Tinashe ft. Offset: No Drama


  1. Bay Bay

    Bay Bay5 hours ago


  2. Rafael Oliveira

    Rafael Oliveira6 hours ago


  3. Lord Gospel

    Lord Gospel6 hours ago

    the drummer is on fire

  4. Azer Typi

    Azer Typi20 hours ago

    She give me bad Aaliyah More than a woman vibes !!!! I love it so proud of youuu Tinasheeeee :p

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  6. Mayran Araujo dos Santos

    Mayran Araujo dos SantosDay ago


  7. GotMinhyuksKookies

    GotMinhyuksKookiesDay ago


  8. Ida Rejon

    Ida RejonDay ago

    Them crisp ass fucking moves 👏🏼

  9. The GOAT

    The GOATDay ago

    She's dating Ben Simmons right?

  10. mommy

    mommyDay ago

    Y E S S I R

  11. Sofia Isabel

    Sofia IsabelDay ago

    I LOVE the choreo

  12. sarkazm69

    sarkazm69Day ago

    Yes Nasty Nashe! She kilt that. Offset had no chemistry onstage tho.

  13. Kat Christina

    Kat ChristinaDay ago

    Amazing so underrated

  14. karen

    karen2 days ago

    wow her condition is out of this world

  15. Jason Khan

    Jason Khan2 days ago

    Northwest wipe pant pyxmbs third melt while initiate strike soul gather official break

  16. Nas T

    Nas T2 days ago

    It's really sad she ruined such a beautiful song by featuring a stale af artist like Offset

  17. toxic mind

    toxic mind2 days ago

    Queen !!! Visuals on point, dancing on fire 🔥 beautiful and she sounds amazing 💯

  18. Thumbelina Nadya

    Thumbelina Nadya2 days ago

    maybe she is talented..she just need better song..

  19. J Fall

    J Fall2 days ago

    She's new to me but l enjoyed that. She's a good dancer.

  20. Reef D

    Reef D3 days ago

    Drummer 🔥

  21. Cesar Hernandez-Perez

    Cesar Hernandez-Perez3 days ago

    She’s so fine 🔥🤤

  22. Gabrielle williams

    Gabrielle williams3 days ago

    Jimmy: “OH MY GOODNESS “❤️👏🏾🙌🏾

  23. Messiah1230

    Messiah12303 days ago

    Tinashe is awesome, no drama with sayin that

  24. Messiah1230

    Messiah12303 days ago

    does anyone know who the dancers are?

  25. James Kennard

    James Kennard3 days ago

    tinashe=basic trash

  26. James Kennard

    James Kennard3 days ago

    tinashe=basic trash

  27. BAM

    BAM3 days ago

    Now only thing she needs is better songs

  28. TomaZ

    TomaZ3 days ago

    Offsets adlibs in the background 😂😂😂😂

  29. Wallyson Romualdo

    Wallyson Romualdo3 days ago

    Deusa! 💚

  30. Karim Roxbury

    Karim Roxbury3 days ago

    But can we talk about how she did the Shoot dance and her vocals were still good?! In about a decade, (hopefully she's still around) she'll almost be at Beyonce's performance level.

  31. Karim Roxbury

    Karim Roxbury3 days ago

    She's an amazing performer.

  32. lola mento

    lola mento3 days ago

    Wow never heard the song I only tuned in because of Offset but she actually sounds good.

  33. Shirelle Marshall

    Shirelle Marshall3 days ago


  34. Xtina Maria

    Xtina Maria3 days ago

    She Bad! You Go Girl 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  35. Kristan Kirker

    Kristan Kirker3 days ago

    She hit them folks.

  36. Kristan Kirker

    Kristan Kirker3 days ago

    And we know damn right offset don't want no drama ma ma.. Left the stage real quick. Lolol 🔥

  37. Blake L

    Blake L3 days ago

    I want to cheat but I dont want no drama... so she is a double negative cheater.. what a role model 🤣🙄

  38. Pokemon OG

    Pokemon OG3 days ago

    lmao offsets shoes are so ugly holy fuck

  39. Christoffer Hoff

    Christoffer Hoff3 days ago

    Tinashe is a great dancer, always admired her for that :)

  40. Ellie LopsaVEVO.

    Ellie LopsaVEVO.3 days ago

    That standing ovation!!! Get it Queen.

  41. Courtland Williams

    Courtland Williams3 days ago

    Lucky Ben simmons

  42. Goldjade14

    Goldjade143 days ago

    Offset just went “Off Set” 🤣 🤣

  43. Fatimah Conteh

    Fatimah Conteh4 days ago

    Her time will come

  44. Matt Wilson

    Matt Wilson4 days ago

    my girl tinashe is so underrated, this is her year!

  45. Fatimah Conteh

    Fatimah Conteh4 days ago

    How she ain't queen please Slay queen

  46. AngieSmiles123

    AngieSmiles1234 days ago

    I don't know why I find it so funny how offset came on stage n then cut ASAP

  47. Ha Nguyen

    Ha Nguyen4 days ago

    Her outfit is so on point

  48. hope charakupa

    hope charakupa4 days ago

    WOOW! Tinashe you are special

  49. Jason Cook

    Jason Cook4 days ago

    Technological play debt minute full explode knowledge gap newspaper therapist.

  50. Aussie_boi

    Aussie_boi4 days ago

    She is so beautiful and talented 😍

  51. JDUltima

    JDUltima4 days ago

    Crying, look like Russ was a backup dancer XDDD

  52. Timmy Clary

    Timmy Clary4 days ago

    Tinashe performanced in The Polar Express, my favorite holiday movie.

