This Monster Has No Phone Case


  1. WaiSay

    WaiSay55 minutes ago

    I don't need no case.

  2. Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler2 hours ago

    how does youtube know I cracked my screen today

  3. Luffy Hunter

    Luffy Hunter4 hours ago

    I don't have a case either

  4. WizardGamer555

    WizardGamer5559 hours ago

    this is 3:33 mins ill never get back

  5. Puneet singh

    Puneet singh14 hours ago

    Yeah i hate cases, was this against overprotective child protection services

  6. Jashobanta Pradhan

    Jashobanta Pradhan17 hours ago

    Damn after watching this video i ordered a new case nd protecting glass

  7. Mubashar Qadeer

    Mubashar Qadeer18 hours ago

    Good one

  8. zerocoolgaming

    zerocoolgaming18 hours ago

    I don't have a case on my phone

  9. Sreeja Vinnakota

    Sreeja Vinnakota19 hours ago

    But do birds cough though? 🤔

  10. The Metal Butcher

    The Metal Butcher20 hours ago

    Moto g2 has been caseless for 4 years now. It's fine. Probably because it's not an iphone.

  11. Romi Yoni

    Romi YoniDay ago

    Well...I mean, a decent cushiony phone case would protect your phone from damages. . And that's why mine broke.

  12. The Super Nate

    The Super NateDay ago

    stop cursing

  13. Dai mon

    Dai monDay ago

    That ending gave me PTSD....>_

  14. pepperlook

    pepperlookDay ago

    Soooo???? Can birds cough?

  15. Cesar Castillo

    Cesar CastilloDay ago

    Raika to a phone "Did you like the cocoa?"

  16. Yann Hugo

    Yann HugoDay ago


  17. Mr. Grey

    Mr. GreyDay ago

    I have a flip phone...

  18. GREENWOLF 1337

    GREENWOLF 1337Day ago

    a minions case... if i see another minion, there will be a lot ripped shreds of yellow guts and blue denim all over gru's house



    As soon as I saw Mike in the thumbnail I knew he'd be the guy who's the carefree victim of being intensely berated for something trivial

  20. Kumbi

    KumbiDay ago

    This is pretty much how my brother reacted.

  21. Leberkas Semmel

    Leberkas SemmelDay ago

    I had no phone case ever. Until i got my iPhone 8. And looked at the repair cost of the back glass. Then i bought a case.

  22. jayhitek

    jayhitekDay ago

    My teenage daughter doesn't use a case on her phone. I have a mini panic attack every night when i see it on a table charging. It's $800!! put a damn case on it!

  23. Edward Connor

    Edward Connor2 days ago

    Trying to understand the purpose of this sketch. Like I don’t have a case on my phone. The guy makes valid points. Basically I think the niceness of having no case outweighs the potential upset of having to get it fixed or replaced at some point. Why is this a comedy sketch besides the weird phone personification?

  24. Salty jr

    Salty jr2 days ago

    I’ve nvr ever bought a phone case... I’ve been using smartphones ever since my first iphone 3g and I’ve nvr needed a phone case, I don’t see what the problem is.

  25. Wesley Hempoli

    Wesley Hempoli2 days ago

    there is a direct correlation between ppl that break their phones every other month because they dont have a case and stupidity

  26. RostislavLuk

    RostislavLuk2 days ago

    Remember when phones needed at least 30 drops on the floor to finally break? My SE w810i remembers.

  27. RuKiCoRe

    RuKiCoRe2 days ago

    On point

  28. Sam the cartoon maker

    Sam the cartoon maker3 days ago

    I don't have a case. Is this honestly a bad thing? I mean -- my phone has chips in the metal and isn't in great shape but I don't think a case will save it from my Brothers abuse

  29. Jennifer

    Jennifer3 days ago

    omg he was in try guys

  30. Back Country Pastimes

    Back Country Pastimes3 days ago

    No phone Case? What a cycle path !

  31. Dima Maksimov

    Dima Maksimov3 days ago

    That’s really pretty much my friends

  32. Ah Leh

    Ah Leh3 days ago

    Screen protector part 2

  33. SAOtaku

    SAOtaku3 days ago

    top ten cases still unsolved

  34. Badge

    Badge3 days ago

    Yasss, I'm in the no phone case club! 😊

  35. Juan M

    Juan M3 days ago

    Got friends with cases and tempered glasses on with a cracked screen. Doesn't help. If you can't afford to break it then don't buy it. It's gonna break eventually, with or without a "case".

