Thrift Store Makeover


  1. Sadie Czarnuch

    Sadie CzarnuchHour ago

    Who else heard her “Whhhhhhhwwwwwwooooooeeee”

  2. Kat McCoy

    Kat McCoyHour ago

    Me: *does the pink* Mom: keep going Me: uhhh... I’m done.... Mom: sheesh, then finish it another day Me: ughhhhhhh BUT MOM I’m the laziest in the family Mom: fine but put it back in the store Me: fine..

  3. michaela van der westhuizen

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  4. Zoe Audet

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  5. Addison Milligan

    Addison Milligan4 hours ago

    Love it!!!!

  6. Kaydence Terry

    Kaydence Terry4 hours ago


  7. Karla the cat mugman's wife\girlfriend

    Karla the cat mugman's wife\girlfriend5 hours ago

    *remove a cat hair*

  8. Kate Qued

    Kate Qued6 hours ago

    That is so adorable Im in loove with that!Also you should make merch!

  9. Hannah Wibom

    Hannah Wibom6 hours ago

    Can’t you make your own squishy with the foam you use and then color it?

  10. Abigail Zaccone

    Abigail Zaccone6 hours ago

    Love the bird house it’s so cute

  11. Randomness Wolf

    Randomness Wolf6 hours ago


  12. Heather Sanders

    Heather Sanders6 hours ago

    me and my friend freaked out when she was not putting any sprinkles then she did yayyyyy

  13. Daria Gacha

    Daria Gacha6 hours ago

    You are so creative!Love everything you do!

  14. Rosana xoxo

    Rosana xoxo7 hours ago

    Who wanna do give me a subscriber then i give you a subscriber

  15. Layla Rollins

    Layla Rollins8 hours ago

    Wow your makeovers are truly amazing!

  16. Galaxy night sketch

    Galaxy night sketch8 hours ago

    The bird house could of been a gingerbread house, idk... But it's so cute 😊

  17. Judy Ann

    Judy Ann9 hours ago

    It's cute and nice pun

  18. Jay Bliss

    Jay Bliss10 hours ago

    you are so good at making stuff

  19. DinoboyAsh21

    DinoboyAsh2111 hours ago

    I think the bird house looked nice :)

  20. Khadija Chenik

    Khadija Chenik11 hours ago

    I am just doing my nails while watching this...

  21. Babyoof bot Simmer

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  22. Babyoof bot Simmer

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  23. Babyoof bot Simmer

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  24. winkler890

    winkler89012 hours ago

    You should totally make more videos like this

  25. Say what Now?

    Say what Now?13 hours ago

    I watched this when going to Washington I got inspired

  26. ariana gamer 234

    ariana gamer 23413 hours ago

    It's the candy house in Hansel and Gretel

  27. LOverbunny 746

    LOverbunny 74614 hours ago

    :OOOOO so close to ONE MILLION!!!!!!!!

  28. elizabeth Noble

    elizabeth Noble15 hours ago

    I have watched all of your videos and I absolutely love them keep up the good work! Like if you agree 👍🏻 I have never got a like before so I would really appreciate anyone who likes this By the way I like my own comments so it looks like someone liked my comment 😭😢😥🙁☹️

  29. Cookie lps 112112

    Cookie lps 11211215 hours ago

    Yasss lol

  30. Jaimie

    Jaimie22 hours ago

    i want mmooooooooooooorrrrrreeeee

  31. girl 25

    girl 2522 hours ago

    Wow food job i never seen a really pretty Bird house

  32. Lauren Nicole

    Lauren Nicole22 hours ago

    So Cute!

  33. SoSaDy Abu

    SoSaDy Abu22 hours ago

    you should do a challenge what kind of challenge well i would like to say you use things from the dollar store you now how stuff from dollar stores arent that good so ya a bad squishie like if you think she should do this please do

  34. Kelsey Dillon

    Kelsey Dillon23 hours ago

    I gave my grandma a a Bird house because she loves birds and there’s a hole bird family living in it

  35. Nana Teague

    Nana TeagueDay ago

    Omg ur da best luv ur channel sooooooooooooo much

  36. Little Cobos

    Little CobosDay ago

    Opps I meant hi

  37. Little Cobos

    Little CobosDay ago


  38. Lily Berg

    Lily BergDay ago

    First, she turns a drink into a birdhouse. (Fixing your squishies #4) Then, she turns a birdhouse into a food.

  39. Blue_rose

    Blue_roseDay ago

    OMG I love it

  40. Nora Murray

    Nora MurrayDay ago

    Instead of fabric paint get puffy painy

  41. Nora Murray

    Nora MurrayDay ago


  42. william devin

    william devinDay ago

    your a awsome youtuber

  43. Vivian Bashur

    Vivian BashurDay ago

    It's an ice cream cake

  44. Broken Unicorn

    Broken UnicornDay ago


  45. Dog Gone Hunting

    Dog Gone HuntingDay ago

    who else actually liked the sound of the sandpaper on the wood? just me? yeah, i thought so..

  46. Mindi Baker

    Mindi BakerDay ago

    And that is not seen much 😊

  47. Mindi Baker

    Mindi BakerDay ago

    You make me happy and you make me laugh 😅😁👍👏☺️😊

  48. ItsAriel

    ItsArielDay ago

    Can you do a makeover fixing your squishies but in ASMR!?!

