1. Fernando Alvarado

    Fernando AlvaradoDay ago

    7 Advertisements In s 10 minute video? Let’s stop this at the 5 second mark and head over to Unbox Therapy

  2. neverbeen08

    neverbeen082 days ago

    Finally! A video that actually has the thumbnail in it!! (FYI it’s the last one on the list)

  3. David Edwards

    David Edwards3 days ago

    You talk of all the things these 'phones' do. Great camera, thermal imaging, music players, but designers seem to have got away from the thing they were supposed to be...TELEPHONES. Is it any wonder people become addicted to their phones? If you couldn't text and email, people COULDN'T do that while driving. If you couldn't take photos, people might stop just being witnesses at accidents and become helpers. It is no wonder they are called CELL phones, because people become their prisoner. I have 2 smart phones, neither of them have data access, and most times the main phone I use is left at home or in the car. I can usually wait to make a phone call.

  4. John Kessler

    John Kessler3 days ago

    The aquos and CAT phone look the most interesting to me. It would be nice to see how warm the outside of my house is during the winter.

  5. Eric Emmert

    Eric Emmert4 days ago

    Android phones are all inferior no matter the hardware.

  6. Heroicsplendid

    Heroicsplendid4 days ago

    Whats up with all these gimmicks? Who the hell uses a bend phone or a phone with a circular bottom and starts showing it off on public?

  7. sem

    sem5 days ago

    The iPhone X isn't cool lmao


    R3D DUCKLING5 days ago

    No they aren’t 😒

  9. - Horizontal -

    - Horizontal -6 days ago

    Nokia's are better than the iPhone X.

  10. Kartik Jain

    Kartik Jain8 days ago

    Copyright content ka message aya ya nahi

  11. patrich brandt

    patrich brandt11 days ago

    Iphone x isn't cool it's made to be broken

  12. Brandon Waggoner

    Brandon Waggoner11 days ago

    Rather have my iPhone. Much better than all this trash.

  13. NCS

    NCS11 days ago

    iphone x is cool ? hahaha

  14. Anoop gowda

    Anoop gowda13 days ago

    Who said u that iphone X is COOL??

  15. Beta Twster

    Beta Twster16 days ago

    Every phone is cooler than the iPhone x...

  16. Escanor ELITE

    Escanor ELITE20 days ago

    Bro iphone x is stupid

  17. Literally Jesus

    Literally Jesus21 day ago

    Who laughed inside when he said std

  18. Mark Lubaton

    Mark Lubaton22 days ago

    but iphone is cooler than samsung

  19. Don Killuminati

    Don Killuminati22 days ago

    Love the Secureteam10 theme music!

  20. SummerV H

    SummerV H22 days ago

    I would only be interested in lenovo, cat S61

  21. Princess Luna

    Princess Luna23 days ago

    I want that lenovo😍

  22. dragon heart

    dragon heart23 days ago

    a galaxy s4 is cooler than any apple product

  23. Fleur Lambert

    Fleur Lambert23 days ago

    Frustration people distinct just lover display clear lately undermine fight bishop punish.

  24. DarW

    DarW23 days ago

    iPhone x isn't cool

  25. Megatendo

    Megatendo23 days ago

    the thumbnail is at 8:42

  26. Ayato Shou

    Ayato Shou23 days ago

    I'm more interested in LG G7 now cause BTS is the model of it omg ;w;

  27. Fiercely Humble

    Fiercely Humble24 days ago

    What are the background music names?

  28. SamSingh

    SamSingh24 days ago

    First one is awesome

  29. Numpang Lewat

    Numpang Lewat24 days ago


  30. My Kindle Gaming

    My Kindle Gaming25 days ago

    Subscribe to my channel And I subscribe to your channel

  31. Oscar Tamio

    Oscar Tamio25 days ago

    Iphone x is not even cool...

  32. Pablo

    Pablo25 days ago

    8:44 what you came for

  33. Pablo

    Pablo25 days ago

    1:05 I hope Microsoft does this with Surface Phone

  34. Aditya Dadhich

    Aditya Dadhich25 days ago

    No motorola phone🤧😭😢

  35. Hue Lu

    Hue Lu26 days ago

    What?! These phones?! 😐 nope... I’d rather dropped some connections out.

