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Top 10 Fastest Chair Turns Blind Auditions The Voice 2018


  1. justcallmeILLEGIRL Jeon

    justcallmeILLEGIRL Jeon5 hours ago

    the first was good. it's old fashioned rock. not everyone can pull That off.

  2. IamwhoIamandIamwhoIwasand IamwhoIwillalwaysbe

    IamwhoIamandIamwhoIwasand IamwhoIwillalwaysbe12 hours ago

    BIIIIIIITCH! The doves cry was insaaaane 😍

  3. สนุ๊ก เกอร์

    สนุ๊ก เกอร์12 hours ago


  4. ASMR Anonymous

    ASMR Anonymous13 hours ago

    What! You guys didn't like the first one? I thought she was awesome!

  5. Sascha Bo.

    Sascha Bo.13 hours ago

    Sam Perry was so amazing this year (2018) at voice of Australia and ein Thema Show Wirth highest percentage.

  6. Cynthi  Carlson

    Cynthi Carlson15 hours ago

    Click bait Chair turns mo faster than normal

  7. Nowhereman

    Nowhereman19 hours ago

    Names of the songs anyone please

  8. MAB Vlogs

    MAB VlogsDay ago

    That first one not so fast! Like 45 sec! Seen alot faster. Title misleading!

  9. Sameera Lakshan

    Sameera LakshanDay ago

    What is the first song name pls

  10. Lalruatzela Ruata

    Lalruatzela Ruata2 days ago

    Ist song heading plz

  11. Truck Nation

    Truck Nation2 days ago

    Wtf. Is incredible😂😍

  12. acik ikhmal

    acik ikhmal2 days ago

    The dj are good

  13. Orindom Shing Pulock

    Orindom Shing Pulock2 days ago

    What's the 2nd song?

  14. Sakar Adhikari

    Sakar Adhikari2 days ago

    Name of the second song?

  15. Katey Marie

    Katey Marie2 days ago

    Sorry but I personally thought that the first girl butchered zombie After posting and then scrolling down the comments with the people praising her I'm just was so bad she litterly was not singing but screaming

  16. Valentin Cusnir

    Valentin Cusnir2 days ago

    Zombie N1 Daria stavrovici respect from MOLDOVA ты лучшая ты бомбардировщик!!!!!!

  17. Hastala fista

    Hastala fista2 days ago

    11:25 love song

  18. GH Kismat

    GH Kismat2 days ago

    Nx xonggg......from nepal

  19. jouli perlla

    jouli perlla2 days ago

    The DJ just wooooow


    htmodels.ru2 days ago

    Пиздец...что за первая участница? Она ни в музыку не попадает, ни голоса, ни визуальной постановки

  21. Albika Rai

    Albika Rai3 days ago

    Like for the second guy who sang Sign of the times though not better than Harry 💕

  22. TeenGirl

    TeenGirl3 days ago

    Name russian girl ?

  23. Pulverizer 24

    Pulverizer 243 days ago

    Shakira is 40+ yrs old, who's the lucky bastard?

  24. Gül Bi

    Gül Bi3 days ago


  25. Andrea Elendu Offor

    Andrea Elendu Offor3 days ago

    The first one was a hot mess 💀♥❤

  26. 김대성

    김대성3 days ago

    09:43 her song name???

  27. Jhonata. H

    Jhonata. H5 hours ago

    Lean On - DJ Snake & Major Lazer

  28. Seung-ki Park

    Seung-ki Park3 days ago

    Just say all turn

  29. Ace Takora

    Ace Takora3 days ago

    no1 was all the way till midsong is this guy retarded who made the title lmao

  30. vincent schulz

    vincent schulz3 days ago

    So, where do I get one of them chairs?

  31. Rein

    Rein4 days ago

    Wht song number two?

  32. ナ ナ

    ナ ナ4 days ago

    1st.. so good....

  33. bishal oli

    bishal oli4 days ago

    1st one is lit, absolutely amazing

  34. Keaobaka Mangadi

    Keaobaka Mangadi4 days ago

    Zombie 😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤

  35. floofer nugget

    floofer nugget4 days ago

    I lost it when pillowtalks came

  36. Yusra Adilah

    Yusra Adilah4 days ago

    can i know the title of the 2nd song please?

  37. Bhabish Bhattarai

    Bhabish BhattaraiDay ago

    sign of the times

  38. Manuwan Peramunugama

    Manuwan Peramunugama4 days ago

    What is the first song?

