This Giant Kielbasa Helped a Michelin-starred Restaurant Start Buying Whole Animals - Prime Time


  1. Jack T

    Jack TDay ago

    these videos are interesting and well made but for some reason these hosts i find so annoying.

  2. PBMS123

    PBMS1233 days ago

    Cheese kranksy yum

  3. ElZamo92

    ElZamo924 days ago

    A wagyu sausage... they could have used ANY kind of beef and it would have tasted exactly the same but it would be orders of magnitude cheaper...

  4. Ishla Corrin

    Ishla Corrin4 days ago

    It's Wagyu because that is what they have as leftovers that need using. Whole animal means exactly that, they use every part of the animal for something.

  5. SirJMDDK

    SirJMDDK5 days ago

    Down vote for horoscope crap.

  6. Sam Rader

    Sam Rader5 days ago

    I'm sure it's delicious but looking at a leaky sausage is making me sick.

  7. Bomber Harris

    Bomber Harris6 days ago

    Why would you use wagyu if you're just going to add pork fat to it anyway? Literally just an excuse to charge more money for it.

  8. ElZamo92

    ElZamo924 days ago

    Bomber Harris exactly what I was thinking...

  9. Caleb Perkins

    Caleb Perkins6 days ago

    All it needs is ketchup😍😍

  10. Robert Tenne

    Robert Tenne6 days ago


  11. Robert Tenne

    Robert Tenne6 days ago

    in the name of Brooklyn/ type o negative october rust full album

  12. ray the person

    ray the person7 days ago

    they run wagyu through a grinder? and mix in spices and pork fat with it kinda makes me think it isnt the best wagyu

  13. Michael Michael

    Michael Michael7 days ago

    It's highly unlikely they are using Japanese A5 to make sausage so your assumption is very likely correct. Not that it really matters though, no chef in his right mind would use the best wagyu to make sausage.

  14. Juan Diego Esquivel

    Juan Diego Esquivel7 days ago


  15. Jokaz 55

    Jokaz 558 days ago

    why use wagyu for the ground beef its a waste of good beef because you can control the meat to fat ratio with ground beef anyways

  16. Jessie Briones

    Jessie Briones7 days ago

    Well the muscle part they used seems to have less fat could be somewhere on the legs. Some cuts in the wagyu not really used for steaks and stuff.

  17. Nirvan Maraj

    Nirvan Maraj8 days ago

    I read this as Giant Klebsiella

  18. Quinten Leidekker

    Quinten Leidekker8 days ago

    What is this horoscope bs?



    Slavs : heavy breathing *blyat*

  20. Richard Dick

    Richard Dick9 days ago

    for Russians its like the God...maybe it's even can beat Putin on next president elections in 2024."vote!and you can have peace of me!"

  21. orion khan

    orion khan9 days ago

    Oh man... put that on some toasted pumpernickel while it’s still melty 🤤🤯

  22. Jordan Edwards

    Jordan Edwards10 days ago

    Scorpios are the best

  23. Gonietube NYC

    Gonietube NYC10 days ago


  24. Taneli Heinanen

    Taneli Heinanen10 days ago

    >American culture You mean Navajo or Sioux?

  25. Arsoncrafts

    Arsoncrafts11 days ago

    I hate how they pronounce "wagyu".

  26. Dynikus

    Dynikus8 days ago

    You mean correctly..?

  27. SamuelVlogs

    SamuelVlogs13 days ago

    That is already in the Netherlands(for like 6-8years) so it's not now it's sad for you guys but it's true😂😑

  28. Obey The Law

    Obey The Law13 days ago

    Seemed more like a loaf and less like a sausage.

  29. Austin Chapa

    Austin Chapa16 days ago

    Took me untill the horoscope to realize i was watching at .75x

  30. Delta_STW5

    Delta_STW58 days ago

    How high are you? :P

  31. Joshua 윤호 Han

    Joshua 윤호 Han17 days ago

    nice slice of that on like an English muffin and fried egg this would be killer!

  32. kofManKan

    kofManKan20 days ago

    Looks Fab! Drool!

  33. Jeff K

    Jeff K21 day ago

    I guess they are such talented chefs that their hair does not fall out onto to food.

  34. KaneTW

    KaneTW29 days ago

    cheese in sausages is disgusting

  35. Young Studz Family

    Young Studz FamilyMonth ago

    I don't eat meat but this watered my mouth

  36. conner walker

    conner walkerMonth ago

    The snap of the sausage off the blade at 1:54 was my favorite part of the video tbh

  37. thejmeister

    thejmeisterMonth ago

    These guys say "well balanced" more than Thanos does.

