Timothy Olyphant Knows The Secret To Conan’s Popularity In South Korea - CONAN on TBS


  1. AbaddonOfSheol

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  2. Neha Jadhav

    Neha Jadhav18 days ago

    LOVE FOR CONAN😘😍😘😍😘😍

  3. Rick Sanchez

    Rick Sanchez2 months ago

    This is what happens when you have your best bud on your show. He's such a delight everytime he comes on the show

  4. chubbster3000 XD

    chubbster3000 XD2 months ago

    Conan: I have the power to have you physically removed Andy: who's ganna do it, you? I'm not ganna do it.

  5. George Decker

    George Decker2 months ago

    Why does Timothy's hair remind me of Zazu from The Lion King? Or maybe Sariatu from Kubo...

  6. Nomzingisi Mdingane

    Nomzingisi Mdingane2 months ago

    Just love this Man😍😍

  7. Kat D. 杜洁

    Kat D. 杜洁3 months ago

    His hair looks like if Jack Lord were to turn into a wolfman.

  8. Nebula Jo

    Nebula Jo3 months ago

    Tim has that Wolverine haircut starting to go on

  9. 정연희

    정연희3 months ago

    I love Timothy and he can be big in korea too. Cause.. he is so damn cute

  10. Ihate allthethings

    Ihate allthethings3 months ago

    He has a doppelgänger in 8 Mile

  11. HeadPack

    HeadPack3 months ago

    That last plastic surgery didn’t end well for Timothy. He was quite handsome before. Pity

  12. NPC101101110101001

    NPC1011011101010013 months ago

    His hair is looking pretty Manga

  13. ☢ ᴅᴠᴅ ᴘʟᴀʏᴀ ☣

    ☢ ᴅᴠᴅ ᴘʟᴀʏᴀ ☣3 months ago

    lol what did Andy say? I thought he said Powers, the guy that played as Cy on _Deadwood_ Undead kind of look lol

  14. elisabeth grill

    elisabeth grill3 months ago

    I don't know the show

  15. Mithilesh Kuncham

    Mithilesh Kuncham3 months ago

    Is it me ... or Timothy started looking like Goku and that's actual reason he might be invited to South Korea ... ?!

  16. xspringrose

    xspringrose3 months ago

    Mithilesh Kuncham Lmao what kind of theory is that 😂

  17. Harrison Maina

    Harrison Maina3 months ago

    I like this mofo

  18. beck

    beck3 months ago

    He's right about the dorky physical humor, Asian people love the slapstick

  19. Kath Ev

    Kath Ev3 months ago

    Now that timothy mentioned it.. conan do reminds me of yoo jae sook. Hmm

  20. MarVal 911

    MarVal 9113 months ago

    Conan should have an entire week with Timothy, then, on the following week, Jeff Goldblum, after that, Flula Borg, and finally; Jordan Schlansky. Then, repeat the process for a whole year.

  21. Cait P.

    Cait P.3 months ago

    If Timothy could have a 30-something year old son, that would be great. Or he can be single and in Australia. Can someone organise that? Thx.

  22. Euphoric Atheist

    Euphoric Atheist3 months ago

    Timothy Olyphant seems to be one of the few celebrities nowadays that doesn't toe the party line. If only more Conan interviews were like this these days. Less political pandering, more comedy.

  23. Michael Holmgaard

    Michael Holmgaard3 months ago

    He should be Gambit

  24. SCharlesDennicon

    SCharlesDennicon3 months ago

    Olyphant may not be the greatest actor ever, he's without a doubt one of the coolest.

  25. honeyboy Dominguez

    honeyboy Dominguez3 months ago

    Conan is popular because he is being Conan himself. And he has been popular in my country 🇵🇭 since the late 80’s.

  26. Kari Boersheim

    Kari Boersheim3 months ago

    Olyphant is my favorite Conan guest! Soooo funny, and really hot.

  27. Jacob D

    Jacob D3 months ago

    Has Conan (or any late night television host) had a guest on who was just a regular joe schmo? I assume it would be a disaster, but it would sure be interesting to watch. If the schmo bombs, it is entertaining (especially with Conan's personality), if he/she turns out to be a great guest well that works out too. It would be risky on Conan's part, but I think that would be part of the appeal. Anyways, i think it would be a fun experiment, regardless of whether the schmo even followed the show, was a non fan, super fan or whatever... I don't think any host has tried this?? The only comparable instance that comes to mind is if somebody had on a minor celebrity or youtube personality er something...

