Timed Mile in P.E. | Hannah Stocking & Anwar Jibawi


  1. Snoop Dog

    Snoop Dog33 minutes ago

    Poor Anwar 😀😆😁😄😃

  2. Sam Markall

    Sam Markall2 hours ago

    The sick at the end was fake

  3. Carol Sawney

    Carol Sawney8 hours ago

    I told my p.e teacher he is a bich t

  4. Not Your Average Girl

    Not Your Average Girl22 hours ago

    hannah: *and that’s how I met your father kids*

  5. Ruby Spam66

    Ruby Spam66Day ago

    I love u Hannah 🥰

  6. B Cardi

    B CardiDay ago

    I hate those teachers pet kids who doesnt do anything for no reason

  7. Addy France

    Addy FranceDay ago

    Ok I’m in 5th grade and it takes me 23 minutes to run a mile....

  8. Wild Adventurers

    Wild AdventurersDay ago

    Bruh in p.e i had to run a mile and a half in under 10 min and im in 5th grade

  9. Ella’s Galaxy

    Ella’s Galaxy11 hours ago

    Wild Adventurers shut up I’m not sympathising I did the 2.5 km XD training for cross country

  10. Antoinette Kozich

    Antoinette KozichDay ago

    I wish we got to do the mile

  11. Matthew Claasen

    Matthew Claasen2 days ago

    Is this supposed to be about high school or what 3 years old think of it

  12. Hey_Itz_Nai _Setiadi

    Hey_Itz_Nai _Setiadi2 days ago

    I did this on Monday my time was 12:59

  13. jesse n

    jesse n2 days ago


  14. Master Taco

    Master Taco2 days ago

    The fake-as vomit at the end though

  15. danny danny

    danny danny2 days ago

    Why on earth would he- 🤦😂

  16. Kayleigh Spencer

    Kayleigh Spencer2 days ago

    Did anyone else see the guy in the car crash had air pods

  17. FeaR TheNINGA512 723

    FeaR TheNINGA512 7232 days ago

    i got mile tommorow😪

  18. Kids Perfect /Team marshy!

    Kids Perfect /Team marshy!2 days ago

    Lol 😂

  19. animal Lovers

    animal Lovers3 days ago

    I fell bad for the guy on crutches

  20. Sophia Iles

    Sophia Iles3 days ago

    I’ve ran 11 miles

  21. Caitlin Magill

    Caitlin MagillDay ago

    I think you should change your name to Sophia lies 😂

  22. Bleka Bum

    Bleka Bum3 days ago


  23. singing Baloch

    singing Baloch3 days ago


  24. nancy Rajoub

    nancy Rajoub3 days ago

    This was made on my birthday!

  25. Ari Maningding

    Ari Maningding4 days ago

    5:04 anwar had airpods before it even came out

  26. Hermione Granger

    Hermione Granger4 days ago

    Expeliation I thought it was expolstion

  27. Ryleigh_chan Yt

    Ryleigh_chan Yt4 days ago

    Wow I ran 5 or more idk in 10 minutes for track because I started track practice today

  28. Shondiin Kinsel

    Shondiin Kinsel4 days ago

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  29. Mystery Kids

    Mystery Kids4 days ago

    At my school it’s 5 laps under 15 minutes 😂😅😓😰

  30. Indigo Love

    Indigo Love4 days ago

    Just ran the mile today so totally feel them.

  31. Ileana Guzman

    Ileana Guzman4 days ago

    I have to run a mile every gym class when I go to middle school?! (Acctually) I feel like I'm going to die once I get there

  32. Tongan Gaming

    Tongan Gaming5 days ago

    Why am I just like the girl that was drinking the Frappuccino

  33. Armando Guzman

    Armando Guzman5 days ago

    at gym(p.e), for me, i have to run a mile under 11 minutes every Monday

  34. lwoiii Veggie

    lwoiii Veggie6 days ago

    I can run a mile damn

  35. Faith Wolf

    Faith Wolf6 days ago

    I have to do the mile next month so.....

