This Giant Kielbasa Helped a Michelin-starred Restaurant Start Buying Whole Animals - Prime Time


  1. Luke Pitchford

    Luke Pitchford5 hours ago

    Edward Norton would totally quit acting to make sausage

  2. MAGA

    MAGA10 hours ago

    a place near me in the Berkshires (MA) has been making kick ass cheese filled kielbasa & sausages for a Very long time

  3. Matt Mays

    Matt MaysDay ago

    Way overexposed

  4. I am Me

    I am MeDay ago

    Its funny how he say kalbasa :D

  5. José María

    José María8 days ago


  6. Nigel Menezes

    Nigel Menezes9 days ago

    6:00 that looked like a giant condom on the sausage maker

  7. Gordon Wiessner

    Gordon Wiessner10 days ago

    Not Kielbasa, more like and Italian Mortedella.

  8. Randie G.

    Randie G.12 days ago

    astrology BS you looney tunes!!!!..bye bye!

  9. T0X1C

    T0X1C14 days ago

    thx i stick to leberkäse

  10. Tanguy Laloy

    Tanguy Laloy18 days ago

    *any european citisen* "this is not cheese"

  11. Ah Cai Berry

    Ah Cai Berry20 days ago

    That was amazing guys...great video

  12. Brunon Kopyto

    Brunon Kopyto21 day ago

    I'm sure it tastes great but please, this is just bologna made out of super expensive meat and stuffed with cheese, it's not kielbasa

  13. Benjamin Kennedy

    Benjamin Kennedy22 days ago

    I stopped watching when he asked about horoscopes


    I SLEEP AT NITE23 days ago

    4:10 ...yup...sureeeee

  15. christian anguiano

    christian anguiano23 days ago

    Midget Biff ?

  16. Hecken Dggo

    Hecken Dggo23 days ago

    Dead Paul

  17. C Brown

    C Brown24 days ago

    Dammit this show always makes me hungry af by the end of the episode.

  18. Igor Estevan

    Igor Estevan27 days ago

    bring prime time back, please

  19. Explosive Rift

    Explosive Rift27 days ago

    Waste of wagyu

  20. Frank Caraccia

    Frank Caraccia29 days ago

    Black shirt looks like he's related to Biff from back to the future

  21. Carr Rexx

    Carr Rexx29 days ago

    Thumbnail looks like the back of a firing squad wall.

  22. Carr Rexx

    Carr Rexx29 days ago

    Hey boys glad you dress for success. Do I hear Melloncamp? Hippy and a longshoreman. Classy

  23. Brash Badger

    Brash BadgerMonth ago

    Is it just me...or does the guy in flannel look like Biff Tannen??!??!

  24. Nani ?

    Nani ?Month ago

    That's a lot of creampies.

  25. Gio Scott

    Gio ScottMonth ago

    it's all feces in wating.

  26. Marv

    MarvMonth ago

    8:11 like like like like like

  27. Henry :v

    Henry :vMonth ago

    Seems like a lot of glory holes

  28. Nope No

    Nope NoMonth ago

    Dumb I would not pay for that looks like something Wal-Mart would sell

  29. Tis but a dream

    Tis but a dreamMonth ago


  30. LordZoth6292

    LordZoth6292Month ago

    Ill take a slice!

  31. bu

    buMonth ago

    The fuy with mustache creeps me out

  32. yes

    yesMonth ago

    Бляя Калбаса

  33. Smullet90

    Smullet90Month ago

    That's a lot of fat.

  34. ReflexivoArco

    ReflexivoArcoMonth ago

    *heavy Polish breathing*

  35. vlad luck

    vlad luckMonth ago

    mmm cream pie sausage =)

  36. zhader

    zhaderMonth ago


  37. TheIslandIdiot

    TheIslandIdiotMonth ago

    Lets do a drinking game. Drink a shot of tequilla everytime the guy with the black cap says "kind of".

