Time: The History & Future of Everything - Remastered


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  2. Exalaxy X

    Exalaxy XDay ago

    I know its latr but Big bang pls

  3. Coderámon

    CoderámonMonth ago

    I believe there is one idea that we can adjust to the “heat death”. Why not just create our own star.

  4. Ben Adians

    Ben AdiansMonth ago

    Where you on Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

  5. Adans things W

    Adans things WMonth ago

    Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell humanity can be around forever... if you can make the death star..

  6. Tc

    Tc5 hours ago

    I would love to see the "3 Ways to Destroy the Universe" video remastered. It was the first video I saw by you guys and I loved it!

  7. Rex the destroyer Burke

    Rex the destroyer Burke12 hours ago

    Mabye everything will implode and then explode for another Big Bang

  8. Shirley Featherquill

    Shirley FeatherquillDay ago

    The “end” of universe seems hypothetical than theoretical, and I wonder how could it be possible. Is it not that the universe has a finite amount of matter that is always preserved (in one way or another)? If at the “end” there will be nothing left in the universe, where had all the matter creating the universe gone? They are not going to just poof out of existence, are they?

  9. frederick ang

    frederick ang22 hours ago

    Shirley Featherquill Maybe the big rip will happen,maybe the Big Crunch, maybe the big freeze, or the big change

  10. frederick ang

    frederick angDay ago

    I am nervous that humans will go extinct

  11. Treppiede Salmonata

    Treppiede SalmonataDay ago

    i can't explain with words how much i love your videos and the animations and simply everything. PLEASE do not ever stop making these fantastic mini masterpieces Much love!

  12. Dre CanDraw

    Dre CanDrawDay ago

    Damn, I wish schools watched these videos to see how precious time is and how good of a animator you are.

  13. HamLover 999

    HamLover 9992 days ago

    I love how at the background music you can hear a "tic tac" that resembles the seconds passing. So beautiful

  14. HamLover 999

    HamLover 9992 days ago

    So life on Earth has been a thing for a third of the life of the universe? Damn

  15. HamLover 999

    HamLover 9992 days ago

    This makes me feel meningless and humble, but it also makes me feel like I can shape this Earth with a movement of my hand

  16. Humans R Ants

    Humans R Ants2 days ago

    I'm watching this looking for ideas for my next song. Thanks

  17. Gore Obsessed

    Gore Obsessed2 days ago

    Don't hate on dank memes

  18. Lord Proteus

    Lord Proteus2 days ago

    >9/11 = invasion of Iraq In 2025 The US will be attacked by Russia and they will invade Spain in retaliation.

  19. WhitePencil

    WhitePencil2 days ago

    well, while heat death is the most probable death... there's always a chance gravity will overtake dark matter someday and there will be a new big bang? a small chance, but possible? it pays to be optimistic.

  20. Scou

    Scou3 days ago


  21. THunter

    THunter3 days ago

    Columbus didn't discover America!!!!

  22. zackster67

    zackster673 days ago

    What if there is another Big bang and the universe restarts again...Over..And over...And over....idk thats what i think...

  23. Notorious Criminal

    Notorious Criminal3 days ago

    Be quiet!! Your crossing my precious ego!! Be gone!!

  24. Notorious Criminal

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  25. Jack West

    Jack West3 days ago

    What if the humans purpose is too expand to live in the entire universe, then too make our own stars and planets and.... life.

  26. HopCraft255

    HopCraft2552 days ago

    lol that's some "Starlord's dad from guardians of the galaxy vol.2" shit right there

  27. Jack West

    Jack West3 days ago

    Imagine if we had another human species still alive today, I wonder how different they would be... what if we ended up putting them in a zoo or something.

  28. John Rambo

    John Rambo3 days ago

    Could we potentially prevent heat death by forming stars through some hyper advanced technology? Possibly creating stars of our own? Also could you guys please do a video on the construction of theoretical ringworlds?

  29. Anirudh Srikanth

    Anirudh Srikanth3 days ago

    Beautiful. The prime example of quality over quantity.


    JUST GAME3 days ago

    im 18

  31. Folie Deux

    Folie Deux4 days ago

    Why do i keep rewatching your vids

  32. Honiahaka

    Honiahaka4 days ago

    Allah made everything

  33. Iced

    Iced4 days ago

    This totally makes sense The dinosaurs died then they ruled the earth LMAO!!!!!!

  34. Pip Squek

    Pip Squek4 days ago

    Reminds me of my greatest nightmare.. NOTHINGNESS

  35. Carparelli Films

    Carparelli Films5 days ago

    such a great video!

  36. Amey Vadnere

    Amey Vadnere5 days ago

    Beautiful advice at the end. It's all gonna be over some day. But what really matters is that microscopic strip in that timeline. Live it!

  37. T Destroyer 77177

    T Destroyer 771775 days ago

    I can’t look at the world the same anymore knowing that all our inventions and innovation and any other life in the universe are completely pointless... It is also a thing which ends up becoming nothing even if it’s unlimited

  38. Charlie H

    Charlie H5 days ago

    Wait...arbitrarily set the year 1? This isn’t correct. AD used to stand for “Anno Domini” or “After Christ”...

