Toasted Tomato Sandwich - You Suck at Cooking (episode 79)


  1. You Suck At Cooking

    You Suck At Cooking7 months ago

    Tweet the tomato: F book the tomato:

  2. C00LX100

    C00LX100Month ago

    if you added REAL olive oil and vine vineger to tomatos in a bowl before it, it would taste a fuck load better! Trust me

  3. Voracious Weasel

    Voracious Weasel4 months ago

    I know this is random, but what is the name of the song you used for your video?

  4. FatherBrown Dudeist

    FatherBrown Dudeist6 months ago

    Philly cheese steak

  5. Chuck Berry

    Chuck Berry6 months ago

    You Suck At Cooking I'm getting hungry... 😎

  6. lisa Jane Boone

    lisa Jane Boone6 months ago

    U need to make an episode when Devin finnaly retaliates

  7. War Doggo

    War Doggo16 hours ago

    Literally ice between bread would be better.

  8. SourceMaster_

    SourceMaster_18 hours ago

    Yeah I'm totally gonna poison myself by putting raw tomatoes on a sandwich. Nice try pal, you can't kill me that easily.

  9. Dankin Curious

    Dankin CuriousDay ago

    How tf can you say every single detail right for the toaster but can't get right one fact for the truck... Fuckin non car guys man

  10. Miya Horton

    Miya Horton4 days ago

    Oddly poetic.

  11. TheSadSnowman

    TheSadSnowman8 days ago

    This made me cry

  12. Laimay Yan

    Laimay Yan8 days ago

    This is the greatest video!!

  13. David Ramos

    David Ramos8 days ago

    This is very relaxing

  14. Scott Karrasch

    Scott Karrasch9 days ago

    Enjoy the simple taste of simple ricks.

  15. KhanDaPwner

    KhanDaPwner11 days ago

    I like to have mayonnaise be spread on 1 piece of bread, and tuna on another

  16. Tabby Bull

    Tabby Bull13 days ago

    been here since you had like 10 vids or something. so proud of you man

  17. You Suck At Cooking

    You Suck At Cooking13 days ago

    Aw that's awesome to hear. Thank you so much <3

  18. oh yeh mr. krabz

    oh yeh mr. krabz15 days ago

    I only have a normal toaster, does it have to be a 500 watt galvanized steel nichrome wire lateral current low impedence split phase omnidirectional quad voltage wide arc triple coil toasting machine?

  19. You Suck At Cooking

    You Suck At Cooking15 days ago

    Yeah. It does.

  20. Sublime Lemon

    Sublime Lemon17 days ago

    Technically not just a tomato sandwich anymore, but my grandma would fry up some spam cut super thin in a pan and put it on the tomato sandwich (open face), top with cheese, and put it under the broiler!

  21. Christa Horton

    Christa Horton18 days ago

    That tomato sandwich is as baked as u lmao

  22. TheDerpyCarrot

    TheDerpyCarrot20 days ago

    If you add fresh basil to it it’s ten times better

  23. John Preston Corbin

    John Preston Corbin20 days ago

    What type of camera do you use?

  24. You Suck At Cooking

    You Suck At Cooking20 days ago


  25. Renny Like Doughnuts

    Renny Like Doughnuts20 days ago


  26. HIRMS Moskva

    HIRMS Moskva22 days ago

    Hey is it safe to add cheese or does that enhance the flavour beyond our dimension

  27. HIRMS Moskva

    HIRMS Moskva20 days ago

    You Suck At Cooking thanks but your too late and I know I see through time

  28. You Suck At Cooking

    You Suck At Cooking21 day ago

    It messes with the taste geometry. And you might like that.


    IWHOWASDATXD VAguero24 days ago

    I'm probably not the only one who didnt see the knife at first right? 1:52

  30. pringle239

    pringle23928 days ago

    What is this song, it is weirdly relaxing.

  31. MrCnote1993

    MrCnote1993Month ago

    Disclaimer: Add bacon and lettuce

  32. Just a guy who likes video games

    Just a guy who likes video gamesMonth ago

    Who else is eating this while watching

  33. jessiebears Alive

    jessiebears AliveMonth ago

    Wait what state do u live in

  34. slam shot outdoors

    slam shot outdoorsMonth ago

    I didnt ask for a comdien

  35. alohathaxted

    alohathaxtedMonth ago

    needs more butter.

