Things Only True Fans Noticed In The Rise of Skywalker Trailer


  1. Looper

    Looper10 days ago

    Which are you more hyped for, The Rise of Skywalker or Endgame?

  2. Jason Johnson

    Jason Johnson8 days ago


  3. LightHouse Animations

    LightHouse Animations8 days ago

    endgame ryan johnson ruined it

  4. John Johng

    John Johng8 days ago

    Endgame I will not be seeing this movie in December

  5. Wade Wilson

    Wade Wilson8 days ago


  6. Don Jackson

    Don Jackson8 days ago

    Endgame!!!!! definitely Endgame 😍😍😍

  7. Tfue

    Tfue16 hours ago

    Why does Kylo look like a weaboo

  8. jack hayter

    jack hayterDay ago

    Harrison; he's a SCO-card player, gambler, SCOUNDREL... I think I'm the only one who noticed him correcting himself

  9. David Hughes

    David HughesDay ago

    i wont start moaning about this chapter before i see it, i just hope it really offers something special which is the expected of any Starwars film, But to put them so far into compasinon for myself i have watched the original trilogy i would say close on 50 times and not bored, the prequels around 5 - 6 times but the latter 2 being ep7 and 8 i have watched them 3 and 1 times. Rogue one i watched once and if i haveto be honest i cant say i was overly impressed with that despite others enjoying it which they are welcome to do so ofcourse, Solo i havent even seen it or have no desire to waste an evening in doing so. So please please please get the train back on track with this instalment or thats the end of Starwars for me ( not that Disney will care) and i would wish you called it a day with them Mr Disney.

  10. Mr Hyde

    Mr HydeDay ago

    Star Wars is dead.

  11. Anthony Jerome Thorn

    Anthony Jerome ThornDay ago

    I like the analogy of trilogy ending titles. Could very well be a new "title". I look forward to see it. As an original fan, the cutesy stuff has always been there in some way. Jawas, mouse droids, C-3PO, ewoks, Jar-Jar, and now pogs. However, in every movie, there has been a strong message of war is hell. People die. Every single movie has it. All of them have spurred the actions of others later or immediately. All of them. Some are just heartbreaking (the younglings, for example).

  12. Lag Swag

    Lag Swag2 days ago

    I noticed another shitty Star Wars movie i dont care about.

  13. Y chromosome

    Y chromosome2 days ago

    Who’s excited

  14. ItsyNibbles

    ItsyNibbles2 days ago

    true fans did not see the trailer and have retreated back to the safety of the classic trilogy where they can enjoy real star wars for the rest of their lives with other true fans who respect skywalker

  15. Adam Jones

    Adam Jones2 days ago

    Think you missed that the ship flying into the blue lit city at night is the same ship that dropped Rey off on Jakku. The other thing true fans would have noticed is the lack of one major character missing from the trailer: R2-D2. He is nowhere to be seen. You see 3PO, BB8 and DO more than once but not one shot of R2.

  16. Robert Chow

    Robert Chow2 days ago

    Well I guess we know Lando is going to die..they killed off all the originals pretty much..

  17. CasaLobo 77

    CasaLobo 773 days ago

    First time I have been UNEXCITED with a SW movie.....

  18. Xavius Xenon

    Xavius Xenon3 days ago

    9:33 Rey probably killed several people when she dropped those boulders.

  19. TechMyLifeVideo

    TechMyLifeVideo3 days ago

    Doesn’t have to be the rise of a good Skywalker. Maybe the bad guys win.

  20. thunberbolt two

    thunberbolt two3 days ago

    That its a load of crap.

  21. Marcus Tulius Cicero

    Marcus Tulius Cicero3 days ago

    TLJ makes TFA look like a masterpiece.... Won't be seeing Ep9, but The Mandalorian looks promising with actual sentient beings writing the story.

  22. MidKnight Blue

    MidKnight Blue3 days ago


  23. You're Right but...

    You're Right but...4 days ago

    I am so over Star Wars. Too many lame movies Jar Jar Bonks...Onwards

  24. Alex Wisniewski

    Alex Wisniewski4 days ago

    CLOUD CITEHHH... DARTH VADER'S LEGASEHH.... were you drunk recording this?

