Time: The History & Future of Everything - Remastered


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    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell13 days ago

    Our second tutorial is online on Skillshare! The first 1000 people to use this link will get their first 2 months of skillshare for free: skl.sh/kurzgesagt2 - Thanks a lot to Skillshare for supporting this channel.

  2. Steve Cheetah

    Steve Cheetah6 hours ago

    You think the piddly World Trade Centre attack was more important than the Global Financial Crises that your country caused?

  3. Josaphat Pineda

    Josaphat Pineda2 days ago

    +Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell Can you do your version on how to create a better city plus towns as well including transportation.

  4. Shadow of the MASTER

    Shadow of the MASTER3 hours ago

    Who will remain before the universe is formed (ie before the big bang) and the black holes evaporate? God is Allah Because Allah will rule from time and place and will rule them. Our goal is clear and clear what we can accomplish Did we get the message of your god right? Read the scripture with the name of your God (ALLAH)

  5. Lai Chan Lee

    Lai Chan Lee5 hours ago

    New video every Sunday

  6. _ _

    _ _5 hours ago

    The older version of this video gave me my first existential crisis. For the sake of anyone else feeling this way, a mini-guide to resolving an existential crisis may help you out: 1. Believe in God 2. Try to forget/ignore any and all thoughts of what comes after death, because if you couldn’t do 1., then you won’t find any answers other than inevitable, permanent death.

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  9. anomalocaris the abnormal shrimp.

    anomalocaris the abnormal shrimp.9 hours ago

    The reason dinosaurs are smaller now is because of us.

  10. Sam

    Sam10 hours ago

    You're not allowed to say boy or girl - Canada

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    xX_Squirtle10 hours ago

    Kurzgefagot - Depressing Space Videos

  12. James Arian Aguirre

    James Arian Aguirre11 hours ago

    if dinosaurs are chickens... We eat chickens... WE ARE MORE POWERFUL THAN DINOSAURS!

  13. Enrique Abu-Gosch

    Enrique Abu-Gosch11 hours ago

    RIP Celino Jaramillo :(

  14. The Piano Man

    The Piano Man11 hours ago

    This is amazing

  15. epicsilverprince

    epicsilverprince12 hours ago

    This video puts another thing in perspective - human devolpment. Imagine a graph of constructions vs. time of Earth. It would be 0 the whole way until the very very last value, where it would spike so incredibly high it's scary. In the scale of time in this universe we have developed so fast it's insane. If there were some organism that existed over millions of years, humans have risen in a literal blink of an eye. Really makes you wonder what's to come

  16. Jeff Kopher

    Jeff Kopher13 hours ago

    Bring back the plague!

  17. Martin Baretta

    Martin Baretta14 hours ago

    Hey kurzgesagt Could you make a Video about the current state of US,GB and russia?

  18. MegaKaiser45

    MegaKaiser4516 hours ago

    Sad fact: Celino Jaramillo recently passed away on April 18th, 2018 due to a fall which compromised his ribs and lungs. Rest in peace.

  19. Robert Darling

    Robert Darling16 hours ago

    That ending when you said now is the only time that matters sent chills down my spine for some reason

  20. _Galaxia_

    _Galaxia_17 hours ago

    This video kind of sucked. You're telling about lots of things that happened in the past of what humanity has accomplished and the only thing you're saying about the future is that everything will die. Like there lies nothing cool in the future just death. We're all likely long gone by then. You're just trying to get people scared of nothing which is just fucking dumb seriously.

  21. scooterbooterify

    scooterbooterify17 hours ago

    I just checked to see how old celino was. he died yesterday

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    RepeDed_loot _gaming17 hours ago

    You guys need to talk to Mat Pat (Game/Film Theorist)!!!

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    feroui hamza18 hours ago

    and as always thanks for the existential crisis

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    shivam jaiswal18 hours ago

    *Jo aapne Celino Jaramillo ji ke sath kia use hamaare yahaan tokna kahte hain :p :p*

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    corilew2619 hours ago

    help. i'm having an existential crisis.

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    Ryazl20 hours ago

    A video on Area 51 and aliens please

  27. Larry le chat

    Larry le chat21 hour ago

    So... évolution theory is now proven? With the chimps and all the kit? Smh...

