Top 10 Fastest Chair Turns Blind Auditions The Voice 2018


  1. Jack Pulse

    Jack Pulse3 hours ago

    Other years had faster

  2. Banefane

    Banefane14 hours ago

    You know whats anoying?! When singer sing and people clap and you can`t hear a fucking damn thing. Stupid crowd :(

  3. Zack Rauen

    Zack Rauen19 hours ago

    Crazy how a simple loopstation routine got those people going crazy they've probably never heard one before at all

  4. erwingerald lopez

    erwingerald lopez20 hours ago

    Jennie's still the best tho.

  5. Ahmad Kidri

    Ahmad Kidri21 hour ago

    Facckingggg fast ur mom

  6. Thien Dang

    Thien DangDay ago

    Mê bài đầu mất.. 👍

  7. Ankit Kumar

    Ankit KumarDay ago

    Loca 😮😮👏

  8. Liliana Bruno

    Liliana BrunoDay ago



    ALVIN KUM KUMDay ago

    垃圾不知所謂 無水準 個個上臺的話好嘢 正垃圾

  10. Aizaz Izzat

    Aizaz IzzatDay ago

    What's the second song, was it mentioned in the video. I might have missed it.

  11. mobooshka

    mobooshkaDay ago

    That Loca-singer has terrible voice... Jesus Christ... My cat singing much better.

  12. Soco ZepAl

    Soco ZepAl2 days ago

    What is name???? For numb 2????

  13. Juu TV Gilgit-Baltistan

    Juu TV Gilgit-Baltistan2 days ago


  14. Noj Ilong

    Noj Ilong2 days ago

    Last boy was in Stepbrothers.. Just a rich little kid with Hollywood parents provided with lots of voice training.

  15. javkhaa javkhlan

    javkhaa javkhlan2 days ago

    what song was first

  16. Ekky Andrean

    Ekky Andrean2 days ago

    the last one ohh God I lost my word she's so talented 😍

  17. Putri

    Putri2 days ago

    One of the fastest is frederick sawyer audition i think

  18. Abhijeet Kadu

    Abhijeet Kadu2 days ago

    What’s the name of first song?

  19. Anniciber

    Anniciber3 days ago

    "Loca" 2018?

  20. Pika Pika

    Pika Pika3 days ago

    No American judge would turn around for the first girl. Just saying.

  21. joão carlos

    joão carlos3 days ago

    top 10 show !

  22. William Gonzalez

    William Gonzalez3 days ago

    Fastest? Lol

  23. kipa raja

    kipa raja3 days ago

    Bad voice puti lawra kao


    MUSICAL DEEWANE3 days ago

    Can anybody tell me the name of all Judges?

  25. Nell Peters

    Nell Peters3 days ago

    1st one finna go to church 😒

  26. Iam Angela

    Iam Angela3 days ago

    Nobody loves me

  27. Norris E. M.N.

    Norris E. M.N.3 days ago

    first song was very3 slow

  28. beylle J

    beylle J3 days ago

    wheressss cough syrup??????

  29. yfebrian 18

    yfebrian 183 days ago

    11.20 is dabest

  30. Beauty by Chaos

    Beauty by Chaos3 days ago

    am i the only one who doesn’t like the first one? i love that song but...

  31. YOSA AKBAR Dirgantoro

    YOSA AKBAR Dirgantoro4 days ago

    What song 2.05

  32. Aditya Fajar Pratama

    Aditya Fajar Pratama4 days ago

    WHOA what a vocal! The 1st girl was killing it!!!

  33. jakelin pomasunco

    jakelin pomasunco4 days ago

    what is 6ta song ??

  34. Sullivan Ruben

    Sullivan Ruben4 days ago

    doubt the first one can sing another song after that performance x)))

  35. Dine Demonise

    Dine Demonise4 days ago

    I love The Girl Who Sung the ZOMBIE

  36. Josiii. btw

    Josiii. btw4 days ago

    I think the 1 can't sing.. It's just screaming😌🤣

  37. Daniel Andersson

    Daniel Andersson4 days ago

    Jesus that Zombie interpretation,,, fuck me im awestruck!