  28. VanLifeCrisis

    VanLifeCrisis3 months ago

    Jacob D they kinda do that with the remotes, sometimes he even brings them back to the studio for a bit.

  29. MrHeyfuckoff

    MrHeyfuckoff3 months ago

    Timothy Olyphant, Bill Burr, Jim Jefferies, Jeff Goldblum & Flula They should all be permanent guests.

  30. IDiggPattyMayonnaise

    IDiggPattyMayonnaise3 months ago

    Timothy needs to just be a weekly guest

  31. On 2Wheels

    On 2Wheels3 months ago

    Modesto's finest.

  32. Riac007

    Riac0073 months ago

    Tim tim is the best

  33. Stonecold stunner P.h.D

    Stonecold stunner P.h.D3 months ago

    Ufc fighter the Korean “zombie”

  34. theplourde

    theplourde3 months ago

    This guy to me would probably be such a dickhead if you walked up to him in public asking for a selfie or something or if you gave him a compliment

  35. Jazmine media

    Jazmine media3 months ago


  36. Wayne Black

    Wayne Black3 months ago

    Justified was one of the BEST shows ever. I hate waiting a year for the next season of "Santa Clarita Diet". Hilarious. It's one of those shows you need to binge watch the entire series.

  37. Aly

    Aly3 months ago

    Asia is all about that goofy physical slapstick out-there comedy!

  38. Korean Pathfinder

    Korean Pathfinder3 months ago

    I was hoping the "up next" video was going to be that Walking Dead skit that Conan did.

  39. Ryan Macalandag

    Ryan Macalandag3 months ago

    Jimmy Falon is dorky physical comedy, too.

  40. Dylan Bollinger

    Dylan Bollinger3 months ago

    He is in the next Quentin Tarantino movie. So he'll be back again in few month's.

  41. Sarah

    Sarah3 months ago

    For some reason it always looks like Timothy is always low key smiling. Even when he does the serious emotional scenes xD

  42. Kartoffel Pommes

    Kartoffel Pommes3 months ago

    I'd love to see Jordan to fill in for Andy someday.

  43. Ricky McKnight

    Ricky McKnight3 months ago

    Is Timothy playing a crazy scientist?

  44. anasim

    anasim3 months ago

    We need Timothy, Flula and Bill Burr together for a show.

  45. Whiskey and Cigarettes

    Whiskey and Cigarettes3 months ago

    Just want a Deadwood movie

  46. Blak

    Blak3 months ago


  47. Kristine Ahn

    Kristine Ahn3 months ago

    Personally Conan's style of comedy seems more approachable because it includes more intellectual content with less seclusiveness like nationalism, many times he itentifies himself as a decendant of an immigrant family when he's just really an US citizen anyway. Also he tends to rather degrade himself than degrade other people. This is really unlikely in other majority of white male comedians that tend to feed off of making jokes about Women or LGBTQ community.

  48. bee

    bee2 months ago

    They didnt say anything about white male talk show hosts, they said it about comedians. Learn to read.

  49. Pardon me,

    Pardon me,3 months ago

    Kristine Ahn No, most white male talk show hosts are liberals and all they make fun of is conservative white men and Christians. Are we watching the same shows?

  50. Uku Sibul

    Uku Sibul3 months ago

    Teeny Verse exactly

  51. GoldenYuri

    GoldenYuri3 months ago

    Kristine Ahn The fact that you think btw that people from those countries love him for THOSE reasons already tells that you’ve never left US/west Europe and really seen how people don’t really care about this “white male is devil” and “lgbt oppression” trend.

  52. goldwincs

    goldwincs3 months ago

    He's not wrong though. I think in term of comedy, among other talkshow hosts, Conan's type of humor and mannerism are more accesible and appealing to the international audience.