  28. Gale Quiroz

    Gale Quiroz22 hours ago

    this actually makes me sad

  29. anacunda TheAlmighty

    anacunda TheAlmighty22 hours ago

    What if the big bang happens for the 2nd time?

  30. Aliensuper

    Aliensuper22 hours ago

    History of deep voice people XD like the narrator hahahahaha

  31. Julius S

    Julius S22 hours ago

    someone should research mass insect destruction biochemical weapon. IF yours theroy is right and universe will die eventually, i believe we will create our own sun by that time for sure - only if we wont be doomed by big rock asteroid." or other things" anwyay show lives now, wont be able to see the distant future anyway, so no hard feelings what happens after that.

  32. J Sav

    J Sav23 hours ago

    You bastards killed the oldest man in the world, goodjob

  33. Riju Chaudhuri

    Riju ChaudhuriDay ago

    As a Star Wars fan, I'm proud to see Episode VII in this timeline!!

  34. John Mizell

    John MizellDay ago

    Your Earth is spinning in the wrong direction.

  35. Tim Helps

    Tim HelpsDay ago

    RIP Celino Jaramillo :(

  36. Atomic Matter

    Atomic MatterDay ago

    *_Please, Can you remake you're 1st video (Solar System : Our Home in Space) ? That's will be great to see !_*

  37. Sxmurai

    SxmuraiDay ago

    If the *Big Bang* had formed from *Nothing* then do you not think this could happen again after the universe ends, in fact there was probably a present universe and another before that universe etc. this could be a never ending cycle witch i like to hear, what i dont like to hear is "The universes gonna end forever"

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  39. Sammmy Devy

    Sammmy DevyDay ago

    These videos always make me question my existence. Like I’ve never felt so small but looking at time me, myself is only a small part but humans in its entirety is a major part. It’s like a “All is one and one is all”- FMA moment!

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    ThebigGoldenBear chimaDay ago

    *video ends* me:oh shit i need to grab my stuff and go to another planet fast!!!

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    Matias BDay ago

    RIP Celino, he died today

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    Putul ShahDay ago

    Pyramids and Roman empire is very ancient

  44. Earthbound

    EarthboundDay ago

    Great jobs guys

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    Aidan TaijeronDay ago

    well crap i haven't done anything with my life

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    FreemasonryDay ago

    No no no no and no *NEVER* remake videos. You guys only make one video a MONTH so 12 videos a year and if your making remakes, all your doing is making the same videos with more/better ducks so really do NOT do this Does any one else think the same?


    LLRFILMSDay ago

    Celino Jaramillo unfortunately just passed away. :(

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    Eh the Sims

  49. Wirdo encías sangrantes

    Wirdo encías sangrantesDay ago

    R.I.P. Celino Jaramillo 1896 -2018

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    KSAlejoDay ago

    Sadly, Mr. Celino Villanueva Jaramillo died yesterday at 121 years old.

  51. Oing jester

    Oing jesterDay ago

    Remember the immune system video you didn't make the virus version that you said that you would

  52. Johnson Z.

    Johnson Z.Day ago

    The way you put this makes me sad to die.

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    Salva AlvealDay ago

    Today just died Celino Jaramillo with 121 years old.

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  55. Patralgan

    PatralganDay ago

    The heat death of the universe gives me anxiety already. As it's inevitable, unless something else happens to prevent that somehow, it's almost like it's already an existing event. What if we are immortal souls and we end up floating in totally empty dead universe for all the eternity? Nothing to do, nowhere to go, you are just there, alone, forever.

  56. Patricio Rodriguez Gatica

    Patricio Rodriguez GaticaDay ago

    Celino Jaramillo Q.E.P.D.

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    Andres Leiva JubalDay ago

    Celio Jaramillo dead yesterday :'(

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    Csiszár MilánDay ago

    Celino - the oldest man mentioned in the video- recently died. R.I.P.

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  60. naresh sahu

    naresh sahuDay ago

    It's actually hard to say universe will die out bc we don't even know about the birth of it.

  61. Horus Chan

    Horus ChanDay ago

    Would it be possible for any civilizations to escape to another universe (if the multiverse theory is correct), before heat death ?