  38. Andrea Solis

    Andrea Solis4 days ago

    Did not like the 1st one at all. That song is so beautiful and was ruined in seconds.

  39. johana Garcia

    johana Garcia4 days ago

    guys, Jennie Lena (The Voice Holland) was amazing.

  40. Shad Mosaheb

    Shad Mosaheb4 days ago

    is it me or Delta looks similar to Jennifer Lopez?

  41. Doniel Konrad Bisnar

    Doniel Konrad Bisnar4 days ago

    Matthew Schuller's Cough Syrup (The Voice US) performance audition was the fastest 4 chair turner (simultaneous) I've ever watched. The fastest single chair turn (but I think all 4 of them turned) I've watched was Cleo Higgins' performance in The Voice UK when Jessie press the button first.

  42. Regie Flores

    Regie Flores4 days ago

    first second and third are the best!

  43. Владимир Лышенко

    Владимир Лышенко4 days ago

    this is not from 2018 (at least first)

  44. black jack

    black jack4 days ago

    what song is no 2 ?

  45. Pkj channel

    Pkj channel5 days ago

    What song when 3.08

  46. Ilyes Zaoui

    Ilyes Zaoui5 days ago

    What's the name of the first song please??!

  47. Анастасия Александрович

    Анастасия Александрович4 days ago


  48. Susan Pruchnicky

    Susan Pruchnicky5 days ago

    they are not all from 2018

  49. Ger 1107

    Ger 11075 days ago

    What is Tom Jones problem.... he NEVER turns around unless everyone else does so first. Sorry Tom, but maybe you need to retire. Love you for all you gave, but it's time now to pass it on to those who can manage it.

  50. Kim` Sear

    Kim` Sear5 days ago

    OMG that DJ! Incredible performance


    roberto.macalalad308@gmail.com5 days ago

    Sorry but Jenifer H.,is not for this

  52. Kaishyap Karmakar

    Kaishyap Karmakar5 days ago

    11.20 is the fastest n one of the best...

  53. Demi N

    Demi N5 days ago

    What song is no. 01 please?

  54. Adithya Vardhan

    Adithya Vardhan5 days ago

    where is the cough syrup guy

  55. OddComeShortly

    OddComeShortly5 days ago

    Stupid click bait titel...

  56. Richard Alcala

    Richard Alcala5 days ago

    The first one made my ears bleed and i listen to heavy metal......

  57. Strong Lyon

    Strong Lyon6 days ago

    Cómo se Pronunciaría el Nombre de la Participante y su cover de Cramberrys para alguien de Argentina 👍🔊 como yo . Leonel from Buenos Aires ..

  58. raks polala

    raks polala6 days ago

    Fastest bullshit

  59. Spectre

    Spectre6 days ago

    "You might want to turn around!" Why, lady? What do his looks have to do with talent? This is the problem with the music industry today. No-one can actually sing and they get a record deal if they look good and do as they're told.

  60. Darcio Leandro

    Darcio Leandro6 days ago

    Two is best

  61. Martin Valtea

    Martin Valtea6 days ago

    Fastest? R U sure.

  62. RinMariano

    RinMariano6 days ago

    Goodddd selection

  63. Nilanshu Gaurav

    Nilanshu Gaurav6 days ago

    Not from 2018

  64. glitter world

    glitter world6 days ago

    The loca loca one audition is not of 2018

  65. Mangngal Huidrom

    Mangngal Huidrom6 days ago

    I am not a hard rock fan but that zombie gal was like Oh my gawddddd.

  66. Niels Ketelaars

    Niels Ketelaars6 days ago

    I agree with most of the comments about it not being fast at all, however, these might be the fastest the creator has seen in 2018, since there are older clips in the video...?

  67. FeelipinoGay

    FeelipinoGay6 days ago

    The one with the fastest turn is actually the one with the most beautiful voice in this clip... Total opposite of the screaming zombie... Lol Seconded by the DJ who just made my jaw drop...

