Time: The History & Future of Everything - Remastered


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  2. Timothy Dunlap

    Timothy Dunlap16 days ago

    NM I fixed it on my end!

  3. Timothy Dunlap

    Timothy Dunlap16 days ago

    This says remastered buuuuuut the resolution looks very low? On my laptop, and not at full screen. Not sure if there is a MReporter glitch possibly causing it, but I don't see any other comments referring to this....

  4. Peashooter2090

    Peashooter2090Month ago

    From cells to fat internet people

  5. Juan Paolo Diputado

    Juan Paolo DiputadoMonth ago

    Dinosaurs actually died from ice age then came chixulub

  6. VeZR_ZealousWolf

    VeZR_ZealousWolfMonth ago

    Didn't know Steve Taylor had a MReporter channel

  7. S

    S21 hour ago

    In all this, people are stupid enough to create God and then think God created us in order to make us feel even more special lol. Idiots. “Time is precious. Live your life.” Not for the imaginary friend, named God, like a 5 yrs old. You are already special.

  8. CrystalQuasar42

    CrystalQuasar42Day ago

    3:03 copied from Vsauce, im sure lol

  9. DingyHQ

    DingyHQ2 days ago

    what the hell is the big bang why cant we learn what happened before ? IS THERE ANOTHER GREAT FILTER ?

  10. Mathews George

    Mathews George2 days ago

    I love it when someone uses 'BCE' instead of 'BC'

  11. Tommy laishram

    Tommy laishram3 days ago

    We wont survive that much

  12. Wan Ikmal

    Wan Ikmal3 days ago

    Before the Big Bang,quantum flunctuations happens (only prediction)

  13. Luis Avalos

    Luis Avalos7 days ago

    This is by far one on the greatest videos you have done guys!!! I love it!! Keep doing them.

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  15. Mikayla Marinelli

    Mikayla Marinelli7 days ago

    Welp, this just proved that I'm not the only one that's like "In the end, nothing will matter! But make the most of everything, so it will matter for now, at least!"

  16. Gustav Vigolo

    Gustav Vigolo9 days ago

    Lets hope there more universes than one so we Can escapr

  17. Adrian thegamer

    Adrian thegamer10 days ago

    Depression here I come

  18. M S

    M S10 days ago

    Buralarda değerlenecek

  19. Zes

    Zes11 days ago

    wrg, no such thing as smart or usuax about it or natural to feelx, feel, think, do any nmw and any is ok

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    Matt McDermott11 days ago

    Absolutely my favourite video on the Internet. Thank you

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    Cesar Díaz12 days ago

    I asked her out, she said no :(

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    Cate Sabol13 days ago

    I just cam for the dinosaurs

  23. WeDont LikeShit

    WeDont LikeShit14 days ago

    Life will always draw energy

  24. Wyvern Apalis

    Wyvern Apalis15 days ago

    I wanna just use the 12018 year from now on since the normal calendar came from religion and I don’t believe in it

  25. Buttons the Martian

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  26. Duncan Livingstone

    Duncan Livingstone16 days ago

    Kurzgesagt are you going to put this remastered version of Time onto Spotify?

  27. jonah wood

    jonah wood16 days ago

    Heat Death doesn't exist

  28. Abddid

    Abddid16 days ago

    Legit, best vid yetttttttt

  29. Wyatt Nooodles

    Wyatt Nooodles16 days ago

    time is limited we only got 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 -ish years left

  30. DingyHQ

    DingyHQ2 days ago

    +Wan Ikmal that number is 100 quadrillion thats ... thats quite long

  31. DingyHQ

    DingyHQ2 days ago

    umm dude u rlly know that number is .. uhh googol ?

  32. Wan Ikmal

    Wan Ikmal3 days ago

    but on a universal time scale ,only 100000000000000 -ish years left

  33. haikal mat noor

    haikal mat noor16 days ago

    i was trying to watch how to kill a bee and i ended up here depressed

  34. jad hzim

    jad hzim16 days ago

    this non sense we are not monkeys ... god created everything

  35. Wan Ikmal

    Wan Ikmal3 days ago


  36. Alfa&Omega 00000

    Alfa&Omega 0000017 days ago

    Actually,it's not sure Universe will die out. It's a theory

  37. Michael

    Michael18 days ago

    So... We are basically in the twilight age of Earth..

