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Top 10 Greatest Individual Performances In Football History


  1. WeSpeakFootball

    WeSpeakFootballYear ago

    Next will be (Goalkeeper performances) , Need some suggestions ... put them in a reply to this post please !

  2. Donzus Fcb

    Donzus FcbDay ago

    subasic vs russsia he was injured..

  3. Yasmeen Farhath

    Yasmeen FarhathMonth ago

    De gea vs arsenal

  4. OWEN C93

    OWEN C93Month ago

    Yashin, zoff

  5. OWEN C93

    OWEN C93Month ago

    Tim howard

  6. Ko- Jap

    Ko- Jap2 months ago

    Khalid Borini Great selections

  7. Magic D

    Magic DDay ago

    How about Thierry Henry in UCL 2006. Loses the final but still great performance from him

  8. 4everkedde

    4everkeddeDay ago

    Being a great defender is a lot harder than being a great attacker

  9. Vikram Singh

    Vikram SinghDay ago

    Aah spanish commentators having seizures as usual

  10. bobby singh

    bobby singh3 days ago

    If you make this video now.. CR7's performance vs SPAIN in the wc and vs sweden will come in top 10 vs wolsburg will come in honoroble mentions.

  11. Valon Rochester

    Valon Rochester4 days ago


  12. Eduardo Bertonati

    Eduardo Bertonati5 days ago

    Napoli Lazio 4 0 1984/85- Maradona

  13. Saud Saad

    Saud Saad7 days ago

    10- Ricardo Kaká vs. Manchester United 9- Lionel Messi vs. Arsenal 8- Zlatan Ibrahimovic vs. England 7- Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Wolfsburg 6- Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Sweden 5- Ronaldinho vs. Real Madrid 4- Lionel Messi vs. Bayer Leverkusen 3- Ronaldo vs. Manchester United 2- Thierry Henry vs. Inter Milan 1- Zinedine Zidane vs. Brazil

  14. Alex K

    Alex K7 days ago


  15. Larissa Nespatt

    Larissa Nespatt8 days ago

    Tony kross against my Brazil, wc 2014

  16. Lebrato

    Lebrato9 days ago

    FALCAO - Final Supercopa de Europa 2012 Atletico de Madrid 4 - Chelsea 1

  17. Rodrigo Echeverria

    Rodrigo Echeverria9 days ago

    Barcelona fan and British I imagine... too much Messi ando no Maradona vs England

  18. Ciaran Davey

    Ciaran Davey11 days ago

    No Roy Keane vs Juventus

  19. Simon Playz

    Simon Playz11 days ago

    Ronaldinho is a 6 * Skiller 😂👌

  20. Darán Toibin

    Darán Toibin12 days ago

    "Messi the best footballer of his generation" considering that Ronaldino was part of his generation (earlier years) than that statement is questionable.

  21. Justin

    Justin12 days ago

    gerrard v west ham.

  22. Wheel333

    Wheel33312 days ago

    Baresi ggs.

  23. Leonardo David

    Leonardo David14 days ago

    nice video, baresi, capo!!! but beckham vs greece, hahahaha!!! what a joke

  24. Navneet Rai

    Navneet Rai14 days ago

    Messi against Brazil. 4-3

  25. Ilias Attar

    Ilias Attar14 days ago

    The number one by far is lewandowski vs wolfsburg (5 goals in 9 mins) You forgot messi vs madrid 2011 Nice vid btw.

  26. SwafflesYT

    SwafflesYT14 days ago

    Not agreeing with all choices, but some of them deserved their spot

  27. Turbo 86

    Turbo 8615 days ago

    Good on ya for not just showing attacking players. Nobody defends like the italians. They celebrate a last ditch tackle like they have scored a goal

  28. Riccardo Alcaro

    Riccardo Alcaro16 days ago

    Football wasn’t born in the 2000s. Maradona’s performance in the World Cup 86 is ways above Zidane’s against Brazil in 2006, and he was even greater in a serie A game against Lazio. Pelé’s first World Cup final in 1958 was also better than many listed here (and he probably has a couple of other performances that would do the list), Di Stefano and Puskas scored 3 and 4 goals respectively in the European cup (champions league) in 1960. The list goes on and on. And it’s frankly ridiculous how often English you tubers include Beckham’s game against Brazil. Cmon, that wouldn’t deserve not even place 100

  29. A fellow 9 year old.

    A fellow 9 year old.18 days ago

    Ronaldo is best name if you r planning to play football.

