KUBENSDay ago

    It's not that hard to have a better phone than the X haha. (Written from the note9, I know it hurts that it's more expesinve than an iPhone, sorry)

  2. Keegan McKinney

    Keegan McKinney4 days ago

    I'd only buy the last phone

  3. Hashim Jafarali

    Hashim Jafarali6 days ago

    Steve jobs be like these are copied from iphone

  4. Jan Verkade

    Jan Verkade7 days ago

    Intro song?

  5. Kasra

    Kasra7 days ago

    Thumbnail 8:40 Thank me later

  6. c0rvo

    c0rvo9 days ago

    All phones are cooler than iPhone X

  7. Isabel 7947

    Isabel 794715 days ago

    Most of them are Android I don’t use that

  8. Wiktor w internecie

    Wiktor w internecie15 days ago


  9. Rofle John Copters

    Rofle John Copters16 days ago

    I want the phone in the thumbnail....

  10. Lara Matijevic

    Lara Matijevic16 days ago

    Lenovo: our phone literally has two screens, a projector and you can type on a table apple users: eh. apple: WE REMOVED THE HEADPHONE JACK apple users: YOOO LEMME SPEND 1000 DOLLARS ON THAT

  11. Ok studios

    Ok studios17 days ago

    Any phone could be cooler than the iPhone x iPhone sucks

  12. Khobo

    Khobo18 days ago

    Thats all nice and dandy but are they real and will they still work after the first 10 minutes

  13. Technology & education

    Technology & education19 days ago


  14. The Penguin

    The Penguin19 days ago

    Every thing is cooler than iphone

  15. Dough Dough Pie

    Dough Dough Pie20 days ago

    Fake.... 😒....Gadgets dont do that...So fake 😒

  16. Dani_ik03 boom

    Dani_ik03 boom20 days ago

    This phones look bad and are pretty old too .

  17. Cameron Thistle

    Cameron Thistle22 days ago

    not even watching the video. every phone is better

  18. ICY Animates

    ICY Animates22 days ago


  19. Bray

    Bray22 days ago

    0:27 Well actually the first phone that had a projector was the galaxy beam... And it was made 6 years ago.

  20. Shifa Radiowala

    Shifa Radiowala19 days ago

    that's what i thought, because my friend had that phone but what i think he means is that this is the first phone where you can project a keyboard on to an surface and use it

  21. sims pro 63

    sims pro 6323 days ago

    In my eyes every phone is cooler than the iphone x aslong as its not made by apple

  22. pilladisimo87

    pilladisimo8723 days ago

    The apollo phone reminds me an anime where a phone like that is used

  23. Ste vvve

    Ste vvve23 days ago

    Iphone X isn't coll...

  24. csMa1ne

    csMa1ne24 days ago

    When u could literally put doo doo on an iphone x and make it better

  25. TOM G.

    TOM G.24 days ago

    I've had the sharp aquos chrystal and I tell you guys I was not disappointed

  26. Daniel Bradler

    Daniel Bradler25 days ago

    I used to have a BlackBerry once. Never ever again!

  27. Spilled Milk

    Spilled Milk26 days ago

    Who the fuck said iPhone X is cool? IPhones suck dicks

  28. Gausts

    Gausts27 days ago

    0:15 *Bixby, what's the Galaxy Beam?*

  29. CeceAnimations

    CeceAnimations27 days ago

    Bruh is it wrong that I’m watching this on a I phone x lmao XD

  30. SparksFly

    SparksFly27 days ago

    Not saying much since iPhone X’s are crap


    ASHWIN KARTHIK28 days ago

    Who told iphone X is cool....

  32. i am nigger and

    i am nigger and28 days ago

    Twitter for Android

  33. Jan Maverick

    Jan Maverick28 days ago

    Just wait when samsung XV release it can do anything

  34. princely gamer

    princely gamer29 days ago

    the whole point of apple phones is just making people feel important because it costs a lot. not that they're actually BETTER than android.

  35. Sebastiano Lycros

    Sebastiano LycrosMonth ago

    Fan boy iphone detect

  36. Master Drakthorian

    Master DrakthorianMonth ago

    It's berry not bry say after me black, now say berry, now put them together blackberry. The accent is so annoying

  37. bart goedhart

    bart goedhartMonth ago

    Where can I order the Apollo 2.0?