  25. daddycool1967

    daddycool19674 days ago

    It's not an A wing in trailer ( seen twice... once swooping down over terrain at night and 2nd time in battle ) as it looks more like THE GHOST from Rebels OR alternatively it is the ship from THE FORCE AWAKENS when Rey has a flashback as a child as she looks on as the same ship flies off into space ( she assumes with her parents /family onboard ) while holding the hand of Simon Peg's character... UNKAR PLUTT

  26. Maafa 1619

    Maafa 16194 days ago

    I don't care. I'm not watching an action movie about a tiny bony girl. It's absurd.

  27. Zero Tolerance

    Zero Tolerance4 days ago

    Rey didn’t even turn on the Anakin’s lightsaber correctly. The switch is way lower.

  28. Douglas Nichols

    Douglas Nichols4 days ago

    A third or fourth or 66th that's funny

  29. DevilsNachoz

    DevilsNachoz4 days ago

    Real Star Wars fans wouldn't watch the movie.

  30. x-wing flyboy

    x-wing flyboy4 days ago

    Luke "Dad, you want some toast?" Vader "please Son" Luke "How do you like it?" Vader "On the dark side"

  31. Kenneth Wallace

    Kenneth Wallace4 days ago

    I hope the Death Star is the second one, on Endor. All that burning wreckage falling from orbit would be catastrophic to Endor. it would perfectly fit the darker tone of the movies if that blasted waste was the fallout of the hubris of the warring powers. Both new trilogy movies focused heavily on the way galactic war impacts the small people. the main characters are all nobodies with little jobs. Even the main villain, Kylo Ren, is humanized, and even ridiculed in a way that previous villains never were. Shining a light on how glorious space war has ruined the Ewoks planet is a pretty strong metaphor.

  32. Crash skidmark

    Crash skidmark4 days ago

    I bet luke can talk to them though the medal

  33. Phylicia Bozzi

    Phylicia Bozzi4 days ago

    I don't know about anyone else, but I want to see star wars more than Endgame: Surprisingly, considering how I think there should only be 6 Star Wars movies, not 9...well technically 12, now 13 if you count Rogue One and Solo. But i've seen them all so I want to see all, so I want to see how the saga ends. I thought Star Wars was about Anakin becoming good (star wars 1). Anakin becoming evil (2-3). Then Anakin's redemption (5-6). Period. Now there's this crap about his grandkid. Really? I mean It's not fun when he's not in it.

  34. Phylicia Bozzi

    Phylicia Bozzi4 days ago

    I like star wars 3 and star wars 6. Star Wars 3 because you see how Anakin becomes evil (sounds mean I know. He kills people, blah blah blah). But then there's star wars 6 where you see how Anakin becomes good.

  35. Phylicia Bozzi

    Phylicia Bozzi4 days ago

    How the hell can he live?

  36. Phylicia Bozzi

    Phylicia Bozzi4 days ago

    The thing doesn't look "cool" it looks scary

  37. Phylicia Bozzi

    Phylicia Bozzi4 days ago

    I didn't know he tried to fix his helmet

  38. Steve Wolf

    Steve Wolf5 days ago

    Things Only True Fans Noticed - this shit isn't Star Wars, it's feminist propaganda completely void of a real storyline or characters you can care about.

  39. Futurekill Xbox

    Futurekill Xbox5 days ago

    What’s cloud citiehy and legasehea ? ! I digress -Everyone is getting the title wrong . The rise of skywalker will tell the story of the creation of anakin skywalker not the rising of Luke or Ben or even Rey.

  40. Tg1 Technical

    Tg1 Technical5 days ago

    Palpatine is back cuz the subtitles say "Emperor-evil laugh"

  41. sideshow bob

    sideshow bob5 days ago

    Anyone remember thinking finn was gonna be a Jedi?

  42. Mitch Mueller

    Mitch Mueller5 days ago

    I always knew that Lando MacWienerton would come back to the Diarrhea franchise in the end.

  43. Ace

    AceDay ago

    Mitch Mueller you have such a way with words!

  44. Joseph Whittle

    Joseph Whittle5 days ago

    "Things Only True Fans Noticed In The Rise of Skywalker Trailer" = just descriptions of things that happen in the trailer.