  38. ryan peace

    ryan peaceMonth ago

    Are they trying to bang the guy grinding the meat?

  39. UdsUds King

    UdsUds KingMonth ago

    this is somehow triggering my trypophobia..

  40. BigSnipp

    BigSnipp2 months ago

    Cheese in a kielbasa? My Polish grandpa just rolled over in his grave.

  41. sexy korean girl

    sexy korean girl2 months ago

    two of them look like twins

  42. Roro Momo

    Roro Momo2 months ago

    If you think this is actually a Kielbasa, then you've been eating too much of tha Hillshire Farms bs. Real Kielbasa has large chunks of meat and is NOT emulsified... this is some sort of Frankensausage. That being said, i'm sure it's tasty! Just not a Kielbasa.

  43. Jake Papp

    Jake Papp2 months ago

    I don't like these two at all, they're douches

  44. elizah 753

    elizah 7532 months ago

    LOL the horoscope reading has me shook

  45. Mihaugoku

    Mihaugoku2 months ago

    That.. doesn't look like kiełbasa.

  46. MrGoatflakes

    MrGoatflakes2 months ago

    5:38 boo guts or go home xD jokes sure it was a fine sausage :D

  47. Domi Nus

    Domi Nus2 months ago


  48. Eric

    Eric2 months ago

    I find the color inside the kiekbasa was offputting but i bet its good

  49. uniball01

    uniball012 months ago

    the amount of people saying the literal term for what they're doing (value added product) is pretentious is just nutty. some dude literally said "everything that a restaurant sells is value added product". buying a cut of steak and then cooking that steak doesn't make it a value added product. you take a product that is comparatively cheap, like wheat or milk, and turn it into a more valuable product, like flour and cheese respectively. so many people sit there and hear a term they can't understand and call the person using it pretentious. cooking your cut of steak and calling it a value added product would be pretentious, but that isn't what they're talking about. it's literally what all food processing plants do, and anyone who calls that pretentious simply lost all sense of the word.

  50. Candice Boucher

    Candice Boucher2 months ago

    how much does it sell for at the restaurant?

  51. GreenLanternSalem

    GreenLanternSalem2 months ago

    I would rather have smaller sausage. But , I can see this as a nice cheesy mortadella or something to that effect as a sausage with onions, bell peppers and some BBQ beans for ome helluva Fank n Beans meal that will make your heart sing.

  52. Blomstermark

    Blomstermark9 days ago

    that sounds awesome..

  53. Captain Buggy

    Captain Buggy2 months ago


  54. Denny Crane

    Denny Crane2 months ago

    Biff and the pedophile food adventures

  55. 2001

    20012 months ago

    I like how Americans say “degrees” to clarify wether it’s Celsius or Fahrenheit, mainly cause it just shows how stupid Americans are and makes absolutely no sense as they’re both degrees!

  56. Boii227 -Gaming and stuff-

    Boii227 -Gaming and stuff-2 months ago

    Dip it in polish mayonez and, opa, blin it's amazing

  57. Large fpv

    Large fpv3 months ago

    I have seen simular videos where the cheese oozes out of all holes.

  58. Pudgee Monkey

    Pudgee Monkey3 months ago

    parade resting the whole time

  59. bubbajoexxx

    bubbajoexxx3 months ago

    thats not Kielbasa thats beef and pork cheeze bolonga

  60. Richard Head

    Richard Head3 months ago

    *_7:34_**_ = My Teen Face_*

  61. Love Life

    Love Life3 months ago

    I love sausage but seeing it made looks like 💩 being Injected into a plastic casing... disgusting👎🏻

  62. Herbal Care

    Herbal Care3 months ago

    this cringefest...

  63. Joe April

    Joe April3 months ago

    Reminds me of KC Armstrong

  64. TheZudoke

    TheZudoke3 months ago

    Paul wetsel, a. K. A pwetzel

  65. Žan Florjanc

    Žan Florjanc3 months ago

    stupid presenters.

  66. Meaneviljoe

    Meaneviljoe3 months ago

    bologna and cheese

  67. sethzky77

    sethzky773 months ago

    Is mustache dude trying to bang that chef?

  68. shaman sabbathian

    shaman sabbathian3 months ago

    Not enough viscous leakage in the video! That saucy thumbnail got me hotter than colliding fissile material! too much suckage, man! Not enough fatty leakage!


    SALLY HUN4 months ago

    A sausage that jizzes..... cool

  70. Dominic Paulazzo

    Dominic Paulazzo4 months ago

    Your videos could be so much better if you two didn’t host them. Weird beta male worms squirming around in a professional world only to bother people at work to actually make them feel physically uncomfortable.