  49. Lucy Beresford

    Lucy BeresfordDay ago

    OMG!!! You gotta decorate a gingerbread house for a Christmas special even tho it's ages away

  50. Crazy Chloe

    Crazy ChloeDay ago

    I think u should do more vids like this

  51. LPS cute crystal

    LPS cute crystalDay ago

    i have model magic

  52. Laithan Lefever

    Laithan LefeverDay ago

    Wow that bird house is so cuuuuuute😍

  53. choco_ slimeyy

    choco_ slimeyyDay ago

    Your clay is getting the best massage😂 Edit: I hope you'll put that birdhouse bae in the background of your video

  54. Gracie Kincaid

    Gracie KincaidDay ago


  55. Adelynn Ray

    Adelynn RayDay ago

    My dog is asleep on me... 😳

  56. Galaxy Unicorn

    Galaxy UnicornDay ago

    Awesome craft

  57. Marly L

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  58. DragonFlyCandy 880

    DragonFlyCandy 880Day ago

    where can you buy clay and model magic for like a dollar

  59. DragonFlyCandy 880

    DragonFlyCandy 880Day ago

    sorry for mu spelling

  60. SlimeDIYmaster Winchester

    SlimeDIYmaster WinchesterDay ago

    And nOw tHe Cherry HaS a BuTt Crack😂😂😂 mY FavoRite QUotes 😂😂❤

  61. Francesca Hayes

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  62. Kike

    KikeDay ago

    Cupcake icecream!

  63. Barbie Dünyam

    Barbie DünyamDay ago

    Pls do more fixing squishies or decorateing whatever you call it just plssss Reply if you see this

  64. DragonFlyCandy 880

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  65. tommy murphy

    tommy murphyDay ago

    Love ur vids

  66. Kimona Abayomi

    Kimona AbayomiDay ago

    the first time I am on the best side of yt

  67. Jojo Chiu

    Jojo ChiuDay ago

    Please do more of these vids

  68. Jim Doe

    Jim DoeDay ago

    love be your videos keep it up 😺😺😺

  69. Team Waffle

    Team WaffleDay ago

    A waffle gum ball birdhouse wow

  70. TheMadHatter

    TheMadHatterDay ago

    More videos like this would be fun, as long as you enjoy it! ^^

  71. Animalcarer57

    Animalcarer57Day ago

    5:21 Heart shaped glint.

  72. Rae-Lyn Brown

    Rae-Lyn BrownDay ago

    1:08 #asmr 🤣😂

  73. Ben Nguyen

    Ben NguyenDay ago

    it's a gingerbread house

  74. sunyah ghayur

    sunyah ghayurDay ago

    your voice from 5:20-5:21 haha lol

  75. Emma Taylor

    Emma TaylorDay ago

    You should start a series where you buy thrift store things and then fix them up and then bring them back to the store

  76. little toys

    little toysDay ago


  77. Bonnieknowsit !

    Bonnieknowsit !Day ago


  78. Layla Gutierrez

    Layla GutierrezDay ago

    More makeovers I love you

  79. Singer 5906

    Singer 5906Day ago

    MORIAH I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS TOO MUCH AND I NEED I MEAN NEED MORE SQUISHY MAKEOVERS!!!!!!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE POST MORE OFTEN TOO!!!!! I just can’t get enough of the make overs and the squishy roasting!!!! I could watch those videos ALL DAY!!!!! Please help a girl out! Love, Abby❤️

  80. Angeles Carr

    Angeles Carr2 days ago

    Omg ur awesome. New sub by the way

  81. Kitty Lover

    Kitty Lover2 days ago

    WHERE ARE THE SQUISHYS????????????!!!!!

  82. Undercover werewolf

    Undercover werewolf2 days ago

    Did anyone else think it was a squishy from the thumbnail

  83. jiminie pabo

    jiminie pabo2 days ago

    LOVE IT!!!!

  84. Brooklyn Ferris

    Brooklyn Ferris2 days ago

    yes more. you’re hilarious!💜💜

  85. Squishy Queen AJ

    Squishy Queen AJ2 days ago

    Sooooooo Beautiful 😍😍😄😄

  86. Cee Clearly

    Cee Clearly2 days ago

    Wow...great job!!

  87. Olesia Agachii

    Olesia Agachii2 days ago

    Omg that bird house is my dream ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love it

  88. Lilah Becker

    Lilah Becker2 days ago

    Do more plz!

  89. C & A

    C & A2 days ago

    I lowkey live for the dessert designs

  90. Jenna Passke

    Jenna Passke2 days ago

    That is really cute. Nice job!

  91. randomthing 09

    randomthing 092 days ago

    I like how it has your personality in it

  92. YMZ

    YMZ2 days ago

    bird hater

  93. YMZ

    YMZ2 days ago

    I am

  94. Crazy kids Club

    Crazy kids Club2 days ago

    I always thought she did these videos in one day!

  95. W C

    W C2 days ago

    U should so do more of these thrift store DIY’S I loved this it was so entertaining! ( Just make sure not to stop squishy makeovers for this 😜 lol)

  96. XGB101X GAMING

    XGB101X GAMING2 days ago

    fun fact : my initial is JKF its a little weird when you scramble it

  97. Naomi Oneal

    Naomi Oneal2 days ago

    I love you and that

  98. PugJunior

    PugJunior2 days ago

    3:07 😌😊

  99. Annabelle Bueter

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  100. Annabelle Bueter

    Annabelle Bueter2 days ago

    I love sprinkles more than you do

  101. Annabelle Bueter

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  102. Annabelle Bueter

    Annabelle Bueter2 days ago

    Add sprinkles to the bird house

  103. Rebecca Frew

    Rebecca Frew2 days ago

    Moriah I love you plsssss do a makeover of stuff from wish