Tom Holland Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions


  1. My Sim style life

    My Sim style lifeHour ago

    Yes I share the affection of pitbulls

  2. SPOOKAY Fun

    SPOOKAY Fun3 hours ago

    I love when the dog barks he barked back

  3. HD Piano Tutorials

    HD Piano Tutorials4 hours ago

    Twinkies do taste bad, and im american

  4. Naoki Best

    Naoki BestDay ago

    Mr.Stark I don’t feel too good it’s the puppies 🐶 im fading...gah (*insert death sounds*)

  5. つや消し

    つや消しDay ago

    I doN,t like twinkies neither ahah

  6. MGKel8 Byrne

    MGKel8 ByrneDay ago

    “I think we should Bring all the other puppies in here” “rhgggg”

  7. Genevieve Broyles

    Genevieve BroylesDay ago

    2:31 I'm American, yet that is still my reaction to a twinkie... (Poor Tom, people were being jerks to him because he doesn't like twinkies! 😢 Hey, if you are going to be mad at him, you should be mad at me as well, because I think Twinkies are disgusting and I will never eat one again!) 2:05 I love how he hears the puppy whine and immediately switches from talking to barking back to the dog. I also think pit bulls are adorable and I want one now...

  8. Varaha Vivek

    Varaha Vivek2 days ago

    When u put captions on the whine by the puppy it says tom imitating puppy whine

  9. Kim Broken

    Kim Broken2 days ago

    I’m distracted by the cuteness of you I also wish I was one of those pups

  10. Ant search my Username on google

    Ant search my Username on google2 days ago

    Wait Tom Holland is british?

  11. Evie

    Evie3 days ago

    How tom gets distracted around puppies is like me when I take a test

  12. The Official Andy Saenz

    The Official Andy Saenz3 days ago

    Well, who cares if he doesn’t like Twinkies? That’s how he stays in shape for all his Spider-Man films! No Twinkie for you, Tom.

  13. Emily Lepisto

    Emily Lepisto3 days ago


  14. Yours Truly

    Yours Truly4 days ago

    I agree I hate twinkies too.


    CRAZYPLAYER4 days ago

    I love twinkies

  16. Vixen TheUltima

    Vixen TheUltima5 days ago

    Two of the most adorable thing combined is just can’t keep the fangirling in

  17. Blue Sapphire

    Blue Sapphire5 days ago

    How does such a pure being exist in this world?!


    COME GET Y’ALL JUICE5 days ago

    He’s such a bean i love him

  19. jiminborntoshine

    jiminborntoshine5 days ago

    My uwu meter broked

  20. eddyj1701

    eddyj17016 days ago

    Spiderman vs puppies

  21. icywolfpaws36

    icywolfpaws366 days ago

    I hate twinkies

  22. Alek McElhinney

    Alek McElhinney6 days ago

    Tom can you ever visit Ireland cause I really wanna meet you in real life!

  23. xd_MonsterMan

    xd_MonsterMan6 days ago

    Tom, pitbulls are very dangerous when fully grown, I almost had one tear my leg to pieces

  24. Isabella Peckett

    Isabella Peckett6 days ago

    He's a converse boy, just like me

  25. The baby Shark

    The baby Shark6 days ago


  26. Spiderman Peter Parker

    Spiderman Peter Parker7 days ago


  27. Sheldon O'Neil

    Sheldon O'Neil7 days ago

    Tom holland my brother. Keep being a loud supporter of pitbulls

  28. Cats Alley

    Cats Alley7 days ago

    0:09 they’re dangerously cute.

  29. y D

    y D8 days ago

    Guys... I think I just fell in love with somebody...

  30. MineCraft SlimyNoah

    MineCraft SlimyNoah8 days ago

    Pit bulls are dangerous.

  31. kesha47

    kesha478 days ago


  32. Vlog's by Us -G D S S

    Vlog's by Us -G D S S8 days ago

    Tom holland + puppies = heaven

  33. Sylvie Berkheimer

    Sylvie Berkheimer9 days ago

    I would pick Gamora because she is so so cute

  34. Yaz RG

    Yaz RG9 days ago

    Wish I was the puppies?