  36. Panda Man

    Panda Man6 days ago

    At my school we run the mile every Monday and we have to be under 10:00 minutes 🙄 U could literally just walk all those laps and get an A+, the only way at our school to get an A+ is to improve by 10 seconds each time

  37. Monokyo

    Monokyo6 days ago

    It really isn't that hard... (for some)

  38. Monokyo

    Monokyo6 days ago

    All my cross country runners where ya at?😂😂

  39. Mya Ford

    Mya Ford4 days ago

    Yes here I am🤣

  40. Thawng Hmung

    Thawng Hmung6 days ago

    This is long time ok?

  41. Kyra Fullington

    Kyra Fullington6 days ago

    One mile in not that hard (For me at least)

  42. Elizabeth Gonzalez

    Elizabeth Gonzalez6 days ago

    me when i run a lap!

  43. The_ Anonymous_ Lemon

    The_ Anonymous_ Lemon6 days ago

    5:04 he ha air pods in he can’t here the success

  44. Diego Mendoza

    Diego Mendoza7 days ago

    I run a mile every day

  45. Paige Peidton

    Paige Peidton7 days ago

    I had p.e yesterday

  46. Mostafa Cheaib

    Mostafa Cheaib7 days ago

    Cant wait to see them do a marathan🤣

  47. Paige Peidton

    Paige Peidton7 days ago

    After tomorrow be sack packs day

  48. Paige Peidton

    Paige Peidton7 days ago

    I love bing in p.e

  49. Paige Peidton

    Paige Peidton7 days ago

    I had p.e today

  50. drew noah

    drew noah7 days ago

    back when there no air pods lol 2:20

  51. The_ Anonymous_ Lemon

    The_ Anonymous_ Lemon6 days ago

    There is air pods at 5:04

  52. drew noah

    drew noah7 days ago

    i run 5 miles a week

  53. Jeremiah Denson

    Jeremiah Denson7 days ago

    Nice video noice

  54. Paige Peidton

    Paige Peidton7 days ago

    My name is Paige I in miss post class

  55. Paige Peidton

    Paige Peidton7 days ago

    Doctor said dum

  56. Paige Peidton

    Paige Peidton7 days ago

    Hot chicken sandwich and salad is the best I had and my toing is hot

  57. Paige Peidton

    Paige Peidton7 days ago

    I was in p.e

  58. Its Ya Gurl LG

    Its Ya Gurl LG8 days ago

    I could relate 😂

  59. Ashley Williams

    Ashley Williams8 days ago

    My mile score is 8 mins 37 secs

  60. Kimberly Aleman

    Kimberly Aleman8 days ago

    i run 5 miles

  61. Unicorn Heart

    Unicorn Heart8 days ago

    You’ll only had to do four I had to do twelve

  62. Paige Peidton

    Paige Peidton8 days ago

    I love p.e

  63. Jazmin Argueta

    Jazmin Argueta8 days ago

    hold up ANWAR HAS AIRPODS AT 5:05?!?!???

  64. Elizabeth J

    Elizabeth J9 days ago

    So did I I got hit by a car a few months ago

  65. Awashnime-chan Art

    Awashnime-chan Art9 days ago

    Oofie I accidentally thought the teacher said 1 meter X3

  66. King I1Flash

    King I1Flash9 days ago

    5:04 the man has air pods


    HUSNA MOHAMMED9 days ago

    I felt bad for anwar

  68. Natilex

    Natilex10 days ago

    The red hair one is so sexy and beatiful isnt she

  69. Royalty family Fans Fans

    Royalty family Fans Fans10 days ago

    That’s me every day

  70. Berke GamesHD

    Berke GamesHD10 days ago

    My name is Berke

  71. Olivia Dolan

    Olivia Dolan11 days ago


  72. Steffany Thompson

    Steffany Thompson11 days ago

    That fake through up

  73. Yesenia Colin

    Yesenia Colin11 days ago

    Hey Hannah did or do you know that my brother goes there to play soccer and that is where your at