  53. bmixx maish

    bmixx maish4 days ago

    Hands down one of the greatest (despite her being underrated) performers of the 21st century... 🙌 I mean, the moooves, the vocals, the booody! 👌👌

  54. nicholas holden

    nicholas holden5 days ago

    All you needed was some dope bg singers

  55. Ryan Savage

    Ryan Savage5 days ago

    She so fine offset cant even look

  56. Niwa

    Niwa5 days ago

    shes so underrated !!!!

  57. Timmy Clary

    Timmy Clary5 days ago

    She's the leather queen.

  58. Kamel, K

    Kamel, K5 days ago

    Backup dancer is Neo from the Matrix, feel old yet?

  59. Gee Wiz

    Gee Wiz5 days ago

    Oh man sorry, this is not good imo... 😬

  60. KEMO VEE

    KEMO VEE5 days ago

    I love her

  61. nuke018

    nuke0185 days ago

    i wonder how long she will exploit fame of ben Simmons

  62. Nana Syakinah

    Nana Syakinah5 days ago

    She look pregnant or she just not abs anymore

  63. Melinda Varricchio

    Melinda Varricchio5 days ago

    She is so underrated. I just brought the album. Why isn't she out there like that.

  64. jimin's teeny tiny pinky

    jimin's teeny tiny pinky5 days ago

    name another western artist that can do a live performance so perfectly i’ll wait

  65. Michael Vin

    Michael Vin5 days ago

    🔥 song, great dancing, vocals we're 😐, but she was dancing. Bad mix though. It was too quiet when it was just the track. And she needs to invest in some back up singers.

  66. heyimJBD

    heyimJBD5 days ago


  67. mynameisaflower21

    mynameisaflower215 days ago

    Rihanna is way better

  68. Pablo David Almiron

    Pablo David Almiron5 days ago

    underrated, but also bad schedule, why promoting a dead song, she should promote me so bad at this point

  69. Pablo David Almiron

    Pablo David Almiron4 days ago

    serg soul her album is good overral but she has no hits, hit does not mean quality. look at despacito. the truth is that if she cant delivery hit songs she will.be dropped by her label and end of the story

  70. serg soul

    serg soul4 days ago

    Pablo David Almiron me so bad isn’t good

  71. Fake hip hop

    Fake hip hop5 days ago

    Offset don’t give a fuck cussin and all on nation tv 😂😂😂

  72. Emma Bedelle

    Emma Bedelle5 days ago

    I don't understand why she's so underrated. She's genre defying, she can sing and dance incredibly and write her own music. Wake up world!

  73. TheDent InRm'sChin

    TheDent InRm'sChin5 days ago


  74. loo ool

    loo ool5 days ago

    Mortal Kombat vibes

  75. Jontae Aamir

    Jontae Aamir5 days ago


  76. Honey Dawson

    Honey Dawson5 days ago

    Is she lip syncing

  77. John Justin Lim

    John Justin Lim5 days ago

    Honey Dawson Singing LIVE with back track.

  78. Dion Clark

    Dion Clark5 days ago

    Tinashe is it!! Yall!!!! Hands down!! Love her sooo much!!! I mos def support everything she does so positive and self motivating its so rare this is a true entertainer no lie well grounded love the album so much i cant wait til the next which i know will be massive!!!!

  79. Kierra G

    Kierra G5 days ago

    This deserves so many more views!Tinashe fans where yall at?🤔

  80. XCChristian

    XCChristian5 days ago

    Ben Simmons is too lucky😵😵

  81. Jaide Orozco

    Jaide Orozco5 days ago


  82. Maelstrom Magnet

    Maelstrom Magnet5 days ago


  83. Nicholas Amaya

    Nicholas Amaya5 days ago


  84. DaTeamMinaj

    DaTeamMinaj5 days ago

    Fire the stylist. The outfit doesn’t compliment her shape.

  85. ummm ummm

    ummm ummm5 days ago

    UPS is hiring

  86. Tip Tig

    Tip Tig5 days ago

    i dont like the alfit

  87. rosedaline valetine

    rosedaline valetine5 days ago

    Tinashe is built like a box. It's do fascinating. Company is still a bop, though.

  88. Ukaszenkooo

    Ukaszenkooo5 days ago


  89. luah

    luah5 days ago


  90. Sami Ibrahim

    Sami Ibrahim5 days ago


  91. Austin Gotwalt

    Austin Gotwalt5 days ago


  92. melody ou

    melody ou5 days ago


  93. King James

    King James5 days ago

    My nigga Offset really wanted no fucking drama most hillarious preformance ever lol tinashe really snapped bruh

  94. ariola granholla

    ariola granholla6 days ago

    buy joyride on itunes stream it on spotify and apple music

  95. Yanis Ghor

    Yanis Ghor6 days ago

    Am i the only one who cant see all the videos on this channel? I mean the interviews

  96. Tapha Diémé

    Tapha Diémé6 days ago

    Her voice reminds me kinda of Rihanna in this performance ...but very very good. I liked it

  97. BOMBAexpress

    BOMBAexpress6 days ago


  98. Chris Mexas

    Chris Mexas6 days ago

    2:34 drummer gets fucking technical

  99. See

    See6 days ago

    She has improved so much from her performances even a couple years ago! Hope she becomes really famous

  100. Scarlett Jade

    Scarlett Jade6 days ago

    Somewhere in South Korea is Hoseok watching & screaming to this!

  101. Joshh Flores

    Joshh Flores6 days ago


  102. Taufik Rahman

    Taufik Rahman6 days ago

    Her dance is so sexy. Love it. :-)

  103. STRETCH and WIKID

    STRETCH and WIKID6 days ago


  104. J L

    J L6 days ago

    You go jeeper creepers!