  71. Dominic Paulazzo

    Dominic Paulazzo4 months ago

    You guys are so weird! The fact that you actually get views is purely based on content, which to be fair is good. But honestly you two are the most awkward, cringing hosts.

  72. WelfareChrist

    WelfareChrist4 months ago

    Barf. Whats the pointa using wagyu for this??

  73. roger preston

    roger preston4 months ago

    Im Polish and i never saw something like that in my entire life, yet they're calling it 'kiełbasa' lol.

  74. Thee BlueKing

    Thee BlueKing4 months ago


  75. asoom

    asoom4 months ago


  76. Ken Emm

    Ken Emm4 months ago

    Value Added Product ✔= Ripping off customers❌

  77. Dani Holmes

    Dani Holmes4 months ago

    So erotic

  78. Najmul Huda

    Najmul Huda4 months ago

    Hats off to paul !

  79. Kaiyto

    Kaiyto4 months ago

    Why do people always find something to bitch about... A video about where the main focus is FOOD, certain small minded people in the comments feel like they need to bitch about no more than a 15 second clip of them jokingly talking about a horoscope, whether you believe in it or not chill out to many people are so bitchy and up-tight now days.

  80. Tata_Batata

    Tata_Batata4 months ago

    Why use wagyu when you use ground meat? Can't you just add more fat into the mixture?

  81. Chea Lilley

    Chea Lilley4 months ago

    OMG I bet all vegans hate this channel 😭😂😭😂

  82. 卐Mysterious NPC #1488 Stranger卐

    卐Mysterious NPC #1488 Stranger卐4 months ago

    FINALLY some not chef like people with actual skills covering food meats and whatnot... godbless guys keep up the awesome content!

  83. Zurkster

    Zurkster4 months ago

    Looks really nice! Have never seen any on the UK.

  84. tony torres

    tony torres4 months ago

    Call it meat..not protein

  85. mangkaw321

    mangkaw3214 months ago

    this is wagyu blaspemy

  86. Drunken Whaler

    Drunken Whaler4 months ago

    They buy the whole cow. It's probably just the trimmings

  87. Albert Lloren

    Albert Lloren4 months ago

    Zodiac killer much. He was definitely creeped out by that question

  88. Grant1878

    Grant18784 months ago

    Doesn’t even pronounce kielbasa correctly smh

  89. Petar Bosi

    Petar Bosi4 months ago


  90. TheStanfordKid

    TheStanfordKid5 months ago

    Looks delicious.

  91. Paul Wenzel

    Paul Wenzel5 months ago


  92. Meme Machine

    Meme Machine5 months ago

    "Value added product". That's a pretty pompus way to say "cooked food". Don't be so pretentious.

  93. DarkValorWolf

    DarkValorWolf4 months ago

    you didn't really understand what they said did you now😂 it's changing a product into a different, more valuable, product, to then use in dishes. just cooking isn't changing the product

  94. TOX Acid

    TOX Acid5 months ago


  95. Bluemilk92

    Bluemilk926 months ago

    Cutting into that killed me I want!

  96. Luke Pitchford

    Luke Pitchford6 months ago

    Edward Norton would totally quit acting to make sausage

  97. Pre-Orders R killing gaming

    Pre-Orders R killing gaming6 months ago

    a place near me in the Berkshires (MA) has been making kick ass cheese filled kielbasa & sausages for a Very long time

  98. Matt Mays

    Matt Mays6 months ago

    Way overexposed

  99. vali kas

    vali kas6 months ago

    Its funny how he say kalbasa :D

  100. José María

    José María6 months ago


  101. Nigel Menezes

    Nigel Menezes6 months ago

    6:00 that looked like a giant condom on the sausage maker

  102. Gordon Wiessner

    Gordon Wiessner6 months ago

    Not Kielbasa, more like and Italian Mortedella.

  103. Randie G.

    Randie G.6 months ago

    astrology BS you looney tunes!!!!..bye bye!

  104. T0X1C

    T0X1C6 months ago

    thx i stick to leberkäse

  105. Tanguy Laloy

    Tanguy Laloy6 months ago

    *any european citisen* "this is not cheese"

  106. Ah Cai Berry

    Ah Cai Berry6 months ago

    That was amazing guys...great video

  107. Brunon Kopyto

    Brunon Kopyto6 months ago

    I'm sure it tastes great but please, this is just bologna made out of super expensive meat and stuffed with cheese, it's not kielbasa

  108. Benjamin Kennedy

    Benjamin Kennedy6 months ago

    I stopped watching when he asked about horoscopes

  109. Epic Drrr

    Epic Drrr6 months ago

    4:10 ...yup...sureeeee

  110. christian anguiano

    christian anguiano6 months ago

    Midget Biff ?