Tom Holland Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions


  1. jenelyn Abrera

    jenelyn Abrera2 hours ago

    Sorry my mom's face is there in the picture im a big fan

  2. Maxi animations

    Maxi animations4 hours ago

    2:32 *d i s g u s t i n g*

  3. Mary Bruun

    Mary Bruun5 hours ago

    I hate twinkies too

  4. Reaper

    Reaper5 hours ago

    Never tried a twinkie. I can't find any in England...

  5. Dank People

    Dank People7 hours ago

    Those dogs are bigger than my 2 year old dog

  6. Fort Bloxs

    Fort Bloxs10 hours ago


  7. Nova_Does_ Gacha

    Nova_Does_ Gacha10 hours ago

    I agree, tom. I hate twinkies

  8. Cameron Gerberg

    Cameron Gerberg11 hours ago

    Puppies do have the best smell 😂

  9. Beatriz Gomes

    Beatriz Gomes13 hours ago

    his accent is so cute 💜

  10. neha john

    neha john13 hours ago

    2:49 that puppy is me SAME

  11. List Fennell

    List Fennell13 hours ago

    Hi tom I am Ashton-rye

  12. Erick Zamudio

    Erick Zamudio13 hours ago

    I just expect clickbait

  13. ZAFZACK 1140ツ

    ZAFZACK 1140ツ13 hours ago

    Tom Holland is the funnies person i have ever seen 😆

  14. mariaestelrichtorres_

    mariaestelrichtorres_14 hours ago

    whats a twinkie???

  15. Nicole Mindermann

    Nicole Mindermann14 hours ago

    I don't like Twinkie either I'm American don't hate me

  16. Mimi Girl

    Mimi Girl15 hours ago

    Look at this thing how can you say this is dangerous YEAH WELL OTHER THINGS LIKE CIGARETTES ARE DANGEROUS AND THERE NOT BAND( I’m from England)

  17. roblox zocker Fetiov

    roblox zocker Fetiov18 hours ago

    Awww 😜😜

  18. Kalliope Hilliard

    Kalliope Hilliard18 hours ago

    Why is Tom getting hate over not liking a Twinkie? I’m an American and I absolutely hate them. Am I on the US’ blacklist now?😆

  19. describable first day First Moore

    describable first day First Moore19 hours ago

    Whoever said mr. Stark I don't want to go that was mean

  20. describable first day First Moore

    describable first day First Moore19 hours ago

    By the way the puppies are cute

  21. describable first day First Moore

    describable first day First Moore19 hours ago

    Hey Tom Holland hey can you guys tell this to him I'm such a big fan but there's one thing I knew going to have a new movie call Spider-Man homecoming far from home and yeah but I know you're going to have more movies in the future

  22. Sai Hou Ng

    Sai Hou NgDay ago

    Is Tom Holland scared of spiders?

  23. Ko_chuN 1412

    Ko_chuN 1412Day ago

    I want to be a puppyyyyyyyy😍

  24. alien x

    alien xDay ago


  25. PianoInFlames

    PianoInFlamesDay ago

    Rule: Each Question adds one more puppy to the group.

  26. I am bored Yeah

    I am bored YeahDay ago

    Tooooo cute

  27. Keoni Bauer

    Keoni BauerDay ago

    you are awsome in spiderman homecoming and infinity war.

  28. Evie AnimatesOwO

    Evie AnimatesOwODay ago

    Me if I was there: *can I have one*

  29. SamiCam357

    SamiCam357Day ago

    Spider man spider man, he’s the greatest, with puppies

  30. MH 10

    MH 10Day ago

    He is right how pitbull are dangerous

  31. Spiky Demon

    Spiky DemonDay ago

    Tom Holland Is a precious cinnamon roll

  32. annieh1110

    annieh1110Day ago

    no offense tom but why is every one comparing his cuteness to puppies

  33. Gamerpanda 643

    Gamerpanda 643Day ago

    I wish pitbulls were allowed in the uk…

  34. River Dusk 21

    River Dusk 21Day ago

    2:06 puppy: AWWR Tom: *AWWWR*

  35. Claire Willan

    Claire WillanDay ago

    A puppy playing with puppies ❤❤❤

  36. patata carina

    patata carinaDay ago

    I'm crying this is too adorable 😢💖

  37. ChibiTwilight

    ChibiTwilightDay ago

    Two cutest things in the world are both here for our viewing pleasure 😂 Puppies + Tom Holland 😍❤

