This Monster Has No Phone Case | Hardly Working


  1. Mewtwo TheScout

    Mewtwo TheScout6 hours ago

    My phone has a case because it’s always slippery when I don’t have it on I’m actually jumbling to type this to prove my points

  2. Mr Feast

    Mr Feast4 days ago

    This is me with my friends

  3. F. I. R. E.

    F. I. R. E.4 days ago

    2:43 Speaking from personal experience, _no,_ even if it has a case on it, you _cannot_ take your phone into the pool. Also, my phone's valuable enough to me where I wouldn't toss it on the coffee table. (And it has a case.)

  4. Cocoa Bean

    Cocoa Bean4 days ago

    okay but why does this actually stress me out ;-;

  5. EdieLouise

    EdieLouise5 days ago

    My dad doesn’t have a case :/ it’s sad

  6. Rain227

    Rain2275 days ago

    *neil degrasse Tyson has left the chat* Sent from my ceaseless iphone

  7. Admiral Ackbar

    Admiral Ackbar5 days ago

    I flip my phone, Do I have to go to jail now? I mean flip as in I toss it in the air.

  8. helenevienna

    helenevienna5 days ago

    The security guy reminds me of mr Peabody from Problem Child

  9. The Riot House

    The Riot House6 days ago

    So, this is child protective services but with a phone. Instead of CPS it’s PPS

  10. Gary Kerwin

    Gary Kerwin6 days ago

    Its pathetic how terrible people care for their phone

  11. snakelemon

    snakelemon6 days ago

    Avery Monsen is fit.

  12. Connor Joy

    Connor Joy6 days ago

    2018 and he has a iPhone 5

  13. jb888888888

    jb8888888887 days ago

    He probably had a phone case but accidentally left it in the same box he put Pat in. When he killed him.

  14. Jona V.

    Jona V.8 days ago

    Someone show this video to the anti-vaxxers

  15. Victoria

    Victoria9 days ago

    0:53 is one of the best moments ever

  16. See You Space Cowgirl Someday Somewhere

    See You Space Cowgirl Someday Somewhere9 days ago

    Reflect on this skit everyone. It's a game and the prize is your wallet.

  17. NaptimeGaming

    NaptimeGaming9 days ago

    Is this an anti vax ad?

  18. Nancy Zamorano

    Nancy Zamorano9 days ago


  19. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ9 days ago

    Anyone else take there case off there phone while they were watching the video

  20. Sofia Vitug

    Sofia Vitug9 days ago

    I don’t have a phonecase because my phone is soo unpopular that it doesn’t offer any phonecasee


    EUGENE WONG10 days ago

    I feel dumber watching this

  22. Jayden Calderon

    Jayden Calderon10 days ago

    Just look up why Neil Degrasse Tyson doesn’t have a case. That’s why.

  23. Siddhayak Goyal

    Siddhayak Goyal11 days ago

    *Neil deGrasse Tyson wants to know your location*

  24. Colorful bleach.

    Colorful bleach.11 days ago

    ermmm................... i got no case

  25. Thomas Parker

    Thomas Parker11 days ago

    Get a case that has no plastic and is thin af boi

  26. Zoe Bruce

    Zoe Bruce11 days ago

    If he wants to se the design he can just have a clear case

  27. Gurujot Singh Khalsa

    Gurujot Singh Khalsa14 days ago

    i don't have a case. shout out to neil degrasse tyson as my inspiration. anyone else?

  28. Kurt Cobain

    Kurt Cobain15 days ago

    Use a balloon and blow it up and push the phone while it deflates and it will become a case

  29. Yomama Issofat

    Yomama Issofat16 days ago

    Watching this from a caseless phone.

  30. Help me get 1k subs with no videos

    Help me get 1k subs with no videos17 days ago

    If it was a Nokia wold it need a case

  31. Cute Catgirl

    Cute Catgirl17 days ago


  32. Reanetse Moleleki

    Reanetse Moleleki18 days ago

    I only get nervous when my phone is in someone else's hands.

  33. Sky High Skyler

    Sky High Skyler18 days ago

    Am I the only one who started stroking their phone while watching this????

  34. Zachary Axe

    Zachary Axe18 days ago

    "Can birds cough?"

  35. shethewriter

    shethewriter18 days ago

    The cutaways to the phone in the couch are hilarious!

  36. Andre Nunes

    Andre Nunes19 days ago

    I have a apple leather case for my iPhone 👍

  37. i cut my wrists

    i cut my wrists20 days ago

    This hit to close to seems like you’re sending a child abuse message.

