This Giant Kielbasa Helped a Michelin-starred Restaurant Start Buying Whole Animals - Prime Time


  1. LateNightPoetry

    LateNightPoetryDay ago

    Caterpillar mustache dude was totally hitting on the guy the entire time xD

  2. Simi822

    Simi822Day ago

    if they grind the meat till its of a consistent like pure crap then it is crap literally...

  3. N N

    N N3 days ago

    Is this sausage crying cheese? Looks like a bunch of cysts burst all at once. So does the puss taste like melted Limburger cheese?

  4. Trevor Johnston

    Trevor Johnston5 days ago

    This dude needs to shave his mustache....What is this 1885?...fucking hipsters man

  5. Dead Zone

    Dead Zone7 days ago

    Oh another restaurant that the tire company likes. That's swell.

  6. The Crystal Memes

    The Crystal Memes9 days ago

    C H E E S E

  7. Matthew Stephens

    Matthew Stephens14 days ago

    That's a big creampie

  8. Angelo Santana

    Angelo Santana15 days ago

    Now I'm Hungry!

  9. scott gurney

    scott gurney17 days ago

    Leberkäse...An Austrian bavirian staple...It looks tough........... Leberkäse what crap all over it

  10. Warmachine

    Warmachine19 days ago

    God im on a diet and i cant eat things like those but i think ill brake and get good kiełbasa z serem tomorrow

  11. AJ Y

    AJ Y19 days ago

    what now vegans

  12. Ricardo Martinez

    Ricardo Martinez20 days ago

    why does the guy with the mustache talk

  13. Conqwiztadore22

    Conqwiztadore2220 days ago

    looks delicious

  14. AP chemistry course

    AP chemistry course21 day ago

    It's called Kalbasa it mean's sausage in Russian by the way.

  15. Justin Kline

    Justin Kline22 days ago

    That dude has one of those shitty George Costanza coats I had a kid in the 90s!

  16. lewinrue

    lewinrue23 days ago

    can people shut up about nick

  17. Jenny Tran

    Jenny Tran27 days ago

    mad respect for sausage makers.

  18. Lukas Rutosky

    Lukas Rutosky28 days ago

    kiełbasa is the best boys! polish food r0x!

  19. Avenexful

    Avenexful28 days ago

    wtf?! I live in Poland and this is definitely not Kiełbasa... it's so grounded up that it's more like pate.

  20. Angelus Nielson

    Angelus Nielson28 days ago

    Wagyu sausage? That's like taking a million dollar car to bring the kids home from soccer practice.

  21. Nathaniel Wilcox

    Nathaniel Wilcox28 days ago

    Where do I buy this online ;-;

  22. Thomas

    Thomas29 days ago

    Why collagen casing... its kinda ruining it all, natural bowel casings are far superior

  23. AJ

    AJ29 days ago

    what is with that guy being such a creep

  24. God's son Javier

    God's son JavierMonth ago

    Wonder how vegans fell about this

  25. Renecris Pasco

    Renecris PascoMonth ago

    thus guys forehead could land an A380..damn

  26. Thomas

    ThomasMonth ago


  27. Matthew Sykes

    Matthew SykesMonth ago

    Bah, Peter Shorts Butchers in my home town....... in 40 plus years only had 1 bad moment, poxy turkey of all things and that's after buying a roasting joint once a loads of ground beef, sausages etc. He's a farmer too so all the stuff carved up is his, nothing bought in from other farms unless they have his say so. Yeah you pay more but we trust him and his quality. Very rarely buy meat from supermarkets just for that reason.

  28. Ian Melzer

    Ian MelzerMonth ago

    Once you grind up wagyu, can you tell it use to be wagyu? The whole point of wagyu is the fat marbling. Couldn't you grind lean meat and fat together?

  29. Rybson Live

    Rybson LiveMonth ago

    Sorry guys but this is not kiełbasa, it should not be named like that. It's too much blended, it is more similar to sausage you can find in hot dog. If you like videos like this please have a look at this guy, he is polish

  30. fghfg

    fghfgMonth ago

    didn't they go out of business

  31. Michel Linschoten

    Michel LinschotenMonth ago

    That's not kielbasa...Americans....