  36. MikeToob

    MikeToob26 days ago

    My fav is the CAT phone.

  37. Jomi Awogbade

    Jomi Awogbade26 days ago

  38. 4U571N

    4U571N27 days ago

    The iphone x is not cool

  39. Amirmohammad Eslami

    Amirmohammad Eslami29 days ago

    Oh crack berry is back

  40. Caseph Graalians

    Caseph GraaliansMonth ago

    You forgot Nokia

  41. Grippy

    GrippyMonth ago


  42. Abel Iniguez

    Abel IniguezMonth ago

    You can’t even buy the Apollo 2.0 can’t find it anywhere

  43. Yiga Bashir

    Yiga BashirMonth ago

    Ads here are take more space than the actual video

  44. Nitin Gautam

    Nitin GautamMonth ago

    Blackberry faild

  45. ThePixelitomedia

    ThePixelitomediaMonth ago

    none of them are purchaseable... just concept phones...

  46. make stuidio

    make stuidioMonth ago


  47. Frank Blackcrow

    Frank BlackcrowMonth ago

    Phones have cameras.. so why isn't anyone making face to face calls a real deal.. the inception was Skype,, but that no one is using that same form of system as to be able to talk to some one that way.. seems like the next step that no one is serious in taking. Ask anyone and they will look at you as that you just talked to them in an alien language.. phones used as to talk face to face.. no.. it's a phone.. not a video conference.. oops said too much.. will get no patent now.. that is the real thing with why not, the companies wont do it as the bandwidth used is cave man like as per that to do so would cost a real brontosaurus in costing what they would want to charge people for it as a service.. answering my own question... think of a 10 dollar recharge as being one call as to how much they would want to charge people for that as a service.. but if we push hard enough the reality might come true.. face phones now.. isn't that why the front facing camera is there.. not for selfies.

  48. NukiNuki2004

    NukiNuki2004Month ago

    As an owner of an iPhone X, an iPhone is is literally just any other iPhone but a bigger screen and better camera

  49. Muinuddin khan Mubin

    Muinuddin khan MubinMonth ago

    Yeah smarter than iphone

  50. Jhon Kinh

    Jhon KinhMonth ago

    He beat my I phone X

  51. Pederson Jason

    Pederson JasonMonth ago

    what a joke, half of these phones arent even out, or were just concept to begin with. The apollo 2.0 wasnt even released as 2.0 just 2, and looks nothing like the one in this video. Companies should stop releasing concept ideas until they know they will be fact.

  52. Zackyster Vengates

    Zackyster VengatesMonth ago

    Nokia 3310 Is the best

  53. Leigh Hemingway

    Leigh HemingwayMonth ago

    more alien technology I see

  54. Scan End

    Scan EndMonth ago

    beg to differ they are cooler. weirder yes.

  55. GameMasterEvil GoesOn

    GameMasterEvil GoesOnMonth ago

    Every phone is better than Iphone X...

  56. Flefy Games

    Flefy GamesMonth ago

    Omg this is amazing smartphones

  57. Pingwin

    PingwinMonth ago

    iPhone X is just a bar of glass in your hand

  58. Katherine Thomas

    Katherine ThomasMonth ago

    I want those phones like if you do too


    BOB THE ROBMonth ago

    cooler than iphone X, wtf 😂😂😂iphone X is not even cool at all😂😂, iphone hater hit that like button on my comment, let us make a world free of fucking unreasonable expensive ugly iphones (and every thing that apple make)

  60. AnimeLover

    AnimeLoverMonth ago

    Moustafa Srour I have nothing against iPhones, but I do prefer my Android phone.

  61. Καλλιρροη Τρυφωνα

    Καλλιρροη ΤρυφωναMonth ago

    The IPhone X is the BEST of ALL


    BOB THE ROBMonth ago

    tell me only one thing on iphone X which is better than any phone on the planet and i will admit its the best


    BOB THE ROBMonth ago

    Καλλιρροη Τρυφωνα lmao😂😂😂😂😂😂best of shit😂😂😂

  64. The One

    The OneMonth ago

    Samsung was the first phone with a projector


    BOB THE ROBMonth ago

    The One no, iphone 6 was 😕😂😂you must see what people think iphone 6 will be, searth on youtube :iphone 6 parody

  66. Joshua Ford

    Joshua FordMonth ago

    Well the IPhone X sucks 👎

  67. Softy DaFuzzys

    Softy DaFuzzysMonth ago

    Combine all into 1

  68. Mateo Grizilo

    Mateo GriziloMonth ago

    My dad hawe cat s 60s

  69. big k

    big kMonth ago

    Any phone is cooler than the iPhone X.

