This Giant Kielbasa Helped a Michelin-starred Restaurant Start Buying Whole Animals - Prime Time


  1. Mr C

    Mr CDay ago

    I love sausage but seeing it made looks like 💩 being Injected into a plastic casing... disgusting👎🏻

  2. Herbal Care

    Herbal Care3 days ago

    this cringefest...

  3. Joe April

    Joe April6 days ago

    Reminds me of KC Armstrong

  4. TheZudoke

    TheZudoke10 days ago

    Paul wetsel, a. K. A pwetzel

  5. Žan Florjanc

    Žan Florjanc11 days ago

    stupid presenters.

  6. Meaneviljoe

    Meaneviljoe14 days ago

    bologna and cheese

  7. sethzky77

    sethzky7720 days ago

    Is mustache dude trying to bang that chef?

  8. shaman sabbathian

    shaman sabbathian21 day ago

    Not enough viscous leakage in the video! That saucy thumbnail got me hotter than colliding fissile material! too much suckage, man! Not enough fatty leakage!


    SALLY HUN26 days ago

    A sausage that jizzes..... cool

  10. Dominic Paulazzo

    Dominic Paulazzo27 days ago

    Your videos could be so much better if you two didn’t host them. Weird beta male worms squirming around in a professional world only to bother people at work to actually make them feel physically uncomfortable.

  11. Dominic Paulazzo

    Dominic Paulazzo27 days ago

    You guys are so weird! The fact that you actually get views is purely based on content, which to be fair is good. But honestly you two are the most awkward, cringing hosts.

  12. WelfareChrist

    WelfareChrist29 days ago

    Barf. Whats the pointa using wagyu for this??

  13. roger preston

    roger preston29 days ago

    Im Polish and i never saw something like that in my entire life, yet they're calling it 'kiełbasa' lol.

  14. Thee BlueKing

    Thee BlueKing29 days ago


  15. asoom

    asoomMonth ago


  16. Ken Emm

    Ken EmmMonth ago

    Value Added Product ✔= Ripping off customers❌

  17. Dani Holmes

    Dani HolmesMonth ago

    So erotic

  18. Najmul Huda

    Najmul HudaMonth ago

    Hats off to paul !

  19. Kaiyto

    KaiytoMonth ago

    Why do people always find something to bitch about... A video about where the main focus is FOOD, certain small minded people in the comments feel like they need to bitch about no more than a 15 second clip of them jokingly talking about a horoscope, whether you believe in it or not chill out to many people are so bitchy and up-tight now days.

  20. Tata_Batata

    Tata_BatataMonth ago

    Why use wagyu when you use ground meat? Can't you just add more fat into the mixture?

  21. Chea Lilley

    Chea LilleyMonth ago

    OMG I bet all vegans hate this channel 😭😂😭😂

  22. 卐Mysterious NPC #1488 Stranger卐

    卐Mysterious NPC #1488 Stranger卐Month ago

    FINALLY some not chef like people with actual skills covering food meats and whatnot... godbless guys keep up the awesome content!

  23. Zurkster

    ZurksterMonth ago

    Looks really nice! Have never seen any on the UK.

  24. tony torres

    tony torresMonth ago

    Call it meat..not protein

  25. mangkaw321

    mangkaw321Month ago

    this is wagyu blaspemy

  26. Drunken Whaler

    Drunken WhalerMonth ago

    They buy the whole cow. It's probably just the trimmings

  27. Albert Lloren

    Albert LlorenMonth ago

    Zodiac killer much. He was definitely creeped out by that question

  28. Grant1878

    Grant1878Month ago

    Doesn’t even pronounce kielbasa correctly smh

  29. Petar Bosi

    Petar BosiMonth ago


  30. TheStanfordKid

    TheStanfordKid2 months ago

    Looks delicious.

  31. Paul Wenzel

    Paul Wenzel2 months ago


  32. Meme Machine

    Meme Machine2 months ago

    "Value added product". That's a pretty pompus way to say "cooked food". Don't be so pretentious.

