win win3 months ago

    Favorit cetakx kue Yang terakhir itu riskx terhapus y 😗

  52. seni airam l

    seni airam l4 months ago

    Todos son necesarios. 👏👏👏

  53. Ajmal Khan

    Ajmal Khan4 months ago


  54. pulakification

    pulakification4 months ago

    I need that garlic crusher in my life.

  55. Morgan Olfursson

    Morgan Olfursson4 months ago

    How difficult is it to cut a potato or bread or cheese with a knife . How lazy can one person be ? You want to do things faster so you can have more time doing nothing and just eat and then you wonder why you're fat !

  56. Morgan Olfursson

    Morgan Olfursson4 months ago

    My grand mother lived until the age of 107 , she never used any of these stuff, never got sick , never had as much as a toothache in all her life, and yet she drank , she smoked and she cursed like a sailor . I am living exactly like her because i know it works , One thing she never did was at meat , and i am pretty sure that's what made her live so long and stay so healthy . This and the fact that she wasn't lazy and didn't rely on gadgets to live , but on hard work . Also one thing is certain, nothing that is in contact with food is made out of plastic . We use cast iron, wood, glass , porcelain , ceramic , it works just find, is extremely beautiful and it costs less . I am married to a Japanese who was horrified at the look of these sushi .