  39. caronte

    caronte5 days ago

    celino jaramillo, who is mentioned in the video as the oldest person alive, died a few days after this video was released.

  40. TheMostEpicUserEver

    TheMostEpicUserEver6 days ago

    bill wurtz did it better

  41. Enes Humback

    Enes Humback6 days ago


  42. Bradyn Bourne

    Bradyn Bourne6 days ago

    every time i watch some thing that makes me think about life.... im not trying to be mean but..... my tummy hurts when this happens and im 12 yrs. old like who will know if another universe like ours will come!

  43. Let’s Change My Name Again

    Let’s Change My Name Again6 days ago

    I don’t like this universe is dead / last star theory because if the universe keeps expanding infinitely this won’t happen not too mention that energy cannot be created or destroyed meaning humans could artificially keep the universe alive with future advancement

  44. Ksaw sim98

    Ksaw sim986 days ago

    I thought that human civilization can live to less than a million years, but if dinosaurs survived about 165 million years (plus they didn't construct skyrockets, etc. to survive - what we can), then humanity can exist more than 165 milion years wtf will we remind people at all?

  45. OverusedPotato Name

    OverusedPotato Name6 days ago

    why do we need school when we got kurzgesasgt (that was a long name)

  46. Ashish Yadav

    Ashish Yadav6 days ago

    so this is all about asking the girl out....nice...

  47. Obhelix

    Obhelix7 days ago

    Everything is Dead.... forever Then after long years of darkness, a new explosion occurs, marking a new cycle of life once more. Perhaps, it isn't dead forever, but instead mark of the end of that specific cycle or universe. Just a theory.

  48. guitar lover

    guitar lover7 days ago

    Man the Universe is a patient son of a bitch, I was getting mad because this page took a little while to load

  49. SwissRoll Otaku

    SwissRoll Otaku7 days ago

    So basically if I fuck up nobody will care since We're just an insignificant part of history. Great!

  50. xd

    xd7 days ago

    tldr nothing we do matters

  51. Mekhi Stewart

    Mekhi Stewart7 days ago

    At the end of every thing we may be so advanced we can make stars and planets and More

  52. Tommy Ferguson

    Tommy Ferguson8 days ago

    Who tf disliked this

  53. Daraul Harris

    Daraul Harris8 days ago

    Can we have an interactive version of this?

  54. ESKILO Animações

    ESKILO Animações8 days ago

    It's like Felipe Castanhari's animation

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  57. carealoo744

    carealoo7448 days ago

    Wow! When you really sit down, and understand this, time really is big! Productiveness keeps getting faster and quicker like an exponential growth. We may be stuck with our current technology which is booming but a thousand years from now who knows what'll be invented?

  58. Jul L

    Jul L8 days ago

    So, relating to this video, social media is a bad thing. I TOTALLY agree.

  59. Rygiel Nash

    Rygiel Nash8 days ago

    Make a brand new sun the second

  60. Jovian Griffin

    Jovian Griffin9 days ago

    remaking an entire video to add an "or boy" at the end. good video, though

  61. Jacy J Elliott

    Jacy J Elliott9 days ago

    This channel is frightening and exciting. I love it!!

  62. Lauren Smith

    Lauren Smith9 days ago

    this really opens your eyes to how destructive humans are... animals have been here for millions and millions of years before us, yet in our short existence, we have managed to damage so much of our earth and other species which have ruled this planet long before us.

  63. Hecatohedron Productions

    Hecatohedron Productions9 days ago

    The music for this is used in so many other videos

  64. Over Lourd

    Over Lourd10 days ago

    What is the Galaxy edge?

  65. Earla Weese

    Earla Weese10 days ago

    *I wish you’d make videos every day....*

  66. Sayyid Muhammad Adnan

    Sayyid Muhammad Adnan10 days ago

    Evolution never happened.Then were some monkeys left as monkeys.

  67. monster hunter pro

    monster hunter pro10 days ago

    You do know energy can't be destroyed right?

  68. Amr mostafa

    Amr mostafa10 days ago

    Asking a girl to come out with me is more complicated than the history of our world💔

  69. Teot99

    Teot9911 days ago

    No one born in 2001 I now is 18

  70. Chris Lopez-Moreno

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  71. Nicolas Sousa

    Nicolas Sousa11 days ago

    i feel inspiredand scared, what is it called

  72. Timothy Huggins

    Timothy Huggins11 days ago

    ? What about ancient structures that are older than 10,000 years

  73. J. Schwahn

    J. Schwahn11 days ago

    This is was one of my favorite videos, thank you!