  35. Joey Berg

    Joey Berg10 days ago

    Tom Holland as Milo Thatch MAKE IT FUCKING HAPPEN

  36. neepmlp1ø1 the føx

    neepmlp1ø1 the føx10 days ago

    I think tom is really cute :D

  37. Octo kitty Kat

    Octo kitty Kat10 days ago

    hes like a distracted 5 year old in his logic and actions.

  38. Trina B.

    Trina B.10 days ago


  39. Nameless and Shameless

    Nameless and Shameless11 days ago

    Tom Holland my man! Yeah Twinkies are dry and bland. Never understood the obsession.

  40. Emma Maguire

    Emma Maguire11 days ago

    Tom I can't have Twinkies so I find them discusting I have only had 1 Twinkie in my life and so you aren't the only one that hates Twinkies

  41. BriBri

    BriBri11 days ago

    Tom Holland is just the cutest. He seems so sweet and down to earth.

  42. J J

    J J11 days ago

    There is just nothing quite like being piled on by a herd of puppies.

  43. Trinity Brandmayr

    Trinity Brandmayr11 days ago

    0:40 when tom said my name i freaked

  44. Valocator

    Valocator11 days ago

    every now and then you just see a surprised pup get shoved back into frame

  45. Nyx.Raexx

    Nyx.Raexx12 days ago

    Ughhhh I love him so much. He's as cute as the puppies 😊😘

  46. naty

    naty12 days ago

    Vídeo mais fofo do mundo😂😍❤💙💕

  47. zebra lover

    zebra lover13 days ago

    Well they are adorable but I watched a video about a 2 year old got killed by a pitbull a grown one tho not being rood Tom.h

  48. double J studios

    double J studios13 days ago

    Notice how in the backround there is some pee from the dogs

  49. double J studios

    double J studios8 days ago

    oh alright you can’t even be mad it’s just to cute to be mad

  50. oh alright

    oh alright11 days ago

    A piece of the purple paper was ripped :)

  51. Mythic Woods

    Mythic Woods13 days ago

    Smol bean.

  52. DistantWolf8

    DistantWolf813 days ago

    It's not the dog tho!! It's how the owners treat the dog!!

  53. Sean Seay

    Sean Seay13 days ago

    Well pit bull can be Aggressive

  54. ImNotCalm

    ImNotCalm13 days ago

    Russian Communist Spy Getting Interogated (19XX, colorized)

  55. CrimsonHobbit18

    CrimsonHobbit1813 days ago

    Pitbulls are adorable I have one sort of. She is a mixed breed of a pitbull and a lab. SHE IS THE CUTEST PUPPY EVER!!!!! 🤩

  56. Jillian Gregory

    Jillian Gregory13 days ago

    Twinkies taste like sponges..Zeingers good though

  57. MARVEL and DC

    MARVEL and DC14 days ago

    1.9k tessas dislike this

  58. Francesca Mangravite

    Francesca Mangravite14 days ago

    2:07 dog bark and tom imitating it. MY HEART 😍

  59. sam Worthy

    sam Worthy14 days ago

    Pitbulls are absoluelty dangerous. I envy Britain for banning pitbulls.

  60. Amber

    Amber14 days ago

    god turn me into a pitbull

  61. Wait, what?

    Wait, what?14 days ago

    TOM AS MILO! holy shit, cast it! CAST IT RIGHT NOW! (also bless, this is just the purest thing I have seen in a while

  62. MCU Super fan

    MCU Super fan15 days ago

    My little brother is a pit bull and he is the best even though he has brain damage.(He is a dog)

  63. GreasyBurger YT

    GreasyBurger YT15 days ago

    If I had a senior quote would it be "Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good."

  64. Deacon.tiger !

    Deacon.tiger !15 days ago

    Omg the puppy are adorable!!!!!♥️

  65. Sam Hubbert

    Sam Hubbert15 days ago

    I know right how are they dangerous

  66. LiLy

    LiLy15 days ago

    I’m melting 😨😍

  67. Why Would I Tell You?!

    Why Would I Tell You?!16 days ago

    "My cousin vinny" I love you now



    I'm watching like a marathon of random Tom Holland videos 'cause he's so adorable

  69. Neicy Edmontson

    Neicy Edmontson16 days ago

    Don’t worry Tom I hate twinkies too

  70. Alexander Demuth

    Alexander Demuth16 days ago


  71. snake pudding

    snake pudding16 days ago

    why does every celebrity become four years old when they come on here.

