Timed Mile in P.E. | Hannah Stocking & Anwar Jibawi


  1. erika endrikaityte

    erika endrikaityte3 hours ago

    i do the mile everyday at school i am just like the guy who said are we menat to do 5 laps

  2. Natalie Saad

    Natalie Saad5 hours ago

    If I had to do that I would probably die like seriously 😒 i done only 100 💯 meters and they said it was nothing but i was about to die so yeah lol 😂

  3. Lil' Kenz I

    Lil' Kenz I7 hours ago

    In my school it’s seven minutes

  4. Scoredchicken18

    Scoredchicken1814 hours ago

    If you can’t run a mile in under 15 mins u need to see a docter because your probs really fat

  5. Charles Cain

    Charles Cain15 hours ago

    There was this one kid in my sixth grade P.E. Class named Matias Dahl and he always had all A+’s at the same time as having all honors and high honors classes, and he and me were friends but he was always one of the fastest kids in my class, his fastest mile was 5:54 seconds in fifth grade Running Club. And he always got like a 100 on Pacer Tests, but ironically, he had like no muscle mass and weighed like 65 pounds.

  6. Ghozlan Jordan

    Ghozlan Jordan20 hours ago

    M. Bjbjhbi k Jbkkbjjbj (juj/b

  7. Kostas Agis

    Kostas Agis20 hours ago

    Mcy swag

  8. Yulianna Montero

    Yulianna Montero23 hours ago

    I know the throw up is fake but nice job

  9. Hash Bro

    Hash BroDay ago

    The puke was totally fake

  10. D Mat

    D MatDay ago

    We had to do a mile every week it sucked AF

  11. sillydramaqueen XD

    sillydramaqueen XDDay ago

    This is why I am in band and not gym

  12. Natalie Moreno

    Natalie MorenoDay ago

    That’s so me😂😂😂

  13. Isabel Register

    Isabel RegisterDay ago

    i actually like p.e. i’ve done track for 2 years now and am a big distance runner. i can run a mile in 6:30

  14. Rose Gold Diva Studio

    Rose Gold Diva StudioDay ago

    My fav thing about sport is that I have asthma and get out of running

  15. Sharlyn Aburto

    Sharlyn AburtoDay ago

    Im like the bou im always last

  16. Sarah Whitsitt

    Sarah WhitsittDay ago

    Hey my fellow dorks who also dance to the songs the end where u at?!

  17. Sarah Whitsitt

    Sarah WhitsittDay ago

    Who else is a dork like me and dances to the end song 😂😂😂

  18. Chatlies Sister2

    Chatlies Sister2Day ago

    2:55 when I’ve barely done half a mile

  19. Jazmyn Miller

    Jazmyn MillerDay ago

    Your so funny

  20. anton niemelä

    anton niemeläDay ago

    In my school we had to take 2 miles in 10mins

  21. Bilal Kazem

    Bilal KazemDay ago

    Pls.. music name 2:30

  22. Emma V

    Emma VDay ago

    I have to do this every Friday at my school😭😭😡

  23. Ailsa Macgillivray

    Ailsa MacgillivrayDay ago

    My school has to do this every day It's a primary school and we only have 10minutes

  24. Chesnei MadisonCapeVlogs

    Chesnei MadisonCapeVlogsDay ago


  25. Umm ali

    Umm aliDay ago

    coco cola

  26. Aaron Smith

    Aaron Smith2 days ago

    4:52 when I run 1 meater XD

  27. Bts Lover233

    Bts Lover2332 days ago


  28. Fiseha Tikuye

    Fiseha Tikuye2 days ago

    I feel so bad for the car acsit guy.