  74. Sara Viator

    Sara Viator11 days ago

    Who saw the throw up coming from her hand not her mouth like if you did

  75. priscilla corona

    priscilla corona11 days ago

    I do 8 laps under 11 minutes

  76. Kariann Wood

    Kariann Wood11 days ago

    If a 2nd grader can run a mile I bet u can(that 2nd grader was me) and I did it in 1 min (easy like if u agree

  77. Kariann Wood

    Kariann Wood10 days ago

    Julissa Luna yea ik what a mile is 4 laps dummy and I meant 3

  78. Julissa Luna

    Julissa Luna10 days ago

    Kariann Wood yea I’m what are you five do you know what a mile is stop tryna day you did it in a minute ok flash

  79. Milla Munsch

    Milla Munsch11 days ago

    It doesn’t matter unless u have a doctors note🤣Like if u agree.

  80. Milla Munsch

    Milla Munsch6 days ago

    I know right


    NAZNEEN KHAN7 days ago

    It’s stupid


    NAZNEEN KHAN7 days ago

    Milla Munsch true

  83. Lylaxloox Gaming

    Lylaxloox Gaming12 days ago

    Love u Hannah #forpage

  84. zlauxTV

    zlauxTV12 days ago

    It's funny how Anwar did make it faster than Perry or Berry Idk

  85. Skye Mcnaughton

    Skye Mcnaughton12 days ago

    I felt bad for the one with a broken bone and a neck collar

  86. Alexis Delos Santos

    Alexis Delos Santos13 days ago


  87. Taylan Ozer

    Taylan Ozer13 days ago

    Lol *noice*

  88. Lucero Juarez

    Lucero Juarez13 days ago

    At 1:20 his back of his shirt said stocking

  89. Paige Peidton

    Paige Peidton14 days ago

    Yesterday was Friday

  90. N.W. Video Lyrics

    N.W. Video Lyrics14 days ago

    Hannah is me in any physical activity 😂😂😂

  91. Thea Plotini

    Thea Plotini15 days ago

    Hannah I love your videos so much they make me laugh so much love ya

  92. Sarah Marek

    Sarah Marek15 days ago

    I have an 8 minute mile and I’m 4’7 and 11 years old this should be easy for you

  93. Jade Baryonyx

    Jade Baryonyx16 days ago

    1 Mike is nothing try 20 miles

  94. I'm An Cookie

    I'm An Cookie16 days ago

    And this is how I die.

  95. Allison Blake

    Allison Blake17 days ago

    Is high school like that?

  96. Ößßy ßöss

    Ößßy ßöss17 days ago

    Me in gym 🤣

  97. Sam Atoule

    Sam Atoule17 days ago

    2:54 In A Movie

  98. Alexandra Armendariz

    Alexandra Armendariz17 days ago

    In our school we do 5 laps in 10 minutes

  99. Aleena Cruz

    Aleena Cruz17 days ago

    2:52 burning calories while drinking

  100. LCDied - Rich

    LCDied - Rich18 days ago

    5:21 looks so fake

  101. Marianna Michailidis

    Marianna Michailidis18 days ago

    Are you a stocking?

  102. Harry Potter Forever!!!

    Harry Potter Forever!!!18 days ago

    In my school, I have to run 6 laps under 8 minutes!!

  103. Jorja Damen

    Jorja Damen18 days ago

    I’m so confused why do people make a big deal out of 1 mile it’s legit 1.6 km and that’s nothing I have to run 7 km for sport

  104. Froze

    Froze18 days ago

    Over dramatic

  105. Sadok Games

    Sadok Games18 days ago

    At 1:20, his jacket has stocking on the back.

  106. Tiffany Pena

    Tiffany Pena18 days ago

    I could run a mile in 7 mins bro

  107. Cara Harbinson

    Cara Harbinson19 days ago

    3:19 I'm literally dying

  108. Drew Dupart

    Drew Dupart19 days ago

    I should know , I do this every week. I’m in 5th grade

  109. #recless Ruben

    #recless Ruben19 days ago

    did u notice Anwars airpods lol