  38. Matthew Negron

    Matthew NegronDay ago

    He should have a time off to play with the puppies

  39. nevaeh arvayo

    nevaeh arvayo2 days ago

    Im crushing on Tom Holland hes just so cute

  40. #KiwiPai

    #KiwiPai2 days ago

    Am I the only one who was obsessing over him while watching this video😍 and creepily smiling and blushing😅😍 just me..... ok

  41. Aura

    Aura13 hours ago

    not just you

  42. Key Horan

    Key Horan2 days ago

    Perfect Combination: Tom Holland And Puppies

  43. twisted gold

    twisted gold2 days ago

    Twinkies are gross I agree

  44. Kobe Allen

    Kobe Allen2 days ago

    yea. this is cool, but it's buzzfeed so no

  45. Ezra Harris

    Ezra Harris2 days ago

    Tom Holland took the words out of my mouth at the beginning

  46. Ellie_mae_ Warbyh

    Ellie_mae_ Warbyh2 days ago

    This is the cutest video

  47. NO. 1 f0xY

    NO. 1 f0xY2 days ago

    As a fellow British tea bag I have to say I never had any idea pit bulls were illegal/band!!!!!!!

  48. CringyKidSings

    CringyKidSings2 days ago

    I dont know wich one of the two I would chill with to be honest

  49. Lindsey Mackenzie

    Lindsey Mackenzie2 days ago

    I dont get why americans like twinkies i tried one after seeing zombieland and it was horrible

  50. Its Katie tho

    Its Katie tho2 days ago

    How fucking gorgeous is he😍😍

  51. Andrey Martinez

    Andrey Martinez2 days ago

    I dont feel so good...

  52. Pixel Painters

    Pixel Painters2 days ago

    2:47 Dog: *walks on crotch casually* Tom: looks down, afraid

  53. justsaiyan05

    justsaiyan052 days ago

    Wow, the Tom fangirls are making me wanna bleach my eyes right now..


    QUARTERMASTER_EMI62 days ago

    _"Look at this thing, how could you say that this is dangerous?"_ ♡

  55. Killer’s Loose

    Killer’s Loose3 days ago

    Wait is Tom holland British?

  56. Daxi_ PlayZ

    Daxi_ PlayZ3 days ago

    Nit fair i want puppies xD

  57. Patzy Luna

    Patzy Luna3 days ago

    I hate twencys.

  58. Korblox Crew

    Korblox Crew3 days ago


  59. Kennedy Haney

    Kennedy Haney3 days ago

    You where a amazing acter

  60. One tailed kitsune

    One tailed kitsune3 days ago

    I agree I hate twinkies personally

  61. Jeremy Kurtz

    Jeremy Kurtz3 days ago

    I feel really good Mr. Stark

  62. smock hunt

    smock hunt3 days ago

    I took a celebrity face comparison test and it said I look like Tom Holland, but I don't believe that for a second because he's gorgeous an I look like a toilet seat.