  39. Manuwan Peramunugama

    Manuwan Peramunugama4 days ago

    Thanks :)

  40. David Ghimire

    David Ghimire4 days ago

    The cranberries zombie

  41. Marcus Vadas

    Marcus Vadas4 days ago

    bogdan ioan from romania was faster

  42. 손상호

    손상호5 days ago

    What is all music titles?

  43. Cinder Fall

    Cinder Fall5 days ago

    The voice holland. My oh my that voice. One word for her. BOSS!

  44. Wolfie XVI

    Wolfie XVI5 days ago

    Im scared of the first one😵😵

  45. Rahul Bansal

    Rahul Bansal5 days ago

    Name of song no. 2 plz?

  46. SN Shrestha

    SN Shrestha5 days ago

    First took 0:55 sec that not fastest 🙄

  47. Chris Sales

    Chris Sales5 days ago

    The first one is gay

  48. Narayan's Zone

    Narayan's Zone5 days ago

    new list may be filled with Voice of Nepal's contestants

  49. NTC

    NTC5 days ago

    What is the name of all the songs? Thanks

  50. Vineeth Vincent Official

    Vineeth Vincent Official5 days ago

    Mother! What an opener!

  51. Nutthapon Parnmhee

    Nutthapon Parnmhee6 days ago

    Number two song ??

  52. Love Football

    Love Football6 days ago

    Where is the "This is a man's world".....

  53. Prasetya Budy

    Prasetya Budy6 days ago

    Song no 2

  54. mahesh mudhiraj model

    mahesh mudhiraj model6 days ago



    HIMAL GREMBA7 days ago

    It is not fastest

  56. pedro ruiz

    pedro ruiz7 days ago

    Waths Is the name of music number 2? . cual es la canción número 2?.

  57. Suman Newar

    Suman Newar7 days ago

    Very nice

  58. SplitWindowVette

    SplitWindowVette7 days ago

    I watch the shakira one over and over again. It was amazing

  59. NgVc

    NgVc7 days ago

    3:45 the name of the song pleae?

  60. Nabeel Ahmad

    Nabeel Ahmad7 days ago


  61. Mika Vasilian

    Mika Vasilian21 hour ago

    "Who's lovin' you"

  62. Sani Mattu

    Sani Mattu7 days ago

    The first one is the best all these.

  63. Willy Tanadi

    Willy Tanadi7 days ago

    zombie 🤘👹

  64. kp wright

    kp wright7 days ago

    i'd be running to the stage if i were an audience during the first one's performance. damn so liiiit!

  65. Gopal thapa

    Gopal thapa8 days ago

    Omg really amazing 👌👌

  66. raisyad gatam

    raisyad gatam8 days ago

    yang pertama gg bgt dah 😂😂

  67. Prashant Karki

    Prashant Karki8 days ago

    fourth one was best one very fantastic

  68. Leslie Rodriguez

    Leslie Rodriguez8 days ago

    The man that sang Sign of The Times was not very good, for me at least.

  69. Mikael Nascimento

    Mikael Nascimento8 days ago

    what is the name of the second song please

  70. Ravi Thapa

    Ravi Thapa6 days ago

    Harry Style sign of time

  71. Papi Harpy

    Papi Harpy8 days ago

    Most of these made my ears bleed

  72. Cynthia Taboada

    Cynthia Taboada8 days ago

    I dont like the first.

  73. Scorpion 006

    Scorpion 0069 days ago

    Kurwa co z tym MReporter tiktok to szok. Nie da się już nic. Oglądać. Unlike

  74. john sgdhhfh

    john sgdhhfh9 days ago

    lol if you think that was fast you might wanna check out greek voice cause you have seen nothing

  75. foul monk

    foul monk9 days ago

    People saying the first one wasn't good but really in my opinion it was a rock performance and the high notes were flawless

  76. Rizky Ansary

    Rizky Ansary2 days ago

    +jonnyb7283 999

  77. foul monk

    foul monk2 days ago

    Ok all of us have different opinions let's not fight and be on our own

  78. Katey Marie

    Katey Marie2 days ago

    Ok but if you listen to the original you will realise that it was a poprock not a screamo cant hit half of the notes and have almost no singing ability rock

  79. jonnyb7283

    jonnyb72832 days ago

    foul monk high notes? They were all in the middle of her register. Just used more air. That song was not meant to be have that kind of voice. It was grossly bad.