  29. CraclesnameV

    CraclesnameV2 days ago


  30. Madi Young

    Madi Young2 days ago


  31. Mr. Cringe

    Mr. Cringe2 days ago

    Poor Anwar

  32. Naledi Mabe

    Naledi Mabe2 days ago

    When we meeting up

  33. Naledi Mabe

    Naledi Mabe2 days ago

    I miss you girl

  34. The Underrated

    The Underrated3 days ago

    U fucked up at the end

  35. Emoji Gurl

    Emoji Gurl3 days ago


  36. YmnTiger

    YmnTiger3 days ago

    I ran a mile at my school in 12min 48 sec, im trying to get down to atleast 5min for a mile

  37. danny Lopez

    danny Lopez3 days ago

    The vomit at the end was so fake

  38. its Kittycatloly

    its Kittycatloly3 days ago

    When I had the mile text I did it in 6:57 minuets less than half of the time they had and they r ,olderr😂(not Bragging cuz my class mates did much less time than me😂)

  39. Lydiaturtle1

    Lydiaturtle13 days ago

    they changed the name .-. i liked it before oof

  40. Tom Cooper

    Tom Cooper3 days ago

    at my school camp in year 9 we have to run 4 kilometres every morning

  41. Michelle Martinez

    Michelle Martinez3 days ago

    You published this video on my mom's birthday

  42. Tara and Marlee

    Tara and Marlee3 days ago

    Hey guys would y’all mind subscribing to me and my BFF’s channel

  43. It's me Ava Xoxo

    It's me Ava Xoxo3 days ago

    1:29 is literally me if I run up the stairs

  44. Danae Taylor

    Danae Taylor3 days ago

    some times you are so funny not sometimes its always but when i watched hard 2 face Reality you are so beautiful when you are using your real self i sayed like OMFG and you are my lil sister idol and lele pons and inanna

  45. Gabriella Orriols

    Gabriella Orriols3 days ago

    i have to do that in school and it’s the worst thing ever, it’s 6 laps in under 12 minutes.

  46. Fortnite Gamer4life

    Fortnite Gamer4life4 days ago

    Don’t worry Anwar is back on feet

  47. Merna Ashraf

    Merna Ashraf4 days ago

    Never took PE but im taking it next year and im scared

  48. Jeli Sweet

    Jeli Sweet4 days ago

    I will which this till 4:00

  49. Jeli Sweet

    Jeli Sweet4 days ago

    It 2:59 pm in the morning and I Am so tired

  50. Mya West

    Mya West4 days ago

    i had on my headset when you blew that whistle!

  51. Amelia De La Garza :3

    Amelia De La Garza :34 days ago

    I always take like 4 minutes to run a mile ...

  52. Veronika 030508

    Veronika 0305084 days ago


  53. Iqra Adalat

    Iqra Adalat5 days ago

    "Do you have a doctors note?" DEAD :D

  54. Maggie Dorn

    Maggie Dorn5 days ago

    Fake barf it is from a tube

  55. Kit Cat

    Kit Cat5 days ago

    My school it’s 7 laps for our mile

  56. Samrudhi Neve

    Samrudhi Neve5 days ago


  57. Abdullah Lunat

    Abdullah Lunat5 days ago

    That’s me on 2:48

  58. Annaleise Guerin

    Annaleise Guerin6 days ago

    Year twelv in a nutshell am I right!

  59. AsherThe ManedWolf

    AsherThe ManedWolf6 days ago


  60. Alysa Wonles

    Alysa Wonles6 days ago

    3:19 😂😂😂

  61. Kc Nathan

    Kc Nathan6 days ago

    wow i remember i was soo tired cause i ran the mile and was watching this video

  62. C Bonilla

    C Bonilla6 days ago

    "on a diet" eating mac donalds xD

  63. jenavieve hansen

    jenavieve hansen6 days ago

    I had to do the tree mile run in under 13 mins or you didn't pass

  64. Cayla345

    Cayla3456 days ago

    You faked it at the last bit and It was so fake

  65. Claire Mossbruger

    Claire Mossbruger6 days ago

    Protip: sprint the straightaways and jog the curves if you're on a track

  66. Gracie207

    Gracie2076 days ago


  67. Cupcake33 Madilyn

    Cupcake33 Madilyn6 days ago


  68. Taylor K

    Taylor K6 days ago

    Oh come on, I'm in 3rd grade and I ran 3 miles and you can't even run one..