  32. FireBIaze

    FireBIazeMonth ago

    At the end the mustache guy looked like he was resisting really hard not to steal the whole thing and run out.

  33. Matthew Hausmann

    Matthew HausmannMonth ago

    I noticed a couple of comments pointing out that they were 'ruining the value of the wagyu by grinding it'. Note that it is lean wagyu, not the expensive fatty stuff. 2:04

  34. oneplatin

    oneplatinMonth ago

    lol come to austria and you have that at almost every street corner its named käsekrainer and you usually get it as a hot dog

  35. Wiglafing

    WiglafingMonth ago

    yup its a giant käsekrainer

  36. Dixfer

    DixferMonth ago

    How about some Halal pork shoulder...

  37. Andrew Richmond

    Andrew RichmondMonth ago

    Is Ben wearing a Suarez Family Brewery shirt?! That's awesome, love that place

  38. Mac Macmac

    Mac MacmacMonth ago

    The gayness got to me a bit though.

  39. R J

    R JMonth ago

    I always thought this would be a fun hobby... but then think I would mess up the curing and kill myself with botulism.

  40. tayfun kilic

    tayfun kilic2 months ago

    if some one say soo good it isnt too good

  41. mkg1321

    mkg13212 months ago

    I wonder if they have "large format" kielbasa in Poland

  42. Word ImPress

    Word ImPress2 months ago

    In Austria this is called 'Käsekrainer', a variation of the 'Kranjska klobasa', which is a Slovenian national dish 'Käseleberkäse'. Great to see culinary tradition moving around the globe to grow XXXL.

  43. NotMy RealName

    NotMy RealName2 months ago

    Only one star? LOLOLOL... rookies

  44. Sch1n89

    Sch1n892 months ago

    German Butcher here. Im just shaking my Head on and on.

  45. FreeQs

    FreeQs2 months ago

    waste of wagyu, waste of pork, waste of cheese and a stain on the name of kiełbasa.

  46. Samuel Davidson

    Samuel Davidson2 months ago

    Aren't people who mutilate animals more likely to be murders? Certainly would explain why America is so eager to support the occupation of Palestine by hebrew terrorists.

  47. Rut Suryany

    Rut Suryany2 months ago

    His moustache reminds me of my bushes down there where I forgot to wax it in 6 months. I’m going to the bathroom now.

  48. Luciano Proença

    Luciano Proença2 months ago

    looks like pus....

  49. Vx

    Vx2 months ago

    They should really get a handpowerd charcuterie slicer the slices will become true perfection since they should be room temperature when slicing and the electric ones can ruin the cut by going too fast since when at room temperature they release their full flavour profile (unless its a cotto always keep cold) but they become much more brittle so the electric ones either tear them or melt the fat. The place I work at specializes in charcuteries and they are all sliced ala minute so they don't dry and is served at optimal temperature. Looks extremely tasty though. Also never pre slice charcuteries it will ruin the flavour and texture by either being too cold or too dry.

  50. Alexandra B.

    Alexandra B.2 months ago

    I hate it

  51. imachynn

    imachynn2 months ago

    Chuj nie kiełbasa, mortadela ze serem.

  52. Ded Berd LB

    Ded Berd LB2 months ago

    dass some sexy damn sausage

  53. theni

    theni2 months ago

    why would u use wagyu for this

  54. Winter Gibbs

    Winter Gibbs2 months ago

    ok ill watch the kielbasa video, youtube.

  55. Benjamin Sheridan

    Benjamin Sheridan2 months ago

    Don't keep that horoscope part in the cut

  56. Kayla Stone

    Kayla Stone2 months ago

    It isn’s kiełbasa! It is disgusting fake american pseudo kiełbasa.

  57. Tom Smith

    Tom Smith2 months ago

    that's just nasty!!!

  58. Ryan Harding

    Ryan Harding2 months ago

    Trypophobia is not a real phobia

  59. Winnie The Beast

    Winnie The Beast2 months ago

    Looks like one of those hot dogs with cheese injected into them

  60. Ryan Struck

    Ryan Struck2 months ago


  61. TotalMayhem

    TotalMayhem2 months ago

    Just came here to say that the thumbnail looks incredibly gross

  62. Captain L-Ron

    Captain L-Ron2 months ago

    High-quality capitalist Kolbasa................where is your Marx now!