  36. Pranay Anand

    Pranay Anand3 days ago

    This video doesn’t make sense if you have a Nokia.

  37. Sourav Mondal

    Sourav Mondal3 days ago

    Most annoying thing i saw today

  38. PotatoHeArT

    PotatoHeArT3 days ago

    When your watching this without a phone case

  39. BluSlinky

    BluSlinky3 days ago

    That ending was predictable from the start.

  40. Austin DeLosSantos

    Austin DeLosSantos3 days ago

    Why is it that Trapp seems to be making the antivaxxer argument but for phones?? Am I the only one that noticed this?

  41. carmine

    carmine3 days ago

    the cop guy. solid actor!

  42. luka tomasevic

    luka tomasevic3 days ago

    i have a question is this the guy from geografy now

  43. Thorbjørn Aaen

    Thorbjørn Aaen3 days ago

    i´ve dropped my phone like 5 times and nothing is wrong with it.

  44. TheSomethingRandom12

    TheSomethingRandom123 days ago

    This video made me take off my phone case

  45. FIGLIN

    FIGLIN3 days ago

    god fucking damnit

  46. Flaminglight 200

    Flaminglight 2003 days ago

    This triggers me

  47. Beea

    Beea4 days ago

    I'm currently watching this on my old iPad because I did not have a case on my phone... no phone should have to go through the same thing my phone did...

  48. /u/CirnoBakaHD -

    /u/CirnoBakaHD -4 days ago

    I have no case, and toss the phone too, never smashed a single phone, people think they're so fragile, when it would take 10x the impact they think would smash it to actually smash it.

  49. H. Usui

    H. Usui4 days ago

    I don't use a phone case. I live on the edge 🔥


    ADZIM GAMING4 days ago

    Both those people jus wanted to steel the blue shirt guy phone

  51. Somebody you don't need to know

    Somebody you don't need to know4 days ago

    Pretty normal for a college campus

  52. Orrez

    Orrez4 days ago

    So CAN birds cough or not?

  53. Orrez

    Orrez4 days ago

    Avery Monsen, I love you and your acting talent so much

  54. The Chicken

    The Chicken4 days ago

    Just get a Samsung

  55. Isai the Lonely Sloth

    Isai the Lonely Sloth4 days ago

    I almost became the case-less monster last week when buying an LG Fortune 2.. XD I don't have a license but I have a job now, so I have to make sure I call to get a ride home or a ride to work so I got the phone and had no intentions of buying a case cause they're usually $20 when you buy them from a phone seller, but they told me I'd get a discount if I bought it with my card so I did and saved $5 on that phone case. Now I have a red case with a little stand. XD Oh yeah, and the phone XD

  56. WhatsaSalad

    WhatsaSalad4 days ago

    Reason why I don’t get a case : I can could naturally use it and gets worn out soon Apple/Android would spam me with software updates and makes the phone barely functional Basically it’s a race between me or the company to make the phone render uselessness

  57. PAAN paan

    PAAN paan4 days ago


  58. Al Portocarerro

    Al Portocarerro4 days ago

    Why did college humor decide to stop making videos that where good

  59. dead pool

    dead pool4 days ago

    and thats why i dont let people touch my phone or my stuff

  60. Shining Egg

    Shining Egg4 days ago

    Meanwhile watching without a case

  61. BluStick

    BluStick4 days ago

    Thin cases exist

  62. devjlboy

    devjlboy4 days ago

    I am that monster

  63. Nitro Penguin

    Nitro Penguin4 days ago

    I’m watching this with my new phone. It don’t got a case yet

  64. Jean Patrick

    Jean Patrick4 days ago

    This is so stupid

  65. Francisco Silva

    Francisco Silva4 days ago

    is anione gonna stop that poor man from sinking?