  53. GoldenYuri

    GoldenYuri3 months ago

    goldwincs Exactly. In South Korea and Asian countries physical comedy is very popular than the “roast” or political comedy in US

  54. CharliePUNKROCK Baker

    CharliePUNKROCK Baker3 months ago

    just like your face Mr. Know It All

  55. David James-Cameron

    David James-Cameron3 months ago

    You can tell Conans best guests are some of his relatively closest friends

  56. Khalid Al

    Khalid Al3 months ago

    Raylan Givens

  57. Dagless Scran

    Dagless Scran3 months ago

    If you play the Walking Dead Road to Survival app, there's a walker that kinda reminds me of Conan

  58. Fruitveganful Mart

    Fruitveganful Mart3 months ago

    Do me a favor Conan, when its Timothy, upload the WHOLE INTERVIEW!

  59. Daniel Nelson

    Daniel Nelson3 months ago

    Tim think he slick lookin' like Wolverine.

  60. vegas rebel

    vegas rebel3 months ago

    I see olyphant and Conan. I click

  61. Flav

    Flav3 months ago

    Along with Goldblum and Norm...One of the best Conan guests

  62. zlash roses

    zlash roses3 months ago

    Best guest ever

  63. dzidziolus

    dzidziolus3 months ago

    "dorky" haha Pam didn't like that word either 😁

  64. Jeniffer Ribeiro

    Jeniffer Ribeiro3 months ago

    He always looks like he just woke up. That hair Hehehheh

  65. MrAlexbreak

    MrAlexbreak3 months ago

    Does he has barcode on back of his head?

  66. Galag

    Galag3 months ago

    He has Doc Brown hair in this interview! Marrrrrrttttyyyy!!!

  67. Robert Ri

    Robert Ri3 months ago

    They bring out the best in each other, almost like nuttela and pancakes

  68. vjosa s.

    vjosa s.3 months ago

    I screamed so hard when I say Timmy and Conan in the thumbnail :D :D :D

  69. Ashtrey Gaming

    Ashtrey Gaming3 months ago

    Always enjoy it when Tim is on

  70. Mr 4nder50n

    Mr 4nder50n3 months ago

    Is he a bit rude?

  71. brendan colliander

    brendan colliander3 months ago


  72. Sssaga Benches

    Sssaga Benches3 months ago

    Also, did Tim's hair went through a tornado?

  73. Sssaga Benches

    Sssaga Benches3 months ago

    Slenderman is N° 1 game among South Korean gamers. Coincidence? I think not.

  74. A. Crews

    A. Crews3 months ago

    Timothy Olyphant is slowly turning into David Bowie...

  75. Keila Escalante

    Keila Escalante3 months ago

    Maybe it's the accents lol

  76. Calida

    Calida3 months ago

    Dorky physical comedy... actually that's really accurate for East Asian variety shows! It's my fave too!

  77. Sporkenstein

    Sporkenstein3 months ago

    Well, Conan does kind of look like he's wearing corpse paint. So pale. Now I want to see a South Korean talk show host with dyed orange hair doing the string dance.

  78. Daniel L

    Daniel L3 months ago

    He's sorta kinda right about Conan and Korea though- I like Korean and western comedy equally, and Conan's style is similar. Not a big fan of this being a "diss" from someone who was over there for 5 minutes though. Some Korean humour is actually beyond hilarious (not all, but that's normal everywhere).

  79. Pardon me,

    Pardon me,3 months ago

    It wasn't a diss. It's called humor. He's trying to make fun of Conan any way possible. If you claim to enjoy humor try to learn about all kinds.

  80. Sarah

    Sarah3 months ago

    It wasn't a diss.

  81. thisistherevolt

    thisistherevolt3 months ago

    Timothy Olyphant and Conan are friends IRL anyway. There is a reason why he treats Conan like that in the first place.

  82. Bryan Choi

    Bryan Choi3 months ago

    LazaiPai lol exactly my thought. The whole time he tried to defend, and he cut before it gets too much.

  83. LazaiPai

    LazaiPai3 months ago

    The "diss" was sarcastic you realize that right? And 100% at Conan's expense considering he said the Koreans are more charming despite similar style. Calling it a "diss" is taking it way too seriously. Comments like this show why dry humor isn't for everyone.

  84. Pranav Hari

    Pranav Hari3 months ago

    My favorite Hollywood pachyderm!

  85. Ikue P

    Ikue P3 months ago

    I'm a complicated person. I see Timothy Olyphant on Conan, I click on other stuff first. Then, after a few hours, I come back to this video and click like, but not after thinking about it first.

