Timed Mile in P.E. | Hannah Stocking & Anwar Jibawi


  1. Four

    Four3 hours ago

    Man I wish that was my gym teacher, they make us run it under 6:30 to get an A so I’m always forced to tryhard but I think it’s fine🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. Eva Broussard

    Eva Broussard7 hours ago

    haha i have to do the fucking mile run tommorow

  3. wvwed

    wvwed9 hours ago

    Best end with the best puke xD

  4. Raine Tahir  Sheikh

    Raine Tahir Sheikh12 hours ago

    2:53 me xD

  5. Laura Davoile

    Laura Davoile12 hours ago


  6. jay gaming2313

    jay gaming231312 hours ago

    Fake throw up

  7. Christalina Hser

    Christalina Hser15 hours ago

    We had to run 2 times around the oval and I was thinking why isn’t the sport teacher running with us when he’s the sportteacher

  8. The real Tech

    The real Tech16 hours ago

    6 grade got 13 minutes what they complain about

  9. Larathe Banana

    Larathe Banana17 hours ago

    In my school our p.e we just play games

  10. Nathan Marundan

    Nathan Marundan20 hours ago

    im only 9 but I can do 4 to 6 laps in just 10 minutes in swimming...

  11. brandon smith

    brandon smithDay ago

    What was that smoke behide the bush

  12. Unicornsforlife Unicorns forever

    Unicornsforlife Unicorns foreverDay ago

    At the ending you can tell she used a hoe for Her throw up (Edit)i Ike my own coment cause no one else will

  13. Night Wolf

    Night WolfDay ago

    i love you!

  14. Ana Hernandez

    Ana Hernandez2 days ago

    Hannah is disgusting at the end like ewww but she is still my favorite youtuber

  15. Keira TM

    Keira TM2 days ago

    The ending was just depressing....

  16. Madds and Brae

    Madds and Brae2 days ago

    I will do like 4 laps in 5miutes

  17. Nisa Keleş

    Nisa Keleş2 days ago

    Who loves P.E?😍🤗

  18. James Baird

    James Baird3 days ago

    I hate sweat if I was holding perry I would vomit and just run back and drop him 😂😂😂 Why would I do that to my team mate I would maybe be in trouble because of leaving my team mate

  19. Sharla Pokémon

    Sharla Pokémon3 days ago

    I'm Hannah

  20. Sharla Pokémon

    Sharla Pokémon3 days ago

    I hate the mile

  21. Munk React's

    Munk React's3 days ago

    Come on Hannah I am in Year 7 And I did this 2 times in my school

  22. Parker McDaniels

    Parker McDaniels3 days ago

    U r probably the least funniest person I’ve ever seen

  23. Carina Palacios

    Carina Palacios4 days ago

    Maybe Just Maybe I’ll Ship Hannah And Perry Pean

  24. The littlest Beanie boo

    The littlest Beanie boo4 days ago

    P.E *P* ointless . *E* xercise

  25. Nicole Jang

    Nicole Jang4 days ago

    I have to run 5 laps every Friday at school in under 10 minutes 😩😩

  26. PriscilllaaXoxo 01

    PriscilllaaXoxo 014 days ago

    Omg we have to do a mile and under 15 minutes 😳😳😳

  27. RestricedBloom Bloom

    RestricedBloom Bloom4 days ago


  28. Weave Snatched

    Weave Snatched4 days ago

    THIS IS ME IN MIDDLE SCHOOL i just run with my friends

  29. G-Dog Fam

    G-Dog Fam5 days ago

    You can tell she’s not throwing up

  30. Charlize Desvarieux

    Charlize Desvarieux5 days ago

    I did that 2 days ago *LIVING HELL*

  31. Ni Annie

    Ni Annie5 days ago

    Is that teacher dump or what? Because that guy is not hurt! Because Anwar is hurt!

  32. Christian Siren

    Christian Siren6 days ago

    Did anyone else see that at the end the vomit was coming out of her nose? Got me thinking “ Wow that’s some serious talent right there. “ My brother in the background was like “ What? “ I started cracking up.

  33. Alexis Bernabe

    Alexis Bernabe6 days ago

    When you throw up it comes from your nose

  34. IcyBoiz Gt

    IcyBoiz Gt6 days ago


  35. DaveDuck 1000

    DaveDuck 10006 days ago


  36. Thea Stuenes

    Thea Stuenes7 days ago

    In my school we run 3 miles every month

  37. Wayne Gomez

    Wayne Gomez8 days ago


  38. Emmy B123

    Emmy B1238 days ago

    I have to do a mile every flippin day at school!!!!!

  39. Brooke Sturrock

    Brooke Sturrock8 days ago

    If you were in a car accident you shouldn’t even be at school

  40. Hampton Reynolds

    Hampton Reynolds9 days ago

    I did it in 6th grade(I'm in 6th grade) and when I did the mile run it took me 11:23

  41. Double B And D

    Double B And D9 days ago

    Chazz has stocking on the back of the sweatshirt

  42. Lele & Nini

    Lele & Nini9 days ago


  43. TNTMLG92 Gaming

    TNTMLG92 Gaming9 days ago

    Middle school be like

  44. Jaitej Toor

    Jaitej Toor10 days ago

    When I ran the mile it took me 16 minutes

  45. Morvens Jest

    Morvens Jest10 days ago

    This is suffer 😰😰😰😰😰😖😖😖😖

  46. Morvens Jest

    Morvens Jest10 days ago

    I like gym a little bit but the mile man.

