Tom Holland Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions


  1. Mr. Asparagus

    Mr. AsparagusHour ago

    I agree that tweenkies are really gross

  2. Jacqueline Medina

    Jacqueline MedinaHour ago

    They are one almost killed my dog

  3. Tara Lowings!

    Tara Lowings!2 hours ago

    No one Absolutely no one Not a single soul Tom: CAN WE GET MORE PUPPIES IN HERE?

  4. Ha Ha Ha

    Ha Ha Ha2 hours ago

    Wtf , youre not allowed pitbulls in England ? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Anneka Khunkhun

    Anneka Khunkhun3 hours ago

    My sister watched the new Spider-Man

  6. Anneka Khunkhun

    Anneka Khunkhun3 hours ago

    My mom was born in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  7. shiv patel

    shiv patel4 hours ago

    i have always loved pitbulls it the owners fault

  8. Poonam Khurana

    Poonam Khurana4 hours ago

    Omg these dogs are soooo lucky

  9. My Music

    My Music4 hours ago


  10. Kermit Loves Tea

    Kermit Loves Tea4 hours ago

    literally me if i were there 😂

  11. Mayrapack 003

    Mayrapack 0035 hours ago

    2:08 OMG wtf is he a werewolf or what?!

  12. 야옹

    야옹8 hours ago

    why are you so cuuuuuuute tom? xq i love them....Tom with puppy makes me die...they are fantasticㅠㅠ

  13. Lily Koky

    Lily Koky11 hours ago

    Are you dating zendeya

  14. mariah. sis

    mariah. sis11 hours ago

    1:33 look at the dog on the side jump in😂😂

  15. Luisa Brt.

    Luisa Brt.13 hours ago

    I can't tell who's cuter the puppies or tom

  16. Beth Mason

    Beth Mason13 hours ago

    It must be certain places in england you cant have pit bulls cuz someone who doesn't live far from me has a pit bull

  17. Dark Sister

    Dark Sister14 hours ago

    Pit bulls are dangerous because of how unpredictable they can be. Fine one second crazy the next. Good job England

  18. Aanya cookie

    Aanya cookie15 hours ago

    Aww 🥰 cho cute ❤️❤️I’m such a big fan of Tom and Tessa so ...........

  19. Abigail Mates

    Abigail Mates19 hours ago

    “i don’t wanna go guys”

  20. CalicoCat

    CalicoCat20 hours ago

    "Puppies smell so good" "If I were Spiderman for a day I would spend that day playing w/ puppies" ROFL

  21. Kings Man

    Kings Man21 hour ago

    I love puppy's

  22. Mal Bertha

    Mal Bertha21 hour ago


  23. Kaity Mcgarigle

    Kaity Mcgarigle22 hours ago

    2:06 😂

  24. Valentina C F

    Valentina C F23 hours ago

    Tom is cuter than the puppies actually. I wanna kill him with hugs.

  25. Toddy tappers wilhelm

    Toddy tappers wilhelmDay ago


  26. Toddy tappers wilhelm

    Toddy tappers wilhelmDay ago

    Omg 😜😩☺️🤤🤤🤤yess

  27. Marisa Tamayo

    Marisa TamayoDay ago

    pls do this with chris evans and sebastian stan

  28. Babette White

    Babette WhiteDay ago

    One thing can be better than puppies smell: sleepy puppies smell❤

  29. Graham Blackwell

    Graham BlackwellDay ago

    Omg Tom with puppies 🐶❤️❤️❤️ Cutest thing ever

  30. Zane the Kawaii Potato

    Zane the Kawaii PotatoDay ago

    Tom brain: I can't I must play with the puppies they can interview me later

  31. LoverForeverLPS

    LoverForeverLPSDay ago

    Puppies so cute!!!!!!

  32. Antonio Gajo

    Antonio GajoDay ago

    Tom: i guess u just watch them do it and see th.. Pitbull: harrr Tom:harrrr 2:01

  33. Sihun Kim

    Sihun KimDay ago

    what are the 3 movies again?

  34. Jelly bee

    Jelly beeDay ago

    A puppy playing with puppies

  35. soldiers 2014

    soldiers 2014Day ago

    they are dangeroun my pet grey hound was attacked by one

  36. leezabit

    leezabitDay ago

    1:33 *throws the fuckin puppy*

  37. eloise

    eloiseDay ago

    ive always wondered if ill ever get a phone call and the person on the other end says "hey youre gonna play with puppies and answer random questions" like wouldnt that be amazing

  38. It's Romi

    It's RomiDay ago

    Oh look! a puppy plays with puppies.

  39. w4r3dgo

    w4r3dgoDay ago

    Which would you prefer? Tom Holland with puppies? Or... Keanu Reeves with puppies?

  40. 『KATELγN』

    『KATELγN』Day ago

    I wish i was one of those puppies ;-;

  41. Doris Para

    Doris ParaDay ago

    I cannot believe the bulls*** of Tom not liking a twinkie i mean who doesn't like twinkies not even by a little bit this is unexeptable. I know people are problably gonna be hating on this comment but it's true

  42. noob mistress 69

    noob mistress 69Day ago

    I wish I was one of those puppies uwu

  43. Ryann Hinson

    Ryann HinsonDay ago

    I think Tom just came for the puppies

  44. Veronika Haskova

    Veronika HaskovaDay ago


  45. mn.nooochi

    mn.nooochiDay ago

    Coming back to this video, I need shawn mendes to do it bc he isnt allergic to dogs anymore

  46. Dd brown

    Dd brownDay ago

    Tom: *Can't concentrate with two puppies* Also Tom: I think we should bring all the other puppies in.

  47. Kid Basic

    Kid BasicDay ago

    Tom Holland is the older male British version of me when it comes to dogs

  48. Loubilou 2323

    Loubilou 2323Day ago

    2:06 I’m dying with cuteness right now, Tom literally spoke puppy. This video is 2 of my most favourite things combined, Tom Holland, and puppies

  49. Tiffy

    TiffyDay ago

    DISNEY go make a live action Atlantis NOW

  50. Chris Cross

    Chris CrossDay ago

    The dogs are so PLAYFUL!!

  51. Penelope Lemon

    Penelope LemonDay ago

    I don’t like Twinkies either and I’m from Michigan. So.......