  38. DingyHQ

    DingyHQ2 days ago

    Yeah or ... THE ENDING

  39. Videos of adorableness Btw I'm Rohan man shakya

    Videos of adorableness Btw I'm Rohan man shakya18 days ago

    If you looked at the time of this vid, like this now

  40. Abhishek Rana

    Abhishek Rana18 days ago

    time is precious.

  41. lordoftheflings

    lordoftheflings18 days ago

    CCC theory says otherwise. that the dark era of the universe is not the end.

  42. CodeKirby

    CodeKirby18 days ago

    wow i guess i better stop using the internet then

  43. Nat J

    Nat J18 days ago

    0:57 Highlight of the 21st Century so far: Kurzgesagt

  44. Socrates

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  45. Michael Henry

    Michael Henry19 days ago

    "Homo Erectus"

  46. Surfer Rosa

    Surfer Rosa19 days ago

    1:45 Celino Jaramillo actually faked his age to receive his pension earlier. After his death last year it was discovered he had been born in 1911 not the 1890s. In 1965, in his fifties, he falsely claimed at a registry, with fake witnesses, that he was 15 years older and that his birth certificate was lost in a fire at a registry office. Turns out he had been born in another town hundreds of miles away but nobody noticed until after his death a journalist did a through search of old registries in Chile. The search begun in order to get an official certification for a Guiness World Record, but they just uncovered another petty criminal lol

  47. Jackson Coughlin

    Jackson Coughlin19 days ago

    0:54 what if they where born in December

  48. Iman Bin Abir

    Iman Bin Abir19 days ago

    Dude,u forced me to subscribe by this video. Really good one bro

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    liizzset19 days ago

    I like this remake. More colorful.

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    Madhumitha Lakshminarayanan19 days ago

    7:22......total swoon moment!

  51. Charles McIvor

    Charles McIvor21 day ago

    can u make a video about the other 4 humans types of humans? Thanks!

  52. Lori v

    Lori v21 day ago

    Thanks for the History review

  53. athanatic

    athanatic21 day ago

    That is so nice!

  54. Rickvian Aldi

    Rickvian Aldi21 day ago

    what if time is loop? what if time travel exist?

  55. 블랙메사 경비원

    블랙메사 경비원22 days ago

    0:25 ㅁㅎㄷㅈ = 무한도전?

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    ciaraa bridget22 days ago

    such a good video but so moist at the end bruv wtf 😂😂

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  58. Gavin Scoville

    Gavin Scoville24 days ago

    just thinking about doing this much research makes me sad. I didn't need the whole universe dying.

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    Waffles N Catsup24 days ago

    I did ask her out, but her husband beat me up...

  60. jocelyn fuentes

    jocelyn fuentes24 days ago

    I didn’t come in watching this video expecting to cry but it happened beautiful

  61. Gavin Zhao

    Gavin Zhao25 days ago

    after the universe ends wont there be another big bang again to make another universe?

  62. Wan Ikmal

    Wan Ikmal3 days ago

    yes but a theory

  63. Scudd Kidd

    Scudd Kidd25 days ago

    so we don't know what happened before the big bang :) , i guess that why we believe in god.

  64. TheGoldenNuggetYT

    TheGoldenNuggetYT25 days ago

    “Fish and stuff”.

  65. Ed Liu

    Ed Liu25 days ago

    problem is.. anything after 6000 years ago or more.. are theories.. not facts



    Couldn’t there be another big bang

  67. CrusherBG

    CrusherBG26 days ago

    I love your videos! It's all explained so simply and it's so interesting! Keep the good work! I wish i could support you, but i am not old enough to have something like a credit card. But trust me, i support you! And i love the work that you're doing! I know that you will achieve more than just 7 million subscribers. And i am talking to the hole team of Kurzgesagt! Best wishes from Bulgaria!