  70. iquanyin

    iquanyinMonth ago

    too many ads. I seldom watch MReporter anymore.

  71. Michael Powers

    Michael PowersMonth ago


  72. the wampus

    the wampusMonth ago

    iPhone x ist even cool

  73. z animations

    z animationsMonth ago

    The black berry is cool

  74. z animations

    z animationsMonth ago

    All phones are cooler then the iphone X

  75. Ganda Gandara

    Ganda GandaraMonth ago

    Tempting phones but my main priority is the camera. Galaxy flagships are hard to beat so ill stick with those.

  76. Alistair Sutter

    Alistair SutterMonth ago

    lost me at blackberry

  77. Isaac Truman

    Isaac TrumanMonth ago

    The animation in this video rocks !

  78. Kitty cat2

    Kitty cat22 months ago

    I want all these phones I don't care how they how much they cost I want them all


    BOB THE ROBMonth ago

    Kitty cat2 why you would care of how much they cost, i am sure that if you combone them all, they will not reach the unreasonable price of iphone X😂😂😂

  80. James Thipharacksa

    James Thipharacksa2 months ago

    Razer phone

  81. camerata Folgore

    camerata Folgore2 months ago

    Clic Click bait... Your mother is a bitch

  82. camerata Folgore

    camerata Folgore2 months ago

    Asshole... Lenovo it's a project...can't buy... Son of bitch

  83. MX BlazeUi

    MX BlazeUi2 months ago

    Android is way better than bullshit iPhone x


    BOB THE ROBMonth ago

    MX BlazeUi agree

  85. Bendik Trøan Wiig

    Bendik Trøan Wiig2 months ago

    The Apollo 2.0 is a smartphone for aliens. It looks like it's from outer space! It doesn't look like a phone from the Milky Way at all.

  86. Hacker -lsl HG

    Hacker -lsl HG2 months ago

    Som ar rial

  87. Hacker -lsl HG

    Hacker -lsl HG2 months ago

    And stupid

  88. Hacker -lsl HG

    Hacker -lsl HG2 months ago


  89. Gray Man

    Gray Man2 months ago

    Innovative tech and original designs. Just gotta make sure grandma can use it and you've got a winner! 😉

  90. Riel Waytts 👑👑

    Riel Waytts 👑👑2 months ago

    I want the apollo 😍

  91. Dirtyd23

    Dirtyd232 months ago

    They're just went 10 mins and 7 seconds of my life ill never get back

  92. NOCH

    NOCH2 months ago

    Are you sure the last one is a real phone? It looks like a cheap mockup.

  93. JosephIsGreat

    JosephIsGreat2 months ago

    can these phones use fortnite

  94. Jonathon Stafford

    Jonathon Stafford2 months ago

    apollo 2.0 make that in steel an you guys win

  95. cesar gabriel nuñez

    cesar gabriel nuñez2 months ago

    no they are not

  96. Fahim Shahrear

    Fahim Shahrear2 months ago

    Iphone x isn't a cool phone

  97. FigGuru29

    FigGuru292 months ago

    These phones suck

  98. Melissa Vega Vlogs

    Melissa Vega Vlogs2 months ago


  99. Eva Beqari

    Eva Beqari2 months ago

    I need the apollo 2.0

  100. Anthony Gunby

    Anthony Gunby2 months ago

    That last phone clearly looks like modern version of the nokia 3650

  101. Nitin_N7

    Nitin_N72 months ago

    Whoa!!! Secureteam10 @4:05

  102. pakjiluh

    pakjiluh2 months ago

    Nothing’s cooler than iPhone.

  103. Mimi Alola

    Mimi Alola2 months ago

    i want the lenovo smart cast

  104. KingBeast 4

    KingBeast 42 months ago

    Wierd and ugly the iPhone X is better ugly youtuber

  105. Escanor ELITE

    Escanor ELITE2 months ago

    iphone x is not cool