  80. Tara M

    Tara M9 days ago

    That person who sang sign of the time his execution wasn’t good it was middle

  81. satish mahatara

    satish mahatara9 days ago

    11:21 to 11:29 fastest 🔥🔥

  82. Jhonata. H

    Jhonata. H5 hours ago

    Jennie Lena sings 'Who's Loving You' (The Voice of Holland)

  83. sÖö Rãz

    sÖö Rãz9 days ago

    Beatbox damn GoooooooooooooD

  84. Naufal Jamal

    Naufal Jamal9 days ago

    Who's the woman looks like aunt may in spiderman

  85. David Zarinnia

    David Zarinnia9 days ago

    What song is he singing in the second clip?

  86. David Zarinnia

    David Zarinnia8 days ago

    +tiKa kiri thank you very much

  87. tiKa kiri

    tiKa kiri9 days ago

    harry styles _ sign of the times

  88. tiKa kiri

    tiKa kiri9 days ago

    harry styles _ sign of the times

  89. tiKa kiri

    tiKa kiri9 days ago

    sign of the time

  90. Fabricio Willian De Almeida

    Fabricio Willian De Almeida9 days ago

    Nomes das musicas please!!!!!!

  91. Dhairya Gala

    Dhairya Gala9 days ago

    Woka woka isn't 2018....please change name of video

  92. Raj Magar Durga

    Raj Magar Durga9 days ago

    The chaild boy is great

  93. Dumitru Tiplea

    Dumitru Tiplea9 days ago

    and it is one at the voice of romania earth song

  94. Philomina Veigas

    Philomina Veigas9 days ago

    Dj was amazing

  95. Shivansh Dubey

    Shivansh Dubey10 days ago

    Loca loca loca

  96. prasanna kumar

    prasanna kumar10 days ago

    11:25 the real deal😎🤩🤩

  97. Tanish Robinson

    Tanish Robinson10 days ago

    Wats the name of the song tat the crazy emo girl sang in the beginning of th vedio, I mean the 1st song

  98. Marie Konor

    Marie Konor5 days ago

    Tanish Robinson Zombie - The Cranberries

  99. Tanvirul Anowar

    Tanvirul Anowar10 days ago

    ohhh...the DJ......😍😍😍😍

  100. Stefan Odenbrandt

    Stefan Odenbrandt10 days ago

    But why !! They can not sing in english if they even cant speak english wtf it sound terrible!! 😡😡

  101. wuireiphi wungsek

    wuireiphi wungsek11 days ago

    The 2nd one is so it ...

  102. Bikash koirala

    Bikash koirala11 days ago

    anyone could give me the link of original song that is sung by first lady?/

  103. Bikash koirala

    Bikash koirala10 days ago

    thanks a lot

  104. Kim Delos Ama

    Kim Delos Ama10 days ago

    Zombie by The Cranberries

  105. Animesh Sarkar

    Animesh Sarkar11 days ago

    Who watched the eighth chairs spin? Is it not fabulous? If you like it, I hope you have given a like

  106. Justin Halam

    Justin Halam11 days ago

    Can you say all the song that's being sang

  107. Francko G

    Francko G11 days ago

    La primera. Tremendo asco

  108. iaru Ayala

    iaru Ayala11 days ago

    Alguien sabe la primera canción??


    TUKANG ULIN11 days ago

    Dj ...amazing

  110. 패션스웩

    패션스웩11 days ago

    0:10 what' the title?

  111. Manas Mahajan

    Manas Mahajan11 days ago

    Whats the second song???

  112. Engku Rafyzi

    Engku Rafyzi11 days ago

    Harry style. Sing of the times

  113. muizz rafid

    muizz rafid12 days ago

    please any one say..what's the name of the frist song..!

  114. Maja Damsgaard

    Maja Damsgaard11 days ago

    muizz rafid Zombie by The Cranberries

  115. Robbie Smith

    Robbie Smith12 days ago

    What’s the second song?

  116. Engku Rafyzi

    Engku Rafyzi11 days ago

    Harry style. Sign of the times

  117. Maska Pamyh

    Maska Pamyh12 days ago

    The Girl with the hat almost kill me what a voice...!!!

  118. PopeyeRecargado

    PopeyeRecargado13 days ago

    Whats song is it?? 10:30

  119. Esra Nur Kurt

    Esra Nur Kurt12 days ago

    Leon on major lazer

  120. Rainbow kodi man

    Rainbow kodi man13 days ago

    Who was the red head with the hat on?? Near the end

  121. Ritz Ritz

    Ritz Ritz13 days ago

    Seriously 2018? Idiot

  122. Karan Saini

    Karan Saini13 days ago

    Hey ..were is ayden??