  47. little miss nugget

    little miss nugget10 days ago

    Did brandon legit come out a bush with cheetos

  48. Antisepticeye198

    Antisepticeye19810 days ago

    Stupid teacher fuck you

  49. Mabel.crazy.Jones# Kelts

    Mabel.crazy.Jones# Kelts10 days ago

    W h y m e h I g h l I t e d

  50. Daisy Evans hunt

    Daisy Evans hunt10 days ago

    I love this vid

  51. Unicorn Squad

    Unicorn Squad11 days ago

    Hannah hi I love your vids

  52. fabio lopez

    fabio lopez11 days ago

    Where did the doctor even come from

  53. fabio lopez

    fabio lopez11 days ago

    Wait when he finish,perry shirt was sweaty then clean then sweaty again

  54. fabio lopez

    fabio lopez11 days ago

    To be honest that field one mile it takes me about 5 minutes but im 10 years old

  55. Miss your Love

    Miss your Love11 days ago

    I did ten laps in only twelve minutes and im only ten

  56. XxSapphirexX QUEEN

    XxSapphirexX QUEEN11 days ago

    I had to run a HALF MILE ;-;

  57. Anthony Miller

    Anthony Miller11 days ago

    2:57 me in fortnite

  58. Amelia Mendoza

    Amelia Mendoza12 days ago

    You ar so laci

  59. manyrl territorio

    manyrl territorio12 days ago

    I sow that Hana you we're holding something on your hand to fake through up

  60. Funny Person

    Funny Person12 days ago

    Thats me at my sports all the time

  61. Lily YT

    Lily YT12 days ago

    OMG Hannah was me!

  62. ACS

    ACS12 days ago

    I got 5 minutes on my mile

  63. Sonia Dewar

    Sonia Dewar13 days ago


  64. Satheesh P

    Satheesh P13 days ago

    did you really wath hannah did she really don that was that real don at the end

  65. Jeremy Lactaotao

    Jeremy Lactaotao13 days ago

    Great job Hannah you are a real best friend

  66. Nichole Weeks

    Nichole Weeks14 days ago

    That teach is a piece of shit

  67. Aleksia Venegas

    Aleksia Venegas14 days ago

    I do miles every day

  68. Gabriel dab Marquez

    Gabriel dab Marquez14 days ago

    😄 haha haha

  69. Sierra Thames

    Sierra Thames14 days ago

    my teacher does her nails when we run the miles

  70. Kattye Martinez

    Kattye Martinez14 days ago

    i hate the mile we have to do 5 laps 😂

  71. Steven Alpizar

    Steven Alpizar14 days ago

    this is me

  72. Jakelin Pena Albarran

    Jakelin Pena Albarran15 days ago

    Y'all are really over dramatic at the end when he was crossing the finish line😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  73. Margarita Mayo

    Margarita Mayo15 days ago

    I love your video

  74. Cato Keijzer

    Cato Keijzer15 days ago

    I did a mile in 7.45 sec

  75. The life of a swimmer Vids

    The life of a swimmer Vids15 days ago

    I do this at school it’s easy

  76. Me and my friends Cheung

    Me and my friends Cheung16 days ago

    Come on Perry

  77. Person Dj

    Person Dj16 days ago

    Marathon =over20miles 1mile they can't do bruh

  78. Emma Varela

    Emma Varela16 days ago

    0:45 funniest moment!

  79. PandaFun!

    PandaFun!16 days ago

    I feel you Hannah, I feel you.. lol

  80. Sami Parky

    Sami Parky16 days ago

    Omg i did the exact same thing in a sports camp. I did in under 10. Another boy did 1/4 mile and threw up. One did 1/2 then fainted.

  81. Cameron Crank

    Cameron Crank17 days ago

    A mile is 8 laps idiots

  82. Benjamin S Fleming

    Benjamin S Fleming17 days ago

    3:54 when someone feeds you Cheetos😂

  83. Midnight Starlight

    Midnight Starlight17 days ago

    4:07 LMAO IM DED 😂😂

  84. Hugo Zavaleta

    Hugo Zavaleta17 days ago

    I run a mil in my school like 5 times

  85. Zane cool64

    Zane cool6417 days ago

    I hate timed miles i always have to do it every Friday in P.E

  86. Random person you’ll never meet

    Random person you’ll never meet17 days ago

    We have to do 7 laps in 20 minutes at my school Parry is me 😂

  87. BeyBlade JoJo

    BeyBlade JoJo18 days ago

    I'm way better! I ran a mile in 5:28 seconds! And I’m only in 4th grade!

  88. Avacoolz

    Avacoolz18 days ago

    And P.E right before lunch

  89. Avacoolz

    Avacoolz18 days ago

    I meant I have pe right before lunch I forgot the i

  90. Avacoolz

    Avacoolz18 days ago

    At my school we have to run the mile in under 11 minutes my friends threw up twice and she kept on smiling it was so weird

  91. Mabel.crazy.Jones# Kelts

    Mabel.crazy.Jones# Kelts18 days ago

    Watch your mouth davine jay

  92. Musa Butt

    Musa Butt18 days ago

    That wasn't good

  93. Fran Salamome

    Fran Salamome19 days ago

    That's me the whole time almost like every thing but the under but 15mins or start again I did not do that

  94. Domonique Gray

    Domonique Gray19 days ago

    This is too relatable

  95. Joshua Sanchez

    Joshua Sanchez19 days ago

    The trainer is a fucking bitch

  96. Michael Zhang

    Michael Zhang20 days ago

    Ya gotta have dat docta’s note

  97. Isaiah Barranco

    Isaiah Barranco20 days ago

    U can see it's fake

  98. Marcus Dale

    Marcus Dale20 days ago


  99. Mr.Shook ETN

    Mr.Shook ETN20 days ago

    Perry is so me 😂

  100. It's Violet

    It's Violet20 days ago

    I run a mile every gym class...HELP ME!!!!

  101. Gabriel Ramos

    Gabriel Ramos21 day ago

    We all know that throw up was fake