Time: The History & Future of Everything - Remastered


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    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell5 months ago

    Our second tutorial is online on Skillshare! The first 1000 people to use this link will get their first 2 months of skillshare for free: skl.sh/kurzgesagt2 - Thanks a lot to Skillshare for supporting this channel.

  2. Angeliceron

    Angeliceron4 days ago

    I like the Bob Ross reference at the end

  3. Toxic Seeker665

    Toxic Seeker665Month ago

    where do you get this information? I would like to know

  4. That Cat

    That CatMonth ago

    Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell I wish you were a teacher



    Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell I don't believe in big bang

  6. Endrit Zejj

    Endrit Zejj2 months ago

    Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell omgg univers will die 😱😱😱 what I have to do .. oh I will be dead in that time 😅

  7. James Greek

    James GreekHour ago

    How we make animated videos. The answer si skillz.

  8. Henry1324

    Henry132418 hours ago

    So.. the major change in this remake is changing from "the cute girl you like" to "the cute girl or boy you like". Hmm. I wonder where does the remake pressure come from even for such a serious channel.

  9. Graysxn

    Graysxn21 hour ago

    My theory always was that the big bang would just happen all over again as the universe was born from nothing so wouldn't it just continue to repeat itself?

  10. AlphaSwarm

    AlphaSwarmDay ago

    Serious question .. how can the dark era be possible if energy can neither be created or destroyed?

  11. JD Corpus

    JD CorpusDay ago

    I don't really worry about the end, since i'll be in heaven !!! Cya there!

  12. The last Perpetual

    The last PerpetualDay ago

    Time is infinite although we have a finite amount of it, its confusing eh?

  13. Equinox EDM

    Equinox EDM2 days ago

    the mammals join the party.....

  14. Ali Demir

    Ali Demir2 days ago

    6:54 I felt a chill run down my spine

  15. Kilian Olbrich

    Kilian Olbrich2 days ago

    Well I'm born in 2003

  16. Im Mykelle

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  17. Connor Dowdy

    Connor Dowdy2 days ago

    well this was a nice, what the whole universe dies?

  18. asdasdasdasd714

    asdasdasdasd7143 days ago

    If I don't get laid soon I'll reach my heat death stage. So.. good advice at the end.

  19. Alexander Hofeldt

    Alexander Hofeldt3 days ago

    I love all of this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart as a high school astronomy teacher. You guys are great.

  20. Wesley Kandel

    Wesley Kandel3 days ago

    Memes = good, Facebook/Twitter = bad, Me = subscribed :-)

  21. TMAN- 80SS

    TMAN- 80SS3 days ago

    "You're feeling some really weird feelings right now" YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT I AM!

  22. dna dude

    dna dude3 days ago

    this turned dark literally......

  23. AlphaBravoCheesecake

    AlphaBravoCheesecake3 days ago

    Nice musical transition into the Egyptian part.

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  25. Last Star

    Last Star3 days ago

    8 hours of roblox everyday

  26. Xy 24

    Xy 243 days ago

    "even black holes will die" That's kind of depressing...

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    切り身3 days ago


  28. juntingiee

    juntingiee3 days ago

    Why school. Why waste our time

  29. Austin Commentates

    Austin Commentates3 days ago

    I just had that feeling that I had before were I think about after life and how I will be nothing I have to stop this lol

  30. Space Australian

    Space Australian3 days ago

    anyone else call heat death the grimdark era of the universe?

  31. Izzy Romero

    Izzy Romero3 days ago

    Celino died only 11 days after this video was published

  32. Jeremiah Daniel

    Jeremiah Daniel3 days ago

    Am I the only who cried at how insignificant and wonderful we are!?