  38. Rocky Taco

    Rocky TacoMonth ago

    Lmao i still pick iphone x. Because i like the ios

  39. TheJamnikPL

    TheJamnikPLMonth ago

    I don't like iPhone X because of no minijack and because of notch.

  40. lil. Ti

    lil. Ti2 months ago

    I want the cat phone

  41. Nurzyafira fira

    Nurzyafira fira2 months ago

    I have a oppo 2

  42. Naim Asnawi

    Naim Asnawi2 months ago

    i thought the thumbnail is clickbait

  43. Sarrienne Cousland

    Sarrienne Cousland2 months ago

    Fuck off with all your adverts.... Seriously, how monetised can you be???!!!! Get a real job.

  44. Derpy Tale

    Derpy Tale3 months ago

    I wan't the lenovo smart cast! Its AMAZING≧∇≦

  45. Pastel Luna

    Pastel Luna3 months ago

    5:05 Jen's song lol from popularmmos

  46. Alex Zafi

    Alex Zafi3 months ago

    Wow I have never experienced 2 Google ads within 10 seconds of eachother while trying to watch a video like I did during this video. Horrible

  47. ガンガン겁나 T R A S H

    ガンガン겁나 T R A S H3 months ago

    Still lose with Nokia

  48. Chowa

    Chowa3 months ago

    Every phone is cooler than iPhone x you didn't have to make this video

  49. Forbidden Truth

    Forbidden Truth3 months ago

    More fuckin ads then there are fines

  50. Joseph Gabriel Roces

    Joseph Gabriel Roces3 months ago

    What was the name of the first music?

  51. Septillion’s Soave Various

    Septillion’s Soave Various3 months ago

    4:26 that’s not better because it had little keys and display is small so iPhone X had more display

  52. Parzival

    Parzival3 months ago

    But.. the iPhone X.. isn’t.. cool..

  53. sr. puffer bowl

    sr. puffer bowl3 months ago

    Guess they will make it asia or china or Japan

  54. sr. puffer bowl

    sr. puffer bowl3 months ago

    Or I guess they will make it in 2054

  55. A face A place: Stories of the Philippines

    A face A place: Stories of the Philippines3 months ago

    May I know the price of each of them. Please put price every cellphone you've reveal to be more interesting.😊

  56. cutekittygamer242

    cutekittygamer2423 months ago

    Wow cool

  57. Kerri W

    Kerri W3 months ago

    I've placed bids on a few of these, got out bid multiple times and gave up, hope those who won those auctions loved the device.

  58. Junayd A.A

    Junayd A.A3 months ago

    How in the world is the blackberry passport better than the iPhone x!? I've owned that phone for over 2 years it was a hand me down. I hated that phone. Can't do anything since its blackberry os.

  59. Junayd A.A

    Junayd A.A3 months ago

    Lenovo smart cast isn't the world's first phone with a projector. That's the Samsung galaxy beam.. why lie.. don't be apple

  60. dmaster225

    dmaster2253 months ago

    You can't even find most of these phones for sale

  61. Max Power

    Max Power3 months ago

    6 commercials. Wow. Aren't you greedy....

  62. lessdenseful

    lessdenseful3 months ago

    Since when are Iphones cool?

  63. Miikka Välimäki

    Miikka Välimäki3 months ago

    That Apollo phones design is similar to

  64. lukas joumatthiessen

    lukas joumatthiessen3 months ago

    Can I have all of them for free?

  65. Roy Mckenzie

    Roy Mckenzie3 months ago

    My laptop by lenova last eight months.... will not purchase no more lenova products

  66. Robert Alexander

    Robert Alexander3 months ago

    The thumbnail has a picture of a weird-looking phone but has the Walkman symbol on the bar Sony killed that off

  67. Rohail Aitzaz

    Rohail Aitzaz3 months ago

    Dude my nokia 3310 is cooler than iphone x

  68. Brayden Childers

    Brayden Childers4 months ago

    When's the Apollo 2.0 release? TWILL be mine!

  69. Ashugar

    Ashugar4 months ago

    Android all the way but all I see are gimmicks.

  70. Shim X

    Shim X4 months ago

    the last was Alien Smartphone!😮

  71. FC WHAT

    FC WHAT4 months ago

    The images are not those of the devices you are speaking about. The video is deceiving and misrepresents what you are talking about. For example you are talking about the phone with secondary display then we immediately see drone shots and skateboarding shots that were obviously not taken with the phone! Looks like a video made just for the sake of the editor.. pointless!