  86. Sid Vicious

    Sid Vicious3 months ago

    Can't wait for Tim Olyphant to overshadow brad pitt and leonardo dicaprio in once upon a time in hollywood

  87. CharliePUNKROCK Baker

    CharliePUNKROCK Baker3 months ago

    and your mom overshadowed me in bed last night NERD

  88. Sid Vicious

    Sid Vicious3 months ago

    Captain Kon'Doriano wait and see... Christopher waltz overshadowed brad Pitt in Inglourious Basterds and he is also overshadowed DiCaprio in Django unchained... Sam Jackson overshadowed travolta in pulp fiction

  89. Captain Kon'Doriano

    Captain Kon'Doriano3 months ago

    Yo FACTS!!!! 😂😂😂

  90. Akash Gupta

    Akash Gupta3 months ago

    Timothy olphant in actual suit .

  91. MVCreviews

    MVCreviews3 months ago

    Bill Burr. Jeff Goldblum. Aubrey Plaza. Timothy Olyphant. These are the best Conan guests. Am I missing anyone?

  92. Hannah

    Hannah24 days ago

    Martin short.

  93. Scottie Stanley

    Scottie Stanley28 days ago


  94. Juliana Montes de Oca

    Juliana Montes de Oca2 months ago

    Steven Yeun as well

  95. Juliana Montes de Oca

    Juliana Montes de Oca2 months ago

    Flula lol

  96. Marvera 24

    Marvera 242 months ago

    I'd add Kevin Nealon and Flula there as well. Underrated guests right there.

  97. Osvaldo Castanon

    Osvaldo Castanon3 months ago

    Bring back Deadwood!!

  98. Osvaldo Castanon

    Osvaldo Castanon3 months ago

    CharliePUNKROCK Baker That's too bad. I'm even more depressed than usual now.

  99. CharliePUNKROCK Baker

    CharliePUNKROCK Baker3 months ago

    even more so with the recent deaths of Powers Boothe and Ralph Richeson

  100. CharliePUNKROCK Baker

    CharliePUNKROCK Baker3 months ago

    They were talking about doing a movie and a script was written but i think that ship has sailed unfortunately.

  101. Michael Georgiou

    Michael Georgiou3 months ago

    Oh man we need a Jeff Goldblum, Bill Burr, Timothy Olyphant and Jordan Schlansky remote. And another Kevin Hart, Ice Cube Lyft/ driving lesson.

  102. CHilla415

    CHilla4153 months ago

    that's funny, I've been wanting like a Cross-Country road trip special with those same exact people (+Norm McDonald)

  103. CharliePUNKROCK Baker

    CharliePUNKROCK Baker3 months ago

    do we really need to say the same bullshit everytime a popular conan guest is on the show?

  104. AisuruMirai

    AisuruMirai3 months ago

    I've been watching old Conan x Martha Stewart interviews/segments from Late Night. They're hilarious. She's definitely one of his best and favorite guests.

  105. Blk Shp

    Blk Shp3 months ago


  106. galetaf

    galetaf3 months ago

    *he’s back*

  107. workinghoustonian

    workinghoustonian3 months ago

    LOL god i love when Olyphant is on Conan. Him, Goldblum, Burr...guaranteed gold

  108. Ilustrado

    IlustradoMonth ago

    Don't forget Flula

  109. MrClickity

    MrClickity3 months ago

    Yeah, their interviews always come across like just a couple of buddies hanging out.

  110. Dallas Abernathy

    Dallas Abernathy3 months ago

    I could not agree with you more! The trifecta would be having all three on at once.

  111. Hrushikesh Patil

    Hrushikesh Patil3 months ago

    Even Ron funches kills on the show. Conan has the skill to bring out the best out these guys

  112. Adrian A

    Adrian A3 months ago

    + Dax Shepard

  113. Aaron Heigis

    Aaron Heigis3 months ago

    0 dislikes!? :0

  114. Aakriti Sharma

    Aakriti Sharma3 months ago

    Timothy is a total dilf. Consider the optics: Raylan and his fedora, I'll just leave it at that.

  115. isadora k

    isadora k3 months ago

    I miss Daddy Raylan Gives

  116. The House Always Wins

    The House Always Wins3 months ago

    Raylan wears a stetson.