  45. Nathaniel DuSauzay-Mccoll

    Nathaniel DuSauzay-Mccoll5 days ago

    I saw pieces of the Death Star. one looked like the curved piece that we see in Star Wars IX:RISE OF SKYWALKER. I also saw other pieces remaining only one was curved but all pieces were on the same planet it was one of endors moons or endor itself so this is proof the second Death Star was what people see in Star Wars IX:RISE OF SKYWALKER’s trailer

  46. tomecalm7

    tomecalm75 days ago

    Ooh, I'm afraid the Boycott will be fully operational by the time your Episode 9 arrives!

  47. Walter Costello

    Walter Costello5 days ago

    Knock it off jerk Star Wars is dead dead dead dead destroyed Catherine Kennedy a meathead known as Ryan the Johnson and a few others at Disney just ruined it ruined it it's done destroyed ruined dead dead dad

  48. Kevin Kumbersaw

    Kevin Kumbersaw5 days ago

    Is boba fett coming back?

  49. Nightpony inRface

    Nightpony inRface5 days ago

    They promised this film will make up for the tragedy of TLJ... I really hope that comes true! We need a GOOD ending again.

  50. KamenDesantis

    KamenDesantis5 days ago

    For those who dont know the books, Ben is Lukes son, not Hans. Han and Leia had twins though, a brother and sister, and the brother did turn dark with the sister having to bring him down. With the way they are reusing old formula, it would not surprise me if they did pull another twins separated at birth routine to put Rey into the bloodline. Even without it Ben IS still of the bloodline through Leia. My guess would also be that either Palpatines force ghost, or a holocron is in that death star wreckage.

  51. matthew bosco

    matthew bosco5 days ago

    oh I noticed one thing this movie will decide Star Wars fate if this movie becomes another last Jedi mistake Star Wars will become what g.i.joe has become forgotten and abandoned will lose it all of we don’t come back from darkness and reclaim our glory well Star Wars is truly dead

  52. Glen Richardson

    Glen Richardson5 days ago

    Got love Looper pulling a no true scotsman and making it a video.

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  54. payday hiester kieran

    payday hiester kieran5 days ago

    Its is possible that palpatine is a force ghost and is stuck in the death star wreckage untill some one gives into there temptation and are controlled by the emperor because he did say he knows how to cheat death

  55. Circuits and Cigars

    Circuits and Cigars5 days ago

    Star Wars X: The Beginning of the Binks

  56. Jdi Dd

    Jdi Dd5 days ago

    Lol what a big waste of time watching any of this bull shit isn't it

  57. MrZealot112

    MrZealot1125 days ago

    "Only true fans noticed"...fucking really? Like everyone who saw this trailer fucking saw and noticed it. So shite annoying click baits

  58. Carl Bonroy

    Carl Bonroy5 days ago


  59. Carl Bonroy

    Carl Bonroy5 days ago

    every Star Wars analysis has to have a loud, fast talking motor mouth narrator who talks way too much

  60. Sliider

    Sliider5 days ago

    ffs, i dont get why people think the entire moon needs to be a jungle. sure its called the "forest" moon of endor, but dont ya think its possible there may be bodies of water as well? id put money on that being Death Star II wreckage. and considering it looks like moisture farming on the desert planet, its most likely tatooine. makes sense this film would visit locales from the OT, right. as mentioned, we might even see bespin. anyways, why the fuck would they go back to jakku? no one wants to go back to jakku.

  61. wolfs lynx

    wolfs lynx5 days ago

    Sheev is not back. My theory: the Skywalker is REY. Like Luke was Luke Larrs hiding his Skywalker heritage, when the ugnaughts and prob Lobot recovered the Skywalker Sabre and prob Lukes hand on Cloud city, the Sabre was smuggled out but the Empire took control of the City. Palpy learned secrets of life and death, and made a clone of Luke that IS Rey, so her vision in cave is she is her own parent, and Luke's sister and daughter (which explains her natural race memory to fly vehicles, and why the Sabre is atuned to her more than Ben who forsake his Skywalker heritage). The laugh is from a databank on the Death Star that R2 or BB plugs into and finds datatape holocron whatever of Palpatine explaining his use of Plageuis teachings to create his own "Skywalker." Some defectors from Empire took Rey hid her on Jakku (parallel to ANH) and gave piece of map from Imperial Databanks to Max Von Sydow as connection to "find" her teacher. SO pile on. Just my idea. I would NOT like Sheev to be alive because I think it undoes power of what Anakin did to save his son. And BTW, the BEST ending, as someone who started this journey at age 7, would be to see ALL the force ghosts of the Jedi at the end looking on in satisfaction (hundreds maybe) on say Rey Skywalker, her Saber, and pledge to teach the Balance of the Whills (maybe Skywalker becomes a title vs "Jedi"?) to new generation. - Fade out - John Williams score.