  30. youtube person

    youtube person18 days ago

    Ramos vs milan 2014

  31. Nazeel Juvale

    Nazeel Juvale19 days ago

    Rivaldo vs Valencia 2001. Probably the greatest hatrick of goals ever for their quality and importance.

  32. Hernan Wilhelmus

    Hernan Wilhelmus21 day ago

    Riquelme vs Real Madrid (2000)

  33. Matias Bonora

    Matias Bonora22 days ago

    Messi vs Bayern en la ida de las semis de la champions , haciendo dos golazos y dándole una gran asistencia a Neymar

  34. Nij Dey

    Nij Dey22 days ago

    Great video, thanks. What's the music track used?

  35. Ehtesham Ahmed

    Ehtesham Ahmed24 days ago

    Fabio Cannavaro's Worldclass performance in the Semi final against Germany In World cup 2006 ? It should be in that top 10 , One of the best performances by a player.

  36. Shamriz Khan

    Shamriz Khan24 days ago

    Messi vs M Baryan 2015 semifinal best of his one man

  37. Viren Tyagi

    Viren Tyagi25 days ago

    Roy Keane vs Juventus??

  38. Jesús Ariel González

    Jesús Ariel González25 days ago

    Zidane vs Brazil was amazing!!!!

  39. matisito medina

    matisito medina25 days ago

    maradona vs lazio best ever

  40. Riccardo Alcaro

    Riccardo Alcaro16 days ago

    matisito medina yes man but apparently football was born in the 2000s

  41. Zed Zuhdi Arkadata

    Zed Zuhdi Arkadata25 days ago

    yo where is 5 goals in 9 minutes by lewandowski? this is the hardest p;erformance ever

  42. Paul Mutuku

    Paul Mutuku26 days ago

    Messi Vs Bayern

  43. Juan Carlos Sastre Varas

    Juan Carlos Sastre Varas26 days ago

    Messi puto amo ,CR7 nada ,ronaldinho crack , ronaldo fenómeno y zizou 🖕

  44. bad_bart

    bad_bart26 days ago

    re: neymar "he was literally doing everything on the pitch all by himself" aaaaaaaaahahaha are you fucking serious

  45. Lyan Khaute Vaiphei

    Lyan Khaute Vaiphei27 days ago

    Messi fanboy

  46. Florian Gau

    Florian GauMonth ago

    What song is this?

  47. Brian Guo

    Brian GuoMonth ago

    5:48 that also works for Iniesta

  48. victor mas

    victor masMonth ago

    Riquelme vs Real Madrid (intercontinental 2000) he was only 22 years and destroyed a team full of stars

  49. khatuna Archvadze

    khatuna ArchvadzeMonth ago

    messi vs ecuador or messi vs bayern

  50. shadman khan

    shadman khanMonth ago

    Messi vs Ecuador 2017 And ronaldo vs Spain 2018

  51. Andre Agostino

    Andre AgostinoMonth ago

    What is the name of the song?

  52. T AG

    T AGMonth ago

    Roger Milla 1990 World Cup

  53. Victor Fontele

    Victor FonteleMonth ago

    Miss Cristiano Ronaldo (Espanha X Portugal)

  54. five Quort

    five QuortMonth ago


  55. Ethan Caldwell

    Ethan CaldwellMonth ago

    Where can I find the music?

  56. Sam A

    Sam AMonth ago

    This list is absolutely awful.

  57. Tomislav Mikša

    Tomislav MikšaMonth ago

    Nice to know football started around 2008... So for example Maradona vs England, Eusebio, van Basten and Pelle never played. With of course exception of Baresi. Best of the best is Zlatan in a friendly game... I think he played better games with more important goals in his career.