  72. Lap Cho Wong

    Lap Cho Wong17 days ago

    If Tom Holland is Milo, can we have Zendaya as Kida please?

  73. PB Brothers

    PB Brothers17 days ago

    I don't like Twinkies

  74. Mrs Joker16

    Mrs Joker1617 days ago

    Soooo who ever thought if this must have been like, "how can we pack a bunch of cuteness into ONE video? 🤔"

  75. ItzANoobWithADom?

    ItzANoobWithADom?17 days ago

    0:44 is that his friend or a walnut

  76. Brayden Rodenberger

    Brayden Rodenberger17 days ago

    Twinkies suck

  77. Mea Lerga

    Mea Lerga17 days ago

    I want to be those damn dogs

  78. Alex luis Reyes

    Alex luis Reyes19 days ago

    2:47 gross look at the dog

  79. Emily Schubauer

    Emily Schubauer19 days ago

    This may be the best video ever 😂

  80. Jessica Smith

    Jessica Smith19 days ago

    I would like to be handcuffed to you

  81. ItzKrizpy

    ItzKrizpy19 days ago

    HoW dArE u SaY Crisp RAt.

  82. Blue the Raptor

    Blue the Raptor19 days ago

    Yep its Peter Parker right?

  83. Thatgamer 76

    Thatgamer 7619 days ago

    Twinkies are gross

  84. Gaming Iris

    Gaming Iris20 days ago

    He’s not alone on the twinky thing I do t like them ether and I’m American

  85. Zajah Moore

    Zajah Moore20 days ago

    He so cuteeeee

  86. Saun Lemonjello

    Saun Lemonjello20 days ago

    Tom holland is sooo cute

  87. Ava Rossi

    Ava Rossi20 days ago

    I think I found it. THIS IS THE BEST VIDEO ON ALL OF MReporter

  88. Leah Scully

    Leah Scully20 days ago


  89. Minh-Phuong Scott

    Minh-Phuong Scott20 days ago

    I hate Twinkies

  90. Madelyn-Rose Russell

    Madelyn-Rose Russell20 days ago

    So fluffy!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  91. matt Furches

    matt Furches20 days ago

    How dare you insult twinkies!

  92. MagaTrichi Venezuela

    MagaTrichi Venezuela20 days ago

    This is probably my favorite video ever

  93. Stella Giovacchini

    Stella Giovacchini21 day ago


  94. Jess_G 1

    Jess_G 121 day ago

    Omg he keeps getting so distracted by the cute whittle puppy’s lol it’s adorable

  95. M Quackarette

    M Quackarette21 day ago

    Don't worey, Tom.. I don't like Twinkies either😂

  96. H H

    H H21 day ago

    Can ya'll do Eddie redmayne?

  97. •ItsChorizo•

    •ItsChorizo•21 day ago

    How can someone be so adorable and hot at the same time? 😭♥️

  98. AJ Andrade

    AJ Andrade21 day ago

    Out of three movies I would watch Thor the Dark World Age of Ultron and spider-Man far from home

  99. Odd Eleven

    Odd Eleven21 day ago

    Pit-bulls are illegal because they are not like a regular dog. It's a very dangerous animal in the wrong hands. In the right hands tho and it's a beautiful, healthy, loyal and strong breed :). Not a starter dog, kids pet or family dog tho. Seriously. They are workers and fighters. Gotta keep them active or they will tear your house apart xD

  100. Selma Axelsson

    Selma Axelsson21 day ago

    2:08 😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  101. Parkerodinsons

    Parkerodinsons21 day ago

    2:06 you are welcome

  102. T H E B I G O N E

    T H E B I G O N E21 day ago

    Don't u talk shit about my breakfast lunch dinner and every day snack twinkies