  69. Silverfire7

    Silverfire76 days ago

    I’d be happy to run just ONE mile at school. We have to run like 24 laps around the track in under an hour

  70. Nikole Mclaughlin

    Nikole Mclaughlin6 days ago

    that is so funny when hannah cant run

  71. super tube

    super tube6 days ago

    I got a question can you start making challge

  72. Briana savalza

    Briana savalza6 days ago

    Same that me

  73. Zunduz Barre

    Zunduz Barre6 days ago

    3:00 😂😂😂

  74. Angel Gaming

    Angel Gaming6 days ago

    Me when where in a heat wave 5:20

  75. Tony Chris

    Tony Chris6 days ago

    The most disgusting video I’ve ever seen

  76. Nur Sabrina

    Nur Sabrina6 days ago

    I love the red girl

  77. Rènne Lèe

    Rènne Lèe7 days ago

    I saw the water hoes

  78. lean and shit ton of clips !

    lean and shit ton of clips !7 days ago


  79. Elaine Yi

    Elaine Yi7 days ago


  80. Chelsea Robinson

    Chelsea Robinson7 days ago

    i love running i can run 15 m

  81. GalaxyHawk115

    GalaxyHawk1157 days ago

    5:22 no offense Hannah but that throw up was so fake but great vid!👍🏽

  82. Gamer A

    Gamer A7 days ago

    I relate to this so much

  83. Bunny Girl

    Bunny Girl7 days ago

    Me 4:43 when I see something disgusting or dead 😂😂😂😂

  84. Dilara Coban

    Dilara Coban8 days ago

    The end was so funny 😂😂😂😂😂

  85. Pro Gamer

    Pro Gamer8 days ago

    at the end that puking was a bit broken

  86. Milena Piechota

    Milena Piechota8 days ago

    Cool video but the barfing wasnt Real, i could See that it isnt from ur mouth but cool

  87. 11:11 PM

    11:11 PM8 days ago

    Milena Piechota eww why would it be real

  88. Ultimate Trap

    Ultimate Trap8 days ago

    Lmfao!!! Beautiful!!!!

  89. Jaeleen Carlos

    Jaeleen Carlos8 days ago

    Hannah during the mile is literally me! Lol!😵😂

  90. slime princess

    slime princess8 days ago

    I feel you guys in in running team and its like in dead every time

  91. Zoe Gaunt

    Zoe Gaunt8 days ago

    1:55 lol

  92. •Little_ Fuzzy•

    •Little_ Fuzzy•9 days ago

    You deserve more subscribers 💗♥️💖

  93. Tubbs the Cat

    Tubbs the Cat9 days ago

    Running a mile under 15 mins is easy

  94. Maurice Phillips

    Maurice Phillips9 days ago

    the coaches lying the boy does need to sit out and the boy with that jacket the red one has to run instead of the one with the crunches and the broken neck


    ANNE LAYSON9 days ago

    "Are you as thirsty as I am" "its just the start of the race" lol me! 2:08 "Oh your leaving? ok bye' lmao XD...This is why kids hate gym classes, its bs.

  96. maria Rodriguez

    maria Rodriguez9 days ago

    I love you so much as a fan that i want to be popular and realated to you

  97. Veronica Nunez

    Veronica Nunez9 days ago

    If u love ur fans pin this😗❤

  98. Brooklyn Thomas

    Brooklyn Thomas9 days ago

    ( Hi

  99. GhostGirl

    GhostGirl9 days ago

    Dude.. my P.E class would've had to run the whole field 5 times..

  100. Phoenix YT

    Phoenix YT10 days ago

    1 mile in 15 minutes is nothing lol. We had to run 4.6km (almost 3 mile) and most did it under 30 minutes

  101. Giselle Ortiz

    Giselle Ortiz10 days ago

    I’m in track and my fastest mile is 6:05