  58. Tomislav Mikša

    Tomislav MikšaMonth ago

    Shevchenko vs. Barcelona???

  59. Tomislav Mikša

    Tomislav MikšaMonth ago

    Or Savicevic champions league finals...

  60. Robin Nicollet

    Robin NicolletMonth ago

    It's nice, many amazing performances. But I keep thinking people should either remove anything prior to 1990 or treat that period equally to what is after.

  61. Luís Miguel

    Luís MiguelMonth ago

    When you invent some goals from Messi on this list just for the Kids, since when they are important, this Kids? and forget dozens of better ones... At least you you put Maradona performance. And forget the King Pelé. Grow UP. Im not under 20.

  62. A I

    A IMonth ago

    Pele at 17 hattrick in the WC final

  63. Qusai Al Soub

    Qusai Al SoubMonth ago

    del piero vs real madrid 2008

  64. Moeketsi Ramosana

    Moeketsi RamosanaMonth ago

    From 05:38 Michel Salgado at 6s and 7s, chasing shadows. He wasn't Real Madrid material anyway!

  65. prof feathers

    prof feathersMonth ago

    I would include henry vs realmadrid in the bernabeu (UCL). He silenced the bernabeu.

  66. N A

    N AMonth ago

    Rooney UCL debut??

  67. Dinho

    DinhoMonth ago

    Maradona vs England 2-1 Rivaldo hat trick vs Valencia 3-2 Rivaldo hat trick vs AC Milan 3-3 Ronaldo de Lima hat trick vs Valencia 3-2 Berbatov hat trick vs Liverpool 3-2 Xavi vs Arsenal 2-2 They all deserve to be in the list

  68. Battle Group Raiders

    Battle Group RaidersMonth ago

    You forget Thierry Henry in a Barca shirt. 2 6 to Barca in Madrid. Against Real. He scored 2 and set up 2. And played a part in the other 2 goals. Maybe?

  69. Atrijo Sengupta

    Atrijo SenguptaMonth ago

    Where is Messi vs Ecuador(2018); messi vs Brazil

  70. MarcosMark2011

    MarcosMark2011Month ago

    Why do you put that game from lewandowski and not the one he made like 5 goals in ten minutes? Id also like the day Maradona also made Bernabeu´s crowd clap him

  71. Deforce

    DeforceMonth ago

    imo ronaldinho is a top 3 player of all time, so fucking underrated that people don’t put him in top 5. pele may have scored over a thousand goals, but he did that without offsides or much good competition.

  72. stekore

    stekoreMonth ago


  73. L Doc

    L DocMonth ago

    Dislike Because of including Neymar's cheat diving game next to such legendary performances

  74. snentz

    snentzMonth ago

    Ronaldos hat trick vs Man U was one of the best nights in champions league history

  75. Blue Wolf

    Blue WolfMonth ago

    Where is Messi vs Getafe?

  76. Neil Hennigan

    Neil HenniganMonth ago

    Haha and where is Gerrard in the champions league final???? Mmmmmm.... Debatable picks in there

  77. Young BXDV

    Young BXDVMonth ago


  78. Samanvi Budihal

    Samanvi BudihalMonth ago


  79. TDB11

    TDB11Month ago

    HITC 7s do this really well

  80. Thom

    ThomMonth ago

    Rooney versus Fenerbache

  81. Pulkit Dalania

    Pulkit DalaniaMonth ago

    Godin vs chelsea, uefa super cup?

  82. Conor McDarby

    Conor McDarbyMonth ago

    That Sweden England game didn't even mean anything. Just a couple of Ibra belters. Not the performance of his life

  83. dazzaburger

    dazzaburgerMonth ago

    Where's Higuain 2014 FIFA World Cup final?

  84. MAKSIM 510

    MAKSIM 510Month ago

    Great film, but where is Lewandowski vs Wolfsburg 2015?