  33. DarkValorWolf

    DarkValorWolfMonth ago

    you didn't really understand what they said did you now😂 it's changing a product into a different, more valuable, product, to then use in dishes. just cooking isn't changing the product

  34. Giacomo Scagliarini

    Giacomo Scagliarini2 months ago


  35. Bluemilk92

    Bluemilk922 months ago

    Cutting into that killed me I want!

  36. Luke Pitchford

    Luke Pitchford2 months ago

    Edward Norton would totally quit acting to make sausage

  37. Ted Backus

    Ted Backus2 months ago

    a place near me in the Berkshires (MA) has been making kick ass cheese filled kielbasa & sausages for a Very long time

  38. Matt Mays

    Matt Mays2 months ago

    Way overexposed

  39. I am Me

    I am Me3 months ago

    Its funny how he say kalbasa :D

  40. José María

    José María3 months ago


  41. Nigel Menezes

    Nigel Menezes3 months ago

    6:00 that looked like a giant condom on the sausage maker

  42. Gordon Wiessner

    Gordon Wiessner3 months ago

    Not Kielbasa, more like and Italian Mortedella.

  43. Randie G.

    Randie G.3 months ago

    astrology BS you looney tunes!!!!..bye bye!

  44. T0X1C

    T0X1C3 months ago

    thx i stick to leberkäse

  45. Tanguy Laloy

    Tanguy Laloy3 months ago

    *any european citisen* "this is not cheese"

  46. Ah Cai Berry

    Ah Cai Berry3 months ago

    That was amazing guys...great video

  47. Brunon Kopyto

    Brunon Kopyto3 months ago

    I'm sure it tastes great but please, this is just bologna made out of super expensive meat and stuffed with cheese, it's not kielbasa

  48. Benjamin Kennedy

    Benjamin Kennedy3 months ago

    I stopped watching when he asked about horoscopes

  49. Sinful Sleep

    Sinful Sleep3 months ago

    4:10 ...yup...sureeeee

  50. christian anguiano

    christian anguiano3 months ago

    Midget Biff ?

  51. Hecken Dggo

    Hecken Dggo3 months ago

    Dead Paul

  52. C Brown

    C Brown3 months ago

    Dammit this show always makes me hungry af by the end of the episode.

  53. Igor Estevan

    Igor Estevan3 months ago

    bring prime time back, please

  54. Explosive Rift

    Explosive Rift3 months ago

    Waste of wagyu

  55. Frank Caraccia

    Frank Caraccia3 months ago

    Black shirt looks like he's related to Biff from back to the future

  56. Carr Rexx

    Carr Rexx3 months ago

    Thumbnail looks like the back of a firing squad wall.

  57. Carr Rexx

    Carr Rexx3 months ago

    Hey boys glad you dress for success. Do I hear Melloncamp? Hippy and a longshoreman. Classy

  58. Brash Badger

    Brash Badger3 months ago

    Is it just me...or does the guy in flannel look like Biff Tannen??!??!

  59. nande *

    nande *3 months ago

    That's a lot of creampies.

  60. Gio Scott

    Gio Scott4 months ago

    it's all feces in wating.

  61. Marv

    Marv4 months ago

    8:11 like like like like like

  62. Henry :v

    Henry :v4 months ago

    Seems like a lot of glory holes

  63. Nope No

    Nope No4 months ago

    Dumb I would not pay for that looks like something Wal-Mart would sell

  64. Tater Salad

    Tater Salad4 months ago


  65. LordZoth6292

    LordZoth62924 months ago

    Ill take a slice!

  66. Ngo Q. Anh

    Ngo Q. Anh4 months ago

    The fuy with mustache creeps me out

  67. Smullet90

    Smullet904 months ago

    That's a lot of fat.

  68. ReflexivoArco

    ReflexivoArco4 months ago

    *heavy Polish breathing*

  69. vlad luck

    vlad luck4 months ago

    mmm cream pie sausage =)

  70. zhader

    zhader4 months ago


  71. TheIslandIdiot

    TheIslandIdiot4 months ago

    Lets do a drinking game. Drink a shot of tequilla everytime the guy with the black cap says "kind of".