  66. Hunt3r Gaming

    Hunt3r Gaming4 days ago

    I have a caseless phone

  67. Butter Knife

    Butter Knife4 days ago

    minion case

  68. David Something

    David Something4 days ago

    "I love my phone! I love a lot of things about it! I love how thin it is!" "Then make it *_T H I C C E R"_*

  69. OceanMan

    OceanMan4 days ago

    Not the Minion. :c

  70. southernstyleman

    southernstyleman4 days ago

    Who has an iPhone 4 anymore

  71. Adam The Pie guy

    Adam The Pie guy4 days ago

    i used to use a case, but now i dont cuz i was to lazy to get one and my phone hasnt been dropped. i used to drop my phone more i think but i dont do it at all anymore.

  72. Maria Lopez

    Maria Lopez4 days ago

    I just have my case because it looks nice

  73. user73o1u 81716

    user73o1u 817164 days ago

    too predictable

  74. Emily Nguyen

    Emily Nguyen4 days ago

    What about the monster with no phone?

  75. Lily Python

    Lily Python4 days ago

    I think this is my fave sketch of theirs yet

  76. Andre Hamm

    Andre Hamm4 days ago

    *Hahaaha child protective services satire.*

  77. foljs

    foljs4 days ago

    If you can't afford to replace a phone you want to buy if you drop it / scratch it badly, then buy a cheaper phone.

  78. Party King

    Party King4 days ago

    This "monster" is me I hate cases

  79. ossie ashari

    ossie ashari4 days ago

    Use samsung, it doesn't need a case.

  80. Kymie

    Kymie4 days ago

    If that was the iphone X.... they're sending they're special forces

  81. Josh Ruth

    Josh Ruth4 days ago

    I hate cases. Hides the true body of the phone. Plus I never drop my phone.

  82. Zoey Gaming

    Zoey Gaming4 days ago

    ive been caseless for 8 years with 3 different phones and they all have never cracked a screen.

  83. Noelle Jensen

    Noelle Jensen4 days ago

    Anyone else think it kinda sounds like a pro vaccine vs. anti vaccine argument but slightly altered? Just me? Ok. 😂

  84. Ethan Chiasson

    Ethan Chiasson4 days ago

    My name is Conner.

  85. jake bush

    jake bush4 days ago


  86. irfan beydemir

    irfan beydemir4 days ago

    I don't want to make my life objectivly worse For just a little bit more security, that's why ı don't use seat belt.

  87. Pepe The Frog

    Pepe The Frog4 days ago

    I'm watching this video without a *phone case.*

  88. Rahul Dev Lenka

    Rahul Dev Lenka5 days ago

    If you don't cover your phone them it's Apple company.

  89. Crispy

    Crispy5 days ago

    God forbid you touch an iphone, lest it shatter

  90. Yasser Pundaodaya

    Yasser Pundaodaya5 days ago

    I like my phone naked, thanks

  91. Mushmak

    Mushmak5 days ago

    Yea but you dropped it

  92. Julian Vargo

    Julian Vargo5 days ago

    This video would be funnier if you replace the word phone with baby.

  93. Liam Mc Cormick

    Liam Mc Cormick5 days ago

    My phone is caseless. Whenever I tell people this they do a double take. No not because they think I'm being negligent, but because it's so thick and bulky to start with you could litterally hit it with a hammer and it wouldn't even be dented.

  94. BQNG

    BQNG5 days ago

    I dont have a case because i dont throw my phone around lol

  95. Anonymous

    Anonymous5 days ago

    This monster doesn't have linux on his phone

  96. Anonymous

    Anonymous5 days ago

    What if there was a software update that entirely bricked your phone, or if Apple put a ticking time bomb in its firmware to make it useless days after the warranty expires

  97. Andrew Cheung

    Andrew Cheung5 days ago

    I had a friend who would drop your phone and if it broke it would be your fault according to logic

  98. Alternate Watch

    Alternate Watch5 days ago

    I don't have a phone case either.

  99. DarkLustyHumor

    DarkLustyHumor5 days ago

    I tried to use my new phone without a case....but I have horrible coordination and it would just slip right out of my hands. Soo...I tend to get those Speck cases with the grip. Truth be told...without a phone case...I feel super nervous about using my phone because it just feels so slippery.

  100. Hy Jinx

    Hy Jinx5 days ago

    Moral of the story always put a rubber on

  101. cunt licker

    cunt licker5 days ago

    God this is like Batman vs Superman again