  38. Stefan Venus

    Stefan VenusMonth ago


  39. V J

    V JMonth ago

    Watching americans flipping out over "normal sausage" as a german is really funny haha

  40. DGK Parasite

    DGK Parasite2 months ago


  41. MLG Fan

    MLG Fan2 months ago

    Watch out for these glory holes

  42. LateNightPoetry

    LateNightPoetry2 months ago

    Caterpillar mustache dude was totally hitting on the guy the entire time xD

  43. Simi822

    Simi8222 months ago

    if they grind the meat till its of a consistent like pure crap then it is crap literally...

  44. Trevor Johnston

    Trevor Johnston2 months ago

    This dude needs to shave his mustache....What is this 1885?...fucking hipsters man

  45. Dead Zone

    Dead Zone2 months ago

    Oh another restaurant that the tire company likes. That's swell.

  46. The Crystal Memes

    The Crystal Memes2 months ago

    C H E E S E

  47. Matthew Stephens

    Matthew Stephens2 months ago

    That's a big creampie

  48. Lambo Ferrari

    Lambo Ferrari2 months ago

    Now I'm Hungry!

  49. scott gurney

    scott gurney2 months ago

    Leberkäse...An Austrian bavirian staple...It looks tough........... Leberkäse what crap all over it

  50. Warmachine

    Warmachine2 months ago

    God im on a diet and i cant eat things like those but i think ill brake and get good kiełbasa z serem tomorrow

  51. AJ Y

    AJ Y2 months ago

    what now vegans

  52. Ricardo Martinez

    Ricardo Martinez2 months ago

    why does the guy with the mustache talk

  53. Conqwiztadore22

    Conqwiztadore222 months ago

    looks delicious

  54. AP chemistry course

    AP chemistry course2 months ago

    It's called Kalbasa it mean's sausage in Russian by the way.

  55. Justin Kline

    Justin Kline2 months ago

    That dude has one of those shitty George Costanza coats I had a kid in the 90s!

  56. 원이

    원이2 months ago

    can people shut up about nick

  57. Jenny Tran

    Jenny Tran3 months ago

    mad respect for sausage makers.

  58. Lukas Rutosky

    Lukas Rutosky3 months ago

    kiełbasa is the best boys! polish food r0x!

  59. Avenexful

    Avenexful3 months ago

    wtf?! I live in Poland and this is definitely not Kiełbasa... it's so grounded up that it's more like pate.

  60. Angelus Nielson

    Angelus Nielson3 months ago

    Wagyu sausage? That's like taking a million dollar car to bring the kids home from soccer practice.

  61. Nathaniel Wilcox

    Nathaniel Wilcox3 months ago

    Where do I buy this online ;-;

  62. Thomas

    Thomas3 months ago

    Why collagen casing... its kinda ruining it all, natural bowel casings are far superior

  63. AJ

    AJ3 months ago

    what is with that guy being such a creep

  64. God's son Javier

    God's son Javier3 months ago

    Wonder how vegans fell about this

  65. Renecris Pasco

    Renecris Pasco3 months ago

    thus guys forehead could land an A380..damn

  66. Thomas

    Thomas3 months ago


  67. Matthew Sykes

    Matthew Sykes3 months ago

    Bah, Peter Shorts Butchers in my home town....... in 40 plus years only had 1 bad moment, poxy turkey of all things and that's after buying a roasting joint once a loads of ground beef, sausages etc. He's a farmer too so all the stuff carved up is his, nothing bought in from other farms unless they have his say so. Yeah you pay more but we trust him and his quality. Very rarely buy meat from supermarkets just for that reason.

  68. Ian Melzer

    Ian Melzer3 months ago

    Once you grind up wagyu, can you tell it use to be wagyu? The whole point of wagyu is the fat marbling. Couldn't you grind lean meat and fat together?

  69. Rybson Live

    Rybson Live3 months ago

    Sorry guys but this is not kiełbasa, it should not be named like that. It's too much blended, it is more similar to sausage you can find in hot dog. If you like videos like this please have a look at this guy, he is polish

  70. fghfg

    fghfg3 months ago

    didn't they go out of business

  71. Michel Linschoten

    Michel Linschoten3 months ago

    That's not kielbasa...Americans....