  117. Aakriti Sharma

    Aakriti Sharma3 months ago

    Larrymcjones it does come close to a Stratoliner fedora

  118. Larrymcjones

    Larrymcjones3 months ago

    Aakriti Sharma not so sure Raylan was wearing a Fedora...

  119. Scott Klingensmith

    Scott Klingensmith3 months ago

    Shelia wouldn't like her husband sitting next to their old boss

  120. Battle Rifle

    Battle Rifle3 months ago

    That's the sole reason why the Resident Evil movies despite being a shitty franchise keep making money. Because people in Korea will pay to see it.

  121. The House Always Wins

    The House Always Wins3 months ago

    It's bigger in Europe.

  122. dreamphoenix000

    dreamphoenix0003 months ago

    Timothy Olyphant owns an actual suit? What is this blasphemy?!

  123. dbzispimpin

    dbzispimpinMonth ago

    Shorts and Flip Flops amrite? lmao

  124. Seth

    Seth3 months ago

    I'm sure he stole it from justified

  125. ArjunInsane

    ArjunInsane3 months ago

    dreamphoenix000 I was expecting him to be in his shorts.

  126. Clouds23x

    Clouds23x3 months ago

    Awesome hairstyle!

  127. 01 3

    01 33 months ago

    Click bait for Korean?

  128. Ro G

    Ro G3 months ago

    All I know is that Korean food is absolutely delicious. Them short ribs are the best!

  129. Marone WiKi

    Marone WiKi3 months ago

    Finally Timothy Olyphant Is Back

  130. SMR J

    SMR J3 months ago

    Yeah repeat appearance, new clip tho

  131. Hrushikesh Patil

    Hrushikesh Patil3 months ago

    tim olyphant is one the few people who can roast conan properly

  132. Roden, 1st of his name, king of the Elven Realm

    Roden, 1st of his name, king of the Elven Realm3 months ago

    This Timmothy guy...he looks like a young guy pretending to be old.

  133. xspringrose

    xspringrose3 months ago

    Trueee, and his interviews from a few yrs ago even more so

  134. Uku Sibul

    Uku Sibul3 months ago


  135. leighharron

    leighharron3 months ago

    It's that old Vanderbilt charm

  136. Leto Enchanted

    Leto Enchanted3 months ago

    like johnny Knoxvile, bless his olyphant heart.

  137. micklooney

    micklooney3 months ago

    timothy olyphant = barry watson = taylor kitsch

  138. Harry Roks

    Harry Roks3 months ago

    Wow im early. Conan Can u strip?

  139. John Leo

    John Leo3 months ago

    First Jackass

  140. Lily Taylor

    Lily Taylor3 months ago

    I love them together

  141. Kazim Taqi

    Kazim Taqi3 months ago

    I’m a simple person. I see Tim Olyphant on Conan, I click like.

  142. Doogle Von Hussenheim

    Doogle Von Hussenheim3 months ago

    I too am simple person. I see tired a$$ MReporter comment, I click to throw shade.

  143. isadora k

    isadora k3 months ago

    He's amazing!

  144. Alan Hope

    Alan Hope3 months ago

    Dude I click even tho I saw the clip already eight months ago or whatever. Some days just need a bit of Olyphant, and Conan delivers. Coolest dude on the plant, and Conan knows it.

  145. B L

    B L3 months ago

    You also are simple because you repeat tired memes

  146. Hào Lý

    Hào Lý3 months ago

    Hi conan

  147. Kino Zomby

    Kino Zomby3 months ago

    How may times has Tim been on the show?

  148. A.K. SALMAN

    A.K. SALMAN3 months ago

    Mario Habijanec too true

  149. Mario Habijanec

    Mario Habijanec3 months ago

    not enough!

  150. Sajan Napit

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  151. MJ

    MJ3 months ago

    night rockers And ?

  152. Dr. Boi

    Dr. Boi3 months ago

    Second boiiii

  153. MJ

    MJ3 months ago

    Dr. Boi Nope

  154. Archie Andrews

    Archie Andrews3 months ago

    My ass is hot

  155. M /Best Video

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    First view first comment like pls 💝💚💞😊

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    Leave MReporter alone you thot/bot/sheguy 😡

  157. MJ

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    M /Best Video Nope your not moron