  63. PanDa fAmiLY

    PanDa fAmiLY3 days ago


  64. Kaylee Shanks

    Kaylee Shanks3 days ago

    puppy: Arrrrw Tom's inner puppy: Arrrrro

  65. Kaneki Ken

    Kaneki Ken3 days ago

    Tom is so ripped he's got three Adams Apples

  66. hadis :D

    hadis :D3 days ago


  67. Emily Evans

    Emily Evans3 days ago

    Tom Holland is too pure for this world

  68. Shadow Ricosky

    Shadow Ricosky3 days ago

    My puppy died recently


    ROYAL PRINCESS3 days ago



    ROYAL PRINCESS3 days ago


  71. Yeet Meat

    Yeet Meat3 days ago

    Tom moaning

  72. Jessica Driver

    Jessica Driver3 days ago

    I love how he throws the nod to the Og Spider-Man with the quote

  73. CyanideWallflower

    CyanideWallflower3 days ago

    Raise your hand if you're American and hate Twinkies. 😂 🙋‍♀️

  74. •Golden Angel•

    •Golden Angel•3 days ago

    🙋🏽 there so nasty 😂

  75. Màrius Roqué

    Màrius Roqué3 days ago

    I count five puppies

  76. I have been Jungshook

    I have been Jungshook3 days ago

    Nah I get you man Twinkie’s are gross

  77. Rowan Van Wyk

    Rowan Van Wyk3 days ago

    I'm from South Africa and I agree with the no Twinkie thing

  78. Ilike Dogs&Seals&Cats

    Ilike Dogs&Seals&Cats4 days ago

    If I was him I wouldnt even pay attention to the questions

  79. CubBears

    CubBears4 days ago

    I agree twinkies are disgusting

  80. DarkLight523

    DarkLight5234 days ago

    Tom Holland doesn't enjoy Twinkies... And I'm okay with that. If there's a Zombie Apocalypse and I would want Tom Holland to be my survival partner so there would be more Twinkies for me. Because I'm very, very territorial of Twinkies.

  81. Violet Raven

    Violet Raven3 days ago

    I'm getting Zombieland flashbacks :D

  82. BoyBlue

    BoyBlue4 days ago

    Ah only the great and mythical buzzfeed can come up with such ideas what else do you bring us peasants today?

  83. LilLizaGamer

    LilLizaGamer4 days ago

    The purest thing on the Internet

  84. Euan Beaujon

    Euan Beaujon4 days ago

    pitbulls mauled kids to death that's why

  85. hello

    hello4 days ago

    tom is the cutest person alive

  86. got7 more like god I want all seven of them

    got7 more like god I want all seven of them4 days ago

    Idk why but I absolutely expected Buzzfeed to put Tom with puppies like I had zero hesitation thinking to myself "Hey I bet there's gonna be a video about Tom with dogs" and I was not wrong.

  87. Ilka Ohling

    Ilka Ohling4 days ago

    Tom Holland is sooooooooo cute Er ist sooooooooo süüüüüüüß und ich liebe spiderman

  88. Maroon

    Maroon4 days ago

    This is the cutest shit I've ever seen

  89. A-Mae-Zing

    A-Mae-Zing4 days ago

    Awww. I love how he doesn’t even pay attention to the questions.

  90. Justin

    Justin4 days ago

    “My Cousin Vinnie,” is such a good movie. Was not expecting Tom to say that, much respect.

  91. Vee Macaroon

    Vee Macaroon4 days ago

    He is a frickiin cinnamon roll oml ❤

  92. TayTay Coburn

    TayTay Coburn5 days ago

    omg his accent hes English like me yay probably the most English accent ive ever heard in the whole of england

  93. Kithria Does Stuff

    Kithria Does Stuff5 days ago

    With great puppies comes great responsibility

  94. ıllıllı sωεεтsтαя ıllıllı

    ıllıllı sωεεтsтαя ıllıllı5 days ago

    Pit bulls are cute

  95. jordan liwanag

    jordan liwanag5 days ago

    i literally love this man

  96. Daniel Noblin

    Daniel Noblin5 days ago

    I hate Twonks too twonk is what I call twinkies

  97. Jayden Eastham

    Jayden Eastham5 days ago

    Tom Holland just has a kind soul just in general

  98. HummingJellyBird

    HummingJellyBird5 days ago

    They also banned pitbulls in Independence, Mo

  99. Cake 101

    Cake 1015 days ago

    I hate Twinkie’s too

  100. Yrsa Rademaker

    Yrsa Rademaker5 days ago

    Fun fact: me trying to do homework is like Tom Holland trying to answer questions with puppies around him

  101. Switch Senpai

    Switch Senpai5 days ago

    Nothing is better than watching an Actor playing with puppies

  102. Lily Rozmys

    Lily Rozmys5 days ago

    im american and i hate twinkies but i am pat british

  103. HentaiSlayer

    HentaiSlayer5 days ago

    "Come do an intervie!" "No" "...We'll let you play with pupppies..." "YES"