Time: The History & Future of Everything - Remastered


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    Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell Thanks

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  4. kelly hall

    kelly hallMonth ago

    I lovvvvvveeeeese your great videos I need more

  5. ronan paterson

    ronan paterson20 hours ago

    7:21 me realizing that she will never say yes: *Everything is dead...Forever*

  6. Cannalingus

    CannalingusDay ago

    This video^ on the internet says time on the internet is a waste.... or at least that how most of us waste our time spent on the internet, is. Guess it upholds. Lol

  7. Cannalingus

    CannalingusDay ago

    Been here for years, didn’t think the videos could get any better! I envy the kids in school these days... no wonder they’re so much smarter

  8. mustardeleven

    mustardeleven2 days ago

    lol "arbitrary" year 1? Are you kidding me? You're just gonna brush over Christianity's influence on Western Civilization? Or just assuming everyone knows that already? Maybe stick to the black hole/space videos, my friends :P

  9. Ethribin

    Ethribin2 days ago

    6:30 So wait... it took 4/5 of the earths existing time to form sentient species? I think we found one more reason the fermi paradox exists.

  10. houd22

    houd222 days ago

    You re right, except of one, the proof I am not from a monkey is you! you have the proof in you head. We can't be sure what was and what will be. So just be logic and be sure, the one who created us will creat an other world and other worlds.

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    Rafael Badain2 days ago

    eu não acredito que eu chorei assistindo Kurzgesagt

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    Lumine Burst2 days ago

    Wait wait wait ehh? I thought world war 1 is in the 18th?

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    avicii925 lelis2 days ago

    what if we move the earth away from the sun

  14. Mark DotN

    Mark DotN2 days ago

    BC, AD

  15. AVI Solomon

    AVI Solomon2 days ago

    Since I'm from Syria and living there , thank u so much for this video

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    Hell yeah252 days ago

    Thanks for making my existence really insignificant

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    CoquittenDay ago

    same here

  18. Jaime Fernández

    Jaime Fernández3 days ago

    techincally the fist year of the 21st century is 2001, not 2000

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  20. Depression but funnier

    Depression but funnier3 days ago

    This was actually motivating towards the end jeez

  21. Winston Churchill

    Winston Churchill3 days ago

    People from the 20th Century are here? Usually the comments are full of memes

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    Dhanush M4 days ago

    I was born in 2000 may


    WEIRD SMILES4 days ago

    Sooo... let's have sex before the 1 billion years pass in a blink of an eye and we all die?

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    wow man okay i will do it

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    Thanks I got a GF now

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    Shadow Gaming4 days ago

    I’m sure by then if we could work together and don’t kill or cripple our whole godamn race we might figure out way to extend the life of the universe or get it to stop aging 🤷‍♀️

  27. HF

    HF4 days ago

    Am I the only one that after the bid questions existence?

  28. Javier Bonilla

    Javier Bonilla4 days ago

    Fantastic video; I would have certainly included the printing press. I used to do a similar exercise for my students but equating the history of life on earth to the hundred yards of a football field. So 3.5 billion years is 100 yards 4000 years since the pyramids is .0001 of a yard. So you would have to divide the last yard in the field in a thousand pieces and the last thousand part of the last yard would be civilization since the Egyptians to the Internet. Would you guys in a nutshell like to do a video with this much more graspable analogy?

  29. Mree Fason

    Mree Fason4 days ago

    I don’t mean to be a bother but uh... could please verify the supposed fact that mammoths existed during the era of ancient Egypt? Not that I necessarily doubt such information but it would really help if I got confirmation from someone like... well, like a teacher.

  30. maggs131

    maggs1314 days ago

    No you retarded knob, the only important time is most definitely not now. Thanks for another shovel full of self centered shit. Throw it on the pile with the rest, its fucking huge, u cant miss it

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    Rules System4 days ago

    I love it!!!! :)

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    this is very good

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    Dominic De Vera5 days ago

    Stewie Griffin made the big bang ya know........

  34. Joel Alva

    Joel Alva5 days ago

    Wondering if you guys could do a session on Time as a fifth dimension, and the various controversies and practicalities of Time Travel? I've been fascinated with it ever since I read H.G. Wells, and would love to hear your well researched point of view.

  35. Emilio Galindo

    Emilio Galindo5 days ago

    the beauty of science right

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    t t oo5 days ago

    too 100% theres fuckin super intelligent shit out there that visited 100% guys holy shit this channel si mind blowing.

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    Lá Nguyễn Ngọc5 days ago

    Existential crisis before bedtime is always great

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    Party PETE5 days ago

    I bet my life things didn't happen Exactly like this.

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    BLANCEDRHINO78 gaming5 days ago

    This was deep 💥😮

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    Carlo Arturo Jesena5 days ago

    Thanks for the existential crisis kurzy.