  85. Arkadas Riky

    Arkadas RikyMonth ago

    Ronaldinho jajaajajajajaaj Michel Salgado y Sergio Ramos aún lo siguen buscando xD

  86. Surya Press

    Surya PressMonth ago

    What about lewandowski 5 goals in 9 minutes it is also a record

  87. KHNUM

    KHNUMMonth ago

    In my opinion Zidane's individual performance vs Brazil should be nº1. The 2006 Brazil squad was the strongest since the 1970's. Brazil had the two best players in the World (Kaka and Ronaldinho). Zidane was 34, and would later on retire less than a week after this match. Give me a player that under this conditions could do what he brilliantly did. In that day Zidane gave the best football performance of all time. He did not need to win another world cup, it doesnt matter that France lost in the final. For me Zidane will always be the greatest footballer that ever played the game. And i'm portuguese by the way, cheers from a football fan.

  88. Naveed chaudary

    Naveed chaudary8 days ago

    agree bro ... infact zidane was at his best in that whole worldcup

  89. SDCLFC1

    SDCLFC1Month ago

    Good call on Baresi - without Baggio firing the Italian side was pretty ordinary going forward. And after their run to the final they were out on their feet. Brazil were flat too, but were undoubtedly the best side in the world, and very, very good. Baresi back from injury was superb keeping them in that final. Tackle after tackle after tackle. Ronaldo for Brazil against Argentina where he earned and converted a hat-trick of penalties should be in there. Zidane vs Brazil was great for the tricks and yeah he did dominate the midfield, but he didn't decide games the way many of the others did - that match was decided by Roberto Carlos - bent over, hands on his knees as Zidane's free kick comes in and his mark, Henry, walks in unopposed. You're never the best left-back in the world if you can't defend.

  90. Chakka Boola

    Chakka BoolaMonth ago

    You should have extended the Maradona vs Belgium clip to show those guys what really seperates him from the rest. Argentina could have won that match like 5:0, with 2 Maradona goals and 4 Maradona assists. Too bad his team mates were just incapable of scoring easy goals

  91. Vinicius Antunes

    Vinicius AntunesMonth ago

    Ronaldo vs Lazio - UEFA Cup Final

  92. Andreas Fuentes Elowson

    Andreas Fuentes ElowsonMonth ago

    messi vs bayern 2015 and messi vs real in ULC semi final 2011

  93. Andreas Fuentes Elowson

    Andreas Fuentes ElowsonMonth ago

    Messi vs Real Madrid at 19 years of age and scored a hat trick plus barca had a red card

  94. o o

    o oMonth ago

    Henry that speed and finish. real attacker

  95. How To ?

    How To ?Month ago

    lewa vs wolfsburg ? del piero vs real madrid, standing ovation ?

  96. Chempo Santillán

    Chempo SantillánMonth ago


  97. Bughogus bughogus

    Bughogus bughogusMonth ago


  98. kwstas ntritsos

    kwstas ntritsosMonth ago


  99. Paul Maldini

    Paul MaldiniMonth ago

    Ronaldinhos, beckham and baresi... Those are the only ones that i would even consider being in top 10

  100. Ben Brunskill

    Ben BrunskillMonth ago

    Roy Keane vs Juventus !!!!!!!!

  101. cesc lee

    cesc leeMonth ago


  102. Deepthi Shibu

    Deepthi ShibuMonth ago

    what about ronalo Portugal vs Spain??

  103. Erlend

    ErlendMonth ago

    Messi is the greatest of all time, no doubt

  104. Antonin Lecomte

    Antonin LecomteMonth ago

    Zidane against Brésil is the best greatest individual performance i ever seen

  105. King Mo

    King Mo2 months ago

    Lewandowski 5 goals In 9 mins Lewandowski 4 goals against Real Madrid

  106. Marco

    Marco2 months ago

    Cannavaro against Germany in 2006?

  107. anirudh vk

    anirudh vk2 months ago


  108. Temirlan Adilbek

    Temirlan Adilbek2 months ago

    Some say that the Real Fan on thumbnail is still clapping

  109. Thiago de Gois Araujo

    Thiago de Gois Araujo2 months ago

    No Pele??? This is a joke!