Thrift Store Makeover


  1. MissMuffCake

    MissMuffCake2 hours ago

    That birdhouse is adorable!!!

  2. Izzy Equestrian

    Izzy Equestrian3 hours ago

    Did anyone else think that she should be using fabric glue or anything else in the squishy makeovers😂

  3. Chloe Rodger

    Chloe Rodger5 hours ago

    Please do more thrift store make overs there great

  4. Kaydence Marie

    Kaydence Marie5 hours ago

    7:53 mcr fans? no? just me? okay.

  5. Steffani Bodily

    Steffani Bodily6 hours ago

    I love your channel your so funny

  6. Callie Pruductions

    Callie Pruductions6 hours ago


  7. Almond Mejia

    Almond Mejia7 hours ago

    Do you have a real bird if not why did you buy it🤔😵

  8. Lily Fischer

    Lily Fischer8 hours ago

    I was waiting for da sprinkles

  9. The Cady Show

    The Cady Show8 hours ago

    am i the only one that’s bothered by the cherry? the stem is red...

  10. Steveny Henderson

    Steveny Henderson9 hours ago

    I dont like the cream on top

  11. Bushra Abuali

    Bushra Abuali9 hours ago

    Its a dessert house for the birds!! Can I please get a shout out!

  12. Eevee Ashlyn

    Eevee Ashlyn10 hours ago

    i luv this

  13. unicorn cat

    unicorn cat10 hours ago

    I should do more bird hose videos

  14. unicorn cat

    unicorn cat10 hours ago

    Your so funny

  15. Naomi Rocha Olivier

    Naomi Rocha Olivier11 hours ago

    3:49 puso “wey” JAJAJAJAJJA

  16. Nour and HLa Vlogs And Video Games

    Nour and HLa Vlogs And Video Games11 hours ago

    3:49 lol OOO EWHHHH

  17. Anna Jones

    Anna Jones13 hours ago

    This is Lilia 🐳 Lilia lost her fin She cannot swim Help Lilia not sink in the sea of comments

  18. Miss Gloomy

    Miss Gloomy13 hours ago

    Your now mqking me want to aint so bad *-*

  19. Sonia Derouin

    Sonia Derouin14 hours ago

    Do a room tour

  20. MrTomoto

    MrTomoto14 hours ago

    While watching this I was thinking of repainting my bird house as a dessert themed one, then I heard you use the same exact colors I was gonna use and u went for the dessert theme and I was like.....well poop

  21. Abbygail Brozenick

    Abbygail Brozenick14 hours ago

    How did you get so creative

  22. azurealdreamer

    azurealdreamer14 hours ago

    Who else just realized that the Me Standed for Moriah Elizabeth? I thought she just meant it was me and just, idk i thought it was just some kind of, something for an intro, or thumbnail.

  23. 1 2

    1 215 hours ago

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas do more

  24. Pink Pastel

    Pink Pastel16 hours ago

    9:03 Wow

  25. Crystal_DragonGamers SB

    Crystal_DragonGamers SB16 hours ago

    You should sell the stuff back to the thrift store everyone would love it

  26. Ciena 6

    Ciena 617 hours ago

    It’s a gingerbird house

  27. Wendys

    Wendys17 hours ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue M.E is awesome And so are you!

  28. Lucia Rios

    Lucia Rios18 hours ago

    maybe its a ice cream shop

  29. Chris Lofgren

    Chris Lofgren19 hours ago

    5:21 i though cherry stems were green

  30. Cuteee xD

    Cuteee xD20 hours ago

    Pllzzzzz test pancake arttttttt! It would be sooo fun!❤️ love your videos!

  31. MoMo Jain

    MoMo Jain20 hours ago

    more more more (more vids lik this)

  32. ruby 1234

    ruby 123421 hour ago

    looks like ginger bread house

  33. Darcey Glenn

    Darcey Glenn22 hours ago

    Frizzle frazle?