  62. Gamer 369

    Gamer 3695 days ago

    But the real question is: CHEWIE NEVER GOT HIS MEDAL

  63. abcd

    abcd5 days ago

    true fans dont give a shit about the trailer. nostalgia bait for the gullible

  64. typheran1

    typheran16 days ago

    Why do we need more characters? Mary sue can defeat anything by herself.

  65. TheKarsten75

    TheKarsten756 days ago

    SW forever

  66. Subha Ramasamy

    Subha Ramasamy6 days ago

    Didn't anyone notice that r2 is absent in the teaser

  67. abcd

    abcd5 days ago

    the original actor for r2 passed away

  68. paltryblather

    paltryblather6 days ago

    i figured out how disney can save the franchise. that laugh at the end wasnt the emperor, it was the sith lord that trained him.. jar jar binks but my guess is that skywalker is kylo ren, as he is presumably the last heir of skywalker. kylo changed his name from ben solo when he rejected his father who he later killed. as he idolizes darth vader, he may take the name skywalker as a mantle when he feels that he earned it. considering he killed snoke rather pathetically, & he should be aware that luke is gone now, he would feel unchallenged in his authority with the exception of the struggling resistance & that one girl. under this context, rise would mean victory or empowerment.

  69. pablo rages

    pablo rages6 days ago

    perhaps Major Vonreg will appear and hunt down Mary Sue in his Tie Fighter

  70. pablo rages

    pablo rages6 days ago

    the laugh sounds more like Luke to me

  71. Chris Raine

    Chris Raine6 days ago

    Cloud citey?

  72. Timo Košč

    Timo Košč6 days ago

    Who is looking forward to this film? I'm very very very hype

  73. fabio da costa

    fabio da costa6 days ago

    Or this is gonna be cool or too confusing and just a tribute to all that was already been done.

  74. Hase

    Hase6 days ago

    Meh, They are going to to pull another brother-sister moment between Kylo and Rey. You remember how Leia and Luke were separated for their own good? Same deal. Disney was never creative.

  75. VanishingNomad

    VanishingNomad6 days ago

    Kylo Ren is a Skywalker

  76. TheDisproof

    TheDisproof6 days ago

    What if the cackle is that of the predator laughing at arnie. ;)

  77. Jim Roe

    Jim Roe6 days ago

    Obviously not canon anymore but in the eu didnt palpatine clone himself? they could do something along those lines.

  78. Renoween

    Renoween6 days ago

    Watching this video I realize the term "True fans" has no meaning anymore.

  79. G Williams

    G Williams6 days ago

    "True Fans". LoL. So if I didn't notice does that make me a fake fan?

  80. the legendary halo fan

    the legendary halo fanDay ago

    Dont listen to these dumbasses

  81. TscheyDee

    TscheyDee6 days ago

    So many ads...

  82. Can i have 10.000 subscriber?

    Can i have 10.000 subscriber?6 days ago

    I'm not a fan of the rise of Skywalker.. But i notice many Mistake.

  83. Martin Harris

    Martin Harris6 days ago

    D-O looks like a really low budget prop from a 50s B Grade movie.

  84. David Pursel, Snake Hunter

    David Pursel, Snake Hunter6 days ago

    They will kill off Landau AND Chewy. R2-D2 probably blew all his circuits, or died with Leia. C3-PO will end up in a garbage compactor. They will kill off all the old characters, watch. IX will shock everyone.

  85. Malik Ibrahim

    Malik Ibrahim6 days ago

    6:59 that is not kylo ren tie interceptor because the cockpit window is a circle and kylo ren tie interceptor cockpit window is a square

  86. Adlin Ling

    Adlin Ling6 days ago

    I can't wait to see a rehash of Return of the Jedi in Star Wars Episode 9!