  41. P092O9901O09

    P092O9901O096 days ago

    .....OMINOUS is the word.... Heat Death... ya'll fucked up with me or what "2019"

  42. Bryan Verduzco

    Bryan Verduzco6 days ago

    The ending though!

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    ꧁Free tacos꧂6 days ago

    dude this video gave me nihilism

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    Welcome to the club pal

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    ShakedownDreams6 days ago

    Time to rewatch my first in a nutshell video remastered and have my first existential crisis alllll over again!

  47. Astroman

    Astroman6 days ago

    I'm not convinced that the pyramids really were constructed 4500 years ago.

  48. Yossi Schwab

    Yossi Schwab5 days ago

    Oh, aren’t you, then.

  49. Jory Stultz

    Jory Stultz6 days ago

    42 sums it all up fairly well.

  50. Jorath

    Jorath6 days ago

    weren't mammoths around till the late 18th century?

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    Clash With Zan6 days ago

    o.O 20 minutes yay im quite early

  52. Bee

    Bee6 days ago

    What got in the way of dinosaurs developing consciousness? It took us what 8 million years to separate from random chimps? 150 thousand years ago we figured out chipping both sides of a rock can make it even sharper and now this. So assuming dinosaurs had 27x longer on this planet then how did none of them develop civilization? Unless David Icke lizard men are legit.

  53. Gustavo

    Gustavo6 days ago

    I cried at the end. I just found out that a foreign friend of mine passed away and even though everything is pointless, really just go and enjoy as much as you can your life, living kindly and figthing for a better world.

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    Ricky Hand6 days ago

    Pickle Riiiiiiiiick!!

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    Gl San7 days ago

    "we set the arbitrary year 1 of our calendar"

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    Alden Robell De Loyola8 days ago

    One of the best Kurzegast videos ever :(((( optimisic nihilism comes close too

  57. Alden Robell De Loyola

    Alden Robell De Loyola8 days ago

    1:29 pickle Rick?!! 🥒

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    Guau :]8 days ago

    1:47 He died ironically 10 days after this video came out

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    Nguyen Nghia8 days ago

    0:24 - 0:26 patrick start

  60. Rainbow boy

    Rainbow boy9 days ago

    Hmmm but how did big bang happen why wuden it hapen again...

  61. Meggos Eggos

    Meggos Eggos9 days ago

    Why do i watch these videos? The parts about the future actually scare me.

  62. God Godoy

    God Godoy10 days ago

    I don't think is possible for the universe be dead forever, if we are doomed to be dead forever(universe) how we manage to end up with so many stars and energy around the universe in the first place... i think is quite possible that the universe will be dead for a long time a number that we can't even manage to understand but forever is a strong world in my opinion. Great video as always love u guys!

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    We might be gods

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    Mate I spend 6 hours sleep and 17 hours on youtube

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    whoa this deap

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    kurzgesagt can you make a video to "How to do homework very quicly and good" please? You click like for kurzgesagt to see

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    BONNY! S. Homework might help you spell better

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    "Most of us were born in the 20th century," Don't you mean most of people that live today were born in the 20th century? Also, it's HOMO SAPIENS, not HOMO SAPIENS SAPIENS.

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    Us as in the people watching the video.

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    Mighty chickens

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    I still come back to this video because of the ending.... I'm so lonely :(

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    Whenever I feel down, I see this video. It's a masterpiece. Thank you, guys.

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    Joel Mehta17 days ago

    Am I the only one that gets a weird nostalgic feeling from watching this and hearimg about the past even though I was born this century?

  76. Ansharul Hakim

    Ansharul Hakim17 days ago

    What if the big bang isn't the first big bang

  77. Nick Russo

    Nick Russo17 days ago

    It's crazy to assume the universe would be gone 'forever' after heat death without knowing what came before the big bang, not to mention potential theories like the multiverse existing out there. We have no clue what the actual relationship between time, space, matter and reality actually is.

  78. Graciela Cervera Narvaez

    Graciela Cervera Narvaez17 days ago

    No se que comentar

  79. Nick

    Nick18 days ago

    I'd love to see you guys remake your oldest; the one about evolution. It's very clear how much you guys have improved since first starting out & I think that's a topic that greatly benefits from a "simplified" intro to show people that aren't familiar how it all works.

  80. Buse Çetin

    Buse Çetin18 days ago

    Man, I really love this channel.

  81. robert gee

    robert gee18 days ago

    Saying that it is arbitrary to choose the (alleged) birthdate of the principal prophet of one of the world's major religions as the start of the modern calender makes you an asshole. You are an asshole - even for a German, you are an asshole.

  82. Nikki Nguyen

    Nikki Nguyen18 days ago

    like wow... the universe is dead part xD

  83. Jtorin Snikpmot

    Jtorin Snikpmot18 days ago

    Can not go into the future because it has not been made yet 😛

  84. Brams

    Brams19 days ago

    Not sure if Great Pyramids were constructed 4500 years ago... I know there were some conspiracy theories but last time i read about it about 10 years ago. Are there any fresh facts in the topic ?


