This Monster Has No Phone Case | Hardly Working


  1. Ali Beltran

    Ali Beltran9 hours ago

    just in case anyone is curious, Birds DO cough and they sneeze too


    ANDREW GAMING12 hours ago


  3. Jahir Reyes

    Jahir Reyes13 hours ago

    I will just use a skin

  4. NinjaVoid_ GamingYT

    NinjaVoid_ GamingYT18 hours ago

    You know phones don’t break that easily.I tested it by pouring my water bottle on it by spill- I mean to test it in class.Yup.Tests.

  5. Gearshock 2341

    Gearshock 234123 hours ago

    No case's forever

  6. Gearshock 2341

    Gearshock 234110 hours ago

    Ha I'm one of the lucky ones I can drop it and it won't crack

  7. Jahir Reyes

    Jahir Reyes13 hours ago

    Gearshock 2341 I use a skin a mix between both protects from scratches but is thin

  8. Zanar Naryon

    Zanar NaryonDay ago

    That was Rekha's fault

  9. Clayds

    Clayds3 days ago

    my phone got no Phonecase, but that has 1 Reason... its a Sony as Strong as a Nokia.. it fell down so often and got no Scratch.. and im happy i bought that one. (Sony Xperia XA)

  10. lauren greene

    lauren greene5 days ago

    Why not just buy a clear phone case

  11. Ainul Tasneem

    Ainul Tasneem5 days ago

    Is it odd that I have that exact minion case?

  12. Doctor Whovian

    Doctor Whovian5 days ago

    I have had a caseless phone and there are no scratches

  13. Joel Tranzet

    Joel Tranzet6 days ago

    Replace phone with kid or pet

  14. AlphaAlfred

    AlphaAlfred7 days ago

    Lmao i wish cps went as intense on my dad as the guy pretending to be cps did on Mike

  15. Ya Yeet

    Ya Yeet7 days ago

    Birds cough, all right. And sneeze, too! The reason you assume you've never witnessed this, if you've actually been near a sick bird, is that it wouldn't draw your attention. A cough sounds like a slightly different chirp.

  16. Pewdiepie Channel

    Pewdiepie Channel7 days ago

    Welcome to america where dumb people exist

  17. Cupid Betty

    Cupid Betty7 days ago

    I like the grip a phone case gives me. I can set it against something and not have to worry about it sliding down or when I hold it, it doesnt feel slippery.

  18. BuzzKill

    BuzzKill9 days ago

    Great sketch until the very end.

  19. Mufti Hossain

    Mufti Hossain9 days ago

    He looks like Tom Cavanaugh

  20. Ruben Bahr

    Ruben Bahr12 days ago

    Haha so true

  21. aaroney132

    aaroney13212 days ago

    This was awesome 👏🏻 they should do a sequel. The one where the cheap, kinda thing rubber case fails to protect the phone. Who’s to blame then? Who I ask you Who

  22. Eddie

    Eddie13 days ago

    I dropped an iPhone once the first day I had it, screen shattered. Now I have a cheapo android I've all but slam dunked to the pavement at least 50 times and it hasn't broke yet.

  23. whoever whatsoever

    whoever whatsoever13 days ago

    Phones nowadays can survive multiple drops except the screen. Glass is still glass (jerry rig voice 😂) to cut it short, atleast put a glass screen protector like I did. Some scratches at the back won't bother me and my screen was still fine. Drop it many times but the tempered glass screen protector saves the day.

  24. MarSprite

    MarSprite14 days ago

    When I didn't put any screen protection on my iphone 4s, or case, In the 3+ years I used it, I never once dropped it or broke the screen because I knew that any impact at all was probably going to ruin it. Since getting a Galaxy Note 8 and putting on a hard screen protector, I drop this thing at least twice a month. I drop it because I know in my subconscious that it will survive a drop intact- and it has every time. The frame is a little roughed up and the hard screen protector is fractured all over(I've replaced it thrice before giving up on trying to have it unbroken). Phone protection inspires people to treat their phones like some kind of rugged iron ingot. Whereas people who actually don't put protection on it and take care of their phone like it's a baby don't have any issues unless they are the kind of fool who would drop a baby. I fix peoples phones for money on a hobby basis, and the people bringing me broke phones generally have cases and screen protectors for them.

  25. Karen Page

    Karen PageDay ago

    Putting on a case is essential, to me, with the number of phones that now have glass back panels. It's also a nice way to liven up your phone's colors.

  26. Uriel Santos

    Uriel Santos16 days ago

    ok, all off them are idiots

  27. Tyler Dunn

    Tyler Dunn18 days ago

    1:23 That throw was epic

  28. Weirdo Guy

    Weirdo Guy19 days ago

    My phone has a case the inch thick

  29. Just Call Me Sköll

    Just Call Me Sköll20 days ago

    I don't need a phone case because I have a Samsung

  30. yunikage

    yunikage20 days ago

    It baffles me that people spend real money on phones. Like unless you're hardcore into mobile gaming (in which case, shine on you crazy diamond), why would you spend $700 for a phone that you use to take pictures, text, etc. when there are phones that do the same thing for $20? This is madness. I have never used a case, I have never spent more than $30 for a phone, and when I break one or lose one I just buy another. Cast off your shackles and join me, America.