  38. Clickbait God

    Clickbait God20 days ago


  39. Kidkaboosky 21

    Kidkaboosky 2120 days ago

    I got a clear case so hah!

  40. Game Masters

    Game Masters21 day ago

    why should you have a case for a phone?

  41. Wiseytt

    Wiseytt21 day ago

    What is she dropped it and said “Don’t worry, it has a case.”

  42. IAmStridle

    IAmStridle21 day ago

    why is this so beautiful

  43. Pedro Fellipe

    Pedro Fellipe22 days ago

    My new phone is almost 1 year old It has fallen many times But everytime I just pick it back up and say "Tis but a scratch"

  44. KMichelle Argus

    KMichelle Argus22 days ago

    I have a case and my glass back is still cracked

  45. hexlgaming

    hexlgaming22 days ago

    Everyone should probably carry/be able to carry their phone with them (at all times).

  46. hexlgaming

    hexlgaming22 days ago

    Get a case. It may not be as thin etc, but it's way more durable. Also there are really good/quality cases..

  47. P99Chan

    P99Chan24 days ago

    *Pretend the phone case is an Anti-Vax mom, Bet you dont want a phone case now ;)*

  48. alicia gold

    alicia gold25 days ago

    My phone has a legit crack on the screen BUT I HAVE A CASE TGAT COVERS THE SCREEN WTF

  49. Gaming Champ

    Gaming Champ25 days ago

    Just a made up scenario. Person 1: * puts a case on phone * Person 2: * tries grabbing the phone * Person 1: NO GRABBING Person 2: * pushed person 1 and throws his phone in a ballistic trajectory * Phone: * breaks * Person 1: * files a lawsuit * Never destroy private property. You could be sued The reason i used person as a name because the scenario has nothing to do with me and i cannot think of names.

  50. PepePoot

    PepePoot26 days ago

    2:48 Do you like the cocoa?

  51. Breakfast Burrito

    Breakfast Burrito26 days ago

    It’s like a non vaccination mom

  52. Me Goofy

    Me Goofy27 days ago

    Damn right I'm gonna have a protective case

  53. Student Stuffs2

    Student Stuffs227 days ago

    Watching this with a phone without a case

  54. Skrilla s•k•r•i•t••

    Skrilla s•k•r•i•t••28 days ago

    Ya know that part in OutLast when ya camera breaks and ya screen is cracked, mine is like that. So y'all have fun with ya boring phones, I'll stick to the renegade life.

  55. KudosK

    KudosK28 days ago

    Who cares?

  56. Alan Winters

    Alan Winters28 days ago

    They should do a sequel to this except with not having a pop socket

  57. FestiveScout 629

    FestiveScout 629Month ago

    Honestly that guy sounds like Jim Carrey

  58. Clarity

    ClarityMonth ago

    The correct way to own a phone is to have the glass protector and and not being a clumy irresponsible piece of shit. Just take care of your phone, jesus.

  59. The Kettle

    The KettleMonth ago

    This video is making me irrationally angry

  60. Moofy

    MoofyMonth ago

    Soooooo who else is watching without a case?

  61. Joseph Buchanan

    Joseph BuchananMonth ago

    No case for my phone.

  62. Zaori

    ZaoriMonth ago

    indeed phones should be made of plastic. the cases should be made of prime materials.

  63. The Willed One

    The Willed OneMonth ago

    I feel like I'd be the Hitler of this sketch lol, IPhones need... considerable modifications to actually be any good.

  64. lexander skylar

    lexander skylarMonth ago

    He was that Guy at a bar

  65. Human Being

    Human BeingMonth ago

    What point are you making? Are you saying that people are irresponsible with their phones or that phones are overly breakable? Or both? Either way, it was great!

  66. hïśîšțěŕş

    hïśîšțěŕşMonth ago

    As a phone owner, I prefer my phone bare, I like it bare

  67. The Notator

    The NotatorMonth ago

    My phone doesn't have a case

  68. Joseph Zeru

    Joseph ZeruMonth ago


  69. Arch

    ArchMonth ago

    Damn, I never realised that I was a monster...

  70. Mr.ClassyGassy Gassy

    Mr.ClassyGassy GassyMonth ago

    This sounds like a white girl dropping her phone

  71. SkjZ

    SkjZMonth ago

    So that makes Neil D Tyson a monster?