  72. Stefan Venus

    Stefan Venus4 months ago


  73. V J

    V J4 months ago

    Watching americans flipping out over "normal sausage" as a german is really funny haha

  74. DGK Parasite

    DGK Parasite4 months ago


  75. MLG Fan

    MLG Fan5 months ago

    Watch out for these glory holes

  76. LateNightPoetry

    LateNightPoetry5 months ago

    Caterpillar mustache dude was totally hitting on the guy the entire time xD

  77. Simi822

    Simi8225 months ago

    if they grind the meat till its of a consistent like pure crap then it is crap literally...

  78. Trevor Johnston

    Trevor Johnston5 months ago

    This dude needs to shave his mustache....What is this 1885?...fucking hipsters man

  79. Dead Zone

    Dead Zone5 months ago

    Oh another restaurant that the tire company likes. That's swell.

  80. The Crystal Memes

    The Crystal Memes5 months ago

    C H E E S E

  81. Matthew Stephens

    Matthew Stephens5 months ago

    That's a big creampie

  82. scott gurney

    scott gurney5 months ago

    Leberkäse...An Austrian bavirian staple...It looks tough........... Leberkäse what crap all over it

  83. Warmachine

    Warmachine5 months ago

    God im on a diet and i cant eat things like those but i think ill brake and get good kiełbasa z serem tomorrow

  84. AJ Y

    AJ Y5 months ago

    what now vegans

  85. Ricardo Martinez

    Ricardo Martinez5 months ago

    why does the guy with the mustache talk

  86. Conqwiztadore22

    Conqwiztadore225 months ago

    looks delicious

  87. AP chemistry course

    AP chemistry course5 months ago

    It's called Kalbasa it mean's sausage in Russian by the way.

  88. Justin Kline

    Justin Kline5 months ago

    That dude has one of those shitty George Costanza coats I had a kid in the 90s!

  89. 원이

    원이5 months ago

    can people shut up about nick

  90. Jenny Tran

    Jenny Tran5 months ago

    mad respect for sausage makers.

  91. Lukas Rutosky

    Lukas Rutosky6 months ago

    kiełbasa is the best boys! polish food r0x!

  92. Avenexful

    Avenexful6 months ago

    wtf?! I live in Poland and this is definitely not Kiełbasa... it's so grounded up that it's more like pate.

  93. Angelus Nielson

    Angelus Nielson6 months ago

    Wagyu sausage? That's like taking a million dollar car to bring the kids home from soccer practice.

  94. Nathaniel Wilcox

    Nathaniel Wilcox6 months ago

    Where do I buy this online ;-;

  95. Thomas

    Thomas6 months ago

    Why collagen casing... its kinda ruining it all, natural bowel casings are far superior

  96. AJ

    AJ6 months ago

    what is with that guy being such a creep

  97. God's Republican son Javier

    God's Republican son Javier6 months ago

    Wonder how vegans fell about this

  98. Renecris Pasco

    Renecris Pasco6 months ago

    thus guys forehead could land an A380..damn

  99. Thomas

    Thomas6 months ago


  100. Matthew Sykes

    Matthew Sykes6 months ago

    Bah, Peter Shorts Butchers in my home town....... in 40 plus years only had 1 bad moment, poxy turkey of all things and that's after buying a roasting joint once a loads of ground beef, sausages etc. He's a farmer too so all the stuff carved up is his, nothing bought in from other farms unless they have his say so. Yeah you pay more but we trust him and his quality. Very rarely buy meat from supermarkets just for that reason.

  101. Ian Melzer

    Ian Melzer6 months ago

    Once you grind up wagyu, can you tell it use to be wagyu? The whole point of wagyu is the fat marbling. Couldn't you grind lean meat and fat together?

  102. Rybson Live

    Rybson Live6 months ago

    Sorry guys but this is not kiełbasa, it should not be named like that. It's too much blended, it is more similar to sausage you can find in hot dog. If you like videos like this please have a look at this guy, he is polish