  31. Gaudium Felidae

    Gaudium Felidae21 day ago

    2:37 cm? I tough this was america

  32. Mo Sutton

    Mo Sutton22 days ago

    Just... wtf

  33. Me AndMeToo

    Me AndMeToo23 days ago

    Never had a phone case in my life.

  34. Fluff Nuff

    Fluff Nuff24 days ago

    This is another nice college humour metaphor

  35. Krema Toryum

    Krema Toryum24 days ago

    Caseless phone case

  36. chemistryingreen

    chemistryingreen25 days ago

    Cello Music credit please 2:55 ???

  37. topshaggercaleb

    topshaggercaleb26 days ago

    apple users be like

  38. Anna Meridian

    Anna Meridian27 days ago

    It was 100% her fault

  39. rafdy prasetyo

    rafdy prasetyo27 days ago

    adam said case its a scheme made by ?????

  40. Mr. Burn

    Mr. Burn28 days ago

    the poor agent he saw some terrible things we salute you agent orson

  41. Jack Lee

    Jack Lee29 days ago

    아이폰은 쌩폰이 진리

  42. vipul vivart

    vipul vivart29 days ago

    Why does he has an iPhone 5 in 2018.

  43. unexpired1

    unexpired129 days ago

    That suited guy deserves an oscar for this.

  44. Emerald Snake

    Emerald Snake29 days ago

    I still blame raka

  45. L

    LMonth ago

    Birds actually can cough by the way

  46. James Robinson

    James Robinson21 day ago

    Who you referring to my two boys

  47. heliumtrapeze

    heliumtrapezeMonth ago

    That Avery Monson is incredible

  48. tim fischer

    tim fischerMonth ago

    just the sound of a phone hitting the ground is enough to scare me

  49. James Robinson

    James Robinson21 day ago

    I wasn't trying to scare you I was trying to get in contact with my boy but it's too late they already gone I'm not even trippin about nothing

  50. Zohar Bowman

    Zohar BowmanMonth ago

    Haha I love Avery monsen so much he's such a great actor

  51. Jobin Joseph

    Jobin JosephMonth ago

    Those who trade liberty for saftey deserve neither and get none

  52. weckar

    weckarMonth ago

    I don't use a phone case. Then again, good luck finding one that fits a $15 burner phone.

  53. Sagar Dimdung

    Sagar DimdungMonth ago

    His voice is like of Matthew

  54. Too many fandoms help

    Too many fandoms helpMonth ago

    But... do birds cough?

  55. James Robinson

    James Robinson21 day ago

    Once again are you referring to my boys I'm asking a question

  56. Legend Belfalcon

    Legend BelfalconMonth ago

    It's funny yet it's equivalent of child protection services made it a bit too cringy real to laugh at.. Just made me feel bad for kids.

  57. James Robinson

    James Robinson21 day ago

    Don't worry about that that's in the past we got move forward

  58. Carson Moore

    Carson MooreMonth ago


  59. Dave Harris

    Dave HarrisMonth ago

    I don't have a case on my phone. I hate my phone and want it to die.

  60. Magnus Nordström

    Magnus NordströmMonth ago

    So happy I've got a 30 dollar phone.

  61. JONATHAN TAN JIAYI student

    JONATHAN TAN JIAYI studentMonth ago

    hello 911?

  62. Ricardo alves

    Ricardo alvesMonth ago

    I feel like people with cases are the ones that manage to always have their phone broken I've had my phone for almost two years, I take it with me everyday, and all it has is a few scratches, just take care of it, and don't buy a fucking iPhone

  63. elijahpepe

    elijahpepeMonth ago

    Having a phone without a case is like not wearing your helmet. Sure, you look cool, but you’re going to accidentally slip on a rock and hurt your head while biking.

  64. Danver

    DanverMonth ago

    I just use a tempered glass screem, do everything in the video and my phone is fine...only cracks on the temper.

  65. Omar Shohoud

    Omar ShohoudMonth ago

    Can't really tell who the bad guy is here lol

  66. Jack Iblis

    Jack IblisMonth ago

    Jerry Trainor? Seriously. He looks similar and sound exactly like Jerry Trainor!

  67. Gawerty

    GawertyMonth ago

    is it sad that I took my case off after watching this video to feel the smooth bezel and thinness of my phone in my grip?

  68. FreeStyle

    FreeStyleMonth ago

    There was a chandelier on my bed, I tossed my phone like always on the bed, there goes my chandelier.. The phone is fine

  69. William Hinton

    William HintonMonth ago

    My phone is caseless and I've dropped it 4 feet onto sidewalk. It's totally fine

  70. Dark Arts Dabbler

    Dark Arts Dabbler29 days ago

    Same, but my phone isn't 50% glass and 50% even more breakable glass like most modern phones, which also are counter intuitively priced at like $1500

  71. Evape

    EvapeMonth ago

    Can birds cough? No... because birds are fake apparently

  72. phantom of fire gaming

    phantom of fire gamingMonth ago

    I have no phone case

  73. wanderlustwarrior

    wanderlustwarriorMonth ago

    This is why his battery died.