  63. alajsj T

    alajsj T2 months ago

    Paul wetzels our weather guy round here

  64. Emanuel Melki

    Emanuel Melki2 months ago


  65. Leftside08

    Leftside082 months ago

    this guy creepy

  66. Fatty2Natty

    Fatty2Natty2 months ago

    That guy with a mustache, the cringe is real. First the horoscope, then the dainty shoulder touch. Behold the future of masculinity

  67. Roy Alexander Dahmen

    Roy Alexander Dahmen2 months ago

    This is junkfood. Freshly made, yes... But Michelin? lol, don't be silly

  68. Jay Gee.

    Jay Gee.2 months ago

    looks like that kielbasa has tapeworms....

  69. Kriste Isopahkala

    Kriste Isopahkala2 months ago

    I know these two guys are hipstering SO HARD, but their looks really don't fit them.

  70. Shannon Olivas

    Shannon Olivas2 months ago

    Bukkake Kielbasa

  71. Davey

    Davey2 months ago

    looks like a creampie somehow

  72. Davey

    Davey2 months ago


  73. TyrionDies

    TyrionDies2 months ago

    Why do I feel that orange zest would go great as part of the ingredients?

  74. Philippe Marchant

    Philippe Marchant2 months ago

    that looks awful.

  75. Nick K

    Nick K2 months ago

    great meats turn man into manchildren :)) (myself included)

  76. burgel18

    burgel182 months ago

    i dont know, but kielbasa in poland looks different

  77. SuperScience

    SuperScience2 months ago

    The video was good up until the horoscope crap. Weird...

  78. ME2

    ME22 months ago

    am i the only one who saw matt damon in the kitchen?

  79. John W

    John W2 months ago

    The kielbasa looks like a perinatal abcess 😳

  80. Sam Kersebet

    Sam Kersebet2 months ago


  81. md288888

    md2888882 months ago

    dude with the mustache is suuuper creepy

  82. Yuki Yamamoto

    Yuki Yamamoto2 months ago

    chuju złoty to nie jest kiełbasa

  83. Sky Goer

    Sky Goer2 months ago

    Wasnt sure what the mood they were trting to set here was

  84. niggerrslayyurr696969

    niggerrslayyurr6969693 months ago

    is that aged waygu??

  85. much wow

    much wow3 months ago

    People, this sausage looks and must taste awesome, some respect please. :

  86. John Kravich

    John Kravich3 months ago

    My mouth is watering

  87. Tai Jay

    Tai Jay3 months ago

    They're pronouncing it wrong

  88. pawloiox2

    pawloiox23 months ago

    Fun fact: kielbasa is actually sausage in Polish

  89. M Ouija

    M Ouija3 months ago

    I'm not sure how or why this is a kielbasa, as opposed to any other kind of sausage. It looks more like a cheese filled bologna or wurst to me. As a 100% Polack, I've never seen a kielbasa that looked anything like this, both externally and internally. Kielbasa is chunky looking on the inside, uses natural casing about 3cm (1.25 inch or so) in diameter and usually comes in a horseshoe shape when you get it from an authentic Polish butcher.

  90. Tanvir Ahmed

    Tanvir Ahmed3 months ago

    this is A very nice video

  91. jem Ogn

    jem Ogn3 months ago


  92. Daniel Z

    Daniel Z3 months ago

    It looks awful... That's not a proper texture for kielbasa!

  93. Gasper Erjavec

    Gasper Erjavec3 months ago

    Kielbasa=klobasa slavs will get it

  94. Ismadi Hatra

    Ismadi Hatra3 months ago

    That chef 1:00 he's from fight club.

  95. John Smith

    John Smith3 months ago

    3:11 why are grown men reading that bolonga

  96. 1lapmagic

    1lapmagic3 months ago

    Would be better with a different host than Eddie Mercury over here.

  97. Herp the derp !

    Herp the derp !3 months ago

    Beef milk

  98. Dennis Tzo

    Dennis Tzo3 months ago

    It is колбас.

  99. Oskar Ostapowicz

    Oskar Ostapowicz3 months ago

    It's Kiełbasa. Polish 101.

  100. nickodevoe1

    nickodevoe13 months ago

    Mustache guy is an idiot