  72. Prateek chavan

    Prateek chavan4 months ago

    where do we get these phones

  73. Mandeep Singh

    Mandeep Singh4 months ago

    I like caterpillar

  74. simon huang

    simon huang4 months ago

    Apple phone just a rip off . Apple phone suck , Apple full of bullshit .

  75. Coen Meekins

    Coen Meekins4 months ago

    Can I just point out how shite this video is and the fact that we have to go though mountains of adverts for no reason. These phones aren't better than the X, maybe only in price otherwise they all are shite.

  76. Akshay Chaturvedi

    Akshay Chaturvedi4 months ago

    pm narendra modi..😲 😲 😂 😂

  77. IraQ Nid

    IraQ Nid4 months ago

    Combine a pico laser projector with the Apollo 2 and you've got yourself a winner.

  78. Sum 1

    Sum 14 months ago

    IPhone X was never cool

  79. OstropoloS

    OstropoloS4 months ago

    Apollo 2.0's design is a total ripoff of the Nokia 3660, a very famous phone back in the early 2000s...

  80. Amee Divine

    Amee Divine4 months ago

    Lol the soundtrack used during the Blackberry Passport is used for secureteam10 channel.

  81. Zedd Geist

    Zedd Geist4 months ago

    Stop unatorizer

  82. Raymond Nel

    Raymond Nel4 months ago

    The reason why I have an Iphone. I had nokia / samsung since 1997 - 2012 Then I got a smart phone android and it was good 2013-2016 I had about 12 smartphones.. (samsung) After 2-6 months it starts lagging, freezes, hard to use. 2016 I got my first Iphone 5s Never had a lagging issue. Iphone OS is the best.. I will not buy ANDROID (90% of these phones showed in the video) uses android.

  83. Shadow

    Shadow4 months ago

    Even a flip phone is better than any iphone

  84. Johnsfilms

    Johnsfilms4 months ago

    2:21 I wished they came in black

  85. Barry Allen

    Barry Allen4 months ago

    Seriously,a freaking blackberry passpoy

  86. Okami

    Okami4 months ago

    I hate apple, but all of this is trash

  87. Shreyansh Chowdhury

    Shreyansh Chowdhury4 months ago

    Oye! You forgotten Redmi 4a as it a cool phone.

  88. CheesyPlus GT

    CheesyPlus GT4 months ago

    Is this a fucking joke?

  89. Chip Schmidt

    Chip Schmidt4 months ago


  90. bego Will

    bego Will4 months ago

    I don’t need any phone where you have to used your fingerprint to open it. Because, It has to have a system set up behind it. Which, as soon as your finger matched. It registered. That’s how they keep track of you. They can tell each time you used your phone or when is the last time you used it and even give location where or when. The thing is everyone of us fingerprints is already in the system. It like a walking bug. Bug to the system. It’s the new world order. I’m good with my four number digits.

  91. Shahroz ASDF

    Shahroz ASDF4 months ago

    Give buying link in description

  92. merk amor

    merk amor4 months ago


  93. RpM_WolfBlazer01

    RpM_WolfBlazer014 months ago

    Who said the iPhone X is cool

  94. David Choe

    David Choe4 months ago

    Projector phone made by samsung 10years ago

  95. Blackberry cupcake Is Sweet :3

    Blackberry cupcake Is Sweet :34 months ago

    Guest what....I don’t need that phone

  96. Michael Nielsen

    Michael Nielsen4 months ago

    Come on.....everything is cooler and better than Apple

  97. asmcriminaL

    asmcriminaL4 months ago

    All phones are cooler than the iPhone X because the iPhone X is gay.

  98. finn ruhr

    finn ruhr4 months ago

    Song at 5:45?

  99. Person of Lordly Caliber

    Person of Lordly Caliber4 months ago

    Seriously? There are smartphone wars on MReporter as well? L-O-Fucking-L.

  100. MicroThought

    MicroThought4 months ago

    nobody buys such fool phones.


    AJEY DIWAN4 months ago

  102. Januar Arifin

    Januar Arifin4 months ago

    Apollo 2.0 looks like nokia 3650 and 3660