    RAYMATOAD ‘19 days ago


  86. Redi Lleshi

    Redi Lleshi19 days ago

    Who is here from 2050

  87. GoldenDogs445

    GoldenDogs44519 days ago

    ok what if heat death is the final stage of our universe but after some ungodly time of heat death two chunks of dead rock crash into eachother and start some crazyyyyy space dust what if before OUR big bang was the heat death of a different universe

  88. Carlos Mendes

    Carlos Mendes20 days ago

    Is it because of the scale that other living beings, such as plants and fungi, were not shown between single-celled organisms and animals? 5:25

  89. Alanna Cooney

    Alanna Cooney20 days ago

    Can I just say that at 0:49 you said that the 2001 children are 18 years old in 2017, but that's incorrect since they were 16 at that time.

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    Марио Параскевов20 days ago

    Where is bulgarian language

  91. Rúben Gomes

    Rúben Gomes20 days ago

    What is time? Can you please make a video explaining how we measure time? What does time means? Does time exists? How does gravity affects time? And if you travel at light speed, what would happen to the time on earth?

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    blob fish20 days ago

    hmm what if you could go back in time to the big bang but since nothing was there it caused an explosion causing the big bang

  93. blob fish

    blob fish20 days ago

    what if time is like a fold that’s repeats

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    Great, now I feel irrelevant

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    Yep, hopefully we die before 4 billion years from now, we are are a piece of shit species.

  96. Michy Jo

    Michy Jo21 day ago

    I am immune to the existential crisis because I am a 100th Dimensional being and time is merely a concept to me.

  97. BitterSweet Honeydew

    BitterSweet Honeydew21 day ago

    What if the dead suns, create stuff to make more stuff to make more suns?

  98. Ricardo Camacho Bueno

    Ricardo Camacho Bueno22 days ago

    Thanks for making this videos, I just want to make a recommendation: pls don't think that America was discover, we were here before the Europeans came here.... and that is and important part of our story too. I insist your videos are awesome.

  99. Coquitten

    CoquittenDay ago

    That's why he put it in quotations, they mean that he didn't really mean that Columbus discovered it! :)

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    So many Kurtzgesagt and CPG grey videos I think everyone should see But this one tops it.

  101. [EMUS] Sirop

    [EMUS] Sirop23 days ago

    Did you put the discovery of amemrica in “ “ because he landed in the Caribbean and not America or because there was native Americans or Because the Vikings landed in Canada

  102. HiThere zz

    HiThere zz23 days ago

    How the hell do the scientists know that the sun will die? And that everything will be vanished?

  103. HiThere zz

    HiThere zz23 days ago

    +Hm Grraarrpffrzz the guys predict billion of years.....

  104. HiThere zz

    HiThere zz23 days ago

    +Hm Grraarrpffrzz Yeah I see! But it's weird.... They study things that are so distant, like the sun or stars that are hundreds of light years away.. Maybe I think that's weird and don't always believe because I don't know the methods all I hear is " that fucking 1000 light years of distance star in galaxy ZZZ will die..." I should know more about how they study then I will be able to 'trust' more.. xD

  105. Hm Grraarrpffrzz

    Hm Grraarrpffrzz23 days ago

    +HiThere zz Nothing is 100%. After all, all this might be a dream and you might wake up any moment. But it makes sense, it's in harmony with the known theories and laws of physics, it's supported by evidence, and nobody got a rational alternative.

  106. HiThere zz

    HiThere zz23 days ago

    +Hm Grraarrpffrzz so.... Are they 100% sure about that? :)

  107. Hm Grraarrpffrzz

    Hm Grraarrpffrzz23 days ago

    Science.... Well, to go into more detail: scientists figured out how the physical processes in the Sun work. And they know that those processes require some sort of "fuel". And that fuel is limited in the Sun, so at some point it will run out of fuel.

  108. Camilo Ruiz

    Camilo Ruiz23 days ago

    "What is life? Is death real?" I'd love to see a remake of that

  109. Israel Trifo

    Israel Trifo23 days ago

    LIMITS OF HUMANITY, that's a great video as well..

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    So beautiful journey 😍

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    7:21 *tear rolls down cheek*

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    stupendous ! thank you for all the great videos including this.

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    They uploaded it on 8 Celino dies on 19

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    The previous one was a very touching video for me when I saw it long ago. I was alone then, too afraid to ask someone out. Now I even have an ex-girlfriend, and I am not afraid anymore. So, anyone who is still alone: Cheer up bruh, your moment will come, and when it does you will remember your past thinking of how stupid you was. Happened to me. Sorry for bad english, I am american yet not from US. Amazing job guys.

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  117. - Lalaoz -

    - Lalaoz -25 days ago

    honestly. i think this is one of my favorite kurzgesagt videos. even though i'm a creationist, there's still one really powerful message in here. "the only time that actually matters, is now"