Three Kingdoms - OverSimplified


  1. Soap Mactavish

    Soap Mactavish58 minutes ago

    9:10 guy on the right ))))

  2. Hamil Squad

    Hamil Squad2 hours ago

    the eunuchs took over the young emperors rule and killed He Jin, which angered their father, who punished them severely.

  3. Moody Goo

    Moody Goo3 hours ago


  4. Duolingo Bird

    Duolingo Bird4 hours ago

    Good job sima clan

  5. elafin

    elafin5 hours ago

    14:50 Asian make out day


    GUYS OF THUNDER5 hours ago

    6:12 one is being severely punished by his father in the back

  7. Skitgrurd Battlestompah

    Skitgrurd Battlestompah6 hours ago

    Definitely treacherous

  8. Whale Nazi

    Whale Nazi6 hours ago

    6:08 dad is that you

  9. BallisticBacon1

    BallisticBacon17 hours ago

    Having a sudden heart attack? There's a tax for that!

  10. Eden Ng

    Eden Ng8 hours ago

    This is honestly UNDERSIMPLIFIED.

  11. Atharva Patil

    Atharva Patil11 hours ago

    6:09 Adolf Hitler's father 😂😂😂

  12. KDUFF Radio

    KDUFF Radio12 hours ago

    6:10: This enraged Hitler’s father, who punished the Eunichs severely.

  13. Kaustav Kundu

    Kaustav Kundu13 hours ago

    history should be tlod like this

  14. Kaustav Kundu

    Kaustav Kundu13 hours ago

    funny, good work guys

  15. Khải Hoàng Đình Nguyễn

    Khải Hoàng Đình Nguyễn13 hours ago

    China is a idiot

  16. David Crosby

    David Crosby14 hours ago

    Holy crap, you did a better job selling Three Kingdoms than any of the ads did.

  17. Xavier Locklier

    Xavier Locklier16 hours ago

    6:09 hitlers dad severely punishing a eunic

  18. M4TRF

    M4TRF17 hours ago

    This is bullshit

  19. wang zhengming

    wang zhengming18 hours ago

    At, 3:52, why was there a rebellion who was holding a French looking sandwich in his hand and a modern yellow workers uniform?!?!?!? Dude, ...un cool

  20. WimpyKid15

    WimpyKid1519 hours ago

    Alois spanking an Enunich

  21. Rus the doge

    Rus the doge21 hour ago

    In summary: 🎵China is whole again, then it broke again🎵

  22. Michael Lappin

    Michael Lappin22 hours ago

    Why is spanking hitler daddy there

  23. Kicked Gaming

    Kicked GamingDay ago

    6:10 lol there’s Alouis Hitler in the background

  24. DeadlyShooter10

    DeadlyShooter10Day ago

    3:51 nobody sees that man holding a baguette

  25. WoTb Music Studio

    WoTb Music StudioDay ago

    6:08 lol why is Hitler’s dad back xD

  26. Ferox Schattenwolf

    Ferox SchattenwolfDay ago

    We need still Shogun simplified! qwp

  27. Chim Chady

    Chim ChadyDay ago

    Hitler's father punishing a chinese royal servant severely at 6:07

  28. King Of Gaming

    King Of GamingDay ago

    I just started to play games on social media.. Help me to grow... Thank you guys..

  29. Ролан9 Мустафин8

    Ролан9 Мустафин8Day ago

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  30. The ink Blot

    The ink BlotDay ago

    So this whole video was an ad for a game...

  31. Allen 88

    Allen 88Day ago


  32. Vishnu Divakar

    Vishnu DivakarDay ago

    Please do Indian Freedom movement....

  33. Julian yip

    Julian yipDay ago

    The words on the hat of the friends with no dongs is flipped around, lol

  34. katie wong

    katie wongDay ago

    Americans: Our history is so complicated! I hate History Me:(sends him this clip) This is a tiny fraction what I have to learn at school...

  35. Osman E.

    Osman E.Day ago

    Türkçe çeviren kişilik... Senin ben amk.

  36. JACK Smith

    JACK SmithDay ago

    Is it the story's of three kingdoms?

  37. Benjamin Burns

    Benjamin BurnsDay ago

    Corruption and China what's new lol

  38. Jennie Rose Trujillo

    Jennie Rose TrujilloDay ago


  39. Ethan Farnsworth

    Ethan FarnsworthDay ago

    Lmao I loved how you bridged the video to the video game that was so cool

  40. ScarTeam Plays

    ScarTeam PlaysDay ago

    6:10 the eunuch was letting his brothers die, this enraged his father who punished him severely

  41. Ali Khan

    Ali KhanDay ago

    Please do some of the caliphates or the ottoman empire or the mughals.

  42. Mike Chen

    Mike ChenDay ago

    i got rickrolled by a bird are you kidding me

  43. Kurosaki Kōtaro

    Kurosaki KōtaroDay ago

    Imagine being an emperor/warlord on a single province means having so many concubines, so what if you’re the emperor of the whole China? Sima Yan you’re the man! 😂

  44. Nutella7 5

    Nutella7 5Day ago

    6:12 anyone noticed uk guy spanking the Servants

  45. Toy Mage

    Toy MageDay ago

    I get it was for the game but i hope you make more videos like this with wars in asian countries

  46. lil Broomstick

    lil BroomstickDay ago

    why at 3:34 did I feel wrath on a mental level

  47. The hoosher

    The hoosher2 days ago

    3:51 Can you find the one that does not belong?

  48. Kutlwano Legana

    Kutlwano Legana2 days ago


  49. dnager badger

    dnager badger2 days ago

    Did he reference those riots in France?

  50. ram das

    ram das2 days ago

    Dong zhou and lubu fell in love with thatgirl in first sight