  74. Akash

    Akash12 days ago

    Majority of the people watching this video still believe that they have fallen from the sky 5000 years ago! 😂

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    My favorite video right here

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    LP gone12 days ago

    In A Nutshell = Space Depressing Videos And Funny Jokez

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    Reagan K12 days ago

    This is so extremely amazing I’m so shook

  78. Lance Lovecraft

    Lance Lovecraft12 days ago

    no god created the universe

  79. Sylvain Bertulfo

    Sylvain Bertulfo13 days ago

    When you said "The usual stuff"I suddenly remembered something, but I forgot tho

  80. Arifmetix

    Arifmetix13 days ago

    The Sims came before Wikipedia *MY LIFE IS A LIE*

  81. Phong Hải Lê

    Phong Hải Lê13 days ago

    How can birds do all these cool things?

  82. ched vidal

    ched vidal13 days ago

    When your Emo friend says “we all die” after watching this video

  83. Senpai Solo

    Senpai Solo13 days ago

    The good news is you will be dead by then, unless we somehow get the technology to transfer our consciousness in the next 100 years

  84. Tobias Beer

    Tobias Beer14 days ago

    the further back you "go" and the further out the wronger you are, unsuspecting just how much your imagination betrays all essence, but full of confidence "13,75 B yrs ago the universe was born" ... says who doesn't understand its nature ...and then "the universe will turn dark", well, boohoo, it's mostly dark already ...don't gobble down all science books from Hogwarts, all the hogwash you can mumble, utter and stutter in big chunks of ignorance, the latest gobbledegook like said omnipresent fairy tale of a "Big Bang" that never was, for ever and ever, til kingdom come, in the form of the next smart idea to tell you how it all really was and is, gosh ...i's about time (someone did) "even black holes will evaporate and die" ...is a sentence you should put up right next to all tales of the almighty Bejeepus and his virgin mother

  85. Tobias Beer

    Tobias Beer11 days ago

    I'm saying: it's infinite, ever changing, unfolding in dualities relative to your and my limited senses. What we try to live up to is more of an emulation of (y)our next best textbook whereas what we truly live in or, really, what truly lives in us is so much more than that, basically, reality is boundless ...and it's not like "everything" would be expanding or collapsing, exploding or going dark, it just is and doesn't give the slightest damn about some borderlining mathemagics.

  86. Glassy

    Glassy11 days ago

    So your saying the creation of the universe is fake and we live in a simulation where we don’t have a god of our world and we’re just a projection made to experiment our lives... I’d say they made a video on this too but idk

  87. My face is the antidote

    My face is the antidote14 days ago

    So like on eath is basically 1/7 the length of the entire universe? wHoAoAaoAOoaAh

  88. Glassy

    Glassy11 days ago

    My face is the antidote no it’s like... 1/10000000 of the universes life

  89. MilkyQueen

    MilkyQueen14 days ago

    I confessed to my crush because of this video

  90. Springtrap

    Springtrap14 days ago

    Aaaaaaa you make me paranoyac universe dead really it's fright

  91. Rishit Shetty

    Rishit Shetty14 days ago

    After the death of the universe, Only the mighty chicken will remain 🐔.

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    CJ Adventures14 days ago

    But is it relee frevr?

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    I always go on a small binge on you guys' content, truely the best videos on youtube

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    tutorialssssssssssssssss please

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    PETRI DREAMS Elijah Yantis15 days ago

    Holy existential crisis

  96. ThePhilosorpheus

    ThePhilosorpheus15 days ago

    The idea that the universe is headed to a heat death depends entirely on theories about dark matter and dark energy - which we know absolutely nothing about, or whether they even exist. So im pretty skeptical of that prediction for the future. If the existence of dark matter isnt proved, physics will be revolutionized and the entire history of the universe rewritten.

  97. Glassy

    Glassy10 days ago

    ThePhilosorpheus :/ seems reasonable I guess. If it’s how heat death will work then I guess that’ll work like that

  98. ThePhilosorpheus

    ThePhilosorpheus11 days ago

    Glassy matter and energy arent simply "lost", the idea that the universe will disintegrate is based on the idea that it will just keep expanding, which depends on current theories about dark matter and energy (which we dont know really exist). The universe might as well deflate (big bounce theory) or change form, we dont know yet.

  99. Glassy

    Glassy11 days ago

    ThePhilosorpheus no that’s just the reasonable explanation. Not from dark matter or dark energy. Just that we will lose gas clouds to form stars, stars will die out, those black holes will die, then it will be pitch black

  100. Cesar Rodriguez

    Cesar Rodriguez15 days ago

    Time is precious. Beautiful.

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    I'm Sad but I know that it will happen every soon :]

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    this video makes you think a lot

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    Dont use BCE...

  104. eerb nop

    eerb nop15 days ago

    BCE is the scientific term. Using BC wouldn't make sense

  105. A J

    A J15 days ago

    watching this again today made me appreciate how much effort they put into their videos. Especially on the bgm/sfx its very specific to the animation and narration.

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    One of the best knowledge video ever see! Keep up with the good work!

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    The 21 st century begin in 2001 not 2000

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    Beautiful as always

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    I watch this channel every 10 minutes and never get board

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    *IM WOKE*

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    Would've been truly heart-rending if the entire video just ended with the second box.