  87. TheNeonRabbit

    TheNeonRabbit6 days ago

    You can't say what planet a scene is set on from a 5 second shot. Does the Sahara desert look like the Brazilian rain forrest? Does Antarctica look like St. Louis? Planets have more than one terrain and climate.

  88. Kadabra1512

    Kadabra15126 days ago

    "Dead Star" xdddd

  89. HamSammich

    HamSammich6 days ago

    The ocean wreckage is from the first Death Star, not the second. You can tell this because the first Death Star because: 1. The size 2. The flat, empty features around the trench line, where the second had architecture near the trench 3. The circular increment on the inside of the dish, where the second Death Star did not have this increment/inner edge and had a smoother appearance.

  90. ThiefKingofLegend

    ThiefKingofLegend6 days ago

    The Rise of Skywalker could be meaning Ren as he has Lukes blood


    ĪßXTÕŸDØGĘ6 days ago

    If you don't notice Lando you have propabaly never seen star wats

  92. killphill68

    killphill686 days ago

    How about only fans would have noticed the Millennium Falcon has a round sensor dish again in this trailer?

  93. G hJr

    G hJr6 days ago

    interesting if the emperor returns will they do like they did in the books when he returned? wish they had followed the books on the movies instead of making their "new" history up, love the books, not so much this 7, 8, 9. just my opinion. force out.

  94. Alessandro Magnum

    Alessandro Magnum6 days ago

    This is not Star Wars anymore, this is a story of a new Disney princess that destroys the saga and the logic of the saga....Don't watch this shit if you are fans of the real Star Wars! Just watch spin off like Rogue one that don't change the story in a stupid no more Jedi oriented way... Anakin is the Chosen one, Luke is not an idiot that almost kill his sister son, is an hero that never surrender and see the good even in Vader that kill half of the galaxy ,and Jedi have to train to use the force, in young age better, force have a meaning, not like the stupid Rey overpowered with the power of Disney feminism -.-

  95. Noah Smith

    Noah Smith6 days ago

    The Laugh is an old Jar Jar Binks as he prepares to destroy the galaxy with six magical kyber crystals

  96. Elizabeth Snelling

    Elizabeth Snelling4 days ago

    Noah Smith I agree

  97. Joseph Canning

    Joseph Canning6 days ago

    Things only true fans noticed... How 'meh' it looked :(

  98. Seth Houser

    Seth Houser6 days ago

    If they bring back Sidious, I am going to laugh and call this movie a waste of time and money. True fans? Don't make me laugh. No true fan would want to watch this garbage of a series. Do not forget Disney and their family gave us the finger.

  99. Mo Ana

    Mo Ana6 days ago

    Lando is Steve face and his voice ..!!! Funny ..!!! 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  100. Ricardo Magalhães

    Ricardo Magalhães6 days ago

    Seems ok. It’s a pity that 8 killed it...

  101. _frenzy88

    _frenzy886 days ago

    If he was a real fan he would know to say “revenge of the Jedi” 9:46

  102. _frenzy88

    _frenzy886 days ago

    If he was a real fan he would know to say “revenge of the Jedi” 9:46

  103. _frenzy88

    _frenzy886 days ago

    Dude made me rage, it’s sideous, not palpatine

  104. Stephen Hawking's Epic gaming chair

    Stephen Hawking's Epic gaming chair6 days ago

    Also, Rose from The last Jedi isn’t dead from the crash in the final battle like we thought. Proof of this is an Instagram post made by the official Star Wars account showcasing the “actors and actresses from the rise of skywalker”

  105. Star Empress

    Star Empress6 days ago

    I have ZERO interest to this movie!!!!!😒😒😒😒😒

  106. Mr Tiberius

    Mr Tiberius6 days ago

    What secrets were revealed?

  107. Mr Tiberius

    Mr Tiberius6 days ago

    Rebuilding the mask is a metaphore of JJ repairing the damage ruin has done

  108. Hi There

    Hi There6 days ago

    OMFG thank you for pointing these hidden things out! I would never haven noticed ANY of these! Wow you are such a lifesaver here, Subscribed!!!! and will check every hour to see what else you upload - BEST CHANNEL EVER!

  109. GrayHawK1

    GrayHawK16 days ago

    I also noticed the original dish or one similar was restored on the falcon.