  34. Darcey Glenn

    Darcey Glenn22 hours ago

    Makeover makeover makeover yay 💄

  35. Anjelinajoli Espiritu

    Anjelinajoli Espiritu22 hours ago

    hello my neime is anne

  36. Ashe _Gem

    Ashe _Gem22 hours ago

    But Australia doesn't have a thrift store

  37. DJ_Caroline

    DJ_CarolineDay ago

    3:09 Please be a cherry! Yup, it is and of course! I make crafts and all of them have a cherry.

  38. Minny Gomez

    Minny GomezDay ago

    It's a breakfast ice cream!!!!

  39. Facts Fiction

    Facts FictionDay ago

    It is so cute I love it !!

  40. Grace Ceranski

    Grace CeranskiDay ago

    Can you do more thrift store makeovers?

  41. Julie Barrameda

    Julie BarramedaDay ago

    Save it and clean it like a pet and buy a bird

  42. Erma Lando

    Erma LandoDay ago

    i have an idea what if u made the pegs look like pretzle sticks

  43. Roberto Siochi

    Roberto SiochiDay ago

    I like it

  44. Ladajzah Terry

    Ladajzah TerryDay ago

    I use Artistloft paint

  45. Kaitie Selph

    Kaitie SelphDay ago

    do more plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  46. Ariana Yay

    Ariana YayDay ago

    The noise she makes at 5:20 🤣

  47. Buffie Prince

    Buffie PrinceDay ago

    I watched this in the car for 3 ours

  48. Lillian Williams

    Lillian WilliamsDay ago

    Why doesn’t someone take a picture of this and it will be the first dessert bird house on google

  49. satzabul crumb

    satzabul crumbDay ago

    it looks like an ice cream sandwich

  50. Brynn Wiegand

    Brynn WiegandDay ago

    "Killjoy" MCRMY WHERE U AT

  51. The A Zone world

    The A Zone worldDay ago

    Did she change the music at the start of her vidios ?

  52. Lunar Eclipse

    Lunar EclipseDay ago

    When she said “Killjoy” all I could think about was My Chemical Romance.

  53. Taylor O

    Taylor ODay ago

    That’s awesome omfg

  54. Genie Boyle

    Genie BoyleDay ago


  55. luna 335

    luna 335Day ago

    so cute !!!!

  56. Jessica Lappenbush

    Jessica LappenbushDay ago


  57. Abhineet Agarwal

    Abhineet AgarwalDay ago

    i think its an vanilla ice cream

  58. BlueWolf216

    BlueWolf216Day ago

    As much as I love her videos and her makeovers but her makeover themes are getting a bit repetitive in my opinion

  59. Tom Trousdale

    Tom Trousdale2 days ago

    I Would buy That 100$ And By The Way LOVE AND SUPPORT TO MORIAH ELIZABETH!!!! YOU ARE OUR HERO!!! (well desert hero

  60. craig thomas

    craig thomas2 days ago

    i love this :0

  61. craig thomas

    craig thomas2 days ago

    you are so smart and cool :0

  62. Tetz Ahoy

    Tetz Ahoy2 days ago

    This looks amazing

  63. Taylor Padilla

    Taylor Padilla2 days ago

    Hey i painted that when i was 5

  64. Rose Brown

    Rose Brown2 days ago

    So you do not like bluejs

  65. Sergei Benner

    Sergei Benner2 days ago


  66. LPS Mangle Bittick

    LPS Mangle Bittick2 days ago

    Ginger bread house!!!!!!!!!

  67. Markéta Ondrysková

    Markéta Ondrysková2 days ago

    I loooooooooooooove your videos they help me be a better artist i know I'm only 10 years old but I got to the plymouth art show i love you plaese never stop

  68. Emma Teve

    Emma Teve2 days ago

    I think it’s an ice cream cone cupcakes

  69. briley pike

    briley pike2 days ago

    why did u change your intro

  70. Brooke Hunter

    Brooke Hunter2 days ago

    I love it

  71. Aubree Napier

    Aubree Napier2 days ago

    Uh yeah those tweezers are officially now in my nightmares

  72. Morgyn Larson

    Morgyn Larson2 days ago

    Every like I will add a heart 💜

  73. Marko Toomi

    Marko Toomi2 days ago

    You literally made me HUNGRY!