  36. Wordsmithereens

    WordsmithereensMonth ago

    honestly i consider this poetry

  37. Jul10

    Jul10Month ago

    Huele a crotolamo

  38. Tu Madre

    Tu MadreMonth ago

    If only he had fed that sandwich to a bald eagle.

  39. immaculatelation

    immaculatelationMonth ago

    LOL! ...yet, groan...

  40. Laorin Filet

    Laorin FiletMonth ago

    I swear this was an ad

  41. dustwinebirds

    dustwinebirdsMonth ago


  42. Cool Guy

    Cool GuyMonth ago

    My day is ruined

  43. Killer YT

    Killer YTMonth ago

    How did you make a 1 minuten explanation take 3minutes Long

  44. The Enigma

    The EnigmaMonth ago


  45. Max Imilian

    Max ImilianMonth ago

    added a bit of cheese and red onions! so great !

  46. Matthew Vang

    Matthew VangMonth ago

    That sandwich dead ass actually looks good

  47. I aM a bAgUeTtE . bRęÆd

    I aM a bAgUeTtE . bRęÆdMonth ago

    u succ at cucing

  48. Izzy the Pooh

    Izzy the PoohMonth ago

    Everything he said just made me think of Mr. Tweak talking about coffee in South Park

  49. Karma

    KarmaMonth ago

    Where's the meat?

  50. Debbie Mitten - Music

    Debbie Mitten - MusicMonth ago

    I silently said "pepper, pepper, pepper" to myself ... as though I were praying 😂

  51. Steven B.

    Steven B.Month ago

    What the fuck did i just watch? A car commercial? An ad for the next Keith Urban tour? I dunno!

  52. Mariam Hassan

    Mariam HassanMonth ago

    Let’s get a yee yee y’all

  53. Edin Ozgun

    Edin OzgunMonth ago


  54. storres609 -

    storres609 -Month ago

    Oh wow i haven't seen this video before nor even heard of this recipe but I've made it before cause i was too lazy to make anything else. First time i was hungry so it was good and second time it was shit and i had to had a full on conversation with myself on why the hell did i eat this

  55. coffee table

    coffee tableMonth ago


  56. Bridggette the Baguette

    Bridggette the BaguetteMonth ago

    never heard of this sandwich

  57. gameinvestigator

    gameinvestigatorMonth ago

    I wonder if has ever dropped the food when he goes walking with it

  58. Ally

    AllyMonth ago

    This sounds like the simple rick narrator

  59. Moon Child

    Moon ChildMonth ago

    this is..... indiana.....

  60. Jayhee vidz

    Jayhee vidzMonth ago


  61. carlosflar

    carlosflarMonth ago

    It's a sandwich of toasted tomato or a tomato sandwich that is toasted?

  62. Yaoi

    YaoiMonth ago

    Demeter is shook.

  63. silly jam

    silly jamMonth ago

    I have tears in my eyes. This was so heart warming.

  64. Kameron Kyles

    Kameron KylesMonth ago

    simply fucking amazing this channel is!

  65. Adriana Marcela Bohorquez

    Adriana Marcela BohorquezMonth ago


  66. Sashagamer614

    Sashagamer614Month ago

    *a time before algebra, and toilets* i'm... not sure where you're going with this, but i'm following you EDIT: this was fucking beautiful

  67. Backpack Ralsei

    Backpack RalseiMonth ago

    1:47 (with subtitles turned on) Hercules: I'm a plant?

  68. Rokas 123

    Rokas 123Month ago

    I made a better recipe

  69. FoxDonut

    FoxDonutMonth ago

    for something as simple as this is hella good

  70. Backroads83

    Backroads83Month ago

    HAHAhaHaHAha and Mmmmmmmmmmmn, yum

  71. milkman's wife

    milkman's wifeMonth ago

    best one

  72. C00LX100

    C00LX100Month ago

    Holy fuck i thought i was the only one who thougt of making this..

  73. L.

    L.2 months ago

    0:25 I can see where the sticker was peeled off ohmygod

  74. Jude C.

    Jude C.2 months ago

    It’s not much, but it’s honest work

  75. BillHicks420

    BillHicks4202 months ago

    What is humanity even?