  72. FireBIaze

    FireBIaze3 months ago

    At the end the mustache guy looked like he was resisting really hard not to steal the whole thing and run out.

  73. Matthew Hausmann

    Matthew Hausmann3 months ago

    I noticed a couple of comments pointing out that they were 'ruining the value of the wagyu by grinding it'. Note that it is lean wagyu, not the expensive fatty stuff. 2:04

  74. oneplatin

    oneplatin3 months ago

    lol come to austria and you have that at almost every street corner its named käsekrainer and you usually get it as a hot dog

  75. Wiglafing

    Wiglafing3 months ago

    yup its a giant käsekrainer

  76. Dixfer

    Dixfer3 months ago

    How about some Halal pork shoulder...

  77. Andrew Richmond

    Andrew Richmond3 months ago

    Is Ben wearing a Suarez Family Brewery shirt?! That's awesome, love that place

  78. Mac Macmac

    Mac Macmac4 months ago

    The gayness got to me a bit though.

  79. R J

    R J4 months ago

    I always thought this would be a fun hobby... but then think I would mess up the curing and kill myself with botulism.

  80. tayfun kilic

    tayfun kilic4 months ago

    if some one say soo good it isnt too good

  81. mkg1321

    mkg13214 months ago

    I wonder if they have "large format" kielbasa in Poland

  82. Word ImPress

    Word ImPress4 months ago

    In Austria this is called 'Käsekrainer', a variation of the 'Kranjska klobasa', which is a Slovenian national dish 'Käseleberkäse'. Great to see culinary tradition moving around the globe to grow XXXL.

  83. NotMy RealName

    NotMy RealName4 months ago

    Only one star? LOLOLOL... rookies

  84. Sch1n89

    Sch1n894 months ago

    German Butcher here. Im just shaking my Head on and on.

  85. FreeQs

    FreeQs4 months ago

    waste of wagyu, waste of pork, waste of cheese and a stain on the name of kiełbasa.

  86. Samuel Davidson

    Samuel Davidson4 months ago

    Aren't people who mutilate animals more likely to be murders? Certainly would explain why America is so eager to support the occupation of Palestine by hebrew terrorists.

  87. Rut Suryany

    Rut Suryany4 months ago

    His moustache reminds me of my bushes down there where I forgot to wax it in 6 months. I’m going to the bathroom now.

  88. Luciano Proença

    Luciano Proença4 months ago

    looks like pus....

  89. Vx

    Vx4 months ago

    They should really get a handpowerd charcuterie slicer the slices will become true perfection since they should be room temperature when slicing and the electric ones can ruin the cut by going too fast since when at room temperature they release their full flavour profile (unless its a cotto always keep cold) but they become much more brittle so the electric ones either tear them or melt the fat. The place I work at specializes in charcuteries and they are all sliced ala minute so they don't dry and is served at optimal temperature. Looks extremely tasty though. Also never pre slice charcuteries it will ruin the flavour and texture by either being too cold or too dry.

  90. Alexandra B.

    Alexandra B.4 months ago

    I hate it

  91. imachynn

    imachynn4 months ago

    Chuj nie kiełbasa, mortadela ze serem.

  92. Ded Berd LB

    Ded Berd LB4 months ago

    dass some sexy damn sausage

  93. theni

    theni4 months ago

    why would u use wagyu for this

  94. Winter Gibbs

    Winter Gibbs4 months ago

    ok ill watch the kielbasa video, youtube.

  95. Benjamin Sheridan

    Benjamin Sheridan4 months ago

    Don't keep that horoscope part in the cut

  96. Kayla Stone

    Kayla Stone4 months ago

    It isn’s kiełbasa! It is disgusting fake american pseudo kiełbasa.

  97. Tom Smith

    Tom Smith4 months ago

    that's just nasty!!!

  98. Ryan Harding

    Ryan Harding4 months ago

    Trypophobia is not a real phobia

  99. Winnie The Beast

    Winnie The Beast4 months ago

    Looks like one of those hot dogs with cheese injected into them

  100. Ryan Struck

    Ryan Struck4 months ago