  74. paper2222

    paper2222Month ago

    can we just get back to about birds coughing?

  75. Hope Glory

    Hope GloryMonth ago

    That's too funny. 😂😂😂

  76. JackStache plays

    JackStache playsMonth ago

    This video is.....kinda dumb I don’t blame people if they like it...but it’s just a bit dumb

  77. Carter Ross

    Carter RossMonth ago

    godbless phonie

  78. YoItzMelody195

    YoItzMelody195Month ago

    Watching this without a case

  79. John Larson

    John LarsonMonth ago

    i playe this in front of my dog she growled at it

  80. kpop nonstop

    kpop nonstopMonth ago


  81. NateNotFunny

    NateNotFunnyMonth ago

    Am i the only one who dosnt find that chick funny at all?

  82. coulrophobia

    coulrophobiaMonth ago

    I hate cases

  83. Yolocast Kirk

    Yolocast KirkMonth ago

    I drop my caseless phone all the time and it's fine but I know people with a case and cracked screens and it confuses me

  84. Mohamed Hany

    Mohamed HanyMonth ago

    28 stab wounds 😂😂😂😂

  85. this nigga eating beans

    this nigga eating beansMonth ago

    were just gonna ignore he got a iPhone 4 in 2018

  86. ThatLazyLizard

    ThatLazyLizard2 months ago

    *the entire plot of Detroit become human*

  87. GrimTheSecond

    GrimTheSecond2 months ago

    Death Grip

  88. pal1d1nl1ght

    pal1d1nl1ght2 months ago

    This makes no sense for people with Huawei phones, or Blackberry phones. Those phones are bulletproof witout a case. I had a Huawei phone, it was in the pocket of my pants when I dropped them down my laundry shoot. 30 ft drop onto hard plastic. The phone landed screen side down. Unharmed. My friend has an iphone and he fumbles it over his desk in school, falls less than 6 inches, screen shatters. Yeah apple products are great

  89. Im Extra

    Im Extra2 months ago

    You don't need a case if you have a phone with a plastic screen or if you just aren't a klutz lmao.

  90. warm blankets

    warm blankets2 months ago

    i don't... use a phone case....

  91. Unique Bacon Hair

    Unique Bacon Hair2 months ago

    I don't have one either

  92. 9days till I can change my name

    9days till I can change my name2 months ago


  93. Silly Silentfilms

    Silly Silentfilms2 months ago

    I want a jobbbbbbb

  94. Learningaboutspace iscool

    Learningaboutspace iscool2 months ago

    Now the phone will be *Hardly Working* 😉

  95. Happy Face

    Happy Face2 months ago

    I love that while they’re arguing about the phone case, Rehka is just talking to the phone. *“You like the coco?”* 😂😂😂

  96. A Chef To the Past

    A Chef To the Past2 months ago


  97. TheBoltMaster

    TheBoltMaster2 months ago

    2:39 all iphones starting from the iphone 8 are waterproof, and all samsungs starting from the s7 edge are watetproof. So invalid argument there, i used to always take my s7 edge into the pool with me and shoot cool underwater videos, then i lost my phone cause it fell out of my pocket.

  98. Zeynep Derin Konakci

    Zeynep Derin Konakci2 months ago

    I sended help they are comming

  99. The Fat Pug

    The Fat Pug2 months ago

    I’ve dropped my phone multiple times nothings happened and it has the worst case ever

  100. Lucid v0.89

    Lucid v0.892 months ago

    Phone cost like $5

  101. Marin Hrabrić

    Marin Hrabrić2 months ago

    I don't have a case.

  102. Oi Bruv it’s Ss_SneperCat_sS

    Oi Bruv it’s Ss_SneperCat_sS2 months ago

    I have an iPhone 6 Plus and I have no case and have ABUSED IT because I have dropped it many times

  103. biba1baba2buba3

    biba1baba2buba32 months ago

    A case is an upgrade looks wise for the vast majority, honestly just care about the insides since I always have a case.

  104. jj dellay

    jj dellay2 months ago

    I dont have a phone case and my phone works just fine (sort of)

  105. MTF: Nine Tailed fox

    MTF: Nine Tailed fox2 months ago

    So phones are more important than laptops? WHY AREN'T THERE ANY LAPTOP CASSING

  106. SnipeTheDragonHD

    SnipeTheDragonHD2 months ago

    ...why does this exist

  107. Aleksander Loftet-Hope

    Aleksander Loftet-Hope2 months ago

    When will Mike punch someone? That is my question

  108. Redwood21

    Redwood212 months ago

    This video made me what to kill that girl at the end. And the guy in the suit too.