  74. TinyEvelyn 101

    TinyEvelyn 1012 days ago

    not to be rude but by the way that isn't a ruler it is a rule I know it is a weird name but that is the proper name I know that because I am in high school and one of my classes we use it so it is called a rule not a ruler anyway LOVE YOUR VIDSI AM A BIG FANDO MORE SQUISHY MAKEOVERS XD

  75. Eleanor Herzog

    Eleanor Herzog3 days ago

    You should have done a gingerbread house

  76. Katreeni AJ

    Katreeni AJ3 days ago

    Hai please pin this for no reason

  77. Z’s World

    Z’s World3 days ago

    Cherry Stems Are Green, It Just Bothers Me😭❣️👀

  78. a trash can

    a trash can3 days ago

    You cant put it out because its not enviormental friendly paint

  79. FlameHeart The Fox

    FlameHeart The Fox3 days ago

    Every Like I will add a dog 🐶

  80. Sandra Acevedo

    Sandra Acevedo3 days ago

    It's so cute

  81. Esti Obel

    Esti Obel4 days ago

    I wanna eat it.

  82. Play Cats

    Play Cats4 days ago

    who knows what thrift store she went to. It's Savers

  83. Jade ツ

    Jade ツ4 days ago

    you should do a squishy make over and make it ur intro thing!

  84. Lizzy Rickards

    Lizzy Rickards4 days ago

    I miss Mariah's old intro🙁

  85. Zoe ward

    Zoe ward4 days ago

    pls make this a sireas . i cant spell it .

  86. Laura

    Laura3 days ago

    Series. You were pretty close anyway

  87. Thomas sponge bob

    Thomas sponge bob4 days ago

    Do a video with your cat in it.

  88. David Simms

    David Simms4 days ago

    Are you sisters with my life as Ava

  89. LG Challenge Life

    LG Challenge Life4 days ago

    its called glass paper, sandpaper hasnt been made for 30-40 years

  90. Charlie Anderson

    Charlie Anderson4 days ago

    Your my favourite youtubee

  91. Xeralta Demonis Angelis

    Xeralta Demonis Angelis4 days ago

    I am more kind of a gore girl but I still LOVE your work, keep going ;)

  92. Kfir Laor

    Kfir Laor4 days ago

    do you remember "fart in your face"? (uhhh the nostalgia)

  93. Lizabet Blissbirdie

    Lizabet Blissbirdie4 days ago

    I really DO LUV IT!!! O^O

  94. heyou1

    heyou15 days ago

    You didn’t pray to the baking gods...

  95. Sara Hopwood

    Sara Hopwood5 days ago


  96. Kaitlynn Webb

    Kaitlynn Webb5 days ago


  97. Kaitlynn Webb

    Kaitlynn Webb5 days ago

    Im only 8

  98. Kaitlynn Webb

    Kaitlynn Webb5 days ago

    evey one hates me

  99. Brisa Blakeslee

    Brisa Blakeslee5 days ago

    What happend to the music in the intro

  100. Unicorn blogs Misty

    Unicorn blogs Misty5 days ago

    You forgot to pray to the baking gods

  101. Kaitlyn and Renata Slime and crafts and other stuff

    Kaitlyn and Renata Slime and crafts and other stuff5 days ago


  102. Abbey Hayden

    Abbey Hayden5 days ago

    Hmmmm I wonder how long it will take to drown in a sea of comments ‘tries to do it’ aAaAHHH #ded r.i.p me

  103. ELLA ELIA

    ELLA ELIA5 days ago

    I love it I is so cute

  104. Eduardo Eo

    Eduardo Eo5 days ago