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    holy crap that was good. offically my fav video ever.

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    Also he just told me to get laid

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    i like song

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    *JustArii*27 days ago

    The Universe will die forever.......forever......my nightmares begin too early..

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    RainbowInTheDark _727 days ago

    I love the "bird" thing this channel has. And the colorful animations.

  73. Karthik G

    Karthik G27 days ago

    There is something wrong in this

  74. TheOtherGuy

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  75. Morten

    Morten27 days ago

    "3.5 billion years life excisted only of single cell organism" I am pretty sure that during those 3.5 billion years multi cellular life also evolved which was just a big a deal as animals evolving, and ofcourse other huge leap in lifeforms such as photosyntese.

  76. Supreet Chavan

    Supreet Chavan28 days ago

    Kurzgesagt is Orgasm for my Perspective

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    Birb Rose lol

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    Road Warrior28 days ago

    "Make it count" *Starts WWIII

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    7:06 😢😢😭😭 Well.. at least I won't be here when that happens 🤷‍♀️

  80. Eternal Iridia

    Eternal Iridia29 days ago

    I think a big cloud of depression is forming above my head. Thank you for that. Love ya.

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    Kenneth SALU29 days ago

    My favorite Kurzgesagt video

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    6:13 on... I am SO SPOOKED

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    This shit it fucking lit while high

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    so inspiring

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    X360bam 90Month ago

    7:20 I bet you just read like 1,000,000 minds

  87. Emma is Weird

    Emma is WeirdMonth ago

    I love your videos! It gives me thoughts, new perspectives, and questions. Speaking of questions: why do women live longer than men?

  88. Hm Grraarrpffrzz

    Hm Grraarrpffrzz29 days ago

    It's mostly a matter of style of living. Drink less, smoke less, go to doctors more often, less stress at work.

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    Wow perfect. ..

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    WOW 😲

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    Did.. did di... they just tell me to get laid

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    7:23 Why why kurzgesagt... I know I will never be able get her out and this just make me even more depressed...

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    From the viewer who has seen all your videos at least once (and some again when i couldn't recall what all there was in and still found it new!), I want to tell you that your videos are really insightful and make us think. They are good and can be shown to kids at young age to spark their creativity. Your infographics are expressive and make explaining easier. Really really good job to entire team. So glad i found your channel among this ocean of content in the internet.

  94. Kayn TDS

    Kayn TDSMonth ago

    After the universe died there will be a big freeze then an Adam will explode outwards to create our galaxy and this videos was made 365256949580 times

  95. SK 101

    SK 101Month ago

    basically we're irrelevant to other planets with life on them lol

  96. Benjamin Washington

    Benjamin WashingtonMonth ago

    This was my first video in 2013

  97. Beatrice Monserrat

    Beatrice MonserratMonth ago

    i love how they put the quotations when they said columbus "discovers" america because we all know that's not what actually happened lol

  98. Foxy the pirate fox

    Foxy the pirate foxMonth ago

    And the universe will not have heat death or a big rip, the big crunch and the big bounce will happen. But if the universe expands infinite that causes the big rip.

  99. Foxy the pirate fox

    Foxy the pirate foxMonth ago

    The red giant sun is not 1 billion years, it is 5 billion year dumbhead



    Viva Chile!

  101. Lince

    LinceMonth ago

    that's nice but do you know bill wurtz?

  102. Diego Massara

    Diego MassaraMonth ago

    Nietzsche :)

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    this story is nice, i wish it to be true, but it can't , unless you know why the chimps exist today🤦🏼‍♂️

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    Dude go on you have a beatiful channel. I will support your videos all the time. Why are you still reading go on

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    "time is precious,make it count" - KS

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    Human is the Chimp bro

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    Atheist ?

  108. Blue Flamsmage

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    Nice Adventure Time Series.

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    What if there’s another big bang after the heat death of the universe...?

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    wait i tought God made the oceans

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    This made ne cry at the end

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    Hopefully the developers forgot to patch some duplication exploit before the full release. If we can find one we might be able to avoid heat death.