  62. YChannelRandom

    YChannelRandomDay ago

    Video idea, Explain planets. Terrestrial, Gas Giants, and whatever else about them.

  63. Konstantin Smith

    Konstantin SmithDay ago

    Не устану повторять, какие же у вас классные уточки!

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    Luc GroshensDay ago

    that cute girl OR BOY you like I like how progressive we got since the original video

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    Bob Ross duck lol

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    Schyro2 days ago

    This is interesting to know but sad at the same time But also aware how precious time really is.

  67. unbekannt namenlos

    unbekannt namenlos2 days ago

    Considering that everything will die and even the universe will be dead for FOREVER... I think nothing really matters and nothing really has a meaning anymore :( I mean, why does anything exist? When it exists only for a short time but will be dead forever... Nothing makes any sense!

  68. L. Oftherock

    L. Oftherock2 days ago

    hey a new history video would be nice (say the cold war for example)

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    Celine Jaramillo is dead.

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    No se que chucha2 days ago

    Celino Villanueva Jaramillo unfortunately died yesterday in the morning :'/

  71. James Arian Aguirre

    James Arian Aguirre2 days ago

    Is the egyptian story scientific or religious?

  72. When you found out your gf was pregnant

    When you found out your gf was pregnant2 days ago

    Maybe the big bang happened when the universe died out. Idk how but it just came to mind :p

  73. Humates

    Humates2 days ago

    I love your videos. But... I think it'd be better if things on which there is little consensus (like the heat death) were presented as theories/unsure. I.e. "our best guess at the moment is...".

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    *Hi There!*

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    Mr Celino Died yesterday :(

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    100 likes and I'll ask my special someone out tomorrow and make a video about it

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    Mauricio Ríos2 days ago

    Celino Jaramillo died today. He fell and broke four ribs. he did not get over that.

  78. Kenneth III Hay

    Kenneth III Hay2 days ago

    This video is so terrifyingly Amazing and inspirational like modern times are a spec in all time yet just in that small speck so much has happened

  79. Brandon Willis

    Brandon Willis2 days ago

    Yay! I hope you guys keep on updating Time!

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    anotha 12 days ago

    Mighty CHICKEN

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    Dante Bravo2 days ago

    Hi guys, Celino Villanueva Jaramillo died today(18/04/2018), thank for the recognition in this wonderful video and greetings from Chile.

  82. Bled00

    Bled002 days ago

    celino died today

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    Martín Gallardo Gysling2 days ago

    RIP Don Celino Villanueva Jaramillo 25/07/1896 - 18/04/2018

  84. Sonic VK

    Sonic VK2 days ago

    But the 21st century started in 2001 so people born in the first year of the 21st century are actually 16-17 years old

  85. redoutlander

    redoutlander2 days ago

    Ouch, arbitrary year one date.... but I guess it's acceptable to minimize others religious beliefs.

  86. Agustin Machuca

    Agustin Machuca2 days ago

    Celino just died, he lived 121 years. Rip he had the opportunity to see the most changing century of human history.

  87. alvaro castillo

    alvaro castillo2 days ago

    Celino Villanueva Jaramillo just passed away today :/

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    Today the oldest person has died, RIP Celino Jaramillo.

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    Josaphat Pineda2 days ago

    One of my favorite video so far!

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    swapnil BHALERAO2 days ago

    Fermi paradox that'd be awesome

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    Asznee Big TIng2 days ago

    i cry everytiem

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    what if we find out how the universe was created and we make a new one? (*゚ロ゚)(*゚ロ゚)(*゚ロ゚)

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    Ryan Byrne2 days ago

    WhAt AbOuT GoD?

  94. Tadeoska

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    MR CELINO VILLANUEVA JARAMILLO has passed away in this day on early hours in San José de la Mariquina. All our thoughts in his good dead and good reborn.

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    You forgot boltzmann brain

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    So it's an end-of-season recap episode. Got it.

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    Can you make a video on chaos theory

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    I was born in 21st century and I'm now 18 prob cause I was born IN DECEMBER

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    I’d rather you did new videos than remake old ones

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    Who else is watching this NOW?

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    I have not been here long.

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    Update: Celino Jaramillo died today at 121 years old.

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    Damn :(

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