  68. Mantapx 89

    Mantapx 897 days ago

    I like

  69. R E Y N O R

    R E Y N O R7 days ago

    Holy ! performance 😍

  70. Hendy Posner

    Hendy Posner7 days ago

    Watching the first video expecting them to turn around after 3 or 4 seconds and it takes a full minute lmao, title misleading af

  71. Tenzin Phontsok

    Tenzin Phontsok7 days ago

    Wow mr dj you rock the stage

  72. redox kj7

    redox kj77 days ago

    Does anyone know the name of the second song that the boy sang?

  73. Rut Pérez

    Rut Pérez6 days ago

    Sing of the times-Harry Styles

  74. biwara aji

    biwara aji7 days ago

    What the title song 2nd singer??

  75. James Javanovich

    James Javanovich7 days ago

    Why don't they sing songs from their own language. Accent makes it sound like complete dog shit.

  76. George Robert Nongsiej

    George Robert Nongsiej7 days ago

    Anyone seen Anthony Riley auditioning for the Voice USA??

  77. Sunu Grg

    Sunu Grg7 days ago

    the first girl looks like satanic girl

  78. ToM

    ToM7 days ago

    Where is Greece? This year Panos mouzourakis gained the fastest chair turn record of the word's voices ! Check it !

  79. wew hehe

    wew hehe7 days ago

    whos the singer top 3??? pls comment

  80. Kenni Omega

    Kenni Omega7 days ago

    Who was number 9?

  81. Kenni Omega

    Kenni Omega7 days ago


  82. Avery Keener

    Avery Keener8 days ago

    The first girl looked like a druggie

  83. Johan Vissers

    Johan Vissers8 days ago

    The one doing the shakira song is kind a hot

  84. ste london

    ste london8 days ago

    sorry to ruin it but this is not 2018 lol think u got ur years mixed up haha

  85. saurav singh

    saurav singh8 days ago

    last girl is so u

  86. Angelica Gonzalez

    Angelica Gonzalez8 days ago

    No1 was crap. ( Zombie from cranberries)

  87. Jesus G

    Jesus G8 days ago

    Fast chair turn with Tom Jones is impossible. Fast chair turns in the Voice Holland is frequent.

  88. Mantas Giedraitis

    Mantas Giedraitis8 days ago

    between buttom SUBSCRIBE must be Buttos _ FULL SHIT

  89. Henrique Ferreira

    Henrique Ferreira8 days ago

    Como se chama o nome da música do segundo cantor?

  90. zunair khan

    zunair khan8 days ago

    the girl who sing loca she was brilliant BUT the DJ OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE ON MY EARS AND EYES HE WAS SUPER GREAT HE WAS LIT.

  91. Paul Wency Liban

    Paul Wency Liban8 days ago

    Who's the boy who sang I'll be there?

  92. Lemuel Francis

    Lemuel Francis8 days ago

    clicked baited

  93. Banira

    Banira8 days ago

    the first one was what? :D

  94. David Cage

    David Cage8 days ago

    the girl with the hat has a voice of an angel it gives me chills

  95. Odin son

    Odin son8 days ago

    This is not The Voice 2018 =(

  96. Jonwill Baselonia

    Jonwill Baselonia9 days ago

    what makes me laughs is when jennifer hudson's reaction when tom push the button at 11.10 hhahhahhahah

  97. Subscribe To me cause I’m ugly

    Subscribe To me cause I’m ugly9 days ago

    The Australia’s one though..

  98. Subscribe To me cause I’m ugly

    Subscribe To me cause I’m ugly9 days ago

    Loca‘ s was my favourite.

  99. L. Mariana Sanchez F.

    L. Mariana Sanchez F.9 days ago

    La tía del principio es la puta ama jaja

  100. Julio Zolano

    Julio Zolano9 days ago

    como se llama las canciones pendejo =)

  101. barney bolls

    barney bolls9 days ago

    2018? Don't think so.

  102. Alena Forrester

    Alena Forrester9 days ago

    The girl singing Local was my favorite ❤