  33. Vincent Kierkels

    Vincent Kierkels14 hours ago


  34. Melike

    Melike3 days ago

    Bana kendimi değersiz hissettirdiğin için teşekkür ederim

  35. Eldin Hadzic

    Eldin Hadzic4 days ago

    Why did you choose to say H. s. sapiens instead of H. sapiens (I know there is a large discussion in the science community)

  36. Poomda xx

    Poomda xx4 days ago

    That's deep

  37. Highlyskeptical

    Highlyskeptical4 days ago

    As an elixir to reduce existential crisis after this video...read Isaac Asimov's short story avail. online called "The Last Question" followed up by Discover magazine's article "Conquering Maxwell's Demon" about the hypothetical characteristics of a supercomputer that could reverse entropy. Then sleep easy.

  38. Steak lover 999

    Steak lover 9994 days ago

    This video gives me such a huge mixture of emotions and motivation, plus the "tic-tac" playing in the background... Just, thank you so much

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    DoodleLeeDoo4 days ago

    *curls up into a ball and cries*

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    Steven Bob4 days ago

    U guys are amazing 👍

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    MrGaming HD4 days ago

    Life always finds a way

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    kunal 194 days ago

    It was one of the best videos of you

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    Cheeze Empire4 days ago

    Beautiful video

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    Cloud Xo5 days ago

    'the mighty chicken' :)

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    Chua Yeowhing25 days ago

    Wew the girl I like said no. :D


    S UMAPATHIRAJ5 days ago

    Well time is time

  48. A K R

    A K R5 days ago

    All good but please be more unbiased in your descriptions. For example, wtf is "fall" of constantinople?! As an educational channel you should be more objective in referring to (both real and pseudo) historical events, regardless how the majority of sources (mostly from "the west") name them.

  49. Pooja Kadam

    Pooja Kadam5 days ago

    Please Redone The Video Of What Is Life

  50. M. Nahin Khan

    M. Nahin Khan6 days ago

    Please please pleeeasseee redo "what is life"!!! Thanksss

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    Rute ツ6 days ago

    Pls be my teacher

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    Hisoka Amorou7 days ago

    should I text my crush?

  53. Hisoka Amorou

    Hisoka Amorou7 days ago

    I like this video very much but it doesn't make me feel weird or like having an existential crisis because this is stuff I think about almost every day it became normal haha

  54. Pranav Anil

    Pranav Anil7 days ago

    6:54 universe will never die it will keep on expanding. There will be no last star or last black hole . If one will die, two will be born. Universe is more than your or any other machine's thinking capability.

  55. Pranav Anil

    Pranav Anil7 days ago

    India's cultural, traditional and economical history is more ancient than you think. Maybe ➿➿ ➿➿ " INFINITE ". Because we even know who made the universe and why.

  56. Vincent Kierkels

    Vincent Kierkels6 days ago

    Wow how do you know this? What is your field of expertise?

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    Tobias Eriksson, HagaLyckebyskolan 6B elev7 days ago

    Good vid 👍👍

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    Simba The rabbit7 days ago

    You made a video really similar to this in 2013

  59. Vincent Kierkels

    Vincent Kierkels6 days ago

    No shit sherlock

  60. uri argaman

    uri argaman8 days ago

    redo the weird one on the EU migrant crisis, i do suspect it didnt do such a good job

  61. Supercritic Dream

    Supercritic Dream8 days ago

    I want a remake of "What is life"

  62. nana mch

    nana mch8 days ago

    i choked on 7:05

  63. Varun menon

    Varun menon8 days ago

    Let me give you hope!!!!! Some 247.88696 million years later we will have the technology to teleport to another universe. Isn't that great!!!!!

  64. Crust Panda

    Crust Panda8 days ago

    Holy shit, my mind

  65. Charlierashi

    Charlierashi9 days ago

    Well when the sun inevitably burns out I think instead of running we should just burn out with it. That may sound a bit emo but I think we should.

  66. Inyfin

    Inyfin9 days ago

    co oglądam

  67. Little Gator Farm

    Little Gator Farm9 days ago

    Wouldn't black homes prevent heat death of the universe? Why wouldn't all energy eventually be sucked into black holes? Then all black holes into each other?