  72. Emilie Smith

    Emilie SmithMonth ago

    bRo BuY a ClEaR cAsE

  73. Master Nipper

    Master NipperMonth ago

    this video triggers me

  74. KYT gaming & animation

    KYT gaming & animationMonth ago


  75. Bored Dog

    Bored DogMonth ago

    EVIL!! Oh your waiting for it to be shipped in Amazon... ok :3

  76. somethingsock

    somethingsockMonth ago

    I have had that exact phone and dropped it on concrete caseless and it was fine. If it were an iPhone 8 or above you better have a case

  77. Spencer Decker

    Spencer DeckerMonth ago

    I actually dropped my phone while watching this

  78. Barundonthetechguy / iRepair

    Barundonthetechguy / iRepairMonth ago


  79. Ryuu Ainaki

    Ryuu AinakiMonth ago

    I don't have a phone case on my phone, never have. Never broke a phone either.

  80. Marley

    MarleyMonth ago

    What about when you’re watching MReporter videos on the can and you drop it on the tiled floor? What are you gonna do then, Trap?

  81. s o r r o w s o u n d s

    s o r r o w s o u n d sMonth ago

    My iPad is caseless and it’s been scratched on the back and corner pretty badly...

  82. David Rodgers

    David RodgersMonth ago

    I looked it up... Birds do cough ladys and gentlemen

  83. Pacific Signs

    Pacific SignsMonth ago

    2:48 do u like the coco

  84. -Doctorwjo -

    -Doctorwjo -Month ago

    just dont be an idiot!

  85. Denino Prayoga

    Denino PrayogaMonth ago

    The phone is paid actor

  86. Ban Gx

    Ban GxMonth ago

    One of their best scetches

  87. Use Code: Bakbak5

    Use Code: Bakbak5Month ago

    It's only an iPhone... So why the trouble!?An Android would be a even bigger strougle

  88. Jade Shard

    Jade ShardMonth ago

    ...but do birds cough?

  89. Otakumichibi

    Otakumichibi2 hours ago

    +Lilith Belle Henson Hehe, oh boy! Well I certainly believe you since you spent longer researching. (ノ>▽<。)ノ

  90. Lilith Belle Henson

    Lilith Belle Henson2 hours ago

    +Otakumichibi I did too, so I looked it up for over an hour lol

  91. Otakumichibi

    Otakumichibi8 hours ago

    +Lilith Belle Henson Hm? If you say so; I had conflicting answers when I briefly looked it up, heh. ^-^

  92. Lilith Belle Henson

    Lilith Belle Henson13 hours ago

    +Otakumichibi According to multiple veterinarian sources, yes they do. Not all birds can mimic sounds, and even ones that can't have been observed coughing.

  93. Otakumichibi

    OtakumichibiMonth ago

    Some sources say yes, others say that birds only mimic coughing if they heard a human do it. So... Kinda? 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

  94. Elaiza Anthony

    Elaiza AnthonyMonth ago

    Wtf why do people even do this?! No phone case?!?!?!

  95. Geedi Mohammed

    Geedi MohammedMonth ago

    Why is this in my feed i dropped my phone screen cracked it works 50 of the time. Whas looking for replacment and protective cases. Wtc

  96. Linda Taylor

    Linda TaylorMonth ago

    1:54 vulkanised ruber aka spoks birth control

  97. Louis Londono

    Louis LondonoMonth ago

    Just get a skin

  98. Levlixx

    LevlixxMonth ago

    I don't have a case

  99. Jargo Neo

    Jargo NeoMonth ago

    Do you like the co co?

  100. matty205224

    matty205224Month ago

    Every person I've seen advocate for not putting a case on their phone has regretted it when their phone screen cracks. So many broken iPhone screens everywhere I look. I'd agree with their anti-case arguments if they weren't always bitching about broken screens.

  101. Neptune

    NeptuneMonth ago

    *watching this with no case on my phone*

  102. Jinx Cortez

    Jinx CortezMonth ago

    My phone doesn't have a case. It's like makeup, you don't really need it. But society just tells you to. 😂

  103. אופק פינסקר

    אופק פינסקרMonth ago

    Im watching this on my phone without a phone case

  104. Jenny John

    Jenny JohnMonth ago

    Not one of the funnier episodes. One joke repeated throughout and it wasn't very funny the first time.

  105. Charlie Lowe

    Charlie LoweMonth ago

    Just get a bumper case: it'll solve all of these problems