  76. LifeLasted GT

    LifeLasted GT2 months ago

    i followed this i picked up a fresh tomato and traded weath for 2$ and bought 2 bread from my neghbor and made the sandwich

  77. Purple Panda

    Purple Panda2 months ago

    Are these actual recipes though?(without the other kinda useless stuff)

  78. Jan Tomanek

    Jan Tomanek2 months ago

    Epic, almost cried. XD

  79. Lily Nguyen

    Lily Nguyen2 months ago

    my dumb butt forgot that tomatoes don't grow in fields

  80. MidoriMushrooms

    MidoriMushrooms2 months ago

    I half-expected this video to end with such-and-such politician not being affiliated with this advertisement for how similar it sounds to shit I actually hear on local radio stations.

  81. A AbNormal Human I

    A AbNormal Human I2 months ago

    “A time before algebra-“ THATS ALL YOU HAD TO SAY

  82. Alfred Gable

    Alfred Gable2 months ago

    Domo arigato where's Mr. Pemblockto?

  83. Madame Muffin

    Madame Muffin2 months ago

    I feel like Algebra has been around since before tomatoes, or at least Europeans had algebra before tomatoes. Because, if I remember correctly, tomatoes we're discovered by Europeans when they colonized the New World, but Algebra was around for hundreds of years at that point. I think.

  84. Epicpanda_ ROBLOX

    Epicpanda_ ROBLOX2 months ago

    That was beautuful

  85. Tekno

    Tekno2 months ago

    Somebody please tell me what music this is, I NEED IT!!!!

  86. EN Fingerhut

    EN Fingerhut2 months ago

    When I show friends your channel, this is the video I show them. This one is poetry.

  87. You Suck At Cooking

    You Suck At Cooking2 months ago


  88. Grant Arnold

    Grant Arnold2 months ago

    One of the best YSAC videos yet. Seriously: I gotta go find some Rhodium and get started here, my mouth is watering.

  89. LoanLeaf

    LoanLeaf2 months ago

    Tomato sandwiches are so good

  90. Roman Söngen

    Roman Söngen2 months ago

    Did I watch an commercial for tomatoes?

  91. Richard Darma

    Richard Darma2 months ago

    Illuminati in the subtitles

  92. Josiah Reigner

    Josiah Reigner2 months ago

    Why didn't you add ketchup

  93. Wheezy

    Wheezy2 months ago

    i made this and now im having sex with my sister

  94. Athena Silver

    Athena Silver2 months ago

    Tomatoes are satans testicle

  95. Otto Linko

    Otto Linko2 months ago


  96. jez_h

    jez_h2 months ago

    this is actually really good tho

  97. godofgaming 77

    godofgaming 772 months ago

    What if I dont like tomatoes?

  98. Doctor Drinking Bird

    Doctor Drinking Bird2 months ago

    Actually, honestly thank you for this video. I am starving and poor and this sandwich looks delicious. Gonna go make it Thanks man

  99. Ew

    Ew2 months ago

    Is vegan mayonnaise okay?

  100. Connor Spagnolo

    Connor Spagnolo2 months ago

    Why do I want to eat that

  101. General Knowledge

    General Knowledge2 months ago

    this was fucking amazing

  102. Chaotic Logic

    Chaotic Logic2 months ago

    I snapped my fingers in applause.

  103. Mosrael

    Mosrael2 months ago

    I don't even like tomatoes, but I'll watch your videos.

  104. safaa elbayed

    safaa elbayed2 months ago

    This is the best cooking video I’ve ever watched

  105. Wingmaster16

    Wingmaster162 months ago

    I had toasted tomato sandwiches for lunch and surprisingly it was really good. 10/10

  106. the last leprechaun 420

    the last leprechaun 4202 months ago

    The beg does not make sense because back then tomatoes were considered poisonous


    ILLUMINATIONZ2 months ago

    All that for a sandwich?

  108. Miss Oriel

    Miss Oriel2 months ago

    One of the things I love about YSAC is that even when he makes food that I personally don’t like, such as the tomato sandwiches or the artichoke dip, I still think they look really good at the end and I have a strong desire to make the recipes even though I know I won’t like the food

  109. CallOfDutyChi

    CallOfDutyChi2 months ago


  110. WarriorAngel4God

    WarriorAngel4God2 months ago

    i'm from the south and this is pretty damn spot-on

  111. Shadik

    Shadik2 months ago

    Actually made 2 of these but, put cheese. Threw up.

  112. Blu

    Blu2 months ago

    Far cry 5 vibes.