  68. Alex Lee

    Alex Lee9 days ago

    I feel depressed after watching this lol

  69. Leap Cool

    Leap Cool9 days ago

    Kênh này hay :)

  70. Justin Hambrick

    Justin Hambrick9 days ago

    I like how you guys ask for feed back frequently. You strive to continue improving and there's always room. I really like this channel and im not much for MReporter other than KOTH. I'd flip if I saw any King of the Hill characters appear.

  71. Angelsaurus Rex The dinosaur king

    Angelsaurus Rex The dinosaur king10 days ago

    This video is going to give me nightmares.

  72. Anoop Asokan

    Anoop Asokan10 days ago

    Nothing is certain except one thing uncertainty.

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    Cookiesnjam10 days ago

    1:29 I see Dat Boi

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    Xiotus10 days ago

    Time Is Truly Amazing.

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    The animations turn this channel 100% unique and amazing

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    This got me thinking 🤔 wow

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    I think this is one of the best of their videos.

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    Very beautiful video

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    Luc Huynh11 days ago

    Great! Kurzgesagt can you make video about black drawn

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    Vinita Srivastava11 days ago

    Where is the birth of Alexander the Great. ?

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    Vincent Kierkels6 days ago

    In France genius

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    Igor12 days ago

    4:30 "sees shooting star wishes for everything to explode "

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    Thank you so much kurzgesagt you are change my life i love you 🖤

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    Oh my god!

  87. Mazuru The Gamer

    Mazuru The Gamer13 days ago

    SOooooooooooo where does all the energy go since energy can't be destroyed?

  88. Vincent Kierkels

    Vincent Kierkels6 days ago

    Destroyed is not the correct word. Everything end with anthropy.

  89. Ben Hayes

    Ben Hayes14 days ago

    Our lifetime is insignificant and everything is pre-destined to die in a universal heat death but time is precious. Is it really?

  90. YOLOm8boy ??!!

    YOLOm8boy ??!!14 days ago

    It's funny how we are all doomed

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    deadshot33yt14 days ago

    The best video I´ve seen in a long time.

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    Why am i not getting notifications? I have turned on the bell?

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  94. Crazy Chickens

    Crazy Chickens16 days ago

    It took us 4.1 billion years to reach to the current intelligence point. Now we only have 1 billion year more to explore. And a lot of disasters are going to hit us like gigantic volcanoes e,g yellow stone volcano etc, ice ages, possibly some asteroids etc. They will destroy our current progress. Lets see what can we do in next 5000 years because next calamity will surely hit us during the time period. But that with the depletion of fossil fuel, the progress won't be that explosive. Would we be able to save humanity? Is it even worth it? Damn all countries should be united so that we don't have to spend on our army and everything should be spend on science because we don't have longer than 3000 years.

  95. John Clover

    John Clover16 days ago

    Such a meaningful video.

  96. Deeper than seen

    Deeper than seen16 days ago

    Really, the existential crisis of the universe gave me the courage to ask him out XD

  97. Minh Đỗ Lê Thành

    Minh Đỗ Lê Thành16 days ago

    But will mankind die though? The universe doesn't change doesn't mean we don't change. In the distant future, we may find an energy source that lasts forever or find a way to generate one. We can create a plastic (metaphorical, not chemical) Earth that sustains life for all living things on our former planet and have that energy source fuel our planet forever.

  98. Jayce

    Jayce7 days ago

    you'll eventually run out of resources really, think about it.

  99. Dicky Martin

    Dicky Martin16 days ago

    And the question is why are people in my country getting more religious and religious ._.

  100. SrmthfgRockLee

    SrmthfgRockLee17 days ago

    hard to believe 2billionyears ago..i thought we're like 20,000.. 60,000 years old max...(talking about everything, homoseapiens..prehistorical humans)

  101. SrmthfgRockLee

    SrmthfgRockLee17 days ago

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    Thank you.

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    Time is an Illusion.

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    My Name Is a dead Man18 days ago

    Space Race or A new Slave Home Base ie Corporations for all the Corporeal.

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    Religious people are watching this like :O

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    so awesome

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    And soon the second big bang will happen

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    THIS IS FRICKING AWESOME! PS. I don'y get who woulnd't like this video :/